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Steve Siebold! How rich people think? Secret of rich people make rich

Chapter 36 : Middle-class people think money is related to status… Rich people think money is related to freedom

One of the misconceptions of the majority is that money is primarily used to show off, not create options.

In fact, money does bring status, but mainly for freedom. There can be no real freedom without money.

The middle class is controlled by business owners, governments and other entities with more financial resources about what they can or can’t do. It’s hard to have freedom when you still have to worry about making every penny to pay off your mortgage.

The rich can afford to stand up and resist oppression.

They can afford to escape toxic work environments, exploitative employers, and other unpleasant situations.

They can afford to hire the best doctors when they are sick and can live comfortably while they are healthy.

When the rich want to raise capital, raise money for politics or charity, they just need to make a few calls to their rich friends. If they need more money, they just organize a party or auction with high fees. There are many examples of advancement that can buy freedom.

The middle class and the rich may live under the same roof, but not the same degree of freedom. While this angers the majority, it encourages ambitious people to get rich. I’m not saying this is right or the way society should be. I just want to say it’s true.

Instead of wasting mental energy on getting mad, channel that energy into getting rich.

“Freedom is the only thing money gives you because you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”- Johnny Carson


Source of rich books : The Perfect Portfolio by Leland Hevner by Leland Hevner.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you think wealth gives you a free upgrade?

Act : Make a list of the freedoms you get when you’re rich.


Chapter 37 : The middle class spends above their income… The rich spend below their income


Ordinary people spend more than they earn because they earn so little. How can a family live on an average income and still save? Even genius financial management can’t do it!

Instead of being creative, most people try to do as much with limited income, and lose sleep at night worrying about the future.

The middle class is the rich group of the working poor and most spends more than they earn because they earn so little.

These people are by no means inferior; on the contrary, some are even more intelligent and highly educated than many rich people. The difference lies in their point of focus.

The middle class focuses on everything but getting rich, because they have so many limited thoughts about money and what it means to be rich, that will be the last thing they think about.

Then they are scolded by their financial advisors for spending frivolously on frivolous things.

The rich spend below their income not because they are smart, but because they earn more than the royal family needs while still having money in reserve for the future.

When you make more money in a day than most people make in a year, it’s not difficult to spend below your income. Not to mention that the rich make money mainly by leverage, not by hard work.

It is hard work that leads to psychological and physical stress, killing countless poor people.

Here’s how to spend less than you can afford, and apply the secret that rich people have been doing for centuries: be rich to be financially strong.

“There is no quality as impressive and important as spending within one’s income.”- Calvin Coolidge


Source of rich books : 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success by William O’Neil.

Commentary thinking questions : How much do you have to earn a year to live the way you want?

Act : Decide how much you want to spend, save, and invest each year, and create a plan and deadline for doing so.


Chapter 38 : The middle class equates money with pressure… Rich people equate money with peace of mind


The average person will think of anything but progress. They see money as an evil that they have to endure as part of life.

Rich people see money as a great liberator and when they have enough money they can buy financial peace of mind. They know money doesn’t solve all problems or eliminate worries, but it can ease pressure in difficult times and provide opportunities in good times.

Rich people think that if you can pay to fix your problem, you won’t have any more problems.

Money makes trouble go away. Most people worry about money in the first place and they will continue to worry. It’s not that they can’t get rich, but because they think based on fear, they are always poor. It is this limitation that makes the poor struggle to think about how to earn every penny.

Meanwhile, the rich think about what to do to earn more, invest more effectively and increase their assets.

See what top retailers and luxury brands have when they’re on sale. Not because the rich don’t like discounts, but because they like to make a lot of money at once, not every penny.

The secret that the rich know and the majority don’t is that wealth is related to perception, not money.

Most people don’t smash the mediocrity of the middle class because they believe that the mindset that got them where they are today will also get them where they want to be.

If you want to get rich, you must first think about wealth. It’s about what goes on in your head, but most people are too scared and skeptical to realize this truth.

“Wealth is a great comforter.”– Plato


Source of rich books : Why We Want You to Be Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki.

Commentary thinking questions : How much money do you need to buy peace of mind?

Act : Write down in detail what you need to do to achieve peace of mind. For example: paying off debt, supporting children for college, emergency cash, etc.


Chapter 39 : Middle class think small… Rich people think big


The thinking level of the poor makes them pay attention to the little details and the minutiae. They prefer to chat, watch movies, and care more about other people’s problems than their own success. This level of thinking consumes mental energy and at the end of the day very little is left for creative thinking and problem solving.

The rich ignore the narrow thinking, the petty problems that the middle class often has. They just know how to devote all their mental energy every day to thinking big.

They are willing to exchange their day-to-day lifestyle for a prosperous life, giving up anger, jealousy and pettiness caused by fear to others.

The rich work at the conscious level with no room for fear. It is the level of thinking that allows them to focus on the ultimate perspective, at this level of thinking anything is possible. Dreams that seem crazy to most people are doable to them.

Rich people occupy this psychological space because they know the key to success in anything is to attain a higher level of awareness.

In other words, the majority earn a fair amount each year because they want to; and only earn so much every year because I don’t know how to make a lot of money. Professional athletes are better than amateur athletes because they train at a higher level of consciousness. The same is true for students who get A’s and the best artists. It all involves raising awareness and starts with eliminating any thoughts that are rooted in fear and the narrow mindset of the masses.

“You will achieve it all if you work not for the money.”– Walt Disney


Source of rich books : The Wall Street Journal Complete Personal Finance Guidebook by Jeff Opdyke.

Commentary thinking questions : On a scale of 1 to 7 (7 being the highest) how big do you think?

Act : Today, think bigger than you ever thought before. Read books, listen to CDs, attend big thinkers seminars.

Remember: awareness is contagious.


