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Brian Tracy! 100 unchanging rules for business success! The law of success

100 unchanging rules for business success


There is a difference between success and achievement.

Success is feeling satisfied,

happy with what you have.

Achievement is the attainment of desired goals.

Achievement requires the ability to define goals,

make action plans,

and follow through on these plans.

In order to achieve,

you need to overcome many challenges

and difficulties to reach your intended goal.

What success and achievement have in common is

that both come from deciding exactly what you want.

Every motivation needs to have a “motivation”.

The more obvious the engine,

the more powerful it is;

your ability to achieve them will be faster and more efficient.

In your mind there is always a mechanism to control

and find the target.

Once you have programmed a purpose or desire,

your subconscious mind takes over the task of directing all actions

that will help you achieve your goal,

whatever that goal may be.

And the most special thing is

that you can achieve almost any goal.

Simple goals are easy to achieve,

such as getting home early in the evening to watch a movie on TV,

or saving money to buy a new gadget…

There are bigger goals,

like finding Getting the job you want,

becoming rich, famous,

or building a reputation with those around

you will eventually be achieved

as long as you stay committed to pursuing your goal to the end.

The key to activating the laws of success is

to understand your desires.

Just as you can’t build a house without blueprints,

you can’t build a good life

without a clear list of goals to achieve

and a concrete action plan to achieve these goals.

Do you believe that over the same period of time,

people who know how to set specific goals

and plans are ten times more likely to succeed than those who don’t?

That is the truth!

So, right now,

write down the goals you want

to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years.

Most people take this lightly,

but this very act of listing will change your life.

Then you became a completely different person.

Your attitude towards yourself

and the future will change in a positive direction.

You feel more confident and optimistic.

You feel you are in command

and control of your life.

Furthermore, when the goals and

plans in written form,

the probability of achieving them increases tenfold,

that is, about 1,000%.

The following laws of success have been discovered,


and proven over time.

Try to apply them to your business and life,

you will surely be surprised at the results.

“Goals are dreams brought to life.” — Amy Leigh Mercree



You will feel proud of yourself when you realize

that you are in control of your own life.

Psychology has long recognized the important role

of initiative in shaping personality and human capacity.

The term psychologists use is locus of control.

If you can take responsibility for your own life decisions,

you have an “inside control position”.

If you feel that your thoughts

and actions are often dominated

and restrained by many factors such as superiors,

financial pressure,

childhood past, health, etc.,

it means you have a “position” control from the outside”.

People with a position of control

from the inside often actively steer the ship of life

and know how to display their optimal capacity.

In contrast,

people with an externally controlled position are often less productive.


1st Corollary : Change is inevitable.

Change is not only inevitable but also inevitable.

Change is often disruptive,


and affects all areas of life.

Most people don’t want change.

They tend to avoid change of any kind,

even positive ones.

This explains the importance of goal setting.

Goals allow you to steer the direction of change

and give you a positive sense of happiness

and self-efficacy.


2nd corollary:

Controlled change is more rewarding than unchecked change.

By taking the initiative to work towards accomplishing your most important goals,

you will feel more fulfilled

and have a more positive sense of yourself,

while increasing your productivity.


3rd corollary:

To control your life,

you must begin by controlling your mind.

The ability to think

and define the goals

and outcomes you desire is the starting point

for happiness and success.

Successful and happy people only think

and talk about what they want.

According to the laws of life,

whatever you think

and talk about often will appear in your life.

Always remember that where you are

and who you are is up to you,

your own choices and decisions.

If you are not satisfied with your situation,

you have every right to make a difference

and make better choices,

or decisions.

“Envision, create, and believe in your own universe,

and the universe will form around you.” — Tony Hsieh



Life is a series of events that happen randomly.

This law has a lot to do with psychological factors,

reflecting people’s obvious acceptance of things.

Once you believe in something,

even if it is completely wrong,

you still think and feel according to your beliefs.


When you fail to plan,

you are planning to fail.

Certainly no one intentionally plans to fail

and no one wishes to live a life of disappointment and discouragement.

