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Brian Tracy! Goal! Take Responsibility For Your Life

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 2: Take Responsibility For Your Life

As a general rule, people rely very little on what they are born with.

They want to be what they make themselves. — Alexander Graham Bell

As mentioned, at the age of 21 I was still very poor

and lived in a small room.

During the day I work at a construction site,

and at night I lock myself in my room.

Maybe that’s why I have a lot of time to reflect on everything.

One day while sitting at the small dining table in the kitchen,

suddenly a strange thought flashed in my mind.

It changed my whole life.

It suddenly occurred to me that from this moment on

I would be the one to decide everything

that would happen for the rest of my life.

No one else can help me.

No one comes to rescue me from this miserable life!

At that moment, I realized that if there was anything in my life

that needed to change,

that change had to start with me.



Dream your own dreams,

achieve your own goals.

Your journey is your own and unique. ― Roy T. Bennett 

I still vividly remember that moment.

It’s like the feeling of skydiving for the first time both scared and excited.

I seem to be wondering before the choice:

To dance or not to dance?

And in the end, I decided to jump down.

Rather, I have decided to take responsibility for my own life.

I knew that if I wanted to change my current situation,

I had to do it differently.

It’s all up to me to decide.

Later, I realized that once we accept full responsibility for our lives,

it means we are mature enough.

But sadly most people usually don’t do this.

I’ve met many people even though I’m 40 – 50 years old

are still grumbling about their previous unpleasant experiences.

They often blame other people

and external circumstances for the disappointments they receive.

Even many people still look angry

when they talk about it what their parents did

(or didn’t do) to them 20 or 30 years ago.

They are trapped in the past and cannot free themselves.



Review your goals twice every day

in order to be focused on achieving them. — Les Brown

The biggest enemy of success and happiness is negative emotions,

in any form.

These emotions will drag you down,

drain you of all your energy,

and deprive you of the joys you can enjoy in life.

Negative emotions have, since time immemorial,

been more harmful to individuals

and society than any epidemic in history.

Therefore, you must know

how to free yourself from negative emotions.

This is considered one of the most important goals for you

to truly achieve happiness and success in life.

Negative emotions such as fear, resentment, jealousy, envy,

and anger mostly arise from the four factors

that I will describe below.

Once you can identify and remove these elements from your thoughts,

the negative emotions will automatically subside

and have no chance to arise.

Then, positive emotions such as love, friendliness,

joy, enthusiasm will take its place,

from which your life will change for the better,

sometimes it only takes a few minutes, or even seconds.

Don’t make excuses

The first root cause of negative emotions is excuses.

You will feel weak when you excuse yourself

or others that you have a right to be angry

or frustrated for some reason.

This is the reason why angry people go on to explain

and talk about the causes of their negative emotions.

However, if you don’t justify your negative emotions,

you won’t be angry either.

For example, an employee loses his

or her job due to economic fluctuations

and a decline in the company’s revenue.

However, this person was angry with his superior

because he thought the decision to let him quit was unfair.

Anger may cause him to decide to take the case

to court or to “get justice” in some way.

As long as he continues to defend himself,

his emotions will continue to control

and dominate his thoughts and most of his life.

However, if he accepts “I lost my job.

That is also normal.

Not many people have lost their jobs in the current economic situation.

I’d better spend my time looking for another job”,

then those negative emotions will surely disappear.

He will calm, alert and more focused on the goal

as well as for the next steps.

Don’t try to explain more

When you’re more rational,

you try to rationalize the facts

or try to explain some of your behavior.

At that time, you find ways to explain,

avoid or find a positive point in your behavior to convince people.

You try to find a way to make it easy to understand

in order to create

and strengthen your right position in every way.

This behavior will continue to keep negative emotions alive in you.

Making excuses to rationalize

and justify the problem may push someone

to be the cause of your problem.

You push yourself, take the victim’s position,

and turn another person or organization into an “oppressor”.

