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Brian Tracy! Psychology Of Selling! Selling  is a psychological game

Psychology Of Selling!

Selling  is a psychological game

In today’s society, commercial activities are constantly developing

towards strong competition,

even very fierce.

With modern technology,

the world of products

– services increasingly meet the diverse needs of customers,

bringing huge resources to companies

and organizations around the world.

So the operating mechanism of the cash register lies in modern technology?

Not necessarily!

The secret is human,

and here is a salesperson,

the representatives of the company directly perform the offers.

And if you are a salesperson,

you need to be trained

or can train yourself,

such as Brian Tracy,

the author of the book you are holding in your hand,

Psychology of Selling.

Psychological business is the art of sales that Brian Tracy,

a successful businessman,

draws from the starting story of his life.

Not graduating from high school,

traveling around the world,

doing all the work of manual labor

and then with boredom,

he joined the sales team.

Everything he was trained at that time

to sell goods was to talk to people,

regardless of what the topic,

how to say …

and to the end,

sales are just “games with numbers” never mind.

But an event changed his life

as well as his sales career:

Brian Tracy came up with the idea

to find the most successful people in the field of sales,

learn their experiences

and then practice themselves by themselves.

To become the world’s leading business consultant.

Through his own experience,

he discovered that the main difference

between professional sellers

and amateur sellers lies in the ability

to grasp the psychology of sales.

In all deals,

there are always the main benefits

that customers seek as well as the reason

why customers refuse to buy,

the seller’s job is to find benefits

and reasons for opposition to convince customers

to choose products of products. me.

And instead of thinking about yourself,

it is important that the seller needs

to focus on customer psychology.

Covered from exploring the nooks

and crannies in sales to the establishment

and completion of sales goals,

from the time of the motivation

and needs of customers

or the time of sales and business presentation by mind,

Li is really an interesting,

easy to read,

easy to apply handbook.

The creative ideas,


and tactics will make customers buy your way.

Sales by psychology is an art.

So let the book help you “open” the psychology of customers

as well as your own to become active,


not afraid to be rejected by customers,

steadily on views and determination to follow.

Purpose – as a master salesperson!

This book will bring you ideas,

strategies and tactics that can be applied immediately

to increase sales faster and easier.

You will learn how to discover yourself

and sales more than you think.

You will also learn how to make sales

and your income doubled,

triple or even four times more than just a few months,

or less, in just a few weeks.

This book was psychologically compiled by psychology,

a program that was successful on radio in many countries.

This program has been translated into 16 languages

and radio in 24 countries.

This is considered the most attractive sales training program in history.


Be a millionaire

According to the investigation of students participating in the radio training program,

the number of people becoming millionaires

by listening and applying ideas

from this program is more than any other sales training program.


I have trained more than 500,000 salespeople around the world,

for thousands of companies

and almost all industries with this document.

This program really works!



I do not graduate from high school.

Instead, I have traveled around the world since I was young.

In a few years,

I did all the work of manual labor

until I had enough money to travel.

I still work while traveling on a cargo ship

from Norway across the North Atlantic Sea,

then by bicycle, bus,

truck and train throughout Europe,

passing Africa and finally to the Vien region.

Winter. I don’t have to hold any meal

but I have to eat a lot of late meals and cool.

In my boredom,

I couldn’t find any job,

I went to sell.

It seems that most of the decisions in life are the same as

when we groped in the night

and hit something,

then saw what it was.

For me, that and that is the sales job.

It seems that most of the decisions in life are the same as

when we groped in the night

and hit something,

then saw what it was.


Basic training

I have a salary from the sales commission

and participate in the training program of three parts:

“My card here;

The document introduces here;

And the door is over there! ”

Equipped with this “training” course,

I started my sales career with an offered call,

all day to knock on the door of the offices

and came to knock on the door of the people.

The owner hired me could not sell the goods.

But he told me that sales were just “games with numbers”.

He thinks all of what

I need to do is to talk to people

and I will eventually find someone who wants to buy.

We call this a method of selling “throwing mud on the wall”.

(If you throw the mud on the wall,

there will be times

when the mud will stick to the wall).

It was not much but that was all I had at that time.

Later, someone told me that

sales were not really “games with numbers”.

Rather, it is a “rejection game”.

The more you are rejected,

the more likely you can sell.

Make sure this advice,

I ran everywhere to be able to receive more rejection.

It is said that I am a good -looking gift

and I have taken advantage of this gift.

I tried to speak louder and faster to attract the attention of people.

But even when I was excited to move from one topic to another,

speak louder and faster to all customers,

I still felt like going to a dead end.


Mutant point

After six months of rolling,

I just made enough money for the room,

I finally found my life to change my life:

I went to the most successful person in the company

and asked him how he did difference.

