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Brian Tracy! Positive thinking awakens potential! Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset

10. Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset

Thought is the source of all wealth,

all success,

all profit,

all great discoveries and inventions,

and all achievements. – CLAUDE M.BRISTOL

Never before have you had more opportunities

to become wealthy,

and more ways to achieve it,

than there are today.

More people are starting out in different industries than ever before.

More and more knowledge,


and technology are creating more products

and services that people want,


and are willing to open their wallets for.

A fresh idea is all it takes

to build a fortune.

In 1900, there were 5,000 millionaires in America,

after nearly 200 years of economic growth

and development.

By 1980, there were 1 million millionaires in America.

In 2015, there were more than 10 million millionaires

and 1,865 billionaires,

most of whom started with nothing

and made all the money they had in a lifetime.

And in that sense, you can too.


How is the inside, so is the outside

The Law of Correspondence works for everyone,

at all times,

in all circumstances.

This law says that your outer world will reflect your inner world.

Everything moves from the inside out.

You cannot achieve anything on the outside

until you do it on the inside.

To be rich on the outside,

you have to think like a rich person on the inside.

No other way.

Poor people think like poor people.

They have self-limiting beliefs,

thoughts that hold them back

and even prevent them from trying.

In a study completed a few years ago called “One Hundred Millionaires,”

the authors demonstrated that you can save as little as $100 a month

over the course of your life working,


and it grows with compound interest,

it will turn into a million dollars by the time you retire.

Why don’t people do this?

Poor mindset!

Tony Robbins, in his 2004 book Money:

Master the Game, emphasizes what Einstein once said,

“Unity is the greatest force in the universe.”

After in-depth interviews

with the 50 richest people in the world,

Robbins concludes that most people can start with a small amount,

save and invest regularly,

use the magic of compound interest,

and eventually,

if they are not rich,

they also become financially independent.

This simple method has worked

for most people at all times throughout history.

And it might work for you.


Self-made millionaires

A few years ago,

I was invited to speak on “Self-made Millionaires”

with a large group of business owners from all over the country.

This invitation forced me to give it some serious thought.

This thought changed my life.

Since I was a teenager,

my ambition has been to become a millionaire by the age of 30.

When I was 30 and still broke,

I postponed it to 35.

At 35, I put off until 40,

but my hopes of reaching that magic number dwindle.

But when I was invited to a talk about self-made millionaires,

I realized how little I knew about them.

So I dedicated myself to researching

who they used to be

and what they did to go from nothing

to being a dollar millionaire in a lifetime.

With these discoveries,

I developed a program called

“21 Secrets of Success for Self-Made Millionaires,”

which I have presented

to about 1 million people in 50 countries over the years.

What’s interesting is that as I researched

and taught people the ways self-made millionaires think and act,

I began to apply those principles to myself.

Within 5 years,

I became a millionaire.


Reprogram your mind

Many people, from all over the world,

have told me that by listening to this program over

and over and applying the rules taught,

they too have become millionaires,

after years of poverty and struggle born.

And you can too.

In this chapter,

I will share with you a series

of simple ideas that you can learn and apply,

based on extensive research into the lives and habits

of thousands of wealthy people.

According to the law of cause and effect,

if you think

and act like a rich person,

you will soon get the results they have.

Bestselling author Og Mandino once told me,

“There is no secret to success.

Only universal truths

and principles have been discovered

and rediscovered throughout human history.

All you have to do is learn and apply them

to enjoy all the success you expect.”


Reasons why people don’t get rich

Once I passed the magic million dollar mark,

I started to look around and ask,

“Why don’t people use these simple rules to get rich?”

As I continued to research,

I discovered that there are seven reasons

why people don’t get rich.

Let’s tackle each reason in turn.


1. It never happened to them

They can never become rich.

Due to their maturation and previous conditions,

it is possible that they

Coming from a family where no one prospered,

and making friends with the poor,

they never thought that they too could become rich,

like millions of people have gone before them.


2. They never lose their resolve

They never made up their minds to do it.

