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Brian Tracy! 100 unchanging rules for business success! The law of faith

100 unchanging rules for business success!


What you truly believe with all your emotions will come true.

Belief is the filter that selects information

and guides all actions.

You don’t necessarily believe what you see,

but you tend to see what you already believe.

You also often dismiss information

that is contrary to what you already believe,

without considering whether your beliefs

and biases are based on objective facts

or just subjective feelings.

Bias means making hasty judgments,

coming to the opposite conclusion of any information,

or even disregarding it.

To be successful,

you need to know how to refrain from judging people

or situations until you have all the information.

Most importantly,

you must refrain from hasty judgments

as well as “narrow” thoughts.

This usually happens

when you think you are limited in some way.

For example,

when you think that you are inferior,


or not as good as others,

you are letting yourself fall into the common trap of accepting goals

that are much lower than others with his actual abilities.

This “narrowing of yourself” is like a brake on potential

and creates two of the biggest enemies to success:

skepticism and fear.

They make you afraid to take on challenging risks,

which are essential for you to show your true potential.

Therefore, you need to firmly eliminate any “narrow” thoughts

or opinions and in any case,

believe that what others can do,

you can also do.

When I was young,

I had to live in difficult conditions,

I used to be stuck with the negative thoughts

that other people who do better than me must be smarter.

I implicitly conclude that I am less valuable than them.

This false belief held me back for many years.

The truth is that no one is better or smarter than you.

If so, most of them are people

who know how to develop their natural abilities

and talents more than you.

They learned the Law of Cause and Effect

and soon applied it to life and work.

To a certain extent,

you can also do anything that those people have done,

as long as you have enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Discipline your mind to think positively:

Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation

and look on the best side of every event. ― Roy T. Bennett



What you expect with all confidence

will become your own wish-fulfilling prophecy.

When you think

and express about events that will happen to you,

you are also acting like a prophet predicting your life.

When you confidently expect good things,

good things often come to you.

When you think about a negative thing happening,

you will have to accept that negative thing.

Moreover, your expectations also have a certain impact

to the people around.

What you expect from people

and situations determines your attitude more than any other factor,

and people are like a mirror of your attitude immediately,

no matter how positive or negative.

For many years, Dr. Robert Rosenthal

of Harvard University has conducted controlled experiments

to test the ability of teachers’ expectations

for student learning.

In his favorite book

– Pygmalion in the Classroom,

he tells of many cases in which teachers,

upon entering a class,

were informed by the school

that the class they were in charge of had one

or more extremely intelligent students hopes

to create breakthroughs in academic achievement

in the coming year.

Even though these students are randomly selected

from the majority of students in the whole school,

when they have high expectations from the teachers,

they work hard to study

and achieve higher results

than other students of the same age class

and much higher than his previous school years.

In Greek mythology,

Pygmalion was an accomplished sculptor.

Once, Pygmalion chose a large stone to make a statue of a girl.

When he finished,

he found his statue so beautiful

that he fell in love.

Pygmalion begged the goddess Aphrodite (Venus)

to turn the stone statue into a real person.

The goddess was touched by that urgent request,

so she agreed.

So Pygmalion took the statue

that had turned into his wife

and the two lived happily ever after.

“To attract attractive people, you must be attractive.” — Jim Rohn



You are like a magnet that attracts into your life every person,

every situation

and every situation in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

The Law of Attraction has been around

since ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago

and is one of the fundamental laws

that explain success

nd failure in business as well as in life.

This law has a powerful effect on all your actions,


even thoughts and feelings.

You are like a magnet,

drawing into your life every person,

every situation and every situation in harmony

with your dominant thoughts.

Your thoughts are like a form of mental energy moving

at the speed of light.

They has the ability to break through any barrier.

That’s why sometimes

you’re thinking of someone far away

and a short while later you get a phone call

or a letter from that person.

In this case,

your thoughts are already connected to that person

at the very moment that you think of them.

Organizations develop products,


services and ways of doing business to attract customers,

employees, suppliers,

investors and business cases that are aligned

with their core business criteria organization.

Each factor inside

and outside the organization is an instrument

that harmonizes to create a great symphony orchestra,

and the business criterion is the “conductor”

that governs that orchestra.

When things don’t go well in an organization,

the fastest way to bring about change is

to bring in someone new

who has the power to change the way people think

and feel about themselves

and the work they do.

New values,

new visions,

new strategies and new policies

to customers as well as internally will bring about rapid

and profound changes.

When you help others feel important,

you help yourself feel important too. — David J. Schwartz



Your outer world reflects your inner world

and is compatible

with your dominant way of thinking.

This is a special law that explains the origin of luck

and unhappiness,

success and failure,

the great and the low in life.

The outer world reflects the inner world in every respect.

Whatever happens to you is compatible

with something inside of you.

This compatibility is sometimes called “mental equivalence”.

You need to cultivate mental equivalence with

what you want to experience in the outside world.

In fact, you cannot achieve a goal

if your mind is not clear about it.

Therefore, if you want to change

and improve anything in your life,

you must start by changing your mind.

You can compare your life to a 360-degree mirror.

Wherever you look,

you will see your image.

More broadly,

your relationships will reflect your true nature,

and your attitudes,


and material conditions will reflect the way you think.

However, not everyone easily accepts this fact.

Almost everyone thinks

that the problems in their life are caused

by other people

and external circumstances.

They want others to change,

but they don’t want to change themselves.

You can only control one thing

– your thoughts.

And when you have complete control over your thoughts,

you will control other areas of your life.

Become the perfect architect of your life,

starting with positive

and optimistic thoughts.

Every business law you will learn in this book

is logically extended

from the Law of Cause and Effect,

combined with the Law of Belief,

the Law of Expectation,

the Law of Attraction,

and the Law of Compatibility.

These laws have a very simple message:

When you change the quality of your thinking,

the quality of your life will change.

Since your thinking capacity has no limits,

the good things you will enjoy in life

will also be limitless.

It’s all up to you.

Money has the power to buy you things.

But a much bigger power of money is in generating more money for you.

Those who are able to manifest the latter, are never short of it. ― Manoj Arora

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