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The Greatest Salesman in the World

All of us are selling something at all times in our lives. As monks, we are selling our belief in god. As educators, we are selling our knowledge of science. As politicians, we are selling our opinions about a society. And as human beings we are selling our love to everyone around us.

A thought that seems too pragmatic but is a fact that we often avoid, unconsciously, not wanting to acknowledge.

If we accept selling as an act of service, we will realize the truly noble and honorable connotations of these two words. If we sincerely understand and respect these two words, any of them can become the greatest salesman in the world.

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” is a great book ever written by man. This “World’s Greatest Salesman” is a book whose cherished hidden messages are often overlooked by the title itself.

We need to understand the two words sales are said here to have a much broader meaning than just the normal sales job as people implicitly understand.

Og Mandino is a well known ‘self help’ author, not a marketing author. It is for this reason that we need to understand that this cannot be a book about a mere consciousness or methods of selling.

In the opinion of author Og Mandino, this is a book that borrows from sales to talk about a service lifestyle that will lead us to great success in life and, if so, more importantly. –feel the happiness of “living” independently and freely within the limits of LOVE.

Chapter I

Hafid leaned in front of the shiny bronze mirror, intently observing his own face reflected in it.

“Only the eyes reflect youth,” he said to himself and then turned and walked slowly down the long corridor of blue marble. Hafid walked between rows of glossy black stone columns that rose to support the vaulted roof, ornately decorated with silver and gold patterns, his age-heavy legs carrying him past cypress wood tables inlaid with ivory.

Everywhere, on the walls, on the benches, the wooden counters are inlaid with rare shells dotted with precious stones to form beautiful patterns. Large palm trees rose from a copper-bottomed lake with fountains in the shape of wild gods also studded with precious stones. No one who comes to Hafid’s castle can doubt his immense wealth.

The old man walked through the indoor garden and into the large barn.

Erasmus, the manager was already waiting at the entrance.

“Welcome, boss.”

Hafid nodded, still walking. Erasmus followed, his face devoid of any emotion or question about meeting his master in this place, at this moment. Hafid paused to look at the rows of goods lined up in rows.

These are wool, silk, honey, leather, carpets and perfumes from the Middle East; glass, dates, oil palm, chestnut from Damascus – his hometown; fabrics, medicine from Palmyra ; ginger, cinnamon, gems from Arabia ; corn, paper, granite, white stone, blue stone, red stone from Egypt ; sheets from Babylon ; paintings from Rome and statues from Greece. The smell of chestnuts filled the air and Hafid’s old but sensitive nose could distinguish the presence of apple, butter and ginger.

Finally he turned back to Erasmus. “Old man, how much gold do I have?”

Erasmus said, slightly pale: “All of them, sir.”


“I haven’t checked the recent figures but I know there are more than 7 million gold coins, sir.”

“In addition to all the goods in the stores and warehouses everywhere, how much will it be?”

“This year’s sales season isn’t over yet, but I’m counting on at least another 3 million.”

Hafid nodded, “No more purchases. Make a plan to sell everything that is left and turn it all into gold.”

The manager gasped, unable to speak. He backed away slightly in shock and when he finally opened his mouth, he spoke forcefully.

“I don’t understand, sir. This year is our best profit year. The selling power of all stores is better than last year. Even the inhabitants of the Roman domains have become our customers. Forgive me for my delay, but I cannot understand the reason for this order.”

Hafid laughed, taking Erasmus’s hand affectionately.

“My trusted friend! Do you remember the first order I gave you when you first joined me many years ago?”

Erasmus frowned slightly and then came to his senses. “I have been ordered by you to deduct half of the profits every year and distribute them to the poor.”

“Didn’t you consider me a business lunatic at the time?”

“I was deeply troubled then, sir.”

Hafid nodded, “And you realize that your concerns are unfounded?”

“Yes sir.”

“Trust me old man, carry on with my decisions until I make it clear to you. I am just an old man now and my needs are simple. Since the day my beloved Lisha passed away after many happy years, I only wish to distribute all my possessions to the needy in this world. I kept just enough for myself to be able to live in peace for the rest of my life. Erasmus, in addition to converting into gold the rest of my goods, please prepare the paperwork to transfer the shops to those who are in charge of them. I also want you to give these managers five thousand gold coins each as a reward for their years of service to me and also so that they can continue the business as they please.”

Erasmus was about to speak, but Hafid raised his hand to stop him.

“Do these orders bother you?”

The old manager shook his head, trying to smile. “No, sir, I just can’t understand your reasoning. He spoke as if the rest of his days could be counted.”

“It is your character, old friend. His concern was for me, not for himself. Don’t you think at all for yourself, if our beloved country is no more?”

“You have considered me as a friend for so many years, how can I only think of you, sir?”

Hafid hugged his old friend, saying: “It doesn’t have to be. I ask that you immediately transfer the 50,000 gold coins to yourself and stay with me until the promise I made to myself long ago is fulfilled. When this promise is fulfilled, I will turn over this castle and warehouse to you so that I can have it

ready to see my dear Lisha again.”

Erasmus stared at his master, unable to fully comprehend what he had just heard.

“50,000 gold coins, castle and warehouse… I can’t have enough…”

Hafid nodded: “I always appreciate the friendship you have for me and consider it the most precious. What I gave him was but a very small part of his steadfast loyalty to me. He perfected the arts of living not only for himself, but for others as well, this point of interest being appreciated above all. Now I ask you to be devoted to my orders. Time is the only precious thing I have left, and they are few.”

Erasmus turned his face away to hide the tears welling up in his eyes. He said, his voice cracking: “So what promise is that promise you make? Even though we lived as brothers, I never heard him speak of it.”

Hafid crossed his arms and smiled, saying, “I’ll see you again when this last mission of yours is done. And I will tell you that secret, which I have not shared with anyone but my beloved wife, for more than 30 years.”

Chapter 2

And then quickly, a heavily guarded convoy left Damascus carrying certificates of sovereignty and gold to those who ran the shops of the Hafid merchant nation. From Obed in Joppa to Reuel in Petra, each manager received Hafid’s farewells and gifts in stunned silence. Finally, upon reaching the shop in Autipatris, Eramus’s assigned task was completed.

The once largest and most powerful merchant kingdom no longer exists.

With a heavy heart, Eramus informed his boss that the warehouses were now completely empty and that the shops that had once been Hafid’s pride were gone. The messenger returns with Hafid’s request. Eramus quickly returned and met his master by the lake in the castle.

When they met again, Hafid observed the old manager’s face:

“Is everything done?”

“Yes sir, done.”

“Don’t suffer, mate. Follow me.”

Only the sound of their footsteps echoed through the large, empty room as Hafid led Eramus along the green marble walkway that led to the back. Sometimes Hafid’s footsteps slowed as he passed lonely, empty vases on tall orange wooden stands and he smiled as he saw the rays of sunlight turning the color of the glass from white to blue. purple.

Then the two old friends began to climb the stairs leading to a room directly below the dome of the castle. Erasmus noticed that the watchmen that had been present here for so many years were no longer there. The two reached the middle floor, they paused to regain their breath because the stairs were too long, and then continued to climb to the second floor in silence. Arriving in front of a doorframe, Hafid pulled out a small key still strapped to the waistband of his trousers and opened the heavy oak door. He leaned over and pushed the door open with difficulty and entered. Erasmus hesitated until his master asked him to enter. Erasmus cautiously entered a room that had not been allowed in for more than 30 years.

Faint light seeped in from the openings around the dome above, Erasmus clutched his master’s hand until his eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light in that secret room. With a vague smile, Hafid looked at his loyal friend who was slowly looking around the empty room. There was only a small, light-reflecting chest in one corner of the room.

“Are you feeling down, Erasmus?”

“I don’t know what to say, sir.”

“Aren’t you disappointed by everything here, old man. Certainly what is contained in this room is one of the secrets to everyone who has worked with me. Don’t you wonder or care what’s been hidden here under guard for so long?”

Erasmus nodded: “Actually yes. There have been many rumors over the years about the secrets kept here, sir.”

“That’s right, buddy. And I’ve heard most of those rumors. There are boxes of diamonds hidden here, gold bars or even wild animals or precious birds stored in this place. Once a merchant in Persik Bay even suggested that I might be hiding a beautiful young maid here. Lisha laughed at the thought that I could collect beautiful young mistresses. But my friend, you see, there’s nothing here but that little chest. Now come here.”

The two men crouched over the small chest and Hafid slowly untied the leather straps around the secret chest. He took a deep breath in the damp old wood smell of the chest, and at last he opened the lid. Erasmus leaned over Hafid’s shoulder to see what was in the small chest. Inside the chest were only curls… old leather ones.

Hafid took out a scroll of leather. He closed his eyes and held the roll of skin to his chest for a moment. A quiet peace shone on his face as if the wrinkles of his age had disappeared. Then Hafid straightened up with the roll of skin across his chest.

“Does this room reflect the aura of precious stones? Nothing, its value is right in front of your eyes in this simple wooden chest. All the success, happiness, love, freedom of thought and wealth that I have enjoyed comes directly from what is contained here in these scrolls. And I owe them as well as the wise man who trusted and entrusted them to my care, a debt that I have not yet been able to pay.”

Shaken by Hafid’s tone, Erasmus drew back slightly: “Is this the secret you mentioned? Is the chest related to the oath you made?”

“The answer is ‘yes’, to both of your questions.”

Erasmus wiped his sweaty forehead, looked at Hafid suspiciously: “What is hidden in those scrolls that are worth more than diamonds, gold and silver?”

“With the exception of one scroll, the rest all contain basic principles, laws or truths written in such a way as to help the reader better understand

what’s hidden between their two lines. To become a master in the art of selling, a man must learn and practice the principles set forth herein and he will gain the ability to amass every fortune in the world that he desires. would like.”

Erasmus looked at the scrolls, disbelieving: “Even as rich as you, sir.”

“More than rich, if he wants to.”

“You said, all these scrolls have the rules of the sale, except for one. So what’s in that scroll, sir?”

