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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 17

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 17

Remember, your mind is your greatest asset,

so be careful what you put into it. — Robert Kiyosaki

10th scroll

In times of distress or in times of disaster,

do people call on their God?

Who does not cry out in terror in the face of danger,


or miracles beyond comprehension?

Where does this deep-rooted instinct come from

that pops out in every creature’s mouth at times of peril?

Hold your hand quickly in front of a person’s eyes,

their eyes will blink.

One hit to the back of the knee,

their legs will fall.

Touch people with ferocity and they’ll blurt out,

“Oh my god.”

All are affected by the same effect.

My life did not need religion

for me to realize this great miracle of nature.

Every living thing that walks on this earth,

including humans,

possesses an instinct to cry out for help.

Why do we possess this instinct, this gift?

Is our cry for help a form of prayer?

In a world ruled by the laws of nature.

Give sheep,


birds or humans the instinct to call for help

and will this cry for help be heard

by a supernatural being able to hear

and answer our cries for help.

From here I will pray,

but I only call for help for guidance.

Never will I pray for the things of this world.

I don’t ask a servant to bring me food.

I don’t ask an innkeeper to give me a room.

Never did I cry out for gold,





success or happiness.

Only for guidance I will pray

and may I be told how to achieve these,

my prayers will always be answered.

Will the guidance I seek may come, or will it not?

Are both of these an answer?

If a child asks for bread from his father,

will the father remain silent and not answer?

I will pray for guidance

and I will pray like a salesman in this way.

O creator of all beings,

help me.

For today I will come out naked and alone to the world.

Without your guiding hand

I would be far from the path to success and happiness.

I don’t ask for money,


or even opportunities worthy of my ability.


guide me so that I can be worthy of my opportunities.

He taught lions and eagles how to hunt

and finished with teeth and claws.

Teach me how to hunt with words and succeed with love,

so that I may be a gentle lion among men

and a humble eagle in the trade.

Help me to be humble in the face of obstacles and failures,

and not to hide the rewards from my eyes

when they come to glory.

Assign me tasks where others have failed,

and lead me to pick up the seeds of success from their failures.

Give me the courage to face my fears to forge my spirit,

and give me the courage to laugh at the loss.

Please share with me the days needed to achieve my goals,

and help me live this day as if it were my last.

Let my words be able to bear fruit,

and let me know to keep silent

and not utter harmful insults.

Give me obedience in the habit of trying

and trying and trying again,

and show me how to apply the law of justice.

Grant me the wisdom to recognize my opportunities

as well as the patience to concentrate my energies wholeheartedly.

Bathe me with good habits to let the bad go,

and promise me empathy for the weaknesses of others.

Let me hurt to know that things will pass,

and help me know the wounds of the day for me to take care of.

Tell me to hate so as not to be a stranger,

as well as to love to turn strangers into friends.

I am just a small and lonely grape that

He makes different like any other grape.

Because I’m different,

treat me special, guide me,

support me,

show me the way.

Let me take strength from you

and become what is worthy of you,

for I was sown and chosen

by you to sprout in the vineyard of mankind.

Please help this humble salesman.

Please guide me.

My God.

We are all in the gutter,

but some of us are looking at the stars. ― Oscar Wilde

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