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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Second Step To Wealth: Faith

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!


Controlled faith shakes every thought vigorously.

Excited by the power of self-confidence,

you can reach the most unexpected heights.


The three things that motivate creative people:



purpose! — Daniel H. Pink




If it is fused with thought,

then the subconscious mind immediately grasps it,

converts it to the spiritual equivalent,

and transmits it to the Supernatural Intelligence,

just like when we pray.

Of all the positive emotions,

the most powerful are trust,


and sex.

Together, they create a floating effect.

Here, the subconscious moves

and urges the Supernatural Intelligence

to answer the question posed.

Need to know how to grasp the sublime image

whose equivalent are your thoughts.

Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes,

feeling with his or her heart,

seeing with his or her eyes.

Not only is empathy hard

to outsource and automate,

but it makes the world a better place. — Daniel H. Pink


Anytime you’re tempted to upsell someone else,

stop what you’re doing

and upserve instead. — Daniel H. Pink



Thus, we have approached the point of view

that allows to better understand the great significance of auto-suggestion

in the materialization of dreams, namely:

belief – that is the state of mind.

This state can be created by using auto-suggestion

to repeatedly influence the subconscious mind.

To illustrate,

let’s consider the purpose you’re reading this book for:

to know how to turn immeasurable desire momentum

into its physical equivalent of money.

Following the instructions on autosuggestion

and the subconscious mind summarized in this chapter,

you will find that if you believe,

you will get what you want.

This belief in victory is already in your subconscious

before implementing the plan to materialize the dream.

Faith is a state of wisdom.

It is possible to develop it into a will

by means of the thirteen principles,

because in applying these principles belief is consciously perfected.

The only known method of consciously perfecting faith,

is to continuously put it

into the subconscious as the priests used to do.

It is also possible that this idea becomes easier to understand

if one compares it to the nature of crime.

Renowned criminologists have come to the conclusion

that when people first encounter crime,

they feel disgust.

After a period of exposure to crime,

they become acquainted.

Too much contact with the criminal world will make people infected with crime.

Similarly, it can be said

that the momentum of the thought will eventually seep into consciousness,

turning it into its physical equivalent – money.

By the way, I suggest you rethink the formula:

all thoughts that can be visualized at the sensory level,

provided they are based on belief,

will gradually materialize.

Feelings, emotions are the source of thoughts,

these are the things that give life,

force and power to thoughts.

Trust, love, and sex combined with overflowing

thoughts will make these feelings much more alive than they are on their own.

But in order to reach the depths

of the subconscious mind and influence it,

it requires not only thoughts combined with beliefs,

but also thoughts mixed with positive and negative emotions!

Asking “Why?” can lead to understanding.

Asking “Why not?” can lead to breakthroughs. — Daniel H. Pink


If you don’t see yourself as a winner,

then you cannot perform as a winner. — Zig Ziglar



By now we have almost understood

that the subconscious mind materializes constructive thoughts

as well as destructive thoughts.

It explains the strange phenomenon that millions call unlucky or unsuccessful.

They think that they are the ones

who cannot escape poverty and struggle.

They had the feeling that some strange force was pushing them to this end,

and there was nothing they could do about it.

Such people are the authors of their unhappiness,

because their lack of belief in themselves has built a nest in the subconscious

and has materialized.

It should also be recalled here

that you have the ability to materialize any desire

when it is already in the subconscious.

Here the state of expecting and believing

that certain miraculous transformations will take place is quite natural.

Your beliefs or simply confidence are the factors

that ensure the functioning of the subconscious,

if you task it with auto-suggestion.

I tricked my son’s subconscious like that.

It is very simple to fool yourself like that,

if you already have the material objects that you need

when you go into the subconscious.

The subconscious mind turns into its physical equivalent

by all real means available.

Based on the foregoing,

by trial and error,

you can learn to put faith in your subconscious instructions.

Perfection will come later.

It cannot be obtained by itself,

but only arises when guided.