“That last scroll, you may call it, is the very first scroll to be read. The rest of the reels are numbered sequentially. This first scroll contains a secret that only those who are truly wise and chosen. This scroll really teaches people the most effective way to learn and understand more deeply what is written in the remaining scrolls.”

“It seems like a quest that anyone can complete.”

“Indeed, a simple task for those who truly desire perfection. Those who really put in the effort only need to pay the price with time and intense concentration until one by one principle becomes his personality, until one by one it becomes a habit in his life. that person.”

Erasmus went over to the chest and pulled out a scroll. He held it carefully in his hand: “Forgive me, sir, but why don’t you share these principles with others, with those who have worked in your country for a long time? He’s always been generous in everything, so why didn’t the people who sold to him get the chance to learn these principles and get rich too? And moreover, wouldn’t it be better if everyone could become a better salesperson with these valuable insights? Why have you kept these principles to yourself all these years?”

“I am not allowed to choose. Years ago when I was entrusted with these scrolls, I made an oath to share them with only one person. To this day I still don’t understand why this is required. Anyway, I was asked to apply these principles to myself. Until one day, someone will need more help than I ever needed in the past, someone who has never known the existence of these scrolls in the world. I will be guided through some sign to recognize this person, and I will give these scrolls back to that person.

“I have waited patiently, and in the meantime, I apply and practice these principles as permitted. And with the insights from these scrolls I became a salesman that many call “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” as well as the one who gave me these scrolls once again. honored. By now, old friend, you may understand why some of the decisions I’ve made over the years that have seemed foolish and futile have proven successful. My actions and decisions have always been guided by the principles enshrined in these scrolls. So it’s not my wisdom that brings all this wealth, I’m just a tool to accomplish something like everyone else.

“Erasmus, do you still believe that someone will appear to claim these scrolls after all these years?…”

“Yes, sir, I believe”

Hafid slowly folded the scrolls and closed the lid of the chest. He whispered while still kneeling before the chest:

“Will you remain with me until that day, old friend Erasmus?”

Erasmus quietly reached for his master’s hand and squeezed it lightly, nodding. He left the room in silence with Hafid’s request not to tell anyone. The world’s greatest salesman of a time tied the leather straps around the chest and got up and walked towards a small dome. He passed there, out onto the porch that surrounded the dome.

A gentle easterly breeze blew back, slapping Hafid in the face, bringing with it the taste of salt lakes and burning deserts beyond. He smiled, stood on the highest dome of Damascus and his mind returned to many years ago…

Chapter 3

It was winter now and the cold seemed to grow colder on the hilltops of the olive trees. From Jerusalem, through the narrow gorge of the Kidron valley, the smell of smoke, incense, and even burnt flesh came from a temple somewhere nearby. On a hillside a little lower than the village of Bethpage, the caravan of Pathros of Palmyra was stopping there. It was late and even the camels had stopped chewing the pistachio branches and lay down to rest beside the soft laurel bushes.

Next to the quiet row of tents, the hemp bushes surrounded four ancient olive trees forming a fence around the camels crammed together for warmth. Except for the two watchmen who were walking along the rows of carts, only the shadow of a tall man remained in motion, imprinted on the goatskin canvas of Master Pathros’s great tent.

Inside, Mr. Pathros was pacing furiously, pausing occasionally to frown and shake his head at the young man kneeling at the entrance of the tent. Finally he sat down and waved the boy closer.

“Hafid, I’ve always been nice to you. I was completely surprised and couldn’t believe your strange request. Are you not satisfied with your work?”

The boy just looked down at the ground, not daring to raise his head: “No, sir.”

Mr. Pathros looked at the young man intently.

“Not so, sir.”

“Then clearly state your request again, including the reasons for that unusual request.”

“It was just my desire to be your salesman instead of just a camel keeper. I aspire to be a salesman like Hadad, Simon, Caled and others, leaving with a cart laden with goods and returning with gold coins for you and for them as well. I want to improve my position in life. Being a camel herder will be nothing, but being a salesman for your grandfather you can achieve much more. You will be able to be rich and achieve success.”

“How do you know that?”

“I have often heard you say that there is no profession or business that offers more opportunities for a person to go from poverty to wealth than being a salesman.”

Mr. Pathros began to nod, but he thought it better to continue questioning the young man: “Do you believe you are qualified to work like Hadad or the others?”

Hafid looked up at his boss and said, “Many times I’ve heard Caled complain to him about his bad luck with not selling, and how many times have I heard him remind Caled that anyone could also sell everything in his inventory within a period of time if the principles and rules of selling were strictly followed. If you can believe that Caled, who everyone considers a fool, can learn those principles, why can’t I learn them?”

“If you believe you can assimilate those principles, what is your purpose in life…?” Mr. Pathros began to change his tone.

Hafid hesitated for a moment, then said: “The fact that you are the greatest salesman in the world has been proclaimed throughout the land. There has never been a trading kingdom as vast as the one that he built after years of trading in the whole world. My aspiration is to become even greater than you, the richest man, and the greatest salesman in the whole world.”

Mr. Pathros leaned back to study the boy’s youthful face. The smell of camels still lingered on his clothes but there was only a hint of shyness lurking in his demeanor.

“Then what are you going to do with all that and with the fearsome power that inevitably accompanies that richness?”

“I will do as you did. My family will be provided with the best supplies and the rest I will share with those in need.”

Mr. Pathros lightly shook his head: “Wealth, my son, should never be a man’s goal in life. You speak very fluently but they are just words. True wealth is in your heart, not in your pocket.”

Hafid protested: “Aren’t you rich, sir?”

The man laughed at the boy’s stubbornness: “Hafid! There’s more to it than just material wealth, there’s only one difference between me in Herod’s castle and a beggar loitering on the street. The beggar thinks only of the next meal, and I think only of the last. No, my son, don’t aspire just for wealth and work hard to get rich. Instead, make an effort for happiness, to love people and to be loved. The most important thing is to attain peace of mind and stillness of thought.”

Hafid went on to react: “But these cannot be achieved without gold. Who can live in peace of mind when poor? How

Can a person be happy on an empty stomach? How can I show my love to my family when I can’t take care of my wife and children? He once said, wealth is good when it brings joy to others. So why is my desire to be rich not good? Poverty can be a witness or a way of life only for a monk in the desert, for he has only one of his Lords to serve. But I, I think poverty is a sign of weakness of ability as well as aspiration. I am not someone who lacks those qualities.”

Mr. Pathros frowned: “What caused you to have these sudden desires? You talk about raising a family, but you don’t have a family yet? You haven’t had a family of your own since the plague that year took your parents, and I’ve adopted you ever since.”

Hafid’s tanned skin also couldn’t hide the pink blush on his cheeks: “When we set up camp in Hebron before leaving, I was… met Calneh’s daughter there… she was. …Teacher…”

“Ah… ah… that’s the truth.” Mr. Pathros interrupted. “Love, not ideals of riches, has transformed my camel keeper into a warrior ready to face the world. Calneh was indeed a rich man. His daughter with a camel herder?… Never! But his daughter with a young, handsome, rich merchant was a different matter altogether. All right, my young warrior. I will help you start your career as a salesman.”

The young man fell at Mr. Pathros’s feet, grasping the hem of his shirt: “Oh, sir. I don’t know how to thank you anymore.”

Mr. Pathros removed the young man’s hand and stepped back: “Keep those thanks, son. What I will give you are only grains of sand compared to the mountains you will have to claim for yourself.”

Hafid’s joy was stopped, he hesitated: “Then won’t you teach me the principles and rules that will make me a great salesman?”

“No. It won’t be more than what I did to make your youth peaceful with sweet words. I was once criticized for letting my adopted son be a camel herder but I thought that if the right fire was ignited in you it would drown out all those objections… And once it really flared up… fire, you will be a man who has grown from hard years. Tonight, your request made me feel happy because the fire of desire flickered in your eyes and your face was radiant with desire. This is good and my decision has also been proven but you, you still need to prove, there is more behind your words than just the air.”

Hafid fell silent and the old man continued: “First, you must prove to me, and more importantly to yourself, that you must experience the life of a salesman and not just as easy as it is. I have chosen to be. In fact, many times you have heard me say that the reward is great for one successful person but the reward is great for only a few successful people. So many people get frustrated and lose themselves without knowing that they always have the tools they need to reap the riches. So many people have faced obstacles and viewed them as enemies, when in fact the obstacles were friends and helpers. Obstacles are necessary for success because in sales, as in all important careers, glory comes only after countless efforts. Yes, each attempt, each attempt will refine your ingenuity and strength, your courage and your experience, your abilities and your beliefs and so every obstacle is a person. close friends push you to become better… or you will give up because you see those obstacles as hostile. Every rejection is an opportunity to move on; Turn your back on them, reject them and you will throw away your future.”

The young man nodded and opened his mouth to speak, but the old man raised his hand to stop him: “And besides, I have chosen the loneliest profession in the world. Even the tax collectors returned home when the sun went down and the Roman Empire had barriers to force people to return home at night. But you, as a salesman, will have to witness countless sunsets and sunrises far, far away from your closest friends and loved ones. Nothing can make a man miserable and lonely than walking alone through a strange house in the dark and witnessing the family gathering to eat and drink in the light and happiness.

“You will have to deal with lonely times like that.” Mr. Pathros continued:

“You will have to deal with many such disturbances, which will greatly affect your profession. When you’re on the road with only your camels it’s a scary and alien feeling. Often times our vision and dignity forgotten and we will behave like children, wanting only our own safety and love. How many people have had to quit halfway, including thousands of people who are considered to have great potential in the profession. And what’s more, no one will make you laugh or comfort you when you don’t sell a single item. No one except those who are trying to take my goods.” “I will be careful and keep these warnings in mind.”

“Now let’s continue. At this time, you will not receive any further instructions. You are standing before me like a green date. A date that is not really ripe, is still not called a date and neither are you, when you have not really experienced and understood, you are not called a salesman.”

“How shall I begin?”

“Tomorrow morning, meet Silvio at the carts. He will give you an ao dai, the best, without wrinkles. They are woven from goat hair and can withstand the heaviest rains, dyed with red mam tree roots so they don’t fade. On the inside of the collar, you will see a small star sewn into it. It’s the brand of Tola, the best ao dai maker. Next to that star is my mark, a circle within a square. Both of these brands are recognized and respected all over the land and we’ve sold countless, uncountable numbers of these shirts. I have been with the Jews long enough to know that they call this garment abeyah.