Go beyond the opinions of others

Being overly concerned or overly sensitive

to how others treat you can also cause negative emotions.

For some people, self-image seems to

be perceived by the way others talk

to them, perceive them,

or even look at them.

There is no concept of price in them, self-worth

or self-esteem in addition to seeing oneself according

to the opinions of others.

And when these opinions are directed at them with a negative nature,

they are immediately swept up in emotions

such as anger,


shame and even depression,

self-pity, and despair.

This is why psychologists say

that almost everything we do is to gain the respect of others,

or at least not to lose respect for ourselves.


The last cause,

which is also considered the worst,

is pushing the responsibility onto someone else.

When I draw the “Tree of Negative Emotions” in my seminars,

I illustrate the trunk as the part that tends to blame others for our problems.

Once you cut down the tree trunk,

all the fruit on it that are negative emotions will have no life left.

This is similar to when you unplug from the electrical outlet,

the lights on the Christmas tree will instantly turn off.



If a goal is worth having,

it’s worth blocking out the time

in your day-to-day life necessary to achieve it. — Jill Koenig

The antidote to all negative emotions is

to accept full responsibility for the situation mine.

You can’t say with your mouth,

“I’m responsible” and still feel angry inside.

It is the acceptance of responsibility that

will “short-circuit” and suppress those emotions.

Try to imagine it!

You can neutralize your negative emotions

and can take control of your life with a sense of

I am responsible!” whenever feeling angry or frustrated for any reason.

And you remember,

only when you do this in its own right will it work to its full potential.

When you don’t get caught up in anything that

is emotionally or mentally frustrating,

then you can begin to focus all of your energy

and enthusiasm on the goal in front of you.

Then, there will be no limits or obstacles

to prevent you from reaching your goals in life.



If something is important enough,

even if the odds are against you,

you should still do it. ― Elon Musk

From now on, stop blaming others for anything in the past,

present and future.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”.

Start making excuses or excuses for your behavior.

If you make a mistake, say sorry and start fixing it right away.

Every time you blame someone else

or make an excuse for your mistake,

you are losing your strength.

Then you will feel weak and small.

You also feel cynical in your own thoughts.

Please refuse such things!



Greatness is not measured by

what a man or woman accomplishes,

but by the opposition,

he or she has overcome to reach his goals. — Dorothy Height 

To maintain a positive mindset, avoid criticizing, complaining

or condemning others for anything.

Once you do this, you can stimulate positive emotions within you.

On the contrary,

being angry with others means

that you allow your negative emotions to rule you

and at the same time allow others to control your emotions.

That’s not really wise!

In his book Seat of the Soul, famous psychologist

and anthropologist Gary Zukav says:

Positive emotions are powerful;

Negative emotions take power.

Positive emotions like happiness,



enthusiasm help you feel stronger

and more confident.

Negative emotions such as anger,

grief or

Resentment will make you weak,



and annoyed with those around you.

Once you take full responsibility for yourself and your situation,

you can confidently handle everything in life.

At that time, you will become

the master of your own destiny and the commander of your own soul“.



Where are the people who don’t have goals headed?

Those 97 per cent end up working for the three percent. — Shiv Khera 

According to the study conducted in New York City mentioned above,

researchers found that subjects in the 3% group

who wrote down their goals in writing had a particular attitude.

That attitude sets them apart from other ordinary people in the same field.

That is, they own their own work,

regardless of who pays the salary.

They tell themselves that they have a responsibility to the company,

as if they were the owners of the company.

From now on, consider yourself as the owner,

who is fully responsible for all aspects of life and work.

Tell yourself that you are in this position,

holding this position because of what you have strived for

and achieved success as well as experience failure in life.

You are the architect of your own destiny.



Here’s a two step formula for handling stress.

Step number one: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Step number two: Remember it’s all small stuff. — Tony Robbins

Do you think your life up to this point has been influenced by all the choices

and decisions you have made (or failed to make)?

If there is anything in your life that disappoints you,

you are the one to blame.

