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Rich people think big. Poor people think small.

Chapter 4: Think big

The future belongs to those

who believe in the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt

One instructor at our center has achieved the feat

of being able to multiply his fortune

from $250,000 to $600 million in less than 3 years.

When asked about his secret to success,

he simply said,

“Things have changed

since I started thinking big.”

Let me introduce you to the Law of Income.

The law says:

“Your income is proportional

to the value you put in,

depending on the state of the market.”


Prosperity Rule #16: Law of Income:

“Your income is proportional

to the value you put in,

depending on the state of the market.”

The key word here is value.

It is important to recognize the four factors

that determine your value in the marketplace:




and quantity.

In my experience,

the biggest challenge for most people is quantity.

This quantity factor is often understood simply as,

how much of your value have you actually brought to the market?

In other words,

how many people have you served or influenced?

For example, at my center,

some instructors prefer

to guide small groups of about twenty people at a time,

but others are comfortable with an auditorium of more

than a hundred people,

others prefer a large audience.

The audience is about five hundred people,

and there are still some people

who prefer an auditorium

of one thousand to five thousand people or more.

Is there any difference in the income of these teachers?

Definitely yes!

Consider network marketing.

Is there an income difference

between someone with 10 people in the network below them

and someone with 10,000 people below them?

I always believe yes!

At the beginning of the book

I said that I own a chain of fitness

and wellness centers.

From the moment I considered entering that business,

I had the intention of owning a hundred successful centers

and serving about ten thousand people.

My competitors are different,

they started six months after me

and only intend to own a successful center.

In the end, she earns a living.

I am rich!

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What kind of life would you like to have?

How do you want to join the game?

Do you want to play in the big

or small tournaments, in the main or secondary?

That is your choice.

Most people choose to play small.

Why? First, because they are afraid.

They fear failure

and they are even more afraid of success.

Second, people often play small because they feel small.

They feel they are not worthy.

They don’t feel like they’re good enough,

important enough to make a real change in people’s lives.

But pay attention:

your life is not just for you personally.

It is also your contribution to others.

It involves being true to your mission

and the reason you are here on this earth at this time,

because of your contribution to this world.

Most of us get bogged down in our ‘me’,

requiring everything to revolve around the ego,


and me alone.

But if you want to be rich in the positive sense of the word,

your life can’t be just for you.

It has to be about adding your value to the lives of others.

One of the greatest inventors

and philosophers of our time,

Buckminster Fuller, said:

The purpose of our lives is

to add value to the people of this generation

and the generations to come after“.

Each of us comes to this earth with different innate talents.

Nature has given you these gifts for one reason:

for you to use and share with others.

Studies have confirmed that the happiest people are those

who can maximize their innate abilities.

Part of your life mission is

to share your abilities

and values ​​with as many people as possible.

That means you have to be ready to go big.

Do you know the definition of the word “entrepreneur”?

The definition we use in our programs is:

a person who solves problems for others for a profit”.

Indeed, the entrepreneur is nothing more than a “problem solver”.

So I ask you, do you want to solve the problem

for many people or a few people?

If your answer is many people,

you need to start thinking bigger

and decide to help as many people as possible,

thousands, millions.

Because the more people you want to help,

the richer you will become,




and obviously financially.

Every person on this planet has a mission.

If you’re alive now,

it’s because there’s a reason for it.

Richard Bach, in his book Jonathan Livingston Seagull,

when asked:

“How will I know when I am done with my mission?”


“If you can still breathe,

you are not done with that mission.”

I have seen many people not doing their job well.

I also see many people allowing their fearful “me” to dominate them.

As a result, quite a few of us have not lived

to our full potential,

we are not who we are and are not helpful to others.

I have seen too many people

who did not do their duty,

did not fulfill their responsibility or mission.

I have observed too many players who are too small,

and too many who allow their fear-based ego to control them.

As a result, too many of us fail to live

and reach our full potential,

both for ourselves and to contribute to others.

It all leads to this question:

But if you’re not you,

who are you?

Everyone has their own life goals.

Maybe you are a real estate investor

who specializes in buying

and renting properties to earn money with rent

or an increase in property value.

So what is your mission?

How do you help others?

It’s a great opportunity for you to add value to your community

by helping families find affordable housing

that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Now the question is how many people

and how many families can you help.

Would you be willing to help ten instead of one,

twenty instead of ten,

one hundred instead of twenty?

That’s the big play concept that I mean.

In her book A Return to Love, author Marianne Williamson describes:

You are a child of Heaven and Earth.

If you live narrowly you will not be able to serve the world.

It is not wise to shrink back

and make others feel uncomfortable around you.

We all have a mission to shine,

like children.

We are born to shine.

That light exists not only in some of us,

but in all of us.

And when we let ourselves shine,

we subconsciously call on others to do the same.

When we are free from our fears,

our presence automatically frees others.

The world doesn’t need narrow thinkers.

It’s time to stop hiding and step into the light.

It’s time to stop demanding and start leading.

It’s time to start sharing the gifts this life has given you

instead of clinging to them

or pretending they don’t exist.

It’s time to start playing the game of life the “big” way.

After all, narrow thinking and petty actions only lead

to need and dissatisfaction.

Thinking big and acting big will bring you both money

and meaning in life.

The choice is yours.

Your excuses might be legit,

but they won’t improve your life. – Grant Cardone

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Rich people think big. Poor people think small.

DECLARATION: Place your hand on your chest and say… “I think big!

I choose to help thousands of people!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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