Many people wish,



and imagine how different their life would be

if they had a lot of money.

They admire and envy everyone around them,

who are living better than themselves.

They are always worried about money.

But they never made the determination to survive,

firmly that they had to become rich.

As a result,

they never even took the first step.

They don’t learn how to get rich.

They do not develop the knowledge

and skills to be more useful in their work.

They justify and excuse their situation

by saying that success is just a matter of “luck”

and that they have no luck at all.


3. They procrastinate

If they can get rich,

and they decide to get rich,

they never do.

They delay.

They go to a magical fantasy land called “Someday I will.”

“Someday I will save money but not spend it all.”

“One day I will improve my knowledge and skills.”

“One day I will work harder

and make myself more useful.”

“One day I will get out of debt.”

So they live on “Someday I will”

for most of their lives.

One of the greatest secrets of success

for you to “get out of the desert island!”

That’s to stop making excuses

and start moving forward.


4. They are afraid of failure

Because of the harsh criticism from their childhood

and the mistakes they make as adults,

they are paralyzed with fear of making mistakes,

of losing time or money.

Even if given the opportunity,

they would fall into a state of paralysis.

The fear of failure causes them to come up

with enough excuses to waive action.

They don’t have time.

They cannot make the minimum investment.

They do not have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Like a deer hit by headlights,

they will be paralyzed

by the thought of failure,

making them never dare to do anything.


most of the rich in America started out selling personal services.

They don’t have money,

but they have the ability to work hard,

upgrade their skills,

and become increasingly valuable.

As a result, more and more doors of opportunity open up for them.


5. They are afraid of criticism and opposition

Many people think

that if they aim to improve their finances,

everyone around them will mock

and criticize them.

Those people will scrutinize

and happily unearth all their mistakes.

Because they are so afraid of the opposition of others,

they often do not try to do anything.

This is the solution.

When you’re determined to become rich,

don’t tell anyone.

Keep secret.

Striving for your goals in silence,

and only let people know

when they see your life improving

and ask you how.


6. They stop learning and growing

To achieve things you’ve never achieved,

you must learn

and apply things you’ve never done.

To get rich from nothing,

you’ll have to learn,


and practice a host of new skills

that will make you a more useful

and even indispensable person at work.

The steps on the ladder

to financial success are knowledge and skills.

Abraham Lincoln once said,

“I will learn and prepare,

and one day my opportunity will come.”

As you learn and prepare,

by some cosmic law,

you will always have the opportunity

to use your new skills.

But you need to develop them from the beginning

and continue to develop them throughout life.


7. Lack of persistence

Most people don’t hold on long enough to be successful.

Successful people will tell you that the main reason

for their success is their refusal to give up.

They don’t give up

when the situation gets tough.

They persevered from time to time,

year after year,

even in the face of complete bankruptcy

and financial collapse.

They never stop.

It’s amazing how many people give up

and quit their jobs

when they are only a few steps away

from a pivotal turning point in their lives,

after which they should have achieved great success.

Persistence and determination are the fundamental factors

that ensure that you will achieve all your financial goals.


Learn and apply


you can overcome each

of these limitations to financial success

by learning and applying.

Each of these obstacles can be turned into a springboard to success

as you learn to think like a rich person.

The Law of Correspondence is an immutable spiritual law.

It works for everyone,

in all circumstances

and situations.

It is bound to happen

and is almost entirely predictable.

In terms of accumulating wealth,

this law says that you will behave outwardly

in accordance with the thoughts,




and values that you have in your mind.

On the outside you always act in accordance

with the way you really believe in your heart,

and if you

If you act on it,

you will soon achieve the same results

as others who share your beliefs.


When people think

Psychologists call this self-awareness,

and it is considered the greatest breakthrough

in human potential development

of the twentieth century.

Your self-perception is the way you think,

your beliefs about yourself.

Outwardly you always act in accordance

with your self-perception,

whatever that perception is.

And you can always determine what people think,

feel, believe about themselves just

by looking at what they do in their daily lives.

