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Brian Tracy! Psychology Of Selling! Ten Secrets of Business Success

Psychology Of Selling

Chapter 8. Ten Secrets of Business Success

Be honest with all you know.

That’s your ideal.

If you try your best,

you can’t do any more. – H. W. Dresser

About 20% of the top entrepreneurs can make around 80% of the money.

About 5–10% of which can be earned more than this amount.

Your goal is to become one of the best and highest paid in your field.

Fortunately, it seems a lot easier than you think.



One of the turning points in my life was

when I learned the theory of cause and effect.

As stated, this theory assumes that for every effect

– such as high income,

there is one or more specific causes.

If you do what other successful people do,

you’ll end up with the same results as them.

In the rest,

I’ll give you a few ideas to help you achieve great success.

The more you practice,

the better the results.

Once you’ve learned these ideas,

you’ll need less effort

and still have optimal results.

You will advance to the top of your business career.


1. Do what you love

All successful high earners,

including entrepreneurs,

love what they do.

You have to learn to love your work

and make a commitment to yourself

that you will excel in it.

These two elements always go hand in hand like gloves and hands.

Invest the necessary time,

accept all difficulties and make sacrifices to succeed.

Promise yourself that you will succeed.

Try to get into the top 10%.

Success also requires determination.

Sadly, most people only think about selling

and are never determined to succeed in what they are doing.

But the good news is that

you don’t have to be the best in the world to live a great life.

Success in business is for everyone,

even a little better.

If you put in your time and energy,

if you are truly committed to what you are doing

and learn to love the business,

you will make a lot of money.

Self-esteem and success.

We talked about the importance of self-esteem and success.

Psychologists have found that

you’ll never be happy

if you don’t realize you’re doing your job well.

You will never truly love yourself

and value yourself

if you are not good at your chosen job.

What makes many people unhappy

is that every morning

when they wake up,

they look in the mirror

and see that they are not good at anything.

People often feel valued

when they know they are capable of doing their jobs.

If you do not do well at what you are doing

and are not recognized by people for your ability,

people will feel unhappy and dissatisfied.

You can be the best.

Everyone is capable in some area.

Everyone has a unique ability.

Nature has created a “dominant gene” in every human being.

And it all depends on whether each person discovers his

or her forte field

and makes an effort to become a genius in that field.

Michael Jordan has been praised

by a journalist for his basketball skills:

he is lucky to have this amazing natural talent.

Jordan replied,

“Every person has a talent,

but every talent needs practice.”

Many people mistakenly think that if

they have the ability to excel in a field,

it will come naturally.

But in reality,

that excellence is the result of years of hard work

and unchanging goals.

Nothing can replace hard work.


2. Define exactly what you want

Don’t be vague,

define exactly what you want to achieve in your life.

Set a goal

and determine the price you will have to pay to achieve it.

Most people can’t do this.

According to one study,

only about 3% of adults have written down their life goals.

They are all the most successful

and highest paid in their fields.

They are proponents,



and top entrepreneurs.

Most people work for themselves.

Only about 3% of adults ever write down their life goals.

They are all the most successful

and highest paid in their fields.


Formula of goal

Here’s a simple 7-step formula for setting goals

and achieving them.

I’ve taught it everywhere I go,

and oftentimes the people who

attend my presentations are life-changing.

a. First, define exactly what you want.

If you want to increase your income,

specify that amount.

b. Second, write that goal down.

A goal that isn’t written down is just a fantasy.

It has no power or motive behind it.

It’s just like a shell without gunpowder,

or like cigarette smoke in the air.

c. Third, set a deadline for your goal.

Your subconscious needs deadlines.

It requires a strong drive to function.

If the goal is big enough,

give it a deadline.

If it’s a 10-year goal,

set a goal for each year,

then detail for each month of the next year.

You need to constantly check your progress against your planned goals

and deadlines.

d. Fourth, make a list of the things you need to do

to reach your goal.

Continually improve that list by thinking of new things.

The more things you put on your list,

the more excited you are about the goal

and the more motivated you are to achieve it.

Henry Ford said:

Any goal can be achieved

if you can break it down into smaller steps.

e. Fifth, organize your list by order and priority.

