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Rich people think “both”. The poor think “one of two”.

Chapter 12: Think about money and happy

Your goals are the road maps

that guide you and show you

what is possible for your life. —  Les Brown

The rich live in a world of affluence,

and the poor live in a world of limitations.

In fact, both still live in the same physical world,

but the difference lies in each person’s perspective.

The poor and the majority of the middle class come

from a difficult background.

They live by the motto:

There is only so much wealth in this world,

that will never be enough to share with everyone,

and you can’t have everything you want.

Although you can’t have it all,

I think you are quite capable of having “everything you really want”.

Do you want a successful career or a peaceful, warm family?

Both! Do you want to focus on work or have fun?

Both! Do you want to have a lot of money

or do you want to find the meaning of life?

Both! Do you want to make a big fortune

or do a job you love?

Both! But the poor always choose only one of the two,

while the rich choose both.

Rich people understand that with a little creativity,

you can find solutions to achieve perfect results the best

of these two seemingly contradictory concepts.

So from this point on,

when faced with the possibility of choosing “one of the two”,

you should ask yourself:

What can I do to achieve both?“.

This question will transform your life,

taking you from the narrow world of limitations

to the vast universe

of endless possibilities and abundance.

This is not only related to the material things you want to have,

but also to all areas of life.

For example, I had to work with a supplier who was upset

because my company Peak Potentials had to pay

for some extra costs that weren’t initially agreed upon.

My point is clear: calculating his costs is his business, not mine;

and if he complains that the costs are too high,

then he has to re-evaluate his workflow.

I’m fed up and just want to find a new supplier

for my next contract,

but I’m a man of good faith and always fulfill the terms of my commitment.

When I was in dire straits and in great financial difficulty,

I would sit down and discuss it

with the intention of expressing my opinion

and insisting that

I did not pay the guy a penny more than

the amount agreed to by both parties.

And while I still want to keep him as a supplier,

this could end up in a big dispute.

I would think that either he wins, or I win.

Now that I’ve practiced thinking “both,

I will conduct this discussion with an open mind

to finding a “beautiful duality” situation,

meaning I don’t have to pay extra

and he is also satisfied with the settlement that both sides agree.

In other words, my aim is to have both!

Or another example.

A few months ago,

I decided to buy a vacation home in Arizona.

I’ve searched all over the area that I love.

All the real estate agents in the area told me

that if I wanted a house with three bedrooms and an office,

it would cost me over a million dollars.

My intention is to only invest here less than a million dollars.

In this case, most people will either lower their requirements

or raise their expected investment budget.

I reject both of those options.

Recently, I received a call that the owner of a home in the exact area

I needed with the number of rooms

I wanted had reduced the price by $200,000,

down to under a million.

It’s another testament to the tendency to want both!

Many times I told my parents that I didn’t want to be a slave

to a job I had no interest in,

and that I would “get rich doing what I love”.

I remember their response often being:

“Don’t be vain. Life is not a place where everything is rosy.

They also say:

“Business is business,

entertainment is entertainment.

First you have to take care of making a living,

and then if you have time,

think about enjoying life.”

I remember thinking to myself,

“Hmm, if I listen to my parents,

I will end up like them.

No. I have to have both!”.

Is that difficult? Sure.

Sometimes, I still have to work boring jobs for a week

or two to have money to cover living expenses such as food, rent, etc.

But I have never given up the will to “have both. “.

I don’t settle for a job or a business that I don’t like.

And in the end, I became rich doing what I love.

Now, when I know that it is completely doable,

I continue to pursue only the work and projects I love.

Best of all, I now have the opportunity

to teach others how to do it.

Nowhere is the “both” mindset more important than in finance,

people poor and many middle-class people believe

that they have to choose between money and other factors in life.

As a result, they assume that money is not as important as anything else.

Let me emphasize again:

Money is very important!

It’s ridiculous for someone to claim that money is

not as important as anything else in life.

What do you think is more important to us humans, legs or arms?

Or are both equally important?

Money is the lubricant that allows you

to “slide” through life gently, smoothly,

instead of being scratched constantly.

Money gives you freedom,

and freedom to buy what you want, freedom to do

what you love in your time.