“Take the coat and a donkey and depart early in the morning for Bethlehem, the village we passed before we arrived here. None of my salesmen have ever visited this place. They told me that going there is just a waste of time, the people there are too poor. I sold hundreds of similar shirts there many years ago. Stay in Bethlehem until you sell that tunic.”

Hafid nodded, trying to hide the excitement in his voice: “How much will I sell it for, sir?”

“I will put your name in the book for 1 silver denarius. When you return you will give me that one coin and keep the words from it for you, so you have to determine the price for the dress yourself. You can stop by the market place at the south gate of town or go from house to house as you like. I’m sure there are thousands of families there. Sure it’s possible to sell a shirt there, don’t you agree?”

Hafid nodded, his mind ready for tomorrow.

Mr. Pathros put his hand on the young man’s shoulder: “Until you return, I will not appoint anyone to take your place now. If your child realizes that he is not suitable for the profession, do not be discouraged. Never be ashamed of failure because those who never fail are the ones who never try. When you return I will ask you many questions about what you have been through. And then you will decide what to do to make your dreams come true.”

Hafid bowed and turned to walk away, but the old man stopped him. “Son, there is one thing about manners that you must keep in mind as you begin your new life. Always keep it in your heart and you will overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, obstacles that you will inevitably face as a person with aspirations in your heart.”

“Yes sir”

“Failure cannot defeat you if your desire for success is strong enough.”

Mr. Pathros stepped closer to the young man: “Do you fully understand the meaning of my words?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then repeat what I said.”

“Failure cannot defeat a person whose desire to succeed is strong enough.”

Chapter 4

Hafid put aside his half-eaten bread and pondered his unfortunate fate. Tomorrow was his fourth day in Bethlehem and the only scarlet robe he had brought with him when he left the caravan was still there, in his bag on the back of a donkey that was probably grazing in the cave behind. inn.

Listening to the loud laughter of people around during dinner time, Hafid looked annoyed at his unfinished meal. The doubts that had haunted every salesman from time immemorial plagued his mind.

“Why don’t people want to hear my story? Why is no one paying attention? Why do they slam the door when I can’t even say a single sentence? Why don’t they care about their work and leave in a hurry? Is everyone in this town poor? What do we say when they like the shirt but can’t afford it? Why do so many people tell me to come back another day? Why can other people sell but I can’t? What is the fear that grips me when approaching a closed door and how to overcome it? Is my price too high?…”

The young man shook his head dejectedly at his failure. Maybe this isn’t the life for you. Maybe he should continue working as a camel herder to get some zinc after a day of hard work. As a salesman he must be lucky and return to the corps even with a little profit in hand. What did Master Pathros call you? Young warrior? He briefly thought about returning to the camels.

And then his thoughts returned to Lisha and her cranky old father Calneh, doubt quickly leaving his mind. Hafid decided that he would spend the night on the hill to save his little money and in the morning he would sell the ao dai. And more than that, Hafid will speak well and fluently to sell the Ao Dai at a very high price. I’ll start very early tomorrow, at dawn, I’ll reach the town’s well. He will invite all those who pass by and will soon return to the hill of olive trees with silver coins in his pocket.

Hafid reached for his remaining bread, thinking again of his master. Mr. Pathros will be proud of you, you will not return defeated and discouraged. Actually, four days is too long to sell just one shirt but once he can get this done in four days, he knows he will be able to learn from Mr. Pathros how to be able to sell in just three days. , then two days. With time he will become more and more skilled and will be able to sell many similar Ao Dai every hour. And then you will actually become a proud salesman.

He left the noisy inn and headed towards the cave. The cold air covered the grass at Hafid’s feet with a thin layer of ice, which seemed to groan and crack under Hafid’s footsteps. He decided not to go to the hills to sleep tonight, he would sleep in the cave with his donkey.

He knew and believed that tomorrow would be a better day and he understood why all the other vendors had abandoned this poor village. They had assumed no business could be done here and Hafid still remembered this every time someone refused his red ao dai. He believed that Mr. Pathros had sold here hundreds of similar shirts, many years ago. But maybe times have changed, and moreover Mr. Pathros is the greatest salesman.

The flicker of light from the cattle den made Hafid walk, thinking there might be a thief in there. He rushed in with the thought that he would catch the thief and what he beat. But instead, the tension in him evaporated when he saw what was unfolding before his eyes.

In the glimmering light, faintly appeared a bearded man and a young woman in stylish clothes hugging each other to keep warm. At their feet, in the manger, a baby slept peacefully. From the baby’s still red skin, Hafid couldn’t tell but knew that the baby had just been born.

The baby is swaddled to stay warm with his parents’ two coats.

The man jerked his head towards Hafid gesturing to his wife, who inched closer to the child. They silently looked at each other. The woman was shivering from the cold, she was wearing only a flimsy ao dai – too flimsy to protect her from the freezing cold in this damp rock cave. Hafid looked at the child. He was moved to see its small mouth open and close as if to smile, a strange feeling that made him shiver. For some reason Hafid was thinking of Lisha. The woman trembled again, and Hafid roused himself from the thoughts of his beloved Lisha.

After a moment of unintentional surprise, the person who would become a salesman walked over to his donkey. He carefully unfastened the straps that bound his bag, opened it, and took out his crimson robe. Hafid opened his tunic, his hands stroking the soft woven goatskin fabric. Red as hell

It was bright by candlelight and Hafid could see Tola and Pathros’s branding on the inside of his collar. Circle in square and little star. How many times have you worn this ao dai on tired hands in the past 3 days? It seemed that he had memorized every fiber of it, its sewing thread. This is a really good quality shirt. With care, it can be good for a lifetime.

Hafid closed his eyes, sighed, and walked slowly toward the small family in front of him. He knelt beside the child, slowly removing the father’s overcoat and then the mother’s. Hafid handed two old robes back to the child’s parents. Both were surprised at Hafid’s actions, they stood still without reacting. And then Hafid opened up his red tunic and wrapped the sleeping baby tightly inside.

The young mother’s wet kiss was still felt on Hafid’s cheek as he led his donkey out of the cave. Above Hafid’s head, in the night sky, was a bright star that Hafid had never seen in his entire life. He gazed at the star until his face was wet with tears, and then Hafid and his donkey set off on the road toward Jerusalem where the caravan stopped on the hill of olive trees.

Chapter 5

Hafid rode slowly on his donkey, head bowed so that he did not notice the strangely bright star still illuminating the road before him. Why did he act so foolishly? He did not know the people he had met in that cave. Why not try to sell them that red ao dai? What are you going to tell Mr. Pathros? And there are others, who will laugh to the ground when they know that he gave the shirt without getting anything in return. But for a strange baby born poor in a cave. He thought about how he could fool Mr. Pathros.

Could it be that he lost it on his donkey at lunch? Can Mr. Pathros believe such stories? After all, there are many thieves all over this strip. Could Mr. Pathros believe and then not blame himself for not being careful?

And very soon, Hafid arrived on the road through the Garden of Gethsemanie. He got off the donkey and wearily led it up the hill to the caravan. The light from the star made the space seem like day and anxiety soon filled Hafid when he saw Mr. Pathros standing in front of the tent, looking up at the night sky. Hafid paused, barely moving, but Mr. Pathros recognized him at once.

There was a hint of surprise in his voice as Mr. Pathros approached him and asked, “Did you come straight back from Bethlehem?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Didn’t you feel anything when you saw that star follow you?”

“No sir, I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you notice? I couldn’t take my eyes off that star as it rose from Bethlehem two hours ago. I have never seen such a bright star. And then we realized it was right here, right above our heads. Then you appeared, my God!… and the star stopped too…”

Mr. Pathros approached Hafid, looked at him closely, and asked, “Are you involved in some strange event in Bethlehem?”

“No, sir.”

The man frowned in thought, “I’ve never had a night of strange events like this one.”

Hafid burst out, “I’ll never forget this night either, sir.”

“Ah, well, something happened tonight. Why did you return at such a late hour?”

Hafid was silent while the old man looked through his luggage on the donkey. “Not anymore, I finally succeeded. Come in and tell me about your experience. I can’t understand why a star would follow a camel boy like you.”

Mr. Pathros lay back and listened attentively to the young man’s long story of the relentless rejection and even humiliation he had received in Bethlehem. He nodded his head as he heard Hafid talk about the aggressive merchant who nearly threw the boy out of his shop and smiled when he heard the part where two soldiers threw the shirt in Hafid’s face when he refused to give up. price.

Finally Hafid’s voice was almost hoarse and barely audible as he recounted all the hesitations and doubts that had roiled his mind in the pub that evening. Mr. Pathros interrupted the young man: “Hafid, remember clearly the doubts you were thinking while sitting alone sad.”

When Hafid clearly recounted his thoughts while having dinner in the pub, the old man continued to ask: “Now tell me, what caused you to drop all doubts and bring to the world. did you have the courage to decide to keep trying to sell that ao dai?”

Hafid thought before replying to Mr. Pathros. “I was thinking only of Calneh’s daughter. When I was in that awful pub I thought I wouldn’t be able to see Lisha again if I failed.” Here Hafid’s voice cracked: “Anyway, I’ve lost Lisha!”

“You failed, I don’t understand. The shirt is gone?”

Hafid spoke in a low voice that made Mr. Pathros lean forward to listen, the story that happened in the cave, the baby and the tunic. Mr. Pathros glanced from time to time through the tent door where the light of the star was still illuminating the camp. A smile appeared on Mr. Pathros’ surprised face again and he realized that Hafid had stopped talking, the boy was sobbing.

The sobs soon died down and there was only silence in the tent. Hafid did not dare to look up at his master. He failed and proved himself to be nothing more than a camel herder. He wanted to get up and run out of the tent. But then Hafid felt Mr. Pathros’ hands on his shoulders, which lifted his face so that he looked Mr. Pathros straight in the eye.

“My son, this trip has not brought you any profit.”

“Yes sir.”