When you are in order,

you decide what to do first.

You can determine what to do first,

what to do later.

As you sort by priority,

you can identify the most important elements on the list.

That list is your plan.

A person with specific goals

and plans will be on the right track than

someone who has only dreams and hopes.

f. Sixth, take action for your goal,

whatever it is.

The main reason people achieve success is that they take action.

The reason for failure is that they don’t take action.

Failure is always caused by procrastination

until motivation and desire are gone

and they return to the starting point.

g. Seventh, do something every day toward your most important goal,

no matter what and when.

Do this 365 days a year.

Build discipline in your work so that it becomes as natural

and normal as your daily breathing.


Set 10 goals

Here is an exercise for you.

Take a piece of paper

and write the word Goal in the top corner of the page,

adding today’s date.

Write down 10 goals that you want to achieve

within the next 12 months.

Write as quickly as possible.

This exercise takes only 3-5 minutes.

Once you have a list of 10 goals,

go through it and ask yourself:

which of these will I achieve within 24 hours?

And has it had a positive effect on my life?

Answering these questions means you have identified your main goal.

It becomes the principle and focus of your life.

Copy this goal on a blank piece of paper

and write it down clearly

so that it can be measured in detail.

Set a deadline by which you plan to achieve that goal.

Make a list of every action you must take to achieve that goal.

Organize your list by order

and priority like a plan.

Pursue that goal and do something every day to achieve it.

Your main purpose

Think of this goal at any time:

waking up in the morning,

at work,

at night before going to bed.

Discuss this goal with those close to you.

Imagine how you would achieve the result,

imagine as if it had actually happened.

Make a determination that you won’t give up

until you reach your goal.

Failure is not an option.


Change your life

If you already have goals and determination to pursue,

within a year,

or maybe sooner,

your life will be completely different.

Both your sales and your income increase dramatically.

You will feel good about yourself.

You will begin to make strides in every area of your life.

You will be able to use human

and material resources that have helped your life.

And miracles will happen.

At the end of the year,

you will look back

and be speechless at the results of the past 12 months.

It only costs you a sheet of paper

and less than 10 minutes.

Try it now.

Write down 10 goals

and pick one and see what happens.


3. Support your goals with persistence and determination

When you start,

don’t think about failure.

Be persistent

and determined to support your goals.

Be determined to achieve your goal with all your mind.

Do not hesitate.

Be fully committed to your work

and don’t let anything stop you or discourage you.

You can tell for sure where you will be in the next one,

two, or three years based on how you react

to the inevitable negative influences,

setbacks or disappointments that come each day.

Your level of endurance will be a measure of your confidence.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus once said,

“Conditions do not make heroes,

they only reveal them.”

Adversity tells you who you really are.

A friend of mine,

Charlie Jones, said,

People only measure how high you can bounce,

not how deep you fall.

You can tell how successful you will be based on

how quick your reactions are.

Your level of resilience is a measure of your character.

The ability to work hard

and withstand the occasional breakdown in business

is the hallmark of expression of your determination to succeed.


4. Determined to learn for life

Wisdom is the most valuable asset,

and the level of what you think determines the level of your life.

Set yourself up for lifelong learning.

I cannot stress this too many times.

Not long ago,

a college student sent the presidents of all the Fortune 500 companies

a 39-question questionnaire.

Of these presidents,

83 responded to the student.

This is quite unusual from such busy people.

The student read the responses to find out what

these presidents attributed to their success.

One of the most commonly repeated pieces of advice is:

“Never stop learning and keep going.”

This also applies to you.

Your wisdom can increase in value.

Don’t stop reading, listening,

attending seminars

and courses,

and never forget that the most valuable asset

you have is your mind.


And your wisdom can also increase in value.

If you buy a car,

it also starts to wear out,

and loses value as soon as you drive it out of the place.

If you buy any item,

it will also be depreciated.

But you can increase your intellectual value by constantly updating

with new information

to achieve better results.

Enhance your value.

Each person begins life

with a finite amount of practical knowledge that

you can use for the benefit of others.

As you study,

you become more valuable.

The more knowledge you learn,

the more results you will get

and the better you will be paid.

