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The richest man in Babylon

How does a book that came out in 1920 help today’s business people and their financial problems?

“The Richest Man in Babylon” is a fascinating book,

introducing the ways of saving,

trading and getting rich among the ancient people of Babylon.

These ways of getting rich are still useful for the business world today.

By integrating into interesting stories,

the author has mentioned the basic,

profound and useful content about finance.

This is a meaningful gift for those who have been and are entering the business world,

or for many people who are confused and hesitant in how to use money.

In addition, this book will also be interesting and novel lessons for anyone,

even the most experienced financial investor in the world.


Part 1: The man who loves gold

Bansir, the charioteer in Babylon,

was deeply depressed.

Sitting on the low wall surrounding his house,

Bansir looked sadly at the house and his empty workshop,

in which stood only a few slats and an unfinished carriage.

His wife would appear at the door from time to time,

her eyes hesitantly looking at him,

as if silently reminding that the bag of flour in the house was empty,

he needed to finish the car, make it well, where to carve.

I went in there and then polished, painted,

and covered the rims with leather to deliver to customers,

in order to earn some money to buy flour.

However, Bansir’s solid and muscular body remained motionless.

His mind was struggling patiently with a problem to which he had yet to find an answer.

The sun of the tropics in the valley of the Euphrates radiated a fiery heat as if pouring fire on his head mercilessly.

Beads of sweat beaded on his forehead and calmly trickled down,

dissolving into his bare chest.

In the distance is the towering wall surrounding the king’s castle.

Next to it is the massive Bell Temple tower covered with white paint.

The clear blue sky of a sunny day seems to highlight the two extremes of the landscape here.

On one side are the magnificent and magnificent castles of the royal family,

and on the other side are the sloppy,

mediocre houses of the people.

Such was life in Babylon,

there was always a mixture of magnificence and ugliness;

between wealth and luxury and poverty and misery.

Amidst the wall of the city surrounded for many generations,

these things coexist from year to year,

from generation to generation.

In the streets, the carriages of the rich were busy strolling,

mingling with pedestrians in sandals and beggars with bare feet covered in dirt.

Suddenly from a distance, a large group of people appeared.

They lined up neatly,

five people in each row and connected in a long line on the street under the blazing sun.

Those were the king’s slaves.

They were on their way to collect water to irrigate the king’s unique and splendid hanging garden. Not only the poor,

but even the rich had to stick to the sides of the road to make way for this entourage of slaves.

Lost in his heavy thoughts,

Bansir barely noticed his surroundings

until the soothing sounds of the lyre sounded beside him.

He turned and saw the smiling face of Kobbi,

his best friend and also a talented musician known for his poverty.

– May the gods always bless you with all their hearts, dear friend.

– Kobbi opens with a very formal greeting – Yes!

May your bag always fill up and you get more busy in the workshop.

Therefore, you will not regret if you extract two small silver coins to lend me.

And I promise that after tonight’s party of noble people,

I will return it to you immediately.

You can rest assured of my promise!

“I don’t have two silver coins to lend you,

even though you’re my best friend.”

Bansir replied melancholy.

“You know, if I had two silver coins,

that’s all my fortune all my family’s possessions.”

And surely no one can lend all their possessions,

even to their best friend.

– What? ‘ cried Kobbi in astonishment.

-You don’t have a penny in your pocket!

So you sit on the wall like a statue?

Why don’t you finish building that carriage?

Without money, how can he feed his family?

This state of affairs cannot be sustained, my dear friend.

Where did his abundant energy go?

What made him so depressed?

Had the gods messed up his mood?

– The gods must have harmed me.

Bansir admitted. – It started with a dream.

A strange dream in which I thought I was rich.

At my belt hung a large bag,

heavy with gold coins.

I have spared the money of beggars;

go shopping for expensive jewelry for my wife and buy things that I have always dreamed of.

I feel that my future and that of my family are very secure

because the house is full of gold coins stored in chests, chests…

I am no longer your hard-working best friend.

And you can’t imagine my wife in that dream:

her face is no longer frowning all day like it has been for a long time,

but on the contrary,

she is always smiling brightly,

full of happiness and well.

Just like when we first got married.

I am so happy with the life in that dream!

– What a wonderful dream. – Kobbi commented.

– But why do such pleasant feelings make you such a sad and depressed statue?

– Why else!

That’s because when I woke up and remembered my bag was flattening,

when a feeling of dissatisfaction suddenly rushed over me.

Dear friend, can you talk to me about this issue?

As children, we used to go to the priests together to learn wisdom.

From the time we entered our youth until now,

we have shared the bitter and sweet together

and have always kept our close friendship.

But looking back,

our bitterness is much more than sweet.

Oh my! Travelers often say that we live in the richest kingdom in the world,

but unfortunately, neither of us are among the rich.

After more than half of his life of hard work and hardship,

he himself, my dearest friend,

still had only an empty bag and asked to borrow two small silver coins from me.

As for me, how did I answer you?

I confess to you that my bag is as flat as yours!

What is the cause of this dire situation?

Why don’t we know how to make a lot of gold and silver,

or at least enough for us to eat and wear?

– How about letting our children live? Bansir continued.

“Do they also follow in the footsteps of their father’s poverty?”

They need more money to live better.

And then our grandchildren…

All of them have to endure a life of poverty in the midst of the gold vaults of Babylon?

Are we willing to let our children and grandchildren live on meals of sour goat’s milk and shabby foods?

– Never! But I’m surprised that with all these years of friendship,

have you ever told me about these things, Bansir?

Kobbi asked in surprise.

“In all these years, I have never thought about this.

From early morning until late at night,

I only know how to build luxurious carriages for the rich and patiently wait,

waiting for heaven and earth to look at my hard work so that one day I am as rich as them.

But God has never satisfied me.

I want to be a rich person!

I want land, livestock,

luxury clothes, and a lot of money in my pocket.

I have striven to achieve these things with all the strength of my hands as well as all the wise powers of my mind.

But until now, neither you nor I have escaped poverty,

our pockets are always empty.

What must we do now?

Why can’t we share our luck and wealth with those who own a lot of gold and silver?

– I wish I could answer your question! Kobi replied.

– My life is better than yours.

The money I earned from this lyre also quickly flew away.

I often have to calculate expenses so that my family does not go hungry.

I don’t know when I will achieve my dream of having a bigger lyre so that I can strum the music I desire.

With such an instrument,

my music will be much more refined, than when I strummed in the service of the king.

“A lyre like that you’ll soon have.”

No one in this Babylonian city has a talent for making melodies sweeter than he is.

Bansir said.

“But how can you be sure that I will have such a violin,

since the two of us are now as poor as the king’s slaves?”

– Kobi asked. Just then,

a bell rang in the air.

Bansir smiled and said to you:

– Listen to the bell! They come there.

Bansir pointed to the stream of water-carriers,

naked and sweaty as they trudged heavily from the far river up the narrow path.

On each person’s back was a goatskin bag filled with water.

– Does that person have a good figure?

The leader of that group!

– Kobbi pointed to the person who did not carry anything,

with a bell in his hand, walking ahead of the procession,

occasionally sounding a warning to pedestrians to clear the way for the slaves to pass.

Almost everyone in the group is like that

– Bansir spoke thoughtfully.

They are as beautiful and healthy as we are.

Behold! Those with blond hair come from the North;

laughing blacks from the South;

and brown people too.

They all carried water to water the king’s gardens.

They do the same thing over and over again,

day after day,

year after year.

For them, life has no hope.

They only have straws to sleep on and stone-hard rice grains to eat.

How pitiful for those damned people, Kobbi!

I also find them pitiful.

You reminded me that our situation is still much better than theirs.

We are free people! – Kobbi responded.

– It’s true, Kobbi! Even if our lives have not been as expected,

we do not want to live year after year as slaves.

Let’s work, work and work! Let’s start working now.

– But we don’t know how other people make gold so we can imitate itwaist?

Kobbi asked curiously.

Maybe they have a secret that we don’t know yet.

We should ask talented people about it.

Bansir replied.

– Right on today? – Kobbi suggested.

“I have just seen our old friend Arkad riding in a gilded carriage and still waving his arms in a friendly manner to those he knows.

– He is said to be the richest man in Babylon!

Bansir blurted out.

– So rich that the king had to turn to him for help with the treasury.

Kobi added.

– How rich is that! Bansir was taken aback.

– If I meet him in the dark,

I am afraid that I cannot control my curiosity to touch his pocket, see how big it is…

– Crap! – Kobbi interrupted. A rich person is not in his pocket.

A bag laden with gold coins can still quickly empty if no other coins are replenished.

Arkad had an abundant source of income,

so his pocket was always full, even though he was free to spend.

– Income is the deciding issue! – Bansir showed enthusiasm.

– I just want to have a good source of income so that the money always flows into my pocket.

A rich person like Arkad must know how to create a rich source of income for himself.

Perhaps he would be willing to guide that to clear my sluggish, groggy head!

“I think Arkad certainly has the secret.”

Kobi replied.

– I heard people say that his son Nomasir went to Nineveh himself to settle down.

And after only a short time,

Nomasir also became rich and returned to Babylon to reunite with his family.

– Kobbi, you have surprised me with your knowledge! – Bansir was delighted.

“As far as I know,

Arkad is always willing to give wise advice when someone comes to him.

Any! Let’s visit Arkad and ask him to show us the ways to get rich.

“Yes, you say it very well, Bansir.

– Let’s go to Arkad today. Bansir continued.

-I think I should also invite our close childhood friends to come along.

They are not much better off than we are,

if we can share Arkad’s wisdom to make them all rich, that would be great.

-You have always been kind to your friends, Bansir.

And that’s why he has so many friends around him.

I totally agree with you, today we’re going to invite them along!


Chapter 2: Meet the richest man in Babylon

Arkad was not only known as the richest man in Babylon,

but also admired by everyone for his generosity and openness.

To the relatives and even the slaves in the house,

Arkad often gave a lot of money,

so they lived quite affluent and comfortable.

Even so, each year his wealth continued to increase,

making Arkad richer and richer.

For the same reasons, some of Arkad’s childhood friends approached and said:

– Arkad! Why are you always luckier than us?

He became the richest man in Babylon,

and we still struggled daily with poverty.

He often wears all beautiful and luxurious clothes and eats delicious food and strange things,

while we have to content ourselves with thin clothes,

eating only soy sauce and tomato sauce every day.

– Yes! Arkad replied.

We were all the same before.

We studied with the same teacher,

played together the games of our youth.

Then we grow up and become independent to support ourselves and our families.

But you guys didn’t try to work wholeheartedly.

You also refuse to learn the rules governing getting rich,

or refuse to obey those rules, so hunger and poverty still cling.

So is that the reason why you guys don’t get what I have,

even though our starting point is the same?

Pausing for a moment, Arkad continued:

– Even as an adult, I used to think about rich people.

What do they do to become rich?

Wealth comes by itself or do I have to look for it?

In my life, I have seen many people squander all their possessions,

and then end up holding a grudge and regretting their lost property;

or there are people who always live in fear of spending all their savings,

because they are not able to earn money.

Therefore, they are often sparing in spending,

and become needy on the money they have.

In addition, they are also obsessed with thieves and even more withdrawn in the guise of poverty.

In fact, they live no different from the poor.

However, through observation,

I have seen some other people have more and more money,

even though they always spend generously.

I don’t know how they always have so much gold,

but their wealth is always maintained,

their lives are still rich,

full and they are still respected by everyone.

Because of that thought,

I told myself that I must work hard and try my best to make life better.

Because, wealth will bring happiness, respect and a prosperous life.

As you know, if we are rich, we can buy houses,

luxurious and comfortable things;

we can also go to many places and eat many delicious foods,

buy precious or rare jewels,

or we can build many magnificent temples for the gods.

The power of wealth is me

We can do all the things we want.

When I realized these things,

I decided to achieve all the good things in life.

I can’t settle for a life of poverty,

I can only look forward to seeing others enjoying life.

I also can’t content myself,

allowing myself to dress modestly and eat food that’s just to get through the day.

On the contrary,

I wanted to be a guest of honor at the banquet of the rich families of Babylon.

We come from poor families with many brothers,

with no inheritance,

and no hope of marrying a dowry wife.

So, with a bit of wisdom,

I decided that,

if I want to achieve success,

I need to take time and learn more life experiences.

In terms of time, everyone got the same,

but some people let it go to waste.

Because with that amount of time,

you can work and get rich.

About learning and gaining experience,

do you remember what our wise teacher once taught?

He said that there are two ways of learning:

one is the things we learn from being taught by others,

usually these are not many;

The other is that through learning by yourself,

we will be equipped with the ability to search for the unknown,

to discover the endless experiences and knowledge in this world.

So I decided to find a way to get rich, and once I found it,

I had to do it, I had to do it well.

We are very wise when we look to the sunlight for warmth,

so why not look to the wisdom to learn!

As you probably know,

when I was young,

I worked as an engraver on clay cards.

One day, Algamish, the moneylender, came and asked me to engrave a copy of the ninth law.

He said he needed the copy within the next two days and that if

I finished the work on time he would reward me.

I tried my best, but the rule was so long that when Mr. Algamish returned,

the work was still not done.

He got angry and even wanted to hit me,

because I don’t get the job done,

and I’m just a mediocre employee.

But I quickly suggested to him:

– Mr. Algamish! He is a very rich man.

If you can show me how to become as rich as you are,

I’ll finish carving this rule all night long on the card.

Tomorrow when the sun comes out,

you will get what you want.

Mr. Algamish was surprised, then smiled and replied:

“You’re a know-it-yourself hire!”

But hey, we accept, see this as a mutually beneficial negotiation.

I stayed up all night to engrave,

even though my back was aching,

the smell of oil lamp soot made my head ache and my eyes were blurred with words.

But in the end, I’m glad I got the job done at dawn.

“Now tell me what you promised,

” I said to Mr. Algamish when he came to get the clay tablets.

“You have done your duty well, young man!

– He told me cordially.

As for me, I am also ready to keep my promise.

I will tell you what you want to know.

I am old, and old people are not usually narrow-minded in passing on their knowledge to others,

especially young men who have reached the age of wisdom, mature like you.

Thinking for a moment, Mr. Algamish continued:

– The thoughts of youth are very strong rays of light and spread far away!

It will help you navigate and make your life journey.

You should keep in mind what I say,

for if you ignore the truth I am about to teach you,

your all-night effort in completing the inscription will be in vain.

Mr. Algamish looked at me with gentle and calm eyes,

then he lowered his voice and emphasized each word:

-I found my way to riches

when I decided to set aside a portion of my total earnings to set aside for myself.

Later, you should learn to do the same.

Because, this is the secret to creating wealth.

After saying that, Mr. Algamish looked me straight in the eye again and said nothing more.

I feel like I’m being looked at by those eyes.

– Just that? – I was extremely surprised and couldn’t help but ask the question of disappointment.

– Right. But it’s enough to turn a hired shepherd into a moneylender! – He replied.

“But all you earn is yours, isn’t it?”

– I asked again.

– It’s not like that! Mr. Algamish answered slowly.

“Just think, how can I live in Babylon without spending anything?”

Surely you have to pay the tailor,

the shoemaker for you.

Then money to buy food and household items too!

So is the money you earned in the last month still yours or not?

And the amount of income throughout the year,

do you keep any money?

If all the money you make has to be paid off like that,

it means you don’t have any money left for you.

Then how can you be rich!

Therefore, even though I am a poor worker,

I have to work as a hired worker for my employer to have food and clothing,

but I should also save it.

If you only save a twenty of your monthly income,

how much will it be in ten years’ time?

With my quick calculation ability,

I answered immediately:

– That’s almost as much as you make in a year.

“You’re only telling half the truth.”

“I didn’t know that every gold coin I saved was a slave working for me,” said Mr. Algamish.

Every penny that the gold coin generates will also earn money to bring back to you.

If you want to become a rich person,

then you have to make sure that whatever money you have is profitable,

make you rich, rich forever as you want.

“You think I’m deceiving you?”

“But I am actually paying you a thousand times more than you put in,

if you are smart enough to grasp the truth I have just said,”

continued Mr. Algamish.

Two-tenth percent of the money you earn should be kept for you,

no matter how much or how little you earn.

Pay yourself first.

Then, make a reasonable spending plan and do not exceed the remaining amount.

Wealth is like a tree that grows from a tiny seed.

The money you save will be the seed of a rich tree.

The sooner you plant the seed, the faster you will reap.

In the same way, if you fertilize and water it regularly,

you will soon be content to stand under its shade.

After saying that, Mr. Algamish took the clay cards and left.

I thought a lot about what Mr. Algamish said.

It seems to make a lot of sense!

So I decided to give it a try.

Since then, every time I receive a salary,

I leave a twenty and keep it in a separate place.

Strangely enough, I am no longer short of money as I used to be.

Watching the accumulated amount keep increasing,

sometimes I was about to spend a little like buying certain favorites,

but I wisely restrained myself.

Exactly a year later, Mr. Algamish came back and asked me:

– Friend! in the past year, have you paid yourself monthly? I replied proudly:

– Yes! Sir, yes.

– That’s good. Algamish replied with a smile.

So what did you do with that money?

I lent that money to the owner of the brick kiln Azmur.

He said he would go to Phoenici, which is far away,

to buy rare jewels, then bring them back and sell them at a higher price.

He promised to share the profits with me.

– What? “The ancients were right, all fools need to learn! ” exclaimed Mr. Algamish.

Why do you trust the knowledge of the brick kiln owner in choosing to buy jewelry?

Can I ask the baker where the stars are?

No! Surely you should only ask astrologers, if you are a reasonable person.

When I let the owner of the brick kiln go buy jewelry,

the money I saved may have gone with the smoke!

So, young man, you have cut off the roots of your rich tree.

You have to replant another tree and this time if you want advice on jewelry go to the jewelers.

If you want the correct answer about sheep, then go find a shepherd.

It won’t cost you money to ask for advice,

but you must pay attention to get the most valuable advice.

Otherwise, you will pay for their mistakes with your own accumulated money.

Just as Mr. Algamish predicted.

The Phoenicians tricked Azmur into selling beads that looked very much like precious stones

but were actually made of worthless glass.

Thanks to Algamish’s prior recommendation,

I continued to save money.

