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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Eighth Step Toward Wealth: Consistency

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!

Chapter 8: The Eighth Step Toward Wealth: Consistency

Consistency – a key factor in the process of converting desires

into monetary equivalents.

It can be argued that willpower is the basis of perseverance.

Willpower combined with passion will bring unexpected results.

There is often a misconception about people

who have amassed great fortunes:

these people are seen as icy bandits,

cruel and ignorant of compassion.

People don’t understand them.

People don’t understand that

what they have is willpower combined with persistence

to ensure the achievement of the goal.

Most people at the first sign of disadvantage

are ready to give up their goals

and intentions immediately.

And there are only very few people who disregard all difficulties,

fighting until the end until they achieve their goals.

There’s nothing heroic in the word.

But people with this personality are like the ore used to make steel.

We’ve talked about thirteen philosophical principles

that help create wealth.

These principles can only be properly identified

and applied when you have consistency.

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer

to where you want to be tomorrow. ― Paulo Coelho


“The goal is not comfort, it is freedom!”– Grant Cardone


If you follow the instructions of this book

and try to put the knowledge gained into practice,

the first test of your consistency will be the performance

of the six steps outlined in the desired chapter.

While you are not part of the small group of people with clear goals

and an equally clear and specific plan to achieve them,

read the instructions carefully.

You will eventually get rid of the tedious daily routines

and never look at them again.

Life does not allow us to act according to any rigid scheme!

Lack of consistency is the most common cause of failure.

The experience of thousands of people shows

that lack of consistency is the weakest point of most of them.

However, this weakness can be overcome

if you put in some effort.

It all depends on your wishes.

Any achievement begins with a wish and a dream.

Remember that often.

Small efforts yield little results,

just as a weak fire gives little warmth.

If you find that you are not consistent,

it is easy to cure this unhappiness:

ignite within yourself the fire of desire to let it really burn.

After reading this book,

go back to the chapter on Wishing

and start working on these six steps

to turning thoughts into money right away.

Your enthusiasm and enthusiasm

for action will be the best indicator of

how strong (or weak) your desire

for money is.

If you find yourself indifferent,

know this:

you will never think in monetary terms

and you will never become a millionaire.

People whose minds are geared

towards wealth suck in millions

as easily as the ocean sucks up water at low tide.

If you lack consistency yourself,

focus on instructions that talk about willpower.

Use the power of the Brain Center,

and you will create for yourself this essential quality.

There are additional instructions in the chapter on autosuggestion

and the subconscious.

Follow the instructions

until it becomes a habit

and a clear image of what you want is formed in your subconscious.

From then on, consistency will be your ally.

Whether you are asleep or awake,

your subconscious mind will do its job.

It is the rich who are often experts in their field.

Where are the people who don’t have goals headed?

Those 97% end up working for 3%. — Shiv Khera 


If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,

you will work until you die. ― Warren Buffett


One drop of sweat,

three grains of gold.

To get results,

all the rules must be strictly followed,

until trying becomes second nature to you.

There is no other way to train yourself

with the ability to think in terms of money,

the ability that you absolutely need to have.

Poverty will stick to those

whose perception is towards poverty.

The rich also follow the same rule.

If you don’t think in terms of money,

then you have no choice

but to think only in terms of poverty.

It will take up space in your consciousness

that should have been reserved for thoughts of wealth.

In your perception, poverty can develop

without you having to develop the habit of thinking like that.

The ability to think in terms of money,

on the contrary,

needs practice and habit,

if people are born

without it in their heads.

Only by understanding the above can one understand the meaning

of consistency in getting rich.

Lack of consistency,

you will lose right before the start of the game.

Consistency overcomes all difficulties and always wins.

The value of this quality is very clear to those

who have had a nightmare in their life when,

waking up with difficulty,

you suddenly realize that you cannot move.

Looks like someone strangled you.

With efforts, steadfast will,

you make your fingers move,

first in one hand,

then – in the second.

Continuing to move your fingers,

you push your arm until it is lifted.