However, because they do not know the direction,

do not establish the purpose of life,

some people have let their lives surrender

to the misfortunes of fate.

At that time,

they were living unconsciously,

passively according to the law of Random.

And then,

their lives will unfold in a series of almost uncontrollable random events.

People who live by the Law of Random often justify their way

of life by saying,

“You can’t fight this market!”,

“It’s not what you know,

it’s who you know!” ,

Success is just a matter of being in the right place

at the right time!”, etc.

These people strongly believe in fate,

they believe that success is mainly

due to circumstances and luck,

so they do nothing

but wait for the great opportunity to come to them.

In a survey,

63% of respondents said

that they believe the only way to retire

and still be financially independent is to win the lottery.

This illustrates the fact

that many people think of their financial lives

as simply a big gamble of chance.

People who live according to the Law of Random tend to be negative,


dependent on others

and difficult to control their lives.

They are constantly blaming the problems they have.

At work, they often make mistakes

and do not show their full potential.

In life, they rarely control themselves

before the temptations of everyday life.

To change this way of life,

the first thing you need to do is to set goals.

This gives you a sense of power,


keeps you accountable,

and makes you feel proud of yourself.

That’s also why goal-setting is a key skill

for success and happiness.

This skill will put you in the position of the controller,

taking ultimate control of your life.

“You can accomplish whatever your mind can see!” — Catherine Pulsifer



You are solely responsible for who you are,

who you become,

and what you achieve.

In most cases,

the way you think determines your personality,



and even your happiness and success.

You have to accept

and take responsibility for what happens

to your life because it is the result of your own choices.

The concept of “personal responsibility”

is an important issue in life

and society.

There are two basic schools of thought on this issue.

A school of thought that holds

that humans are not really responsible for anything.

What happens unfortunately is

due to the impact of external objective factors such as opportunity,

society, government, etc.

In contrast, another school of thought believes

that in a free society

it is the responsibility Individual responsibility is absolute,

everyone is responsible for his

or her actions or conduct.

This is essential and unavoidable.

You can only achieve great progress in life

when there is a high sense of responsibility combined

with an open mind and willingness to learn.

The interesting thing is that

when you accept responsibility

and regularly look at yourself,

there will be more people willing to help you.

Conversely, when you shirk responsibility and blame others,

no one will want to cooperate with you.


1st Corollary:

You are always free to choose your thoughts and actions.

Wherever you are and whatever you do,

it’s your own choice.

Your current position and persona is a mirror

of your past actions and behaviors.

Like it or not,

you are always responsible for what

you have done in the past

and will do in the future.


2nd corollary:

Responsibility begins with complete control over

what is present in the mind.

Thoughts will determine

and govern the reality of life.

So, take control of your thoughts

and stay fully focused on your goals to build self-control,


and personal competence.


3rd Corollary:

No one will be held accountable for you.

If you want your life to be better,

you have to change yourself in a more positive direction.

If you want to improve results,

you must first improve the thought seeds you intend to plant.

The greatest rewards you get from taking responsibility for yourself

is a sense of self-satisfaction,

mastery of your life,

and absolute freedom.

Taking responsibility will also help you move beyond the Law of Random,

directing you to great achievements,

allowing you to hit the accelerator to maximize your potential

and quickly achieve your goals own important goals.

“If you work for your goal,

that goal will pay off for you.

If you work hard for your plan,

that plan will pay off for you.

Whatever good thing we build will eventually help make us.”– Jim Rohn



Successful people always have a clear sense of purpose

and direction in life.

Lloyd Conant,

founder of Nightingale Conant Corporation,

has over fifty years of experience working

and researching on successful people in life.

He has drawn the conclusion that:

Success is the main goal,

and everything else is just a supplement”.

Large American company specializing in the production

and distribution of CD & VCD programs on life-related issues,

helping people to maximize their own potential

and reach success and happiness.

The ability to set specific goals in all areas

is the most powerful driving factor

and also the starting point to help you stay on the ladder of success.