Chapter 40 : The middle class thinks people are plotting to rob them… Rich people think people are willing to help them


Most people think that the world is a harsh place and if you are not careful, people will rob you of your fortune. This belief is rooted in fear, so they see life through the eyes of fear and need. This belief is also partly true. The world is a harsh place and some people are just waiting to trick you. I do not deny objective reality. The problem is not with understanding this but with the cognitive level rooted in fear-based thinking. Fear is the strongest emotion. Fear-based thinkers see the world through the lens of fear and deprivation, which makes them pessimistic and paranoid.

Rich people also live in the same environment as ordinary people, but their thinking is completely different. This is not a gift they were given from birth but a choice they made when they realized the benefits of mind control.

The rich decide to see the world as it is and what it can be. And they also see other people this way. They see the beauty that many people miss. They see the childish soul inside the adult. They see potential in everyone they meet. And they choose to look that way because they can.

Rich people always believe that humanity, God or a powerful being is always with them, ready to guide them on the journey to the ultimate perspective.

They race towards their goals and dreams, believing that every turn they are supported. While the middle class thinks everyone out there is always cornering them, the rich believe that the world is cheering them on and helping them along the way. Same world, same reality; only’ other perception.

“God wants us to have a prosperous life, and complete the mission that He has given us.”– Joel Osteen


Source of rich books : Warren Buffett Wealth by Robert Miles.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you believe you have a rich number?

Act : Start telling yourself and others that you believe people are on your side, supporting you towards your goals and dreams. Programming a positive mindset like this will gradually form a strong belief that will give you a strategic advantage in the game.


Chapter 41 : The middle class thinks that thinking is not related to wealth… Rich people know thinking is the key to a fortune


The average person assumes that work, time, and money are correlated. They are taught that the more they do, the more they earn. And since there are only 24 hours in a day, the only way out is a promotion. Most people only grasp linear thinking.

If an employee wants to earn extra money, the first thing they think about is going to school to get a master’s degree. In the linear world, the more you learn, the more money you earn. This is the key to making money, and also the least effective way.

The rich know money comes from a non-linear world where very few people live. It’s not because it’s too complicated for the average person, but it requires them to let go of the idea that they know how to make money and make room for a higher level of thinking.

Rich people are masters of inventing and developing ideas in a variety of ways.

For example, the majority calculate how much they will be paid for the job while the rich calculate what they like to do and find a way to do it.

The goal of making money is the same but the path to making money is completely different. One side follows the linear path, the other side follows the non-linear path.

One side is only focused on money, the other side is always filled with enthusiasm, joy and passion.

Which side will you bet on to make more money?

Linear thinking tells the masses that thinking has nothing to do with making money.

Non-linear thinking tells the rich that thinking is the key to unlocking a great fortune.

“I discovered that wealth is a kind of perception and that anyone can perceive it by thinking like a rich person.”– Andrew Young


Source of rich books : Money 911 by Jean Chatzky.

Commentary thinking questions : When thinking about making money do you prefer linear or non-linear thinking?

Act : Establish the habit of non-linear thinking by using it every day in different situations. 


Chapter 42 : The middle class enjoys wealth and takes it for lucky… Rich people enjoy wealth and take it for the natural laws of life


The majority always believe that wealth, prosperity and great success are only for a few people and those are those with outstanding talent, high education or just plain luck. When they achieve extraordinary success or get something unexpected, they believe it’s just luck and that luck won’t last. This wrong view followed them to the end of their lives.

Rich people believe the opposite. They believe that success, fulfillment and happiness are the natural laws of life. Beliefs motivate them to take actions that help them achieve success.

While most people play video games, watch TV and surf the internet, champions set goals and devise strategies to make these pastimes a reality.

After all, why do I dream of being rich when I think I can’t be?

So while the rich may seem more ambitious, it is actually their beliefs that lead them to success and the more successful they are, the greater that belief.

Their belief is an upward spiral of success while the majority’s is a downward spiral.

Both sexes think their beliefs are right, but only one group’s beliefs lead them to success and the other group directs them to a normal life. In fact, there are only a few people who don’t aspire to become millionaires, but the problem is that most of them don’t realize it.

While the rich continue to carry out one dream after another, the poor stand on the sidelines, denigrating success and thinking it is just luck.

“A half-liter bottle cannot hold a liter. If a half-liter can hold a liter, it’s overdoing it.” – Margaret Deland


Source of rich books : The Millionaire Course by Marc Allen.

Commentary thinking questions : Are you hoping for luck in the usual sense?

Act : Raise your expectations in life and don’t be surprised when good things come your way.


Chapter 43 : The middle class believes that the more money you earn, the more pressure you have… The rich believe that the more money you make, the less pressure you have


Ordinary people equate high income with a lot of pressure. And those who want to be successful have to sweat and cry ten thousand times more than people other.

Rich people believe that the more money you make, the less pressure you have because most problems can be solved with money. Almost any pressure both in business and in relationships stem from a lack of money, so the more money there is, the less pressure there is to have.

Rich people often say that if you want to take the pressure off and spend more time with your family, the fastest way is to earn enough money so you can quit your job.

Many employees who earn six-digit salaries and a range of bonuses are actually still among the working poor because they spend more than they earn while still not having enough time to spend with their families.

These smart people barely realize that with just a little adjustment in beliefs and behaviors, they can make more money in a week than they currently make in a year.

It is this limited view that makes them think that the only way to make a lot of money is to work overtime or get a promotion.

Non-linear rich people hold the world in their hands. They can control their money and pressure.

The secret to getting to this level is realizing the need for a different set of beliefs and philosophies.

“Money can only be used for two things. One is to make you comfortable, the more comfortable you are, the more creative you are. The second is to help expand and enhance your services.”– Bob Proctor


Source of rich books : The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Investing in Stocks by Theresa Hamacher, Randy Burgess, and Carl Baldassarre.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you believe wealth helps relieve pressure?

Act: Imagine the extra mental energy you will spend on realizing your dreams without worrying about money.