In addition,

you must encourage positive emotions,

so that they prevail in the conscious

and subconscious mind,

and reduce or eliminate negative emotions.

If positive feelings prevail in perception,

then awareness will create a shelter for one’s beliefs.

In that case, the perception will have instructions

for the subconscious mind to receive and directly process.

The future belongs to a very different kind of person

with a very different kind of mind,

creators and empathizers,

pattern recognizers and meaning makers. — Daniel H. Pink


Never blame anyone in your life.

Good people give you happiness.

Bad people give you experience.

Worst people give you a lesson.

And the best people give you memories. — Zig Ziglar




For centuries, respected people in the religion admonished people

to believe in these dogmas,

but did not tell people how to get them.

And still no one has defined the following thought:

Belief – it is a state of consciousness

that can be created by auto-suggestion.

In language understandable to everyone,

we summarize all that is known about the principles of perfecting trust

even where it seems impossible to gain trust.

Believe in yourself: faith – in the Endless.

Faith – it is the elixir of life that gives life and force to thought!

Faith – it is the fulcrum to accumulate wealth!

Failth – it is the basis of miracles and secrets that science cannot uncover.

Faith – it is the only antidote to all failures!

Faith – it’s a chemical element that, when combined with prayer,

creates a direct connection with Supernatural Intelligence.

Faith – that is the factor that turns the ordinary movement of thoughts

in the limited perception of an ordinary person into the spiritual equivalent,

into the prayerful emotion of perception.

Faith – it is the only medium that enables us

to use the great power of the Supernatural Intelligence.

Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try. – Zig Ziglar


“Do whatever you have to do as quickly as you can,

so you can do whatever you WANT to do,

for as long as you can.”— Jim Rohn



All of these prove very easy and simple.

Since the proof refers to the principle of auto-suggestion,

we will pay attention to clarify this issue.

We will clarify what autosuggestion is and how to know how to use it.

Everyone knows that if we keep repeating a certain statement,

we begin to believe it, regardless of whether it is true or not.

Because the lie is repeated many times,

will be understood as the most correct truth.

More than that, you can count on it.

Each person is who he is

because his perception is possessed by authoritarian thoughts.

Of course, thoughts can become like this

because we allow them to possess us.

The thoughts to which man gives himself willingly and joyfully,

the thoughts which he encourages and nourishes certain emotions,

gives rise to the power of awakening,

directing all movements,

controlling all actions his vi!

Thought, combined with a certain vibrating sensation,

will be a kind of magnet

that is able to attract thoughts of the same kind.

The thought of being so enthralled is comparable to a seed

that falls on a fertile ground:

it will sprout,

sprout and reproduce again and again

until the original tiny seed becomes countless seeds on the earth branch!

Any thought or thought,

plan or intention that exists in someone’s consciousness,

seems to call upon thoughts of the same kind,

through which one becomes powerful,

and all Those thoughts together possess such powerful intellect

that they become masters of the situation.

And now we go back to the starting point,

the fulcrum we talked about,

to understand how the seed of the original thought,

plan or intention can fall on the ground of awareness.

It’s simple: it falls into awareness due to repeated thought.

That’s why you should make your own main purpose in life,

specific and clear,


and repeated daily carefully,



until the sound of your voice reach to the subconscious.

You must resolutely review your behaviors,

correct your lifestyle,

and eliminate the harmful influence of people

and the environment around you.

Examining your inner strength and shortcomings,

you will discover that your greatest weakness is your lack of confidence in yourself.

This obstacle can be overcome by the principle of auto-suggestion.

Very easy to do.

Get rid of all the positive thoughts,

the emotions that are overflowing from the soul.

Then just record it, memorize it,

and repeat it over and over

until it becomes the driving force of your subconscious mind.

Strength lies in differences,

not in similarities. — Stephen R. Covey


Among the things you can give

and still keep are your word,

a smile, and a grateful heart. – Zig Ziglar



I understood my life’s purpose,

and I had everything I could to achieve.