When your mind is fully focused on the goal,

it will be easier for you to make accurate decisions

and set priorities in accordance with those goals.

Moreover, the more time you spend working on your most important goals,

the more likely you are to achieve success.

Thereby, you will have a better sense of yourself,

will see yourself as a winner

and confidently set more challenging goals.

The important thing is

that you will always be in a position

to move forward to accept everything in life.


The key to open the door to success

Once, after a conference in Minneapolis,

a businessman approached me

and told me about the turning point in his life.

He and his family live on a farm in suburban Minneapolis.

In the past,

he always worked on a whim,

without a specific plan for anything,

even if it was important things like budgeting,

farm management,

purchasing agricultural products, etc.

It was only when he attended my seminar eight years ago

that he returned home

and immediately wrote down his goals and action plan.

From there,

he made it a rule for himself that no matter what,

try to accomplish at least one thing a day

in order to work towards his big goal.

He says that over the past eight years,

his average income has increased tenfold.

At the end of the story,

he emphasized

that the habit of “doing something every day”

had a profound impact on his life.

“The way to achieve your goals is step by step,

you just need to build enough track,

to be ahead of the train.” – John Milton Lawrence



Everything you do,

whether positive or negative,

is adequately compensated.

Whatever happens in life is fair.

Every action you do,

whether positive or negative,

will be rewarded by life in a proportionate way.

The more you give, the more you get in return.

If you want to improve your results,

both qualitatively and quantitatively,

you must focus on improving the quality and quantity of your actions.

Zig Ziglar, an orator and friend of mine,

formulated the Law of Compensation,

also known as Ziglar’s Law.

This law says,

You can achieve everything you want in life

if you help others get what they want.

The Law of Compensation is also a reaffirmation of the Law of Cause and Effect:

As you sow, you reap“.

What you reap today is the result of the seeds you planted before.

This law is the main basis for explaining success and failure,

happiness and unhappiness.

This is also the basic principle of all business activities

that create products and services that meet people’s needs

in order to earn a profit sufficient

to cover the costs of producing

and marketing the product or service.

Successful individuals

and organizations are always looking

to improve what they offer.

They constantly increase product value

and customer service quality.

You absolutely can do so by answering the question:

“What should I do to increase the value of my service for my existing customers?”.

“Where are the people who don’t have goals headed?

Those 97 percent end up working for the three percent.” — Shiv Khera



The rewards you receive in life are directly proportional

to how effective you are in serving others.

Life is the sum total of many interdependent relationships.

We depend on nature for cool air,

on farmers to have a warm meal,

on engineers to provide practical services,

on tailors for fashion clothes,

and into many other factors to ensure life becomes meaningful

and worth living.

In turn, each of us needs to find the best way to serve others

as members of society

in order to maintain these reciprocal and balanced relationships.


1st Corollary:

To get more out of life,

you must first improve the way you serve others,

both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The more you give to customers, the more you will receive in return.

Research results show that the highest earners

– whether economic entrepreneurs,


professionals or salespeople, etc.,

work an average of 60 hours per week for many years. immediately.

This has contributed their reputation in the hearts

of customers makes the number of customers coming

to them increasing.


2nd Corollary:

Income is one of the important factors determining people’s work efforts

One of the extremely important factors

that determine everyone’s work effort is income.

Companies and organizations decide on the level

of income based on the efficiency of the job performance

and the level of contribution of each person.

When you do more things with outstanding performance,

you can certainly increase your self-worth

as well as your income.

The ability to focus on results,

the ability to satisfy customers better

than the competition is the driving force for business success.

Great companies always set the goal

of “maximum customer service”

and successful leaders are willing to “forget themselves”

to accomplish this goal.

When you do your best to serve

those who need you such as superiors,


customers, etc.,

your confidence will increase

and you will feel more meaningful things about the value of life.

This will create momentum for you

to promote your career

and improve your source of income.

When you combine the Law of Compensation with the Law of Service,

you will have the key that opens the door

to the good things you have always wanted.

Everything is under your control,

what you get will correspond to what you give.

No one can influence your giving and receiving,

except yourself.