Now, this has become a daily habit,

so I do not find it as difficult as before.

A year later, Mr. Algamish came to me again and said:

– How has your work progressed since I met you?

– I still keep the money for myself regularly! – I replied.

“And that money I sent to Mr. Aggar,

the shield-maker,

so that he could buy copper.

Every four months, Mr. Aggar pays me interest.

– That’s good! So what did you do with that money?

I organized a large party and invited many people to attend.

I also bought myself a purple velvet vestment.

One day, I will buy a donkey to ride.

Hearing this, Mr. Algamish laughed and said:

You invited people to eat and drink with your savings!

So what do you expect them to do for you?

I assure you they can’t help you at all.

So first you must create an army of gold coins as slaves to make a lot of money for you.

After that, you were free to organize many such parties without affecting your assets.

Two years later, I met Mr. Algamish again.

This time, I noticed that his face was more wrinkled and his eyes were droopy.

Perhaps he was too old. Mr. Algamish saw me and said:

– Arkad! Have you been as rich as you’ve always dreamed of?

I answer:

“It’s still not quite what I wanted, but I already have a decent amount of money,

and now I’m earning more.” My money is increasing day by day.

– Arkad! – He told. – I have learned the lessons of getting rich very well.

I have learned to spend less than I earn.

I also learned to seek the most valuable advice from experienced people

and learned how to make gold more and more profitable for me.

So, now I know how to make money,

know how to keep money and know how to use money to make the most profit.

Therefore, you are qualified to accept a certain responsibility.

Now that I am old, my sons only know how to spend,

but have no intention of making money.

My fortune is very large,

but I am afraid that I cannot continue to look after it.

If you wish to come to Nippur to do the work there for me,

then I will consider you as a business partner

and will share with you a portion of my estate in the future.

So I went to Nippur and took the job of managing Mr. Algamish’s plantations there.

His wealth was indeed very large and I constantly applied the three laws of getting rich,

so the amount of wealth was increasing day by day.

When Mr. Algamish passed away,

I received part of his estate exactly as agreed before.

When Arkad finished telling the story,

one of his friends spoke up:

-You are a lucky person to be seen by Mr. Algamish as his heir.

The only good thing is that I had the ambition to get rich before I met Mr. Algamish.

During the four years before working as manager for Mr. Algamish,

I was determined to save two-tenth of my total earnings,

and after one failure I have learned and become much wiser.

He maintained his strong will after losing all his savings in the first year.

Not everyone can do it like you!

Another person spoke up.

– Strong will! Arkad replied with a gentle smile.

“Do you think that strong will can help us lift a weight that even a camel can’t carry?”

In my opinion, willpower is nothing more than pursuing to the end your work goals

But to do that, as soon as I set myself a task,

I have to see if I can fully perform that task or not.

For example,

when I set out for myself a plan to go to three different cities to find sales in a year,

I absolutely have to do it.

If I can only find customers in two places,

I have to try to make the third place do the same,

but I can’t tell myself that I will make up for it next year.

Nor will I allow myself to replace the number of customers in the third city

by expanding more customers in the first two cities.

No! You cannot say one way and do another.

When I have set a goal for myself,

I am determined to achieve it.

Therefore, I am very careful when setting goals for myself,

but once I have a goal, I am determined to complete it.

Another friend commented:

– Maybe what you say is true,

but if everyone does it right, will wealth be enough for everyone?

It is possible to get rich anywhere and there is always enough wealth for people who are constantly working hard.

Arkad replied.

– If a rich man builds a house, his gold does not disappear,

but is shared with brick makers, house builders, furniture sellers.

Wealth develops along very strange paths, mysterious,

and no one can predict its limits. So the more people do,

the more avenues for gold to flow into their pockets.

-Time goes by very fast and we are not young anymore,

but we have not built anything for our lives.

Can you give us some advice to make us rich like you ?

– A friend sincerely recommended.

– I advise you to take the wisdom of Algamish as a lesson for you,

always tell yourself:

You must set aside for yourself two-tenth of the total amount that you have earned”.

Think about it every morning when you wake up,

every afternoon before you eat and even before you go to bed at night.

The portion set aside for yourself should not be less than two-tenth of the total earnings

and must arrange other expenses properly so as not to exceed the remaining amount.

Soon you will feel the satisfaction,

the pleasure of a person who has owned a property that is entirely his own.

This will also stimulate you to make more money,

and then make your fortune more and more prolific.

You must create a rich source of income to secure your future life.

Look at old people and don’t forget that one day you will be as old as them.

You must be careful when investing your wealth,

taking care not to blindly rush into investments that bring unusually large returns.

Because of that, you can lose all your money and regret it later.

To be rich, you must choose wisely and not miss an opportunity to make money.

You must enlist the advice of experienced wise people,

specifically seek the advice of people who still manage money every day.

Ask them to guide you,

help you avoid the same mistake I made when entrusting money to Azmur to buy jewelry and gems.

Small and sure profits are still much better than an investment that offers large returns but no guarantees.

Also, enjoy life as much as you can,

don’t be too stingy or frugal to the point of stinginess.

Even if you have the ability to save more than two-tenth of your earnings,

you should be content with this ratio.

You deserve to enjoy a standard of living commensurate with your income,

don’t be frugal in spending and forget about the interesting things that are worth letting us enjoy in life.

Arkad’s friends listened attentively, then thanked each other and left, but not everyone was in the same mood.

Some people were silent, because they did not understand the meaning of Mr. Arkad’s story.

Others are bitter,

because they think that with such wealth,

Arkad should share some of his wealth with friends who are not as fortunate as him.

However, there are also some people

who have begun to realize many new things from the above conversation.

They realized that Mr. Algamish returned to the inscription shop many times,

because he wanted to watch a man – the young Arkad – from the poverty,

the misery of life, find a way to rise.

And when Arkad finds that path,

there will be a worthy place waiting for that boy ahead.

For this matter, no one can replace Arkadokay.

It is each person who must act on their own to understand everything

and be ready to seize the opportunities that come their way.

People with such thoughts often visited Mr. Arkad later on and were warmly received by him.

Mr. Arkad is also available for wise advice and guidance on

how to invest their money for the safest return.

The turning point in these people’s lives came

when they realized that valuable business advice and lessons went from Algamish to Arkady,

and now, from Arkad to them.


Charter 3: Seven ways to cure an empty pocket

For Babylon to become the richest kingdom among the kingdoms,

first of all, the merits of King Sargon,

who is famous for his ability to govern the country.

After defeating the invading Alamite army,

the king found the country to be in a state of severe poverty.

He asked the court officials about the cause of the state’s decline.

The prime minister said:

– Your Majesty, in the past,

our subjects enjoyed a prosperous life because you built large-scale irrigation works,

and magnificent and magnificent temples.

Those works are now completed,

people have no more work to do,

leading to no income,

so their lives fall into difficulties and misery.

– But where has all the gold that we used to spend on these works? ‘

asked King Sargon again.

I fear that gold has fallen into the pockets of a few very rich people in our kingdom.

“It doesn’t stay long in the little pockets of the poor,

but quickly goes to rest in the trunks of the rich,”

replied the chancellor.

Thus, the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer.

The king pondered for a moment, then suddenly asked:

– Why do only a few people earn so much gold and become so rich?

Because only very few people know how to become rich.

“We cannot condemn a successful man because he knows how to make a lot of money,

nor can we in the name of justice take away all his wealth,”

replied the prime minister by the right way of working to share with those who are less able to work than them.

– But why can’t everyone learn how to make a lot of gold to become rich?

‘ asked the king again.

“Your Majesty, everyone wants to learn how to get rich to be rich,

but who can teach them these things?”

Certainly not the priests, for they themselves are now very poor.

-Who, in our kingdom, knows how to make the most gold and become the richest,

O vizier? – asked the king.

-Your Majesty! Surely you know,

Arkad is the man who is said to be the richest man in Babylon.

– The Prime Minister said yes.

I also heard that Arkad was the richest man in Babylon.

You summon him to see me tomorrow.

The next day, Arkad came to see King Sargon with a confident,

well-groomed demeanor even though he was seventy years old.

– Arkad! “Are you the richest man in this Babylon?” asked the king.

“Your Majesty, everyone says so and I don’t see anyone objecting to it.”

Arkad replied.

– What is the secret to becoming such a rich person?

Since I know how to seize the good opportunities that come to me,

of course all the subjects in your kingdom still have those opportunities,

but they did not know how to seize them.

I heard that you started your career with empty hands?

– Yes, Your Majesty!

That along with my desire to get rich too!

– Arkad! – The king said

– The people in our kingdom are falling into poverty.

Because most of them do not know how to get rich,

even when gold arrives, they do not know how to preserve it.

My wish is for Babylon to become the richest kingdom in the world,

and to make that happen, our kingdom must have many rich people.

Therefore, the only way is for us to teach everyone how to get rich.

O Arkad! Tell me what is the secret to becoming rich?

Can that secret be taught to everyone?

– Your Majesty, that is a very practical request.

I am ready to impart my knowledge to everyone.

King Sargon’s eyes looked at him affectionately:

– Arkad! You just said things that I really want to hear,

but are you dedicated to this noble deed?

Do you want to impart your knowledge to all the teachers in the kingdom,

so that each teacher will pass it on to the other students,

until all the subjects in our kingdom know it?

Your secret to getting rich?

Arkad bowed low and said:

-My majesty! I’m just a humble servant of your majesty to command him.

Any knowledge that I have,

I will gladly pass on to My subjects so that they can be better and contribute to the prosperity of the kingdom.

Please command your talented prime minister to arrange for me a class of one hundred people,

and I will teach them seven ways to cure flat pockets of money that become inflated,

in the same way that I have done to my lowly’s purse before!

Two weeks later, as ordered by King Sargon,

a class of 100 people gathered in the great hall of the Temple.

Practitioners sat in neat rows and eagerly looked forward to knowing a miracle could change their poor life into a rich life.

The lights in the Study Temple give off a special fragrance that makes the atmosphere more sacred and solemn.

As Arkad approached the small platform,

a student whispered to his friend next to him:

– Behold, that is the richest man in the Babylonian kingdom!

He looks ordinary like many other people.

Arkad spoke up:

– As a subject always devoted to the great King Sargon,

I come here before all of you to carry out the duties entrusted by the king.

When I was a young man,

I was very poor but always wanted a lot of gold.

And because I know how to achieve that,

the king asked me to teach you all.

I started my career with empty hands.

My first treasure was just a tattered bag of money,

and I often grieve because it is always empty.

I just wish it could hold a lot of money and become heavy.

Over a long period of time,

I have found seven cures for my flat bag.

Now, every day I will explain one of the seven ways to help you,

who always want to get rich, know how to get rich.

Please listen attentively and discuss what I am going to say below so that you can understand these lessons thoroughly.

This is when you start to plant the seeds of wealth in your pocket.

After the course, in my opinion,

everyone should first apply this knowledge to build a rich career for themselves,

then can teach others.

Let’s start with the first treatment.


1st way: Accumulate at the rate of 2/10

Arkad asked a contemplative man in the second row:

– Hey dear friend!

Where are you working now?

– It’s me! I am working in an engraver.

The person replied.

– You are in a good condition to get rich.

In the past, I also started my career getting rich by doing the same job as you.

Arkad asked the rather chubby man in the fourth row:

– Please tell me, what job do you currently do for a living?

– Me? Currently I am a butcher.

I bought goats and sheep and then slaughtered them and brought them to the market to sell,

and the skins were sold to shoemakers.

– Because he has a career and generates income,

his chances of getting rich are also very high. – Arkad said.

In such a way, Arkad in turn learns what each person is doing and what their income is.

When asked, Arkad said:

– Any! Students, you must have noticed one thing that careers and jobs are the ways to help us make money,

and each way of making money is the way to create the flow of gold.

Therefore, each worker can transfer gold into his or her pocket,

and that flow is large or small depending on his or her ability to work, isn’t that right?

Everyone answered the same way.

– Then, if each of you wishes to create a rich inheritance,

the wisest thing is to know how to control the flow of gold,

which is already in your hands, right?

Arkad continued.

This point is also fully agreed by everyone.

Next, Arkad turned to a practitioner

who had previously claimed to be an egg trader and asked:

– If every morning, you put ten eggs in the basket,

in the afternoon only take out nine.

So what do you think will happen?

– Then after a while the basket will be full of eggs.

The egg merchant replied.

– Why?

– Because every day the number of eggs I put in is more than the number of eggs I take out.

Arkad looked back at the classroom with a wry smile,

then suddenly asked:

– Who is the owner of a flat pocket here?

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment,

then they both laughed and held up their empty bags. Arkad continued:

– Now, I will tell you the first way to cure flat pockets.

That is, you should do exactly as I suggested to the egg dealer:

“For every time you put ten dong in your pocket,

you should only take out eight dong to spend”.

Over time, your bag will look like a basket of eggs.

It will be filled with gold coins.

It is the most effective cure for a flat pocket and the simplest way to become rich.

Don’t make fun of what I just said because you think it’s too simple.

Like I said, I’m just passing on to you the ways that made me rich,

and this is how I started to get rich for myself.

I’m serious about saving a twenty percent of my money in my life inside pocket

and noticed that the amount of money I had gradually increased.

If you do, then I guarantee your pockets will swell too.

But you should note that,

every time your pocket is rich with a little money,

your shopping and spending desires will rise.

In this case, you should consider the loss before buying any item.

Friend will do that by asking:

“What is my greatest desire in life?

Do the jewelry, the beautiful clothes fulfill my long-term desires?

Is it the only way to own a lot of gold and silver,

land and investments that bring long-term returns to ensure a prosperous life in the future?

Surely you have realized what are the assets that really bring you wealth.

As I said, this was the first cure I discovered and applied to my flat pocket:

“Put twenty bucks in your pocket,

and only take out eight bucks to spend.”

Let’s discuss this with each other and if anyone proves it wrong,

let me know tomorrow.


2rd way: Control your spending

On the second day, a practitioner questioned Arkad:

How can I keep a twenty of the money in my pocket,

while all the money I earn is still not enough for me to spend on daily necessities?

Arkad did not answer, but asked instead:

– How many of you had a flat bag of money yesterday?

– All of us. – Everyone answered at the same time.

Arkad calmly said:

– As far as I know, different occupations,

the amount of income is also different.

Some people earn double or triple the income of others every month.

But why is everyone’s pocketbook flat in the end?

So, have you ever wondered about what we often call “necessary expenses in daily life

You should not confuse the necessary expenses in life with those spent by personal preferences.

In fact, you yourself and other members of your family often want to buy things you like, not the necessities of life.

And these expenses may be beyond your ability to pay.

I can be sure that it is almost impossible for you to satisfy all your desires.

With my fortune, do you think I can buy everything I want?

It’s a mistake to think.

I still have some limitations that money can’t help,

such as time, energy, assets, even some food, hobbies that I enjoyed so much,

now I can’t enjoy them anymore.

As far as I understand, human desires are endless, and we can only satisfy some desires for ourselves.

So, carefully consider your spending habits.

You will find that some expenses can be reduced or eliminated without affecting your daily life.

And so it’s not too difficult to stick to the principle of keeping two-tenth of your money in your pocket.

In my experience, you should list the items you intend to buy on the clay plate,

then pick a few essentials for life and fit your nine-tenths amount.

As for the items according to your preferences,

you should boldly cross them out and see them as thousands of other things that you cannot meet for yourself.

Arkad said here, suddenly a practitioner wearing a pretty red robe stood up

and asked permission to say:

– I am a freedom-loving person.

I believe that I have the right to enjoy all the good things in life.

Therefore, I oppose the dependence on having to plan spending and being forced to spend,

what to spend. I felt that I needed to live comfortably,

by fulfilling all my desires.

If not, I will always live in a miserable, tormented mood.

Arkad replied:

– Dear friend, who can plan your spending?

– I just want to be myself!

– Here, the purpose of spending planning is to rationalize expenditures

so that they both meet the essential needs in life and save money.

This plan also helps you to recognize what are legitimate desires and which are transient desires,

and identifies the causes of money loss and prevents it by controlling spending.

If you want to live comfortably,

you need to plan your expenses right now.

Otherwise, in the future you will face more suffering and torment.

This is the second cure for a flat pocket:

“Planning your expenses now will help you meet your needs,

enjoy the joys of life,

satisfy legitimate desires and secure an adequate life in the future”.


3rd way: Make gold profitable

On the third day, Arkad said:

– To keep your wallet always rich, you need to seriously make a savings of two-tenth of the money you earn.

Next, you control your spending to ensure that more money is put in when taking out.

Today, you will look at how to make gold profitable.

If you keep it in your pocket,

gold cannot be profitable.

So how do you make gold profitable?

My first investment failed, I lost all my savings for a year.

In the second investment,

I was fortunate to share the profits from lending Aggar my money.

This is the first time I know how to make gold profitable.

To make a shield, every year Mr. Aggar had to buy copper from people from far away to sell.

Because Aggar did not have enough money to pay them immediately,

Aggar had to borrow.

After that, in the following times,

I always lent Mr. Aggar the principal and interest.

Therefore, not only the amount of capital is profitable,

but even the profit has also earned me a large amount.

And so the amount of money returned to my pocket increased a lot.

Here I want to emphasize that a person’s wealth is not only based on the money in his pocket, but what is more important to note is the amount of his annual income.

Starting with a small amount of capital,

I expanded the loan and loaned to many people.

It also means that the amount of money I lend is constantly growing up to hundreds of different sources of capital,

just like gold constantly flowing into my pocket.

Therefore, every year I have a profit,

great news, so great that I was soon called the richest man in Babylon.

Well, from every single penny I earn,

I turn it into a bunch of gold slaves who work for me.

And because they work for me,

their children and grandchildren also work for me.

We can say, a coin is really a seed that grows into a rich tree and produces tens of thousands of fruits.

About getting rich, I am very interested and will tell you a true story later.

Number is when I was young, I was acquainted with a farmer couple.

They just had a beautiful first son.

The father wanted his son to grow up to have some business capital,

so he lent the borrower ten silver coins.

He asked this person to keep the interest until the child was twenty years old.

The borrower agrees to the agreement every four years,

the amount of interest will be one quarter of the principal amount.