All progress in outward expression

and results stems

from an improvement in your self-perception.

When you start to think of yourself in a positive,


and financially successful way

from the bottom of your heart,

you begin to act in accordance with those beliefs

until they become a reality.

Children raised in a well-to-do family,

especially with parents

who started out as entrepreneurs,

worked hard and achieved success in a generation,

these children are more likely to become successful

and rich when you grow up.

Throughout their upbringing, surround

and engrave their brains with successful,

wealthy beliefs and lifestyles.

As adults, they expect to do more

and will only be satisfied

when they achieve greater success.


Develop a Wealth Mindset

The development of self-perception

towards affluence often requires years

of practice and exposure to the habits

and behaviors of the wealthy.

But sometimes just a contact

with an influential person at a conference,

in a book, or on a radio program,

makes a deep impression on a person,

who later recognizes himself

as a financial success looking for places to show off.

Many people have prospered after listening

to a radio program

or attending a conference.

In many cases,

the ideas

and encouragement contained in a book also cause people

to start going in a different direction,

a direction that leads them to wealth,

sometimes in just a few weeks.


The Historical Origin of Wealth

Throughout human history and even to this day,

in some countries,

people have obtained wealth by stealing

from others

or from other countries.

The first thing Napoleon’s army did

when they invaded another country/territory was

to rob everything it could carry,

bring it back to Paris.

Napoleon had obtained so much

for France that they made him Emperor

and gave him the freedom

to send troops to plunder all of Europe.

The first thing the Nazis did under Hitler

when they overran a country was take everything

they could get hold of

and bring it back to Germany by train.

When the Russians counterattacked during World War II,

they looted and took everything in their way.

Throughout history,

every dictator who came

to power in any country immediately snatched everything

he could get his hands on.

In these cases, wealth is not created;

it is transferred from the weaker to the stronger.


Today’s Wealth Creation

After 1815 in Europe,

and finally in America,

a phenomenon unprecedented in human history occurred.

People have discovered that

they can create wealth by producing products

and services that people want,


and are willing to pay for.

The legal system is designed

to protect the production

and acquisition of wealth in this way,

thereby enriching every country that adopts the market system.

Because business owners are not afraid

that their wealth will be taken by the government,

contrary to the way some countries are today,

a lot of creative business talent has begun

to focus on creating wealth rather than just transferring wealth.

In America, for the first time in human history,

the phrase “make money” became popular and accepted.

People come from all over the world,

still today,

for the chance to participate in the richest

and greatest trading system in human history.


Start with empty hands

Today, in fact, new immigrants in America are four times more likely

to become millionaires than Native Americans

who don’t see the key to becoming rich:

Find a need and fill it it.

Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think, says,

“If you want to make a lot of money,

find a big problem that many people have,

and solve it in a new way.”

This is also the key to wealth creation.

And there is no other way to become truly rich except

by giving others what they want,


and are willing to pay for.


Cultivate Rich Habits

Simply put, rich people have rich habits

and poor people have poor habits.

Mary Kay Ash,

a self-made millionaire,

once motivated distributors by saying,

“Don’t carry the rabbit habit;

think like a weasel.”


The rich think like a weasel in the all areas of life.

I remember when I was 30 years old,

still broke and struggling to make ends meet,

working hard and not getting much better,

I enrolled in an advanced Master of Operations program at the local university.

One evening,

when I went to class,

a famous local businessman,

rich and successful,

drove a silver-gray Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL

and parked next to me.

I got out of my old Volvo

and just stood there staring at his car.

He looked at me, at my car,

then back at his car.

Then he smiled,


and walked into the classroom.

At that point,

I decided I would do whatever it took

to become rich enough

to be able to drive such a spacious,


and expensive Mercedes-Benz.

I look at the car and see the leather upholstery is blue,

I remember it as I turn to walk away.


Think rich

From that moment on,

I started thinking rich.

I started reading two

or three hours a day about the habits

and behaviors of the rich.

I got another job,

then a better one.

I took on more responsibilities

and got a promotion.