Chapter 44 : Middle-class people believe that more money is more of a problem… Rich people believe that more money is less of a problem


Another misconception of the majority is that millionaires are workaholics who do not have time to enjoy life. This is also an excuse most people use to justify their empty pockets. It’s like they find excuses to avoid success by making it seem unattractive. In fact, there are many millionaires who appear to be workaholics, but mostly because they enjoy it and don’t see it as work.

There is a line between work and play for the self-made rich, and it is often difficult for them to draw a clear line. These people love to solve problems because they enjoy the work and are captivated by its dynamics.

When you’re a millionaire and you’re tired of solving problems, you pay someone else to do it for you. The majority do not have this option, so they have to deal with more problems on their own than those of the Rich.

Just being able to pay others to solve their problems gives them the freedom to focus on their important, profitable business.

Money helps the rich to control all aspects of business and life.

The more money they have, the less they have to deal with the problem themselves.

While the majority have to stay up all night because of trouble, millionaires sleep well knowing that everything will be resolved smoothly. The paradox is that the middle class is always worried and barely earns enough to live on, while the millionaires do not have to worry about anything and still earn a fortune.

“Success is when you worry about everything in the world but money.” – Johnny Cash


Source of rich books : Common Sense on Mutual Funds (10th Anniversary Edition) by John Boyle.

Commentary thinking questions : How many problems can you solve with enough money?

Act : Make a list of the main problems and divide them into two categories: problems that can be solved with money and problems that cannot be solved with money.


Chapter 45 : Middle-class people believe rich people are obsessed with money… Rich people believe they are obsessed with success


Ordinary people think that “obsessed” is a word with a negative connotation. In fact, the rich have an active obsession with getting what they want, including money. Materialism is only part of their motivation, the strongest part for most is the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

They treat business and life like games and that’s the game they want to win. This is why millionaires still chase success every day.

Money for these people is just a measure of when they reach their ultimate goal.

Most of the money the rich earn will be left to the next generation or given to charity. It’s hard for the rich to become obsessed with money when they’re not going to spend it.

They are more obsessed with success and fulfillment. There’s nothing wrong with obsessing about wealth, but it’s not the main motivator for most millionaires once they’ve achieved a certain amount of wealth. The amount is different from person to person but the phenomenon is the same.

Winners love to win and the joy they experience after winning remains intact.

Most people don’t understand this because they’ve never had enough progress to make it a second priority in life. They can’t see life as a game when the money is not enough to pay the phone bill.

The rich are masters at getting what they want, and their primary goal is to build a fortune enough for them to move on to higher goals like fulfillment, time freedom, and philanthropy. 

This enables them to live the lifestyle most people dream of and experience recreational activities that many cannot imagine.

“Life is a game. Money is how we score.” – Ted Timer


Source of rich books : Understanding Wall Street (Fifth Edition) by Jeffrey Little and Lucien Rhodes.

Commentary thinking questions : On a scale of 1 to 7, (7 being the highest), how strong is your desire to succeed?

Act : Think about what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. Your discipline and dedication must match your desires.


Chapter 46 : The middle class believes the rich are selfish and only care about themselves… The rich also believe the rich are selfish and only care about themselves.


Both the middle class and the rich believe that the rich are selfish and only care about themselves. The difference is that the middle class thinks it’s wrong, while the rich think it’s the right thing to do. Most people are programmed to believe from an early age that they should put the interests of others before their own.

It sounds philosophical, but this is the worst advice. When flying, the first thing a flight attendant tells a passenger is “In an emergency, the oxygen mask will be dropped from the top right in front of you. Put on a mask for yourself and let the gas out before helping others.” That selfish strategy has saved many lives, and it’s a simple premise: If you don’t care about yourself, you can’t help others.

You can’t give away what you don’t have and if you’re always trying to pay the bills, and volunteering four nights a week, you’re doing them harm, not helping them.

The philosophy of the rich is to become rich, get what you want, and help others the way you want. Any millionaire will say that in the early stages of building a business you have to focus on yourself and your business to be successful.

Although this is not the highest level of thinking, they know that it is necessary to create great success. When their assets are solid, they can only think of helping others.

Meanwhile, the majority work hard with a lot of intentions but can’t give much to themselves and others. They master all that the rich think and do, but very few of them dare to open up because their beliefs are so deeply embedded in their minds that they don’t see a higher level of thinking.

“Selfish can be a virtue. Selfishness is essential to existence, and without it we could not protect those we love more than ourselves.”- Duke Ellington


Source of rich books : Subscribe for FREE to The Mental Toughness Video Blog at www.mentaltough– nessblog.com

Commentary thinking questions : Do you think focusing on getting rich and getting what you want makes you a bad person? If true, then I recommend challenging this belief as it almost stops you from getting rich.

Act : Today, let go of the limiting beliefs of the middle class and start practicing thinking like the rich.


Chapter 47 : The middle class dreams of having enough money to retire… The rich dream of having enough money to make an impact in the world


When I studied the super-successful and super-rich in 1984, I thought they were more ambitious than the average person.

After hundreds of interviews, I realized that it was not a lack of aspiration but a lack of belief in one’s ability that most people were not rich. The average person has too many limiting beliefs about money.

Without this intervention, luck, or book, people have little or no chance of becoming rich. The sad thing is, they have everything they need to make more money and if they weren’t bogged down in limiting beliefs they could have done it.

The problem is that most people are never taught about the power of beliefs that can influence their behavior and performance. They often forget that beliefs control everything we do.

Fear-based thinking causes them to see things through a filter of doubt and criticism. This prevents them from accessing life-changing books and faith-changing seminars conducted by leading experts in the field. It is this limited mindset that makes the majority of people’s money-making goal often stop at the age of 65 and hope to have enough money to live for the rest of their lives.

Rich people aim to have world influence with their wealth.

Some people do this through charitable causes, others through business or other financial instruments. They work while living fully material lives and enjoying peace of mind.

“Wealth is power. When you’re rich, anything is possible.”– George Clason


Source of rich books : Money Management for Those Who Don’t Have Any by James L. Paris.