When the son was twenty years old,

the farmer went to the borrower to ask for his money.

The borrower said that from the first ten dong,

by then the farmer had thirty and a half dong,

including capital and interest.

Hearing that, the farmer was very pleased,

and because the child still did not need the money,

he let the borrower borrow the money again.

By the time the son was fifty years old, the farmer died,

the loan amount had reached one hundred and sixty-seven dong.

Thus, within fifty years, compared to the amount of capital spent,

the amount of money collected has been nearly seventeen times larger.

This is the third cure:

Every silver coin is like a slave working hard for you.

Then their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren also work for you,

making your money constantly increase,

your fortune grows stronger and stronger.”


4th way : Secrets of property preservation

On the fourth day of the study, Arkad said:

Once you own money,

you must know how to take care of it,

otherwise it will quickly disappear due to your fleeting desires.

First, you have to learn how to protect small amounts of money,

then you can keep big ones.

People who already have a little gold often want to try their luck by making investments that can bring big profits,

but do not pay attention to the principle of safety when investing.

This can lead to the loss of capital.

In my experience, before embarking on a certain job,

it is best to learn carefully about the job and always remember that

Every decision requires the safety of your capital.

Don’t let the immediate desires of the moment fascinate you,

or let the mood of wanting to get rich quickly cloud your mind,

because this carries a very high risk.

Before lending your property to anyone,

you must make sure that person has the ability to repay it.

You must take the person’s reputation,

income ability and job to ensure.

Or when deciding to invest capital,

you have to anticipate possible dangers and how to deal with it satisfactorily.

My first investment was a great tragedy at the time,

resulting in all my savings for a year being lost.

Therefore, I advise you to learn from my first lesson.

Never subjectively believe in your half-knowledge to entrust your wealth to the investment trap set up by yourself.

It is better to consult people who have a lot of experience in using money profitably.

Such advice does not cost money to buy,

but saves you from losing investments or losing capital.

Those tips are worth the money you’re prepared to invest.

This is the cure, the fourth value is of great importance in getting rich.

For business investment, this method helps you preserve and develop money instead of the risk of losing it all.

“Protect and grow your assets by investing in safe, trusted places,

with the highest possible return.”

You should consult with experienced people and trust that advice,

so that gold can be most profitable.

Let their advice protect your assets,

avoiding the risk of losing capital or not getting a profit due to investing in the wrong place.


5th way : Determined to own a home

– If you spend nine-tenths of your income on the needs of life and save the rest in savings,

it is the wisest investment to ensure a stable source of income in the future.

‘ said Arkad on the morning of the fifth day of school.

Pausing for a moment, he continued:

– Most of the people in Babylon had only enough money to live in squalid neighborhoods.

And although they have to pay quite high rent,

the house they live in is not spacious and clean.

Their children could only play on the dirty paths

and the wives could not grow anything to improve the family’s meager meals.

Such a life cannot be called comfortable and happy.

In this case, the best thing I can advise you is to have a house of your own

so that everyone in the family can comfortably reside and freely perform tasks to support daily life better.

In my opinion, money lenders are usually willing to help those who want a house and land of their own.

You can borrow money or use the accumulated money to build a house.

Then, your whole family can live happily and happily in their own house.

Wives can grow more fruits and vegetables to improve their meals,

your children will be able to play in clean and safe places.

Then, you can work with complete peace of mind to pay off your debt,

which could be two years, four years, or ten years, for example.

This job is like paying your monthly rent.

But from here on,

your life has turned to a better new page,

because you own a valuable property and have all your rights to the house.

When you have a house, you can in some way reduce some other petty expenses,

make the money you make more abundant and can meet other requirements,

contributing to improving the standard of living.

This meaning is the fifth cure:

“Be determined to own a house,

because then you can accumulate money

and have better conditions to make profitable investments. Future”.


6th WAY: Secure a long-term source of income

Normally, every person’s life has to go through stages from childhood to gray hair.

– Arkad said in class on Friday.

– Therefore, I can say:

“It is the responsibility of each person to know how to prepare a necessary fortune when you are old.

This is not only to support yourself when you enjoy your old age,

but also to provide for family members when you are no longer able to work.”

This is the next lesson, to ensure a long-term source of income when time and energy do not allow you to continue working.

Anyone who understands the laws of getting rich

and already owns some property should think about this.

You must plan to invest or perform jobs that can ensure long-term for your future.

There are different ways to secure your future.

For example, hiding assets in an inconspicuous place.

This is the way people do it most often,

but it easily becomes a target for thieves.

Therefore, I do not emphasize this plan.

Another way is to buy houses and land.

Because, these things can last for a long time and later if needed,

you can sell or rent them for a profit.

This is a good way if you know how to choose valuable houses and lands in the future.

Or there is another way that you can easily do,

which is to lend small amounts of money.

Over time, it will generate profits.

The amount of money increases with time

– the longer you lend, the greater the return later.

Depending on your future needs and current availability,

you should set aside a small amount of money for this plan now.

This way has an additional advantage that with your calculation ability,

you can know in advance 10 years, 20 years … later,

how much money you will receive.

I once knew a sandal maker named Ansan.

Ansan said that every week he lends money to borrowers with two silver coins.

During 8 years like that, until one day,

the borrower calculated and told Ansan that

the total amount of principal and interest calculated at the normal interest rate at that time,

had reached about VND 1,040.

I very much welcomed and encouraged him that if he continued to send money regularly like this in

Twelve years from now,

the proceeds will amount to 4,000 silver coins.

With such a sum of money, he could secure a comfortable life in his old years.

In my opinion, this is the best way in your current ability to secure each person’s future life.

In this way, you do not need to use a lot of money at once,

but only a small part of your tight total salary to do it gradually.

I highly recommend this approach, because anyone can do it and can do it at any time.

Here is the sixth remedy for an empty pocket,

which I think you should start doing now:

“Prepare your life for the future by making small monthly loans.

This amount will increase a lot over time,

ensuring that you will later have the money you need to support yourself and your family when you are no longer able to work.”


7th WAY: Boost your earning potential

On the last day of class, Arkad said solemnly:

– Today I will tell you about one of the most decisive methods to cure your light pocket.

I will not talk about gold anymore, but about yourself,

who have experienced successes or suffered failures in life.

Not long ago, a young man came to me to borrow money.

When I asked him why he needed the money,

he complained that the money he earned was not enough to spend.

Hearing that, I replied to him that he was the most pitiful borrower.

Because, no matter how much he borrows,

it is not enough for him to spend, and of course he will never pay off the debt.

– Now, the most necessary thing is that you have to work hard to earn more money to spend as much as you like.

So what did you do to increase your earning potential? I asked that guy.

– In two months, I went to my boss six times to ask for a raise,

but to no avail. ‘ replied the young man dejectedly.

I was very amused at the young man’s rather simple way of thinking.

Because, he has no effort at work.

He just wants to have a lot of money to spend.

Of course, his boss couldn’t accommodate that unreasonable request.

So how do you make your dreams come true?

In my opinion, first of all, you need to understand what you really want,

and whether it is a valid thing or not.

We often wish to be rich, but we don’t know that,

being in poverty, wanting to be rich right away is just unthinkable.

But if you wish to have five gold coins, it is a wish that has a clear,

specific purpose and is within your power.

This is a strong motivation to push you to do it.

And then there’s nothing to stop you in the same ways as you did to get the first five gold coins

– from going on to have ten more gold coins…

twenty gold coins… one thousand gold coins. …

Sobviously you have become a rich person.

Learning how to achieve a small desire means that you have trained and equipped yourself with the abilities to achieve larger goals.

This is a process by which wealth will gradually accumulate:

first small sums of money, then larger sums of money.

This also means that you have gradually understood how to make money

and have the ability to become the person who makes the most money.

To become reality, your wishes need to be specific,

and at the same time not too high or too low compared to your inherent abilities.

If you set a lot of ambitions beyond your ability,

you will certainly not be able to achieve it,

but sometimes even bring about depression and negative thoughts.

On the contrary, things that are too simple,

within reach and easily done, will not create the motivation to encourage you to strive.

You probably remember the time when I was an engraver on clay cards with a salary of three silver coins a day. At that time, I observed that other workers worked better than me and were paid more. Seeing that, I was determined not to lose to them. Soon I was successful. This makes me more interested and focused on working. In the end, I became the fastest and best engraver. With my skilled skills and enthusiasm to work, I was paid more without having to go to the boss to ask for a raise.

No matter what you do, you need to always find ways to hone and improve your professional skills. If you are a craftsman, you must learn new methods and ways of using tools to become more skilled. If you work in the legal or hospital industry, consult or consult with colleagues to improve your skills, knowledge pond. Or if you are a merchant, you have to regularly travel to many places to find the best goods at the cheapest prices, in order to get more profit while your customers are still satisfied.

Over the course of seven days, I have presented to you seven cures for an empty pocket of money, filling it up and making you rich. With the experience of a successful and experienced life, I encourage you to apply these methods to financial success. You should know that there is more gold in Babylon now than you think and it is enough for everyone. Please rise up and boldly practice the above methods of getting rich, or choose the one that best suits your situation.

First of all, please apply and enrich yourself, and then teach everyone, so that they can share and enrich not only themselves but also contribute to the enrichment of others. our beloved kingdom.


Chapter 4: Five laws of gold

TS – A bag of gold and a piece of pottery engraved with words of wisdom, which would you choose? In the flickering light of the fires burning with dry desert shrubs, the tanned faces shone with amusement at the wise old Kalabab’s question.

– Gold, choose gold! Twenty-seven people spoke at the same time. Mr. Kalabab smiled generously:

● Wait! – He paused, raised an arm to point into the night, and slowly continued. – Let’s listen to the howling of those wild dogs. They were howling every now and then in hunger. If you feed them now, what will they be like? They will fight regardless of life or death to fight for food without knowing what tomorrow will bring.

● Humans are the same way. Despite all our wisdom, we are only greedy for gold. But tomorrow we howl again because we lost our gold.
In fact, gold is only for those who know its laws and respect those laws.

The cold winds of the night in the desert came rushing, and Kalabab bent down to pull the hem of his cloak over his strong legs, and then slowly continued:

– Because you have devotedly, taken good care of my camels and endured the hardships of walking through the hot desert, and you have fought bravely against the bandits who want to take over. some of my goods, so tonight I’m going to tell you the story of the five laws of gold. A story that you’ve probably never heard of.

Hey guys, listen to what I’m about to say. Because, if you firmly grasp the meaning and use it well, soon you will earn a lot of gold.

Mr. Kalabab was silent and thoughtful for a moment. Above everyone’s heads, the sky of Babylon was mysterious or colorful stars twinkled. Behind them, faded canvas tents were securely anchored to stakes, guarding against thunderstorms and desert winds. Next to the tent are the parcels that are neatly stacked with sturdy canvas covers. The camels were sprawled out on the sand, munching with delight their afternoon food, with occasional raucous squeals.

“We have heard many good stories from you, Mr. Kalabab! The person in charge of packing the packages spoke up. – After completing the work for you, we will use your wise instructions to enrich ourselves.

“I’ve told you before about the adventures I’ve taken myself in foreign lands, but tonight I’ll tell the story of Mr. Arkad, the wisest and wealthiest celebrity. in Babylon.

We’ve heard a lot about him. – The person in charge replied. Mr. Kalabab nodded and began to tell:

– Mr. Arkad is the richest, because he is the best at finding gold. Tonight I tell you about the wisdom of Mr. Arkad, which his son Nomasir himself told me when I was a boy in Nineveh.

“At that time, I was still very young and worked as a hired worker like you. I used to bring large bundles of the finest carpets with my master to Nomasir’s house to sell him. That day, Mr. Nomasir personally chose to buy the best carpets and the colors were pleasing to him. After that sale, Mr. Nomasir invited us to stay for a drink. His wine is very fragrant and delicious. I think it was the best wine I could taste at the time.

During that conversation, he told us the story of his father’s wisdom. That is also the story I am about to tell you.

You also know that in Babylon there was a custom that the sons of wealthy families lived with their parents in order to inherit property, but Mr. Arkad disapproved of this custom. So when Nomasir came of age, Arkad called for Nomasir and said:

“My son, I really want you to inherit my estate, but first you must show that you are wise enough to use it. So I want you to find a job by yourself that proves that you are also capable of making money.

I will give you two things to help you have the conditions to carry out your intentions. So, compared to when I started to build a career, I was much more favorable than I was. First of all, I gave you a bag of gold. If you know how to use this gold wisely, it will help you get rich quickly.

Second, I gave you this baked clay card, on which were engraved the five laws of gold. If you apply them in your business, they will surely bring you wealth and prestige.

After ten years from today, come back home to visit me and tell me everything. If you show that you are a man who knows how to use money properly, I will let you inherit all of my property. And if you don’t, I will give all this property to the poor, the beggars and the priests.

According to his father, Nomasir left to fulfill

His luggage was a bag of gold and shards of pottery from his father, carefully wrapped in silk, along with a few slaves and a few horses.

Ten years passed and Nomasir successfully returned to his father’s house as promised. On this occasion, Mr. Arkad opened a solemn party, invited many relatives and friends to attend. At the end of the party, Arkad and his wife sat on two large chairs solemnly placed in the middle of the living room hall. Facing them, Nomasir, his wife and two sons, followed by relatives and friends, sat on carpets laid in an arc. It was dark outside. In the house, slaves holding long-handled palm leaves fan steadily and rhythmically to calm the sweltering air. The scene looked very dignified. Everyone was nervous, listening attentively. Having been experienced in life, Nomasir calmly, confidently stood up and began to recount all that had happened during his ten years of career:

– Father! I express my admiration for your wisdom. Ten years ago, when I entered adulthood, my father encouraged me to live independently and grow up like young men my age, instead of relying on and living on my father’s inheritance.

I generously gave you a bag of gold and my wisdom. However, that gold has brought me many misfortunes.

Mr. Arkad smiled indulgently:

– Tell me more, your story makes me start to enjoy. Don’t miss out on any of the little details!

– Yes, father. When I left, I decided to go to Nineveh. At that time, this was a developing kingdom and there were many good opportunities for young people. I followed a caravan and made friends with many people. Among them were two very energetic and cheerful people. They rode two beautiful white horses, strong and very fast.

During that journey, two newly acquainted friends confidently revealed to me that there was a rich man in Nineveh who owned a horse that he said was fast and unrivalled. Therefore, he made a large bet on whoever had a horse that ran faster than his own. According to the two, compared to their horse, the other horse was just a slow, heavy donkey. Therefore, they said that they would definitely participate and hold the victory in their hands.

They said as a favor, that if I wanted to, they let me join the bet. At that time, I was really absorbed in their plan that sounded very reasonable without having time to think about it. In the end, I failed miserably and lost almost all my gold.

Hearing this, Mr. Arkad couldn’t help but laugh. A moment later, Nomasir continued slowly:

– Later, I found out, it was just a conspiracy to cheat money from newcomers like me. You know, the man in Nineveh is a partner of those two and after each successful scam, they share the profits. This prank has taught me a first lesson in bravery.

Soon, however, I learned a second lesson, just as bitter as the first. In that caravan was a young man. His parents were very wealthy and like his son, he went to Nineveh to find a career opportunity. When we had been there for a while, he told me that a merchant had recently passed away, because there was no one to take care of the shop, so his family members sold it for a very cheap price. He told me that pooled capital to buy that store. However, he said that it is preferable for me to buy first, because he has to return home to collect the money before he can contribute. He promised to contribute the same amount of money that I spent in the joint business plan. .

Everything works just like that. But after that, he kept trying to linger and refused to return home to get the money as promised. In addition, he also appeared to be a very bad salesman but insatiable spenders. In the end, I had to stop doing business with him. But by this time, the business had almost collapsed. The remaining goods are too poor quality, customers do not want to visit the store anymore. As for buying new items to sell, I ran out of capital. After thinking about it, I only had to sell off the rest and sell the rest to a Jew for a penny or so.

After that, it can be said that I have fallen into the most difficult and difficult days of my life. I went to look for a job but no one would hire me. In the end, to survive, you had to sell all your horses, slaves, and beautiful clothes to get money to buy food and a place to sleep. But with each passing day, my need is more urgent.

In those days, I suddenly remembered what you told me before I left, Dad! I want you to learn, practice and become a real man, mature with life experiences. So, I decided that I had to fulfill that intention, or else I would not return to see you.

Listen here, man

Mom quietly wiped the two lines of tears running down her cheeks. She did not expect her son to have to endure so much hardship. Nomasir continued:

– I took out the clay card and carefully read and reread the contents of the golden rules. I realized that I must first understand it, and then hope to create and preserve gold. I then memorized all those rules. And combined with the experiences drawn from previous stumbles, I boldly decide when there is a favorable opportunity, I must apply these rules in the most wise way.

As you sit here tonight, I would like to reread the five golden rules that contain all of your wisdom. I consider myself a very fortunate person to have received such valuable experiences from my father:

Five laws of gold

1. For those who are willing to spend one-tenth of their earnings to accumulate for themselves in the future, gold will come and come in more and more quantities.

2. Gold is the most diligent and enthusiastic worker for wise owners who recognize its profitability and growth potential.

3. Gold is always loyal and profitable for prudent owners to invest according to the advice of wise people.

4. For business investments that I myself do not understand or are not instructed by experienced people, it is easy to lose gold.

5. If you use gold for illegal profit or follow wrong advice, cheat or entrust it to weak experiences, it is easy to fail and lose all gold.

Those are the five laws of gold that father generously gave to his son. Compared to a bag of gold, according to me, it is worth dozens of times.

Nomasir looked at his father gratefully and continued:

– I would like to continue the story until the time when I was in the most needy and disappointed situation in my life. At that time, I lost all my gold, horses, slaves, beautiful clothes. My life can only be counted day by day.

However, through the storm, the sky is bright again. My luck has also come when I get a job. It was the job of governing a group of slaves who built the wall in that kingdom.

Once you have an income, you begin to apply the first law of gold. Every month I save every penny taken from my very meager salary. It takes a long time to get a silver coin. Because, I still have to take care of living from that very tight salary. I have planned to save money to an acceptable level, with the determination to earn back the gold you gave me in the shortest time.