“But with me, yes. The star that follows you has saved me from a blindness I have stubbornly refused to recognize for so long. I will explain this to you when we return to Palmyra. Now I have only one request for you.”

“Yes sir.”

“My salesmen will return to the caravan, and tomorrow afternoon their weary camels need

caretaker. Would you please return to your duties as a camel herder for now?”

Hafid stood up and put his arms around his master, his benefactor: “I’ll do anything you ask… I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“Go and prepare for the return of my men and we shall meet again in Palmyra.”

Hafid came out of the tent, partially dazzled by the light from above. He rubbed his eyes and heard Mr. Pathros call to him from inside the tent. He turned to wait to hear Mr. Pathros speak.

Pathros stood there, looked up at the star, and said, “Sleep in peace, for you have not failed.”

The bright star remained in the sky all that night. The bright light like Love, like life, is still there pure and bright.

Chapter 6

Nearly two weeks after the caravan returned to its headquarters in Palmyra, Hafid awoke on his straw mattress in the barn and decided to meet his master, Mr. Pathros.

He waited impatiently by Mr. Pathros’ bed until his master awoke.

Mr. Pathros struggled with the blankets and at last sat up. The old man’s face was full of fatigue and his hands were full of veins. It was hard for Hafid to realize this was the strong man who spoke to him two weeks ago. Mr. Pathros made his way with difficulty to the end of the bed where the young man was waiting. Sitting below, Hafid patiently waited for his master to speak. Even Mr. Pathros’ voice was different from what it had been two weeks ago.

“My son, you have had enough time to think about your ambitions. Do you still want to be a great salesman?”

“Yes, I still would, sir.”

The old man nodded: “Then let it be. I wanted to talk to you a lot, but you see that there is much more to me. Although I still consider myself the greatest salesman, I still cannot sell death out of my door. Death has been waiting here for days, like a hungry dog ​​at my doorstep. And like a dog, he knows that my door is unguarded…”

Coughing interrupted Mr. Pathros and Hafid remained silent while the old man regained his breath. At last the cough stopped and Mr. Pathros smiled weakly: ‘My time is short, so let’s begin. First, get the wooden chest under the bed for me.”

Hafid knelt down and pulled out a small, strapped wooden chest, which he placed in front of Pathros. The old man cleared his throat: “Years ago when I was nothing more than a camel boy like you, I saved an oriental traveler from the hands of two bandits. He is grateful and wishes to reward me for saving my life even though I did not ask for it or wish it. And since I had neither family nor possessions, he brought me home and took me as his.

“One day, when I got used to my new life, he showed me this wooden chest. Inside there are 10 numbered scrolls of leather. The first scroll contains the secrets to learning. Other scrolls contain principles and rules for achieving success in sales. The following year I was taught daily with words of wisdom in the scrolls and secrets of learning in the first scroll. We almost memorize every word until they become a part of our thinking and life. They become our habits.

“Finally, one day he asked me to leave and I was given this chest containing these ten scrolls, a sealed envelope, and a bag of money with fifty gold coins. The letter is only opened when I can no longer see the house that brought me in. I went away and, until I was on the road to Palmyra, I opened the letter. The letter asks us to take those fifty gold coins and apply what we have learned from the scrolls to start a new life. The letter also asks us to share half of what we make with those less fortunate. The scrolls are not to be shared with anyone until one day, I will receive a sign that will show me who is chosen to inherit these scrolls.”

Hafid shook his head: “I don’t quite understand, sir.”

“I will explain. I’ve been intently searching for the man with that mark for years, and in the meantime I’ve applied what I’ve learned from the scrolls that have amassed a huge fortune today. I had almost assumed there was not a person with such a foreshadowing until you returned from your trip to Bethlehem. I recognized you as the one chosen to receive these scrolls when you appeared with that bright star overhead, the star that had followed you from Bethlehem. Inwardly I tried to understand the significance of this event and eventually I ceased to want to test the actions of the Most High. When you told me you gave away the shirt, one meant too much to you. Something vibrated in my heart and I understood my long search was over. I have found the person appointed to receive these scrolls. Strangely enough, when we know we have found the right successor to what we have inherited, our vitality also begins to gradually run out. Now that I am nearing the end and my long search is over, I can go in peace.”

The old man’s voice was almost inaudible, and he tried to lean closer to Hafid: “Listen carefully, son, I won’t have the strength to repeat…”

Hafid’s eyes filled with tears as he drew closer to his beloved master. He touched the old man, and Mr. Pathros tried to inhale: “I now give you these scrolls, but there are a few conditions you must abide by. Here is a coin bag with 100 gold coins. This money let me live and can buy one

goods to start your own business. I could give you a lot of money, but this could hurt you. Anyway, what I received today is more than enough for me to become the greatest and richest salesman in the world. You see, I haven’t forgotten your dream.

“Leave this place and go to Damascus. There you will have countless opportunities to apply what you learn from these scrolls. Once you’re settled somewhere, open the first scroll. Read and re-read it until you understand the secrets to learning the principles and rules in the next scrolls. When you start learning the next book one by one, you can also start your own business. If you can combine what you learn with the experiences you gather and continue to study the instructions from these scrolls, your business will grow day by day.

You must meet certain conditions before you can receive these. My first condition is that you swear that you will follow the instructions set forth in scroll number one. Are you satisfied?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, good… once you apply the principles in these scrolls you will be able to be as rich as you never dreamed of. My second condition is that you must give half of your profits to those less fortunate than you. There is no reduction for this condition. Do you agree?” “Yes sir.”

“And now the most important condition. You are forbidden to share the experiences you have learned from these scrolls or their contents with anyone. One day there will appear a person with extraordinary signs similar to your guiding star and open acts of love, signs that I have been looking for. When that happens, you will recognize these signs, even if the person doesn’t even know that he is the chosen one. When your heart tells you you’re right, turn over the chest and these scrolls to that person – regardless of whether that person is a man or a woman – unconditionally, not like you and I had to obey. The old letter we received makes it clear that the third person receiving these scrolls can share its messages with the whole world if he or she wishes. Do you promise to obey this?”

“I will obey, sir.”

Mr. Pathros let out a long sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He smiled weakly and cupped Hafid’s face, saying softly, “Take it and go. I will never see you again. Go away with my love and blessings for your success and may your Lisha share in all the happiness the future will bring to you.”

Sincere tears streamed down Hafid’s cheeks as he took the wooden chest and walked out of his beloved master’s bedroom. He paused outside the door, turned around and said to his boss, “Is failure not going to knock you down when your determination to succeed is strong enough?”

The old man nodded slowly. He raised his hand to say goodbye to the young man. His mission in this world has been completed, he will be gone, but the love he has always believed in will remain with the world forever.

Chapter 7

Hafid and his donkey entered Damascus through the east gate. He rode his donkey along the main street of the city in doubt and anxiety, and the noise and hum of the hundreds of vendors around did not calm the fear in Hafid’s heart. It was one thing to enter a great city in a great corps like Mr. Pathros’s, but quite another to go alone. Vendors swarmed in from all directions, one by one with wares in hand, all trying to outsell the others. Hafid passed from small box-like stalls to huge shops displaying crafts made of jute, silver, yarn, wood and so on. And with every step, his donkey brought him face to face with people. with a poor appearance, hands outstretched as if begging for love.

In front of Hafid, beyond the western wall, the Hermon mountain rose toweringly. Even in the middle of summer, Mount Hermon was still covered with white snow, and the mountain seemed to be throwing a stern, enduring look at the noisy market. Hafid left the busy road to find a place to stay and without much difficulty he found an inn called Moscha. He paid a month’s rent in advance for a small, clean room. He put the donkey in the stable in the back and went to bathe in the nearby Barada River before returning to his secrets.

Hafid placed his precious wooden chest at the foot of the bed and began to unfasten the leather straps that bound it around, the lid opened easily and Hafid stared silently at his secret scrolls. He reached out and respectfully touched the scrolls with his hand. Under Hafid’s hand they seemed to come alive, and he withdrew his hand. Hafid got up and walked over to the window that opened onto the street, and from a half a mile away, the commotion from the noisy bazaar could be heard. Fear and doubt returned as Hafid turned his gaze towards the echo of the noise and he felt as though his faith was shaken. Hafid closed his eyes, leaned his head against the wall and said aloud: “Oh, how crazy is it that I dare to dream that I, a camel herder, might one day be the greatest salesman in the world when and I don’t have the guts to even go through the markets down there. Today my eyes really see hundreds of salespeople, better equipped for the profession than I am. Everyone seemed to be getting ready for the dense forest below. It is foolish to think that we can compete and surpass them. Oh, Mr. Pathros, my master of Pathros, I fear I will disappoint you.”

He lay down on the bed, tired from the journey, he cried until he fell asleep.

When Hafid woke up, it was already morning. Before he could open his eyes, he heard birdsong. He sat up and was surprised to see a sparrow perched on the top of the chest with the scrolls, the lid still open. He went to the window, outside there were thousands of sparrows chirping on the sycamore and sycamore branches, they were happy to welcome a new day. While watching, a few flew to the window but then immediately flew away. Hafid turned to look at his feathered uninvited guest. The little bird nodded and looked at him in response.

Hafid moved slowly to the side of the chest, holding out his hand. The bird flew up and landed on his palm. “Thousands of your kind are out there and only you have the courage to come in here.”

The bird pecked at Hafid’s palm and he took the bird back to where his bag of bread and butter was. Hafid broke a piece of bread and spread it on the table for the bird, who pecked the crumbs.

A thought occurred to Hafid, he went back to the window and touched the net. They were so small and tight that not a single sparrow could get through. And then Hafid suddenly remembered the voice of Mr. Pathros and repeated loudly: “Failure cannot defeat you if your desire for success is strong enough.”

He returned to the chest, reached inside and pulled out the first scroll, which he unrolled. The fear in him disappeared. Hafid turned to look at the bird. It also flew away. Only breadcrumbs remained as proof of the presence of the uninvited guest, the brave little bird. Hafid returned to the scroll, and he read the first line: “The first scroll.” And then he started reading…

Chapter 8

First scroll

Today I cleanse my barren body of the dry flakes of failure and the wretched wounds of discouragement.