So I ask myself to persevere.

I ask myself to keep trying.

Without leaving my place,

without begging,

I promised myself that I would do everything in my power.

I know that thought the master of my perception

will recreate itself in my behavior.

So every day I will devote thirty minutes

to training myself into the character

I always aspire to be,

by drawing in my mind a clear, concrete image.

From the principle of auto-suggestion

I know that any desire,

if I cultivate it in my awareness

with the necessary perseverance,

will eventually give rise to practical means of fulfillment.

So every day I will spend ten minutes on a self-affirmation task.

I clearly envision my main purpose in life

and never stop trying until I gain confidence in myself.

I am fully aware that wealth

and status in society cannot be sustained

if it is not based on truth and equality.

So my conscience will not allow doing business

that does not benefit all parties involved.

I will get what I want with the power

that I use when I associate with other people haggard.

I tried to convince them to help me

and showed a willingness to help them in return.

I hold within myself hatred, jealousy, suspicion,


shamelessness and perfect love for everyone,

because I know how to behave badly

with those around me never brings success.

I will make people believe in me

because I believe in myself and in everyone.

I sign these words,

memorize them,

and will repeat them out loud every day

because I absolutely believe they will affect my thoughts and behavior,

and I will be lucky and confident in myself.


This principle is based on a law of nature that no one can explain.

It doesn’t matter who wants to give it a name.

It is important that this law works for the benefit

and glory of mankind,

provided it is applied constructively.

But if it is applied in reverse,

it is very easy to break all that was built before.

A useful thought can be drawn from this,

that people who are now poor

and unhappy have found themselves in this disadvantageous situation

by having their own negative thoughts and feelings,

all of which are negative, to have the ability to materialize.

All of us want to be part of something bigger than ourselves,

something that matters.— Daniel H. Pink


What you do has far greater impact than what you say. — Stephen R. Covey





The subconscious mind cannot distinguish constructive

thoughts from destructive thoughts.

The subconscious works with the kind of material we provide.

The subconscious mind materializes

thoughts associated with feelings of fear just

as easily as bold thoughts or thoughts produced

by a state of pure prayer.

The effect of the law of auto-suggestion is similar

to the effect of electric current,

when used correctly,

loyally serving people,

when exposed carelessly,

can kill.

The law of auto-suggestion has the power

to lead you to wealth

and prosperity,

but it can also easily push you into pain,

unhappiness and death,

depending on how well you understand and apply it.

If you give awareness full of fear,

skepticism and disbelief in your ability to get in touch

with the Supernatural Intelligence and use its energy,

the law of auto-suggestion increases,

lack of confidence

and you will have to bow down to this idol,

and the subconscious will make its existence a reality.

Just as the wind moves one ship

to the West and the other to the East,

the law of auto-suggestion can either lift you up or sink you,

depending on how you sail your thoughts how.

The law of auto-suggestion has the power to lift you to dizzying heights,

to amaze your imagination,

– described in the following verses:

If you think: the game is lost,

That means you probably lost.

If you don’t believe me,

Bruises on the face –

who hit me?

If you think: it’s over forever

No more me in everyone’s mind?

It’s all up to you –

Success comes in life or not.

If you think:

you succeed,

You have to believe it, deep in your heart.

Who knows to believe in themselves,

Victory will come in the near future.

Maybe there’s no need to fight,

With fate – then it will be normal.

Ask people: Are you capable?

Answer defiantly, saying: Of course!

Meditate on the words in italics,

and you will see all the profound meaning

that the poet has put into these lines.

One of the best predictors of ultimate success in

either sales or non sales selling isn’t natural talent

or even industry expertise,

but how you explain your failures and rejections. — Daniel H. Pink


One thing’s for sure.

If we keep doing what we’re doing,

we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.

One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing

and expect different results. — Stephen R. Covey



In our character, deep down,

there is a dormant seed of action.

