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Rich know how to receive. The poor do not know how to receive.

Chapter 10: Know how to receive

When you are forced to think,

you expand your mental capacity.

When you expand your mental capacity,

your wealth increases. — Robert Kiyosaki

If I had to list the top reason most people don’t reach their financial potential,

it’s this: the vast majority of them are receptive.

Regardless of whether they are good at giving or not,

they are definitely bad “receivers”.

And because they do not know how to receive,

they receive nothing.

People are not bold in their acceptance for a number of reasons.

First, many people feel unworthy of themselves.

This syndrome is very common in our society.

I guess more than 90% of individuals in their hearts

think they are not very good.

Where does that self-doubt come from?

Usually from the mind.

For most of us, that mindset comes from having to hear twenty “No!”

for each “Okay!”, ten “You are wrong!” for each “You did it right!”

and five “You’re so bad!” for a sentence “You are so good!”.

No matter how supportive a parent or godparent is,

many of us often feel like we’re not capable of consistently meeting their needs

and expectations.

So we feel we are not good enough.

Besides, many people grow up in strict,

even harsh upbringing,

and the feeling of being reprimanded

or punished is ingrained in their minds.

From here formed an unwritten rule

that if you do something wrong,

you will be or deserve to be punished.

Many of us have been punished by our parents,

teachers, etc.,

even those belonging to a certain organization

or religion are threatened by various punishments,

including not being allowed to go to heaven.

Of course, when we grow up, those things pass.

Is it true? Wrong!

For most of us, the impression of punishment is so ingrained that

if no one punishes them when they make a mistake

or just because they haven’t reached perfection,

they will unconsciously punish themselves.

When you were a child, punishment could be as simple as,

“You’re so naughty, you won’t be able to eat candy.”

Penalties can now exist in the form of:

You’re so bad, you won’t have any money“.

This explains why some people limit their income,

and why others unconsciously sabotage their own success.

It’s not surprising that many people have difficulty accepting.

Just a small mistake happens

and they have to bear the burden of constant misery

and poverty for a lifetime.

I repeat, their shaped mind is a filing cabinet filled with old ‘shows’,

with slightly altered subjectively perceived meanings,

blended into dramatic narratives. and disaster.

These are the things I usually teach in my courses,

and maybe they will make you feel better.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you feel worthy or not,

you can still get rich in another way.

A lot of rich people don’t feel well deserved

when one of their main motivations for getting rich is wanting

to demonstrate their abilities

and self-worth to themselves and others.

However, as noted above,

getting rich for self-worth may not make you happy,

so it’s better to get rich for other reasons.

However, here’s an important detail you need to realize is

that your feelings of unworthiness

shouldn’t keep you from reaching your goal of getting rich;

because this can be a very effective motivator.

Saying this so that you understand

what I am going to share with you below in a clear and coherent way.

This could be one of the important times in your life.

Are you ready?

Remember that whether you deserve it or not,

it’s just a story you make up,

so it won’t mean anything,

except the meaning we give it.


I don’t know about you,

but I’ve never heard of anyone being “stamped” at birth.

Sorry, I didn’t think that would happen!

No one stamps your forehead with the words “Deserving” or “Unworthy”!

You will do it yourself.

You are the only one who decides whether you are “worthy” or “unworthy”.

It all depends on your point of view.

If you say you are worthy, you are worthy.

If you say you don’t deserve it, you won’t.

Whichever way you choose, you will live up to your life story.

Here’s the bottom line,

I repeat: You will live up to your story. Simple as that.

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Prosperity Rule #21:

If you say you are worthy, you are.

If you say you don’t deserve it, you won’t.

Whichever way you choose,

you will live up to your life story.

So why do people do that?

What causes people to make up their own stories

that they are not worthy?

It’s just human nature, that is,

our “mental immune system” is always looking for things to go wrong.

Did you see the squirrels never worry about something like that?

Do you think a squirrel would ever say,

This year I will collect

and save as much dried fruit as I do every year to prepare for the winter,

because I don’t deserve it”?

No! of course!

This instinctive animal would never do that.

Only the most evolved creatures on the planet,

we humans, have the ability to limit ourselves like that.

I have a saying that goes like this:

“If an oak tree 30 meters tall had a human brain,

it would only grow to a height of three meters!”.

So I suggest:

It’s much easier to change your story than it is to change your values,

so instead of constantly trying to change your values,

change your statement and your story.

That way will certainly bring positive results,

quickly with a significantly cheaper cost.

Simply come up with another story that supports you and live by it.


Prosperity Rule #22:

“If a height of 3 meter of the tree had a human brain,

it would only grow to a height of 3 meters!” – T. Harv Eker

Now, I invite you to a special ceremony.

