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Law of Attraction! The Power of the Unconscious

We think constantly, even dreams are filled with thoughts. If we don’t know how to organize these unnecessary thoughts that have already been piled up, our minds will be like a warehouse full of documents that have been scattered indiscriminately.

Moreover, this “storehouse” is constantly being replenished, and the things that are considered important, condensed in emotions, will be sent deep into the “database”: the unconscious.

If you regularly have negative thoughts, the emotions that stem from these thoughts will stay in your unconscious. The power of these emotions goes beyond mere whims because each emotion is made up of thousands of thoughts. We must be careful and vigilant with what we say and think to make sure our thoughts and words do not initiate negative things.

Thinking even a little bit of negativity can create negative emotions. When they come together, it will bring unexpected results.

Emotions are always stronger than thoughts, 90% of our decisions come from emotions. They arise unconsciously, so they are far more powerful than fully conscious actions.



The unconscious does not receive information from the five physical senses. It doesn’t know what you see or hear. It only records how you feel through the mental pictures you create.

For example, if you see an animal being hunted and then killed and you feel satisfied or happy about it, your subconscious will record it according to the formula: hunt, kill = satisfaction, joy happy. And when something similar happens in the future, it will analyze the data with these stored emotions.

The unconscious is your servant and it records all events and corresponding emotions. However, if your emotions are misguided, inappropriate, or harmful as in the example above, your unconscious mind will harm you and not help you in the future.

In fact, there is a very difficult truth about the unconscious that we often determine whether something is right or wrong based on the feelings that appear inside of us. Going back to the example above, if the feeling of killing is associated with a positive emotion in you, then hunting will be recognized as a source of happiness. When qualified, this initial false unconscious to distinguish between the harmful and the positive will come back to haunt you.

“Foolish people, without understanding, are their own enemies, because when they live, they do evil deeds and they will have to bear the bitter fruit.”- Buddha

If you are a person who has compassion for all creatures and accidentally bumped into a rabbit on the road, compassion and the hope that this will never happen again will be positive emotions in you. unconsciously recorded. An unfortunate incident like this will not bring unexpected results in your life.

The conscious and unconscious mind work completely separate. Even when we are in a situation that we know will hurt us, the emotions we have experienced in a similar situation will prevail.

An alcoholic may know that alcohol is bad for him and that he wishes he could stop, but unconsciously retains his enjoyment of drinking all these years. Thought works on these emotions and so it is difficult for him to quit drinking.

A lot of women stay in an abusive relationship even though they realize it hurts them. They will continue to do so as long as their deep unconscious feeling of love is stronger than the command to give up that logic and perception tell them. This fully realized thought will have no power until love dies.

The woman in this situation is often the victim of abuse that has occurred long before. Maybe from childhood or a lifetime, feelings of abuse are still associated with the idea of ​​love for them. The unconscious records this feeling and equates this harm with love.

It is very common that when going through a tragic accident, the driver often slows down to get a full view of the wreckage. In doing so, the unconscious records this feeling, be it joy or elation from witnessing this pain or loss. And of course the subconscious will learn that this is what can excite and set similar events to your life. That’s a scary prospect, isn’t it?



There’s a simple trick you can use to help keep your unconscious from falling into the trap and avoiding harmful negative behaviors: help people. If you witness an accident, take the initiative to stop and help those involved in a completely impartial manner.

This way, your unconscious will see the pain and realize it clearly that it’s something it doesn’t want to experience again. Your subconscious will also see the good in helping others and it will start creating opportunities for that good to come back to you.

You can see how some people, sometimes yourself, get as excited by the negative news headlines about a tragic accident as they are by watching a car fall apart. Such curiosity is dangerous for the same reasons. Most people are more interested in hearing about a celebrity’s divorce than philanthropy like Warren Buffett who donated $37 billion to the Bill Gates Foundation.

Most people would rather have a magazine with a cover of sexy girls than a portrait of a great thinker or great philanthropist. Once we understand that our unconscious registers joy or excitement in this way, it is not surprising that obsessions and wars are a constant occurrence in our modern world.

The ideology of a society is reflected in the TV programs or movies that its people watch. A lot of good movies with positive messages can’t sell in some markets because the majority of people in this country think negatively.

In The Secret, author Rhonda Byrne says that she no longer watches the news on TV or reads magazines because the media is permeated with negative thoughts. Remember that negative thinking will attract the same things to your life.