I worked longer hours,

sometimes 12 hours a day,

and made a lot of money for my boss,

some of which he paid me in the form of bonuses and profit sharing.

Within 36 months,

I walked into a Mercedes-Benz dealership,

assigned my car,

paid for it,

and left in a silver-gray Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL with blue leather seats.

It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life.


Forming habits

Jim Rohn once said,

“It doesn’t matter to be a millionaire.

What you have to become a millionaire is what matters.

Then, even if you lose all your money,

you can still make it in full

because now you are the one

who knows how to make this money.”

To practice the rich mindset, to become rich,

you must first build the habit of thinking

and acting like a rich person.

Mike Todd, a film producer

and husband of Elizabeth Taylor,

once put all his money into a big movie project

and went bankrupt.

The incident made the news,

and many “friends” laughed behind his back.

One of them asked him,

“Mike, how does it feel to be poor?”

Mike Todd replied with a classic quote.

“I was never poor,

I was just broke,” he said.

Poverty is a mental state.

Bankruptcy is a temporary situation.”

Then he went back to work on his next project,

which was successful

and within a few years he was rich again.


Mother Nature is always neutral

The law of cause and effect,

the great law of the universe,

says that if you think

and act like the rich,

you will soon become one of them.

And if you don’t, you won’t get rich.

Mother Nature is always neutral.

Mother Nature is like a blindfolded Goddess of Justice.

Mother nature is not biased.

As Goethe once said,

“Mother Nature is no joke;

she was always righteous,

always serious,

always strict;

she is always right,

mistakes and defects are caused by people.

She despises those who look down on her;

and only to the wise,

the noble,

and the honest,

would she be willing to reveal her secret.”

Luckily, your mind is a cosmic thing over

which you have complete control,

and that’s all you need to get started.


Thinking Only if you work,

you can eat with Thinking

Don’t work but still eat

This is a big difference in the way of thinking

of the rich compared to the poor.

Rich people are always looking for ways to create value,

develop and produce products

and services to enrich

and improve the lives

and businesses of others.

They are always ready to invest

before reaping the rewards.

They do not believe in easy money

or do not work and still eat.

The rich believe that you have to earn money justly,

paying the price with sweat and tears

for the achievement and wealth you crave.

The poor do not have this basic understanding

of the direct relationship

between what you invest

and what you reap.

They are always looking for a way to get what they want

with as little effort or investment as possible.

They want success without achievement,

want to be rich without work,

want money without effort,

and want fame without talent.

Poor people gamble,

buy lottery tickets,

go to work as late as possible,

waste time working and leave

as soon as possible.

Hundreds of thousands of people line up to audition

for shows like “American Idol,”

thinking they can become rich and famous

without paying the price necessary

to develop their talents

and abilities and capabilities,

factors that help them stay ahead of their competitors.

One of the great secrets to becoming rich is

to always do more than you get paid.

If you do, you will certainly be paid more than you earn today.

And there is no other way.

If you go further,

there will be no more traffic jams.

Do better than the job requires.

Be prepared to invest more than you reap.


Develop new habits

95% of what you do is decided determined by habits,

thinking first and then action.

Successful people have good habits that lead to happy,


and prosperous lives.

Poor people have bad habits,

or no habits at all,

which lead to the opposite.


all habits can be learned through practice and repetition.

You can learn any habit

or skill that you need to learn

to achieve any goal you have set for yourself.

There’s only one real question,

“How much do you want it?”

The rich and the poor have been studied,

contrasted and compared over the years

to determine what makes them different.

The bottom line is that you can start

with every advantage in life with good family,

good education,

ideal relationships and opportunities,

but if you lack the mental habits necessary to succeed,

these advantages won’t help you either.

On the other hand,

you can start with no advantage in your hand,

like those who escaped from a poor country

or dictatorship and set foot in a new land,

with no friends,

no connections,

did not even know a foreign language

but had great habits,

these people later built a good life for themselves.


Seven-step strategy

Habits are developed with a simple seven-step strategy.

First, try to develop just one habit at a time.