Throughout your life you will gain more experience,

read more and improve your skills,

knowledge will grow,

and the rewards you will receive in life also increase.

As you get further along the path of life

and success is within reach,

the theory of cause

and effect is present.

In success,

cause-and-effect theory is understood

as “study and work”.

Every time you learn

and practice something new,

you are moving forward in life.

When you stop learning and stop working,

you stop moving forward.

As you continue to learn

and apply what you learn,

you move forward again.

The more you study and work,

the faster you will progress.

Fill the bucket.

Imagine your current amount of knowledge

and skills is like water in a bucket.

The water level is similar to your income level.

When you first enter your water bucket life

with only a little knowledge and skill,

your results

and rewards are few.

As you increase your skills and knowledge,

your bucket also gets fuller.

Your rewards and recognition also increase.

Over the years,

your bucket gets more and more full,

your knowledge and income also increase.

But this is the problem.

There’s a hole in this bucket.

Whenever you stop learning,

practicing new skills

and accumulating new knowledge and ideas,

you won’t stay in one place,

your “water level” will drop.

You will fall behind.

People start to overtake you.

If you don’t continue to upgrade your knowledge and skills,

you will lose your strengths.

Your current knowledge

and skills will become increasingly outdated and less valuable.


Never stop learning.

Most adults don’t understand this.

They have only basic training

but they still cling to these minimal knowledge

and skills for many years.

They were amazed

and exasperated

when young people overtook them in the race.

They feel irritated.

Nor has anyone ever told them

that continuous learning is as essential

as bathing and brushing their teeth daily.

If you don’t do this for a period of time,

the consequences will be obvious.

If you don’t study continuously,

your knowledge will shrink.

The unskilled people of the future are the people

who stop learning today.

Read every day,

listen to car shows,

take every course you can

and continuously put the knowledge you have into practice.


5. Use time wisely

Time is all you can sell,

your primary asset.

How you spend your time determines your standard of living.

Therefore, use your time wisely.

Time is all you can sell,

your primary asset.

According to the 80/20 rule,

some things you do are worth a lot more than others,

even though the execution time is the same.

Your goal is to focus on creating the most valuable things in your life

and work.

Start your day off with something you’ve already planned.

Write down everything you have to do the next day,

starting with the appointments,

then everything you can think of.

Never work without this list.

Time management experts say you can increase your productivity

by about 25% or get 2 extra hours of work by planning each day.

That list is the secret to effective management of your time and life.


Set clear priorities

When you have with a list,

prioritize each task,

determine which is more important.

Ask yourself:

I can only do one thing on this list a month before I leave this,

what do I need to do?

Regardless of your answer,

circle it.

Then ask yourself the same question:

With one month’s time,

what’s the second thing to do?

Please circle this.

And ask yourself this question again.

This exercise makes you think about the things

that are really important,

it is different from the urgent things.

Once you’ve identified the highest-priority task,

you’ll know where to start and what to do.


Choose the most important task

A good question you should ask is:

What can positively affect my work if done at the right time?

There is always such a thing and if you do it well,

it has a big impact on your results and rewards.

Another form of this question is:

What can only I do that,

if done well,

makes a difference?

Hour by hour, every day,

there is only one answer to this question.

There is always one thing that only you can make a difference,

no one can do for you.

But if you do it well you can make a difference.

What is that?

The last question you should ask

when setting priorities is:

What is the most valuable use of your time right now?

Again, ask this question every hour

and always get only one answer.

Your job is to make sure it’s worth the most,

no matter what you’re doing.



The ultimate time management trick,

once you have a list of priorities,

you start focusing on that task until it’s done.

Your ability to focus will be more evident

when you are right in front of the most important task,

then work on it until it is completed.

It will double

or triple your productivity

and results more than anything.


6. Follow the leaders

Do what successful people do.

Follow the leaders,

not the people who are also following.

Do what the leaders in your field do.

Take a look around you.

Who do you admire the most?

Who gets the results you want too?

Find the best in your field

and strive to become as much as they can.

If you want to know how to be a successful salesperson,

ask the most successful person in your business for advice.