When others are successful, control your mind very carefully to make sure it doesn’t evoke feelings of jealousy or negative colors about that person. If you have a bit of resentment or loss of confidence because of the success of others, your subconscious will register and you will certainly not be able to succeed because success is synonymous with pain.

When someone else gets a promotion, makes millions of dollars in business, or achieves any other kind of success, fill your heart with love and rejoice for them as you or your children achieve this work. Be proud of their success. Create only positive emotions within yourself. Thus, you have told your unconscious that you want these things too. It’s a way of saying: Bring it to me now!

Wishing success to others has even greater power than honoring the luck of those who have been successful. That will make you happy, happy and your subconscious will receive the right instructions. Like a boomerang, the positive energy and good wishes you give to others will return to you.

The more you give, the more you will receive a lot of people are confused with the idea that the more you give, the more you get.

How can it be possible? The conventional wisdom is that if you give something away, you will have less of it and therefore you will be poorer.

Truth is always truth because happiness comes from giving. When we witness joy from the act of sharing something with others, our unconscious perceives that action as bringing happiness.

From there, our universe will be filled with gifts. Living in such a magnanimous world means that we too will become receptive. A great benefactor with large donations to charity always feels what they have is enough. When we realize we’re rich enough, we help lay the foundation for our own success in life.

“You can’t get what you don’t give. Outflow determines inflow. What you think the world doesn’t give you, you actually have it, but you only realize it when you accept it.”-Eckhart Tolle

People who are positive and always give the best of themselves often stick together. If you meet these people, you will find that they always have many friends just like you. They are always happy to help others. This way, they ensure that there is always someone available to help them when needed. If you help a friend in a difficult time, you will get the same help when you need it.

People who work in finance or in government understand the fundamental trade-off where a small investment can yield many times the return. Economists also understand that investing in the private sector promotes growth and helps the government generate higher levels of tax revenue. When the government invests in important infrastructure projects like a public transport system, it can be a huge investment but promises huge returns.

More subway lines means less gas consumption and the money saved from this will go back to propel the economy in a way that benefits the original investor. If you perceive the results first and then start working backwards as we discussed earlier, you will find that the more you invest, the more profitable you are.



People who have other receptive music genres. When you want to listen to strong music, you will choose the rock channel. We can choose whatever we want in our lives: shape, taste, sound and texture. When you apply the Law of Attraction and let your senses know what you think, you arrive at another dimension of truth. We can realize that the universe is within us, not another path.

“The distinction between objectivity and subjectivity has been erased. If modern physics gets us anywhere, we’ll come back to ourselves…”-Gary Zukav

Our conscious mind often has trouble grasping the unconscious because the two jobs are completely separate. Many great inventors whose discoveries have pushed mankind forward, such as Thomas Edison, often do not understand how they were able to get these ideas. Some of them even believe that they can’t think of anything, all thanks to some supernatural force.

Many famous athletes also say that their talents are God bless. Artists who are deeply inspired while drawing or carving also believe that the creative force guiding their hands comes from a mystical place. Singers whose voice can heal and move the hearts of listeners also believe that it is a gift from the Higher One.

I have no intention of downplaying these precious experiences. On the contrary, what I want to make clear is that the strange inspirational power of these creations does not originate anywhere out there, you do not need to beg for any external energy source to get them, they come from within you.

The unconscious holds this power, moreover, they are an infinite and eternal force. The unconscious registers information from our thousands of lives and it creates your day to day reality. Cognitive thinking can’t see the unconscious’s work, so it’s not surprising that it will look to something outside of itself some god, for example to explain why each person is different from talents and mistakes.

The limitless power of the unconscious is not limited to our own lives, it also affects the actions of others. Hypnosis is an area that clearly demonstrates the influence of the unconscious on one’s life.

It’s not just a person swinging a pendulum clock in front of you and repeating over and over, “You’re going to sleep…” More subtle hypnosis happens all the time. We still hypnotize others and people do the same to us. Advertisers understand this. That’s why they use repetition techniques; they want to make sure they hit the mark while your unconscious is taking in. That is hypnosis.

People who know how to harness the power of the unconscious in this way can apply them to dramatically improve their lives. Some people have this ability, for example setting a “mental alarm clock”. These people, when they need to get up early to catch a flight, simply order their subconscious to wake them up at a definite time. Starting the day with a light like this is clearly a lot more pleasant than having your dreams interrupted by a loud alarm clock.

The time before sleep is very important because during that time, the door to our unconscious opens and closes continuously. So if you draw a clear mental picture of your future goals before you go to sleep, your subconscious mind will definitely save it.

