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Brian Tracy! 100 unchanging rules for business success! The Laws of Life

100 unchanging rules for business success!


In life, you must have met many successful people with ideal jobs,

career advancement,

desirable income and strong influence.

And you have also seen people

who have to change careers constantly,

always in a state of worry about money

and feel that their contributions

and hard work have not been appreciated.

As Henry David Thoreau said,

“They live their lives in silent despair.”

For a long time,

I have always struggled with the question:

“Why are some people more successful than others?

What factors determine success in life?

And I was determined to look around to find answers

to my long-standing concerns,

I suddenly realized that successful people are not necessarily smarter

or have a personality that surpasses me.

There are also people who are very difficult to approach

and their behavior sometimes needs to be reexamined.

Even so, their ideas

and views are not always brilliant.

However, I cannot deny that they are still very effective

and known as successful people.

Over time and experience,

I understand that everything

that happens is not by chance,

but is rooted in laws.

This section will present the five basic laws of life

that can affect the success of each of us,

including Aristotle’s Law of Cause and Effect.

This rule was also my great discovery

and first foray into finding the true nature of success.

At a time when people believed

that their destiny was determined

by the gods on Mount Olympus,

Aristotle offered a completely different perspective

that changed our perception of the world and life.

Men are rich only as they give.

He who gives great service gets great rewards. — Elbert Hubbard



Everything that happens in life has a specific reason.

The philosopher Aristotle asserted

that the world we live in is governed entirely by laws,

not by chance.

According to him,

everything happens for a specific reason

and every action reflects some kind of result regardless

of our perceptions or desires.

This is an extremely important law,

the “immutable law” of Western thought and philosophy.

The relentless search for truth and cause

and-effect relationships has made the West flourish in science,




and even war over the past two thousand years.

Today, this law is at the heart of the technological advancements

that have changed the world dramatically.

This law holds that achievement,



prosperity and success in life

and in business are all direct or indirect consequences

or the result of specific actions.

This means that you can achieve the desired results

if you have a clear goal in mind.

If you make an effort to learn successfully,

from those who went before,

you will surely achieve the same success.


Success is not random

Success does not come to you by chance or by magic.

Everything happens for a reason,

whether it’s good or bad,

positive or negative.

Isaac Newton observed:

Any action leads to an equal magnitude of opposite reaction.

For us, the most common expression for this law is:

“Thought is the cause.

In other words,

thinking is the most important creative force in life.

You build your entire world the way you think and question life.

The value and meaning of people,

events and situations around you all depend on your thoughts.

Therefore, when you change your mind,

you also change your life.

Sometimes this change is only temporary.

The most important rule

for success is encapsulated in one simple sentence:

what you think you will be.

This is true in almost all cases.

Obviously, it’s not what happens to you,

but how you think about what happens

that determines how you react or feel.

It is not the outside world

that determines the living conditions or circumstances,

but the inner world that is the factor

that creates the life circumstances.


You have the right to choose your life

The greatest human freedom is the right to choose life.

No one has the power to force you to think,


or act in a way you don’t want to.

All your emotions

and behaviors are completely rooted in the way you think,

perceive the world around you,

and what is happening.

Dr. Martin Seligman of the University

of Pennsylvania calls this response “interpretation style”

– the way you express

or explain what happens.

This style of interpretation is within your control

and can be achieved through a learning process.

You can interpret things in a way

that makes you feel happy

and optimistic instead of angry

and frustrated.

You can decide to respond constructively

and positively instead of pessimistically.

It all depends on you.

People’s thoughts

and feelings are always changing

and are rapidly affected by surrounding events.

For example,

when you receive good news,

you immediately have a joyful, joyful,

optimistic attitude.

On the contrary,

if you receive bad news,

you will immediately become upset,


and impatient,

even if it is inaccurate or untrue news.

As such, how you interpret things

for yourself will largely determine how you react.


Four basic laws

The four fundamental laws are the Law of Belief,

the Law of Expectation,

the Law of Attraction,

and the Law of Compatibility.

They are sub-laws that derive directly from the law of Cause and Effect

and underlie all the laws in this book

and what we are experiencing.

Happiness in life

and success in business both come from knowing

and living in harmony with these four laws.

When money realizes that it is in good hands,

it wants to stay and multiply in those hands. ― Idowu Koyenikan

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