Today I was born again and the place where I was born is a vineyard full of sweet fruit. Today I will pick bunches of sweet grapes from tall luxuriant vines. The vines were planted by the wisest of my profession, who came here before me, generation after generation.

Today I will taste the sweetness of the grapes of these trees and will, indeed, swallow the seeds of success in each grape and a new life will sprout in me.

The career I have chosen is very heavy, full of failures and heartaches. The corpses of those who failed were piled high like a mountain, and the shadow of this mountain could cover all the pyramids in the world.

Now I will not fail again, unlike the others, for now my spirit will be a boat that will carry me across stormy seas and reach shores that were only yesterday. Totally a dream come true for me.

Failure will no longer be my payment for my efforts. Just as nature did not prepare my body for unbearable pain, nor did it prepare my life for discouraging failures. Failure, as well as pain, will be strangers to my life. In the past I have accepted failure as well as pain. Now I reject them and I am prepared for the wisdom and principles that will lead me out of the darkness into the sun of wealth, position, and happiness. A light so far beyond my wildest dreams, that even the golden apple trees in the garden of the Hesperides would be no more than I am rewarded.

Time will only teach those who live forever, but I don’t have that luxury of eternity. Now, with my limited time, I must practice the art of patience until my natural behavior is never rushed. It takes hundreds of years for an olive tree, king of the trees, but for an onion bush it only takes nine weeks for it to grow old. I used to live like an onion bush. And that did not satisfy me. Now I am an olive tree, the biggest olive tree and will truly be the greatest salesman.

And how to get this done? I don’t have the knowledge or experience to accomplish great things, I’m completely bewildered by ignorance and self-pity? The answer is simple. I will begin my work without bothering with unnecessary knowledge or crippling meaningless experiences. Nature has given me a much greater understanding and instincts than the wild beasts of the jungle. As for the value of experience is immeasurable, experience is what is often invoked by old people who are no longer lucid and speechless.

In fact, experience often swallows a person’s years, and so the lessons learned from it are often diminished by the time it takes to learn wisdom from it. And moreover, experience is similar to taste, an action that has proven successful today will be completely useless tomorrow.

Only principles exist and these I possess—the laws that will lead me to the greatness contained in these scrolls. What these scrolls teach us is to avoid failure rather than to achieve success, and only spiritual success counts. And failure is defined here as: “Failure is the human inability to achieve goals in life, whatever those goals may be.”

The truth is, the only difference between those who fail and those who succeed is their behavior habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to all failures. So, the first rule I followed was: “I will form good habits and become a slave to them.”

As a child I was a slave to excitement, now I am a slave of my habits, like every adult. I have yielded to my unbridled desires and let them form bad habits, the actions of which I have done in the past constitute a danger that threatens to imprison my whole future. My behavior has been driven by desire, passion, jealousy, greed, envy, fear, environment, habit… and the worst of these is habit. From here on, if I must be a slave of habit, please make me a slave of good habits. My bad habits must be destroyed and I must be ready for the seeds, the green sprouts.

I will form good habits and become a slave to them.

How can I accomplish this arduous work? With scrolls skin, it will be done, in every scroll there is a life principle to eliminate bad habits from my life and replace it with a good habit that will bring me closer, closer to successful.

This is another law of nature, only a habit can replace a habit. And according to what is written here, to represent a selected task, I must follow the first of my new habits, which is:

– I will read each of these scrolls over the course of 30 days as instructed before continuing with the next one.

To begin with, I will read the first scroll in silence as soon as I wake up in the morning. Then I would read, still in silence, after lunch. After all, I will read at the end of the day when I am about to take a break, and it is important that I read it out loud this time.

The next day I repeat the same sequence and I will continue in that way for thirty days. Then came the second scroll, and so on for the next thirty days. I will continue in this way until reading becomes a part of my daily routine.

And what will be accomplished with this routine? Here lie the hidden secrets of every human being’s fulfillment, as I repeat these words daily, they gradually become part of my active spirit, and more importantly, they also ingrained in my other psyche, an ever-present source of magic that creates dreams and often causes me to act in ways that I cannot fathom or comprehend.

Once these words have been absorbed by my magical spirit, I will begin to wake up each morning with a vital force that I have never known before. My vitality will increase, my euphoria will rise, my desire to face the world will dispel any fear I once had when the sun rises and I will feel unbelievably happy. being able to exist in this jealous and competitive world that I have always feared.

I will react to every emotion I confront in such a way that these scrolls require me to react, and then my actions and reactions will become increasingly easier with regular practice. often.

And from there a new good habit takes shape as it is repeated over and over until I am always satisfied every time I act, and if it is a satisfaction it becomes natural to repeat it. this more and more. When I act like this all the time, this will become a habit and I will be a slave to it because it is a good habit.

Today, I start a new life.

I promised myself that nothing would slow the growth of new life within me. I will not go a day without reading these scrolls, nor will I replace them with another time. I can’t, I won’t break the habit of reading them every day and really, a few moments each day spent in this habit is just too small a price for the success and happiness that will be mine later.

As I read and reread the contents of these scrolls, I never let their brevity or simplicity make me take them lightly. Thousands of new grapes are pressed to make a jar of wine and the remaining pulp is thrown away to the birds. And so it is with the grapes of wisdom from the years. All are carefully filtered and what remains will be sent to the wind. Only pure truth remains in every word. I will drink as directed and not waste a single drop. And the seed of success, I will swallow.

Today my old body has changed, I hold my head high among people they don’t recognize -today I am a new person with a new life.

Chapter 9

Second scroll

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

Because this is the greatest secret to success in everything. Power can shatter armor and even destroy a life, but only the invisible energy of Love can open the entrance to the soul of man. And before I perfected this art, I was nothing more than a tax contraband in the marketplace. I will make love my most powerful weapon and no one can resist its power.

My reasoning, they can calculate; my words they may not believe; my appearance they may look down on; my face they may hate and even arguing price with me may make them suspicious but with Love I will melt their hearts as cold as the sun that warms the days frozen price.

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

And how will I do this? From now on I will look at everything with love and I will be reborn. I will love the sun because it warms my flesh; I will love the light because it lights my way; I will love the dark because it shows me the stars… I will welcome Happiness because it opens my heart; I will tolerate sadness for it opens the way to my soul; I will accept rewards because they are mine and I will welcome obstacles because they are my challenges.

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

And what will I say? I will bless my enemies and they will become my friends; I will cheer my friends and they become my brothers. I will always find a reason to applaud, I will never have to bow my head for disparaging. When I criticize, I will bite my own tongue and when I praise I will shout with joy.

That is how the birds, the wind, the sea, and all creation sing a song of praise to the Creator.

Can I not speak with the same voice to the children of the Creator? From now on I will keep this secret in mind and it will change my life. I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

How will I react to the behavior of others? With love as my weapon to open the entrance to the hearts of men, love will also be my armor against the arrows of hatred, the spears of anger. Worry and discouragement will become soft raindrops when it touches my armor. My armor will protect me in the marketplace and sustain me when alone. It will lift me up in times of discouragement and calm me in times of desire. It will grow stronger and more solid with time until one day I will put it aside, walk freely among life’s miseries and then my name will hang high on the top. of life.

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

How will I deal with people? There’s only one way. In silence, I will acknowledge them and silently say I love them. In silence these words will shine in my eyes, bring a smile to my lips and echo my voice. And then their hearts will open to me. And who can say no to me when their hearts have felt my love?

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

And above all I will love myself. Then I will carefully observe all that enters my body, mind, soul, and heart.

I will never give up my flesh, I will cherish it with purity and moderation. Never will I allow my mind to be led by guilt and discouragement, but I will lift my soul with the wisdom and wisdom of the years. I never let my heart be complacent and satisfied but always nourish it with reflection and prayer. I will never let my heart shrivel and become bitter, I will share to make it grow and warm more and more.

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

From here on I will love everyone. All jealousy is left behind so that I have no time to hate, I have only time to love. I took the first step to be among people. With love I will increase my selling power a hundredfold and become a great salesman. If I have no other qualities, I will succeed with love alone. Without love I would fail even with all the wisdom and understanding of all men.

I congratulate this day with love in my heart.

Chapter 10

Third scroll

I will persevere until I succeed.

In the East, young bulls are all tested for the arena in some way. Each was brought into the ring and allowed to freely attack a bullfighter with a spear in hand. The bravery of each animal is carefully judged by its desire to attack and its endurance of daggers. And from there I realized, every day I am tested by life in the same way. If I persist, if I keep trying, keep going, I will succeed.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I was not brought into this world to lose and not a blood of defeat ran through me. I am not a sheep standing still waiting for the shepherd’s whips. I am a lion and refuse to speak, walk, or sleep with the sheep. I will not listen to those who mourn or complain because I will be infected by them, let them stay with the sheep. Slaughterhouse or failure is not my destiny.

I will persevere until I succeed.

The reward of life is only at the end of the journey, not at the beginning or in the middle. They are given not to know how many steps need to be passed before a goal is reached.

Failure can still happen at the thousandth step and success is hiding right at the bend in front of you. I’ll never know if I’m close to success until I cross the crossroads.

I will always move on, even if it doesn’t feel right, I will. The truth is, there’s nothing difficult about taking one step at a time.

I will persevere until I succeed.

From now on I will treat my daily efforts as a stab to an old oak tree. The first stab may not do any damage to it, nor can the second and third. Every single stab seemed to have no results. But then the oak will fall because of those seemingly gentle rakes. It will fall because of my efforts today.

I will be like raindrops flowing down the mountains; like an ant devouring a tiger; like a star that illuminates the earth; like a slave building a pyramid. I will build my castle brick by brick at a time, it’s just small efforts but repeated will accomplish the unimaginable.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will never think of failure and I will remove from my vocabulary words such as abandonment, impossible, inability, inoperable, inappropriate, damaged, hopeless or runaway; because they are foolish words. I deny discouragement but if this disease of the mind takes effect, I will continue to act even in depression. I will strive to act and will survive. I will ignore the obstacles under my feet and always aim for good purposes above because I know when the desert is over, there will be green pastures.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will remember the ancient laws and will bend them in the right direction for me. I will persevere and always understand that each failure is an additional hope for success in the next attempt. Every no I hear brings me closer to the sound of yes. Each frown just prepares to make me smile. Every unhappiness I encounter carries with it the seeds of good fortune in the future. I must welcome the darkness so that I can celebrate the light. I have to fail often to have one success.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will try, try and try again. Each obstacle I will see as a response of purpose and a challenge to the profession. I will persevere and develop my skills like a sailor honing his skills through every storm. I will persevere until I succeed.