Then you control get calves, etc.

Finally, with the last

and greatest effort,

you take control of your entire body,

chasing the nightmare.

But you can only do this if you keep trying,

step by step,

To have the highest income,

you have to be the best.

“Making money may not be easy,

but it is simple.

There is no mystery to getting rich,

but this limiting belief stops most people from ever trying.” ― Steve Siebold


“To attract attractive people,

you must be attractive.” — Jim Rohn


Now you will understand that being able to get out of mental inertia

is like getting out of a nightmare,

which means that it is slow at first,

and more confident in controlling your will later on.

Be consistent,

especially in the beginning.

Determination will definitely bring you success.

If you carefully choose the person

for your Brain Center box,

there are bound to be people among them

who will help you practice consistency.

Many millionaires do so when necessary.

They learn the habit of being steadfast

when faced with difficult situations.

Consistency is the best defense against unfortunate discomforts.

No matter how much failure follows you,

you will eventually reach the top of the social ladder.

There may be a sense

that there exists some invisible,

mysterious overseer

whose job it is to test people’s stamina by presenting them

with difficult problems to solve.

This feeling is especially common in people

who do not give in to difficulties

but continue to strive for their goals

in the people around you have to say:

Oh We know you can do it!

We believe in you!

But the invisible friend has never allowed anyone

to achieve great success without testing consistency.

Those who do not pass will not be graded.

Those who passed this test received the most generous

reward reaching their goal.

But it’s not over yet!

What they get is much greater

than simply material compensation.

They have acquired for themselves the knowledge

that every failure carries within them the seeds

of favorable growth for the future.

In fact, there is always a chance in bad luck.

Rich people listen to advice

from people who are richer than them.

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire,

it’s at what income. ― George Foreman


“The wealthy know big money requires

thinking about it in non-linear terms,” ― Steve Siebold


There are people who know from their experience that consistency,

that’s a whole castle.

In this castle they defended against all defeats

and so defiantly carried out their wishes

that sooner or later defeat had to turn to victory.

We often look at life as a person standing on the side of the road,

there we see very clearly how many people fall and can’t get up again.

And only a few people know how to accept failure

as a push to push us to new efforts,

refusing to adapt to the stupid jokes life throws at us.

But for heaven’s sake,

there’s still a silent and invisible force

that comes to the rescue of those who continue to struggle

when most are discouraged.

There is no better definition of it than consistency.

And it’s clear: whoever doesn’t have consistency,

he shouldn’t think about success.

Writing these lines, I stopped and looked around.

I see the great and mysterious Broadway,

both the cemetery of Hope and the portal

to Opportunity at the same time.

People from all over the world flock to Broadway in search of money,

riches, glory and all that is called success.

Sometimes in the procession someone gets ahead,

and the world knows there’s another conqueror of Broadway.

But no one is quick to achieve this.

Broadway values ​​talent, attaches glory to genius,

and rewards those who are not afraid of difficulties.

So we’ve come close to the secret,

how to conquer Broadway.

This secret does not separate constancy!

This secret is prominent in the story of Fenny Herst,

the woman who conquered the Great White Road with her steadfastness.

She came to New York with the hope of making a fortune as a writer.

Success did not rush to meet her,

but it did come anyway.

The first four years of Broadway tested Miss Herst.

By day – she works, by night – she hopes.

When hope vanished like the morning mist,

she didn’t say:

oh, Broadway, you won! oh no!

She said, “Okay, Broadway,

you can knock anyone down, but it’s not me.

I will force you to surrender.

A publisher (it was the publisher of the Sunday Afternoon Post)

sent her thirty-six rejection letters

before she broke the ice to get what she needed.

Another writer

or someone in any other field of activity would have left the job immediately

after the first rejection.

Fenny paved the way for herself for four years

because she decided she was going to win.

Then there is the end.

The talisman was smashed,

and the invisible warden gave her a good score

– she passed the test of robustness.

From that point on,

publishers made their own way to her home.