Commentary thinking questions : If you were a millionaire, what would you do to make a positive impact on the world?

Act : Make a list of 5 ways to make a difference if you have money, and how much do you expect it to cost?


Chapter 48 : The middle class believes it’s wise to be skeptical… The rich believe it’s wise to be optimistic


Most people work with the limited belief that skepticism is the safest bet. After all, fear tells them not to hope so they won’t be disappointed. Big thinkers rise through business and stay positive.

They believe that everything they touch turns to gold, and if it hasn’t turned into gold, they believe the following idea will.

Optimism keeps people moving forward no matter how often they fail. Make no mistake: successful people have failed. In fact, they fail so much that you could call them ‘professional losers’.

The difference is that when the majority fail, they get frustrated and never try again.

When millionaires fail, they shrug their shoulders and move on with their ideas. They understand what failure is, but to them it’s like a ladder to success.

And because they don’t suffer like most when they fail, they keep coming up with new ideas until they get rich. The real strength lies in optimism. They dare to ignore their self-esteem and stand up when they fall.

At the beginning of their career, they were laughed at by friends and family when they failed, and were seen as fools.

When they finally got ahead and built a fortune, it was these same people who said they were lucky.

While skeptics find ways to justify the sudden success of friends or relatives, the rich move on with their next project that promises to bring them even more profits.

They ignore the critical people who sit on the sidelines and scorn their success, and are always optimistic that one day they will see the light.

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism leads to strength.” – William James


Source of rich books : Financial Basics: Money–Management Guide for Studen ts by Susan Knox.

Commentary thinking questions : On a scale of 1 to 7 (7 being the highest) how optimistic are you? If you are less than 1 point how much do you have to pay?

Act : Decide to be an optimist like the rich today.


Chapter 49 : The middle class thinks that the rich should help the poor… The rich think that the poor should act on their own


Since the majority believe that people get rich by luck or social advantage, it is fair to the rich to share a portion of their money with those who have less.

The rich believe that every citizen in a market economy has a chance to become rich. They believe that becoming rich is a choice.

While the rich have a lot to give and are the biggest philanthropists, they do it out of will, not out of moral code or social pressure. Many wealthy families make the mistake of letting their children spend lavishly and pay dearly for it. Self-made millionaires believe that self-advocacy is the guide to their lives.

At the same time, the middle class tends to blame others and expect others to take care of them.

Society also relies on this philosophy calling on the rich to fund the less successful. Under the lens of love and abundance, this type of sponsorship inevitably leads people to believe that they cannot take care of themselves and have no hope of accomplishing tasks on their own. Some powerful people grasp this and use it as a tool to control the majority.

The poor who receive assistance will believe that they have no control over their lives, and become so engulfed in fear that they do not realize that they are being systematically destroyed from the inside out, do not believe that self-advocacy will bring success.

“Self-advocacy is the only path to true freedom, being yourself is the ultimate reward.”– Patricia Sampson


Source of rich books : Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It by J. Steve Miller.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you believe self-advocacy is important in achieving financial success

Act : Decide to increase self-motivation in all areas of your life.


Chapter 50 : The middle class sees the rich as oppressors… The rich see themselves as social liberators


The middle class has been serving the rich. This reality combined with a fear-based perception makes the majority feel jealous of the rich and the powerful.

Rich people hire employees to work for them and this makes the average person think that the boss is an oppressor. In fact, the rich are great social liberators because they pay most of their taxes, give most of their money to charity, and create products and services…

Another reason the rich are social liberators is because they have the ability to make choices and execute ideas.

The average person has almost no financial power. Even in the richest country in the world, most of the population still lives on wages. This keeps them in a constant state of fear, causing them to hold onto their beliefs, philosophies, and behaviors that were formed from scratch.

Meanwhile, rich people think in the direction of tolerance, gratitude and continue to get richer day by day.

This is repeated until they believe they are capable of achieving whatever goal they have set. While both groups live in the same world, the inner world is quite different. As time goes by, the gap between rich and poor widens.

“Don’t criticize the rich. When will the poor bring you jobs? – Laurence J. Peter


Source of rich books : Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and

Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century Main: Editing and Updated for the

21st Century by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez, and Monique Tilford.

Commentary thinking questions : Are you taught as an adult that the rich are liberators or oppressors? Are rich people portrayed negatively or positively?

Act : Make a list of 10 reasons the rich have a positive impact on society.


Chapter 51 : The middle class believes that getting rich is out of control… Rich people know that getting rich is within reach


The majority don’t understand the essence of property building, that’s why from generation to generation, they approach building a fortune the same and always fail.

The school teaches basic financial balancing principles, matching budgets, and basic math. This guide directs students and young adults to thinking linearly about money. If they don’t know the truth about how to build a fortune through a book like this, the game is over before it even begins.

The truth is: getting rich starts with your mindset and your beliefs about making money.

If your parents were broke, you will be too if you adopt their beliefs and philosophies about money. Critical thinking says that the only reason people settle for mediocrity is because they don’t know how to get over it.

The secret is always the same: thinking. Every action we take comes from the way we think and what we believe.

While the majority believe that becoming rich is beyond their control; Rich people believe that making money and accumulating wealth have a causal relationship.

The cause of our behavior is our belief system; and we will get the result of the behavior.

Change your beliefs, and you automatically change your behavior and bottom line. With this in mind, big thinkers always advance their beliefs and philosophies about money by studying richer people.

“Wealth is largely the result of habit.”- John Jacob Astor


Source of rich books : Please Send Money. A Financial Survival Guide for Young Adults on Them Own by Dara Duguay.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you think like the rich?

Act : Based on what you’ve learned from this book, make a list of five rich people’s beliefs about money and start telling yourself that you believe these things too.


Chapter 52 : The middle class thinks that the rich believe they are smarter… The rich know that intelligence has little to do with wealth.