If awakened and sprouted,

it can take us to heights we never hoped to reach.

Just as a violinist catches the wonderful music flowing from the strings,

so too can you awaken the sleeping genius within your mental faculties,

and make it lead you to the goal you have set for yourself from far away.

Abraham Lincoln was a man

who was always unlucky in whatever he embarked on.

Things continued like that until he was forty years old.

He had been Mr. Nobody and Nowhere,

until great torment entered his life.

It awakened the genius of the intellect

and the sleeping heart in him,

presenting the world with a truly great man.

The torment that life experience is tied

to the love and sadness

that Ann Ratlege has brought him,

and both love and sadness are genuine.

Everyone knows that love is very close

to the prayerful state of the soul that we often call faith.

So love also affects the process of transforming people’s

thoughts into the material equivalent.

After many years of writing books,

studying how hundreds of people achieve outstanding achievements,

the author has come to the conclusion

that all of these people are influenced by love for women.

If you want to demonstrate the enormous possibilities of faith,

see the experiences of real believers.

At the top of this list is Jesus.

And the basis of Christianity,

say whatever you want,

is still belief,

and it doesn’t matter how many people misrepresent

or understand it in their own way.

Now consider the power of faith

that Mahatma Gandhi showed us.

He gave the world a shining example

of the possibility and power of faith.

Gandi has it

more powerful than all his contemporaries,

although he did not have any means of waging war no ships,

no soldiers, no military air.

Gandi has no money, not even decent clothes,

but he has strength.

How did he get it?

He created it from his understanding of the principle of belief,

using his power to infuse that belief into the consciousness

of two hundred million people.

He accomplished a brilliant feat,

affecting the minds of two hundred million people,

causing them to unite and act in unison

as if from a unified consciousness.

What force, if not the power of faith,

helped to achieve such a great feat?

The way we see the problem is the problem. — Stephen R. Covey


We see the world, not as it is, but as we are

or, as we are conditioned to see it.

When we open our mouths

to describe what we see,

we in effect describe ourselves,

our perceptions,

our paradigms. — Stephen R. Covey



In a positive business,


confidence and trust are indispensable.

And the analysis of the facts allows us

to understand one of the principles that industrialists

and businessmen often employ

that is both beautiful and useful.

That is: if you want to receive,

first give.

The case chosen to illustrate this principle occurred in 1900,

at the time of the founding of the American Steel Union.

As you read,

keep the facts in mind so that you can understand

– what thoughts are used to benefit work

and bring untold wealth.

The history of the founding of the Federation is instructive

for those who marvel at great fortunes.

If you are still skeptical about the claim that if people can think,

they will sooner or later succeed,

then this story will dispel those doubts.

You will see how most of the principles in this book are implemented.

The power of thought was described by John Loem

in the New york World Telegram as follows:

Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous,


and connected to one another.

And when that drive is liberated,

people achieve more

and live richer lives. — Daniel H. Pink


Leadership is a choice, not a position. — Stephen R. Covey



In the evening of December 12, 1900,

nearly eighty American tycoons gathered at the University Club on 5th Street

to attend a ball to celebrate a young man from the West,

probably not many people,

some of them predicted

they would be witnesses to one of the most famous events

in American industrial history.

J.Edward Simmons and Charles Stuart Smith,

grateful for Charles M.Shwab’s hospitality

during their visit to Pittsburgh,

organized a reception for the purpose

of introducing the thirty-eight-year-old steel specialist

to the association of steelmakers Eastern gang.

They didn’t expect that he would make a ruckus at the ball.

In fact, someone warned in advance

that New York struts are not inherently eloquent,

and if Mr. Shwab doesn’t want to bore these Mr. Steel,

Mr. Construction and so on,

limit yourself.

Make up a short talk for twenty,

or fifteen minutes at best,

and they won’t take much notice.

