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Winning human heart! Simple Ways to Make a Good Impression

Winning human heart!

Part I – Chapter 5: Simple ways to make a good impression

Actions have a stronger influence than words.

When we smile,

our faces are filled with joy and affection.

A smile from the bottom of the heart can replace the words:

“I really like you”

or “I am really happy to meet you because you make me happy”.

Charles Schwab shared with me

that it was his smile that was worth millions

of dollars and he was absolutely right.

It was Charles’ personality,

his grace,

his elegance,

his ability to make people fall in love with him,

that made him so successful,

and his charming smile was the most important factor.

There is a quote for those in love:

“Love someone who can make you smile

because only a smile can dispel the dark corners of the soul”.

In love, smile has such great meaning.

As with all other relationships,

a smile produces the same magical results.

One day, I was introduced to the singer Maurice Chevalier.

To be honest,

I was very disappointed to see him in a gloomy,

taciturn form like a dead man.

Suddenly, someone said something that made him smile.

His whole face glowed like a ray of sunshine through a cloud.

Without that smile,

Maurice, perhaps now,

is still lazily building furniture in some Parisian carpentry workshop.

The smile of a baby has the same effect.

A spring day in the waiting room

of veterinarian Steven Ford in Raintown, Missouri.

That day, there were a lot of customers,

anxiously waiting for the doctor to examine their pets.

And a young woman came in with a nine

or ten month old baby in her arms and a kitten.

She sat next to a man

who was very upset at having to wait so long.

The baby looked up and gave him a bright innocent smile.

Of course, the man smiled back at the baby

and his conversation with his Mother began.

After that, everyone in the room joined in their story

and the atmosphere of frustration,


suddenly disappeared.

Am I talking about the fake,

crooked smile? No !! Fake doesn’t fool anyone!

A real smile,

a smile that warms the heart,

comes from the bottom of the heart.

It must show interest and desire

to learn about the other person.

Psychology professor James Max Foley of the University of Michigan once said:

“People who can smile are inclined

to know how to manage sales effectively,

create happiness, and raise good children.”

A smile conveys more messages than a frown.

Therefore, encouragement is more effective than punishment.

The human resources manager

of a large New York department store confirmed

to me that she would be more willing

to hire a salesperson

who hadn’t finished elementary school

but had a bright smile

than a mirrored PhD in psychology,

sullen and irritable face.

A smile is incredibly powerful even when people don’t see it.

Telephone companies across the United States have a training program

called “The Power of Smiles”.

In this program,

operators are required

to always smile when answering the phone

because the listener can hear their smile through their voice.

Try picking up the phone to call a friend or relative.

The first time,

you don’t smile

when you speak.

The second time,

you smile brightly.

You will see the magic in the attitude you will bring

to the recipient of the call.

In many cases, this determines the effectiveness

of their workday and our own.

Robert Briand, director of a computer company in Cincinatti Ohio,

said of his success in recruiting:

“I’m not yet desperate in trying to get a PhD in computer science for the company.

Finally, I found a guy with ideal qualities

who had just graduated from Ohio University.

After a phone conversation,

I learned that he had been offered by many other companies,

many of which were prestigious

and more famous than my company,

I’m very excited that you accepted the offer.

After he started the job,

I asked him why he chose us.

He paused for a minute and then said,

“I suppose it’s because managers

in other companies answer the phone in cold tones

that are purely interested in the job,

which makes me feel like a deal.

His voice alone,

sounding like he was having a good time,

listened to me as if he really wanted me to join his organization

and he could rest assured that

I was still answering my phone with smiling.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of one

of the largest rubber companies

in the United States told me:

In his experience,

people rarely succeed in something

if there is no inspiration and joy in it by work.

This Leader does not believe in the saying:

“Hard work is the magic key to open the door of success”.

He said:

“I know many people who are successful

because they find joy in their lives business

and then they change

because that fun has turned into a monotonous job.

The business goes down and they lose interest

and eventually fail.

You need to have a good attitude

when you’re around people

if you want them to feel the same way.”

I have asked thousands of Entrepreneurs

to try smiling at everyone they meet during the day

and seven days a week.

Then let me know the results.

Let’s read the letter from William Stainhat,

a stockbroker in the New York Stock Exchange.

His case is not special

but an example of thousands of similar cases.

He wrote:

“I have been married for over 18 years

and during all these years

I have rarely smiled at my wife or spoken 20 words

to her from early morning

until we went to bed in the evening.

I one of the most cranky brides ever.

When he asked me to tell him about my experience smiling at other people,

I thought I should try it first.

The next morning, my hair was flowing,

I looked at my gloomy face in the mirror and said,

“Will, today, you have to erase the irritation from your gloomy face,

you have to smile and start now.

When I sit down to eat breakfast,

I smile and greet my wife:

“Hello, honey”.

My wife was shocked to the point of shock.

I told her, “It’s not over yet!!

This will happen often”

and I kept my promise.

For the past 2 months, since I started to laugh,

I have brought my family more happiness

than in the 18 years we lived together.

When I got to work,

I met the janitor and said,

“How are you?” with a smile.

When I went to lunch,

I smiled at the waiter and did not forget to tell them a funny joke.

I immediately saw that everyone was smiling back at me.

I treat customers who come in to complain

or complain with a warm attitude

and find that everything is easier to deal with.

I understand that daily smiles bring me a lot of money,

a lot of money and more importantly,

the value of happiness.

I am doing business with a lovely young man.

I was pleased with the results I had just achieved,

so I told him all about the philosophical meaning

I had just received in human relations.