One day, the slave owner, who had long been a close friend of mine, came to me and said:

-You’re a thrifty young man who doesn’t squander all his earnings. The amount of gold you have accumulated, is there any way to make it more profitable for you?

– Yes! – I replied. – My biggest wish now is to accumulate enough gold that my father gave me before. Because of my lack of trading experience, I have already spent all that gold.

– You have a very good wish that makes me admire. You probably know, there are many ways to make that gold savings profitable and help you quickly achieve your wish. Do you intend to invest?

– Unfortunately! I’ve had many painful failures, so I’m afraid of falling again.

– If you trust me, I will invite you to participate in a scheme to use gold very effectively. – He replied. – Within a year, this wall will be completed, the next job is to cast bronze gates to attach to the doors to protect the kingdom from enemy attacks. As far as I can see, there isn’t enough bronze in all of Nineveh to make the gates, and the king has never thought of this. My plan is that we get everyone to collect the gold and send it to a messenger caravan. most depend on copper mines far away to buy for you. After that, the copper will be brought back and stored in Nineveh. When the king orders the gate to be minted, we will sell the coins. It is possible that on this occasion, copper will be very expensive. And if the king doesn’t buy it, we can still sell bronze to those who cast shields, make statues…

Listening to him present this investment plan, I realized that this is a rare opportunity to follow the third law of gold. So I decided to invest all of my savings there. Indeed, this plan did not disappoint. It has been a success beyond imagination and my little gold accumulation has increased significantly through that sale.

Since then, I have been recognized as a member of that group of people who always take risks with caution. They are all wise and always know how to use gold in the most profitable way. They always discuss carefully before launching new business plans. They never entrust their gold coins to investments that are not profitable or risk losing their capital. Stupid deeds

Betting, racing horses, investing without thoroughly researching as happened before with children… they all didn’t pay attention. Because, for these games, they can spot the bluffs right away.

Through doing business with these people, I have learned many profound lessons for myself in investing in gold safely and bringing the highest profit. Over time, your wealth is increasing day by day, you not only recover the gold that was lost before, but also earn more gold than that.

After falling and making many successful investments, I have learned valuable experiences and understand more and more clearly the five laws of gold that you have given me. For those who do not know about these five laws, it is very easy for them to lose gold in business investment. But if they know how to follow those rules, they not only keep gold but also make gold more and more profitable.

Nomasir paused for a moment then gestured to the slave who was behind the door. Immediately, the slave brought in three very heavy leather bags. Nomasir took a bag and placed it on the floor in front of his father, then continued:

Before, my father gave me a bag of Babylonian gold. Now, I give you back a bag of Nineveh’s gold of the same weight. Thank you for giving me a piece of clay on which the five laws of gold are engraved, which I now have. Now instead, I give you these two bags of gold. – While saying that, Nomasir placed two more bags of gold on the floor. – This proves that you value my wisdom more than the bag of gold that I gave you. Without this wisdom, gold would quickly slip out of the hands of its owner. Your story is the clearest proof of that.

Father, I am now very proud to stand before you and thanks to your wisdom imparted to me, I have become rich and respected by all. Mr. Arkad lovingly placed his hand on Nomasir’s head and said:

– You have absorbed your lessons very well and I am so lucky to have a son like you to entrust all of my possessions.

Kalabab stopped talking and looked intently at the boys’ faces:

– What does the story of Mr. Arkad’s wisdom make you think? Who among you can step before the two parents to tell how to use their hard-earned money?

The space seemed to sag, no one answered. Mr. Kalabab then continued:

– How will your parents think when they hear that you have wasted or used your money foolishly, only to end up having to live a life of poverty and desperation.

-Isn’t fate determined that one person is rich, while the other has to endure a life of poverty? Could you please explain this to us. A boy spoke up.

– No one can decide his rich or poor destiny. In fact, those who own a lot of gold and become rich are those who understand the five laws of gold and know how to follow them to get rich. Before, I was also poor and worked as a hired worker like you. But because I learned and followed the five golden rules, I became a rich merchant. Accumulating wealth and becoming rich is not a mystery given by nature, but rather because people are determined to work and find ways to develop their wealth. For those who learn to absorb wisdom, speculate and persevere, and work hard and follow the laws of gold, you will eventually get rich.

Each of these five laws has its own advantages, which anyone can apply. You should memorize it now and constantly learn and explore to understand its meaning thoroughly. In the future, if there is a favorable opportunity, you should boldly apply these valuable laws to your business to enrich yourself and our country.

Chapter 5: Meeting the goddess of luck

Since Arkad finished his seven days of teaching on how to get rich, the Temple became a meeting place for people determined to get out of poverty.

Young and old, but most of them are middle-aged – they meet here to discuss the path of making themselves and their kingdom rich, under the influence of course. led by an experienced and enthusiastic man who was the richest merchant in Babylon.

That day, like every other day, the sun rose high, red like a giant fireball burning everything. The hot desert air still didn’t stop Arkad from making his way to his familiar forum. At the Study Temple, four men were sitting on small rugs on the floor waiting for the others to arrive.

When everyone was seated, Arkad spoke up:

– What will we discuss today?

After a few seconds of hesitation, a rather muscular weaver humbly stood up and replied:

– I have a problem that I really want to discuss, I don’t know what you mean by you and your friends here?

With everyone’s encouragement, the weaver continued:

– The story is that yesterday, I happened to pick up a bag with a few gold coins on the road. I consider myself a very lucky person and I wish I could always have the same thing. Therefore, I would like to ask everyone to discuss the question “How to attract luck?” with the aim of learning ways to get lucky regularly.

– This is a very good topic and worth discussing. Arkad commented. – So, tell me, how do we find ways to attract luck to each person?

– Yes! Yes! There must be many ways! Many people eagerly responded.

Hearing this, Arkad continued:

– To start the discussion, we first need to hear stories of luck that some people have met, like our weaver who randomly picked up gold without any effort. . Can anyone tell us about their luck?

Suddenly, the whole hall fell silent. Everyone looked around and waited, but still no one spoke.

– Is there no one? Arkad asked again. – So this kind of luck is certainly rare and we also very rarely encounter it. If so, does anyone have other suggestions for us to continue the discussion?

– I would like your opinion! A well-dressed young man stood up. – When talking about luck, do we often think of casinos, where the goddess of Luck blesses us to win a lot of money?

As soon as the man finished speaking, he sat down, and suddenly another person spoke up:

– Please don’t stop! Please keep talking! Have you ever been blessed by that goddess and won at casinos?

Another young person chimed in with humor:

– Did you see her there? Did you see her manipulate the dice to help you?

– What a great start! – Arkad supported. – We gather here to discuss, consider all aspects of issues. If we do not know the activities of the casino, we do not know in one sense the general tendency of those who want to try their luck when they spend a small amount of money in the hope of winning a large amount of money.

– This issue reminds me of yesterday’s horse racing bet. Another person spoke up. – If the goddess often visited the casinos, she would not forget to visit the horse races.

Waiting for everyone to be quiet, Arkad smiled generously at the joke, then said:

– What makes you think that the good goddess pays attention to the red and black games in the casino or the bet slips in the horse races? I’ve always been looking for this goddess, but not in casinos or at horse races – where people often lose more than they win – but in the things people do regularly and generate a lot of money. value for yourself.

For example, the work of plowing, farming, trading, or other legitimate and honest occupations … has a much better chance of bringing in profits than those red and black games. The harder you work, the higher the amount of income. In fact, it is possible that business is not always smooth and profitable, as we sometimes make wrong judgments; or farming is still difficult due to bad weather; But in general, if we persevere and work hard, we will still reap achievements.

As for the other red, black, and betting games, in fact the player always loses and the casino owner always wins. You all know that when we throw the dice, if we win, the dealer will give us four times the amount we bet. But if we miss, then of course we lose. But there is an important point that you often don’t know, or don’t think about. It’s a six-sided dice, we

only win when hitting one of the six faces; so every time we roll the dice, it takes us up to five times of luck, but if we win, we only get four times together, which means only four wins. Each time, the dealer always holds the winning hand in hand, at least an amount equal to one-fifth of the bet amount. Under such an arrangement, it is certain that the player always loses.

– But sometimes players still win huge sums of money!

– Someone protested.

-Sometimes it does! – Arkad said. -However, I would like to ask you, are you sure you will make money this way before you lose your pocket? And if luck wins a few times, do you think making money in this way is common? I know many successful people in Babylon, but I cannot name one person, even one, who started his career in this way. To all of you here, if anyone has successfully launched his career from the casinos, I would love for that friend to tell his story frankly. Isn’t that so, guys?

Everyone was silent, no one answered Arkad’s question. Moments later, someone timidly spoke up:

– Does what you just asked include casino owners? Arkad replied:

– If you think there is no other person but these people. Please tell me, do casino owners often hesitate when we ask about the source of their income?

The answer to Arkad’s question was only the muffled hums of many people. Seeing this, Arkad continued:

– Certainly, finding luck at the casino, at horse races or picking up a dropped bag does not bring us wealth and long-term success. So now let’s discuss the business, trade. I believe that a profitable business transaction is not a coincidence, but a worthy reward for our efforts. Does anyone suggest another matter for discussion?

As Arkad finished speaking, a rather elderly merchant stood up and said:

– Dear friends and esteemed Mr. Arkad, please allow me to speak my mind. If, as you say, trusting ingenuity and sharp mind will make us successful in business activities, then why don’t we consider the aspect of chance opportunities that can arise? can lead to success and huge profits? Chances may be rare, but sometimes they do. Surely there are many people here who have met the case where the opportunity to succeed is lost. So, please, if anyone has experienced the above incident, please tell us about it?

– What a subtle thought! Arkad spoke up in approval. – So which of us has ever had luck and lost it?
Many hands went up, including the merchant who just spoke. Arkad suggested:

– Since you are the one who raised this issue, we would like to hear your opinion first.

– I am happy to tell a story so that you can see how a person can come very close to luck, but then miss it, making him extremely regretful. And the merchant began to tell.

“Many years ago, when I was young and newly married. At that time, I did not have a business, but I still worked for others every day to support myself and my family. One day, my father excitedly approached me and convinced me to participate in an investment. He said that his close friend’s son was planning to buy a piece of dry land not far from where we lived.

That person plans to build three waterwheels after buying that land to bring water into the land, turning it into arable land. Then he would divide that land into small lots and sell it to people who need to build houses and grow crops.

Because this guy is in the same situation as me, just a young man working for a daily living and his family is very poor, so he doesn’t have enough money to carry out that plan. So he decided to invite many friends to contribute capital. This plan had twelve participants. They are both working to support their families, so they agree to put a tenth of their earnings into the project until the land is sold. The proceeds will be distributed according to the proportion that each person contributes capital.

– Son! – My father said. Now you need to think and act like an adult. I hope you learn from my mistakes at a young age to boldly start building yourself a valuable and respected asset.

– This is what I want too, Dad! – I replied.

– Then follow my good advice now. You should do the work that I should have done when you were my age. From the money you earn every month, take out a tenth to participate in investments that. When you are the same age as your father, you will own a valuable asset for yourself.

– I really want to be a rich person. You also need to earn a lot of money to live on. However, I am wondering if I should follow your advice, because I am still very young and have plenty of time to do everything.

“I used to think so when I was your age, son! Well, as the years went by, there was nothing I could do.

The era I’m living in is different from your youth, dad! I will avoid the footsteps of my father.

Please don’t worry.

– You have a great chance in life, son! This opportunity will help you become rich, I advise you not to be late. The very next day, go to him and negotiate with him to contribute a tenth of your earnings to that plan. This is an important investment in your future, so hurry up. Opportunity never waits for anyone. It is here today, but tomorrow it will go somewhere else. So, never be late!

Despite the great advice and urging of my father, I still hesitated to do that work. And then, I was attracted to the beautiful, luxurious robes in the market so I spent money to buy two for me and my wife. If I spent one-tenth of my earnings to invest in that plan, I wouldn’t be able to buy such nice shirts. Why do I have to sacrifice my hobbies to do such a time-consuming job? It was because of such thoughts that I did not follow my father’s precious, experienced advice. After a while, the project turned out to be very profitable, and each person involved in the scheme received a sum of money ten times more than the capital invested. This made me extremely regretful and secretly blamed myself for being unwise, stubbornly disobeying my father’s proper advice. My story is a concrete proof that I missed my chance to get rich.”

– In this story, we see that luck will come to those who know how to receive it. – The man sitting next to the merchant who had just told the story spoke up. – The fact that a person has built a fortune always has valuable lessons for us to learn. We can start a business with just a few silver coins, or with some money extracted from our small income. Like myself, I started my career as a young boy and bought a calf for one silver coin. Until now I have owned a cattle ranch with the number of up to a thousand animals.

The beginning opportunity for wealth can come to anyone, but it is up to people to seize that opportunity or not and how to do it. One is grasping, determined to do it to succeed and own valuable assets; the second is to miss the opportunity or not have the will to do it, and then spend the rest of your life in poverty and regret.

I would also like to speak on this matter. – Another person said – I am Syrian. Although your language is not very fluent, but I really want to call the business friend just now. If I call this merchant’s name in your language I’m sure I’m not pronouncing it correctly, but if I call it in Syrian, you probably won’t understand. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want a common name to call someone who deliberately avoids or refuses to work for his own benefit, what would you call that person?

– A procrastinator, inactive. – A voice spoke up.

– That’s it! – The person from Syria waved his hand in agreement. With a state like that, he just lost his time waiting. When the opportunity came, he said he had a lot of work to do and asked to wait. Little did he know that luck does not wait for a slow person. If anyone wants to seize an opportunity, he must hurry up, must be determined to do it until the end to take advantage of that opportunity. Therefore, I affirm that any person who is slow, hesitates before a good opportunity, is indeed a regrettably inactive person, and he will surely regret it as much as his friend. our young merchant.

The merchant stood up and bowed in reply:

– I pay my respects to you! You didn’t hesitate to speak frankly on the matter.

– To understand the problem, we need to hear as many different experiences of luck as possible. Can anyone tell us more? Arkad asked.

– I will tell! A middle-aged man, wearing a red robe replied. – I am a cattle collector, mainly camels and horses, but sometimes I also buy sheep and goats. The story I am about to tell will demonstrate the fact that a rare opportunity often passes quickly – as in my case, it came overnight, even though I longed for it. And unfortunately I let it go. How you rate this is up to you. With a thoughtful voice as if reminiscing about the past, he recounted:

“One afternoon many years ago, after a long and arduous journey to buy livestock, I still could not buy anything. Depressed, tired, I returned to Babylon and was very upset that the city gates were closed. While my slaves stretched out their tents to sleep for the night, I was sad and could not sleep, so I got up and went to get some fresh air. By chance, I met a middle-aged farmer walking around, looking very impatient and worried about something. Like us, his caravan was also outside the city.

– Dear Mister! – The farmer told me. – From the outside, I guess you are a cattle collector. If that is true, I would very much like to sell you all my fat sheep. I have come from afar. I am planning to bring these sheep to the city tomorrow morning to sell, but just recently I received the news of my beloved wife. Mine is currently seriously ill at home. I have to return as soon as possible so I want to sell the sheep right now. Please help me and my slaves to return tonight.

At that time, it was very dark so I couldn’t see his sheep, but based on the cry, I guess the number of sheep must be very large. I spent ten days in vain wandering and still did not buy. get nothing. Therefore, I was very excited about that offer and immediately negotiated with the farmer. Because he was so nervous, he offered a very low price compared to the usual price for a sheep. I immediately agree. Because, I know for sure, tomorrow morning my slaves will be able to drive a whole flock of sheep through the city gates and sell them for a much higher price.

When the negotiations were over, I called the slaves with torches to count the sheep, for according to the farmer, the herd numbered nine hundred. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t count. So, out of luck, I told him that, until tomorrow when the count was over, I would pay him.

– Please, sir! – He implored. “You can pay me two-thirds of these nine hundred sheep as well, so that I can depart now. I will leave here my most intelligent and knowledgeable slave. Tomorrow morning, he will help you count the sheep. I trust him very much, and often delegate important tasks to him. So he can adjust the remaining payment, if there is a deviation in the amount.

But due to my ignorance and calculation, I was determined not to give the money as he offered at that time. My business transaction is considered terminated. Early the next morning, before I woke up, the city gates were open and four people came to buy the farmer’s sheep. They are cattle collectors like me. Seeing the sheep, they were so pleased that they paid a very high price – three times higher than the price the farmer insisted on selling to me last night. These people said that because the kingdom was threatened by the enemy, but the food in the city did not have much stock, they bought livestock and poultry instead. That means I have lost a very profitable trading opportunity. So has the rare opportunity slipped out of my hands?”

This is a rather special story. Arkad commented. – It gave us a lesson in wisdom. Do people see that?

– Right! – A respectable saddler contributes. – It is wise to seize and respond immediately to every request of the opportunity when we see clearly that its results will bring many good things. In trading, if there is a negotiation that is successful and sure to bring profit, then you need to protect your achievements, avoid your thoughts of hesitation or lack of confidence, and at the same time Be wary of the opinions of others. Of course, choosing the wrong thing is because we are stupid. And if we choose the right thing and we tend to hesitate, hesitate and ponder, it will only make the opportunity pass. The first judgment is usually my best judgement. However, often in negotiations, I always find it difficult to convince myself to believe those judgments. Therefore, just as a self-defense against my own weaknesses, in negotiations, I always analyze the situation to find strengths to strengthen my confidence. By doing so, I will avoid regrets later and always seize the opportunities that come my way.

– Thank you! I would like to speak further. The man from Syria stood up. – These stories are very similar, because every time a chance slips away there are similar reasons. But why is it that every time we are faced with an opportunity, we often hesitate and retreat, rather than thinking that this is a good opportunity to take advantage of. Is it true that if we keep thinking in such a way, we will not succeed?

– You are very correct, my friend! – The cattle collector replied. – In the two stories above, the opportunity that slips out of our hands is due to our procrastination. It shows that hesitation still exists in everyone, while we always want to be successful and rich. And so when the opportunities came, due to hesitation and inactivity, we refused to seize them. If we understand it like that, our temperament has indeed become our own worst enemy.