Money allows you to enjoy the finer things in life,

as well as giving you the opportunity to help others have a better life.

Best of all, money allows you not to expend energy worrying about

not having money.

Happiness is also important.

However, this is where the poor

and the middle class rarely distinguish clearly.

A lot of people believe that money

and happiness are mutually exclusive,

that you can only be rich or happy.

This way of thinking is the result of the wrong installation

and orientation of the mind that has been formed in the past.

Rich people in the true sense of the word understand that

you must have both,

Just like you must have two legs and two arms,

you must have both money and happiness.

You can have cake and eat cake at the same time!

Here is the basic difference between the rich,

the middle class and the poor:

Rich people believe:

“You can have a cake and eat it at the same time.”

The middle-class man said,

“Cake is too expensive,

so I will only have a small piece.”

Poor people don’t believe they deserve a cake,

so they order an empty donut and look at the hole

and wonder why they “have nothing”.


Rule of Prosperity #28:

Rich people believe: “You can have a cake and eat it at the same time.”

The middle-class man said,

“Cake is too expensive,

so I will only have a small piece.”

Poor people don’t believe they deserve a cake,

so they order empty donuts and look at the hole

and wonder why they “have nothing”.

I ask you, what do you have a “pie” for if you can’t eat it?

So what are you going to do with it?

Put it on the table and watch it all night?

Cakes are meant to be eaten and enjoyed.

The kind of thinking that goes around “choose this or that”

is always present in the minds of people who believe,

“If I have more, someone else will have less”.

This thought was nothing but anxiety

and a defensive instinct formed in the mind.

It is absurd to assume

that since the rich in the world have accumulated all their money,

there is nothing left for others.

One detail that people with these false beliefs don’t realize

is that coins are revolving to create value for all.

I cite here an example that is often used in our seminars.

I asked five people to step on the platform

and take something with them.

I told them to stand in a circle

and then I gave the first person a $5 bill

and asked them to use that money

to buy something the second person brought.

Let’s say it’s a pen.

Now the second person has 5 dollars

and he uses this 5 dollars to buy, say,

a cover letter, from the third person.

That way, the $5 bill goes on

and on until all five people are gone.

The $5 bill is used to give value to those who have it,

meaning that $5 going

through the hands of five different people creates a value of $5 each,

or a total of 25 dollars for the whole group.

That $5 coin doesn’t go away,

it just circulates to create value for everyone.

The lessons learned here are clear.

First, money is not lost;

for the same amount,

you can use it again

and again year after year

and create value for thousands of people.

Second, the more money you have,

the more money you put into circulation,

then the more money other people have

to use that money to buy

and sell and get greater value.

That is the complete opposite of the “choose one of the two” thinking. Conversely,

when you have money and use it,

both you and the person you give it to will create value.

In other words,

if you’re worried about other people

and their share of value (if any),

do all it takes to become rich.

Then you can spread the money around.

I repeat that you can be both kind,




pure in heart,

and truly rich.

I strongly advise you to dispel the myth that money is bad in any way,

or that you will be less “kind”

or less “clean” if you are rich.

This belief is as absolute as salami

(if you’re tired of nonsense),

and if you continue to eat,

you will not only become obese,

but you will be both obese and needy.

Friends, being kind, generous,

and loving has nothing

to do with what’s in your wallet or not,

but more closely with what’s in your head.

The fact that you are a pure

and soulful person has nothing

to do with the balance in your bank account,

but from what is stored in your soul.

The way of thinking that money transforms your personality,

making you a good person

or a bad person is a “one of two” way of thinking,

is “programmed garbage”

and does not support your happiness and success.

It also doesn’t help the people around you,

especially for children.

If you still defend that hardline view

and choose to be a good person,

be “good enough”

so that you don’t poison the next generation

with a self-defeating belief

that you may already have accidentally received from his parents.

If you really don’t want to lock yourself up in a life of limitations,

then no matter what the circumstances

you should quickly get out of the rut of “only one

of the two” thinking and resolve to have “both”.

Let others lead small lives, but not you..

Let others argue over small things, but not you..

Let others cry over small hurts,

but not you..

Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands,

but not you. – Jim Rohn


Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I always think ‘both’!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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