I am not afraid of hard work. I woke up at 5 to 6am,

prepared to welcome a new day,

wait in the parking area at 7am

when my first potential customers went to work.

All day, I went from office to office,

from one company to another.

Every night,

I knocked on every house until 9–10 pm.

If the light is still bright,

I still knock.

At that time,

I did that.

The leading salesman in my office is only a few years old

but he has a completely different way.

He only turned over to the office at about 9am.

A few minutes later,

customers came and they sat and talked.

After only a few minutes of exchange,

the guest immediately wrote a check

to buy the company’s products.

After that, he went out to promote sales negotiations

and lunch with another customer.

In the afternoon,

he promoted sales negotiations and then,

maybe dinner

or drinking water with other customers.

He sold 5–10 times more than me or anyone in the office,

but he didn’t seem to be doing much.


The difference gained by training

I found out that he had worked for a company in the Fortune 500 list.

With the learning skills,

he can work for any company in any industry,

can sell any product or service in all markets.

Because he knew how to sell,

he could sell to people around him,

even if he only did half the time or even less.

This discovery has changed my life.

When I asked what he did to achieve such a difference,

he replied,

“Oh, let me know how you give a sales presentation,

I will criticize it for you.”

That was my first problem.

I do not know what “sales presentation” is how I heard about.

I said, “You show me how you give a sales presentation,

and I will show you how I do it.”

He was very patient and polite.

He said,

“Okay, the basic sales presentation from the beginning to the end is like this.”

He then led me,

step by step to the end of our product presentation.

Instead of using “speech”

or clever jokes to attract attention or breaking suspicion,

he offered a series of very reasonable questions,

from general to specific,

extremely easy.

Understand with a person looking for promising opportunities like me.

After that, I fully understood how he found

and gained profits from our products.

The last question is simply to close the purchase.


Act immediately

I recorded everything.

Equipped with new sales knowledge,

I go out and start calling potential customers again.

But this time, instead of presenting,

I asked the question again;

Instead of trying to impose the characteristics

and benefits of the product with customers,

I have focused on understanding the situation of customers

and can help them.

By this new method,

I increased my sales.

After that,

I learned about sales books.


I did not know that the best ideas about sales of the best merchants in the world

were written into books.

I started reading everything about sales,

spent the first two hours of the day to research them and record.

Next, I followed the radio.

It changed my life.

Start listening to radio programs,

now hours and other times, anywhere.

I hear, memorize and practice the best sentences from the best sellers

until I can read fluently in sleep.

And my sales increase.

After that, I discovered sales seminars.

I was happy as if I went to heaven.

I don’t know how much knowledge

I have learned from those seminars.

I attended all seminars and courses to find,

even when I had to go very far,

as long as I got it and was able to pay.

And my sales continued to increase.


Move to management

My sales were so high

that the company appointed me in charge of business.

They said,

“Do whatever you do,

but look for people who want to sell and share work with them.”

I started recruiting sellers right on the street and through newspapers.

I show them their deduction and sales process.

They started selling

and applied all knowledge immediately.

Today many of them are millionaires and millionaires.


Be the best

A simple idea that has changed my life,

is “cause and effect”.

This theory refers to the cause of all the results,

that everything happened stems from a certain cause.

Success and failure are not random.

In fact, success can be predicted from related signs.

Success and failure are not random.

In fact, success can be predicted from relevant signs.

There is a great principle:

If you do like successful people,

and do many times,

there is nothing to prevent you from reaping results like successful people.

If you do nothing, nothing can help you.

Remember that all the sellers in the 10% group have now started

from the last 10%.

All those who are doing very well have done badly.

Everyone who is leading in this life has been in the last line.

And in every case, what people lead are doing,

that is to study from experts.

They searched and followed

what the leader did to achieve success,

they worked over and over

until they achieved the same success.

Therefore, you can also do it.


Apply what you can learn

Sometimes I ask customers like this:

“Which of the most common family exercise machines in the US?”

After a while,

I told them again:

“It’s a jogging machine.”

Each year the Americans spend more than one billion dollars

to buy jogging machine.

After that, I asked the second question:

“If you buy a treadmill, what will determine that

you benefit from that machine and what is it?”

They answered:

“The benefits depend on the level of regular use

and the time of each use.”

And my view is:

No need to discuss the benefits that jogging machine gives you.

Everyone knows that if you often use a jogging machine for a long time,

it will have a good health effect.

The strategies and tactics that

you will learn from this book are the same

as the benefits from the jogging machine.

Meaning no need to discuss whether they help or not.

All the highest paid sellers among all fields around the world use them.

These have been tested and verified.

The more you use these methods,

the better you will grasp them,

achieve faster and more efficient results.

By applying the following learned,

you will switch to a group of 10% of professional sellers leading in your field

and become one of the highest paid sellers in the world.

This is a good purpose for us to reach.

If you feel the same, let’s start.

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