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Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on difficulties.

Chapter 5: Focus on opportunities

A wealth person is simply some one

who has learned how to make money

when they’re not working. —  Robert T. Kiyosaki

The rich see opportunities.

The poor see the difficulties.

The rich see growth potential.

The poor see the danger of losing money.

Rich people focus on profit potential.

The poor focus on the possibility of risk.

That leads to an old question like this:

“Is the glass half full or half empty?”.

We’re not talking about positive thinking here,

we’re just talking about your familiar view of the world.

Poor people make choices based on fear.

Their minds are constantly “rewinding

to scenes of obstacles or difficulties,

risks that have arisen or may have arisen.

The main line of thought in their mind is:

“What if this option doesn’t work?”

or more often: “It can’t be done!”.

Middle-class people are a little more optimistic.

Their mindset is:

“I really hope this turns out well.”

Rich people, as we said above,

take responsibility for the results in their lives

and act with the mindset,

“This is bound to work

because I’m going to make it happen.”


The most successful people are mavericks

who aren’t afraid to ask why,

especially when everyone thinks it’s obvious. — Robert Kiyosaki

The rich are always ready to take action.

They have a high degree of confidence in their abilities and creativity.

And they also believe that no matter what happens,

they will always find another way to move on.

In general, the higher the reward,

the greater the risk.

Because they always see opportunities,

rich people are often willing to take risks.

Rich people believe that even if the worst happens,

they can always make money.

On the contrary, the poor always predict failure.

They lack confidence in themselves and their abilities.

The poor believe that, if things don’t go well, it will be a disaster.

And because they always see obstacles,

they are often unwilling to take risks.

Without risk,

there is no reward.

But remember that being willing

to take risks doesn’t mean you’re willing

to lose what you have.

The rich take calculated risks.

That is, they research,

analyze and consider all relevant details

and then make decisions based on verifiable information

and specific facts.

Do the rich calculate forever?

No. They do all these things in the shortest amount of time

and then consciously decide whether

to continue or not.

Although the poor claim to always seek

and seize opportunities,

what they do is often procrastination.

They are scared to death,

they hesitate for weeks,



and then the opportunity slips away.

Then they explain the situation by saying,

“I’m still getting ready.”

That’s right,

but while they’re “still getting ready,”

the rich are quick to jump in,

jump out,

and make another big bargain.

What I’m going to say next may sound strange,

especially since I’ve always been very responsible.

However, I believe that there is a certain effect of

what people call luck in getting rich,

or with becoming successful in any field.

In a game of rugby,

it can be a clumsy second on your side’s penalty area

with less than a minute remaining,

allowing your team to win.

On the golf course,

it could be a shot that causes the golf ball

to hit a tree on the line

and bounce back onto the grass,

just a few feet from the hole.

In business,

you’ve heard about a guy

who invested money in a piece of land in the suburbs,

and ten years later a large corporation decided

to build a shopping mall

or a high-rise building or office on that land?

This investor became rich in an instant.

So is it a wise move

or just a whim of the investor?

My guess is that both of the above factors are at play.

It is worth noting that no luck will appear in your path

unless you take some action.

To achieve financial success,

you have to do something,

buy something, or start a company.

And when you do, is it luck

or a supernatural force

that silently helps you to have the courage

and effort for your goal?

As far as I know,

nobody cares

what that element is exactly.

Just know that luck like that still happens!

If you want to be financially-free,

you need to become a different person than you are today

and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. — Robert Kiyosaki


Another important principle is

that rich people focus on what they want,

while poor people focus on what they don’t want.

We all know the Universal Law of Concentration that says,

“Whatever you focus on, it grows.”

Since the rich always focus on opportunity in everything,

opportunities appear all around them.

Their biggest problem is how to handle all the monetization possibilities they see.

On the contrary,

because the poor focus on the difficulties in everything,

they see obstacles everywhere they look.

Therefore, their biggest problem is dealing

with all the obstacles they see.

Just simple as that.

Your area of ​​interest determines what you find in life.

Focus on opportunities

and that’s what you’ll find.

Focus on the obstacles

and that’s what you’ll come across.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about problems.

Of course, you have to deal with problems

as soon as they arise.

But keep an eye on your goals,

keep sticking to them.

Take the time and energy to create what you want.

When obstacles appear,

work through them,

then quickly return to your vision.

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You cannot have a million-dollar dream

with a minimum wage work ethic. ― Stephan C. Hogan

Put your time and energy into creating the results you want to see,

rather than turning your life into a long tiring series

of running after countless problems to solve.

In other words,

don’t spend all your time just doing one thing,

“fighting the fire”.

Those who keep doing that,

will go backwards.

You must devote time and energy to thinking

and acting in order

to take certain steps towards your goal.

Want a simple piece of advice that’s incredibly unique?


That is: If you want to become rich,

focus on finding,


and investing your money.

If you want to be poor,

focus on spending money.

You can read thousands of books,

take hundreds of classes to be successful,

but in the end everything still follows the rule:

“What you focus on, it will grow”.

The rich also do not know all the information in advance.

In the Enlightened Warrior program

we train people to master their inner strength

and act in any situation.