The Unconscious NEED YOUR Imagination

Why does the unconscious need your imagination? As we have discussed, the unconscious does not receive information from the three-dimensional world that we perceive with our five senses. It only receives the impression we get through the mental images we create and the emotions we experience. People with poor imagination will find it difficult to develop.

“For me, work has always been in the imagination. If something can’t happen anywhere, here, in the imagination, is the only place it can come true in close relation to the subconscious mind.”- Daniel Day Lewis

Since the unconscious cannot distinguish between psychological images derived from actual experience and those built up in our minds, psychological images that you can build to achieve your success will bring you closer to your destination.

For example, you may know the exact location of the fire exit at work, but if you don’t make a psychological drama about exactly how you will get out of a fire, when it actually happens, you might freeze in fear.

People who know how to apply the power of the unconscious will draw in their minds a psychological picture of the way out in an emergency, clearly visualizing every step on the road. They don’t need to memorize anything in real emergency because the unconscious already knows it.

Practice creating mental images of future situations. Go through these scenarios for yourself step by step. Sometimes you can practice in practice to make your mental images clearer, like participating in a fire drill, for example. However, you don’t have to actually exercise physically either, you need is your imagination.

Sometimes, the unconscious does things without any effort whether from perception or feeling. Sleepwalkers may clean the house or call friends without being conscious of what they are doing. The unconscious never stops recording information even when we sleep. We may not remember our dreams, but the unconscious mind always does.

A bank thief can give up his intentions by having a dream the night he intends to commit the robbery. If he dreamed of being shot by the police and secretly held back the feeling that it was his destiny, he could very well make it come true. He couldn’t wake up and shake off the thought, like that, the unconscious had worked.



Feelings are not the brain’s part, but the unconscious’s. One person was shot in the head and lost a significant portion of his brain. His thinking ability is affected but his creative and emotional capacities are still intact. People with Alzheimer’s disease lose the ability to think, but feelings of joy or anger remain as strong as they were before the illness.

Time and place cannot limit your chances of success because your subconscious mind works at a higher level. Unconsciously act like a director as you write the script of your life. If you come up with a scenario in which you will meet your true love, your subconscious mind will begin to work out the time and place of that meeting and will be similar to the “scenario.” Your original is amazing.

But you have to believe in the power of the story you make up. Like a movie, if the actor loses faith in the director, his job will fail. The director also doesn’t like it when we break a promise. When you tell your unconscious, for example, that you’re going to treat yourself to a vacation while your debt is due and you can’t go, the unconscious won’t believe you again.

The unconscious likes rewards. Remember to celebrate successes or celebrate things that are important to you. Great joy will make your subconscious receive, save the feeling of happiness and will remember the images that brought that positive emotion to you.

Maybe for a long time you had a dream and then gave it up. That doesn’t mean it won’t come true in the future. You have to rekindle your faith. Sometimes it can take years or decades for a dream to bear fruit. In fact, Michelangelo built St Peter’s Basilica when he was 72 years old.

Nurture your unconscious as often as you can and store and collect your emotions and mental images until the time when it is strong enough to make them real. This is like waiting for an egg to hatch into a baby bird: patience is essential because the baby bird only appears when the necessary conditions are met.

The preeminent physicist Niels Bohr says that his atomic structure, which has revolutionized the world of science and is the basis of most modern technology today, originated simply from a dream. It becomes a reality when the time is right.

The person who can let his innermost feelings emerge will achieve great success. Master painters let their emotional energy flow through the deepest recesses of their hearts and souls before picking up the brush. That’s where the real inspiration comes in, not from the five senses that we observe. Great works are all rooted in the unconscious.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Thoughts enter the world of the unconscious easily when we are in a trance or when our attention is completely absorbed. Hypnotherapists will ask you to follow a swinging pendulum or visualize complex things so you can focus fully. When the time is right, they can make suggestions to the unconscious. Benjamin Franklin understood the power of unconscious awakening. He often let himself drift into a trance by spinning two small balls in his hands while lying in bed. Many profound ideas came to his mind in this way.

A child’s unconscious is opened up very easily, but as that child grows, all life experiences will build a wall around that unconscious. Mature people often find it difficult to open their hearts and let others see inside them. This only happens when they are suffering extreme or extreme joy. When others are in this state, be sure to express your deep sympathy or congratulations to them, help them, or do whatever is appropriate for that particular situation.