The money came in so fast that she couldn’t count.

Then the filmmakers discovered her,

and money as much as water.

I tell you a story that illustrates the possibilities of persistence.

Miss Fenny Herst is no exception.

Whoever succeeds must first have consistency.

Broadway can give coffee

and a sandwich to any beggar,

but demands consistency

from those who high bet.

Kate Smith reading these lines will probably say:

oh Amen.

Because when I got to the stage,

I sang for years without being recognized.

Broadway is very strict:

OhWant to sing?

Come on, if you can sing!

And I sang because I knew how to do it.

At last, Broadway had to give in:

oh, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve stood your ground,

then set a price and get to work.

And Smith delivered his bid.

Very high.

The voice you believe will determine the future you experience. ― Steven Furtick


Turn your wounds into wisdom. ― Oprah Winfrey 


Consistency – that’s your state of awareness,

so it’s trainable.

As with any other state of consciousness,

steadfastness is based on certain principles, namely:

Clear intentions.

Knowing what you want,

that is perhaps the first

and most important stage in developing consistency.

Critical life situations prompt the overcoming of great difficulties.


It is much easier to be consistent

and not lose this quality if you are driven by a certain passion.


The belief that you know how to stick with your work

to the end will help you execute on your plan with the necessary consistency

(you can build your confidence

by following the principles outlined in the Autism-suggestion chapter).

Determined plan.

An organized plan, even completely impractical and unworkable,

has the ability

to instill consistency in you.

Meticulous analysis.

Rely on experience and observation

to know your plan is realistic

and reliable

it strengthens consistency;


guessing instead of analyzing will wipe out consistency.




and harmonious cooperation will always help develop consistency.

Willpower. Consistency is also reinforced

by the habit of focusing thoughts

to develop a plan to achieve specific goals.

Habit. Consistency is a direct result of habit

and becomes its own character.

A part of everyday experience is constantly seeping into consciousness.

The most powerful antidote to fear is

to be brave over and over again.

Those who have been on the front lines,

on the front lines,

understand this very well.

Look, in the world there are millions,

billions of people working hard day and night,

but are they rich?

No! Are most of them rich?

No! Most of them are poor or close to it.

Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make. ― Serrilyn Kenyon


Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something

you need to know to move forward. ― Brian Tracy 


Before you move on from your consistent quality to another topic,

determine where you are different from others,

and what else you need to have

in order to have this important quality.

Think carefully about each action step,

and you will see all the difficulties like the palm of your hand.

Moreover, such analysis will help you to know yourself better.

Below is a list of the enemies that are stopping you from succeeding.

In this list you’ll find not only the symptoms of inconsistency,

but also the weaknesses that aspiring success-seekers need to overcome.

I don’t understand what I want.


it doesn’t matter if it’s justified

(it’s always possible to find a thousand reasons for procrastination).

Do not like to learn in-depth knowledge.

Agitated and indecisive in all tasks,

accustomed to pushing responsibility to others

instead of fighting to get out of a difficult situation on their own.

The habit of blaming the object

when there should be a specific plan to solve the problem.

Pride is too high.

There is almost no cure for this disease,

and it is also difficult for those who suffer from it.

Indifference and indifference,

manifested in the willingness to give in

to any issue without struggle and resistance.

The habit of accusing others of one’s own mistakes

and taking adverse situations for granted.

Lack of passion capable of doing all the movement,

no motivation.

Be ready, sometimes in a hurry,

to stop work at the first sign of failure

(see the last chapter of The Six Signs of Fear).

Lack of concrete action plans drawn up on paper in cases

where detailed analysis is required.

Don’t consider having to change the original mindset or plan,

snap if given the chance.

Just want without asking.

Accustomed to poverty instead of reaching for wealth,

lack of aggression:

lack of desire to exist,

do and possess.

The habit of talking about trifles,

making friends with petty speculators,

wanting to have it all for nothing

or giving very little;

want to gain many benefits at the wrong price

(shown in high risk, signing contracts

that are more like oppression than business).