If you are ambitious and decide

to develop a lot of good habits right away,

you will end up developing nothing.

Please be patient.

“Don’t do anything too hasty.”

Since developing a new habit takes about 20 to 30 days of repetition,

in fact, each month you can develop one enrichment habit,

or 12 new habits in a year.

That is enough.

For example, the richest people get up before 6 a.m.,

three hours before their first date.

They have rituals that they perform every day.

They wake up,


get dressed,

plan and prepare for the day.

They read,

learn something,

and arrange schedules.

They always go to work very early,

before the average person enjoys their first cup of coffee.

This is a habit you can choose to develop right away.

It can change your life.


Second, enter new data:

Pick a routine that might work for you.

Be clear about the new way you want to think and act.

Move this new habit into your mind.

For example,

the rich think about creating wealth most of the time.

They are constantly looking

for opportunities

to make more money by providing products

and services that people need,

both now and in the future.

They are constantly thinking about generating revenue.

You can do so.

Third, affirm to yourself that you already have this habit.

Say to yourself,

over and over,

“I see money-making opportunities everywhere.”

The words that have the most impact are

the ones you tell yourself and believe in them.

Keep reading,


and gathering information on how to make money.

Read interviews and stories of people

who started out in a pinch and became financially successful.

Think of ways you can do the same.


Fourth, imagine yourself practicing this new habit.


“The person you see is the person you will become.”


all progress in your performance begins

with a change in the image you act in your head.

You always show yourself on the outside the way

you see yourself on the inside.

Imagine getting out of bed

before 6 o’clock every morning

and immediately starting your day.

It’s amazing how many rich people say they start every morning,

sometimes at 4 or 5,

with 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise.

If you do this every day for a month,

you will soon be addicted to feeling fresh,

alert and energetic throughout the day.


Fifth, act as if you already have this new habit.

You can use the “Rule of Inverse”,

the law that causes so many great changes in people

and leads to financial success.

This law says that if you feel a particular way,

or if you believe yourself to be a particular type of person,

you will naturally act in a particular way.

But what if when you start,

you don’t feel

or believe that you are rich or successful?

As William James of Harvard University pointed out,

“If you haven’t acquired the habit you want,

act as if you already have it in every way,

and that very act will soon build up your happiness truly believe.”

Successful people plan each day in advance,

usually the night before.

They set priorities and work on the most important task first

and then everything else.

You can too, starting tomorrow.

As you plan and schedule your day,

tell yourself,

“This is what rich people do.”


it becomes a habit and make it a permanent part of your daily routine.


Sixth, don’t allow exceptions.

Once you’ve made up your mind to develop a habit,

never stop

until the new habit is in place.

Don’t rationalize

useless behavior.

Don’t make excuses or make excuses

for not being consistent

with what you’ve made up your mind.

This is what the poor do.


Seventh, if you “fall off your horse,”

come back immediately.

If you’ve fallen into an old habit,

a situation you’ll encounter time and time again,

stop right away

and start acting like the new habit you’ve been determined to develop.

Ignore your temporary mistake and say,

“Next time, I’ll do better,”

and start over.

Don’t expect to get it right the first time,

or even the first few times.

Be patient and persistent.


Form good habits

Good habits are difficult to form but easy to live with.

Bad habits, on the other hand,

are easy to form but difficult to live with.

The principle is that you have to form good habits

and let them control you.

At first, new habits are difficult to learn and apply,

but they soon become automatic and easy.

Before long,

it will be easier for you to adopt a new habit

than to fall into an old one.


Habits of the rich

You can develop a lot of habits adopted by most rich people.

For example, in a 2015 Forbes survey of self-made billionaires,

76% attributed their success to “hard work and self-discipline”.

Millionaires work about 60 hours a week,

often six days a week,

more than 10 hours a day.

They get up early and start their day at 7 or 8 am

and work until 6 or 7 pm.

In the words of music producer David Foster,

“I don’t know of any successful person

who works less than six days a week.”


Do what you love

This is the key.

Do the things you love.

