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Rich stand above their problems. Poor stand below their problems.

Chapter 9: Stand above your problems

Too many people are too lazy to think.

Instead of learning something new,

they think the same thought day in day out. — Robert Kiyosaki

As I said above,

getting rich is not a walk in the park

but a trip full of obstacles,

turning points,

many hardships with countless unexpected turns.

The road to wealth is always full of pitfalls

and unpredictable events.

That’s why most people don’t dare to enter.

They are afraid of complicated things,

difficult problems,

and many responsibilities.

In short, they don’t want to face difficulties.

This is the biggest difference

between the rich and the poor:

The successful

and the rich always stand above their problems,

while the unsuccessful

and the poor stand below their problems.

The poor will find ways to avoid the problem.

As soon as they saw the challenge,

they immediately withdrew.

Oddly enough,

while trying to find a way to not have problems,

they have the biggest problem

that covers all problems,

they are poor and miserable.

Then they fell completely.

My friend, the secret to success is not hiding,

faltering or cowering in fear of your problems.

The secret to success is to develop yourself

so that you can stand above any problem.


We must all suffer one of two things:

the pain of discipline

or the pain of regret or disappointment. – Jim Rohn

Prosperity Rule #19: The secret to success is not to avoid, falter,

or cower in fear of your problems.

The secret to success is to develop yourself

so that you can stand above any problem.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest,

imagine you are on the 2nd level of strength of character and attitude,

and are looking at the problem on the 5th level.

The problem is where it is higher

or lower intelligence than you?

If viewed from level 2,

the problem at level 5 seems to be too big of a problem.

Now imagine you’ve grown to level 8.

Will the level 5 problem then be a big or small problem?

Well, it’s still a problem,

but now it seems like it’s a minor issue.

Finally, imagine you tried your best

and became a 10th.

Now is the problem at 5th level big or small?

The answer is that it is not a problem,

it is not even considered a problem by you,

meaning there is no negative energy around it.

These are just normal situations that need to be handled,

like brushing your teeth or getting dressed.

You should remember that whether you are rich or poor,

big business or small business,

problems do not go away on their own.

As long as you are breathing,

you will have so called problems and obstacles.

I’ll make it shorter and easier to hear:

It’s not the size of the problem that matters,

it’s the size of yourself that matters!

This can make you narcissistic,

but if you want to move up the ladder of success,

you’ll have to be aware of what’s really going on in your life.

Are you ready? Come on,

let’s get started!

If you have a big problem ahead of you,

you are clearly a small person!

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

Your outer world is just a mirror image of your inner world.

If you want to make lasting change,

stop focusing on the size of the problem

and focus on the size of yourself!


Prosperity Rule #20:

If you think you are having a big problem in your life,

that proves you are a small person!

One of the less subtle reminders

I give to my students is this:

Whenever you feel like you’re having a big problem,

point at yourself and say it out loud,

“The problem is me!”.

This will wake you up,

pulling your attention back to its rightful place yourself.

Then go from your highest self (and not your weak ego),

take a deep breath and decide right now,

in this very moment,

that you will be an adult,

higher and do not allow any problem

or obstacle to get you off the path to happiness and success.

The more problem-solving you have,

the bigger the business you can run.

The more responsibility you can take on,

the more employees you can manage.

The more clients you can take care of,

the more money you can earn, and ultimately,

the more assets you can own.

As you know, wealth can only increase according to your level of effort!

So the goal here is for you to develop yourself

to the point where you can overcome any problems

or obstacles that arise on your way to wealth creation,

as well as preserve the assets you make.

However, preserving assets is a completely different matter,

or can be likened to another world.


People need to wake up

and realize that life doesn’t wait for you.

If you want something,

get up and go after it. — Robert Kiyosaki

Does anyone know what that world is like?

I’m sure not.

I used to think that making money means making money,

that’s all! Is it because of receiving?

It was so simple that I lost my first million

as quickly as I earned it.

Now I understand the problem.

Back then,

my “toolbox” was not large

and sturdy enough to hold the wealth I made.

Good luck, I have practiced the Prosperity Rules of the Millionaire Mind

and was able to reshape my mind!

Not only did I get that money back,

but thanks to a new “mental financial plan” I made millions

and millions of dollars more.

And the most amazing thing is

that I not only keep the money I make,

but also make it increase continuously at an amazing rate!

Imagine you are a “prosperity box”.

If your box is small while your money is large,

what happens?

Your box will be full and the excess money will be spilled all around.

You simply cannot have more money than the capacity of that box.

So you have to grow into a bigger box

to not only keep more money,

but can also attract more money.

The universe doesn’t accept gaps,

and if you have a big “prosperity box,”

the universe will rush to fill that void.

Let’s go back a little bit to the reasons

why the rich always stand above their problems.

Rich people do not focus on the problem

but always aim for the goal.

Our minds often focus on only one highlight at a time.

It means either you whine about your problems,

or you find a way to solve them.

The rich and successful are solution-oriented:

They spend their time and energy strategizing

and planning to deal with the challenges that may arise,

and create “systems of defense” protection”

to make sure that trouble doesn’t happen again.

Poor and unsuccessful people tend

to focus on the problem itself.

They spend almost all of their time

and energy doing only one thing,

criticizing, blaming, complaining,

but rarely offering any initiative

to ease the difficulty,

let alone how to do it, for trouble not “coming up again”.

Rich people don’t back down,

don’t shy away from problems,

and especially never complain about the problems they face.

The rich are brave warriors in the financial field.

In our Enlightened Warrior training,

when defining a warrior,

we use the phrase “self-conqueror”.

The bottom line here is

that if you become an adept at handling problems

and overcoming any difficulties,

what can stop you from succeeding?

The answer is nothing!

Once nothing can stop you,

you become unstoppable!

And if you’re unstoppable, you’ll have

What options?

The answer is all options.

If you are unstoppable,

anything and everything is within your reach,

just choose and it will be yours!

How liberating!

Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions. – Grant Cardone


Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I am committed to constantly learning and developing myself!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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