Sir John Pierpont Morgan,

a man close to the court,

intended to grant the party only the pleasure

of contemplating his presence for a short time.

For the press and public opinion,

this event was not noticeable

and the next day there was no reminder in the newspaper.

So the two owners and their distinguished guests,

as usual, ate a seven-eight-course feast.

They talked about something,

but no one understood.

In the past, few of the bankers

and brokers had met Mr. Shwab,

the businessman on the banks of Mononghahill,

and no one had known him personally.

But before the party ended,

everything was exciting and the American Steel Union

(a multi-billion dollar project) took shape.

History has of course suffered greatly

because no one thought

to record Sir Charles M.Shwab’s speech at this reception.

Granted, it’s not very good, not even grammatically correct

(because linguistic sophistication has never been

the object of our speaker’s interest),

but it’s sharp and imbued with the spirit of wisdom. economic.

But let’s put it aside for now.

The main thing, was that it was surprisingly effective,

drawing in the five billion dollars in capital

that the people present at the time embodied.

After Mr. Shwab had finished his speech

and everyone was still under a strong impression,

although he spoke for only nineteen minutes in all

J.P. Morgan pulled the speaker to a corner of the window.

There, sitting in an uncomfortable position,

they talked for another hour.

Mr. Shwab’s personal gravity was at full capacity,

but most importantly he had implemented a full,

well-defined steel production enhancement program.

Many businessmen had tried to provoke Mr. Morgan

with the idea of ​​forming a Steel Monopoly,

in the form of unions of biscuit factories,

barbed wire,

barrel belts,




butter and chewing gum.

John U.Gates, a man known

for his shady oppression cases,

followed Mr. Morgan closely,

but was not trusted by him.

The Moors, the Chicago stock market clerks

who had formed the match-trouble

and the Biscuit Federation,

were also very attached to Mr. Morgan,

but still failed. Elbert H.Hary,

provincial hypocrisy lawyer,

tried to put together this business,

but it was not enough to convince

and make any impression on the financier.

And if Shwab wasn’t eloquent enough to raise Mr. Morgan

to the heights he needed so he could see the benefit

of securing the project’s financing,

would he consider it worthless madman babble?

more than a matchbox.

The financial magnet,

which generations ago attracted thousands of small

and inefficient enterprises

to form a long chain of competitive companies,

has become popular in the steel industry thanks

to its plan of John U.Gates

the funny bandit of this business.

He organized the American Steel

and Wire Company from a series of small firms

and with Mr. Morgan founded the Federal Steel Company.

But if compared with the giant chain

that Mr. Andrew Carneghi organized vertically,

with the participation of 53 partners,

all the remaining combinations are just trifling.

You can do whatever you want with the association,

but it doesn’t affect Carneghi’s factories in the slightest,

and Mr. Morgan understands that very well.

The quirky old Scotsman (Carneghi) watches

from the height of his splendid Skibo castle

as he watches Morgan’s small companies attempting to creep into his business,

amused at first then furious.

When those intrigues became blatant,

the old man began to lean towards revenge.

He intends to establish an industrial network similar

to that of a competitor.

Before, he didn’t care about barbed wire,



or sheet metal.


He wanted to sell the untreated steel to these companies

and let them do whatever they wanted.

Now, when Ch.Shwab became his First Deputy,

he wanted to corner his competitors.

In a speech by Charles M.Shwab,

Mr. Morgan found the answer to his combinatorics problem.

Troll – the greatest of all things of its kind without Carneghi,

it is no longer a flute,


as one writer describes it,

is like a cake without cream.

In his December 12, 1900 speech, Charles M.Shwab hypothesized,

but made no guarantees,

that Carneghi’s great acumen could be used

under Morgan’s roof.

He talked about the future of the world’s steel industry,

about reorganization and profitability,

about getting rid of inefficient factories,

focusing energy on factories that are growing well,

saving money the cost of transporting metal,

about the administration and administration,

and about dominating the international consumer market.

