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Brian Tracy! Psychology Of Selling! Setting And Accomplishing All Sales Goals

Psychology Of Selling!

Chapter 2. Setting And Accomplishing All Sales Goals

If you have the right goals and follow them

Either way, everything else will come to you on its own.

If you do it right, you will succeed. – Dan Dierdorf

Top salespeople have goals.

Studies show that the ability to set goals is proportionally proportional

to the level of success achieved.

The highest paying salespeople know in advance

how much money they will make each week,



and year.

They know how many clients

it takes to reach a certain level of revenue,

and they have a clear plan for how much money they will make.

To be successful,

you must decide exactly how much you plan to earn each year.

If you don’t define a revenue goal,

you won’t be able to focus on sales.

You will be like a person in the fog but still trying to aim.

Only if you are the best marksman in the world

can you hit that faint target.

You need to know exactly where you are aiming.



First, let’s talk about your annual income goal.

How much exactly do you plan to earn in the next 12 months.

Write this number down.

This will be the goal that

all your activities work towards for the whole year.

Set a realistic but challenging goal.

It could be the sales of the top year,

then you increase it by 25–50%

or whatever you feel most comfortable with.

You have to make sure the goal

is credible and within your reach.

Fanciful goals don’t motivate,

they deprive you of motivation

because you already know you can’t achieve it.

And you end up giving up

before you even start.

The top sellers all know exactly how much they will make a period.

If you ask,

they may even tell you how much

they plan to make per day.

Low-performing salespeople often don’t know

how much they plan to make

until they have their tax returns in hand.

For them, every day,

every month and every year is an adventure

and they don’t know where to end.


Make a note of your goals

To be effective,

you need to write down your goals clearly.

People may wonder,

“What if I don’t write it down?”

Do not worry.

Writing your goals down on paper

increases your chances of achieving them

by as much as 1000%,

which is a dozen times

and often faster than you might expect.

Even if you don’t achieve your goal as planned,

it’s better to write it down than no goal at all.



The second thing when setting goals

is that you need to ask yourself:

“To achieve the desired income,

how many sales do I need to sell this year?”

It’s not too hard to calculate.

Even if you have to calculate commissions,

you can still determine the exact sales needed

to earn the desired amount.


Weekly and monthly goals

Once you’ve decided on your annual income and sales goals,

break down your goals by month.

How much money will you have to make

and how many sales per month

will you have to hit your yearly goal?

Once you have annual

and monthly sales and income goals,

break them down into weekly sales

and income goals.

How much do you need to sell each week to hit your long-term goals?


Daily sales target

Finally, determine your sales

and how much you want to earn per day.

For example,

your annual income goal is $50,000.

If you divide $50,000 by 12 months,

you’ll need to earn about $4,200 per month.

If you divide $50,000 by 50 weeks,

which is the average number of workweeks per year,

that comes to $1,000 per week.

You now have clear and specific goals to work towards.



As a final step,

you must identify the specific activities that

need to be done to achieve the desired revenue.

How many calls do you need to make

to customers to get an appointment with them?

How many presentations do you need to reach your target revenue?

When you know the daily and monthly reports,

you will predict exactly

what you need to do each day,

each week to meet your monthly

and yearly income goals.

Let’s say you have to make 10 calls per day to get enough sales.

Think of this as a pre-noon game,

a daily activity goal,

then strictly stick to the plan.

Use the phone from 8:30 a.m.

to 8:30 a.m. each morning,

or make an in-person appointment if needed.

In any case,

make it a habit to force yourself

to make 10 calls before noon.


Take control of your own sales

The most important thing

when planning is being able to control sales activities.

You can’t decide or determine exactly

where the revenue will come from.

But you can control the inputs,

which are the activities you need

to take on in the first place to achieve your goal.

Thereby, you will directly control the sales results.

There will be days and weeks with better results than others.

Sometimes you sell a lot and sometimes you don’t sell anything.

Sometimes you will encounter periods of crisis,

business stagnates,

but there are periods

when you will sell 2, 3 times more than the plan outlined.

But the principle of averages is always accepted.

If you make the necessary calls,

you’ll still end up selling as planned.


The results may surprise you

Usually, if you set goals for the week,


and year,

and systematically conduct your daily work,

you will reach your goals faster than you think.

Many of my students have set annual goals

and achieved them all within 6–7 months.

Some even hit their sales target

for the whole year in just three months.

When you set clear

and specific goals,

you will surely be surprised at the results.

Some of my students have been in sales for many years,

the merchandise they sell is very specialized

but they have never set a goal before.

The first year,

after they set the goal,

their sales skyrocketed,

surpassing their all-time high,

while they were still selling the same product,

still in the same office,

to the same audience item and that price.

Goal setting made all the difference.


Impact on your subconscious

Goals are subconsciously programmed in the brain by memory.

Then, it will exert its own power.

The subconscious is active 24 hours a day

whether you are asleep or awake,

it will lead you quickly to achieve your goals.