Ask them what book you should read,

what program should you listen to,

what course should you take.

Ask them about their views,


approach to work,

and their clients.


Learn from the most successful people

Successful people often help others succeed.

Even people who are too busy will try to find time to help you,

if you really want to be successful.

Once you get advice from successful people,

follow it.

Do what the winners encourage you to do.

Buy books and read,

listen to radio shows,

take courses and practice what you learn,

then tell people who recommend you what you did.

These people will want to help you even more.


Give yourself an image

During a presentation in front of over a thousand people

quite a while ago,

a salesman told me an interesting story.

I recognized him

as a successful person by his appearance.

He is well-dressed,

well groomed,


laid-back personality

and very open-minded.

He looks like he’s successful.

He said that when he started,

he also seemed like a novice.

Within the first 6 months,

he realized that there were 4 good sales people at the company

and they seemed to only have a relationship with each other,

not spending time with other young salespeople.

He compared young salespeople,

like himself,

to good salespeople,

and he immediately realized that

the higher-paid people were much better dressed

than the low-paid ones.

They are sharp, wise and professional.

They seem like a successful person.


Ask for advice

Then he asked one of them what he could do to be more successful.

The other replied that

he had to know how to use a time management system

and point him in the right direction.

Despite hearing this,

the young salesman had never known such a system.

He went shopping

and started using his time more efficiently.

Then he transformed himself into a good salesman.

Not only asking for advice from them on what to read and listen to,

he also observes them

and takes them as an example for himself.

Every morning,

before going to work,

he stands in front of the mirror and asks himself:

Do I look like a good salesman?


Look at the mission

He commented on himself,

especially in terms of dressing and beauty.

He will continue to change

until he feels like a top salesman.

And only then did he come to the company.

Within a year,

he had become one of the top sellers in the world.

He also only deals with other top sellers.

And he became like them.


Go ahead

Due to increased sales,

he was invited to a national sales conference.

At the conference,

he had the opportunity to interact with top sellers across the country

and ask for their advice.

No wonder they were happy to tell you about some of the work

they’ve done to get to the top of their field.

When he returned,

he wrote them thank you letters

and applied their ideas to his work.

And his sales increased again.

Before long,

he became the top salesman in the company,

then across the country.

In just 5 years,

he changed his life.

At national sales conferences,

he was always invited to the podium to receive awards.

In his eighth year in business,

he became the top salesman in the nation.

What you told me is very interesting.

He says all of his success comes from learning

from top sellers what they did

and then following their lead.

But he also learned that,

although these successful salespeople varied year after year,

he was still the first to turn to them and ask for advice.


Fly with the eagle

David McClelland of Harvard University

and author of The Achieving Society,

observes that the key difference

between success and failure in life

depends on your choice of “group of people.”

He concludes that

“A oxen, a ox, a horse, a horse.”

A reference group is a group of people that

you have regular contact with,

and have a great influence on the results you achieve in life.

You always tend to imitate the values,


ways of dressing and lifestyle of those around you.

If you associate with successful people,

you will learn from their attitudes,


and the way they talk,

the way they dress,

their successful work habits…

Soon you will get the same result.


Deadly Mistakes

McClelland also found that

choosing a reference group of negative people can also ruin a person in the long run,

causing them to fail.

A person can go to the best university,

get the best training,

have the best talents and abilities,

but if he hangs out with unsuccessful people,

he can also fail.

We’ve found that changing your circle of contacts,

when you move from one company to another,

or when you begin to associate with successful people,

can change lives

and achievements results you achieve.

As speaker Zig Ziglar said,

“You can’t fly with an eagle if you only play with duck.

Humans are a lot like geckos,

we learn the manners of the people we hang out with.

We become like them,

we learn their views.

The power of cues,

especially the opinions and views of others,

has a powerful effect on the way we think,

feel about ourselves,

and behave every day.


7. Personality decides everything

Keep your reputation like a treasure.

Nothing is more important than the quality of your life in society.

And when it comes to business success,

you still have to have credibility.

You can only succeed so people trust you.


Keep your reputation like a treasure.

Studies have shown that

established trust is the single most important factor

that distinguishes one salesperson from another,

and from one company to another.

