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Jim Rohn is happy and healthy! The day that turns your life around

Chapter 11 The day that turns your life around

We have come a long way together.

In this book, I have shared a feast of ideas with you

– surefire strategies to satisfy your appetite

with the feast of a prosperous and happy life.

However, I also have to share with you a concern.

You see, if you fully mastered everything in this book,

you could call yourself an expert on the principles

of prosperity and happiness.

Why, because you can even give a pretty impressive lecture

on the philosophical aspects of success.

But you have to do more in life than

just theoretically know how things are supposed to work.

In the freelance system,

you have to take action to make things happen.

Only applied knowledge makes sense.

So how can you bridge the gap between knowledge and action?

Is there a third ingredient that acts as a catalyst?

Fortunately there is.

Those are our feelings.

Fear can kill your dreams

and disable your skills. – Aysa Hazan



Emotions are the most powerful resources within us.

Under the power of emotions man can perform the most heroic deeds

(as well as the most barbaric acts).

Emotions are the fuel

and the mind is the pilot to work together

to steer the ship of civilized progress.

What kind of emotions make people act?

There are four basic types;

each type or combination of several types can trigger the most unbelievable action.

The day you allow these emotions to fuel your desires

is the day you will turn your life around.

The perfect career never comes to you on its own.

You must find it or create it. – Aysa Hazan



People often don’t equate the word “disgusted” with positive action.

But if properly communicated,

disgust can change a person’s life.

The person who feels disgust has reached the point of no return.

That person is ready to challenge life itself and say,

“I can’t take it anymore!”

That’s what I said after my harrowing experience with the Girl Scout

and her two-dollar package of cookies. ”

I can’t take it anymore!”

I said. “I don’t want to live like this any longer.

I cannot bear the need any longer.

I can’t stand embarrassment anymore and I can’t stand lying.”

Yes, feelings of wanting to work out of disgust arise

when a person says,

“That’s enough.” End.

The “man” finally couldn’t stand being a failure anymore.

He couldn’t stand mediocrity anymore.

He couldn’t bear the horrible feeling of fear,

pain, and humiliation.

He saw his wife once again going

through the supermarket canned food shelves

to buy a box of beans

and he knew what to expect.

He knows that she will be looking at the brand that costs 69 cents

and the brand that costs 67 cents.

He knows that although she prefers the 69-cent brand,

she will buy the coin.

And he knew,

all too well,

why she bought the cheaper one

– saving two cents.


Our ‘man’,

dejected, said:

‘I’m fed up with kneeling in the dust for pennies.

We don’t want to live like this any longer.”

Careful! This could be the day that turns your life around.

Call it whatever you want

– the “I can’t take it anymore” day,

the “never repeat” day,

the “enough is enough” day.

Whatever you call it,

you can call it powerful!

Nothing is as life-changing as lousy disgust.

On the contrary,

there is nothing more pitiable than in a state of disgust.

Someone said,

“I think I can’t take it anymore…”

How sad, how weak.

The fuel in that kind of emotion isn’t

even enough to drive a toy train in a bathtub!

It should be remembered that

all famous brands have an anonymous starting point

but through hard work and careful planning,

they have made a name for themselves. – Aysa Hazan



Most of us need to be pushed to the edge to make decisions.

And once we’re in that state,

we’ll have to contend with conflicting feelings

and the things that create them.

We have reached the crossroads of the road.

Now this crossroads can have two ways,

three ways or even four ways.

It’s not surprising that decision-making can create spasms in our stomachs,

force us to wake up in the middle of the night,

or make us suddenly break out into a cold sweat.

Making life-changing decisions can feel like a civil war inside of you.

Armies of conflicting emotions,

each with their own arsenal of reasons,

battle each other to take over your mind.

And our final decision,

whether brave or weak,

well thought out or abrupt,

can form a plan

of action or turn a blind eye.

I don’t have much advice

for you on decision-making,

except this:

Whatever you do, don’t camp at the fork in the road.


Even making the wrong decision is much better than

making no decision at all.

Each of us has to deal with our feelings

of excitement and deal with our emotions.

As one young entrepreneur told me

after deciding to take a risk

all and start a new business:

“I gave up on the idea of getting rid of my worries and fears.

But at least now I can make them line up in most situations.”

You, of course, have a powerful decision-making tool, don’t you?

If you’ve done your goal setting exercises

(Have you done them?

If not, it’s not too late to do them now),

you have a life plan for the long and short term.

All you have to do now is decide to act

by expressing your righteous desires.

Life is a wide canvas

and you should paint

in it all the colors you can. – Aysa Hazan



How does one get a wish?

I don’t think I can answer this question directly

because there are so many ways.

But I do know two things about aspiration:

– It comes from the inside not from the outside.

– It can be activated by external resources.

Almost anything can trigger aspiration.

What matters is time

as well as preparation.

It could be a heart-moving piece of music.

It can be a memorable lecture.

It could be a movie,

a conversation with a friend,

a confrontation with an enemy

or a bitter experience.

Even a book like this can activate the internal mechanisms that

make someone say,

“I want it now!”

So, while searching for your “hot button” of pure,

primordial desire,

welcome each positive experience in your life.

Don’t put up a wall to shield yourself from life’s experiences.

The wall keeps us not only from disappointments

but also keeps us out of the light of enriching experiences.

So let life touch you.

The next touch could be the one that turns your life around.

Enthusiasm helps people overcome challenges to do miracles.

With enthusiasm,

man can change the world order

and make history. – Aysa Hazan



Determined to say, “I will”.