I would ask you to ignore anything that might distract you:

stop chewing gum, turn off your phone,

and stop whatever you’re doing.

If you are a man, you can change into a formal dress,

and ladies can wear a formal dress for the evening.

If you don’t have a piece of clothing that’s chic or new enough,

this is your chance to shop for a brand new shirt labeled

with your favorite celebrity designer.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

Get down on one knee and bow your head respectfully.

Finished yet? Repeat after me.

By my power,

I officially declare you are deserved’ from this time up to there!

It’s done.

Now stand up and hold your head high,

because in the end you deserve it.

Here’s some wise advice: put an end to the useless discussion of “worthy”

and “unworthy” things,

and start taking practical action towards the goal of getting rich!

The second reason most of us have trouble receiving is

because we have memorized the maxim:

“It is better to give than to receive.”

Let me say in the most polite way possible: “What a cliché!”.

That maxim is downright silly,

and (which you may not have noticed) is often spread by people

and groups who want you to be the giver,

and they are the receiver.

That whole idea is ridiculous.

What would be better:

Hot or cold, big or small, inside or out?

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

Those who insist that it is better to give than

to receive are very bad at math:

For every giver there must always be a receiver,

and for every receiver there must always be a giver.


Prosperity Rule #23:

For every giver there must always be a receiver,

and for every receiver there must always be a giver.

Think about it, how can you give if no one takes?

Both sides must be in absolute equilibrium of 50/50.

And since giving and receiving are always balanced,

they must be of equal importance.

How does it feel to give?

Most of us agree that the feeling of giving is wonderful and satisfying.

So how does it feel if you want to give,

but others are not willing to receive?

Most people affirm that the feeling is horrible.

So when you are not willing to receive,

you are “suffering” those who want to give you.

By doing so, you are blatantly denying the joy

and comfort that comes from their act of giving.

They will feel terrible.

You ask why? I repeat that all is energy,

and when you want to give but can’t,

that energy won’t be able to get out and get trapped inside of you.

The blocked energy will then transform into negative emotions.

Things get worse if you’re not ready to fully embrace it,

because you’re training the universe to give you nothing!

It’s easy to understand: If you’re not ready to receive your share,

it will go to those who are willing to take it.

That’s one of the reasons why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Not because the rich deserve better,

but because they are always ready to receive,

while most of the poor are not.

I learned this lesson

by accident while camping alone in the woods.

In preparation for the two-day hike,

I built a makeshift house

by tying the top of the tarp to a tree branch

and then fixing the corners

to stakes driven into the ground to create a 45-degree roof.

Luckily I prepared that

little tent in advance because it rained all night.

The next morning,

when I woke up and got out of the hut,

I was surprised to find that both my body

and everything else under the canopy was dry,

but there was a large puddle of rainwater pooling

at the end of the tent on the sloped side of the tarp.

Suddenly a voice inside told me:

“Nature is rich,

but it is not evenly distributed.

When it rains,

the water that falls will have to flow to a certain point.

If one part is dry,

the other must be twice as wet.”

Looking at that puddle,

I suddenly realized that money works the same way.

Knowing what is money,

lots of money,

billions and billions of dollars are circulating around us,

although quite abundant but still limited,

and its journey must end at some point.

It can be inferred:

If someone is not ready to take their part,

the money will have to go to those who are.

Raindrops don’t care which soil it will seep into.

The same goes for money,

regardless of whose pocket it goes.

When I get to this point in the Think Millionaire courses,

I often direct people to a special prayer

that I came up with on my own after contemplating under the tent that day.

It sounds funny, but the meaning is clear.

The prayer goes like this:

“O great universe,

if anyone has something great coming up

that they are not ready to accept,

send it to me!

My heart is open

and I am always ready to receive all His blessings! Thank you”.

I asked the whole audience to repeat it to me

and I felt like they were going crazy!

They get excited by the feeling of awe

when they’re ready to take it,

and it’s a great feeling

because they do it so naturally.

Any story you make up against

that spirit will just be a “myth” that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Then let your story flow and the money comes in.

Rich people work hard and believe

that they are fully rewarded for that effort,

and for the value they bring to others.

The poor work hard,

but the feeling of unworthiness always makes them believe

that they are not the right person to receive the reward,

regardless of the effort put in and the value they bring.

That way of thinking makes them victims,

and how can you be a true victim if you are well rewarded?

Many poor people really believe

that they are better than others because they are poor.

I don’t understand why they think they are more filial,

more emotional or simply better than the rich.

Really absurd! The only thing the poor have more than the rich is poverty!

Once, a man attending a course came up to me with a tearful face.

“I really don’t understand,” he said.

How can I be satisfied when I have a lot of money and others have so little?

