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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Situation

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 23: Situation

Much of a person’s happiness

or unhappiness depends on their character,

not on their circumstances. — Martha Washington


One way to practice assertiveness is

to start today with whatever problem you face.

Let’s decide! Having a decision,

no matter what,

is better than making no decision at all. — Napoleon Hill


Focus all your energy on doing well one thing at a time.

If you have too many things to do at once,

it’s hard for you to get anything done.

Focus on a certain area,

and try to do it better than others,

and you will be rewarded. — Don M. Green


Circumstances are man-made,

and it always has a great power,

capable of profoundly affecting human life.

But with his determination,

people can always rise above the situation

and achieve the desired success.

Circumstances are the slaves of man.

Form yourself the habit of being assertive

by making the most rational decisions.

You’ll probably make mistakes with these decisions,

but it’s better than not making any decisions anyway.

If your current situation is holding you back,

find a way out of it and find a new direction.

People who have the habit of working

to the end create their own circumstances.

The big names in the world are all people

who know how to make their circumstances so attractive,

that they can easily attract people around to follow their orbit.

British pastor John Bunyan wrote his immortal

work Pilgrim’s Progress (“Journey into Spirituality”) in prison.

The great poet John Milton wrote the epic Paradise Lost

(“Paradise Lost”) in blindness and misery.

The prophet John Brown smiled

as he stepped onto the scaffold

to become a pave of the way to freedom.

And Hellen Keller,

a blind woman who is both deaf and mute,

has become a symbol of the sun

and a source of light for life…

Those are the people who know

how to overcome their circumstances

to affirm their talents and bravery.

To them, adversity is nothing

but a challenge for them to forge themselves.

They are shining examples of their ability

to master their circumstances!

If you are a boss,

make your employees happy and love their job.

If you are an employee,

fill your mind with positive,

optimistic thoughts.

Your situation or environment is your choice.

Add to your treasure your own stature.

You can always be a successful person

under any circumstances.

And I believe,

your efforts will always be rewarded.

“One of the major differences

between successful and unsuccessful people is

that the former look for problems to resolve,

whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them.” – Grant Cardone

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