From here I will learn and apply other secrets of those who are good at their work. As each day closes, no matter if it’s a success or failure, I’ll try to complete one more sale. When my thoughts want to return because of physical fatigue, I will resist the temptation. I will try again. I will try again to get closer to glory, and if I fail I will do it again. I will never accept a day that ends in failure. So I will sow the seeds of future success and achieve more than those who have stopped working at a set hour. When others stop trying, I will start and my crops will be abundant.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will also never let yesterday’s successes push me into today’s slowness because that is the seed of failure. I will forget the past, be it success or failure, and always congratulate a new day with the belief that it will be the best day of my life.

As long as I’m breathing, I’m persevering. For I have known the greatest principles to success – if I persevere enough I will succeed. I persevere. I will be successful.

Chapter 11

Fourth scroll

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Since the dawn of mankind until now there has not been a person who has my mind, heart, eyes, ears, hands, hair or lips. No one has ever come, no one is alive, no one will come that can speak, walk, or think like I do. Everyone is my brother but I am different from everyone one by one, I am a unique me.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Although I belong to the kingdom of animals, the rewards of animals are not enough to satisfy my consciousness. In me smolders a fire that has burned for many generations and its heat is always stirring incessantly in my mind, demanding that I be more perfect, and I will improve more. I will extinguish the flames of dissatisfaction and declare to the world my one and only self.

No one can imitate my brushstrokes, my touches, my handwriting, give birth to my children, and in fact no one has the same selling abilities as me. From now on I will focus on this difference because it is precious to me to advance and reach full fullness.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I won’t try to be stereotyped with other people anymore. Instead, I will show off my uniqueness in places of sale. I will publish this, indeed, and I will sell my distinction. I’ll start from here on, emphasizing my differences; forget what’s the same with people; Also, I will apply this principle to the goods I will be selling. Vendors and goods are different from everyone else and I am proud of this distinction. I am a unique creation of nature.

I am a rarity and rare hunches are always valuable; so I’m worth it. I am the end product of thousands of years of evolution. Therefore I am more perfect in mind and body than any king or wise man who has come into this world before me, and I also believe that those who come after me will be even more perfect.

My skills, my mind, my heart, and my body will eventually stop growing, wither and die to become fertilizer for what’s good to come. I have limitless potential. Only a part of my mind has been used, a tiny bit of my strength has been used. My accomplishment yesterday can be increased by a hundred times and I will show this, starting today.

Never will I accept to be satisfied with my past successes and never will I accept to indulge in pride for the small results compared to human understanding that I will achieve. I can accomplish even more than I have ever accomplished, I will, for won’t this miracle stop when I am born again? Can I not prolong this miracle for the fruits of today and tomorrow?

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I don’t exist on this earth by luck. I exist for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink into a grain of sand. From here on I will use all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will stretch all my potential until all must cry out for mercy.

I will expand my understanding of the people, myself and the goods that I sell and from my selling power I will prosper. I will practice, improve and polish the words I use to sell because that is the basis for greatness with just one perfectly polished wholesale conversation. I will also constantly improve my craft and my style because they are the honey to attract the people around me.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I will focus all the energy I have on times of challenge and my actions will help me forget about everything else. The problems of my family, I left at home. I won’t think about my family when I’m in the business because this would distract my mind. And also, the matters of the trade will be left in the place of the trade, I will not care when I am at home because the matters of the trade will still tarnish my love for my family.

There is no place for my family in the shop, nor for the business in my house. I’ll keep these two separate from each other and so I’ll take care of both. Separate so you both can grow up.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I was given eyes to see and a mind to think. And now I know the great secret of life because I realize that all my problems like loss of courage, heartache are really just great opportunities disguised to cover my eyes. I will no longer be confused by their appearance, my eyes are open. I will see through everyone’s disguise and will never again be mistaken.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Not a birth, no animal, wind, rain, tree, mountain or lake can have a beginning like me because I am known by love and raised with a purpose. In the past I was not aware of this fact but from now on – I will shape and guide my life from this knowledge.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

And nature never knows defeat. Nature is only interested in achievements, so will I, and each victory achieved will make the challenges ahead easier.

I will win, I will become a great salesman because I am unique.

I am nature’s greatest miracle like all, each person is nature’s greatest mystery – each in his own way.

Chapter 12

Fifth scroll

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And what am I going to do with this precious day of mine? First I will seal the cap of this jar of life so that not a single drop will be wasted; I will not waste a single moment of yesterday’s lamentation, failure and anguish and so I will not waste any good fortune.

Can sand flow backwards in a clock? Is it possible that the sun sets when it is rising or rises again when it is setting? Is it possible to revive yesterday’s mistakes to change them for the better? Is it possible to make past wounds unscathed? Is it possible to return to the bygone days? Is it possible to take back the wrong words spoken, the blows hit, the pain caused? Impossible, yesterday must be buried forever, I will never mind them again.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

This day is all I own and the hours therein are my eternal hours. I greeted the dawn with explosive joy like a death row inmate escaping his predestined death. I am grateful for the priceless gift of a new day.

Indeed, I will beat my heart as I judge those who greet the dawn. I am indeed a lucky man and today’s hours are my reward. Why was I approved for an extra day of rest when others, much better than me, had already departed. Was this unique opportunity for me to be who I knew I would be? Is this a day for me to perfect?

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

I have only one life and that life is only a period of time. When I waste one I destroy another. If I waste today, I will ruin the last page of my life. From now on I will cherish every hour of this day because it will never come back. It can’t be stowed away today and thrown away tomorrow, who can trap time? I will squeeze every minute of this day with both hands and caress them with love because they are priceless. Could a dying man buy another life with all the silver and gold he had? How much do I dare to bid for the hours ahead? No! I will make every hour priceless.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

I will angrily deny the killers who are killing time. I will destroy obnoxious delay with action. I will bury doubts with courage, will separate fear with a belief. Where there are lazy words I will not listen to nor take lazy hands. And even where there are lazy people, I will not visit. From now on, I know, to encourage laziness is to steal the food, clothing, and warmth of those I love. I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and kindness.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

Today’s duties I will fulfill on the day of flight. Today I should pet my children while they are young and still by my side, tomorrow they will grow up and be gone – I can no longer caress them. Today I will support a friend when this person is in need, tomorrow my friend will no longer need help. Today I will dedicate myself to sacrifice and work, tomorrow I will have nothing left to give and nothing to receive.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And if this is the last day, it will be the biggest monument of my life. I will make today the best day of my life. Today I will drink every drop of that overflow. I will taste the sweetness and give thanks. I’ll work harder than ever and push my muscles until they scream for relief and then I’ll keep going. I will be more exposed than ever. I will win more gold and silver than ever before. Will sell more merchandise than ever. Every minute of today will bear more fruit than every hour of yesterday. My last effort should always be for the best.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And so I will kneel down and say thank you to nature.

Chapter 13

6th scroll

Today I will perfect my feelings.

The tide goes up and then the tide goes down. Winter goes and summer comes. Summer is over and the cold is coming. The sun rises and then the sun sets. The moon is full and then waning. The birds come and then the birds fly away. Flowers bloom and then wither. Seeds are sown and crops are reaped. All of nature is a circle of states and I am part of nature so, like the tides, my emotions rise and fall.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

It’s one of nature’s puzzling jokes. Every day I wake up with emotions that have been adapted from yesterday’s emotions. Yesterday’s joy will become today’s sadness and today’s sadness will grow and become tomorrow’s joy. Inside me is a wheel that is constantly moving, from joy to sadness, from boredom to excitement, from happiness to suffering. Like petals that bloom today in joy and wither tomorrow in hopelessness. From now on I will always remember that the dead petals of today contain the seeds of tomorrow’s blooming, indeed, my sadness today contains the seeds of tomorrow’s blooming joy.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

So how will I perfect these feelings to make each day richer? I will fail if my feelings for the day don’t match. Plants and flowers depend on the climate to bloom, but I will create my own climate and it will always work for me. If I bring rain, hopelessness, sadness, and pessimism to my customers – they will respond with storms, despair, depression, and discouragement so that no sale can take place. . If I bring joy, delight, hope and laughter to my customers – they will also respond with joy, desire, expectation and cheer for me – and my climate will bring a bountiful seasons and excess money.

Today I will perfect my feelings. And how do I perfect my emotions so that every day is a happy, fruitful day? I will learn to understand this secret of all time: People who let their emotions control their actions are weak; A person who promotes action and controls his or her emotions is a strong person. Every day when I wake up I will pursue this fighting intention before my body is bound by the power of sadness, autism, and failure.

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel sick I will work.

If I feel fear I will move forward.

If I feel inferior I will change into new clothes.

If I feel uncertain I raise my voice.

If I feel miserable I will think of the wealth in front of me.

If I feel incompetent I think of past successes.

If I feel unclear I will recall the goals.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

From here I know that those who are incompetent always do their best and that I am not a weak person. Ahead will be the days when I make endless efforts to fight against the forces that want to overcome me. Simple things like discouragement or sadness are easy to spot but other bad things will approach me with smiles and friendly hands and they can also destroy me. Against them too, indeed, I will never let my guard down.

If I trust too much I will remember the failures.

If I am too satisfied I will remember the times when I was hungry.

If I am too satisfied I will recall the competitive forces.

If I am happy with the times of pride I will remember the times of shame.

If I get rich I will remember the hungry.

If I persevere I will remember the times when I was weak.

If I feel my skills are inferior I will look up at the stars.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

And with this new understanding I will also understand and recognize the feelings of those around me. I will tolerate others being angry and shaken because they don’t know how to control their emotions. I will bear their arrows and insults because I know tomorrow they will understand and come to me happily.

