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Think and Grow Rich! The Ninth Step To Wealth: The Brain Center

Chapter 9: The Ninth Step To Wealth: The Brain Center

Combining the effects of the two laws

– from the economic and from the psychological

– yields brilliant results.

The power of wisdom will help you increase your wealth.



Mental strength – the key to success.

Plans themselves are meaningless without some force pushing them out of place.

This chapter describes how to put your mind to work,

helping you to use it effectively.

By intellectual power,

I mean knowledge organized and intelligently used.

You will also come across the term organized effort meaning the combined efforts of two or more people

united by a common goal and work plan.

Let’s think together how we can better empower ourselves.

Since it is the umbrella of organized knowledge,

let’s examine the origin of knowledge:

Supernatural intelligence.

With this source of knowledge you can be exposed by the method described in a chapter,

thanks to the creative imagination.

Accumulated experience.

The accumulated human experience (at least the recorded part) can be obtained from books in libraries.

A very important part of this experience is classified,

systematized and taught in schools and graduate schools.

Experiment and research.

Both in science and in everyday life man collects, categorizes and summarizes all new facts.

This source of knowledge should not be underestimated,

especially if you cannot use the accumulated experience.

But even in this case do not forget about the creative imagination.

Knowledge, obtained from any source,

can become power if it is organized in a plan of action and eventually becomes action itself.

Reread all three sources of knowledge and think how easy it is for you to act alone

– to gather, organize, and moreover, put into practice -?

And if the plan is grand and requires full-scale operations,

you won’t be able to help but cooperate before the first sparks of intellectual prowess.

Just simple, To master money, you must first manage it.

The poor often appear clumsy, confused in money management,

even they are afraid or avoid all problems related to money in general.



What is the Brain Center and what is it for? It is the harmony or coordination of knowledge and efforts of two or more people,

united by the same effort to reach a certain goal.

In the previous chapter there were instructions on how to turn your desire for money into real money.

If you follow these instructions consistently,

intelligently, and at the same time rigorously in selecting people for your Brain Center, then you are halfway to success.

To better understand the potential advantages of using the BrainCenter,

let’s look at the economic and psychological side of the matter.

If you are surrounded by dedicated people who want to help you with advice, support and cooperation,

– the economic benefits of communication are obvious.

And it is not surprising to learn that such a harmonious union is the basis on which all great fortunes are made.

Recognizing this simple truth will be the decisive factor in improving your financial situation.

Understanding the psychological aspects of using the Brain Center to manage is more difficult.

You may also know the following saying: “Two minds combined will inevitably produce a third field equal to the value of the third brain.

Human intelligence is a form of spiritual energy.

When two minds are harmoniously coordinated,

their psychological energy enters the interactive phase,

this is the essence of the psychological aspect of the working principle of the Brain Center.

Fifty years ago, Andrew Carneghi brought to my attention the principle of the center of the brain in economics.

Is it necessary to repeat that it is this that determines the content of the rest of my life?

Mr. Carneghi’s brain center consisted of about fifty people, linked together by a specific goal to produce and sell steel.

Mr. Carneghi attributed his wealth to the invaluable intellectual property contributed by these people.

Analyzing the biographies of all the rich, we find a similar picture.

Whether they themselves understand this or not is not clear,

just know that all these people capture the power of the Brain Center to serve them.

After all, could it be otherwise?

Unless you prove you can manage what you have,

you will have nothing more!



The human brain can be compared with a battery.

It is well known that a continuous series of batteries will provide more power than a single battery.

Everyone knows that the energy of a battery depends on the number

and capacity of the components that make it up.

The human brain works like that.

This explains why one person’s brain is more efficient than another’s, and most importantly,

it allows us to come to the important conclusion that an intellectual chain,

connected to with a spirit of unanimity and harmony,

producing more thinking energy than one mind.

I repeat, just like a string of batteries provides more power than an odd battery.

This metaphor opens up the secret to how the principle of the “Centre of the Brain” works.

At first, the whole collective intelligence interacted harmoniously and created a new level of intelligence.

But the main thing is that this new level becomes close to every single intelligence present in the group.