The majority consider the rich to be the elite of society, who consider themselves the best. This misconception is shared by those who are frustrated by their lack of success and who are jealous of those who are successful.

The truth is that the rich don’t think they’re smarter or better, and they admire those who have the courage and work to spend a lifetime earning a meager salary.

It is impossible not to admire the miners or bricklayers who worked hard every day for 40 years and only earned very little. Hard workers are not a good strategy for making money but they deserve respect.

Self-made billionaires know that getting rich is not about intelligence but about focus and consistency.

They know the average person is more focused on video games, surfing the internet, and watching TV than building a portfolio.

That’s why many millionaires are high school students and college dropouts.

They leave school because they do not find purpose in what they are learning. Many school programs are too spread out, outdated and lack the necessary database to teach students how to get rich. Most teachers don’t know how to make a fortune. While the rich believe in education, very few of them attribute their financial empires to their schooling.

Getting rich doesn’t mean getting smarter, learning more, but knowing what you want and putting all your heart into getting it no matter how long or hard it takes. It’s simple but not easy.

The problem is that so many people are so fixated on their limited beliefs about money that they never try to internalize the goals of the rich.

“Never forget: the secret to creating wealth for yourself is to create wealth for others.”- Sir John Templeton


Source of rich books : Your Money Map: A Proven 7–Step Guide to True Financial Freedom by Howard Lape Dayton.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you believe you are smart enough to become a self-made millionaire?

Act : Tell yourself every day that you have everything it takes to be as rich as you want to be.


Chapter 53 : The middle class deals with everyone… Rich people carefully control their relationships


Highly educated people like to associate with learned people. People with a slim body like to spend time with people who are fit. Religious people like to associate with religious people.

And rich people like to associate with rich people.

Like-minded people often attract each other, so the rich are often criticized for having a tight circle of communication that makes it difficult for others to come in unless that person is rich.

Successful people generally agree that awareness is contagious and that being around successful people helps you to broaden your mindset and amplify your income.

We will be like the people we associate with and that’s why winners attract winners, in other sections of society this is acceptable but rich people are often criticized for their tendency to only socialize with people of the same level.

Millionaires have a different way of thinking about money than the middle class. It follows from this concept that millionaires don’t know how to become a billionaire.

After all, why would someone only make millions when they can potentially make billions?

That is why millionaires are always trying to find a way to join the richest group of people in the world.

Ordinary people want to meet millionaires to tell their friends;

Millionaires want to socialize with billionaires to learn how to think.

The group watched the game and the other group participated in the game. The important question is which group do you belong to?

“People learn only in two ways, the most enjoyable way is by reading and the second is by communicating with smarter people.”– Will Rogers


Source of rich books : How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously by Jerrold Mundis.

Commentary thinking questions : How many rich people are in your group of allies and advisors?

Act : Make it a goal to double your time with people richer than you.


Chapter 54 : The middle class study for a degree… The rich choose any form of training that makes them rich


The majority believe that formal education is the only form of education that will make you successful. When they want to make more money, the company will encourage them to study further and get a master’s or doctorate degree. Employers are usually willing to pay for this.

This is one of the least effective ways to increase income.

The most effective and profitable way is to solve a problem that no one else can solve and sell it.

The bigger the problem, the more money.

That is the basic thing to make a lot of money.

Sometimes higher education is needed, and that’s when big thinkers turn to an education that can provide the knowledge they find necessary to get what they want. Sometimes they find it in college, but more often they go to people who have done the work they want to do. This is why career and personal development seminars have become so popular over the years. Speakers are often extremely successful in their fields and come back to share their secrets with others who want similar success.

Some ambitious rich people join multi-level marketing organizations to earn money while learning the business process. This is another extremely effective method of learning from the rich.

The rich and the ambitious are avid fans of self-education by reading books, listening to radio shows, and other educational materials.

They will educate themselves by interviewing successful people in their field. They will hire their own coach or mentor.

They will study in any form to make their dreams come true, and don’t need a degree to secure their investment.

So while the middle class limits themselves to education, the rich are willing to accept any form of help that brings them closer to their goals.

“Knowing how to study is enough to prove you are wise.”– Henry Adams


Source of rich books : Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties by Beth Kobliner.

Commentary thinking questions: What do you do every day to teach yourself how to become rich?

Act : Join multi-level selling with different monetization plans to learn how to sell products, recruit more people and build a sales team. You will learn about how rich people think and act.


Chapter 55 : The middle class does not have a clear goal… Rich people always think with a goal


Ordinary people want a lot of things but half-heartedly.

Great people wholeheartedly focus on one goal.

I’ve studied thousands of people to find out what their goals are, and only 3% of them give a specific amount of mental energy needed to succeed.

Big thinkers focus on the most important goal and set deadlines for achieving it. This is how self-made millionaires are born.

While most people waste their mental energy and creativity on different goals, projects, and hobbies, the rich just focus on making money.

If what they are doing is not profitable, they will stop. Once they have earned the desired amount, they will shift their focus to another goal.

It is their commitment to building a financial empire that either works or dies that guarantees their success.

The middle class has a similar focus but lacks the confidence needed to put themselves and their goals on the same path. There is no magic in this process but you have to believe that either you can succeed or you are not persistent enough until you succeed. Again, trust is the star of the show.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that belief can make you rich as long as it’s accompanied by action. Rich people know this and use it to get what they want in life.

“You have to get into the habit of thinking with specific goals.”- John Henry Patterson


Source of rich books : Please Send Money. A Financial Survival Guide for Young Adults on Their Own by Dara Duguay.

Commentary thinking questions : On a scale of 1 to 7, (7 being the highest) how dedicated are you to getting rich?

Act : List a specific amount of money you want to earn over the next 12 months.