A goal is not always meant to be reached,

it often serves simply as something to aim at.” — Bruce Lee



Great achievements are the result of hard work.

One of the factors that managers often look for in employees

is hard work and effort.

This is also the basis for evaluating

and promoting employees to higher positions.

In The Millionaire Next Door,

a study by Dr. Thomas Stanley of wealthy Americans,

the author writes

that most millionaires come up from nothing he interviewed all affirmed

that the most important factor

to help them succeed is hard work.

The average work week for executives

and small business owners in the US is about 58 to 60 hours.

Many people have to work 70 to 80 hours per week

during critical periods

that shape their careers.

Obviously, if you only work 40 hours a week,

your income is just enough,

your work will not have a significant breakthrough

and you will certainly hardly go further in your career.

So, in addition to the 40 hours per week,

take the extra time to invest in your future success in the form

of working overtime

or learning to improve your knowledge and skills.

Just tell me what you do outside of 40 hours a week,

and I can tell you right away what your future three

to five years will look like.


1st Corollary :

Success often comes after a period of hard work in the direction

of a clearly defined goal.

Always ask yourself:

“What am I trying to do and how much effort should I put in to do it?”.

Your hard work and investment of time will only be worthwhile

when combined with truly valuable work

because they will help you move towards the achievement of important

and meaningful goals.


2nd Corollary: 

The harder you work, the more luck you get.

It is your ability to work hard

that will bring you opportunities

as well as help from many different people and resources

that you have never seen before.

The commitment to always working

with the highest enthusiasm will create a positive energy around

and attract talented individuals

and great opportunities to you.


3rd Corollary :

To be more successful than someone else,

you have to work harder and harder than that person.

This again confirms the fact

that you will get more if you invest more in your life.

And also according to the law of cause and effect:

what you sow,

you will reap.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” — John Wooden



Do more work than is required,

you will get more than what you have.

To reap more success,

you must always look for opportunities

to get more done than is required.

Napoleon Hill has concluded

that one of the keys to great success is a willingness to “go the extra mile”.

According to this law,

the future ahead is infinite.

There’s no limit to the extra things you can do to add value to your work.

You can “go the extra mile” in everything you do,

at any time and in any way.

Earl Nightingale advises,

Do more than you are paid for,

or you will never get more than you are getting.

The only way to reap more is to plant the seed.

The only way to get paid more is to work more productively.

During my recent seminar,

I met a young female secretary

who works at a large company in Florida.

She said that after listening to one of my training programs,

she set a goal of increasing her income by 50%.

However, deep down she doesn’t really believe it can be done

because her company’s salary policy is very clear.

Even so, she is still more focused on this goal.

She started looking for ways to improve her work

by doing more of the required tasks.

Outside of her time at the company,

she tries to learn new skills.

She is the first to come to work and the last to leave,

she also makes a good impression on everyone

by always volunteering

to take on new responsibilities

and performing them to the best of her ability.

She was also very observant and noticed

that her superiors didn’t like the job of receiving

and replying to letters or e-mails on a daily basis.

She boldly wrote a few letters of reply

and showed it to her boss,

her superiors were surprised and satisfied.

He began to give her mail handling

and then many other tasks.

All work is done quickly and efficiently by her.

As a result, she got a raise,

from $1,500 per month to $1,750,

then $2,000 and finally $2,250 – 50% of her original salary,

And the most important thing is

that her boss raised her salary herself,

but she never asked for it.

Thus, thanks to her hard work and ingenuity

and sensitivity in handling problems,

she was highly appreciated by her superiors

and received commensurate rewards.

“Dream your own dreams, achieve your own goals.

Your journey is your own and unique.” — Roy T. Bennett



Any job, if you want to perform effectively,

must be carefully prepared.

One of the characteristics of successful people is always taking the time

to prepare thoroughly before starting a task.

Regardless of the size and nature of the work,

they all take the preparation seriously,

without a half-hearted or “done” attitude.

My favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln

when he was a young man in Springfield, Illinois:

“I will study and prepare myself, and one day my opportunity will come”.