But above all, Charles M.Shwab analyzed

for the bandits in the business clearly,

what is the main mistake in their robbery activities.

He draws the conclusion

that their main purpose establishing a monopoly,

raising prices and making maximum profits

is very short-sighted.

Because such a policy will limit the market

and is only suitable for the period of industrial expansion.

He asserted that low-cost steel would form the market

they had always wanted,

that would discover new areas of steel application

and that would allow to capture a significant portion

of the international market.

Although he did not know it,

the fact that Ch. M.Shwab has been the holy apostle of mass production.

Thus ended the reception at the University Club. Sir J.P. Morgan departed,

reflecting on Ch. M.Shwab. Swab returned to Pittsburgh

to save the steel industry from the lovely old man Carneghi,

while Harry and the others returned to the stock market equipment,

and waited for the next steps.

And these steps appeared without delay.

It took Sir J.P.Morgan a week to digest Shwab’s delicious suggestions.

A real party!

When he was convinced

that there could be no financial excess,

he sent someone to find the young man,

and discovered that he was also relatively timid.

Ch. M.Shwab warned

that Mr. Carneghi would probably dislike Ch. M.Shwab,

his down-and-out president,

is playing a game of rat with the King of Wall-street,

which he has decided never to set foot in.

At that time, John U.Gates – the broker

– suggested Ch. M.Shwab happened

to be at the Belview Hotel (Philadelphia) at some point,

so that Mr. Morgan might also happen to be there.

But when Swab arrived in Philadelphia,

Mr. Morgan suddenly fell ill

and was forced to stay at home in New York.

So Ch. M.Shwab returned to New-york

and later appeared in the tycoon’s famous library.

Economic historians solemnly assert

that the entire play from beginning

to end was contrived by Mr. Carneghi himself:

the whole gala welcoming Ch. M.Shwab,

the wonderful speech, the nighttime talk with J.P. Morgan all set

by the sly old Scotsman.

But the reality is exactly the opposite.

When Ch. M.Shwab was invited to meet J.P. Morgan to discuss business,

he did not know how his small boss

(as they called Andrew Carneghi)

would evaluate the offer to sell the company.

In particular, selling the company to a group of entrepreneurs

he saw as a father-in-law saw the nefarious.

But when the story came to a climax,

Mr. Shwab presented columns of fine print on six pages of paper,

and ultimately proved to Mr. Carneghi the reality of having huge profits

from selling companies steel production.

And there is nothing to be surprised about!

Because those numbers were thought up all night by four people.

The chairman of the meeting was of course Mr. Morgan

with a firm belief in the magical power of money.

Beside him was Robert Bacon,

his regal and educated friend.

The third is John U.Gates,

whom Mr. Morgan despises as a fraud,

but still uses as a tool to achieve his goals.

And finally, Ch. M.Shwab,

who knows more about founding

and selling steel companies than anyone else in the world.

The numbers from Pittsburg have never been questioned.

If Mr. Shwab says that a certain company is worth that much,

it is true, nothing more, nothing less.

He even insisted

that the Union would include only the enterprises he would name.

He thought of a Union in which there were no duplications,

but not at all to spoil the appetites of new friends

who wanted to shift the entire financial burden

onto the muscular shoulders of Mr. J.P. Morgan.

As dawn broke, Mr. Morgan stood up and stretched.

Only one issue remained undisclosed.

Do you think you can convince Andrew Carneghi to sell the company? – he asked.

– I will try, – Ch. M.Shwab replied.

If you can convince me,

I will guarantee all the rest,

– asserted J.P. Morgan.

Say – do. But is Andrew Carneghi biting this case?

And how much will he ask for?

(Mr. Shwab puts it close to 320,000,000 dollars.)

And what will he ask for in return? Old document? Cash?

No one can collect a third of a billion dollars in cash.

On a beautiful cold January day,

on the golf course in West-Chester, Andrew,

dressed up to the high gate,

and Charle, as usual chattering to lift his spirits, met to play.