Fear of being judged and criticized by others.

Usually the mere thought of what someone is going to think,

say and do is enough to make the person lose all ability

to think and act.

The name of this enemy should be at the top of the list,

because it always exists in one form

or another subconsciously,

and many people are not even aware of its existence

(see the last chapter of the box Six Signs of Success). scared.).

To be a winner in the financial game,

your goal should be to earn enough passive income

to cover your desired lifestyle.

Genius is one percent inspiration

and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ― Thomas Alva Ediso


Don’t play games that you don’t understand,

even if you see lots of other people making money from them. — Tony Hsieh


Let’s look at the signs.

Most people have to live under the strong influence of relatives,

friends and society,

so strong that they cannot live their own lives

and be themselves just for fear of being judged by others.

For example, many people make the mistake

of choosing a husband (or wife)

and are doomed to a lifetime

of unhappiness and dissatisfaction,

fearing that they will be condemned if they attempt

to correct their mistake.

Anyone familiar with this form of fear knows

that he incurs irreparable damage

when he kills himself all his efforts for fame

and desire to achieve something in life.

Millions of people,

after graduating

from a certain school,

forgot the possibility of further study

because of fear of criticism

(oh, lifelong learning dead still ignorant).

Many people allow relatives to sabotage their lives

with snobbish reasoning about matters of duty

that are in fact not worth a dime.

(Having obligations doesn’t mean allowing others

to disrupt your efforts

and plans for fame,

or depriving you of your right to a life of your own

and the right to make your own decisions.)

Continue. Many people do not take advantage of opportunities in business

for fear of being criticized

when they fail.

These people know it all too well:

the fear of being judged is greater than the desire to succeed.

Many people don’t set high goals

for themselves,

don’t even dare to choose a title just for fear of relatives

and friends who will criticize:

O Eggs are wiser than ducks! or Oh Don’t poke your nose!

When Andrew Carneghi asked me to spend twenty years

developing a theory of personal achievement,

a philosophical summation theory my first feeling was fear:

not understanding what people would say?

Andrew Carneghi’s proposal set me such a big goal

that even a fraction of it would make me very happy.

Suddenly in my consciousness appeared a series

of justifications for rejecting this idea,

and all were still the consequences of an innate fear

– the fear of condemnation.

Some inner voice whispered to me:

Oh, it’s none of your business,

the job is so big and it will take up the rest of your life,

what will your loved ones think?

Where do you get money to support yourself?

No one has yet begun to build a coherent philosophical view of success,

what right do you have,



And who are you to set yourself such high goals?

Wake up, where were you born and raised,

what can you know about philosophy

– the science of all sciences?

People will call you crazy

(and yes they do later on).

Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before, and if so,

why hasn’t anyone done it?

Such thoughts flashed through my consciousness like lightning.

It seemed as though the whole world suddenly looked at me with sarcasm

that is, to deny any desire that arose

from Sir Carneghi’s proposal.

Then and beyond I had many more chances

to kill all my honorific endeavors

before it completely triumphed

and began to control all my actions.

Later, having gained life experience,

I came to the conclusion that the majority of people born in this world

are stillborn or premature,

and those born prematurely need air in the form

of a concrete action plan can,

and act directly, instantaneously.

The time to conceive an idea is the time to give birth to that thought.

Every minute of life increases the chances of that thought existing.

The fear of being criticized is the basis of disrupting most thoughts

and expectations, making them never materialize.

The rich are farsighted:

they always balance current expenditures

with investments for future financial freedom.

Life is just like a voyage where the waves of time push us forward. ― Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury


Persistence and determination are always rewarded. ― Christine Rice


Many people believe that material success it is the result of luck,

due to luck getting a good card.

Of course there is some truth here too,

but those who only count on luck are almost always disappointed in the end.

Their main mistake is

that they don’t see the other factors that make up success,

factors that cannot be ignored

if you really want to be successful.

One of those factors is: knowing how to turn opportunity into a rule.

