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Rich people are determined to get rich. Poor people want to become rich.

Chapter 3: Determine to get rich

Money is misunderstood.

The fact is if you want to be successful

the money will follow you.

If you are a doctor, something else will follow you.

If you are successful,

there is an accompaniment and

If your goal is just to make money,

you won’t succeed.

Money is a commodity to use,

not to be dictated by. ― Frank Lowy

If you ask people if they want to be rich,

they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

“Of course I want to be rich,” they would say.

However, the reality is that most people don’t really want to be rich.

Why? Because they have a lot of negative financial profiles subconsciously

assuming something is wrong with being rich.

At the Millionaire Mind training sessions, one of the questions

I often ask attendees is:

“What are the negative points of being rich

or trying to get rich?”.

And here’s what some have said.

Do you recognize something familiar from these words?

“What if I make money but then lose it all?

I will be seen as a failure.”

“I’ll never know if people like me for who I am,

or just for my money.”

“I will be among the top taxpayers

and have to pay half of my money to the government.”

“I have to work too much.”

“I can get exhausted from trying.”

“Friends and family will say

‘Who do you think you are?’

and criticize me.”

“People will want to beg,

rely on,

ask for me.” “I could be robbed.”

“My children could be kidnapped.”

“There will be too many responsibilities.

I’ll have to manage all that money,

I’ll have to dig into the investments.

I would have to really understand investing.

I will still have to worry about tax strategies, protect assets,

then hire accountants, senior lawyers…

Damn, it’s troublesome!” And so, so…

As I stated earlier,

each of us has a prosperity profile in mind.

This profile contains our own beliefs,

including why being rich is so great.

However, for many people,

this profile also contains information related to

why being rich is a no-no.

Meaning they have mixed messages inside about wealth.

Part of the message was both excited

and said: “If you have more money,

life will be more interesting.”

But another part shouted:

“Yes, but I will have to pull the plow like a buffalo!

What’s wrong?”.

One part said:

“I will have the opportunity to travel around the world”.

Then the other part immediately reminded:

“Yes, then everyone gathered to beg,

ask for help right away.”

This misinformation may seem innocuous,

but in reality, they are one of the main reasons

why most people never get rich.

You can look at things like this.

The universe,

or in other words,

“supernatural power” is like a giant post office

that receives mail orders.

It constantly brings you people, things, opportunities, events.

You order the item you want to receive

by sending energy messages into the universe on the basis of your dominant beliefs.

And again, on the basis of the Law of Attraction,

the universe will do everything to accept and support you.

But if you send mixed messages in your life,

the universe can’t understand what you want.

As soon as it hears you want to get rich,

the universe starts sending you rich opportunities.

But then it hears you say “rich people are greedy”,

so it starts helping you in not needing a lot of money.

Then you think,

“Having a lot of money makes life happier,”

so the poor universe is surprised

and confused by you,

and starts sending you opportunities

to make more money again.

The next day you are in a low mood

so you think “money doesn’t matter”.

The final disordered universe shouted

“Make a decision!

I will give you what you want,

as long as you say what you want!”

The number one reason people don’t get

what they want is because they don’t know what they really want.

Rich people know very well that what they want is wealth.

They are always consistent with their wishes.

They are determined,

wholeheartedly committed to getting rich.

As long as the work is legal,


and ethical,

they will do all it takes to become rich.

Rich people don’t send conflicting messages into the universe.

Poor people often do.

By the way, when you read the above paragraph,

if there is a small voice whispering in your head

that “the rich don’t care about legal,

moral and ethical observance”,

then you are definitely doing the right thing. this book.

You’ll soon realize how bad that way of thinking is for you.


Prosperity Rule No. 14: The number one reason people don’t get

what they want is

because they don’t know what they really want.

The poor have plenty of good reasons to explain

that getting rich and becoming really rich can be a hassle.

Therefore, they are not 100% sure if they really want to get rich.

Their message to the universe is inconsistent and unclear.

Their messages to others are also contradictory.

Why? Because their message to themselves is always confusing.

Above me talked about the power of goals.

I know what I’m saying can be hard to believe,

but I guarantee you’ll always get what you want

what you subconsciously want,

not what you say you want.

You can categorically deny it:

“This is crazy! Why would I want to ‘fight’ to be rich?”

And my question to you is exactly the same:

“I don’t know.

Why do you want to ‘fight’ to become rich?”

If you want to find out why,

I invite you to attend the Millionaire Mind training course,

where you will define a financial plan in your mind.

The answer will be right on your face.