Stephen Covey Quote:

“If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy.”

Honesty means that

you always keep your promises and always tell the truth.


Be honest with yourself

There is another factor that is equally important to credibility,

as Shakespeare said:

“When you are true to yourself,

day and night you cannot deceive anyone else.”

You have to be honest with yourself.

Live in the truth,

don’t create illusions for yourself.

You have to be absolutely honest

and never expect things to be different from what they are.

Learn to face reality

and see life as it is,

not as you wish.

Most people are honest,

they don’t lie,

they don’t cheat and they don’t steal.

They do their jobs, pay taxes,

and treat others fairly.

But even these people sometimes dream, hope,

or expect things that are not real.


Practice the principle of reality

According to Jack Welch,

President of the United States Electricity Corporation,

the most important rule-based leadership is reality.

This principle is based on seeking the truth,

wherever it may lead.

“Treat the world as it is,”

he said, not as you would like

Whenever there is difficulty

or trouble at the company,

the first question he asks is:

“What is the essence of the matter?”

In life, it is very important that you are honest with yourself,

you live and to that fact.

Being honest with yourself will energize the best in you.

Every day,

you always have to work to achieve the goal

that you have set for yourself.

Let’s face reality,

whatever it is.

This is a sign of your honesty.


8. Unlock your innate creativity

Think you are a smart person or even, a genius.

Admit yourself that you have a whole bunch of creative ideas

that haven’t been used yet.

Say it over and over again:

“I am a genius! I’m a genius! I’m a genius!”

This may sound exaggerated at first,

but it is not.

In fact, everyone is a genius in one or more fields.

There are more possibilities

within you right now

than you have ever done.

You also have many innate abilities that

surpass all your previous accomplishments.

You have an inexhaustible source of creative ideas and intelligence.

As American speaker Dennis Waitley said,

“You have more potential than you can use in 100 years.”


Use your natural talent

One of the highest goals in life is to identify your special ability

and then develop this ability to a higher level.

This is where your talent shines.

Tests show that about 95% of children show signs of a genius.

But when these children were tested as adults,

only about 5% were still capable of doing at the level of creativity

and imagination.

Over the years,

they found,

“If you want to progress,

you have to move forward.”

The best domain of a genius,

for your own sake, is the art of selling.

Only about 10% of salespeople are qualified to practice

all 7 sales skills at a high level.

If you are in this situation,

you can both secure a high-income life

and succeed in your career.


How to discover your special talent?

There are a few ways to help you discover your niche.

First, it’s something you enjoy doing.

When you don’t do it,

you think about it too and intend to go back to it.

Second, it completely captures your attention.

When doing something that only you are suitable for,

you often lose the concept of time:

forget to eat, forget to rest.

Third, you enjoy learning about it and getting better at it.

You crave books, programs,

and courses that offer better knowledge in your dominant field.

Fourth, you enjoy talking about it,

discussing it,


and socializing with people who are doing the right job for you.

Sometimes you see people say,

“When I’m at work, I work.

But when I left the company,

I didn’t think about it anymore.”

This type of person often has a very bleak career future.

A person who doesn’t think about his job

while away from the company

is not the right machine for that job.

If you’re doing your job right,

your work and your personal life will be intertwined,

with only a thin line between the two.

The fifth, and perhaps the highest element of your natural talent,

is that it’s easy to learn and easy to do.

The fact that you forget how to learn it in the first session,

it’s too easy for you.

It may be a natural impression to you personally,

you can do it easily and do it well without any effort.

One of the reasons many people don’t live up to their expectations is

that they always consider themselves to be just average.

They see other people doing better than them

and assume that these people are better than them.

But if they think this way,

then logically reasoning,

they must be the inferior

if there is someone better than them.

If there is someone more valuable than them,

they will be the less valuable.

This feeling leads them to easily accept average results even

when they are actually capable of doing better.


9. Implement the Golden Rule

Follow the golden rule in dealing with others:

Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.

Think of yourself as a customer.

How would you like to be treated?

Obviously you want the salesperson

to be frank with you,

you want them to take the time

to fully understand your problem,

then show you step-by-step in their solution that

can improve your life

and business one by one effectively.