He later confessed that when he first met me,

he thought I was a grumpy

and difficult person,

and it wasn’t until recently that he changed his mind.

He said that I’m really likable

and approachable when he smiles.

I have also gradually reduced the habit of criticizing and criticizing.

Now, I know how to appreciate and praise others.

I stopped talking about

what I wanted and learned to see things

from the other person’s point of view.

And these things really changed my life.

I was a different person,

a happier person,

richer and happier in friendship

and in family happiness.”

You will say,

“How can I smile when I’m not happy inside?”.

I would like to share 2 steps to help you create your own joy.

First, make yourself smile.

If you sit alone, you can whistle or sing a certain tune,

naturally then the sadness will subside and you begin to feel light.

Science has proven that actions and emotions interact

by subjecting them to the direct control of the will.

We can indirectly regulate emotions

even though emotions are a thing,

which is beyond the control of the will.

So, to dispel a sadness,

the best way is to smile yourself.

It is not your material possessions

or your social status that makes you happy or miserable.

Two people can have the same status,

do the same job,

earn the same money and prestige,

but one person can feel miserable;

and the other is happy.

Why is it so strange?

Simply because the attitude

and spirit of those two people are different.

I have seen many happy faces in the poor farmers

who are toiling with rudimentary tools in the hot tropical sun.

And I’ve seen frustrated

and miserable faces in the chic,

modern offices inside the skyscrapers of New York,

Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Shakespeare said:

“There is no good or bad thing,

phenomenon or situation,

but it is the way of thinking that makes it good or bad”.

Eplington once said,

“Most people are happy if they have happy thoughts”.

I once came across a vivid illustration of this truth.

When I walked up the stairs of the Long Island,

New York station,

right in front of me were more than 30 disabled boys with sticks and injuries,

walking up the stairs.

There was one boy that had to be carried by two people.

I was amazed to see the children laughing

and chatting happily with each other regardless of their disability.

Surprised, I asked one of the people in the crowd.

He replied,

“When a child

He understood that he would be disabled for life,

at first he was scared,

hurt and disappointed but then he overcame

that sad state of mind and accepted his fate

to live happily like other normal children.

I really admire those boys.

They taught me a lesson that I know I will never forget.

When working alone all day in a closed room of the company,

having little opportunity to interact with colleagues,

people often feel lonely

and gradually form lonely habits.

Sister Maria Gonzalez of Guadalajara,

Mexico has one such job.

Although she also wants to be friendly with other colleagues,

every time she walks through the hall

and hears people talking and laughing,

she shyly looks the other way.

After a few weeks of feeling her loneliness, she said to herself:

“Hey Maria, you can’t expect your colleagues

to come to you but take the initiative to meet them.”

Then, when she walked to another corner of the company,

she smiled brightly at everyone she met and asked:

“How are you today?”.

Results come immediately.

Smiles and greetings in return.

The whole office corridor seems to be more cheerful.

Colleague relations have improved,

the job has become lighter and more comfortable,

and she feels that life is really interesting.

Here is the advice of Philosopher Elbrus Harper:

“Every time you leave the house,

hold your head up high, take a deep breath.

Receive the sunshine,

greet your friends with a smile,

and give your soul to others in a handshake.

Don’t be afraid of being misunderstood,

and don’t waste your time thinking about your enemies.

Focus on what you want to do,

don’t falter and you will get there.

Think of the great and noble things you want to do.

As the days go by,

you will find yourself naturally grasping the necessary opportunities

to fulfill your desires.

Just like a magpie,

once the thread is released,

it will work until the last thread.

Finally, imagine the image of a passionate social worker

that you aspire to become.

Nurture this image in your mind and gradually,

you will find yourself becoming a special person. ”

Thinking is the key point,

it is the source of all creation.

Maintain a right attitude,

a brave,

sincere and cheerful spirit.

Every opportunity will come from desire and every sincere wish will be fulfilled.

Hold your head high and step forward proudly.

All of us are hidden talents in our character.

The Chinese have a famous saying:

“If you don’t have a smile, don’t open a shop”.

Your smile is your Messenger of Goodwill that conveys more non-verbal messages

than any words.

A smile brightens the lives of all who see it.

For those who are constantly exposed

to scowling and sometimes angry faces,

your smile is like a ray of sunshine shining through the dark clouds

and it is not by chance that a poet once wrote:

“When we smile, our faces bloom”.

A few years ago,

a department store in New York realized the pressure

its salespeople were under during the Christmas holidays.

They hung the following sign in front of the door:

The value of a smile on Christmas Day.

A smile doesn’t cost anything,

but it does a lot.

A smile enriches not only the receiver but also the giver.

Smiles appear in a flash but can leave a lifelong mark

No one is rich without a smile.

Poor people will become richer by smiling.

A smile brings happiness in the family,


goodwill in work and warms up friendships.

A smile is a resting place for the weary,

a morning light for the discouraged,

a ray of sunshine for the sad,

and the best antidote to doubts,


and fears.

Smile cannot be bought,


borrowed or stolen

because it is only valuable

when people sincerely give to each other.

And if in your last busy shopping minutes,

if some of our employees are too tired to give you a smile.

Can you generously send them a smile of your own?

Because no one needs a smile

as much as someone who has no more to give.

Do not forget smile in your life.

Your smile brings happiness to those around you

and therefore also brings happiness to yourself.

Smile at each other even

if it’s someone you don’t know yet.

That smile will illuminate the dark corners of the soul

and brighten even the darkest places.

Rule 5: Smile

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