Who doesn’t know that Henry Ford started his entrepreneurial path from a poor, uneducated and even ignorant person?

How did he overcome all three of these obstacles in such an unbelievably short time (ten years!)

and in twenty-five years become the richest man in America?

Let’s relate this fact to another fact:

the first significant achievements came after Mr. Ford became friends with Thomas Edison.

What would you say Mr. Ford achieved his greatest results after getting to know Harvey Firestone,

John Berrose and Luther Berbenk?!

The community of minds can bring about such great things!

People have the capacity to absorb the personalities, skills,

and thinking powers of those with whom they work.

Mr. Ford’s frequent contact with T.Edison, L. Berbenk, J. Berrose and

H.Firestone increased his own intelligence to the sum total of his intellect,

experience, knowledge and spiritual strength. this quartet.

That is not to mention the unconditional observance of the principle of the Brain Center according to the methods presented in our book.

But it’s a principle – use it!

We have mentioned Mahatma Gandhi.

Let’s see how he exerts unlimited influence over the minds of two hundred million people,

uniting them to strive for a common goal.

Of course, it’s a miracle.

If you don’t think so, try persuading just two people to agree to act together for a short period of time.

Any entrepreneur knows how difficult it can be to get your employees to work with a remote spirit called harmony.

As you have understood, the first and primary source of power for thought is the Supernatural Intelligence.

When several people work in harmony with each other, motivated by a common goal,

the Supernatural Intelligence is the universal source for them to tap because it is the great source of thought power

the most that geniuses and leaders, consciously or not, often aim for.

Our other two sources of power, unfortunately,

are only as reliable as the five human senses.

Understanding this, in the next chapters we will guide readers to easily contact the Supernatural Intelligence.

But this book is not dogmatic in nature.

To regard the central principles of this book as a deliberate intervention, whether direct or indirect,

in one’s spiritual life, is incorrect.

The book has only one goal: to help readers turn desires into money.

Read, think, and meditate while mulling over this book.

Believe that you will quickly understand and see the full potential.

Each chapter is a detail. But this detail – exclusively for you.

Every day, every day,

Everything will attract things like it.

Money will suck money,

Let your savings tube become a magnet for more and more money

and opportunities to help you become financially free.



Oh, how shy money is!

Must convince and coax like with girls.

But this is not simply a coincidence,

because the forces acting here are not very different in nature.

Work with the girl or with the money – you have to believe in winning.

Working with girls or with money – you have to want passion.

Working with a girl or with money – you must not forget about consistency.

Work with girls or with money – first plan how to get them.

And finally, in both cases, it is necessary to achieve the goal.

As money grows, it falls on you like a waterfall.

Money – pour in money! Life can be compared to a river with two opposing streams.

One line – up front and up, where there is wealth.

In the opposite direction – down,

where poverty and impoverishment – swim above are the unfortunate,

caught up in it and unable to struggle to get out.

I have no doubt that people who have achieved riches know very well about these two countercurrents of life.

In principle, it is exactly the same as the direction

and content of the thought process in every human being.

Positive thinking leads to wealth.

Negative thinking leads to poverty.

From that draw a very important thought for the reader of this book to get rich.

Even if the current is pushing you towards poverty,

this thought can become an oars to help you cross to the other side.

Attention! The poor and the rich often change places.

When riches reach the poor,

it is often the result of carefully constructed plans and executed precisely.

What’s the point of being poor?

Poverty is arrogant and harsh in nature.

Rich, shy and fragile.

How to make rich love you!

The measure of wealth is your total assets,

not your employment income.



Andrew Carneghi’s Brain Center,

it was the cornerstone of his personal and business success.

It’s yours now – use it!

It is a method of turning an organized,

directed mind into power.

Human intelligence is also energy.

Working together,

the collective intelligence forms an energy bank.

Not to mention the third invisible power,

the power of the Enterprise.

Wealth is the result of planning and organization.

As for being poor – how simple it is!

What’s the point of being poor?

Three major sources of intellectual power are ready to help you.

It only takes your will.

Just need to know what to do.

But you already know what.


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