That is the time when a person’s unconscious can receive and value this gesture the most. Making connections at times like these will benefit them and leave them with an impression of you for the rest of their lives.

The opposite actions, such as taking away the last penny of someone who just went bankrupt or not attending a close friend’s wedding leave impressions that will haunt you later. This kind of action can even put you in a similar situation.

People often unite in times of crisis. Soldiers on the battlefield can come from many different backgrounds, but at a time of disaster, their unconscious is completely open and they will connect with each other deeply. Many of the strong bonds in a person’s life stem from such challenging times.



Our five senses send signals to the brain when they are in contact with the outside world. Cognitive thinking, which is primarily concerned with brain function, will use memory to interpret new information and tell us what it is. People with full senses will be able to interpret the phenomena they encounter in our three-dimensional world.

As we all know, the unconscious does not receive information from the outside world. That means they don’t preserve the conventions of the language. The Secrets focus on the important point that they warn us to be very careful with the words: “no”, “don’t.” The unconscious cannot memorize negative sentences, only emotions.

If you say or think, “I don’t want to be poor,” then the unconscious will only record the feeling of poverty. When we think, “I don’t want to lose this job,” only the feeling of unemployment remains. “I don’t want to get sick” is a thought associated with feeling sick.

Avoiding these traps is simple, you just never think about what you don’t want. If you don’t want to meet cruel people, don’t think about them! If you do, the thought of callousness will linger in your unconscious. Instead, focus your thoughts on meeting people who are calmer and friendlier. If you’re worried about your weight, think positively about the body you want, not get depressed about the body you have.

If you don’t want your friends to be late, tell them to be on time. If you don’t want to lose, just focus on winning. A general said to his troops: “We will not lose” a statement that would narrow the chances of victory because it instilled in the minds of soldiers the feeling of defeat.

There are countless examples of this, but they all confirm the validity of the important point we discussed: always think positively. There are positives and negatives in everything around us, like the right and wrong sides of a coin. Make sure your coin is always facing up. Focus on honesty instead of deception;

In fact, if you completely remove words like “hate” or “lie” from your mind, you will find yourself surrounded by friendly and honest people. If you don’t get rid of them, the unconscious will inevitably record this information and at some point, they may bring undesirable results for your future.

Jack Canfield once shared in the book The Secret about Mother Teresa’s refusal to participate in protests against the war. She said that she would only join marches for peace.

If you always speak to people in a positive way and your thoughts honestly reflect your thinking, you will find that this way of thinking permeates deeply into your personality.

You will become a good person and your life will always be filled with the best with the best people.


Chapter 4: Top Secrets


The unconscious is a very powerful database that operates above cognitive thinking. It only records repeated thoughts, images, and emotions, without receiving any information from the five physical senses. Therefore, it does not understand value or quantity like the other physical senses, but only understands the power of the emotions that follow.

Language and thought are the work of cognitive thinking and the brain. Our unconscious does not understand language, only the emotions and images that words create. So avoid thinking about what you don’t want with words like “no” or “don’t” and start thinking about what you really want.

If you feel jealous of someone’s success, you are telling your subconscious mind that you don’t want to be successful. Let your heart be filled with joy when others do well and it will send the right message to your unconscious: “I also want to be successful.”

Don’t hold grudges. Doing or saying bad things to someone who has harmed you will cause the unconscious to bring the same thing to you.

If you feel irritable or frustrated, think back to your happy times. For example, if you’re having trouble at home, remember a warm and happy time. Not only does it ease your mood, but it turns the situation around completely.

Let every word you say be positive and keep it in your mind. If you follow this rule, you will find yourself surrounded by so many wonderful people and your life will be enriched day by day by the best that life can offer.

The unconscious cannot distinguish between a psychological picture that originates from past experiences and one that we create in relation to the future. You don’t need success in the past to achieve it in the future.

Use your imagination to create a clear mental image of what you want to have, subconsciously remember and turn it into reality.

You don’t have to donate huge amounts of money to charity to be a saint. Give and help at the right time with the right emotion.

Your unconscious is active even while you sleep, so think positively before you go to bed and wake up refreshed and refreshed.

Avoid shows, movies or sad news. If it cannot be avoided, think positively and come up with solutions to improve the situation.

The unconscious creates your habits and your personality, the things that make you unique based on the information you keep in your life and the past.

To become a better person, you must regularly practice good habits such as patience, diligence, and showing your compassion to others.

When these qualities are stored in your unconscious, you will think positively, feel better, and attract what you want into your life.

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