During the economic downturn,

the famous comedian L.M.Fields lost all of his accumulated capital, lost his job,

and eventually lost his life (comedy genre is dying).

At that time he was over sixty years old

and everyone considered him an old man.

But he wanted to reclaim his lost fortune

and agreed to work without pay on a new front (the film industry).

Adding to all those difficulties was the fact

that he fell and broke his neck.

Many people like him have already surrendered.

But Fields was born steadfast.

He knew that if he stubbornly continued to work, sooner

or later he would meet his opportunity.

And he got that chance.

However, that is not by accident!

Mary Dressler went to the bottom of society,

no money,

no hope of a job,

she was almost sixty by then.

But she still chased after her blue bird

and also succeeded.

Consistency brought her to victory,

something many much younger than her could not even dream of.

Who at this age still holds ambitions and big goals?

Eddi Cantor lost all his capital in 1929,

due to the stock market crash,

but in return he retained both boldness and steadfastness

Thanks to this personality and my eyes is amazing,

he quickly earns 10,000 dollars a week!

Truly, anyone with a steadfast mind can handle any situation,

even if it lacks many of the other qualities needed to get rich!

The only opportunity you can look forward to is one that you find on your own

with the necessary consistency.

Only thing, right from the start,

there needs to be a specific,

clear goal.

To become richer,

you have two choices:

either to earn more,

or to spend less money on daily living.

Dreams can come true, but there is a secret.

They’re realized through the magic of persistence,





focus and hard work.

They happen a step at a time,

manifested over years,

not weeks. ― Nan S. Russell


When money realizes that it is in good hands,

it wants to stay and multiply in those hands. ― Idowu Koyenikan


Once upon a time there was a king.

Only in his heart, he was not a king but a lonely man.

His heart – the heart of the prince of Gal,

for more than forty years was remembered

by many beauties secretly loved and stolen,

many princesses all over Europe withered

because of him.

He was not alone,

and when he

became King Eduard VIII he suddenly felt a deep emptiness inside that none of

those around him could understand,

and an emptiness that could only be filled. by love.

Do you remember Wallis Simpson?

Twice failed to find love,

she bravely continued to search.

Love is her greatest responsibility.

What is greater than love?

The Creator does not say:

devise conventions,

be critical, distort,

be cruel,

live calculating.

He said: let’s love.

Think of Wallis Simpson,


who knew what she needed

and as a result gave her more than the kingdom.

Women who think the world belongs

to men will have no chance of winning.

And these people are best

to observe the lives of those who,

despite being in their late teens,

have found things that most unmarried women in the world cannot find.

What about King Eduard?

Did he pay too much for the woman his life needed?

We can only speculate.

But seeing determination,

we know that determination has been paid for,

has been paid for, and paid in full.

Great Britain paved the way for a new world order.

The Duke of Windsor

and his wife finally made peace with the royal family.

The history of their love,

their steadfastness and direction,

the high price they paid,

and ultimately the glorious triumph of love all of that is in the past.

But always remember how they searched

for the greatest treasure in the world and achieved it.

Ask the first hundred people you meet

what they want out of life,

and ninety-eight of them won’t give you an exact answer.

If you insist on asking,

these people will say:

oh quiet,

others want money, some say:

oh happiness, others too:

glory and strength,

the rest oh social status society,

a comfortable life,

the ability to sing, dance,

and write.

But none of them will be clear about these concepts,

and even less how to achieve them.

No one mentioned the need for a clear plan

to help achieve these vaguely stated desires.

If you only want it,

you can’t get rich.

Wealth comes

when there is a clear plan of action

based on equally clear expectations,

and the plan must be carried out

with the necessary consistency.

Rich people buy assets that are likely

to increase in value in the future,

while poor people “buy” expenses as money.

It will depreciate in a short time.

The rich accumulate land.

Poor people accumulate bills.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. — Milton Berle


Getting rich begins with the right mindset,

the right words and the right plan. — Robert Kiyosaki


Anyone who wants

to develop the necessary consistency must practice

these four simple steps.