Chapter 56 : The middle class do as little as possible… The rich do as smart as possible


The most popular strategy of getting rich is buying lottery tickets. Even when the probability of losing is very high, millions of people still rush to buy lottery tickets every day in the hope of getting rich quickly without respecting much effort. It doesn’t sound like much until you dive into this trend, which reveals the sad truth: most people subconsciously believe this is their only chance to get rich. People come to Las Vegas for one reason only: to win big on a gamble to never have to worry about money again. Instead of betting on themselves, they think they have a better chance of putting their full capital into the game. Of course the only one who makes a profit is the casino owner.

Middle-class people go to work every day wondering why to live in financial anxiety. They look down on their bosses and company leaders, who they consider greedy, and wonder why life is so unfair to them.

Whereas people with a big mindset instead of betting on lottery tickets and gambling, they bet on themselves.

They always give their best every day and believe that with each action they are getting very close to their goals and dreams.

Because 95% of their opponents are common-sense people, they easily rise up and focus all their efforts to overcome the remaining 5%. When they get to this level, they make more money in 1 year than most people make in 5 years.

They made a huge fortune because they realized that the top 5% of people in each field work beyond themselves and into the world of creative thinking.

This helps them channel their mental energy into solving problems that the rest of the 95% can’t think of.

How much money is earned when one starts thinking at the highest level, creative thinking, where fear and lack are replaced by love, abundance, and gratitude.

This level of awareness not only makes them materially rich, but also spiritually rich – a feeling of complete happiness.

“A happy person is one who finds a job and does not ask for more happiness.”– Thomas Carlyle


Source of rich books : Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children by Neale S. Godfrey, Carolina Edwards, and Tad Richards.

Commentary thinking questions : How much do you bet on your ability to become a millionaire?

Act : Invest in yourself today by buying a book, hosting a training or personal development event, or listening to a how to get rich CD.


Chapter 57 : The middle class likes to be comfortable… Rich people feel comfortable even in uncomfortable circumstances


After more than two decades of surveys, interviews, and research, I have found that everyone wants to be comfortable. Physical, psychological and sensory comfort is the primary goal of the middle class. Pleasant comfort in health, relationships, money and other aspects of life; and many people achieve this feeling.

Big thinkers realize early on that becoming a millionaire is not easy and that the need for comfort can disappear.

They learn to feel comfortable even when working in uncomfortable circumstances.

Rich people know they have to pay for their wealth, and if they are persistent enough to overcome the momentary pain, they will reap abundant rewards.

Most people avoid things they don’t like when that is where the most opportunities are in the early stages of getting rich.

Millionaires also don’t like to do these things, but they do it anyway because they believe it will help them have a better life. These people have a very optimistic mindset. They do not accept the skepticism of the middle class. It’s not because these people are skeptical when they can’t come up with a logical argument, but it’s because that mindset doesn’t make them rich.

While everyone around is negative, cynical, and unkind, the rich move forward and their reward is wealth for the rest of their lives.

“The best things that always shine and bring me joy are: kindness, beauty and truth. The goal of comfort or happiness has never appealed to me; The ethical system established on this basis is only suitable for the herd.” – Albert Einstein


Source of rich books : Solve Your Money Troubles: Debt, Credit & Bankruptcy by Robin Leonard and Margaret Reiter Attorney.

Commentary thinking questions : Are you willing to learn how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation in order to be rich?

Act : Make a list of 5 things you have to do today that make you uncomfortable but will help you build a business.


Chapter 58 : The middle class is shy and easily frightened… The rich are aggressive and bold

Ordinary people are taught from childhood to be quiet, stay out of trouble, and not cause trouble. College students are encouraged to have ‘realistic’ goals. Of course the practice is based on the subjective perception of the professor or leading advisor at the school and their level of perception of money.

Most people think life is dangerous and scary, and to live with the least amount of damage it is best to work within safety and avoid unnecessary risks.

It is this mindset that makes people only dare to choose the least risky occupations and ensure the longest working time.

Big thinkers get the same advice, but then they realize that it’s only by thinking differently that they stand a chance of getting rich. They learn to be bold, aggressive, and fearless in their pursuit of wealth.

More mistakes they make in a year than most people make in a lifetime. They lose money, make bad decisions, and worry about paying bills all day long, while the people around them move forward working in safety and adding to their retirement funds every week.

They see friends buying houses, buying cars, having comfortable, happy lives. While they spend more and more with credit cards and never know when to pay back. The family thought they were crazy and begged them to get a job.

But once big thinkers know the secret to getting rich, they never go back to the mainstream. They do not allow themselves to settle down with poor financial resources, while the world is full of money, only someone strong enough can get it.

The ending of the story is predictable: They fight and resist vigorously with nothing to prove and then one day their efforts pay off a little. Then a lot. And then so much that it stunned others.

Suddenly a daring, enterprising, crazy-looking “dreamer” is rich beyond imagination.

One day dreams come true. The truth, of course, is that it took them years of persistence and total effort to get to the level of thinking that could make a lot of money.

“Both wealth and love support the enterprising.”– Ovid


Source of rich books : CRUSH IT! Cash in on your passion by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Commentary thinking questions : Are you strong enough in the face of criticism on your way to riches?

Act : Prepare yourself for the wave of criticism you may experience in the process of getting rich. Don’t be surprised when the masses attack you.


Chapter 59 : The middle class forever nostalgic for the past… The rich look to the good future


Most of us have heard stories about the good old days. At that time, the world was a nice and peaceful place: melodious music, peaceful life, honest people. The poor keep telling the story from generation to generation without realizing how devastating it is. Those who think that the best days are over have hardly any wealth and are faced with unhappiness and sadness all day long.

Big thinkers are future-oriented and optimistic about what’s to come. Their fascinating lives are created twice: first in their heads and second in reality.

This habit helps them to foresee the future, where love and prosperity reign, and money flows in abundance.

They acknowledge and learn from the past while living in the present and dreaming of the future.

The majority justify not having achieved success by clinging to the belief that the past is where the best opportunities are and there won’t be any good opportunities in the future. This belief helps them feel comfortable but limits their success.

Self-made millionaires are getting richer because they are willing to bet on themselves and make plans to fulfill their dreams, goals, and ideas.