When I was younger, I didn’t realize it. The words of a friend from Syria are truly profound. Before, I thought I missed many business opportunities because my judgment was very bad. I later believed that it was because of my stupid brain. But I finally realized the truth, it was due to the habit of procrastination, slowness, not keeping up with the requirements of reality to make quick decisions in order to act successfully. When I understood the incident, I really regretted and clearly saw the harmful effects of inertia in myself. Therefore, I have sought to break out of that enemy to rise up and achieve the results I am today.

– Thank you! I have a question that I would like the merchant to answer. – The friend from Syria continued. – Looking at his appearance today, I think he is already a very successful person. So tell us, how did you fight your inertia?

The merchant slowly replied:

– For me, inactivity is an enemy that is always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to interfere with work. The story I told you earlier is just one of the stories that I have experienced, showing that I myself have missed a lot of good opportunities in my life. You see, we can’t let thieves get into our rice bowls, and no one wants to let their competitors run wild on potential customers who can bring them a profit. Once I became aware of the harmful effects of such behaviors, I immediately removed them. We have to improve our indecisive and stagnant nature to get rich.

“What’s your opinion, venerable Arkad?” Because he was the richest man in Babylon, many people used to call him a lucky man. But in fact, if we do not overcome our inert, stagnant nature, then we cannot achieve success and become rich. Do you agree with me like that?

– Exactly like that, mate! Arkad admitted. – Throughout my life, I have witnessed many people pursuing their own goals in fields such as business, commerce, science, art; and many of them have been successful. I can confirm that, the chance of luck is the same for everyone, but only some people seize the luck and become successful. There are many other people, often because of hesitation, trying to lose more, so that the opportunity passes, and then their lives remain unchanged. when you can’t get out of that miserable life all your life.

Arkad turned to the weaver and continued:

-You have suggested a very good topic for us to discuss. So what do you think about luck?

– I want to look at luck in a different light. Before, I thought it was something everyone wanted and it could happen without any human effort. But now, through the very interesting discussion just now, I have realized that luck is not just waiting to be obtained. But to be lucky, we need to know how to take good opportunities and be determined to do it right away. So in the future, I will try my best to make sure good opportunities come to me.

-You have very well absorbed the issues we just discussed. Arkad replied. Occasions often bring us opportunities that are rarely repeated twice. Our merchant friend had a rare opportunity but did not know how to seize it and of course missed an opportunity that could bring him wealth. So was our cattle-buying friend, who could have made a huge profit if he had made the immediate purchase of the sheep.

So we’ve discussed a lot about this to find ways to attract luck to us. I think, now we have found that method and through it we know a truth about luck. That is: Luck can be attracted if we know how to take chances.

Remember this, if we know how to seize the good opportunities that come our way, we have attracted good luck and if you decide to act at the right time, it will bring you to the top of the world. the success you most expect.

Chapter 6: The gold lender in the kingdom of Babylon

From the king’s castle, Rodan, the spear-smith of the Babylonian kingdom, joyfully steered his horse to fly home.

The gold coins clashed with the sound of shovels and the heavy leather bag swinging back and forth at his belt delighted him. Fifty gold coins! Money that, perhaps throughout Rodan’s life, he did not dare to dream that one day he would own them.

Fifty gold coins! It’s all yours! He understands that this is a huge asset, and at the same time, he also feels the intense power of coins. Because, from here you can buy houses, land, cattle, camels, horses, carriages… These things can be bought during his life of hard work.

The horse was still running along the familiar road, and Rodan, he could think of nothing but the plans for those fifty gold coins. What would he buy, how would he use it to maintain this money? and secure a rich life for you.

A few days later, one afternoon, Rodan hesitantly entered the store of Mathon, a gold lender who traded in jewelry and precious fabrics. He didn’t care about the attractive goods on display, but crossed and headed to the reception room. There, he met Mathon sitting on a large rug and enjoying a meal served by black slaves.

Rodan boldly said:

– I want to ask your opinion on a matter that I do not know how to do.

Mathon was quite surprised by Rodan’s statement, but then he smiled friendly and said:

– What makes you feel so awkward that you have to go to the gold lender for advice, Mr. Rodan? Have you lost the silver? Or are you in need? I have known him for many years, but have never seen him come to me for advice.

– What a fool! It’s not that I’m needy or a loser. I have not come here to borrow gold, but because I need your wise advice.

– Strange! Strange! What are you talking about? So far, no one has gone to a gold lender to ask for advice. My ears must have misheard, right, Mr. Rodan?

-You didn’t hear me wrong!

“Is that so! Spearsmith, are you trying to play a prank on me when you come to find this Mathon not to borrow gold, but to need some advice?” Many people have come to me just for the sake of gold to pay for their foolish deeds, but I have not seen anyone come to me for advice – although perhaps none better than the gold lenders. in giving the best advice to those who are confused about money.

“Sit down and dine with me, Mr. Rodan!” – Mathon continued – You will be my guest this afternoon. Ado! -He called his black slave. – Bring an extra rug, lots of food, a big cup too. My friend Rodan here is asking me for advice! Ah! Choose the best wine for us to invite guests to enjoy. This afternoon, Rodan will be my guest.

– Any! Now tell me, what problems are you facing?

– This comes from the gift the king gave me. – Rodan said.

– A gift from the king? The king gave you a gift and that confused you? What kind of gift is that, Mr. Rodan?

– Because he was very pleased with my decorative design on the swords of the royal guard, the king rewarded me with fifty gold coins. I have never had such a large sum of money. So now I feel downright bewildered.

– That is natural. Because there are many people who see gold, their eyes light up and the desire to possess it is evident on their faces. You shouldn’t let many people know about this!

– But if you don’t share this with your family members, will you be able to do it?

With a reward like this, why can’t you share it with your loved ones? I’m sure your biological sister won’t take your joy away.

“Perhaps, but it is different for Mr. Araman, my sister’s husband, whom my sister still aspires to be a rich merchant. My sister didn’t realize that he was never capable of becoming a successful merchant. So, my sister told me to lend this gold to her husband to trade. Later, when the business thrives, he will pay me.

– Hey, Mr. Rodan! This is a matter worth discussing, and you are very wise to come and consult with me. – Mathon said – Gold gives its owner a new responsibility and a new place in life. At the same time, it also brings a strong feeling, a capacity to act to achieve better results. But on the other hand, it also brings with it the fear of being lost or being deceived by others.

Have you ever heard the story of the farmer in Nineveh who understood the voices of animals? I don’t think this is just a joke people make up in their spare time.

I’m going to tell you so that you realize that lending isn’t just about transferring gold from one person to another.

“There was a farmer who understood the voices of animals, so every afternoon, he used to linger in the barn to listen to the animals talk. One afternoon, the farmer heard the bull complain to the donkey about his hard work:

– I pulled the plow hard from early morning until late at night, even though it was very sunny, my legs were tired or my neck was sore… On the contrary, his life was always peaceful and happy. Every day, he was wrapped in a colorful blanket and did nothing but carry his boss wherever he liked. And if the boss didn’t go anywhere, he could just lie down and graze on young grass all day.

Hearing you say that, the donkey, even though it is suffering from the scratches on its heels from carrying its master all day on rough roads, still shows that it is a good friend and has a lot of sympathy for the cow, so it should say:

– Hey, dear friend, seeing that you work very hard, I also want to help you. I will show you how to have a comfortable rest day. Tomorrow morning, when the slave comes and ties the plow to your neck, lie down and roar loudly. They’ll think you’re sick and stop making you work.

So the next morning the bull lay down on the ground following the advice of the donkey.

The slave returned to the farm to report, and the farmer said:

– Then make the donkey do the ox’s plowing.

All that day, out of goodwill to help the cow, the donkey had to do the ox’s work. In the evening, when the plow was removed, the donkey felt very bitter in his heart, his legs and feet were tired, and the back of his neck was sore from being rubbed by the yoke all day.

At that time, the farmer purposely returned to the barn to listen. The bull spoke first:

– You are indeed my good friend. Because thanks to your wise advice, I enjoyed a very comfortable rest day.

– And I, like other idiots, at first wanted to help you avoid doing heavy work, but in the end I had to do it for you. From here, you have to take care of your own business. Because, I heard the boss say he will butcher you when you get sick again. You really are a lazy man!

The bull was very angry at the donkey’s words. Since then, they don’t talk to each other anymore. This also ended the friendship of cows and donkeys.” Did you learn anything from this story, Mr. Rodan?

– It’s a very interesting story. But I didn’t learn any lesson. Rodan replied.

Why can’t you learn a lesson? In fact, it’s as simple as that: “If you want to help your friends, you have to make sure that the burden doesn’t shift from your friends to yourself.”

– Oh! But I didn’t think of it. It was a wise lesson and much needed for my case now. I don’t want to take the burden from my brother-in-law. But tell me, you’ve lent money to many people, so is it possible that those people won’t pay you back?

Mathon smiled calmly, demonstrating the bravery of a person who has been experienced in lending money:

– If you are a smart and calculating lender, you must use some means to ensure that the borrower will pay back the amount borrowed, with interest, of course. I will show you the mortgages I keep from the borrower and will tell you some interesting stories about this.

Mathon went into his bedroom and pulled out a rather large trunk, about an arm’s length in length, wrapped in red pig skin and decorated with bronze sculptures. Mathon left the box on the floor, squatted down, opened the lid with both hands, and said:

– For each person who comes to borrow money, I ask them to leave some of their belongings as proof. All are carefully stored in this box by me. When the borrower comes to pay, I will return the item. But if they don’t pay, I will keep the item forever as proof that the person has betrayed my trust.

In my opinion, lending money to people who own a lot of properties is the safest. Of course, the amount they borrowed should not be more than the value of their property, so that if necessary, they would sell their land, precious jewels, camels or other items to pay off the debt. For these people, when I lend money, I often ask them to provide collateral. If they can’t repay the loan, the thing they have mortgaged will be mine or I will sell it to make up for the amount I lent. Also, is there another way to make sure my loan amount is not lost. That is to make an evidence card, on which the promise is recorded, if the debtor is unable to pay by the due date, they must give me something of equal value to deduct. In these ways, it is certain that the gold I lent must be repaid along with the interest. Because, the loan job on an asset basis that returns over time.

There are a few other people that I also feel comfortable lending to them. Those are people who have the ability to make money, like you. Having a job and a stable income, being honest and self-respecting, I guarantee that they are able to pay both capital and interest to the lender. This guarantee is based on the work efforts of the borrower.

In addition, there are some people who borrow money but themselves have no assets and jobs. The lives of these people are indeed difficult and they often cannot pay off their debts. Although I lent them no more than a dime, I also took something as proof. And these things can stay in my trunk forever, because these people very rarely pay off their debts.

When the lid of the trunk was opened, Mathon carefully picked up the red cloth wrapper, inside which was a beautiful copper-colored scarf. Mathon explains:

– This will be kept forever in my evidence box, because its owner has passed away. He is also my dear friend. For a long time, we did business together and achieved a lot of success, until he married a Western wife. She is very beautiful, but not like our hard-working women. He had to spend a lot of wealth, gold and silver to satisfy his wife’s lavish hobbies. Until one day, he came to me in despair to tell me that his estate was exhausted. I comforted him a lot, in addition, I promised to create conditions to help him trade again. He promised to be determined to follow my good advice. But this was forever impossible. A few days later, during an argument with his wife, he had a heart attack and never woke up again.

– How about the wife? Rodan asked curiously.

– After his funeral, the wife regretted so much that she threw herself into the Euphrates. So the debt he borrowed from me was never paid back. Through this story, I have learned from an experience that promises made in the midst of human turmoil and emotion are often unbelievable. If you rely on that promise, it is really not safe for the capital spent.

Mathon pointed to a beautifully carved bovine bone ring and continued:

– And here is another story. This ring belongs to a rancher, I often buy rugs woven by his wife. A few years ago, their farm was destroyed by locusts and destroyed their crops. I lent him money to buy new food and seeds. When the next crop came, he immediately paid me all the capital and interest. After a while, the owner of the farm came to me again and told the story of a visitor from afar who said that in his hometown, there were very strange goats. They have very long and soft fur. He very much wanted such feathers to weave carpets. He expressed his intention to buy the goats, but did not have the money, so he came to ask me for a loan. This project is very good, so I am willing to help him. A year later, I was surprised to see the riches of Babylon spreading beautiful carpets. It can be said that there has never been such a beautiful carpet in Babylon so far. I later learned that the rugs were woven by the wife of the other farmer. In a few days, he will come to pay me and get this ring back.

“Are there many borrowers who can do that, Mr. Mathon?” Rodan asked again.

– If they borrow for the purpose of working for money, it can still happen and the loan amount guarantees they will pay back. But if they borrow money because of a difficult, miserable situation, I advise you to be very careful. Because in these cases, it is very likely that they do not have the money to repay you.

– Mr. Mathon! Please tell me clearly about this case. ‘ said Rodan, holding up a gold bracelet with beautiful gems inlaid with it.

– The owner of this bracelet used to be a friend of mine. ‘ said Mathon wittily.

“She’s pretty chubby and talkative, which makes me go crazy for her sometimes.”

Mathon continued:

– Some time ago, she owned quite a lot of property and was a good client of mine. She had a son and always wanted him to become a rich merchant. One day, she came to me and borrowed some gold to give her son a capital to do business with a caravan owner. They often carry goods from one place to another to sell.

However, the owner of this caravan is a guy who specializes in defrauding other people’s money. One day, he secretly took all the money, shared property of the two, and left, leaving the poor young man, who was sleeping, to be alone in a foreign country with an empty bag. Finally, with the help of a group of kind merchants, he was able to return home. I may have to wait until he has enough money to get the loan. Now I can only keep this jewelry as evidence.

– Did she consult you about the use of that loan?

– Absolutely not, on the contrary

She always bragged to everyone that her son would later become a rich and powerful merchant in Babylon. I used wise words to analyze for her to understand, but was scolded by her once. In fact, I also know that lending money to inexperienced young men is very risky. But since she brought this for security, I couldn’t refuse. At the same time, I also want to help these guys, as long as they have the will and determination to work, just like me when I was young, I developed my career by borrowing money like that.

This one belongs to Nebatur, the camel dealer in Babylon. ‘ said Mathon, picking up a knotted piece of rope. – When he wanted to borrow money from me to buy a camel, he brought this knot as evidence. Of course, I am willing to lend him money. Because, Nebatur is a shrewd merchant and I have great confidence in his clever, clever calculation ability. In addition, I also trust the other merchants in Babylon, because they are very reputable. Their loan proofs come and go regularly, not sitting in this box. Good merchants are the best earners and hoarders of our kingdom. Therefore, I am always willing to help to make their trade and business smooth and bring prosperity to Babylon.

Mathon took out a turquoise bug-shaped object and threw it on the floor with his hand, scornfully saying:

– This is a bug that originated in Egypt. Its owner doesn’t care about paying me back and I probably won’t get it back for the rest of my life. I went to collect the debt many times, but he replied nonchalantly: “I really don’t have a dime left. To repay you, my life is very miserable right now. Meanwhile, if I don’t get the money I owe you, your assets won’t decrease at all. You still have a lot of gold out there!”.What can I do with him? Even his gentle father destroyed all his inheritance because of him. He mortgaged all his land and livestock to finance his son’s business. In the beginning, he was quite successful. But then, because he wanted to get rich quickly, he did not hesitate to participate in reckless investments, did not research carefully, so he went bankrupt.

TS is still very ambitious and often hasty and impatient in realizing his promising visions. They do not think that their talent and strength are still limited, and do not even pay attention to the correct advice of their predecessors. Only when the job is broken, they bitterly realize the valuable lessons for themselves. It is worth mentioning here that each time they fail, they take on an additional debt. And instead of trying to change their lives for the better, they fall into poverty, deadlock, even losing all their self-esteem, confidence and will to strive. You see, this bug is probably right forever in my chest.

“You have told me many interesting stories, Mr. Mathon!” – Rodan said. – Now, do you think I should lend my brother-in-law fifty gold coins? You also know, this amount is very large for my monthly income.

– Your sister is a brave, skillful woman that I respect a lot. So if her husband asked for a loan, I would ask him how he would use the money?

If Araman replied that he wanted to become a successful businessman, so that his family, wife and children could live happily and richly, I would continue to ask: “Do you know how to do business? Do you know where to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price?”. So in your opinion, can he answer “yes” to these questions?

– No! He can’t do those things. – Rodan admits that Araman can only help me with the work in the spearsmithing shop.

-Then you can say that, even though his aim is very noble, with such ability he cannot become a merchant yet. Before becoming a merchant, Araman needed to learn and master the trade. And in the process of learning and experimenting, he should not risk that large amount of money. Araman’s wish, though much appreciated, could not be loaned to him.

But if Brother Araman replied, “Yes! I worked a lot with merchants. I already know how to go to Smyrna to buy rugs at very low prices, woven by housewives. Then I sold them to the rich in Babylon at a higher price to make a profit.” Then I would say: “Your ambition makes me very proud, and with that wisdom I believe you will succeed. Therefore, I will kindly lend you fifty gold coins if you assure me that you will be able to repay me as soon as possible.” But if he says, “I have nothing to guarantee, other than that I am a decent person and promise to repay you in full as soon as possible.” Then I will reply: “I appreciate every penny and my gold. So if, while you were going to Smyrna, the robbers took your gold, or when you returned, they took it all away, what would you do to repay me? If you don’t have the money to repay, have I lost it completely?”

You see, Rodan! Gold is the commodity of moneylenders. It is very easy to lend, but if it is not wise to lend, it is very difficult to get it back. For experienced lenders, they never take risks in their work, but on the contrary they always find some way to force borrowers to repay on time.

– Yes! Mathon continued. – Helping people who are in difficulty, in need or are starting a career is essential. But you must know how to help them wisely. Otherwise, you will be like the donkey in the story I just told, only having to bear the burdens of others.

Rodan, take my advice: “Keep those fifty gold coins. Since it is a legitimate reward for his hard work, no one has the right to force him to share it with others, unless it is his will. If you want to lend that money to earn more gold, then do it very carefully and spread it out. I do not want to leave gold lying in my pocket, even though I am also very afraid of encountering risks and uncertainties.

Rodan thought silently about what Mathon had just said, when suddenly Mathon asked:

-How many years have you been doing spearsmithing?