If you feel unhappy,

it is up to you to think of ways to change and improve the situation.

As your own employer,

you are fully responsible for everything you do

and for its results.

You are responsible for the risks

and consequences of your actions.

You must understand that to get where you are today,

to become the person you are today is your own decision and choice.

If you are not satisfied with your current income level,

decide to look for better positions

and opportunities to earn more.

See it as a goal,

plan and work to get what you deserve.

You are always free in the decisions that make up your life.



But sooner or later the man

who wins is the one who thinks he can. — Napoleon Hill

You must be responsible for strategic planning

for your life and career.

It is the overall management strategy,

including setting goals,


providing solutions and efforts to accomplish.

Besides, you must be responsible for your own marketing strategy.

You must know how to build your image to be able to “sell”

for the highest price in a competitive market.

You are also responsible for the financial strategy,

you have to decide:

how do you want to sell your services,

how much income you want to earn,

how much you want to increase your income year over year ,

how much you want to invest and save,

how much you want to save for retirement.

All of these are completely up to your decisions and choices.

In addition, you are responsible for your personal development strategy

and your relationships,

both at home and at work.

I often advise my students:

Choose your boss carefully”.

This will have a big impact on your income level,

your ability to advance, and your job satisfaction.

Ultimately, you must be responsible for your own training,


and self-education.

It is you who must decide to apply the necessary skills

to bring about the results you deserve.

Then, it is you who is responsible for investing the time

and effort in learning and developing these skills.

No one can do it for you.

Because the truth is that you are the only one who cares about yourself the most.



Practice is the price of mastery.

Whatever you practice over

and over again becomes a new habit

of thought and performance. — Brian Tracy

Much of the research in psychology is centered around the Locus of Control Theory.

For more than 50 years,

psychologists have conducted many studies

and come to the conclusion

that it is the determining factor in a person’s life to be happy or not.

Why so?

People with inner control centers feel

that they are in complete control of their lives.

They are always optimistic and positive,

they feel strong,

confident and powerful.

They feel satisfied with themselves

and in control of their destiny.

In contrast, those with a control center

is often controlled by external factors themselves,

such as their boss,



past or present circumstances.

They lose control of themselves;

as a result they feel weak,


afraid, cynical,

hostile and incapacitated.

However, there is still a direct connection

between the amount of responsibility you accept

and the level of control you feel.

The more you accept responsibility for yourself,

the more your inner control center increases,

and your confidence increases accordingly.



By having big goals and pushing yourself towards them

you will have a lot more energy

because you know exactly

what you are doing and what you’re doing it for. — Troy Foster

In addition to the above issues,

did you know that there is a direct connection

between responsibility and happiness?

Then your life is a combination of

three factors: responsibility, control and happiness.

The more responsibility you accept, the greater your control.

The more control you have,

the more confident you become

and the more happiness you receive.

And when you take control of your life,

you will set bigger goals while also having the motivation

and determination to achieve them.

You are the one who holds your destiny in your hands

and can turn it in any direction.



Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. — Tony Robbins 

1. Identify the problem or source of the biggest negative emotions in your life today.

How are you responsible for this issue?

We always think about future, we always think positive in all situations.

2. See yourself as your own boss.

What would you do if you had complete control over everything?

We focus on 100% time, ability and mindset to our dreams, our goals.

3. Resolve from today not to blame anyone for anything that happens to you,

instead to take full responsibility for your life.

How should you act?

We don’t look at others, we look at and work together as husband and wife.

4. Stop making excuses and start reinventing yourself.

5. See yourself as the main creative force in your life.

The reason you have a position and a person as you are now is

because you choose and decide to take it. What should you change?

It is so difficult in the world, we should leave assets for our life.

6. Determine from today to forgive those who have hurt you in any way.

Forgive and let it go in the past.

Instead, start doing something really meaningful so there’s no time to think about it.

The price of success must be paid in full, in advance. — Brian Tracy

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