Most of their planning time is spent defining goals that may not be realized for many years, but they are patient and diligent in planning and visualizing the future.

When it comes to building a fortune, they focus on the assets they want to have and then connect emotionally with the goal. Great people know money can’t control them;

On the contrary, they charge for their service. Whatever they do is connected to the emotion they want to experience. Once the emotion is connected to the goal, the level of commitment to the goal also increases.

“The empire of the future is the empire of the mind.”- Winston Churchill


Source of rich books : First Comes Love, Then Comes Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Communication by Bethany Palmer and Scott Palmer.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you spend a lot of time reminiscing or thinking about the future?

Act : Decide to be ‘future-oriented’ by focusing on the present and dreaming about the future.


Chapter 60 : The middle class likes to play it safe… Rich people always take risks to win


Because feeling comfortable and safe is a top priority for the middle class, subconsciously they always want to live in their comfort zone and avoid risk at all costs.

Rich people work in the spirit of being prepared for death. They always plan at night and execute it during the day. They are critical thinkers.

They know they don’t have many days left to live and the clock is always ticking. Because death is always near, they have nothing to lose.

They courageously take advantage of opportunities and they succeed and fail more times in a year than most people succeed and fail in a lifetime.

Their failure was great, but their success was even greater. They live in luxury and wake up each morning feeling excited and full of hope.

They know they will be richer tomorrow than they are today, and today’s assets both help them gain greater opportunity and reduce their risk.

Each success increases their confidence level, encouraging them to take greater risks with the realization that if they fail, they still have the skills and knowledge to take back.

So while most people struggle with life and dream of living in comfort, the rich live in prosperity and dream of a higher standard of living.

“The fact that someone should become rich shows that people can become rich, and so it is the driving force for industries and businesses.”- Abraham Lincoln


Source of rich books : Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce by Violet Woodhouse and Dale Fetherling.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you play to win or lose?

Act : Decide to follow your dream while you still have the chance. Remember that one day your time will run out.


Chapter 60 : Middle-class people expect little to not be disappointed… Rich people expect big to succeed


The middle class does not want to expect too much from life and they are supported by many experts. Psychologists and mental health professionals often advise people to expect less so as not to be disappointed. College psychology professors also advise students to do the same.

Rich people consider this advice to be a crime. No one can fulfill his dream without hope.

The sages have said to expect to get what you expect, but many people limit themselves to mediocrity to avoid failure.

The rich people I interviewed during the past 26 years have failed many times. Most of them used to lose a lot of money. They know failure is a prerequisite for great success. Great wealth is derived from the vain hopes of unreasonable people.

Many psychologists who have studied super-successful people have concluded that they are exceptional and extremely intelligent people, so the advice that works for them may not work for the majority. Our research shows that the key difference between the middle class and the self-made millionaire is mindset.

The group sees life as a constant battle, the other sees life as a game.

Rich people are constantly increasing their hopes because they like the excitement of playing the game.

The more excited they are, the harder they work and the more successful they become.

Meanwhile the majority continued to fight and live their desperate lives in silence.

“No one succeeds with the wildest hope unless he begins with the wildest hope.”- Ralph Charell


Source of rich books : The Money Book for Freelancers, Part–Timers, and the Self–Employed: The Only Personal Finance System for People with Not So Regular Jobs The only personal finance system for people in not-so-normal jobs) by Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan.

Commentary thinking questions : Have you set your financial expectations high enough?

Act : Review your financial goal and increase it by at least 50% even if you don’t know how to get there. This will force you to broaden your mind and increase your hope.


Chapter 61 : Middle-class people expect little to not be disappointed… Rich people expect big success


The middle class does not want to expect too much from life and they are supported by many experts. Psychologists and mental health professionals often see little to no disappointment. College psychology professors also recommend the same to students.

A person rich in advice is no different from committing a crime. No one can fulfill his dream without hope. The sages used to say to expect to get what you expect, but many people limit themselves to the normal so as not to make mistakes.

The rich people I interviewed in 26 years have failed many times. Most of them used to lose a lot of money. What they don’t know is the prerequisite for great success. Great wealth is derived from the vain hopes of unreasonable people.

Many psychologists who have searched for super-successful people have concluded that they are exceptional and extremely intelligent people thus suggesting that they are back unfit for the masses.

In our research, I showed that the difference between the intermediate limit and the self-made millionaire is the way of thinking. The group sees life as a constant battle, the other group sees life as a game.

Rich people are constantly increasing their hopes because they like the excitement of playing the game.

The more they strive, the more they work and the more successful they become.

Meanwhile the majority continued to fight and live a life of despair in silence.

“No one succeeds with the wildest hope unless he begins with the wildest hope.”- Ralph Charell


Source of rich books : The Freelancers, Sales, and Self-Employed Earning Book: The Only Personal Finance System for People Without a Regular Job (Freelancers Earn Money) , part-timers and entrepreneurs: The Only Personal System for Those Who Do Untruths – Too – Too Often – by Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan.

Commentary thinking questions : You was set the period of the main resources to not?

Act : Review your own goals and increase them by at least 50% even if you don’t know how to achieve them. This thing will be but you must be open the private private and increase hope.


Chapter 62 : The middle class gets lucky and is afraid of losing… Rich people get lucky and find a way to develop it


The middle class believes that life is harsh and that great things only come to the rich.

Rich people believe that success, fulfillment and happiness come to them for sure.

When great things happen to the middle class, most of them wait for the bad to happen. After all, what kind of person must they be to experience great success?

This belief causes the average person to find a way to destroy success in order to return to a comfortable state. Just as water finds its own level, so do expectations and beliefs return to its own level.

This is why people at the same level of success play with each other, here money is not an issue but a matter of perception that has represented different economic levels. Middle-income people have the same mindset.

Likewise, millionaires think alike, and that’s why they like to socialize. The fastest way to get rich is to hang out with rich people and see how they think.