The 16th President and one of the four greatest presidents in American history.

He was also an advocate for the abolition of slavery in America.

With the vision of a great man,

he understood that careful preparation would be the key to his future.

It was this quote of his that oriented my

whole life and attitude as an adult.


1st Corollary:

Even the smallest details need to be carefully prepared

as they can be the culprits holding you back.

The smallest details can make for great successes

as well as serious failures.

One fact, one inaccurate point can make things happen

in an unexpected direction.

Many years ago,

speaker Joel Weldon,

a friend of mine,

gave an impressive speech

at the National Speakers Association titled Elephants never bite.

The topic of the talk focused on the “mosquitos” in life,

the things you consider small and often overlooked,

but it is these things that cause you the most trouble.

No one has ever been bitten by an elephant,

but almost everyone has been bitten by a mosquito.

Joel’s message to everyone is simple:

To be successful,

you must be serious about the little things

because “the bad always hides in the small details”.


2nd Corollary:

“Action without thinking is the cause of all failures” – Peter Drucker.

Peter Drucker’s quote does not claim

that all things will work out with careful planning,

but only implies that you are almost certain

to fail if you don’t plan ahead.

Murphy’s laws of organization can be summed up as follows:

“If something goes wrong,

it inevitably happens.

And of all those things that can go wrong,

the worst happens at the worst time and costs the most money.”

During the test,

volunteers were seated in a jet-powered sled

and had their seat belts fastened.

An electrode system that fits snugly into the seats,

designed by Captain Edward A. Murphy,

records their reactions

when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

However, no numbers were recorded

after the seemingly error-free test.

In the end, people discovered a faulty electrode.

At the time,

Murphy said,

If something can go wrong, someone is going to make it happen.”

Never assume or be subjective about important issues.

If a problem is really important,

the more often you need to check to make sure nothing is wrong.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today

because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffet



When you’re under intense time pressure,

you need to prioritize the most important tasks.

Another explanation for this rule is

that you never have enough time to do everything,

but you always have enough time

to do the most important things.

Therefore, when you have to take on many jobs

under stressful time pressure,

you need to think,

analyze and evaluate carefully what to do

to focus your mind on the most important tasks.

Most importantly,

determine your own success.


1st Corollary:

You never have enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

The further you go on your career path, the more precise you feel of this consequence.

It always feels like you have too much to do and not enough time.

So when you find yourself with plenty of time to spare,

chances are you haven’t reached your full potential.

This will affect your performance

and limit your career advancement opportunities.


2nd Corollary :

Only by self-effort can you discover your true potential.

You can’t accurately measure the strength of your legs

if you’re only halfway there.

Similarly, you cannot measure your true potential

if you do not give your best effort.

To be successful,

you need to stay focused on your work

and regularly take on challenging tasks.

Do what you love, love what you’re doing

and do your best to get the best results.


3rd Corollary :

Your maximum potential is only realized

when you know how to make the most of your time.

The key to success in business

and life is closely related to personal performance

and time management methods.

So always ask yourself,

“Am I using my time effectively?”.

The answer depends on your ability to handle the problem

or task at any given time.

Always keep yourself on track

and focused on your most important responsibilities.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” — Jim Rohn



Great strides in life stem from a clear decision

and commitment to action.

In life, it is inevitable that you will have to fight with yourself

before making important decisions.

There are decisions that are easy to adjust later,

but there are also decisions

that make a big turning point for a lifetime.

Therefore, decision making is one of the important skills.

Most successful people are assertive in their way of thinking and acting.

They define specifically what they want,

then make a specific plan to implement it

and commit to taking action,

putting all their minds to making the decision a reality.

When conducting a study of two groups of managers:

one that constantly promoted and the other

that progressed quite slowly,

it was found that the dominant feature

of managers in the first group was assertiveness.

What’s interesting from this study is that

when asked to do paper-based tests with hypothetical problems,

both groups gave equally accurate results.