When the goal has been programmed in the brain,

it will exert its power on its own.

Your subconscious will only show you the opportunities around.

It gives you the idea to present

what is needed sometimes

while you are talking to a client

and motivates you to take action to achieve your goals.


the subconscious will help

you understand the customer’s facial expression,

tell you what to say.

Everyone has had a very smooth sales presentation,

without making any mistakes

or saying the wrong words

and closing the deal.

That’s because your brain is

so perfectly programmed right in your subconscious

that it allows you to do your best work in pursuit of your goals.


Synopsis of the scene

When you feel great about yourself,

your subconscious will tell you what to say and when.

It will make you sensitive to words and gestures,

showing you topics you never even thought of.

And from the customer’s point of view,

what you say turns out to be true.

You can mention the company’s reputable customer care

and after-sales service.

You will find later

that this is the primary concern of the customer,

what they want to hear

when considering the possibility of a purchase.

As mentioned above,

the average person only uses 10% of his potential.

By programming specific goals,

you will be closer to the 90% that is still hidden.

Program and use your subconscious mind every time you determine

how much money to earn and what to do to earn it.


Set personal and family goals

You also need to set goals for yourself

and your family.

There are always reasons

why you have to get up in the morning

and work through the day,

facing all your worries

and difficulties.

The clearer your personal

and family goals are,

the more motivated you’ll be

and the quicker you’ll recover from setbacks.

Imagine you could double your income in the next 2-3 years.

So how will you change your life?

Make a list of what you would have

and would do if you made a lot more money than

you currently have.

The longer the list, the more motivated

and determined you will be.


Let’s ignite the flame of desire for success

If you only have one or two reasons

to achieve your financial goals,

it’s easy to get discouraged

when faced with setbacks

If you have 10 or 15 reasons,

you will be more motivated

and determined.

But if you have 50 or 100 reasons

to increase your sales and income,

then you are really committed.

When it comes to intense focus on selling,

who do you think is more motivated?

Someone who has only 1 or 2 reasons to be successful,

or someone who has more than 50 reasons?

The more reasons you have,

the greater the desire to succeed,

like a boiling furnace

and you will do everything you can to achieve it.

The more reasons you have,

the more subconscious power

you will have to help you in every sales situation.


Let’s set 100 goals

Here is the exercise for you.

Write down 100 goals you want to achieve in the coming years:

a list of everything you want to have in life

and everything you want to do.

Imagine all of that coming to you at the right time

and in the way you want it to be.

You just need to put on paper

to order with a huge warehouse full of wealth

and just take everything.

When you think of new things that you are craving,

write them down,

your goals will be more concise.

A friend of mine, new to sales,

started with this exercise,

writing down over 350 goals for the coming years.

Whenever he read the newspaper

or watched television

and saw something he wanted,

he wrote it down in his notebook.

Every week he brings out his notebook to read,

review his existing goals

and write new ones.

Within a year,

he had gone from being a wet foot

to a career in a competitive market,

to becoming one of the most successful salespeople.

He even surpassed all sales records in that field

and was voted “sales superstar” by the press.

He confided that writing down his goals

and reviewing them for determination

and enthusiasm led him to success.


The number one reason for success

In contact with over 500,000 salespeople

across the US and 25 other countries,

I’ve found that the decision

to stick to goals is the number one reason

for top salespeople’s success.

The highest earning sales professionals in every field live

and die with their goals.

They write down those goals over and over again every day

and add to the list regularly.

They put the subconscious

and superconscious to work.

They get into their gears with people

and situations that help them achieve their goals.

Clearly visualize the defined goal

When you define your goals,

you can develop your visualization skills

to get the most out of them.

Nothing has a stronger impact on your subconscious mind

than a clear picture of the person

you want to be in the future

and the goals you want to achieve.

Visualization is the most amazing human ability.

It is said that life develops thanks to those images.

Therefore, picture yourself as a calm,

confident and powerful person,

successful and influential,

full of energy in sales.

And picture yourself as someone

who excels at prospecting,

sales pitches, and order confirmations.

Before you go to the customer,

imagine that the customer will respond positively

and warmly to you.

Make it look like you’re seeing the customer’s smile,

seeing the enthusiastic conversation with them.

In particular,

think of a customer signing an order

or writing a check for you.

You will be surprised

when your visions become reality.


Talk and look

Your subconscious is activated both visually and verbally.

Every time you say something very forceful to yourself,

your subconscious will take it as a command.

Then this command will be executed.

The most useful affirmation is

“I love me! I love you! I love you!

As I mentioned,

every time you say “I love me!”

You have raised your self-esteem,

have improved your self-perception

and the effectiveness of your work,

especially sales.

When you repeat a command to your subconscious

with confidence and enthusiasm,

then you are actually activating all of your mental faculties.

You break all the limits of your own energy.

You will feel more positive and enthusiastic.

You are in complete control of your mind and emotions.

Say to yourself

 “I feel happy. I feel healthy.

I feel great!”