– It’s been three years. Rodan replied.

– In those three years, how much did you save aside from the king’s bounty?

– Three gold coins.

– You work so hard every year that you only get one gold coin?

– That’s right.

– So, if you save fifty gold coins, it takes you fifty years of hard work?

– A whole life of work!

“Do you allow your sister to risk money you might have saved up during fifty years of hard work by the copper furnace, just to give her husband the experience of being a businessman?” family?

– That can’t be! Rodan exclaimed.

– Then, you should go to your sister and say: “In three years, I worked hard, so I have three gold coins left over. You are my only relative and I also hope that your husband has the opportunity to become rich. If Araman can show me and my close friend Mathon that his business plan is working, I’d be happy to lend my brother-in-law all of my savings for three years. via”. By doing so, I mean that if Mr. Araman is indeed capable of doing business, he still has some capital to execute. And if Mr. Araman fails, the amount he owes will not exceed his ability to pay.

I am the owner of a lot of gold. And I use that gold to help other people do business. This not only allows them to become rich, but through which I can earn more gold for myself. But I don’t want to take the risk in this job. I had to work hard, calculate carefully and accumulate for a long time to get that gold. Therefore, I will not lend money to anyone if I do not trust that person’s ability to repay. In addition, I also do not want to lend, if the amount of interest is not paid quickly when due.

Through the stories I have just told, you can understand that many people often want to borrow money but few are able to repay. Some people think that they will have a successful business if they have gold in hand, but in fact they fail. That’s because they didn’t appreciate their abilities properly.

Mr. Rodan! Now, he was lucky enough to own fifty gold coins. To maintain his wealth, he should find a way to make that gold profitable. The best way is to become a gold lender, like me. And if you know how to keep your possessions safe and secure, then I can guarantee that your life from here on out will always be full and prosperous.

If you plan to do a certain job, you should boldly cooperate with people who have a lot of experience, wisdom and reputation in the field in which you intend to enter. Thanks to them, on the one hand, he can learn and gain a lot of experience, on the other hand, his assets are not only safe but also profitable.

The king’s gift will probably bring him many good opportunities. However, if he wanted to keep those fifty gold coins, he had to be discreet and careful. Because, in my experience, many people will come to you with bad intentions. He had to make sure that when he took a gold coin out of his pocket, it would definitely return to his pocket on time. If you need more advice, come back here. I would be happy to help you in all your work. “It is better to have a small precaution than to suffer a great regret later on.” You should remember this saying by heart.

Please! Because, it is also my secret to success.

Rodan thanked Mathon for his thoughtful advice and left. Unlike when he came here, now not only his mind but also his whole life seems to have turned to a new, much brighter page.

Part 7: The camel merchant in Babylon

When we are hungry, our minds will become clearer and more sensitive to the aromas of food. Tarkad, son of Mr. Azure, must have thought the same. For the past two days, he had not tasted any food, except for two tiny figs that he had stolen from someone else’s garden.

From morning to noon, he kept walking around the stalls selling fragrant dishes and wished to have a silver coin to put in the cup to satisfy him. He was very hungry but did not dare to enter a restaurant because he knew. , here they never sell on credit to anyone, not even a small amount for a glass of pale wine.

While being so depressed, he suddenly faced a man that he had always avoided. It was Dabasir, the camel trader in Babylon and also his creditor. In the past, he had borrowed money from Dabasir and promised to repay it on time, but he did not keep his promise.

Dabasir’s face seemed to have caught gold when he recognized Tarkad:

– ASIAN! Here is Tarkad, I have searched for you many times to ask for a coin and two silver coins that you borrowed from me before. How did it happen to me to meet you here. Isn’t that right, Mr. Tarkad?

Tarkad’s face became confused and confused. He didn’t have the strength to argue with Dabasir:

-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry about that. He stammered weakly. “However, now I don’t have a penny to pay you either.”

“Why do you say that, Tarkad! Dabasir raised his voice. “What have you done that you don’t have a dime or a dime left to pay me?”

“Actually, I’m very poor right now, so I can’t repay you yet.”

– Troublesome! Why does heaven and earth punish him all the time? You can’t borrow money from me and then every time you see me, you’ll make excuses for being poor so you can’t repay it. Follow me into the bar, I want to tell you a story while I eat something. I’m so hungry right now!

Tarkad felt hesitant at Dabasir’s change of attitude. If you go into the shop, you won’t be able to sit and watch Dabasir eat and drink deliciously, and I will sit empty with such a hungry stomach. But he thought, at least this is an opportunity for him to enter that very attractive restaurant.

As if deciding to help him, Dabasir shoved Tarkad into the bar and pulled him over to sit on two rugs in the corner.

Dabasir said to Kauskor, the owner of the shop, with a big smile on his face:

“Bring me a golden leg of goat with a lot of sauce, bread, and vegetables. I’m very hungry so I want to eat a little more. Ah! Don’t forget I have a friend here. Bring him a bowl of water. It must be cool water, because it’s hot.

Dabasir seemed to ignore Tarkad’s situation. Tarkad felt ashamed. He was forced to sit here and drink cold water, while Dabasir devoured the fragrant goat leg. But Tarkad was silent, and he thought he had nothing to say either.

However, Dabasir knew well what Tarkad was thinking in his mind. While smiling and waving to the other diners in the bar, Dabasir said to Tarkad:

– I heard a man returning from Urfa say that there lived a rich man who owned a stone so transparent that people could see through it and see everything on the other side. The special thing is that it has a yellow color, so the scenery looking through that stone becomes very different. It’s not like the everyday scenes that we usually see. What do you think this means, Tarkad? Do you think the scene can appear in a different color?

– I think it must be. ‘ replied Tarkad, looking at the delicious thigh of goat that was laid out in front of them.

Yes, I knew that to be true. Because I’ve seen it myself. I will tell you about this.

– Dabasir is about to tell the story! – A diner sitting nearby whispered in the ear of his friend sitting next to him, then moved his rug closer to Dabasir and Tarkad’s seats. Other diners also brought food and surrounded the two. They huddled in Tarkad’s ear and shoved him in the leash with greasy, half-eaten goat sticks in their hands. But of course no one offered him a piece. Dabasir also had no intention of sharing anything with him, not even pushing him a small crumb of bread, but letting it fall to the floor.

– The story I am about to tell is a true story of my life, when I was a young man in debt. Perhaps none of you know that I was a slave in Syria?

A few murmurs of surprise rose and fell among the diners, and Tarkad began to listen attentively. This seems to be an interesting story.

– When I was young, I used to learn how to make a saddle. At that time, I had just been married. Although my skills are not very high, I also earn a decent amount of money every month, just enough for a middle-class life. I often buy beautiful and luxurious dresses to give to my wife. Gradually, I noticed that shopkeepers

He trusts me and is always happy to sell me on credit whenever I don’t have enough money to pay for a purchase. Therefore, I did not hesitate to spend extravagantly.

At first, the debts were small and small, so I could still pay them. Until one day, I realized that my debts, although small, add up to a very large number and I cannot pay them off. My life suddenly became miserable and miserable. Although I have to borrow from relatives and friends to pay off my debt, the debts are still lingering, even more and more. Every day I was chased by creditors asking for money. The house and valuables were all confiscated. My wife was in pain and humiliation, so she left her biological father’s house. I lost my job, lost my house, and didn’t have a dime left in my pocket. One day, in desperation, I decided to escape Babylon to another place in the hope of rebuilding my life.

For two years, I worked as a hired worker for traveling merchants, but still did not make a good fortune. Then, my caravan fell into the hands of bandits who plundered in the desert. I was captured and gradually became part of that evil group. Participating in such actions really made me feel ashamed in my heart. In my mind, I was always trying to rise from adversity, but in reality I fell more and more into the abyss.

The first raid, we were lucky, so we collected a lot of gold, silver, silk and other valuable goods. They agreed to bring this spoil to Ginir to sell and spend the money lavishly.

The second time, we suffered a heavy defeat, because we were attacked by a group of brave and well-equipped troops. These are troops paid by caravans to protect them. The leaders of the party were killed, and some, including myself, were taken to Damascus to be sold as slaves.

I was bought by a Syrian desert leader for two silver coins. At that time, my hair was shaved and I wore prison clothes, so I looked like a slave. However, perhaps getting used to the gypsy lifestyle when I was a thief, I think my life is about to enter new adventures. But the truth was like a splash of cold water in my face, when my new master brought me to his four wives, and told me they could make me look like a lowly slave.

I was in a horrible situation. The people of the desert are fierce and belligerent, so I can’t help but obey if I want to save my life. And I am also aware that, even if I have weapons or means to hide, it is unlikely that I will escape their pursuit. At that time, I could be beaten to death by them without any resistance.

I stood there in fear, while the four women looked at me from head to toe. I wonder if my situation evokes any pity for them. Sira, the eldest wife and the oldest, looked at me silently but showed no emotion. I can only turn to her to find a little sympathy between people. Because the second lady, although very beautiful, was looking at me with disdain like I was an earthworm. Meanwhile, the two younger ladies laughed and looked at me as a pastime.

As time passed like torture, I felt humiliating with the feeling that I was being sentenced. The four women were silent, as if one wanted to let the other decide my fate. Finally, Mrs. Sira spoke in a cold voice:

“We already have a lot of servants to do errands, only the camel herders are missing. Even today, I have to visit my mother, who is seriously ill, and has no trusted slave to do so. I wonder if this slave can lead a camel?

So the boss turned to me and asked:

– Do you know how to lead a camel? Trying to hide my excitement, I replied:

– You can control the camel to kneel, can tie things on its back and lead it for days without getting tired. If necessary, you can also repair the saddle.

– You say that’s fine. – The owner commented. “If you wish, Sira, then use this slave. He will be your camel herder.

So, I was assigned to Mrs. Sira and that day I had to guide her camel during the journey home to visit her mother. Taking advantage of this occasion, I express my gratitude for her intervention in the morning. I also told her that I was not born to be a slave, but the son of a free man who made saddles in Babylon, and told her why I had wandered to Syria. . However, I was quickly disappointed when I heard her say:

“Aren’t you ashamed to say you’re a free man?” It is your own weakness that has led you to the pathetic situation you are in now! If a man has the soul of a slave in his body, no matter what circumstances he is born in, he is still a slave in the end. Because you see, water never flows against the current? And if that person has the soul of a free person, then even

through many adversities, bitterness and misery in life, that person eventually becomes a person of honor and respect by all.

What Sira said made me think a lot. For more than a year after that, although I had to live and work as a slave, I still could not become a slave. One day, Sira asked me:

-In their spare time, the slaves often gathered and enjoyed eating together. Why are you sitting alone?

I answered her:

– I am still thinking about what you said before. I thought, maybe I have the soul of a slave in myself. However, I felt I couldn’t fit in with them, so I had to sit apart.

Sira stared at me like she was thinking about something. After a moment, she sighed and spoke:

– I myself am sitting alone in my own house. – Mrs. Sira confided – My parents’ family is very rich, so they gave me a large amount of capital. My husband agreed to marry me only for that dowry, not for loving me at all. In addition, even though we have been together for many years, I still have not given birth to any children. Since having three other wives, he has really abandoned me. In this situation, I had to live alone and take care of myself. According to Syrian custom, women are like slaves, dependent on the man in the family. But if I were a man, I would rather die than become a slave.

“So you understand what I’ve been thinking lately.” – I said moved, then suddenly asked her – Madam, do you think I have the soul of a free man or of a slave?

– Do you want to pay off the debt? Sira asked me again.

– Yes! I really want to, but I can’t leave this place.

– If you are willing to let time pass and make no effort to find a way to repay the debt, it proves that your soul is the soul of a slave.

“But how do you know when you were a slave in Syria?”

“You don’t know what to do, then you’ve been a coward all your life.

– I’m not a coward! – I strongly object.

– Then look for an opportunity to prove your bravery. – said Mrs. Sira.

– Prove how?

“Did the king of your country fight the enemy with all his intelligence and strength?” Why don’t you try to do the same? Are your debts the enemies that drove you out of Babylon? Have you allowed them to exist in your life, and each day they grow to the point of pushing you to the end? He should have fought against them like a real man and had to defeat them to become a free and honorable man in his country. But until now he had no will to fight and accepted defeat humiliatingly.

I worried a lot because of Mrs. Sira’s strong words and realized that I had been expelled from my homeland by the “enemies” of my own making. In this situation, do I have the courage to escape the fate of slavery? Was Sira right about me – I was a coward, a slave soul?

Three days later, Sira’s personal servant called me to see her. She told me:

– My mother’s illness is getting worse. You should saddle the two strongest camels, paying attention to the large leather bags containing water and food bags carefully.

As I worked, I thought about the food items Sira mentioned. Sira’s biological mother’s house is far away, but it’s not more than a day’s journey. So, if it’s like last time, Sira doesn’t need to be so prepared. Although I was very confused, I still carefully followed her orders. When everything was ready, Sira rode on the camel led by me in the front, and the maid sat on the second camel and walked behind. By the time we reached Sira’s mother’s house, it was pitch black. Sira sent the maid to rest and said to me,

– Dabasir, do you have the soul of a free man or the soul of a slave?

– The soul of a free man! – I replied firmly.

“Then prove it now.” His master and his servants were far from here. Rest assured, take these two camels and get out of here quickly. In this bag, I have ready clothes for you to disguise. Tomorrow morning, I will tell you that you stole two camels and ran away while I was visiting my sick mother.

“I thank you very much, and I will probably not pay this debt in my whole life. She has the soul of a goddess. – I express my thanks to Mrs. Sira. I always wish her peace and happiness.

– Happy! She sighed in response. – Happiness may not come to those who have left their homeland and gone to another faraway land to seek. Well, try to follow your own path and pray for the desert gods to protect you. Remember not to drink all the water and eat all the food before you return to the country, it’s yours!

I was deeply moved and grateful to Mrs. Sira, quickly following her words and diving right into the darkness of the vast desert. I didn’t know which way led to Babylon, so I just kept walking in the desert with my eyes closed. I rode on a camel and took one with me all night and the next day, fearful of my fate. In this situation, if I was caught again, I could have suffered a terrible punishment. The crime of slaves who dared to steal their master’s property to escape was very serious and could be beaten to death.

It was not until noon the next day that I reached an uninhabited wilderness, like a desert. The two camels moved slowly and wearily over the sharp, jagged rocks. Seeing the dry, cracked land, where even the grass could not live, I understood well why people would stay away from this unfriendly land.

I was really in a dilemma. Although my life is safe here, it is true that my life is almost at a dead end. In the days that followed, the two camels moved very slowly, the food and water ran out, while the sun kept pouring fire on me. At the end of the ninth day, I fell from the camel’s back to the ground and no longer had the strength to climb back up. In my mind, the question suddenly resounded: “Do I bury my body in this desolate country?”.

I fell asleep and didn’t know anything until the rays of the new day shone on my face.

I sat up and looked around bewildered. Two camels lie not far from me. The morning air was cool. All around me was a vast wilderness, only rocks and thorns, with no sign of water or plants edible for humans or camels.

“Did I fall in this lonely place?” This question popped into my head again. – Was I wrong to choose this exit? Am I really a coward, a person with the soul of a slave? – Thinking of this, suddenly my mind became more alert. The body was exhausted and exhausted, the lips cracked and bleeding, the tongue dry and swollen, the stomach was empty… it didn’t matter to me anymore. Inside of me suddenly a strong vitality surged. I must live! Because, I still have a lot of work to do and I have to become a respected person. I have to regain the trust of the people I know. I also have to take care of my wife’s life.

I looked into the space in front of me. Once again, the words of Mrs. Sira echoed in my head: “Your debts are the enemies that drove you out of Babylon”. Yes! That’s right. Why do I refuse to stand upright on the ground like a real man? Why should I let my wife go back to her father’s house in shame?”

Suddenly, I saw a strange thing happen before my eyes. All the scenery around me seemed to take on a new color, as if I had seen them through a magical stone. Is this the true value of life that I have never discovered before?

To die in the desert! Can’t be like that! I must live and prove to everyone that I am a free soul, a strong-willed person who can overcome any adversity. I had to go home, pay off my debt and build a house to start a new life with a new perspective. Perhaps having gone through many bitter experiences, I feel full of hope and confidence in the afterlife.

I struggled to get up, even though my legs just wanted to fall. What does hunger mean? What does thirst mean? Those were just mishaps on the way back to my beloved Babylon. Within me, the spirit of a free man was rising, who not only conquered his own enemies, but also strongly encouraged my spirit. I gathered all my strength and shouted loudly to show my iron determination.

The two camels’ dull eyes suddenly widened and brightened through my screams. After much effort, and with great effort, the camels and I got up and began to walk slowly north, where my instincts told me it was the way back. Babylon.

After a long journey, I came to a fertile land, with water, green grass and lush fruit trees. I perceive the presence of life, of people. I have returned to Babylon with the spirit of a free man and master of myself. After that, I started to deal with the work as I was determined to and gradually created the position I am today.

What do you think, Tarkad? Does your empty stomach make your mind clearer? Are you ready to regain your credibility and self-esteem? Have you seen the true value of life? Do you wish to pay off your debts and become a respectable person in Babylon?


Tarkad’s eyes suddenly turned red. He stood up and said:

– Thank you for showing me a new path! I felt the spirit of freedom rise in my soul.

– Returning to Babylon, with such a debt, how did you manage, venerable Dabasir? – asked a customer.

– First of all, I visit the creditors and ask them to give me more time to earn money to pay the debt. Most people are happy to accept, they are even willing to help me, but there are also people who blame me. Among them is one person who has helped me very enthusiastically, that is Mathon, the gold lender in our kingdom. Knowing that I used to be a camel herder in Syria, he introduced me to work for Mr. Nebatur, the respected camel dealer that you all know here. Having worked for him, my knowledge of camels has worked very well. Gradually, I paid off all my debts, and was able to hold my head high, confidently regaining my reputation as today.

Everyone in turn thanked Dabasir for the interesting story, which is also a profound lesson in life, and then returned to the same place to continue their unfinished meal. So did Dabasir, but this time he called out:

– Hey Kauskor! Where are you? The food is already cold. Bring me some other goodies, vegetables and more bread, please! I would like to invite Mr. Tarkad to a hearty meal.

