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Brian Tracy! Goal! Take action today

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 8: Take action today

Your problem is to bridge the gap

between where you are now

and the goals you intend to achieve. – Earl Nightingale

Imagine that you are about to take a long trip across the country.

The first step you need to take is to choose a destination,

then search for the best route on the route map before you depart.

Every day before you start,

you must determine your position on the map with the places

you have passed and where you intend to go.

Life is almost the same.

Once you’ve identified your values,



goals, and objectives,

the next step is to analyze your starting point.

Exactly where you are right now,

how are you doing in each area of ​​your life?

Especially as they relate to your important life goals?



 You are the best author of your own future.

So, the next time you sit down to write your own story,

remember that you are the creator of the chapters. ― Catherine Pulsifer

Jack Welch,

for many years as CEO of General Electric,

once said that the most important leadership quality is “practicality”.

This, he explains,

is the ability to see the world as it really is,

not as you would like it to be.

He often opens meetings

by bringing up an issue with the question:

“What is the reality of this?”.

You too. If you want to be the best and get what you deserve,

you have to be really honest

with yourself about your starting point.

You have to sit down

and analyze yourself in detail

to determine your current performance position in each area.



You have to believe. ― Sun Tzu

Suppose, you want to lose weight,

the first thing you need to do is check your current weight.

You base that weight on as a measure

to track the progress towards the goal,

see if you have progressed or not.

If you decide to implement a personal fitness program,

the first thing you need to do is determine your current fitness level.

How much time a day or a week do you spend practicing sports,

with what intensity?

What exercises are you doing?

Whatever your answer is,

it’s important that you be as honest as possible.

Then, use this answer as a starting point for future practice plans.



If you believe in yourself anything is possible. ― Miley Cyrus

As you begin to plan your long-term goals,

one of the most valuable exercises you can do is “Zero Thinking”.

In this form of thinking,

there is a question that you

I will have to ask myself:

Is there anything I am doing today

that would still be valuable

if I had to do it all over again tomorrow?

And if you don’t want to stay involved in something in life,

the question you need to think about is:

How and how quickly can I stop?



To accomplish great things,

we must not only act but also dream,

not only plan but also believe. ― Anatole France 

Apply Zero Base Thinking to the people involved in your work and life.

Are there any existing relationships that

you know you won’t be involved in again?

Is there anyone you are working with that you no longer want to contact?

Be honest with yourself

when answering these questions.

Carefully consider every aspect of your life and career.

Is there a job you’ve had that you won’t do anymore?

Listen or care other’s idea to our life

Is there an aspect of your life that you would like to let go of?

Take away negative person

The next step is to consider your investments.

Is there an investment in time, money,

or emotion that you know you won’t repeat?


If the answer is yes,

how do you get out of them and at what rate?



I have a close friend,

since high school

and college he loves to play golf.

After graduating from college,

he still plays golf several times a week.

He arranges his whole life for golf,

even in winter he flies back

to the warmer southern golf courses

to play because there the golf course is not covered with snow.

Later, he started his own company,

got married and had children.

But the habit of playing golf a few times a week hasn’t gone away.

The time spent on this passion has consumed him a huge amount of time,

it has greatly affected his work,

life and family relationships.

When the pressure was too great to bear,

he began to sit back

and use Zero Point Thinking in his activities.

He began to realize that,

in the current situation,

golfing needed to be cut back

if he wanted to achieve his important goals in life.

With this change, he was able to balance his entire life in just a few weeks.

What about you?

What time-consuming activities do you need to cut back or eliminate?



Nobody will believe in you

unless you believe in yourself. ― Liberace

Over time, nearly 70% of the decisions

you make will become irrelevant at some point.

When you start to make a decision

or commitment,

it might be a good idea.

But as time goes on,

circumstances will inevitably change

and this time it is necessary to use Zero Point Thinking to redefine.

You can often tell immediately if you’re in a situation

that needs adjusting based on the pressure it’s causing.

If you feel stressed,



and angry all the time,

your previous decisions need to be revisited.

Most of us spend a lot of time trying

to make a work or personal relationship better,

but if you’re thinking in terms of Zero Points,

the right solution may be needed.

Get out of this relationship completely.

The only question to ask is do you have the courage

to admit your mistakes

and take the necessary steps to correct the situation?



The man who moves a mountain begins

by carrying away small stones. ― Confucius 

You want to make some money,

but haven’t done it yet.

What is stopping you?

What is the main reason why you have not reached your goal?

Son and mom

You must be completely honest with yourself to answer this question.

Look around you and identify people

who are likely to make the money they want.

What did they do differently from you?


What special skills

or abilities do they have that you don’t already have?

associate with the successful business team

What skills and competencies

do you need to acquire if you want to be as successful as them?

