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Law of Attraction! The Road To Success

Chapter 2: The Road To Success

All of the world’s most successful people,

regardless of nationality or culture,

share one thing in common:

the unwavering belief that success is inevitable.

Law of Attraction! Make dream come true

Self-doubt or questions like,

“Can I do this?” not their psychotherapy;

“I know I can do it” is what they say to themselves in their heads.

They deeply understand

that as long as they hold in their heads emotional images of success,

they will become reality.

When Julius Caesar began to attack another city by water;

Suddenly he realized that he

and his men were completely overwhelmed in strength,

he decided to burn the boats carrying them.

This act of destroying the only way of retreat made Caesar’s soldiers see his will to fight,

and from there, victory became a certainty in their minds.

If you allow yourself to become impatient with the possibility of failure,

this mindset will eat away at your energy and success will elude you.

Remember the Secret:

You will bring into your life anything you can think of.

So if you stop thinking about failure,

you will reach success.


There is nothing more difficult

than doing our best in spite of all the attractions

and constraints that pull us in another direction.

If you can do this, overcoming the factors

that lead you astray then you will achieve all you desire in the world.

The most important tool for achieving these,

against the lure of harmful negative impulses,

remains the ability

to create a clear psychological image of one’s success,

reinforced by emotions associated with success.

In this case, success is felt from inner strength

and will come with clear psychological images

of what you want to overcome.

An Olympic athlete competing with the goal

of winning a gold medal will have clear images

of his success hidden in the subconscious

that have guided him towards victory.

With a clear image that has been firmly rooted in his unconscious,

fear and aspiration will no longer be an obstacle.

Athletes with this mindset can rest with great comfort:

no night out and drinking,

even abstaining from sexual activities with no effort at all.

They will win the battle against these temptations.

“Conquering ten thousand troops is not equal to conquering oneself,

conquering oneself is the most glorious feat.” – Buddha

Having a clear picture of success can automatically free us from foolish temptations.

Parents who have a modest income

but find ways to send their children

to an expensive school will obviously reduce their desire for a big screen TV,

a modern car or a big house, comfort

because owning these things is not in their mind.

Once the picture is clear in your mind,

a major obstacle can become an easily surmountable barrier on the road to success.

But if the picture of success remains dim,

a small pebble can become a big rock.

All negative energies deflate your dreams.

You can believe that all the self-made millionaires in the world

never waste their energy on competition

or problems that don’t matter.

They are positive thinkers,

always brave enough to take on big projects,

meet with senior management,

speak in public,

and take on many other important tasks.

The attractive power of emotional psychological images is so strong

that we do not realize

what they can bring to the unconscious threshold.

That’s why success sometimes happens like a miracle:

we have no idea how our minds have created our future.

When we can emotionally infuse our mental images,

all dreams will come true.

We don’t need life to serve us this way.

But when we know the Secret

and apply it successfully at the right time,

we will work at a higher level than the average person

and will register ourselves in world history

as Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison or Einstein.

People who are so successful in their chosen fields

that we consider them geniuses always have in mind the final result

before starting work.

When participating in a battle, famous warriors in history envision the whole battle

before it takes place,

where their enemies will appear,

what areas they will be stationed in,

and From those psychological images,

they will know how to control their troops most effectively.

The fashion designer always envisions the outfit that will be born

before starting to sketch the model.

Hairstylists always imagine figure out which hairstyle suits the client’s face best

before grabbing the scissors and starting your work.

Michelangelo was once asked

how he managed to create his famous statue of David.

He replied that he had seen the shape of the statue on the rock

and that his job was only to carve parts of the rock to reveal the image.

Likewise, when the great golfer Tiger Wood was asked how he managed

to hit such improbable shots,

he replied that the balls were in fact already in the hole

before he took it.

Among golfers, Tiger Wood is called superman;

actually a lot of people wonder if he is an alien or not!!!

But the simple truth is that he knows

how to create psychological images of his success.

You can see that on the first day of competition,

he usually loses points but by the next day he has improved tremendously.

It was because his ability to focus on mental images was constantly developing.

His miraculous strikes came naturally like that.



All those who stand at the top of glory in their chosen field have

extremely rich imaginations

and are capable of creating clear psychological pictures.

Top medical students can visualize the entire human anatomy,

localize specific systems,

and fully understand how they work.

Talented engineering students can solve algebraic equations

by guessing the outcome first

and then finding a solution.