To do this does not require special intelligence,

special education,

great efforts or time consuming.

The four steps are as follows:

A clear goal

or achievement based on a passionate desire to achieve results.

The plan describes the sequence of actions clearly.

Independent perception is not affected by harmful influences,

including those of relatives,

friends and acquaintances.

Coalition with one or a few advocates

to work towards your goals

in accordance with your action plan.

These four steps (stages) are very important

if you want to be successful in any field of activity.

Whoever is willing to follow the thirteen principles of our philosophy,

these four steps must

become his second instinct or character.

These are the four steps that regulate your material wealth.

These are the four steps to freedom

and independent thought.

These are the four steps that will lead you

to wealth and to great wealth.

These are the four steps that pave your way to power,

glory, and world fame.

Here are four steps that guarantee your opportunity.

Here are four steps to make dreams come true,

dreams come true.

Here are four steps that pave the way to overcoming fear,

apathy, and frustration.

Whoever learns how to do all four of these steps will receive a well-deserved reward.

You will give yourself a ticket to the future you want.

Don’t wait to buy real estate.

Buy real estate and wait.

Don’t go to work to work,

go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone


A man’s worth is no greater

than the worth of his ambitions. ― Marcus Aurelius


What mystical force gives those

who are steadfast and reach

for their goals great abilities to overcome difficulties?

Or persistence is the quality in human personality

that has given rise to awareness of a kind of mental and emotional energy,

which can even be chemical energy,

allowing access to supernatural forces?

Who knows, maybe, the Supernatural Intelligence is always on the side

of those who don’t stop fighting.

Even when defeated,

it seems that all is against me?

Such questions began to arise in my mind

as I studied people like Henry Ford.

In fact, he started from scratch,

and ended with the fact that he founded a huge industrial kingdom,

solely through a single consistency.

Or Thomas A. Edison,

with a three-month education,

but applied his consistency to the talking machine,

to the cinema,

the light bulb,

and about fifty other equally significant inventions important part of life.

For a long time,

year after year,

I have had the good fortune

to observe Mr. Edison,

Mr. Ford, and to study their behavior

within a rather narrow range of activities, hence the conclusions.

All my arguments are

based on real analysis and meaning.

But those conclusions are as follows:

apart from consistency

I can find nothing else that can hint at the cause

and origin of their wondrous achievements.

Anyone who studies the activities of prophets,


miracle workers,

legendary religious activists of the past,

must come to the same conclusion,

that the main cause

and The key to leading them

to such historic achievements is consistency,

focus of efforts,

and definite goals.

Let us take Mahomet’s strange

and captivating biography as an example,

analyze his life and compare it

with the lives of today’s successful people,

a life in which industry

and Finances decide everything,

and we’d be surprised to see

what they all have in common.

Yes, that is persistence!

If you want to understand the mystical power

that gives birth to a strong,

steadfast quality,

read Mahomet’s biography.

I recommend you read the biography written by Isoed Bei.

Summary of this book published in the newspaper Gerald Tribune

will give a brief introduction first to those

who are really interested

and want to read this book in full to enjoy its beauty.

The rich see a dollar as a seed that can be planted

and reaped hundreds of dollars more,

which can then be planted

to yield thousands more dollars.

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. ― Roy T. Bennett


Life is not like the movies.

You don’t simply wake up in the morning,

hop out of bed and look into the mirror

to see that you are automatically healthy,

wealthy and content.

Life requires persistence and hard work. ― Dave Craige


(commentator Thomas Sugru)

Mahomet was a prophet,

but did not perform miracles.

He was not a mystic,

did not create any official doctrine,

before the age of forty

He had not yet begun to carry out his mission.

When Mahomet announced

that he was the messenger of Allah

and would prophesy of a true faith,

he was ridiculed by everyone

and was officially declared insane.

Children pointed at him,

women threw dirt and stones.

He was expelled from his home city Mecca

and his disciples were also stripped of all worldly rights

and sent out into the desert with him.

