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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Serve better

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 58: Serve better

If you don’t know how to control your work,

it will turn to command you. – Benjamin Franklin


It’s never too early for a nice gesture,

as it can be too late at any time. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you serve better then you will go further in your field.

It’s not a day or two

that you can see the benefits of what you do,

but in the long run,

you will certainly benefit.

No matter what job you do

– whether it’s a waiter or a banker

– your efforts are never wasted.

The law of compensation is a natural and reliable law,

just like the law of universal gravitation. – Don M. Green


It is an indisputable fact that the more you help people,

the more powerful and influential you become.

Try it out today and draw your own conclusions.

Do it at home, at work,

where you have power,

and even in the most humble of places.

Be a true servant.

And enjoy the service.

Customers are the decisive factor for the existence

and development of any business.

Therefore, “courtesy”

and “spirit of service” are slogans

and recruitment criteria of many organizations.

Andrew Carnegie takes the spirit of gentleness very seriously;

He considers this to be one of the important factors contributing

to the success of each individual in particular

and the organization in general.

Carnegie said he would not hire

or retain anyone who did not have a gentle spirit,

no matter how good or qualified.

In a sense, the greatest people are the best service .

They are always aware

that there is no job as noble as service,

nothing can bring greater happiness

and strength than serving others.

The more they serve,

the more opportunities they have to learn and grow.

The service spirit is valued

because it is the factor

that helps people work with the right attitude.

If you have a peaceful personality,

you will always work in a spirit of harmony.

This character is a valuable asset

that can make up for the shortfalls in both quantity

and quality that a person can perform.

A few years ago,

Wallace was just a train ticket salesman in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

However, Wallace always does his job

with the highest sense of responsibility.

He is ready to deliver tickets

to customers no matter how far away.

His service attitude has left a good impression

in the hearts of customers;

This is also recognized and appreciated

by the company’s board of directors.

Wallace is now head of customer service

for the Erie train system.

It is his service attitude

that has contributed to his career.

Life is for service. ― Fred Rogers

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