This way, no matter how complicated the problem,

they never give up.

Not because their brain can calculate faster than others

but because they can clearly see the end result in their mind

and then they can trace the solution.

Whether this is what they have trained

or is an innate gift,

it seems that up until now,

no one has been able to share or explain this ability to others.

If an artist were asked how he painted his latest painting,

he wouldn’t know how to answer.

He didn’t really know why.

His brush simply paints on the canvas the images already in his mind.

This artist has been truly inspired

by emotional psychological images to create his successful works.

No artist can do it without being inspired in this way.

“Imagination is the key product of the mind.”- Oscar

Great presenters always have a goal in mind when delivering a speech,

and they try to get their point across

without giving the impression

that they’re repeating it over and over.

People who always have the same way of saying the same speech,

always starting to work from the starting point

to the final destination often feels unnatural.

Talented presenters prepare key sentences

that can help form a mental picture in their mind.

They act as a guide throughout the speech.

With the guidance of these key sentences

and mental images in mind,

the rest of the speech will flow naturally

and thus can engage the entire audience many times over.

In fact, we must understand that we will never hit the target

if we keep wasting time staring at the arrow.

For example, successful dieters focus solely on their weight goals

without wasting time looking in the mirror

and complaining about their current body shape.

What measurements would you like?

What is your ideal weight?

Make your goal clear in your head

and focus your attention on it.

You will need techniques to lose weight as well as archers

who need arrows but should only aim for one point,

which is the heart.

The world’s most prominent physicists also always focus their attention

on visualizing the results of experiments

or clear images that provide answers

to their questions

and then return to development formulas

to support their hypothesis.

Those who want to make new discoveries

by going in the opposite direction

or starting with equations are bound to fail.

Einstein sought a unified theory

that demonstrated that the four types

of forces in the universe gravity, magnetic fields,

strong and weak atomic forces,

all had a common origin.

He worked on these complex calculations until his death,

without reaching his hypothesis.

Einstein’s failure to find a unified theory is an exception in the development

of scientific inventions that are rooted in the imagination.

Einstein may not know that he almost revealed the Secret

to the world when he realized the power of imagination.

He said: “Imagination through more important than knowledge.

Limited knowledge, and imagination embraces the whole world.

He knew the importance of imagination and emphasized

to both students and future scientists its vital value,

but for some reason he never explained why.

We are the only species on this planet

that knows how to use our imagination.

Other species just follow the rhythm of nature,

follow their instincts.

Buddhism teaches that other species live according to their karma.

Also because there is no imagination,

for many years bees have not had an invention in building their nests.

Meanwhile, people can even change karma

if they know how to use their imagination.

“Logic will get you from A to B.

But imagination can take you anywhere.”- Albert Einstein

Imagination allows us to create powerful psychological images.

When Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity,

he actually used his mind as a laboratory

and imagination as the main equipment.

Until today, no one has been able to build a laboratory

where rockets can fly at the speed of light

because it needs to be on the scale of a galaxy.

However, Einstein’s mind could hold such rockets;

His mental image was very clear and he could draw conclusions

from what he was observing.

His ability to create emoticons

and use them to explain things is his great talent.

It is through this capacity that he is still considered one

of the greatest minds of modern times.



An experiment published in the Research Quarterly gives us a lot of clues.

The experiment was performed on two groups of students.

The first group will practice throwing the ball into the basket

on the court every day for 20 minutes for 20 days.

The rest of the group did the same,

but only practiced in their minds.

When two teams play, the score difference is negligible.

Students who used only their imaginations

to practice achieved the same level of performance

as the group that actually practiced on the basketball court.

Real-life experiences only give impressions to the unconscious

when they are associated with psychological images.

The fact that you played tennis many years ago does not guarantee

that you will play better now if you have not thought about them since then.

Your unconscious doesn’t have a mental image to record

when it’s all it uses to produce results.

The unconscious does not receive any information

from the five human senses.

Understanding how the subconscious receives information is important,

and one of the keys to success is

to make sure you’re using your mental images properly.

A situation that is playing out in your head like a psychological movie can make an impression

on the unconscious many times stronger than fixed images.

You need to always keep in mind the importance

of making sure the mental images in your head do not stand still,

but always move like in real life.

Two people may be determined to complete a task,

but the success of each depends on the power of their imagination.


their personality,



and skills are important factors,

but they are only valid in relation to the person’s ability

to create emotional mental images.