Do work that you enjoy,

work that appeals to you,

energizes you,

and makes you happy.

Most millionaires say they have never worked a day in their lives.

They just do what they like

and get paid well for it.

You should do the same.

In addition to hard work and self-discipline,

millionaires don’t waste time.

They are constantly thinking about generating revenue

by serving their customers better,

faster and cheaper than their competitors,

no matter what business they are in.

They constantly ask themselves,

“Is this the most helpful thing I can do to achieve my goals?”


Set clear goals

Most millionaires aim fiercely towards their goals.

They have a certain purpose,

a big goal,

sometimes it is called BHAG

(Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Big Goal – Risky – Bold),

they always think about it and strive for it.

What is your goal?

Millionaires set metrics,

especially financial ones,

and deadlines for each of their goals.

Millionaires are very rational,

careful with money.

They look at every detail of an investment

or expenditure before making a decision.

They love making money,

but hate losing money.

Millionaires focus on financial accumulation,

focus on making money

and keeping a lot of money.

Like the Japanese proverb,

“Earning money is like digging sand with a needle.

Spending money is like pouring water on sand.”


Good use of time

Millionaires are extremely productive

and make good use of their time.

They plan each day in advance.

They set priorities for the time budget.

Every hour,

every minute,

they focus on doing what is most useful.

Poor people keep rushing to work

without detailed planning,

then waste a lot of time,

become tired and discouraged

when they are far from success.

One of the most valuable skills you can learn

is calculating the hourly rate

or income you desire.

Take 2,000,

the average number of hours successful people work in a year,

and divide it by your desired annual income.

If your goal is to make $100,000 per year,

divide by 2,000 hours,

that’s $50 per hour.

From then on,

every day,

every hour,

every minute,

ask yourself if what you’re doing is paying as much

or more than the hourly rate you want.

If the answer is no,

stop doing it immediately.

You delegate, outsource or waive the task.

You must definitely refuse to do unpaid work

with the money you are determined to earn.


Please say No

As Nancy Reagan once said,

when advising teenagers to stay away from drugs,

“Say no!”

Say no to things that aren’t the most rewarding,

to things that don’t pay you the money you want to make.

When Warren Buffett was asked recently about his secret to success,

he replied,

“I just say no to everything.”

John Doerr, the billionaire venture capitalist from Silicon Valley,

has an employee who does almost everything,

except for a few things that only he can do,

that generates tens of millions of dollars for the company.

He said no to all other things too.


Always learn and grow

Millionaires are always learning new ideas.

They spend two to three hours each day reading,


and listening.

They order business book summaries,

both paper and audiobooks.

They know that a key idea,

plus their own insights,

can change the future of their business

and even make a fortune.

They believe that the right idea exists somewhere,

and they are constantly looking for it

from every possible source.


Avoid TV traps

The rich spend less than an hour a day watching TV.

The poor watch five to eight hours of TV a day,

go to bed only when they are too tired to watch,

and then wake up and turn on the TV to start the day.

TV can be a wonderful slave

but also a terrifying master.

Your TV can make you rich

or make you poor.

It will make you rich

if you leave it alone most of the time.

It will make you poor if you sit

and watch it for hours.

A recent study has shown that as people get richer,

they begin to take the TV away

from their family activities.

In fact, the richest people create a “TV room,”

where they initially wake up,

go down to the big room,

and watch TV.

They make watching TV difficult,

even getting rid of the TV altogether.


Become infinitely curious

Another habit of the rich is that they ask a lot

and listen carefully to the answers.

Middle managers and middle-income earners seem

to talk a lot and don’t care

when others are talking.

Rich people ask a lot,

listen a lot,

even take notes,

knowing that almost anyone can come up

with valuable ideas that can be helpful in creating wealth

and making a lot of money.


Maintain health and energy

The rich take good care of their physical health.

They have a thorough understanding

of what can be done to lead a longer,


and better life.

You need high levels of energy to succeed,

to work long hours,

to start earlier than others,

and to work later.