I will no longer judge people by one meeting, I will no longer fail to meet people who still hated me yesterday. Today he won’t even buy my gold cart for a penny, but tomorrow he will trade even his house for just a pot of ornamental plants. My understanding of this secret will be the key to opening the door to wealth.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

From now on I will recognize and define the magic of human emotions and of myself. From now on I will be ready to control whatever emotions arise within me each day.

I will perfect my feelings through positive actions and when I am done

By my emotions, I will control my destiny. Today I control my destiny and my destiny is to be the greatest salesman in the world.

I will complete.

I will become great.

Chapter 14

7th scroll

I will laugh with the world.

No other creature can laugh like a human. Trees may bleed when they are hurt and beasts may howl in pain and hunger, but only humans receive the gift of a smile and it is mine to use at all times, everywhere. From here, I will cultivate the habit of smiling.

I will laugh and my digestion will improve. I will laugh and my burden will be lighter. I will laugh and my life will be longer because that is the great secret to living longer and now it is mine.

I will laugh with the world.

With my laughter all bad things will reduce and return to their true size. I will laugh at the failures and they will disappear after the dreams. I will laugh at success and it will shrink to its size. I will laugh at the sins and they will die. I will laugh at the good and they will grow and bloom. Every day I will only succeed when my smile brings smiles from others, because those I frown at – they won’t buy anything from me.

I will laugh with the world.

From now on I won’t cry anymore, just sweat. Sadness and discontent are worthless in the wholesale place, but every smile is gold and every kind word spoken from the heart is a castle.

I would never allow myself to be something so important, so wise, so divine, so powerful because I would forget how to laugh at myself and at the world around me. I will always be like a child because it is only when I am a child that I look up at others and as long as I look up at others I will always fit into my place.

I will laugh with the world.

And as long as I can smile, I will never be poor. This is a secret gift of nature and I would never squander it. Only with laughter and happiness can I truly succeed. Only with laughter and happiness can I enjoy the fruits of my labor. Happiness and laughter are good wines that enhance the flavor of a meal. To be happy with success, I must have happiness and laughter as my servant.

I’ll be happy.

I will be successful.

I will be the greatest salesman the world has ever had.

Chapter 15

8th scroll

Today I will multiply my worth a hundredfold.

Mulberry leaves plus human genius made silk.

A land of clay plus human genius formed a castle.

The papyrus plus human genius created a holy land.

Fleece plus human genius created the costume for kings.

If leaves, clay, wood, and feathers could be multiplied by a hundred times, even thousands of times by humans. So why can’t I do the same with my rock?

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

I am like a grain of wheat facing one of three fates. Can be stored away and eventually become food for livestock. It can also be ground into flour and turned into bread. Or it can be planted and then grown into thousands or thousands of other rice grains.

I am similar to a grain of wheat but with only one difference. The grain of wheat cannot choose for itself a future at will, be planted and multiply in value, or become bread or fodder. I have a choice and I won’t let myself become fodder or be sown in the barren, rocky lands of failure and boredom and then broken apart and devoured by the will of others.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

To grow and multiply, the grain must be sown in fertile soils and my failures, discouragement, ignorance and impossibility will be fertile soil to plant and reap. Now, like a grain of wheat will only rise and bloom when nourished by rain, sun and warm wind. Me too, my body and mind must also be nourished to fulfill my dreams. In order to grow to its right size, the grain of wheat must obey the will of nature. I don’t have to conform like a grain of rice because I have the power to choose my destiny.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

How will I accomplish this? First I will set goals for each day, each week, each month, each year, and for my whole life. Just as rain must fall before a grain of rice can crack and sprout, so I must have goals for my life to grow and then shine.

To set goals in front of me, I had to review my past best performances and multiply them by a hundred. These will be the standards that I will live by in the future. I never cared about my goals being out of reach and then lived my life by aiming my arrows at the moon and only hitting one bird, or aiming for a bird and then hitting only one bird. a stone!

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

The heights of my goals will not frighten me, although I may stumble a lot before I reach them. If I fall, I will get up. Those falls did not make me hesitate because as a person, everyone has to fall many times to be able to stand. Only worms are not afraid of tripping. I am not worm. I’m not an onion either. I’m not a sheep either. I am a person. Let others build their houses with their land. I will build my castle with my land.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

Just like the sun will warm the ground so that the rice seeds can germinate and grow. So, the laws in these scrolls will also warm my life and make my dreams come true. Today I will strive to exceed the actions I showed yesterday. I will climb the mountain of today to the best of my ability and tomorrow I will climb even higher, and higher with the days that follow. It is not important to surpass the achievements of others, it is worth mentioning to surpass your own achievements.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

I will bear the accursed sin of aiming my aim too low.

I will do what unsuccessful people don’t do.

I will always reach for what is out of reach.

I will never be satisfied with my display in the wholesale.

I will always raise my aim as soon as I reach it.

I will always do my best to make the next hour always better than the last.

I will always announce my goals to the world.

I will never flaunt my achievements. Instead let the world consider and come to me with blessings and give me the wisdom to accept those compliments with humility.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

A single grain of rice that is multiplied will produce hundreds of rice plants. Multiply them by hundreds and the whole world has enough food. Am I no more than a grain of rice?

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

And when my decisions have been completed, I will do it again, do it again and be amazed and amazed at the greatness with which the knowledge from these scrolls will bring to me.

Chapter 16

9th scroll

My dreams will be worthless, my plans will be dust and my goals will be impossible.

All are worthless except when they are pursued by action.

I will act now.

There was never a map, no matter how detailed and precisely scaled, that could put a person on the ground moving at all. There is never a single set of laws, no matter how honest, that can prevent a crime. There has never been a scroll, not even the ones I hold, that could yield a coin or a compliment. Action, merely action, can transform a map, a set of laws, these scrolls, my dreams, my plans, my goals into something living: Actions Movement is the food, the water that nourishes my success. I will act now. The delay that pulled me back was born of fear and now I realize this secret hidden in the depths of every brave heart. Now I know that to conquer fear, I must always act without hesitation and the wobbles in my heart will disappear. Now I know that action will turn a lion full of terror into a fully autonomous ant.

I will act now.

From now on I will always remember the lesson from the fire, the fire gives light only when it is moved, when it is in action. I will be a fire. Let others make butterflies live by the charity of flowers. I will be the fire and my light will illuminate the world.

I will act now.

I will not skip today’s tasks and leave them for tomorrow because tomorrow will never come. Let me act now, even if my actions do not bring success and happiness – it is better to act and then fail than not to act and lose control. Happiness, in fact, may not be the fruit that springs from my actions now, but without action, all the fruit will only wither and die in the deserted garden.

I will act now.

I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. From now on I will always repeat these words hour by hour, day by day and day by day, until these words become as instinctive as my breathing and the actions that follow will be like lightning. eyes are forced to blink. With these words I will be able to condition my mind to manifest the actions required for my success. With these words I will be able to condition my mind to face the challenges that those who fail often deny.

I will act now.

I will repeat these words over and over again and again and again. When I wake up every morning I will repeat these words while the losers are still thinking or sleeping. I will act now.

When I enter the shop I will repeat these words and will immediately face the first customer while the losers are still pondering the possibility of rejection.

I will act now.

When I waver I will repeat these words and act immediately to get rid of the mistake.

I will act now.

When I want to take a break for tomorrow, I will repeat these words and try to complete one more sale. I will act now. Only action will determine my worth in the marketplace and multiplying it, I will multiply my actions. I will go where the losers are afraid to go. I will work when losers want to rest. I will speak when losers are silent. I will speak to ten people who can buy my goods, while those who fail draw up grand plans to tell only one person. I would say, it will be done while the losers consider it too late.

I will act now.

Because right now is all I have. Tomorrow is a reserve day for lazy workers. I am not a lazy person. Tomorrow is a day when the bad turns into good. I’m not the bad guy. Tomorrow is the day when the weak will become strong. I’m not a weak person. Tomorrow is the day that the loser will succeed. I’m not a failure either.

I will act now.

When the lion is hungry it will eat. When the eagle is thirsty it will drink. Let them eat, they drink, both will die.

I am hungry for success. I thirst for happiness and peace of mind. Let me act, I will die if I live a life of failure, misery and sleepless nights. I will demand and I will obey my demands.

I will act now.

Success will not wait. If I am late she will betrothed to another man and I will lose her forever.

Success is time. Success is the place. I am a human…

I will act now.

Chapter 17

10th scroll

In times of distress or in times of disaster, do people call on their God? Who does not cry out in terror in the face of danger, death, or miracles beyond comprehension? Where does this deep-rooted instinct come from that pops out in every creature’s mouth at times of peril?

Hold your hand quickly in front of a person’s eyes, their eyes will blink. One hit to the back of the knee, their legs will fall. Touch people with ferocity and they’ll blurt out, “Oh my god.” All are affected by the same effect.

My life did not need religion for me to realize this great miracle of nature. Every living thing that walks on this earth, including humans, possesses an instinct to cry out for help. Why do we possess this instinct, this gift?

Is our cry for help a form of prayer?

In a world ruled by the laws of nature. Give sheep, donkeys, birds or humans the instinct to call for help and will this cry for help be heard by a supernatural being able to hear and answer our cries for help. From here I will pray, but I only call for help for guidance.

Never will I pray for the things of this world. I don’t ask a servant to bring me food. I don’t ask an innkeeper to give me a room. Never did I cry out for gold, love, health, victory, fame, success or happiness. Only for guidance I will pray and may I be told how to achieve these, my prayers will always be answered.

Will the guidance I seek may come, or will it not? Are both of these an answer? If a child asks for bread from his father, will the father remain silent and not answer?

I will pray for guidance and I will pray like a salesman in this way.

O creator of all beings, help me. For today I will come out naked and alone to the world. Without your guiding hand I would be far from the path to success and happiness.

I don’t ask for money, clothes, or even opportunities worthy of my ability. Instead, guide me so that I can be worthy of my opportunities.

He taught lions and eagles how to hunt and finished with teeth and claws. Teach me how to hunt with words and succeed with love, so that I may be a gentle lion among men and a humble eagle in the trade.

