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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Thank you

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 31: Thank you

Sometimes, we should also remind ourselves

that gratitude is a noble value. — William J. Bennett


The best investment is a polite statement: “Thank you.”

A grocery store will easily attract customers to return

if its employees know how to say thank you.

Try to learn about successful people in business,

you will find

that they are people who acknowledge

and appreciate the merits of others.

One of the most successful people in America

was the one who thanked everyone who needed to see him,

including the people who collected the monthly bills.

He thanked whoever called him.

And when talking to his wife on the phone,

he always says,

“Your voice sounds so sweet today.

Surely his wife will feel extremely elated.

When he went to the street to polish his shoes,

he also did not forget to praise the shoe shine boy

for doing a good job.

At that time,

the expression on his face said

that those compliments motivated him

to work better and made him feel more satisfied with his work.

A person who appreciates what others do for him

will receive countless benefits

from just saying “thank you” he has given. — Napoleon Hill


The habit of thanking others

is one of the best habits you should have.

Think about it,

have you ever felt uncomfortable receiving a thank you note from someone else?

Or has saying thank you ever made you feel inferior and inferior?

If not, get in the habit of saying thank you.

There’s no need to verbalize your feelings every time

you’re grateful to someone.

Once you get into the habit of being grateful,

you will unconsciously live with it.

People who are grateful to others often show

through their eyes and attitude that habit.

It is the most visible quality

that is also the most contagious.

If you have to deal with a cold person

who only works like a machine,

I recommend one thing:

Don’t forget to say thank you!

Thank you notes have the effect of creating excitement

for both the listener and the speaker.

It has the potential to change the landscape of the problem.

The day will be better,

everyone will become more equal with each other

and everything will go smoother,

if everyone has a sense of cultivating gratitude.

Get in the habit of saying thank you

by acknowledging the work of others,

no matter who it is

– your secretary,

the restaurant hostess,

your friend or your husband/wife.

And no matter how ordinary what they do,

never forget to say thank you with a big smile.

It is a profitable investment.

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