However, when it comes to putting the problem into practice,

the group of successful managers is always ready to make decisions

and take action while the other group is more cautious

because of the fear of making mistakes.


assertiveness is an important factor in helping you

take control of the situation

and stay on track in your career.

Successful people are not necessarily those

who make the right decisions,

but those who know how to make their decisions right.

In other words,

they accept feedback and self-correct.

They are always receptive to new information,

ready to change when necessary,

and never have a half-hearted

or wavering attitude.


1st Corollary:

Take bold action

– there will be invisible forces supporting you.

When you bravely face a difficult situation

and confidently move forward with your head held high,

there seems to be invisible forces within you

that fuel the journey towards the goal.

It is the strong will to act that will eliminate procrastination,

create a strong motivation to lead you to success.


2nd Corollary :

“Act with the mindset that you will never fail.”

This is one of the most powerful principles of success.

Always keep in mind that success will come

when you know how to act in time

and commit to achieving your goals to the end.

Then you will get the help you need to achieve your wish.

When in doubt for any reason,

act confidently and move forward thinking

that you cannot fail.


3rd Corollary:

“Do what you want!”

This is also the famous slogan of Nike Corporation “Just Do It”

and can be considered as one of the greatest formulas of success.

Set goals,

set priorities,

always think that you can’t fail

and start doing it right away!

“I live off a motto that says,

‘yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery’.

I have goals and agendas.

Where ever I’ll be tomorrow,

that’s where I’ll be.” — Vanilla Ice



Advances in human life are all rooted in an individual’s idea.

Creative ideas are the universal key that opens all doors to the future.

This is a trait that belongs to each individual

and is what makes everyone different.

Creative thinking helps you solve problems,

overcome obstacles

and achieve your goals in your best way.

With practical experience,

today’s creative ideas are always more effective than before.

Sometimes, all it takes is a small change to lay the groundwork

for a fortune and propel yourself towards great success.


1st Corollary:

The creative potential of man is limitless.

The idea is like a kind of transportation

that can take you anywhere you want.

Based on your important goals,

consider and evaluate the value of your idea.

Once you’ve selected an idea that meets all of the criteria,

create a plan to execute and act on it.

The quality of ideas will be increasingly improved

through time and your constant thinking process.

There are hardly any obstacles in life

that cannot be overcome with the power of creative ideas.


2nd Corollary:

“Anything that the human mind believes

and perceives has the potential to come true” – Napoleon Hill

Your mind is specially designed to help you not only generate ideas,

but also have the ability to turn those ideas into reality.

The main idea is the seed of ability you intend to plant,

and the environment and external objective

and subjective conditions will be the source of nutrients

that nourish that seed to grow and bear fruit.

The only question that you must answer honestly:

“Do I really want to make the idea a reality?”.


3rd Corollary:

“Imagination rules the world” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Our entire world is made up of creative thinking works.

Every thing and phenomenon you encounter around is an individual

or collective idea applied to real life.


4th Corollary:

“Imagination is more important than reality” – Albert Einstein

In life, you will certainly encounter many cases of imagination

and creative thinking

that completely go against what has been proven in reality.

An idea or insight

at a critical moment can be a turning point in your life,

allowing you to see things from different perspectives,

from which you create breakthrough transformation.

Wherever you are,

whatever you do,

under any circumstances,

you possess endless creative potential

to solve any problem that occurs

and quickly reach the end goal.

There are almost no limits to your imagination,

except the one you set for yourself.

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.” — Jim Rohn



You have the most success

when you have a clear understanding of your goal

and are flexible in the process of achieving it.

This is an important finding among studies of successful individuals.

Once you’ve set specific goals for yourself

and made a plan to achieve them,

you usually have a pretty clear idea of what you need to do

to get what you want.

However, things do not always go according

to your plans and preparations.

Changes are always latent in the process,

and they may require you to adjust your original plan.

The most creative

and optimistic people are those who are open,

flexible and easily adaptable in the face of constant

and inevitable changes in life.


1st Corollary :

Suffering and disappointment are often signs

that you’re going in the wrong direction.

Organize your thinking

and work like a computer programmer.

