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7 financial principles of the richest people! Step to step

7 financial principles of the richest people


SUMMARY: It’s all about the road

Never spend your money before you have it. – THOMAS JEFFERSON

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

Unless you’re incredibly lucky,

or you have a rich uncle who liked you the most and just died;

Otherwise, it will take a very long time for you to accumulate a lot of money.

If you see this as a reason to give up or simply stop trying,

you will miss out on some of the greatest lessons life has to offer for you.

Lessons are learned during the journey,

not at the destination.

Throughout this book,

Solomon shares with us shards of gold,

shares his wealth of wisdom,

and helps us learn about life’s treasures that

we can accumulate while are on the path to wealth.



There are many stories of today’s millionaires whose lives were ruined by sudden wealth.

People who normally win the lottery

or get a large sum of money “overnight” find themselves facing serious problems only a few years later.

Unfortunately, there are countless stories like this.

Consider these young stars whose lives have been distorted

by the rich at a very young age.

I think these people are lost away their childhood,

because they have achieved so much success

and too much money too early.

Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin,

Danny Bonaduce, Tatum O’Neal,

Judy Garland and many more everyone else lacks maturity and experience at that age.

There are people who have extraordinary talents

but have to suffer for most of their lives,

because they cannot manage success work

and spend their money on self-destructive activities.

Think of John Belushi,

the great comedian who was to die for overdosed on cocaine

and heroin when he was only 33 years old.

Chris Farley, 33 years old, died of a cocaine

and heroin overdose and obesity enlarged.

Jim Morrison,

27 years old,

singer of the rock group Doors,

passed death due to a heart attack,

possibly also due to drug overdose 27 years old.

The great musician and guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, died from drugs.

Oversleeping. At just 36 years old,

actress Marilyn Monroe died of… overdosing.

Some people say that these are examples of drug use,

which destroys people who have everything but still cannot be happy.

In some cases, that may be true.

Consider these people more sympathetically

and honestly by remembering that many of these talented individuals were ordinary,

hard-working people who were captivated

and recognized by the public. is talent.

Unfortunately, that recognition was too quick and too early.

There are certainly many factors that contribute

to this self-destructive behavior,

but it would be difficult to deny the impact of sudden wealth,

wealth achieved before the wisdom is acquired.

It takes enough time to mature.

It takes time to think.

It takes time to appreciate the meaning of life.

Only when we know how to thank life,

and look at life with a mature eye,

the rewards of hard work

Only knowing how to save can come to us.

As we know in the previous section,

Solomon said: “The planning of the diligent leads to profit,

and inevitably to haste and poverty will lead to poverty” (Proverbs 21:05).

That is not an argument

What are the points for the above stories?

When money comes too quickly,

it almost always leads to some form of poverty,

if not only financially,

but also emotionally,


or spiritually.

As you can imagine,

most of my readers are old enough to know that self-destructive behavior is a symptom,

not a disease.

The truth is the truth.

It takes years,

and even decades to increase your wealth wisely.

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