I asked him some simple questions:

What can you do for the poor by being a poor man?

Who can you help if you are in need?

Or will he become a burden to others

when they have to feed another mouth?

Wouldn’t it be better to enrich yourself

so that you could actually help others

from the position of someone with potential?

The man stopped crying and exclaimed, “I get it already.

I can’t believe I have such stupid thoughts. Harv,

I believe my time to get rich will come and I will be able to help others.

Thank you, sir”.

He returned to his seat with the attitude of a new person.

Recently, I received an email from him in which he said that

he was earning ten times as much as before,

which even surprised him a little.

Best of all, he was able to help some of his friends

and family who were still struggling.

This leads us to an important conclusion:

If you already qualify for a lot of money, go for it.

Why? Because we are fortunate to be richer than many other people in the world.

There are people who don’t even have a chance to make money.

If you are one of the lucky few

who have the ability to get rich,

then whether you read books like this or not,

you must tap into your full potential.

Get rich and then help those

who don’t have this opportunity.

That means much more than

being needy and not helping anyone.


Of course someone will say,

Money will change me. If I get rich, I might turn into a greedy, snob.

First, only the poor say that.

It was just an excuse to hide failure

and it was like a weed lurking in their financial garden.

Second, allow me to correct myself:

Money will only reinforce the character you already have.

If you are miserly, money will make you miserly.

If you are kind,

money will give you the opportunity to be kinder.

If you are a fool, money will make you a fool.

If you are generous, having more money will only make you more generous.

Anyone who contradicts these arguments is a loser and needy!

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Rule of Prosperity #24: Money will only confirm the character you already have.

So what do you need to do to become a receptive person?

First, start with yourself.

Humans are creatures of habit,

and so you will have to get in the habit of taking

in the best that life has to offer.

One of the key elements in the system

The money management that

we teach in the Millionaire Mind courses

is about creating a Play account,

which is a (limited) amount of money

that you allow yourself to spend lavishly

and allow yourself to ” feel like a millionaire.”

In essence, this account acts

as a tool to help you determine your self worth

and strengthen your receptivity.

Second, practice being enthusiastic,


and excited whenever you find

or receive money.

It’s funny, when the bag is empty

and suddenly I see a coin on the ground,

I usually wouldn’t bend so low just

to pick up the baby coin.

When I got rich, I picked up anything,

as long as it looked like money.

Then I gave her a good luck kiss and said out loud,

“I am a money magnet.

Thank you universe, thank you,

thank you.”

I’m not standing there to find out the denominations printed on the coins.

Money is money,

and seeing money is a blessing given by the universe.

Now I am always ready to accept anything

and accept anything that comes my way!

An open mind and a willingness to receive are extremely important factors

when you want to create wealth.

This makes even more sense if you want to keep that wealth.

If you are a non receptive person,

you will not understand

why such a large amount of money belongs to you,

then the possibility that the money will disappear quickly is completely real.

Here we come across the rule

First inside, then outside”.

Open your “receipt box”

and you will see money pouring in to fill that space.

You remember that

the universe hates emptiness and empty space will be filled in a moment.

Have you ever noticed your shed or garage?

Usually they don’t stay empty for too long.

Have you also noticed the strange thing that the time

it takes for a move to happen is always equal to the time you spend on it?

Once you truly open your heart to receive,

you will receive a lot.

In addition, once you are truly open to receiving,

your whole life will also open up.

Not only will you get more money,

you’ll get more love, more peace,

and more joy,

and you’ll be more fulfilled.

Why? Because it’s all based on the rule I’ve always believed in:

“The way you do a single act,

you’ll do all the things that way.”

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,

practiced every day. – Jim Rohn


Prosperity Rule #25:

Whichever way you do a single action,

that way you do everything.

Often, the way you behave in one area will be the way you behave in all other areas.

If you “close yourself” from accepting money,

there is a chance that you will “lock yourself out”

from accepting all the other good things in life.

While the mind often doesn’t draw clear boundaries

to determine when you’re a poor receiver,

it has a habit of doing the opposite

and over generalizing everything.

and say, That’s how it happened,

and the way it’s supposed to be,

always and everywhere.

If you are a non-receiver,

you will be a non-receiver in all areas.

The good news is that

once you have become a receptive person,

you will always know how to accept anywhere,


and at the same time you know how to open your heart to receive all

that the universe has to offer in all areas of life friend.

The only thing you have to remember is to always say,

“Thank you” every time you receive good things that come your way.

The worst thing one can do is not to try,

to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it,

to spend years in silent hurt wondering

if something could have materialized

– never knowing. – Jim Rohn

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DECLARATION: Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I am a person who always knows how to receive.

I am open and ready to receive a lot,

a lot of money coming to me!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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