In that course,

we taught the principle known as “Ready, Fire, Aim!”,

which means:

“Get ready, Shoot, Adjust!”.

What do we mean?

Do the best preparation in the shortest possible time,

then act, and adjust gradually in the process.

Do you believe that you can predict or feel the future

so that you can prepare for any situation

and protect yourself from its negative effects?

Thought it was just an illusion.

Our lives also never move in a straight line.

It moves like a meandering river.

Usually you can only see the next bend

when you have reached the end of the current bend,

and only then can you see what is further ahead.

Then go boldly into the game with whatever you have,

from whatever starting point you’re standing on.

We call this participation “in the corridor”.

For example, many years ago I planned to open a coffee shop

in Fort Landerdale, Florida.

I researched the location,

the market,

and the equipment I needed.

I also learn about the cakes,


ice cream,

coffee available by tasting them all.

The first big first problem

that I encountered was that I was gaining weight!

It dawned on me

that eating all of those foods was not going to help the store’s goal.

So I asked myself,

“Hey Harv,

do you know what the best way to research this business is?”.

Then I heard this guy named Harv

(certainly a bit smarter than me) reply:

“If you really want to learn a business then go for it,

but you don’t have to embrace all that damn work right now.

Enter its corridors by getting a simple job in that field,

like… cleaning a restaurant or washing dishes.

You will understand everything in a short time,

and it is worth more than spending ten years

just standing outside studying like you are doing.

” (I told you this guy is much wiser than me!).

I did exactly that.

I applied for a job at Mother Butlers Bakery.

I wish I could tell you

that they immediately recognized my extraordinary talent

and let me start as CEO.

But they either didn’t see it,

or they didn’t care about my senior executive skills,

so I started from scratch.

That’s right, mopping the floor and washing the dishes.

It’s funny, does the Law of Target’s Power work?

You might think that I would have to work very hard

and swallow my pride in order to work,

but the truth is that I didn’t see things that way.

I was there on a mission

to learn the business;

I’m grateful for the opportunity

to learn with someone else’s “ticket”

and earn a few cents out of my own pocket to get started.

During my time as an assistant,

I spent time talking to management about profit and loss,

checking my inbox for suppliers’ names,

helping bakers from 4 a.m.

to learn and familiarize themselves with the equipment,

seasoning and common incidents.

A week passed

and I guess I did a pretty good job when the manager called me into the office,

offered me a cake and offered me a promotion as cashier!

I thought long and hard,

a billionth of a second to be exact,

and then replied,

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

What is the reason?

First, because I couldn’t learn more

when I was stuck in the cashier.

Second, I learned what I needed to learn.

Mission accomplished!

That’s what I mean by “in the hallway”.

It means starting by getting into the field

you want to be famous in in the future,

taking advantage of any possibilities,

to begin with.

This is the best way to learn about a new business

because you can see it from the inside.


Besides, you also have the opportunity

to establish the necessary relationships,

the “connections” that you cannot create from the outside.

Also, once you’re in the hallway,

more doors of opportunity may open before you

That is, by seeing things with your own eyes,

you will be able to discover an area

that is suitable for you that you did not realize before.

Maybe you’ll discover you’re not interested in the field

you thought you were,

and thank goodness you’ll know

that before you dive too deep!

So which of the above happened to me?

During my time at Mother Butlers Bakery,

I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of the cakes.

Second, the baker quit the day after me,

called me and told me

he’d found a new kind of shoe-type exercise equipment

and wanted to know

if I was interested.

I checked and found the “shoe” device to be very good,

so I got into the business.

I started selling those shoe-shaped gear to sports stores.

I noticed that the retail stores all had one thing in common,

the gym equipment was very shabby.

My mind rang the bell loudly:

“opportunity, opportunity, opportunity!”.

It’s interesting that it happens like that.

It was my first experience selling exercise equipment

that led me to open one of the first fitness centers in North America

and bring me my first million dollars.

Come to think of it,

it all started with me working as an errand boy

at Mother Butlers Bakery!

The lesson is simple: storm the hallway.

You never know which door will open for you.

I have a motto:

“Action always beats inaction”.

Rich people always get involved.

They believe that once in the game,

they can make informed decisions right now,

fixing and adjusting the sails

to keep their ship on the right track.

Meanwhile, the poor do not believe in themselves or their abilities.

They think that to be successful,

you have to know everything in advance.

Which is almost impossible,

and they don’t want to burst into the hallway!

Finally, with a positive attitude:

“Get ready, Shoot, Adjust!” The rich always act boldly and thus often win.

As for the poor, after all,

with the “I’m not going to do anything” reasoning,

I’m not going to do anything

until I’ve identified every possible problem

and know exactly what to do about it,

so they never act and so they always fail.

The rich see an opportunity,

seize it,

and become even richer.

What about the poor?

They are still “getting ready!”

Obscurity is a bigger problem than money. – Grant Cardone

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Rich people admire other successful and wealthy people. The poor resent those who are successful and rich.

DECLARATION: Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I focus on opportunities instead of obstacles!”

“I am ready, I shoot, I adjust!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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