After ten years as a prophet,

Mahomet had nothing but ridicule,



and suffering.

But just ten years later,

he sat in Mecca and reigned over all of Arabia,

becoming the head of a new world religion

that would later expand from Danube to Pirinei.

The development of this religion is based on three great chains:

the power of words, the power of prayer,

and the likeness of man to Alla.

Not all of Mahomet’s life had special meaning.

He was born in one of the oldest families in Mecca,

which at that time was a great commercial city,

it can also be called the commercial center of all mankind,

and so it was like a courtyard common

to all passersby.

In the city it is always dusty,

dirty and hot,

so people often send their children

to nomads for education.

Mahomet was also educated in the same way,

he grew up on horse milk,

becoming a strong and strong young man.

First he herded sheep,

then got a job as a hired hand

for a rich widow

to lead a caravan across the desert.

In this way, Mahomet traveled throughout the East,

conversing with people of the most different religions.

He saw Christianity split into many small

and sometimes hostile sects.

When he turned twenty-eight years old,

his widow married him.

His father was against the marriage,

but the widow drank and forced him

to pray for them.

Over the next twelve years,

Mahomet became a wealthy,


and well-respected merchant.

Then, suddenly,

he left home in the desert,

until one fine day he returned

with the first lines of the Koran

and declared himself the Messenger of Allah.

The Koran, the inspiration of the Most High,

is the most inexplicable miracle in Mahomet’s life.

He was not a poet,

he had no gift for words.

Yet the lines filled

with faith in the Koran are more wonderful

than anything that professional poets

of all Arab peoples can produce.

For the Arabs, this is truly a miracle.

Because of genius language is considered to be the greatest gift,

and the poet is equated with the Supreme.

Mahomet said that everyone is equal before God

and the whole world must become a democratic Muslim nation.


it was bullshit,

and beyond all that,

Mahomet had a burning desire

to break 360 idols in the courtyard,

beside the Kaaba.

This rock attracted many nomads to Mecca,

and that meant that trade flourished.

So the local capitalists,

of which Mahomet himself belonged,

were angry with the Prophet.

He left the desert again and demanded world domination.

This is how the Islamic movement was born.

From the desert rose an unquenchable fire,

an army of a fighting people,

an army strong by unity

and the desire to die for victory.

Mahomet called on Judaism and Christianity

to unite and unite with Islam.

He said that he did not create a new religion

but only called for gathering under his banner those

who believe in the one Supreme Being

and are willing to fight for their beliefs.

If the Christians and Jews supported Mahomet,

he would have conquered the whole world.

But they refused,

unwilling to accept the new idea of ​​holy war.

When the Prophet’s army entered Jerusalem,

none of the city’s inhabitants were killed,

because the creed of Mahomet required it.

But a few centuries later,

when the Crusaders captured Jerusalem,

the elderly,

women and children of Islam were mercilessly killed.

However, Christianity

and Islam still have similarities.

The same in the synthetic theory of the One Supreme Being.

In short, the poor work hard

and quickly spend all the money they earn,

and the results,

that they have to work hard all their lives.

Rich people work hard,

spend sparingly,

and invest their money

so they never have to work hard again.

If you would know the value of money,

go and try to borrow some. ― Benjamin Franklin


The most extraordinarily successful people are those

who have persisted beyond the norm. ― Justin


Consistently forging people is like coal turning ore into high-quality steel.

Persistence helps you develop

to the point of perfecting your money thinking skills,

while your subconscious becomes a money printing factory.

Repeat over and over the eight points you need

to train yourself to be consistent.

Hang this catalog on your wall

so it’s often a point of view for you to rise to.

People like Fenny Herst, Kate Smith,

L.M.Fields teach us invaluable lessons

that consistency is absolutely necessary.

Mahomet and others show how consistency can change the course of history.

Four simple steps lead to consistent habits,

and eliminate adverse effects on your subconscious mind

and consciousness,

influences from which you may not have completely escaped until now.

Profit is better than salary.

Wages make you a living;

profits make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn 



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