Extremely grateful to Dabasir, Tarkad understood one thing: “Once you have an iron will, people will easily find a way to move forward!”.

Part 8: The Luckiest Man in Babylon

Sharru Nada, the merchant king, was sitting majestically on the back of a camel leading a caravan returning to Babylon after a long trading trip. He was a man who enjoyed luxurious, aristocratic clothes made from the finest fabrics. He also enjoyed riding beautiful, healthy Arabian purebred horses.

Mr. Sharru Nada is quite old, but he is still sensitive and always cheerful and gentle with everyone. But looking at him now, those close to him can sense that he has some anxiety in his heart.

The long journey from Damascus with many hardships in the desert did not bother him. The ferocious Arab tribes that stalked rich caravans did not frighten him, for he had a large cavalry escort.

It was only for the young man walking next to him, whom he had brought back from Damascus, that worried him. He was Hadan Gula, the grandson of one of his business partners, Arad Gula, and to whom he was forever indebted. Now, he wants to repay a part of Arad Gula’s favor by teaching Hadan Gula to be a man and become a good merchant. But perhaps, the work he intends to do will face many difficulties.

Looking at Hadan’s fancy dress and cumbersome jewelry, Sharru Nada thought: “His tough face is no different from Mr. Arad Gula in the past, but the important thing is will, patience, tolerance. The difficulty of a merchant does not seem to exist in him. Teaching him to work is difficult, but how to shape his mind, adjust his habits of play, wasteful spending is even more difficult. What should I do to help him restore the family business, which was destroyed by his father?”

Suddenly, Hadan Gula spoke up, interrupting Mr. Sharru’s train of thought:

-Why do you always have to work so hard with the caravan?

Do you ever take the time to enjoy life’s pleasures? Sharru Nada smiled and did not answer, but asked Hadan Gula:

– Enjoy life? How would you enjoy life if you were in my place?

“If I were as rich as you, I would live like a prince. I will never ride a camel across the hot desert and work hard and hard. I will feel free to spend my money. I will wear the most luxurious clothes and the most precious jewelry. It’s a life worth living – a life I’ve always wanted.

Mr. Sharru Nada laughed and blurted out:

– My grandfather never did that. You really don’t want to work at all?

– Jobs are only for slaves! Hadan Gula replied without thinking.

The young man’s statement made Mr. Sharru clearly see that his worries were well-founded. He thought thoughtfully, as the camel strode down the gentle slope. Down the slope, he stopped the animal and pointed forward:

– Look, over there is the valley. Look a little further and you will see the walls of Babylon dimly. A prominent little white dot is the tower of the Bell Temple. If you have a keen eye, you can see the smoke rising from the eternal fire at the top of its roof.

– Is that really Babylon? I have long wished to see this rich kingdom. Babylon is where my grandfather once started his career. I wish grandpa was still alive. If it were you, we wouldn’t have to face the hardships we have today.

“Why do you wish your grandfather was still alive, when he has fulfilled his responsibilities in this world?” You and your father can still do your grandfather’s job well.

– Alas! Me and my father don’t have the talent to make gold like my grandfather. And so that has destroyed all the inheritance left by my grandfather.

Sharru Nada did not answer, but steered the camel to continue towards the valley. Behind him, the caravan moved slowly through the red dust. Moments later, they passed the farms of Babylonian peasants.

Mr. Sharru Nada suddenly noticed three old men plowing fields by the roadside. A scene so familiar and also so funny! An old man was holding a plow handle, but his hands were shaking so the plow swayed with it. The other two were busy manipulating the two cows, but the whips didn’t seem to have anything to do with their thick skin, so the cows still didn’t move much. After a while, all three of them stopped and gasped.

Forty years ago, Sharru Nada used to envy these people! He wished he could take their place! But after forty years, his status and theirs were quite different. These three people are still working hard on their land. As for him, he proudly turned his head to look back at the caravan, the camels, and the big, strong donkeys that were carrying loads of goods back to Babylon. All of this property is yours and it is only a small part of the money of the fortune he currently has.

He pointed at the three old men plowing the fields and said to Hadan Gula:

They have been plowing this field for forty years.

– Really! – Hadan Gula surprised – Why do you think they are the same people from forty years ago and not other people?

“I used to know them forty years ago. Sharru Nada replied.

Images of the past suddenly appeared in Sharru Nada’s mind. His past is a series of days of hard work and hardship. But thanks to that, he learned many valuable lessons to get the results he is today. Then he remembered the kind face of Arad Gula, who had saved his life in those miserable days. At this point, his hesitation in accepting the responsibility of training Hadan Gula suddenly disappeared. He is determined to help Hadan Gula, but he doesn’t know how to convince this lazy and wasteful young man. He has the ability to help people who are determined to work hard, be independent and have the will to progress to become rich; but for this guy, trying to influence to change his way of thinking has been a very difficult thing.

Suddenly a plan popped up in his mind. But being a cautious person, he needs to consider and consider all possible possibilities before doing it. In a society that values ​​the origin of human honor and prestige, if he divulged the secrets of his and Arad Gula’s identity to this young man, what would happen? Did something bad happen? But if he did not put his trust in Hadan Gula, then on the contrary, he would probably never have his trust, and he would never be able to reform this guy. Thinking for a moment, he decided to overcome his apprehension and spoke softly:

“Would you like to hear me tell the story of how your honorable grandfather and I did business together?”

That’s what I’ve been wanting to know for a long time! Maybe you can learn and become as rich as your grandfather. – Hadan Gula answered honestly.

Sharru Nada nodded and continued:

– When I met these plowmen, I was not older than you now. He remembers clearly, he and many others being chained and approaching the field they were plowing. Megiddo, who was chained next to him, mocked them:

– Look at that lazy thing! The plowman does not try to plow deeply. And those who herd the oxen do not keep the oxen in line. They must think that crops can be abundant without having to cultivate well!

“You said you were chained at the time?” Hadan Gula asked surprised.

“Yes, everyone has huge copper rings around their necks, and their feet are chained together by a long heavy chain. Next to Megiddo was Zabado, the sheep thief. You’ve known him since he was in Harroun. At the end of the line is a man you call the Pirate. Because, he refused to give his name. We guessed he was a sailor. Because, on his chest he has a rather large sea snake tattoo.

“Are you also chained like a slave?” – Hadan Gula wondered even more.

“So your grandfather didn’t tell you that he was a slave?”

“My grandfather used to talk about him, but he never revealed it.

“Your grandfather is the one who never disappoints me. I completely put my trust in him. Even you, can I put my trust in you? – Sharru Nada looked Hadan Gula straight in the eye.

– You can count on me completely. But I still don’t understand why you became a slave?

Sharru Nada shrugged and replied:

– Anyone can be turned into a slave. In an altercation, his brother killed his friend. His father assigned him to take some money to redeem him from execution. And then his father then had no way of earning enough money to redeem him. The owner eventually sold him to a slave trader.

– It’s so unfair! Hadan Gula exclaimed indignantly. “But tell me how did you get free?”

“You’ll know then, but not right now, let me continue the story.” When Megiddo said that, the peasants also mocked them. One of them took off his torn hat and bowed deeply, greeting and shouting:

– Kingdom of Babylon greets you, the king’s distinguished guests. The king is having a feast on the citadel, with mud bread and onion soup for you!

After saying that, they both crawled and laughed.

The pirate guy got mad and cursed them bluntly. He didn’t understand anything, so he asked him:

“What do they mean when they say the king is waiting for us on the walls?”

– It means we will have to go in there to carry bricks and stones until we break our spines. But you’ll probably die from their blows before you die of a broken spine. But they can’t beat me. Because if they hit me, I’ll kill them!

Megiddo, he said:

-I don’t believe that masters want to beat to death slaves who work hard and diligently. Who doesn’t like slaves who work hard and do many things for them.

“Work hard for what, Megiddo?” – Zabado interjected. – In the end, he broke his bones.

– Don’t say that, Zabado! – Megiddo argued. – In a day, if you plow a dug of land, you are a working slave, and any master would know it. But if you can only plow half the land, that means you’re avoiding work. I don’t shy away from work. I like to work and want to work hard. Because work is the best friend I’ve ever known. It will bring me many things I need such as farms, cattle, crops…

– Oh wow! Where are all those things now, Megiddo? Zabado scoffed. – I thought it was best to have everything without having to work at all! Look at Zabado, if we’re being sold there to do heavy work like building the wall, I’ll go get water or do something easy. My spine won’t break. While you’re a workaholic, you’ll break your spine from carrying bricks!

That night, he was so worried that he could not sleep. While the others were fast asleep, he struggled to make the chain clatter under his feet, drawing Godoso’s attention. He was one of the most notorious robbers in Arabia, often cutting the throats of victims. their own after plundering. He was captured and sold into slavery a few times, so he has a lot of experience. Then he whispered to him:

– Please tell me, Mr. Godoso! When we get to Babylon, will we be sold into those walls?

– Why do you want to know that? He growled back.

– Or do you not know? – He begged. – I am still young. I want to live. I don’t want to work there and be beaten to death. Do I have a chance to meet a good boss? At this point, he calmly replied:

– As far as I know, like always, first of all, we are brought to the market to buy and sell slaves. There, when someone comes to buy, you tell them that you are a hard-working, hardworking and diligent person. You have to find a way to make them want to buy you. Otherwise, he would be sold as a slave to build the wall. It is a very hard job and there is no way back alive!

He finished talking and closed his eyes to sleep. As for him, lying on the sand, he looked up at the stars in the sky and thought about his fate ahead. He recalled what Megiddo had said about work and wondered why he thought work was his best friend. He didn’t quite understand yet, but he believed what Megiddo said. Perhaps, this is his only way out of this situation.

When Megiddo awoke, he whispered the news to him. A glimmer of hope began to ignite as they approached Babylon. By late afternoon he had approached the massive unfinished city wall and looked at the streams of people, like swarms of black ants, strung together on the slanted steps that clung to the wall. When he arrived, he was amazed to see thousands of people at work; some people are digging the dirt under the trench, others are mixing mud to make bricks; and the most numerous were carrying heavy baskets of bricks and climbing the stairs to deliver bricks to the site under construction.

In addition, he saw the slave-keepers curse and beat the bare backs of the slave laborers with their whips, if they walked slowly or failed to hold their line. Those slaves who could no longer walk or tripped due to exhaustion, would immediately be subjected to a merciless rain of whips. If they could no longer get up, they were immediately pushed aside and flattened right there, or dragged to the area for the dying, on the road leading to the graves. . Witnessing that horrifying scene, he panicked. This is what awaits him, if no one buys him at the slave market.

Godoso was right. That night they were all locked up in one place and the next morning the slave owner took them all to the market to sell. Here, some people panicked and got excited, so they pushed each other and caused a commotion. The servants did not hesitate to lash their heads with whips. In that situation, in contrast to everyone else, Megiddo and he were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to prove their ability to work with the people who came to buy the slaves.

They are also very worried about the pirates. He is the strongest protester. As a result, the servants beat him so brutally that they had to pass out before hauling him over to the army to buy the king’s slaves.

Megiddo had a feeling that it would be difficult to see each other again, so taking advantage of the time when no one was paying attention, he hurriedly whispered important things to him:

There are some people who hate working. They see work as the enemy. But for us, it is best to see work as a good friend

Try to love your work and never shy away from hard work. To have a spacious house, a prosperous life, we cannot help but work. Promise me that if a boss buys you, you’ll work hard for him. If he doesn’t appreciate your abilities, don’t be discouraged. Always remember, need to work, keep working well and do your best. That will not only bring you a full life, but you can also redeem your free life through it.

Megiddo stopped talking when a burly man approached and asked if anyone knew how to work in the fields. Megiddo approached and asked about his farm work, crops, and then convinced him that she was a very skilled person in the field. After intense negotiation, the man spent a heavy bag of money to buy Megiddo. Soon after, Megiddo followed and disappeared with her new boss.

Several others were also sold that morning. At noon, Godoso revealed to him that the slave trader did not stay here for more than two nights. Maybe by the end of the afternoon the remaining slaves would be sold to the king’s slave buyers. Hearing that, he was really disappointed. At that moment, a rather stout man walked over and asked if anyone had ever been a baker?

He immediately walked up to him and said:

– Why does a veteran baker like you need another baker? Can you still teach someone like me how to make a cake? Look at this me! I am young, healthy and eager to work again. Give me a chance to do my best and bring you lots of money.

He was immediately impressed with his goodwill and began to negotiate with the slave trader. The guy hadn’t paid any attention to him since he brought him here, but now he bragged about his abilities, strength, and talent in order to demand more money. He felt like a bull in that negotiation. Finally, the negotiation ended. He left with his new owner and consoled himself that he was lucky anyway.

His new place is pretty good. Nana-naid, his new owner, taught him how to pound wheat in a stone mortar, then how to light a fire in the oven, and how to grind sesame seeds to make honey cakes. He was put to sleep in the grain storage. Mrs. Swasti, who was Nana-naid’s slave butler, always fed him well because he used to help her with the heavy chores.

This was the opportunity he had wanted to work hard, and to be worthy of his boss. He hopes the job will enable him to redeem his freedom in the future.

Indeed, Mr. Nana-naid was delighted to see that he was willing to learn. Finally, when he had mastered baking, he taught him how to make honey cakes. Before long, he had mastered the craft of baking. So Mr. Nana-naid did not need to get involved in anything in the bakery, because everything was done by him. However, Mrs. Swasti shook her head and whispered to him: “Nancivi is unwholesome.” She was worried that her boss was too idle, because she had seen many people like that.

But he didn’t care what Mrs. Swasti said. He thought it was time to think about how he could make money and redeem his freedom. Normally work at the bakery ended at noon, so he thought Mr. Nana-naid would probably agree to let him bake cakes and sell them in the afternoon. Because, this job will also bring him some money.

So he presented his intention to Mr. Nana-naid:

– Sir! If I take advantage of my free afternoons to bake cakes and sell them to earn more money for you, would you be willing to give me some to buy the necessary things for my life?

– Share, share! ‘ said Mr. Nana-naid at once. – This is a really good idea. You just sell them for two cents each. Half of the proceeds will be used to pay for flour, honey and firewood. The rest we will divide by two.

He was delighted with Mr. Nana-naid’s generous disposition and confidently carried out his plan. So a quarter of the money earned in a day selling cakes will be yours. That night, he stayed up very late to make a cake tray to go for a walk. Mr. Nana-naid gave him an old shirt and he asked Mrs. Swasti to mend the torn spots and wash them clean, so that he could wear them tomorrow afternoon and sell cakes.

The next afternoon, he walked along the streets with a large tray of honey cakes that looked delicious and very eye-catching. At first, seeing no one paying attention, he felt frustrated but kept trying to sell. In the late afternoon, people started to get hungry, so they bought a lot. Soon, the whole tray of cakes was sold out.

Mr. Nana-naid was very pleased with the results of his work and happily extracted a portion for him amount as previously agreed. He was overjoyed, for from now on he had his own coins. Megiddo was right when he said that the master would appreciate the results of the slaves’ work. That night he could not sleep. On the one hand, he was elated by the unexpected success. On the other hand, he was busy calculating how much money he would earn in a year with such results and how many years it would take him to redeem his freedom.

After that, every day he continued to bring the tray of cakes to sell, and soon he had a number of regular customers. And one of those guests is none other than my grandfather, Mr. Arad Gula. At that time, my grandfather was a carpet merchant, often carrying loads of goods on the back of a donkey around the city with a black slave who followed him to lead the donkey and carry the carpet. Arad bought two loaves of bread each day, one for himself and the other for the slave, and would linger with him while eating.

One day, my grandfather said to him a sentence that he will probably never forget for the rest of his life. He told:

– I really like your cake, but I like it more than your lovely way of selling. If you always use this method, it can help you achieve more success.

Do you understand Hadan Gula? Such words were very meaningful to a slave boy, living alone in the midst of a vast and unfamiliar kingdom at that time. It gives him strength, strong faith so that he can strive to get out of his doldrums.

As the days went by, the amount of money he accumulated increased more and more. Work proved to be his best friend. However, while he was very happy, Mrs. Swasti was anxious: “I’m just afraid that the boss will get caught up in red and black games!”. That’s what she used to tell him.

Until one day, he was overjoyed to see Megiddo again on the street. He was leading three donkeys loaded with vegetables to the market.

– I am very good now! – He said. – My boss appreciated my ability, so he let me be the manager. Look here, he has entrusted me with the job of bringing goods to the market to sell. Work has helped me get up after the adversities of life. One day, it will help me redeem my freedom, then I too will have my own ranch, my own herd…

He and Megiddo talked for a long time and then parted. He still did not forget to remind him to work hard. Megiddo was indeed a wise and kind friend to him.

His life was still going on, but it seemed that Nana-naid more and more impatiently waited for him to sell. He waited for you to return to split the money. In addition, he also urged him to go to many places to sell goods and make more money.

So he began to go outside the city to invite the slave rulers to buy bread. Honestly, he didn’t like to deal with these rude and brutal people, but he also found them to be big customers, often buying a lot of cakes at once, not just a few like others. One day, he suddenly met Zabado in the crowd of slaves waiting in line to get bricks on the city. He looked pitiful, emaciated, shriveled, his back covered with the whips of the guards. He felt so sorry that he gave him a cake. Zabado hastily stuffed it into his mouth, devouring it like a hungry animal for a long time. Seeing the lust in his eyes, he felt scared and ran away before Zabado grabbed the cake tray.

– Why do you have to work so hard?

One day, Arad Gula asked him so. This is the same question you asked me just now, right? He answered everything that Megiddo had told him before and proudly showed Arad Gula the heavy bag of money that always hung at his waist, explaining that he was saving money to redeem his freedom. by his own.

– When you are free, what will you do? – My grandfather asked him.

– I am planning to become a merchant.

– In my opinion, in the future, you will be a successful and rich businessman.

My grandfather continued:

“You probably don’t know, now I’m a slave myself. However, I am doing business with my boss, so I have better conditions to make a lot of money.