Help me to be humble in the face of obstacles and failures, and not to hide the rewards from my eyes when they come to glory.

Assign me tasks where others have failed, and lead me to pick up the seeds of success from their failures. Give me the courage to face my fears to forge my spirit, and give me the courage to laugh at the loss.

Please share with me the days needed to achieve my goals, and help me live this day as if it were my last.

Let my words be able to bear fruit, and let me know to keep silent and not utter harmful insults.

Give me obedience in the habit of trying and trying and trying again, and show me how to apply the law of justice. Grant me the wisdom to recognize my opportunities as well as the patience to concentrate my energies wholeheartedly.

Bathe me with good habits to let the bad go, and promise me empathy for the weaknesses of others. Let me hurt to know that things will pass, and help me know the wounds of the day for me to take care of.

Tell me to hate so as not to be a stranger, as well as to love to turn strangers into friends. I am just a small and lonely grape that He makes different like any other grape. Because I’m different, treat me special, guide me, support me, show me the way.

Let me take strength from you and become what is worthy of you, for I was sown and chosen by you to sprout in the vineyard of mankind.

Please help this humble salesman.

Please guide me. My God.

Chapter 18

And so Hafid, now waiting for the chosen one to receive the scrolls of wisdom in his quiet castle. The old man, with only one trusted manager as his friend, had seen seasons pass by and old age had soon forced him to sit still in his garden.

He waited.

He waited almost 3 years since his fortune was scattered and his merchant kingdom disintegrated.

And then from the other side of the desert, from the East, came a thin face of a stranger. This man entered the city of Damascus and made his way directly to Hafid’s castle.

Erasmus, still with his customary politeness, stood at the gate of the castle while the other man repeated: “I want to speak to your master.”

The appearance of a stranger is difficult to establish trust. His shoes were tattered, tied with twine, his unlucky 96 feet were covered with scratches and he wore an old, dirty tunic of coarse camel hair. The man’s hair was disheveled and his eyes were bloodshot from the sun and wind.

Erasmus held the door tightly: “What do you need to see my master about?”

The stranger dropped his old tattered bag on the ground, clasped his hands and begged Erasmus: “Please, good man, let me see your master. I won’t do any harm. I just want to say a few words and if your boss doesn’t want to hear me, I’ll leave immediately.”

Erasmus hesitated, but accustomed to his master’s lenient behavior, he finally slowly opened the gate and nodded his head to the stranger to enter. The old manager quietly turned his back to lead the way, he went straight into the garden with the stranger following.

In the garden, Hafid was sitting wearily in an armchair, eyes closed as if he were sleeping. Erasmus hesitated for a moment, then coughed softly, Hafid blinking slightly. Erasmus coughed again and this time Hafid opened his eyes.

“Excuse me, sir. Someone wants to see you.”

Hafid woke up, sat up straight and looked at the stranger. The man immediately said, “Sir, are you the man who is called the Greatest Salesman in the World?”

Hafid frowned slightly but nodded: “I was called that many years ago, now I am old and no longer worthy to be called that. What do you want from me?”

The customer stood, small and disheveled but with an air of complete confidence, in front of Hafid, who was once celebrated as the world’s greatest salesman in ’97. Rubbing his hand over his thin chest, he blinked in the soft light of the garden, replying: “My name is Saul. I returned from Jerusalem to my birthplace in Tarsus. Anyway, I also ask you not to be mistaken because of my appearance right now. I am not a robber or a beggar. I am a citizen of Tarsus and also a citizen of Rome. I am a descendant of the Pharisees of Benjamin’s Jewish community. I studied with the great Gamaliel, and I was once a canvas tailor. Some people call me Paul.” He wiggled as he spoke and Hafid, now fully awake, politely invited the stranger to sit down.

Paul nodded his thanks, but remained still: “I come to you for guidance and help, only you can help me. Will you allow me to tell my story?”

Erasmus stood behind the stranger, shaking his head repeatedly at his master, but Hafid ignored it. He studied the man who disturbed his sleep for a moment, then nodded: “I am too old to keep looking up at you. Sit at my feet and tell me your story.”

Paul pushed his tattered luggage bag aside and knelt down beside the old man, who was waiting in silence.

“Four years ago, years of learning and gaining knowledge closed the eyes of my heart to the truth. I witnessed a stoning in Jerusalem. The one convicted of stoning was Stephen, a holy man. He was condemned to death by the Sanhedrin Jewish community for blaspheming our Lord.”

Hafid interrupted the stranger with a puzzled look: “I don’t understand, what do I have to do with all this?”

Paul raised his hand to reassure the old man. “I will explain. Stephen was a follower of a man named Jesus, who was crucified to death by the Romans almost a year before this stoning of Stephen for the same sin. Stephen was found guilty because he believed and preached that the man named Jesus was the Messiah, the son of God, the one foretold by the Jewish prophets to come. And the Jewish community joined hands with the Romans to kill this son of God. This alleged defamation left those in power in the Jewish community with no choice but to put Stephen to death and as I told you, I had a hand in it!

“Further. Because of the impulsiveness of my youth and my ignorance, I have received a mission from the elders of the synagogue to come here, Damascus, to bring back all those who believe in Jesus’ name.

to punish. As I told you, this happened four years ago.”

Erasmus glanced at Hafid, surprised to see his master’s gaze, a look the old manager hadn’t seen in years. Only the sound of water dripping from the pool could be heard in the quiet garden until Paul spoke again.

“I was on my way to Damascus at the time with killing intent in my heart and hatred in my blood. While walking on the road, suddenly a bright light fell from the sky in front of my eyes. I remember not panicking, just stunned by surprise, but knowing I was collapsing in the middle of the field, even though my eyes couldn’t see anything because of the bright light. I could still hear it and I heard a voice 99 that seemed to be right next to my ear: ‘Saul, Saul, why are you chasing me?

“Who are you?” I asked again, bewildered.

“‘I am Jesus.’ The voice answered me. ‘The person you’re after. But get up and go into the city, and you will know what you must do.’

“I stood up, my eyes still dazzled, I couldn’t see anything. I was led by my companions and entered the city of Damascus. There I was left in the home of a follower of the man who had been crucified, and for three days I felt completely exhausted and could not eat or drink. Then a man named Ananias came to see me, who said he had been visited by a light and was ordered to come see me. Then he put his hand over my eyes and I saw again. I eat, I drink, and health returns to me.”

Hafid was now fully up, leaning towards the stranger urging:

“And then?”

“I was taken to a synagogue, my presence as a persecutor of the followers of Jesus panicked the people there, but I ignored them and knelt down to pray. My prayers took them by surprise. I openly confirm that the man who was hung on the cross is the son of God.

“They all suspect that I am trying to deceive them, am I not the one who caused them so many disasters in Jerusalem? I could not reassure them with the change in my heart, and many of them wanted to kill me. So I ran away and made my way back to Jerusalem.

“In Jerusalem, what happened in Damascus repeats itself. Not a single follower of Jesus dared approach me, even though my prayer in Damascus was spread here. I continued to pray in the name of Jesus but got no response. Wherever I go, I make people disgusted no matter what I say. Until one day while I was at the temple, I was outside in the temple courtyard watching people buy and sell cuckoos and lambs for sacrifice. That voice came back to me.”

“What did that voice say this time?” Unable to contain his curiosity, Erasmus blurted out. Hafid smiled at his old friend and nodded to Paul to continue.

“That voice said: ‘You have had my message for four years, but you still cannot make my word shine. Even the word of God needs to be sold to people so that they can listen. Have I not told comprehensible parables? Return to Damascus and find the man who is being hailed as the World’s Greatest Salesman. If you are someone who can spread my words to the world, that person will show you the way.’”

Hafid gave Erasmus a quick glance while the steward thought: “Is this the man my master has been waiting for?” The great salesman leaned forward and put his hand on Paul’s shoulder: “Tell me about this man named Jesus.”

Now Paul’s voices were completely different, they came alive with a new volume and force, he told of Jesus and this man’s life. The two listen to Paul talk about the long-awaited Jewish people, worshiping and waiting for the Messiah, who will come and unite them in a new independent kingdom of Love, Happiness and Peace. jar. Paul speaks of John the “baptizer” and the coming of a man named Jesus. Paul talks about the miracles that this Jesus 101 man did, his sermons to crowds, raising the dead, dealing with money changers and then dying on the cross, being buried. this man’s saving and then resurrection. Finally, as if to add weight to his story, Paul took out his luggage. Take out a crimson robe from it. He placed the shirt in front of Hafid:

“Sir, you own all the goods that have ever been in this world, which this man named Jesus has left behind. All that this Jesus possessed, he shared with the whole world, even his own life. In the place of the gallows, Roman soldiers threw this bloody cloak to the crowd. And I got this holy vestment after much searching while I was still in Jerusalem.”

Hafid’s face paled, and his hands trembled as he stroked his bloody tunic. Erasmus was shocked

because of Mr. Hafid’s expression, he walked closer to his boss. Hafid kept twirling the ao dai in his hand until he saw the little star embroidered on the collar… the sign of ToLa, the man who made the shirts Mr. Pathros sold. Next to that small star was a circle within a square… the mark of Pathros.

Paul and Erasmus watched in silence as Mr. Hafid slowly lowered his face into his crimson robe. Hafid shook his head. Can not. Thousands of these shirts were sold by Pathros during his years of trading.

Still fiddling with the shirt in his hand, his voice cracking, Hafid asked: “Tell me what you know about the birth of this Jesus?”

“He left this world empty-handed. He also came to 102 here, nothing more. He was born in a cave that was used as a stable in Bethlehem during the census of Augustus.”

Hafid’s smile was full of stupidity, and the two men looked at the old man in surprise as tears streamed down Hafid’s wrinkled cheeks. He looked at them for a moment and then asked:

“And was it then that a bright star, like never before seen, rose in the place where this child was born?”

Paul opened his mouth to say nothing, and there was no need to speak. Hafid stood up and hugged Paul and the two men’s tears mixed.

Finally the old man turned to Erasmus and said: “Erasmus, go up to the tower and get me a wooden chest. We’ve finally found the seller we’ve been waiting for so long.”

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