Then, after mimicking their core beliefs and philosophies, you’ll see your behavior begin to change. Remember that perception is contagious and we tend to follow the beliefs and philosophies of the people we spend most of our time with.

While how to make money is common knowledge, upgrading the beliefs and philosophies of millionaires is little known. Because behavior reveals beliefs, exploring the beliefs of super-successful people to upgrade the habits that create success is a smart strategy.

The secret is, you have to believe it’s possible for you to make the effort, and most people don’t believe that something so powerful can be so simple.

They have nothing to lose by trying this, but fear-based thinking tells them it will be a waste of time. Meanwhile, the rich continue to collect money quietly.

“Making money is an art and good business is the best art.”– Andy Warhol


Source of rich books : Kiplinger’s Money Smart Women: Everything You Need to Know to Acheive a Lifetime of Financial Security

Commentary thinking questions : Do you use leverage to increase your assets?

Act : Make a list of things you can raise to build a business.


Chapter 63 : Middle-class people are encouraged to make money from outside influences… Rich people are encouraged to make money from internal motivation


Ordinary people work for money. If the employer stops paying, they won’t come to work anymore. Rich people work because they love what they do, and work is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

They choose their jobs as carefully as they choose their life partner.

Once they know their passion and figure out how to make money from it, their work is always tied to their thoughts. It’s not because they’re too prescriptive, but because they really like the job they’ve chosen.

So while the majority left the office at 5 o’clock and thought nothing of the work, the leaders continued to come up with strategies and fantasize about new ideas. The reason for that difference is not because of intelligence or education but because of motivation.

While the middle class makes money from outside influences, the rich make money from within.

When work becomes difficult and anger increases, the average person avoids it by participating in social activities, taking weekends off, relaxing, doing hobbies.

When super-successful people get angry, they study hard and persist until they solve the problem because they love a challenge. Motivation from within drives them to get rich. This dynamic is what the middle class calls ‘luck’.

In fact, luck has little to do with motivation except that they are lucky to know what they want to do, but this is often the result of tremendous effort.

Most people prefer to call it ‘lucky’ or attribute the success of brilliant people to something rather than their efforts to justify not being as dedicated to their work as they are. So great people become millionaires and live their dreams.

“If you do the right thing, the money will flow into your pocket.”– Jose Silva


Source of rich books : Making the Most of Your Money Now: The Classic Bestseller Completely Revised for the New Economy by Jane Bryant by Jane Bryant Bryant.

Commentary thinking questions : Are you making a living doing what you love?

Act : Describe your job, career or business on paper.


Chapter 64 : Middle-class people believe that money makes them happier… Rich people know that money has little to do with happiness


Most people always misunderstand money. From the non-linear nature to how and why money flows. Ordinary people do not understand and will never understand. The most common misconception about money is that the more money the happier.

Many famous people say that ‘money doesn’t make you happy’, but at the same time try to convince themselves that money does make them happy. Since they have never had much money and always have to live in a difficult way, it is very difficult to convince them that moving forward will not make them happier.

But they keep repeating that chorus for their whole life because it was programmed from childhood.

Most people who impose this limiting belief on them are empty-handed and repeat the program that has been set up in their heads over and over.

So most people struggle with this belief because they are desperate for money. Ironically, this belief is true. Once your basic needs are met, extra money won’t make you happier, and the rich know this all too well.

You don’t get richer to be happier;

You get rich because of the freedom that money gives.

People who control most aspects of their lives control their time. This allows you to live the life you want, but it doesn’t mean it will make you happier.

It’s like being hungry every day because there’s barely enough food, and then suddenly waking up one morning with a table full of food.

That may seem to make you happy for a few weeks, but over time you will adjust to this abundant food source.

Do you feel happier? Yes, but only temporarily.

So most people come up with this belief to make them feel more comfortable with poverty, but this is absolutely true. It’s funny that while they say that, they don’t believe it.

The best solution is to get rich and prove it to yourself.

“Money doesn’t make you happy. I have $50 million now, but I’m just as happy as when I had $48 million.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


Source of rich books : Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History by Milton Friedman.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you hope money will bring you more opportunities and freedom, or happiness?

Act : Make a list of 10 things you can do like a millionaire that you can’t do now.


Chapter 65 : The middle class believes that people earn money to have power… Rich people believe that people make money to have control over their lives.


The majority view the rich as capitalists hungry for power. They believe that people build their fortunes to gain influence in business, politics, and other areas of life. Hollywood repeats this belief in movies and TV shows that portray the rich as scoundrels who take advantage of the less fortunate to gain power. This is most clearly shown in entertainment programs, but in reality it is not true.

Successful people make money for the personal freedom and control that money offers. This freedom encourages them to quit jobs they don’t like but still be able to provide for their families.

The list of motivators is endless, but personal freedom and control are common denominators. In a market economy, freedom can not only buy economic freedom, but it can also help ordinary people upgrade their beliefs and philosophies. Most people have never raised their consciousness to get rich, but that doesn’t affect their beliefs. The biggest barrier most people face is spending time with common-sense people who are constantly building on their limited beliefs.

Because the rich only associate with the rich, the poor associate with the poor, and both groups always strengthen their group’s beliefs. As both sexes strengthen their beliefs, they increasingly believe that they are right.

The majority see more poverty and the rich see more abundance. Can you guess which group is richer? Now you know why.

“Money is one of the most important topics in your life. The most exciting or disappointing things in life all stem from the decisions you make about money. Whether you are always calm or constantly worried, you will still depend on taking control of your finances.”- Robert Alien


Source of rich books : Money Management for the Creative Person: Right Brain Strategies to Build Your Bank Account and Find the Financial Freedom to Create

(Creator Money Management: A Right Brain Strategy for Bank Accounts and Financial Freedom) by Lee T. Silber.

Commentary thinking questions : Do you actively work on strengthening the beliefs of the rich?

Act : Make a list of 10 middle-class beliefs about money and move from there to the 10 beliefs of the rich.

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