– Please don’t say more! – Hadan Gula interrupted – I don’t want you to shame my grandfather with such lies. Grandpa was not a slave at all! Hadan Gula’s eyes showed anger. Sharru Nada still kept her calm voice:

– I respect your grandfather very much. Because, he overcame the fate of slavery and became the most exemplary citizen in Damascus. I am Arad Gula’s grandson, but have I inherited my grandfather’s superior qualities? Do you have the courage to face the truth or just want to live in delusional and false thoughts?

Hadan Gula sat up straight on the camel’s back and responded with emotion:

– Everyone loves my grandfather very much. He did a lot of good deeds. When there was a famine, he bought grain from Egypt and brought it to Damascus to distribute to the people, so that no one starved to death. And now you say, you are a miserable slave in Babylon!

– The fact that Mr. Arad Gula was a slave while in Babylon. This time, he worked very hard. However, through extraordinary efforts, Arad Gula became a man respected and admired by everyone in Damascus.

Hearing Sharru Nada’s calm voice, Hadan Gula fell silent, but did not quite believe what he had just said. Sharru Nada continued:

– After revealing himself as a slave, Mr. Arad Gula said that he is worried about his upcoming free life. He had enough money to redeem his freedom, but he was confused. Because for a long time, Arad Gula only did business with his boss, now if he separates, he feels scared and not confident enough.

He objected to his grandson’s hesitation:

“You shouldn’t depend on your boss forever.” Take back the feelings and thoughts of a free man, and act like a free man and achieve the same success! Decide according to what you feel most like and must try to do. This will help him achieve many higher goals!

Mr. Arad Gula was delighted to hear his encouragement and said that he felt ashamed of the inferiority of his words. My grandfather told me at that moment that he would soon redeem his freedom and become an independent businessman.

One day, also while selling bread outside the city, he was surprised to see a large number of people flocking to an empty area, as if waiting for something to happen there. He grabbed someone and asked, who replied:

– Aren’t you good at anything? A slave killed one of the king’s soldiers and fled. But they caught that slave and today will bring him to death by whipping to death. The king was there too!

Crowds surrounded the execution site. He was afraid that if he got close, the honey cake tray would be overturned, so he climbed up the unfinished city wall to look down. He saw King Nebuchadnezzar sitting in a splendid chariot to watch the execution. It is true that he never knew true wealth until he saw with his own eyes King Nebuchadnezzar wearing a gold-plated hat, a luxurious brocade robe, and even the curtains of the carriage were of yellow cloth. rare.

He couldn’t see them beating the slave, though he could clearly hear the man’s anguished screams. He wondered why such an aristocratic, luxurious prince could bear to watch such dire punishment, and joke happily with the others. They saw these inhuman acts as the proper punishment for slaves who dared to rebel against the king.

After the slave died, the body was hung upside down on a pole for all to see. When the crowd dispersed, he approached. Covered with blood and mud, the poor slave’s chest still had a tattoo of the sea snake he had known. He was shocked to realize that it was the Pirate from the day before.

The next day, I ran into my grandpa again and found him completely changed. He greeted him very enthusiastically:

– The slave you knew before is now a free man. Indeed, when I was free, I found life much better. My wife is very happy. She is a free woman and the granddaughter of my previous boss. We decided to move to another place to live and work. And there no one will know that I was a slave. Thus, our descendants will not be despised by anyone about the misfortunes of their ancestors. Now that I am very fluent in trading, I will definitely try to work to earn a lot of money. Because, I need to take care of my family and children later.

Hearing that, he was very happy and full of hope. Because, in a way, he himself contributed to encouraging and encouraging Arad Gula, just as he has encouraged and encouraged him many times. On the other hand, he saw his future would be similar to the life of Arad Gula at that time.

One afternoon, Mrs. Swasti frantically looked for him and said:

– The boss is in crisis. I am very worried. For several months now, he has always lost money at the casino. The master had no money left to buy grain and honey, nor did he have money to repay the moneylender. They’re coming to collect his debt.

“Why are you so worried about his crazy things?” We are not his patrons! He replied without thinking.

“You idiot, you don’t understand anything. As for the lender, he used you as evidence to borrow money. By law, he can sell you as a commodity to pay off a debt. I do not know what to do anymore! Before, he was a good boss. And now, why is he addicted to gambling?

that’s it!

Mrs. Swasti’s worries are correct. The next morning, he was baking a cake when the moneylender and a man named Sasi walked in. The man looked all over him and ordered him to follow. The moneylender didn’t wait to see Mr. Nana-naid, but instead told Mrs. Swasti to tell the owner that he had come and taken him away. So with only the coat on his back and the bag of precious coins. The rack was securely fastened to his belt, his life turned a new page. But this time, what awaits him ahead – luck or misfortune, uncertainty – he cannot predict at all.

Soon, however, he vaguely realized that bad things were about to happen to him. Sasi is a rough and rude guy. He stated bluntly:

– I don’t like what you’re doing. My boss doesn’t like it either. The king told the master to build a big canal, so he sent me to buy more slaves to work quickly. Huh! With limited human strength, who could do this arduous work quickly?

Hearing this information, he was really shocked and understood that he had just been knocked out of hopes, cherished dreams and continued to be thrown into the storms of life.

Imagine we had to work on a parched land, dry as a desert, without a shadow of a tree, just low bushes and a burning sun. Their throats burned with thirst, but they still could not drink water, because the water was always hot as if it had just been boiled. Then imagine groups of people walking down the deep pits, shoveling a basket full of dirt, carrying it over their shoulders, climbing up the slippery sides of the hole to fill the canal. One after another worked hard like ants, from dawn to dusk. In addition, the food was put in open-air troughs and left to people to feed themselves like a herd of pigs. At night, instead of having a hut or a haystack to rest, we just lay bare on the ground, despite the wind and sand and the cold torturing our bodies. That was the situation he had to live in those days. He buried his wallet in a carefully marked place, and day and night anxiously wondered if there would be a day when he would dig it up.

At first, he worked very hard. But then, as time dragged on, he felt his spirit and strength decrease. Fevers began to take over his worn-out body. He could not eat much, only swallowed a little to hold his breath through the day. As for the night, illness and cold wind constantly tormented him, making it impossible for him to sleep.

In that wretched state, he wished he could carry out Zabado’s plan to give his body a little rest. But then, thinking back to his tragic meeting with Zabado on the wall the day before, he knew that plan was impossible.

He thought of the Pirate with all his bitterness, and wished he had the strength to destroy the brutality. But his soulless corpse reminded him of a tragic outcome.

Then he remembered the last time he had seen Megiddo. His hands were calloused from hard work, but he was always cheerful and happy, proving that Megiddo’s plan was the best plan.

It was because of that thought that he tried to work. But why doesn’t work bring him joy and happiness as it did Megiddo? Why does his life always meet such unfortunate events, despite his efforts? Those questions kept coming back to him, making it impossible for him to sleep. It seems his life has come to a standstill.

A few days later, Sasi suddenly sent someone to call him and tell him that his old master had sent him back to Babylon. He was overjoyed and secretly dug up his precious bag of money, wrapping it up in a piece of torn robe before setting off.

After the initial jubilation, despite being able to ride a camel back to Mr. Nana-naid’s house, he couldn’t get rid of his anxiety. Why was he called back to Babylon? Is he about to receive the new storms of life? What did he do to be punished so much? Have you had any other misfortunes?

When his camel drove straight into Mr. Nana-naid’s yard, he was surprised to see Mr. Arad Gula waiting there. He helped him climb down and hugged him like a younger brother who has been separated for a long time.

When the two entered the house together, he purposely followed in the footsteps of Mr. Arad Gula like a slave following his master, but he refused. Mr. Arad put his hand on his shoulder and said:

– I sent people to look for you everywhere. When I was completely disappointed, I met Mrs. Swasti. She pointed me to the moneylender and asked him to take me to the owner who owned him. I paid a very high price for your freedom, but you totally deserved it. I am very grateful to you for the philosophy of life and the art of selling that you once told me. It has helped me get to where I am today.

That philosophy belongs to Megiddo, not mine. ‘ He said confusedly to Mr. Arad.

– Megiddo’s and yours too. Thank you both, let’s go to Damascus, I would love to invite you to do business with me. Because right now, you are a free human being!

After saying that, Mr. Arad pulled out a piece of clay from his cloak, on which was clearly engraved the amount of his ransom, then lifted it from his head and threw it down. The clay card broke into a hundred pieces. Mr. Arad even trampled on those debris until they turned to dust.

He was very emotional and couldn’t hold back his tears. He never forgot that moment! Your grandfather is a benefactor, someone he respects all his life.

You see, even in the most tragic times of his life, work has always proved to be his best friend. His passion for work saved him from slavery. It also helped him make a good impression on my grandfather, making him choose him as his future business partner.

Hadan Gula interjected:

– What is my grandfather’s secret to making a lot of money?

– The secret is to love to work! – Sharru Nada answered every word clearly. – And it is this secret that has brought him many well-deserved rewards.

– I’m starting to understand. – Hadan Gula said sincerely. – The job has helped my grandfather meet many friends. They are also admirers of their grandfather’s talent and success. Work also creates many valuable assets, enabling grandparents to do useful work for society and be respected by everyone. Yet in the past, I used to think that work was only for slaves.

Life brings many interesting things to people. – Sharru Nada commented. – Everyone has their own place, and work is certainly not just for slaves.

If you don’t work, you won’t find joy in life. Nor did he make friends with many wise men. Nor did he cultivate such good qualities as patience, industriousness, and hard work. And of course, his life would never be what it is today.

Sharru Nada and Hadan Gula rode on camels under the shade of soaring walls leading to the massive bronze gates of the Babylonian kingdom. As they entered the gate, the gatekeepers stomped their heels and respectfully saluted Sharru Nada, an honorary citizen of the kingdom.

– I always wanted to be someone like my grandfather. Hadan Gula assured Sharru Nada. – Before, I did not properly perceive my grandfather. Thanks to you, I now understand and admire and love my grandfather even more. I think I will never fully repay him when he told me his secret of success and wholeheartedly helped me. From today onwards, I will use that secret to start a business like my grandfather did before. It fits my current situation better than these flashy jewelry and clothes.

After saying that, Hadan Gula took off the ear rings, then the rings on his fingers one by one, and threw them back. Strong and resolute, he spurred his camel to stride after the majestic man leading the caravan.

Chapter 9: 

Appendix: History of Ancient Babylon When referring to the prosperity of a country, many people often think of lavish castles, lands rich in natural resources such as forests, mines and time. mild climate…

But for Babylon, the richest kingdom of antiquity, that was not the case! The kingdom of Babylon was located beside the river Euphrates, in a valley that was flat, but arid and dry. It has no forests, ores, and stones for military or civilian construction, nor is it on a favorable trade route.

Babylon is an outstanding example of man’s ability to achieve great goals, using all the means at his disposal. The development of this vast city is all nurtured by human hands. All its wealth is due to people.

Babylon has only one advantage is that the land is quite fertile because the Euphrates River brings a lot of alluvium every year. But to take advantage of this privilege, the ancient Babylonian engineers had to research and perform the greatest work of that time. It was the construction of dams and countless small canals to channel water from the main river into all the villages, turning arid lands into good arable land. Thanks to that, the Babylonians were able to cultivate, cultivate and raise livestock, and have a prosperous and rich life in their homeland. It is one of the first constructions of great magnitude known in human history.

Fortunately, during its long existence, Babylon did not produce greedy kings with a desire to conquer the whole world. When Babylon fell into war, most of it was a self-defense war against ambitious enemies in other countries attracted by Babylon’s treasures of silver, gold, and treasures that invaded.

Five thousand years later, although Babylon is no more, it has become a legend that attracts everyone’s understanding. Today, the remains of ancient Babylon are located in Asia, about six hundred miles east of the Suez Canal, north of the Persian Gulf. It is located about 30 longitude, above the equator, has a hot and dry climate. The citadels and temples have disappeared, leaving only ruins and deserted.

Once, the valley by the Euphrates River was an agricultural land with a very large irrigation system, densely populated, now it has become an arid desert, scattered with barren bushes, the weeds are fighting the sand wind to survive. The cemeteries of ancient elephants and the long caravans of Babylonian merchants are also just legends. Today, in this land, we sometimes encounter groups of Arab nomads who struggle to maintain their miserable existence by raising small herds.

However, many centuries have passed, the nomads and travelers passing through this land still do not see anything strange and do not know that beneath this land are hidden traces. of a glorious era. Until geologists collected many pieces of pottery and broken bricks exposed by the rains. After that, European and American expeditions began to rush to excavate and search. And they were delighted to discover the remains of ancient Babylon.

Babylon is one of the ancient kingdoms built of earth and baked bricks, over thousands of years, the walls of the sun and wind have been disintegrated and returned to sandy soil. If not for the careful discovery and excavation of archaeologists, we may never have known the great works, the magnificent palaces and palaces of Babylon were buried. centuries deep.

Many scientists consider the civilization of Babylon and other cities in the Euphrates valley to be the oldest. Based on the unearthed artifacts, including pieces of baked clay describing the eclipse that the ancient Babylonians witnessed, modern astronomers have determined the time of occurrence and confirmed Babylonian civilization about 8,000 years ago from our time.

Also thanks to the antiquities, we can know that 8,000 years ago, the Sumerites lived in Babylon. They lived in a territory surrounded by walls. Scientists can only surmise that Babylon had to go through a very long time before such remarkable achievements were achieved. At this time, they knew how to build strong walls to protect the country, and a large-scale irrigation system to create favorable conditions for plowing and cultivating. In addition, Babylonians also had an education system with creative and inquisitive people. The remaining evidence shows that Babylon was the place

produced the first engineers, the first astronomers, the first mathematicians, the first financiers, and the first people to have a written language.

Scientists are very interested in the canal system of the ancient Babylonians. It has transformed the arid valley into a fertile land of crops and livestock. According to the traces left behind, scientists said, the canals and ditches are very large, more than ten horses can run horizontally under the canal. In terms of size, they can be compared with the largest canals in Colorado and Utah today.

In addition to constructing irrigation works to channel water into the lands within the valley, Babylonian engineers also completed another project of an equally large scale. It is a rather complex and efficient water drainage system. With this system, they dried up the vast marshlands near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers to turn them into fertile croplands.

Herodotus, the Greek traveler and historian, once visited Babylon.

His notes have been of great help to us in understanding the strange customs, fertile soil features and bountiful crops of the inhabitants there.

The Babylonian glories are now gone, but their knowledge is still valid today. That knowledge is preserved in the hundreds of thousands of baked clay tablets that archaeologists have found – buried safely in the sandy soil. At that time, when writing was not available, the Babylonians carefully inscribed their knowledge on wet clay tablets. Then, they cooked it and stored it. These clay cards are about 15cm x 20cm, 2cm – 3cm thick. The content engraved on it is very diverse, including legends, poetry, history, imperial edicts, laws of the country, land securities, debt repayment promises, letters. written to send to neighboring kingdoms…

In addition to irrigation works, Babylon has a remarkable achievement that is often mentioned by everyone. It was the construction of a large wall that surrounded the kingdom. The scale of its construction is comparable to the great pyramids in Egypt. For this work, Queen Semiramis is considered the first person to have merit. Modern archaeologists have not yet found traces of the original walls, but according to data from the excavated artifacts, they are about 15 to 18 meters high, the outside is covered with baked bricks, and the outside is covered with bricks. protected outside by a deep moat.

Later, about six hundred years BC, King Nabopolassar rebuilt Babylon on a very large scale. However, King Nabopolassar died before seeing the work completed. King Nebuchadnezzar ascended the throne and has continued his father’s unfinished work.

When completed, the height and length of the wall made many people unbelievable. According to recorded figures, they were about 48 meters tall, equivalent to the height of a 15-story building today. Its total length is estimated at 14,400 to 17,600 meters. The surface of the wall is very wide, maybe enough for six horses to run horizontally on it. Later, when they captured the Babylonian kingdom, the Arabs devastated it by removing bricks and tiles to build temples, palaces, houses and other structures. This massive wall today only traces of the foundation and moat.

The Babylonian kingdom was organized according to a rather advanced and rigorous system. In the city there are roads, streets and many large fixed shops. Retailers carry goods everywhere for sale. Religion is glorified with magnificent temples. In the middle of the kingdom was an imperial citadel consisting of royal castles. The city wall surrounding the imperial citadel is usually higher than the wall of the kingdom.

In terms of art, the Babylonians achieved great achievements in architecture, painting, weaving, embroidery, gold and silver work, metal weapons and agricultural tools. The jewelers made very beautiful and sophisticated jewelry. Currently, the most famous museums in the world are displaying many artifacts unearthed from the tombs of wealthy citizens of the Babylonian period.

About 8,000 years ago, while other groups of ancient people in the world lived only in caves, cutting trees with primitive axes, hunting animals with arrows attached to a sharp piece of stone, or hitting each other with sticks, the ancient Babylonians began to build castles and citadels; using iron axes, spears of steel, and arrows with brass tips.

Babylonians were financiers, experienced merchants. Unearthed documents indicate that they were the first people to know how to use gold and silver as a medium of exchange, to use debit cards, or to record their possessions.

From about 540 BC onward, there was not an invading army

strategy to capture Babylon. Babylon remained strong against any military power. Later, the cause of the fall of the Babylonian kingdom was very strange and quite mysterious. At that time, Cyrus, one of the kings who had ambitions to conquer neighboring kingdoms, expressed his intention to invade Babylon. The advisors of the Babylonian king Nabonidus at the time convinced him that, instead of waiting for Cyrus’s army to come and besiege the city, it would be better to go to war. Nabonidus did not think carefully, so he sent out. As a result, Babylon’s army was repeatedly defeated. Nabonidus abandoned the city and fled the kingdom. Thus, Cyrus took Babylon without any resistance.

Since then, the power and popularity of Babylon also gradually waned. Over time, it became desolate, deserted, and now just a desert filled with wind and sand. Once again, Babylon returned to the land from which it was born. The magnificence, magnificence and magnificence of Babylon is only a myth…

It can be said that the majestic citadels and magnificent temples and palaces of Babylon have become dust, but the knowledge, wise experiences, and outstanding achievements of this ancient kingdom are still handed down until today. until now. Perhaps, despite being called impregnable before the enemy, but Babylon is still not immune to the law of birth and death of time. But either way, the Babylonian civilization became an important marker for the great progress of man in later epochs.


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