These two words are incredibly powerful. I WILL.

Benjamin Disraeli, the great British statesman, once said:

“Nothing can resist the will of the man

who bets even its very existence on the importance of purpose.”

In other words, when someone is determined to “live or die”,

nothing can stop him.

The climber said, “I will climb the mountain.

They told me the mountains were too high,

too far,

too steep,

too rocky,

too difficult.

But that’s my mountain.

I will climb it.

You’ll see me beckoning from the top

or you’ll never see me again,

because unless I get to the top,

I won’t come back.”

Who could argue with such determination!

When faced with such iron determination I can see Time,


and Circumstances rushing to convene a conference and make a decision:

“We must let him fulfill his dream.

He said you would go there or die while trying to do it.”

The best definition of “determination”

I have ever heard came from a female student in Foster City, California.

As is my custom,

I am teaching success to a group

of promising students at a middle school.

I asked, “Can anyone tell me what is meant by ‘determination’?”

Some arms go up and I actually get some pretty good definitions.

But the last one is the best.

A shy girl from the back of the room stood up

and said with quiet determination,

“I think determination means promising yourself to never give up.”

It’s him!

That’s the best definition I’ve ever heard:

Promise yourself to never give up.

Think about that!

How long does it take a child to learn to walk?

How long will you spend with a normal baby before you say,

“Okay, you’ve run out of chances?”

Any mother in the world would say,

“My baby will keep trying until he can walk!”

Despite everyone walking.

There is a vital lesson in this.

Ask yourself:

“How long will it take me to make my dream come true?”

I recommend answering:

“Until it is achieved.”

That’s what determination is all about.

To do that,

you must first dare to think,

dare to do. – Aysa Hazan



Knowledge fueled by emotion equals action.

Action is the final part of this formula.

It is the ingredient that guarantees results.

Only action can cause a reaction.

Deeper down,

only positive action can produce a positive response.


The world loves to see who makes things happen

and rewards them for creating a wave of productive businesses.

I stress this because nowadays

I see a lot of people

who are actually just selling affirmations.

However, there is a famous saying:

“Believe without action serves only useless purposes.” True!

I am by no means opposed to affirmations

as a tool to induce action.

Repeatedly to reinforce a disciplined plan,

affirmations can help produce great results.

But there is also a fine line between trust and gullibility.

You see, affirmation

without action is the beginning of self-deception.

It is like a sales manager walking out of a sales meeting

where everything is sped up and saying,

“I would be the greatest figure in this business”

but then did not take any idea

or take any disciplinary action for his words.

She may be walking to watch the sunrise.

I prefer dreams of the future

to the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson


Four questions

As we near the end of our journey together,

I have a few questions for you to ponder.

The first is:

1st: Why should you try?

Because I am wife of self-made millionaire

Children often ask “why” questions.

And this is an important “why” question.

I mean, why wake up early?

Why work so hard?

Why read so many books?

Why make friends with many people?

Why go that far?

Why make so much money?

Why give so much away?

The best answer to the question

“Why should you try?”

is another question:


2nd: Why not?

Yes, I am deserver.

What would you do differently with your life?

Why not see how far you can go?

Why not see how much you can earn,

read or share?

Why not see what you can become

or how far you can grow?

Why not

After all, you will exist in this world until you are gone.

Why not exist in a stylish way?

The third question pushes the matter a little further.

It asks:


3rd: “Why not you?”

It is me, not others

Some people have done the most incredible things with a limited background.

Some people do so well that they go through everything.

Why not you?

Why not soak up history on the Tower of London

or uncover the dark secrets of Spain?

Why not have lunch at one of the charming cafes overlooking

the famous Elysees in Paris?

Why not you?

Why not be your cruise ship on the Caribbean Sea?

Who knows, you’ll have the best oysters in Miami?

Why not shop on Fifth Avenue in New York City,

stay at the Waldorf or the Plaza or the Carlisle

(the fancy, expensive hotels on Fifth Avenue),

enjoy the roasted goose slices on Apple pie background

at Luchow’s restaurant?

Why aren’t you sipping in the sunsets of Arizona?

Why not enjoy everything life has to offer,

knowing that it is your reward for consistent and disciplined efforts?

Why not you?

And now,

my friend,

here’s the last question for you:


Final: Why not now?

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

Why postpone a better future

when so many miracles await your command?

Get hold of it today.

Buy a few new books, make a blueprint of your goals,

invite a millionaire out to eat,

find new ways to increase productivity,

develop a life style full of generosity and love,

perform a new attempt to believe in yourself.

And go ahead.

Finally, ask God for help. Yes,

I believe our future success depends on us.

But I also know that we all need spiritual nourishment,

especially when our ability

to deal is weakened by facing adversity.

There is a story about a man

who picked up a pile of rocks

and in two years turned it into a lovely garden filled

with the most beautiful flowers.

One day a virtuous man passed by.

The virtuous man has heard about the garden

because its fame spreads around it for many miles.

But he also wants to make sure

that this garden does not forget the supreme creator.

So he said, “Gardener,

God surely bless you with a beautiful garden.”

The gardener understood the meaning of the saying.

“You are right, virtuous man,” he said.

“If it weren’t for sunshine,



and the magic of seeds and crops,

there wouldn’t be any garden.

However, if only I had seen this place a few years ago

when God kept it for me.”

You and I have been given the gifts of life

but it is up to us to decide

whether we will use god’s laws to create,

to prosper,

and to be happy.

Rich think about money and happy. – Aysa Hazan

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