Before returning to Mr. Carneghi’s warm and comfortable private villa,

no one said a word about work.

Once Andrew Carneghi was warm

and relaxed, Ch. Shwab,

with the persuasiveness that has hypnotized 80 New York millionaires,

slowly presents the promising prospect of walking away comfortably,

leaving big business for retirement,

of unprecedented wealth,

capable of satisfying all the oddest whims of an old man.

And A. Carneghi surrendered!

He wrote a number on the page,

gave it to Shwab and said:

Yes! This is the price we will sell!

That number was 400,000,000 dollars,

close to what Shwab had told Mr. Morgan.

Actually, the $80,000,000 difference is

to account for the increase in property prices over the last two years.

Some time later,

on the deck of the transatlantic ship,

the old Scotsman regretfully complained to J.P. Morgan,

that he should have asked for another 100,000,000,000 dollars.

And this person replied cheerfully:

If you asked for it then,

you must have received it.

Of course, there was a big rumor about this event.

The British reporter assessed

that the whole corporate world involved in the production

and sale of steel was terrified of the giant Union.

The president of Yel University, Mr. Hardly,

has stated that despite the anti-trafficking policy,

in twenty-five years there will be a new king in the country.

And the famous stockbroker,

Mr. Kin, has made a career out of bringing

to the stock market new shares worth nearly $600,000,000,000.

And all those boys, from Mr. Gates to Mr. Harry,

no one lacks. Charles Shwab, 38, quit his bank.

He became president of the new Union and ran it until 1930.

The future belongs to a different kind of person

with a different kind of mind:

artists, inventors,

storytellers-creative and holistic ‘right-brain’ thinkers

whose abilities mark the fault line

between who gets ahead and who doesn’t. — Daniel H. Pink


Be a light, not a judge.

Be a model, not a critic. — Stephen R. Covey



The big business story that you just witnessed above,

is the best illustration of the approach we talked about.

The method of turning wishes into reality.

The original giant organization was born in one’s imagination.

The funding plan attracting steel mills is ripe in his own mind.

Belief in success,

big dreams, rich imagination,

and ultimately the determination to achieve set goals,

these are the real ingredients of success,

allowing Steel to be created.


The plant, the equipment,

all the things we still call the tools of production,

the things that become so important after everything is done,

actually played no role in the negotiation process.

But close analysis shows

that the value of the final property controlled by one person is $600,000,000.

In other words, the ideas of Charles M.Shwab, tied to his beliefs,

and which he shared with J.P.Morgan

and others, were sold for a high price 600 000 000 dollars.

The price of an idea,

it’s not bad!

The future American Steel Union proved

that the millions for which Mr. Shwab sold his ideas, are not all!

Because it has become one of richest companies in the world,

creating jobs for thousands of people,

perfecting methods of using steel

and opening up new consumer markets.

Means the company has become prosperous!

Wealth originally came to this world in the form of thoughts!

The total amount of wealth that a person acquires is limited

only by his or her size.

Faith removes all limitations.

Keep that in mind when you’re ready to sign for life

a contract of the value you desire.

Thoughts need to be recorded

To be successful requires faith.

Beliefs can be created and strengthened

by bringing to mind the necessary thoughts.

Self-affirmation requires 5 steps.

These five steps tame your inner strength quite easily.

Now it’s clear to you: it all seems to be over,

but if thought-oriented wins,

then happiness and success in the future

that is the result of today’s situation.

The example of people like A.Lincoln

and M.Gandi shows that thoughts are like magnets,

capable of attracting thoughts of similar spirit,

causing millions of minds to work in unison.

A very important point:

before you want to receive,

you must give.

When millionaires understand that,

business robbery turns into genuine business,

working to serve society and with society.

And such a business is by far the most profitable.

Stop setting goals.

Goals are pure fantasy

unless you have a specific plan to achieve them. — Stephen R. Covey



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