You should appreciate the value of being honest

and straightforward.

You want the salesperson to explain

to you the disadvantages

as clearly as the advantages of the product.

You also want the salesperson to not break their promises

and keep their promises to you.

If these are the main things you want from a salesperson,

bring this to every customer you have a chance to talk to.


Popular proverbs

Follow the maxim of Emanuel Kinh, the Dutch philosopher:

“Live as if your every action had become a universal law.”

Imagine everyone in your world behaving the way you did.

If you take this as a standard of conduct,

you will find yourself practicing.

The golden rule and you are treating everyone around you

as if they were a million dollar customer.

Ask yourself:

“What would the company be like

if everyone in the company were like you?”

Imagine every person who meets you will rate the entire company,

management, products,



and customer service, etc.,

based on how you treat them, one by one. .

Excellent people score points

because they set high standards for themselves

and they don’t compromise on those standards.

They imagine everyone is looking at them,

even when no one is looking.

You can understand a person’s character

by what he or she does

and how he treats himself when alone.


10. It takes a price to succeed

Finally, and perhaps most importantly,

be determined to work hard.

This is one of the keys to success.

During their research for The Millionaire Next Door,

Dr. Stanley and Danko interviewed thousands of millionaires about

what makes them successful.

85% of American millionaires admit they’re not smarter

or more talented than everyone else,

but they “work harder” than anyone, for longer.

The secret to your business success is to start a little earlier,

work a little harder and stay a little longer.

Do chores that the average person avoids doing.

As you begin your workday,

resolve to “work all the time.”

Don’t waste time.

Go fast, create an aggressive and action-oriented style.

The secret to your business success is to start a little earlier,

work a little harder and stay a little longer.


Feel free

Hard work and success in life can be compared

to airplanes taking off

and flying.

Once you’re inside the plane

and about to take off,

call the control tower

and ask them to release the flight path

and you can open the throttle,

100%, to run on the runway and into the air.

This is exactly my aim.

If you only throttle 80%, even 90%,

you will never achieve takeoff speed.

You will stay on the ground

until you run to the end of the runway

and crash somewhere.


Don’t limit yourself

In life, many people work hard

but they don’t see the importance of giving 100%.

As a result, they never reached the take-off point that

brought them to the top of their field.

They stay on the ground forever,

at a normal level,

they are still only among the 80% of sales people

who can make 20% of the money.

The good news is that when you fully open the throttle,

the plane wheels on the runway keep speed and altitude,

you will soon be flying.

By keeping the throttle wide open,

you will ascend

until you reach the height needed to maintain high gear.

At that time,

you can keep the throttle and the job will be easier,

you will be at this height throughout the trip.

In a career in sales – taking off,

especially in the early stages,

you have to put 100% of your energy

to get out of the earth’s gravity,

above average.

But when you get to the required height

and stay on high gear, i.e.

make it to the top 10 in your field,

you can slow down

and spend more time with your family

and still maintain a high level of income.



Now you have the ability to work better than before,

you can achieve all your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

You can create an interesting life for yourself and your family.

You can become one of the most valuable people in your company,

in your field,

earning the respect of everyone around you.

You can make a big difference in the survival of your company,

your customers,

and your community.

With self-education and the practice of sales psychology,

you can soar to the stars.

There are no limits at all!



1. Decide to be one of the best sellers in the country in your field at any cost,

any sacrifice and never give up until you do.

2. Commit to lifelong learning,


listening to programs,

and attending seminars.

Your life just gets better as you improve yourself.

3. Good time management:

plan carefully and be determined to make every minute

of your life more meaningful.

4. Do what you love,

put your heart into your work and keep making it better.

5. State your determination to succeed,

and never give up until you reach your most important goals.

6. Immediately list 10 goals you want to achieve

within the next 12 months,

choose the most important goal from this list

and work towards it every day.

7. Don’t waste a minute of your working hours or live to the fullest,

start working early,

work harder, stay later.

Live your life for success.

We only get so far in life when we work towards a goal,

when we are confident and always believe in victory.

Nature cannot be fooled.

You will only achieve your goal when you are fully committed to it. – Napoleon Hill

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