Rich people are constantly looking for ways

to raise their energy levels.

One expert says that the most important asset

of any business lies in the thinking time of the management.

This is also your most important spiritual asset.

How can you get more time?


Reasonable weight

A healthy weight is very important here.

Being overweight is linked to a lot of health problems.

One of them is that extra pounds put pressure on your body,

burning energy that you can use

to achieve the success you crave.

The five-word rule for weight loss is

“Eat less and exercise more.”

Rich people eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water.

As a result, they have more energy,

especially mental energy,

so that they can focus on getting better results

and making more money.


Reasonable rest

According to Florida State University psychologist Anders Ericsson,

celebrities sleep an average of 8.46 hours a night.

He discovered that peak performance is hard work.

That consumes a lot of energy.

You can’t be most productive at any time

if you’re only getting five,


or seven hours of sleep a night.

You need eight to nine hours of sleep

to fully rest your body

and recharge your brain

for the next day.


Exercise in moderation

Rich people exercise an average of 200 minutes a week,

or about 30 minutes a day,

or more.

They wake up and exercise every morning.

They walk more from place to place,

use the stairs more than the elevator,

and are always looking for opportunities

to be physically active.

Someone once told me,

“Every joint in the body is made

to fit perfectly every day.”

That advice has guided my exercise program over the years.


Accept premeditated risks

Rich people are willing to take risks to get rich.

But they don’t play games

of chance or take risks.

They employ a special form

of “risk avoidance” in pursuit of higher levels of income.

They reduce the risk inherent in things being new

and different by gathering as much information

from every source as possible.

Rich people are willing to step out of their comfort zone,

stretch out,

and try something new and different

if that’s what it takes to achieve greater financial success.

Rich people are constantly looking

for opportunities to use their intelligence

and resources

to create wealth in new and different ways.

The rich reduce their investment risks

by working with experts and carefully monitoring their investments.

Once they’ve made money,

they’re determined to keep it.


Constantly expanding relationships

The rich are constantly expanding their relationships.

They are always looking for ways

to expand the number of relationships

with people they can help and can help them.

But as Baron de Rothschild once said,

“Don’t build useless relationships.”

Rich people don’t waste time with aimless people.

They look for people

who the most successful people in your community

and in your industry and find ways

to spend more time with those people.

They stay away from negative people

who only criticize,

condemn and complain.

If they see the person next to them grumbling about life or work,

they will politely apologize and leave.


Become a member

Do what rich people do.

Join one or two business associations

that are important or useful to your field.

Please attend meetings.

Identify the most important committees

and volunteer to be on one of them.

The most important committees in each organization tend

to attract the most important people in that industry.

As you serve on these committees,

you will have the opportunity to meet

and get to know these people in a neutral

and safe environment.

In this way, you get to “interview” them

and show them what kind of person

you are through the quality

of your contributions to this nonprofit.


The most important quality

Perhaps the most important quality of rich people is

that they focus on excellent performance,

doing important tasks well.

After all, in this life,

it is best to become the so-called “trusted guy/girl”

who is recognized as the most effective person in his or her field.

Just as a company’s best investment is

to improve the quality of its products/services in terms

of what customers want and need,

the rich’s best investment is in themselves,

getting better and better in his field of expertise.


Your future is limitless

Never before have people had more opportunities

to earn more money

and achieve their financial goals faster than now.

But in the words of Earl Nightingale,

“Before you can possess something different and greater,

you must become someone different and greater.”


Positive thinking awakens potential

According to the Law of Indirect Effort,

when you focus on developing the mindset of rich people

and behaving the way they do every day,

you will soon become a rich person,

both internally and externally.


Practical exercises

1. Resolve to think and act like the rich today.

Apply the ideas in this chapter.

Read interviews,

stories and books about people

who have become incredibly successful,

and do what they do.

2. Choose a habit that you think will help you develop the mindset

and self-awareness of the rich,

and do it every day

until it becomes automatic and easy for you.

3. Pick an activity or successful person’s lifestyle

and incorporate it into yours.

Do it now.

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