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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Successful Responsibilities

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 33: Successful Responsibilities

It is not by chance that people can rise to admirable heights

and become great people.

The reason they achieve that is

because while you are sleeping soundly,

they work hard all day long. – Henry Wadsworth 


There is nothing more true than Emerson’s saying:

“Work, and you will become strong”.

Those golden words are true in all cases

and in any human relationships.

People can only become strong

and hold power in their hands

when they are really useful in life.

Don’t believe stories about people

who hold important positions

by virtue of their background.

Maybe they also have a real body at first,

but believe me in order to survive

stand in that position,

they must know how to move on their own. – Napoleon Hill


The great Ansalus de Insulis once wrote:

Learn without ceasing as if you would live forever;

but live fervently as if you have no chance tomorrow.

Each of us has a mission in this life

and must do our best to fulfill it.

That mission starts from the moment you are born

and will follow you until your last breath!

That mission is concretized by responsibility in each stage

or period of each person’s life.

Responsibility is the basic element

that makes a real person.

Responsibility regulates human actions according to certain principles.

No matter who you are

or what your current position is,

it’s essential to show responsibility in what you do.

Of all the responsibilities that you have to shoulder,

the responsibility to yourself is the highest and heaviest.

If you appear inferior

or doubtful in your own thoughts and decisions,

sooner or later,

you will fail.

Be committed to life

and achieve the goals you have set.

But more importantly,

live with the highest sense of responsibility,

not only for your family

and work but also for yourself.

When doing anything,

do your best and take responsibility

for your every word and action.

You should understand

that money

or status is not something

that can bring a truly happy life.

Only responsible decisions can help you live the life you desire.

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