In a game of chess a sophisticated player will create a clear

and complex strategy based on psychological images of upcoming moves.

And that is the ability for them to be a better player than the opponent.

You may be wondering:

if imagining basketball practice is as effective

as actual practice on the football field,

why do most people still depend on this second practice before a game? great?

Why don’t they save their training sessions

by closing their eyes and simply imagining their success?

The answer is that if they don’t actually practice,

the coaches have no way of knowing

if they’ve been practicing in their mind.

And even if the team has practiced very hard in this way,

the ability to create clear and strong psychological images

of each individual in the team is very different,

so success is still not guaranteed.

People who engage in physical exercise are more resilient.

Practicing using mental images to achieve success

is much more effective in individual sports like golf or auto racing.

Never give up on your dreams. William Penn quotes



The psychic uses emotional imagery to increase the accuracy of his predictions,

but with the release of The Secret,

now everyone can use the power of their mind in daily life.

Job interview, it’s the perfect time to apply Secrets.

Some frequently asked questions in interviews are:

“What do you know about our company?”

or “What do you know about our products?”

Those are important questions

because they relate to your psychological image of the company.

Therefore, your answer should be based on your rich imagination.

By demonstrating the ability to think using psychological images,

you will put yourself above other candidates.

But unfortunately most people often face

these kinds of questions with common sense logic.

And this thinking process is actually much less efficient

and less creative than emotional mental images.

Most people in the interview try

to come up with perfectly thought-out answers to impress the interviewer.

But the person asking the question is only really impressed

when they understand that you are answering the question from your heart,

not reading a prepared list.

The ability to communicate at this level is also essential

for professions such as detectives,

lawyers, judges, and those who must know

how to judge people through communication.

Like the ability of the members of a jury,

if focused, they can spot someone

when they are turning real feelings

from a psychological image to a fabricated story to get away with crime.

Real stories always flow naturally

and create vivid images in the listener’s mind.

Truth always paints a clearer picture than lies.



When we have seen the whole picture clearly,

we can easily see whether each individual detail in the story is true or a lie.

This is similar to a method in Buddhism

that helps uncover the ultimate truth.

This method is called Insight Meditation,

where we can use our present moment awareness

to see inside pictures

and find out their true nature.

According to the teachings of Vipassana,

we should focus our present moment awareness on the following key areas:

1) Body: movement, posture, breath…

2) Emotions: pleasant, unpleasant and balanced.

3) Mental activity: thinking, imagining.

4) Nature: use the skills gained from perceiving the above

three areas to see inside the truth as it arises, for example:

seeing the ephemeral nature of emotions.

Buddhism introduces a standard method for uncovering the underlying cause of any problem,

carefully determining what is real,

what is not, and what the effects of that problem are.

This is a scientific approach,

except that instead of using the five outer senses

to study physical phenomena,

we use our inner senses, our mind, to see through.

“Buddhism has the characteristics of a harmonious religion that we want in the future…

Buddhism avoids dogma;

embrace both nature and spirit;

based on a religious sense gained

from the experience of all things as a meaningful unity.”- Albert Einstein


Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people. Islam quotes

Chapter 2: Top Secrets


All great people believe in their ability

to succeed and you should too.

If you can ignore negative impulses and rise above it

by choosing your actions wisely,

you can succeed in any area.

Use your imagination to create a clear mental picture of your goal.

The clearer the picture,

the greater your chances of success.

That’s what the greats did.

Fill it with emotions when you achieve success

for your mental image.

If done well, the obstacles on your way will disappear.

Practice infusing feelings of success into your goals.

Do this with easy things first like traveling,

studying and working

without setting your goals too high.

Then you will find that your emotions

also have the power to bring about success

and they will automatically become more and more effective.

Past experiences make it easier

to create emotional mental images.

Psychodynamic images or psychological films

will make a much more pronounced impression

on our unconscious mind than static images.

Our sports,

our careers,

our endeavors at school all become easier

when we can create emotional mental images.

You will be the winner

when your psychological image of success is infused

with strong feelings of emotion,

not of your competition.

Be happy for the success of others,

let their achievements excite you,

and keep these feelings in mind.

It will help you create emotional images more easily.

Be thankful for everything.

Grateful everyone.

Gratitude brings instant happiness

and will last forever your memories.

The more you say thank you,

the more comfortable you will feel

and the stronger your psychological database will hold them.

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