After building a new software program,

the programmer knows

that the program still has many bugs

because the probability of the software program working perfectly

on the first run is very low.

However, he accepts this as a fact

and still let the program run test

and then start reviewing all the details to fix the defects

until the program works smoothly.

Similarly, whenever you feel

that the results are still not what you want

or that your plan is progressing slowly

despite your best efforts,

stop and check the whole thing.

Make sure you’re on the right track

and apply the right strategy.

If necessary, change the approach to the problem.

Don’t look at things with your own ego,

but focus on more satisfactory things

so that you can fix your mistakes,

confidently continue moving forward.


2nd Corollary :

You will no longer feel constrained

if multiple choice solutions are implemented perfectly.

Developing alternatives

when the first solution doesn’t work gives you a sense of satisfaction

and freedom.

The more carefully you plan,

the more secure you will feel knowing you may be ready to move on

to another option

if one course of action doesn’t develop as expected.

It is the implementation of alternative solutions

that gives you more flexibility

and clarity in thinking.

The more options there are,

the more likely it is

that one of them will work and allow you

to achieve your goals.


3rd Corollary:

Crisis is actually a form of ongoing change.

Whenever you face a crisis or a difficult obstacle,

stay calm and ask yourself:

“What change will this crisis bring?”.

Crisis can happen in any area:


personal relationships,


family, etc.

In most cases,

a crisis is a sign that something is completely wrong,

and finding solutions to act the same as

before will only make the situation worse.


4th Corollary :

False assumptions are at the root of all failures.

Assumptions that are consistent

with reality often help you make the right decisions

and achieve your planned goals.

If you encounter failure

and resistance from around,

there may be something wrong in your assumption.

According to research,

almost every failure stems from incorrect initial assumptions.

So when things don’t go as well as expected,

you need to clarify and reframe your assumptions.

These may be false assumptions

that you have unconsciously accepted,

without a shadow of a doubt.

Many people go bankrupt after a while in business

because they subjectively believe

that the market is big enough for the product

or service they provide.

They think that when their product is on the market,

customers will leave their current supplier to find them.

There are also those who think

that as long as they are able to provide a product

or service at a competitive price,

they can make a profit.

These assumptions can be true,

but they can also be false,

and of course the results will also vary from case to case.

So what do you do when you know your assumptions are not true?

How will you change and how will you act?

Be prepared to double-check your assumptions and admit mistakes.

This is the right attitude

that will lead you to great success later on.

Flexibility is perhaps the most important quality

you need to run a successful business in an ever-changing

and competitive economy.

“It’s important to set your own goals and work hard to achieve them.” — Yuichiro Miura



Your ability to persevere in the face of failure is a measure of your success

and belief in yourself.

Persistence is an important quality

that helps you achieve success.

The ability to endure all difficulties

and challenges is the most important asset

that sets you apart from others.


1st Corollary :

Persistence demonstrates self-discipline in action.

When you persevere in the face of difficulties and challenges,

you prove to yourself and to those around you

that you have the self-control and self-discipline

that are essential to achieving any goal, any success.


2nd Corollary :

“Never, never and never give up” – Winston Churchill

By life experience, Winston Churchill

– the greatest politician of the 20th century

– believed that it is fortitude in the face of catastrophic

and catastrophic failure

that is the key quality to turn defeat to win.

When you pursue your goals with perseverance and determination,

you will find that there seems to be an unstoppable source

of mental strength in you that will help you accomplish your goals.

Success is not a chance

but is the result of persistently pursuing goals in a way

that is consistent with the laws of nature.

If the application of the above principles has only brought success

to a few individuals,

you can consider it just random luck.

But if it has helped bring success to hundreds of thousands,

even millions of people starting from nothing,

it’s definitely worth thinking about and following.

Successful people are not necessarily smarter

or more talented than others.

It’s just because they know how to flexibly apply the laws of success

before others.

You too can catch up and even advance faster

if you start practicing these laws now,

in all your actions.

“If a person has the right view of money,

it can solve most other problems in their life.”– Billy Graham

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