If you are unsure of the answer,

meet and ask them.

This is very important,

so don’t guess or wait for some chance to help you.



Take a look at the skills you currently possess

and identify areas where you have achieved significant results.

What are the strengths that can help you do your job well?

I make all my customers become very important person in my shop.

I make customers fell friendly,


happy and smile.

In which field, what skill are you best at?

Our care to customers

What specific skill or combination of skills

is determining your success at work up to this point?

Kind person

In what ways can you equal or surpass others?



After addressing these questions,

look in the mirror and ask yourself,

What is my weakest side?

What field is it in?

You need to know your weakest side

because it can affect your ability to use other skills.

What is it that other people do better than you?

In particular,

what key skills are you lacking but essential to your success?

Make decision

Whatever the results,

you need to identify them accurately and honestly,

and then make a plan to improve each aspect.



As you embark on any goal, imagine

that at any moment you might have to restart your career.

Never let yourself fall into a deadlock

or no way out due to a decision in the past.

Always focus on the future.

Today, many people are willing to give up their education,

give up their job or professional field to enter a completely new field.

They are capable enough to realize that

if they continue to follow the chosen path,

their future will be limited,

so they want to try something new to look forward

to a much broader future.

You should also do the same thing.

Make an honest assessment of your current company or job.

The state of your relationship

with those around you or your competitors.

Stand back and watch what’s going on.

As you conduct an assessment of yourself and your life,

you must face the facts,

whatever they may be.


the truth must be sought,

not the manifest truth,

the hoped-for truth,

or the desired truth.

Real facts are what you need before making the right decisions.



The most valuable asset you have is your ability earn money. – Aysa Angel

In fact,

you can lose your house,

your car,

your bank account,

all your belongings,

but your energy remains,

and you can still create a good life for yourself.

Self-efficacy is an extremely valuable commodity,

it is an asset that can increase or decrease in value.

It increases if you keep investing to grow.

On the contrary,

it will decrease if you let things go.



We are who we believe we are. ― C.S Lewis

See yourself as a “resource pool” capable of doing a lot different work.

You have a diverse set of skills,




and experience to be able to do

or learn to do many different types of jobs and tasks.

Never let yourself get stuck on a particular course of action,

especially if you are not satisfied

with the way you are proceeding.

Take a very thorough look at yourself.

What are some good habits that can help

and propel you toward your goals?

What bad habits have formed and are holding you back?

What are the most important qualities in your personality

and characteristics?

What are your weakest sides?

What new habits and qualities

do you need to develop in order to get the best out of yourself,

and what is your plan to start developing them?

What bad habits do you need to get rid of and replace with good ones?



We are most alone

when we stop believing in ourselves. ― Anne Neil

Jim Collins writes in Good to Great that you must be willing

to ask “bold questions” about yourself

and your work if you are to identify and remove obstacles,

is preventing you from moving forward.

What are some “bold” questions you need to ask yourself

before you fully commit to your goals?

First of all:

Where are we?

Gather data and information from all parts of the company

to form the clearest picture of your starting point,

especially in relation to your business, market position and profitability.

The second is:

Where would we be in the future under ideal circumstances?

Develop this awareness into a future direction.

Third question is::

What have we done to get where we are today?

What did we do right?

What do we need to correct?

What are our greatest successes to date,

and why do we have them?

What failures have we encountered, and why?

The fourth question is:

What do we need to do to get from where we are to our goals?

Based on existing experience,

what do we think we should develop or reduce?

What should we start with that we haven’t done yet?

What should we put an end to altogether?

If you answered the first three questions correctly,

is the plan strategic or strategic?

An action plan will be easier to formulate than just trying to plan

without seeing clearly where you are at.

Doctors often say,

“A correct diagnosis is half the cure.”

Take the time to honestly evaluate each aspect of the situation

you’re in before developing goal-oriented plans.


you will save more time on your route.



1. Correlate your current status with your big goals.

What is the current position and how far is the way to go?

We are on way 

2. Apply the principle of Zero Point Thinking to every aspect of your life.

What are you doing right now that

you wouldn’t have to do again if you started from scratch?

Focus on, persistence and discipline 

3. Conduct an analysis of the financial situation in your life.

How much income are you and what is your worth?

What are your goals in this regard?

We are trying our best daily

4. Conduct an analysis of your own skills and capabilities in your work.

In which areas do you have an advantage?

What areas do you need to improve on?

Leadership and associate with the successful business team

5. Determine exactly how much income you want to achieve,

and what you need to do to get there.

Mini expenditure and maxi income

6. Imagine your future is perfect in every respect.

What needs to be done to make that happen?

Positive mindset

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