Repeat this sentence several times a day,

you will feel happier and more confident.

And see yourself in terms of feeling.


From the bottom to the top

At a recent conference,

a female sales manager told me the following story:

Her company hired a young

and inexperienced salesperson.

The company wasn’t sure if he could make it,

but they decided to give him a chance.

Within 6 months he became the top salesman in the country.

Why can you do this

when you have never worked in that field,

how can you sell better than professionals with decades of experience?

The secret is the words of determination

and visualizing the goal every day.

Every morning, when I get in the car,

I say to myself,

‘I am the best!

I am the best!”

“Then I continued:

“I am the best salesman in the company.

I’m the best salesman in the industry.

I am the best salesman of all!”

“Before every sale,

I would sit in the car

and lift my spirits by saying emphatically,

“I am the best in the company.

I’m the best in the industry.

I’m the best in America!”


Picture a clear picture in your head

This inspirational salesman explained that,

in positive dialogue with himself,

he creates a clear picture of himself in sales

and communicates with customers

as if he were the only one.

Top sales in the country.

He envisions the customer response

as positive and enthusiastic.

He relaxes,


and enjoys the feeling he gets with his clients

when he meets them in person.

When meeting customers,

he exudes confidence.

He was warm,



polite and courteous.

He greets everyone, especially the customers.

And customers helped him set sales records.


Please choose words and images

And here is a rather interesting discovery.

Everyone knows how to visualize

and talk to themselves every day.

What is the difference

between a leader and a top seller?

The average salesperson is

the content of those conversations and pictures.

Top salespeople often think

and talk about their best selling experience.

As a result,

they imagine

they are about to repeat

those wonderful experiences in subsequent sales.

The average salesperson thinks only about the negative experiences

that have just happened:

about the time

and effort wasted with non-buying customers,

rude or indifferent customers,

and feelings of disappointment.

In both cases,

by both visualization and determination,

the salesperson is reinforcing the spirit

to repeat previous experiences.

A picture of a successful sales experience

will feed into your subconscious

and carry over into the next sale.

With that picture,

your subconscious will gather your thoughts,

feelings, and actions

so that they lead you to the success you were before.


You have to control the subconscious yourself

Your subconscious has no form,

like clay.

You can shape it to whatever shape you want.

Your subconscious cannot think or decide for itself.

It merely obeys the commands in your head.

If you can control your subconscious mind,

that is,

your thoughts,


and words,

you will succeed.


Columbus-style sales

There are many salespeople of what we call “Columbian sales”.

When Columbus made his way to India,

he didn’t really know where he was going.

When he arrived in America,

he didn’t know where he was.

And even when he was on his way back to Spain,

he didn’t know it.

Many salespeople are like that.

They start the morning

with a vague idea of their destination.

When they get to customers,

they say the first thoughts that come to mind.

And when they return to the office,

they cannot confirm where they are or what they do.


Outline the plan in advance

Top sellers are different.

They think ahead

and be transparent about client meetings.

They have in mind what they will say

when they meet customers.

The Mindset Method,

a tactic for peak performance,

is used by top athletes,


They are always mentally prepared for the next meeting.

If you’re an athlete about to enter a match,

you shouldn’t expect to step out onto the field

and play right away.

A professional athlete always warms up

before hitting the field.

In the same way,

professional salespeople will start

by practicing thinking first

to be most effective

when dealing with customers.


Two ways of visualization

There are two ways to visualize

to train your mind to prepare for an upcoming sale.

The first is the direct way,

which is to visualize the customer

and sales situation through your own eyes.

You see customers smile

and respond positively to you.

You find that they agree with you

and enjoy your presentation

and the company.

This is very effective.

The second is the indirect way:

you will stand outside observing you

and the customer in a sales situation,

you as a third party observing from the outside.

Using both ways,

observing yourself inside and out,

you can greatly improve your presentation

and your performance.


Consider yourself the best

Always envision yourself

as the best in that field.

Think of yourself as the company’s biggest earner.

Take the best-paid salespeople in the industry as an example.

Act like you’re already a sales superstar.

When you see someone driving a brand new car

or wearing a designer suit

or an expensive watch,

tell yourself,

“Those are for me!”.

Decide that whatever other people have,

you can achieve.

There are no limits at all!



1. Think big!

Set your income goal for next year 25–50% higher than you already make.

2. Determine the sales you need next year to get your desired level of income.

3. Break down your sales and income goals by month,


and day.

Identify the activities that you need to conduct each day

to earn the amount of money you want.

4. Plan each day in advance;

Determine the number of customers to call,

visit and the sales required daily.

5. Set personal and family goals that are big and exciting,

make a list of 50-100 things that you want to buy

and want to do with the money you are planning to earn.

6. Write a plan to achieve those goals,

and work every day according to the plan.

7. Determine the price you will have to pay,

in this case the effort

and sacrifice you need to make to achieve the goals you most desire,

and start paying the price.

Define your desires.

You will determine the

its main purposes,


intentions and intentions. – W. Clement stone

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