But frankly,

if you don’t get the wealth you say you want,

it’s most likely because first,

subconsciously you really don’t want to be rich,

or second,

you’re not willing to be rich,

you do what it takes to become truly rich.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper.

There are three different levels of desire.

The first level is:

“I want to be rich”.

Here is another expression of the sentence:

“I will accept it if it comes to me”.

But just wanting is useless.

Do you find that wanting does not necessarily lead to “having”?

Okay?” Notice that unfulfilled desires often make us want more.

Desire then becomes a habit and only leads to itself,

creating a vicious cycle that leads nowhere.

Wealth won’t come from just having will.

How do you know that’s true?

By a simple test:

billions of people want to be rich,

but only a relatively small number actually become rich.

The second level of desire is:

“I choose wealth”.

This desire is often associated with the decision to become rich.

Choice has a stronger energy and comes

with taking responsibility for creating reality.

The word “decide” is derived from the Latin decidere,

which means “to destroy any other option”.

While “choosing” is better than “just wanting,”

it is not the best.

The third level of desire is:

I am committed to becoming rich”.

The definition of the word commitment is “to give your all and not change”.

That means you don’t change at all,

don’t go back,

is give one hundred percent of everything you have to become rich.

That means you’re willing to do what it takes,

no matter how long it takes.

This is how warriors behave.

There is no “sorry”, no “if”,

no “but”, no “maybe” and failure is not an option.

The warrior’s way of thinking is simple:

“I’ll get rich or I’ll die trying.”

“I am committed to becoming rich.”

Try saying that to yourself…

What does it feel like to you?

For some, it feels like an extra boost.

For others, the feeling is discouraging.

Most people are not really determined to get rich.

If you ask them,

“Would you bet with your life that in ten years you’ll be rich?”

then most probably would say “No”.

That is the difference

between the rich and the poor.

It is precisely

because people are not really committed

to being rich that they are not,

and most never will be.

Someone might say:

“Harv, what are you talking about?

I worked hard, I always tried my best.

Of course I’m determined to become rich.”

And I will answer:

“You try to be only a little helpful.

The definition of determination is

to give your all without hesitation.”

The key word here is “do your best”.

It means that you have to give up everything

you have to make that determination.

Most of the financially unsuccessful people

I’ve known have limitations in their willingness to take,

as well as their willingness to take risks and sacrifices.

Although they think they’re willing

to pay any price to become rich,

when I delve deeper,

I often find that they always put conditions

with the concept of “willing to do”.

That’s it, then!

I hate to be the one to tell you that,

but trying to get rich isn’t a walk in the park,

and if anyone tells you so it’s either

because they don’t know any better

or Their minds are not very good.

In my experience,

becoming rich requires focus,


courage, knowledge,


your whole heart,

an attitude of never giving up,

and of course is a rich mind.

You also have to believe in your heart

that you can create prosperity

and that you absolutely deserve it.

Again, that means,

if you’re not truly committed,


wholeheartedly to creating prosperity,

chances are you’ll never get it.


Prosperity Rule #15: If you’re not truly committed,

wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly to creating prosperity,

chances are you’ll never get it.

Are you willing to work 16 hours a day?

Rich people are willing to do that.

Are you willing to work seven days a week

and make sacrifices?

Most of the holiday weekend?

Rich people do that.

Are you willing to sacrifice seeing family and friends,

as well as giving up your hobbies and vacations?

Rich people do that.

Do you take risks with all your time,


and starting capital with no guarantee of any return?

Rich people accept that.

At least once in their life

although it is hoped it will be for a short time

but in reality it is often quite a long time,

the rich have accepted

and resolved to do it,

and they have done all of the above.

How about you?

Maybe you’ll get lucky and you won’t have to struggle for long,

with little effort,

and without sacrificing anything.

You can pray for it,

but I don’t believe it.

In contrast,

the rich are determined enough

to accept doing all the necessary things for a long time.

It’s interesting to note that once you commit,

the whole world seems to bend

and turn in your favor.

One of my favorite passages is that of explorer W. H.

Murray on one of his first conquests of the Himalayas:

Once a person has made up his mind,

procrastination, hesitation,

and all opportunities to retreat become futile.

And it is from the moment that one is whole,

whole, wholeheartedly committed,

everything in the natural

and supernatural world seems to change as well.

A whole cascade of events, problems, people,

and opportunities appear

and happen according to that person’s wishes

through a series of events,


material and spiritual supports very much random,

unexpected that no one can imagine and explain”.

In other words, the whole universe will support you,

show you the way, support you,

and even create miracles for you.

But first, you must have a commitment!

Love me or hate me, at least now you know me. – Grant Cardone

DECLARATION: Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I am committed to becoming rich.”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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