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Rich people associate with successful and positive people. The poor associate with unsuccessful and negative people.

Chapter 7: Associate with successful and positive people

The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions.

They’re always learning.

They’re always growing.

They’re always pushing. — Robert Kiyosaki

Rich people associate with successful and positive people.

The poor associate with unsuccessful and negative people.

Successful people see other successful people

as a motivator to get ahead.

They see other successful people as role models to learn from.

They say to themselves,

“If they can do it, I can too.”

As I mentioned above,

imitation is one of the primary ways of human learning.

The rich are grateful to those

who succeeded before them

so that they now have a model to imitate,

making it easier for them to achieve success.

Why reinvent the wheel,

when there are proven,

successful methods that work well

for everyone who uses them?

Thus, the shortest and easiest way

to create prosperity is to learn how the rich,

the masters of money manipulation,

play the “money game”.

The goal is to simply follow their internal

and external strategies.

That will only work if you follow the right actions

and exactly imitate their way of thinking.

Then the chances of you getting the same results

as them is very high.

That’s what I did and that’s

what this book is about.

In contrast to the rich,

when listening to other people’s success stories,

the poor often judge,


ridicule them,

and generally find every excuse

to bring them down to their level.

How many of you know people like that?

How many of you know family members like that?

The question is,

how can you learn from,

or be encouraged by,

those you underestimate?

Every time I’m introduced to a rich person,

I always try to create opportunities to be around them.

I want to talk to them,

learn their way of thinking,

exchange relationships,

and if we both have the same opinion about other things

then we can become friends.

If you think I’ve made the mistake of preferring to associate

with people who are richer than me,

do you want me to be friends only with those in need?

I do not think so!

As I mentioned above, energy can be transmitted

from one person to another,

and I do not intend to let myself get caught up

in the “energy of need” influence!

Recently, during an interview on my radio,

a woman called and asked a very good question:

“What would I do if I was an optimist

and wanted to get ahead,

but my husband was a peaceful person.

Should I divorce him?

Or should I try to change him?


what will have to change?”.

I used to hear this question a hundred times a week

when I was conducting courses.

Almost everyone is wondering the same question:

“If my loved ones don’t want to rise up

and even mock me about my desire

to be successful and rich,

what should I do?

And here’s my response to the woman who called,

to the practitioners, and to you as well.

First, don’t try to change people with negative attitudes

or ask them to attend classes.

That is none of your business.

Your job is to use what you learn

to make yourself and your life better.

Be a role model,

be successful,

be happy,

and when it is possible,

I emphasize the word can,

they will see the light radiating

from you and want some of it.

Remember that energy is inherently contagious.

Darkness will be dispelled by light.

Your job is simply to do your best.

If they ask you for the secret,

tell them.

Second, keep in mind one more rule

we teach in Wizard Training about

how to express what you want,

while remaining calm,


and serene.

That rule is:

“Everything happens for a reason,

and that cause exists to support me.”

Of course, it will be difficult for you

to maintain a positive optimism

and a clear mind to deal with negative people

and circumstances around you,

but it is a challenge that you must overcome!

Like steel forged in red fire,

if you can act according to your human values,

while others doubt and even criticize you,

you will grow stronger and stronger.

Remember: “Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you have attached to it”.

In Part I of the book, we also discussed

whether we often become “copies” of our parents,

or vice versa, their “negative film”,

depending on how we view our parents

their behavior in life.

From now on,

I want you to re-evaluate the negative traits of others

and use it as a warning,

reminding you not to be like that.

The more negative they are,

the more reminders you will have of the bad results

of a negative lifestyle.

I don’t recommend telling them that.

Just stick to your strategy

and don’t criticize them

for who they are.

As long as you speak out to judge, criticize

and demean them because of their character or work,

then you are obviously not better than them.

Things that are already bad are made worse

if you can’t continue

to deal with their negative energy,

when that energy holds you down to the point where you can’t rise.

At that point,

you may have to make some brave decisions about

who you are and what you want your future to be.

I’m not advising you to act rashly,

but I wouldn’t accept living with a negative person

who rejects my desire to learn and grow,

whether personally,


or financially.

I don’t accept it because I value myself,

my life,

and I deserve to be as happy

and successful as I can be.

I look at it like this:

There are more than 6.3 billion people on earth

and why do I keep tying myself to a negative person?

Either they “rise”, or I go!

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Energy is contagious: either you affect others,

or you get infected from them.

This principle still holds true if you reverse it,

meaning other people will influence you or infect you.

Negative thinking is like measles in the mind.

Instead of being supported, you are criticized;

instead of being satisfied,

you are beaten;

Instead of being encouraged,

you are sorely disappointed.

So do you want to be around people like that?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Oxen oxen, code-hats“.

Did you know that most people earn about 20% less

than the average of their closest friends?

That’s why you should take a close look at

who you’re hanging out with,

and then choose carefully

who you’ll spend most of your precious time with.

From my experience,

rich people don’t join fancy,

prestigious clubs just to play golf.

They come to socialize with other rich and successful people.

There is a saying:

It is not a matter of what you know,

but who you know”.

In my opinion,

you should keep that in mind.

In short, “If you want to take off with the eagles,

don’t swim with the ducks!”.

I want to emphasize that you should only associate

with people who are optimistic,


and equally important,

quickly separate yourself from people

with negative thoughts and behaviors.

I also note that you must stay away

from situations that could poison you.

I see no reason to be infected with that toxic energy,

such as arguing, gossiping,

talking behind my back.

I also include passive watching TV,

unless you can make it part of a relaxation plan,

rather than just regular entertainment.

When I turn on the TV,

I usually watch sports programs.

First of all because I enjoy watching experts

who are proficient in a certain area,

in this case playing football, and secondly

because I like to follow up

with interviews after the game is over.

I want to hear the mindset of champions,

and to me, anyone who does a feat in the major tournaments,

in any sport, is a champion.

These top athletes have all beaten thousands of other players

to achieve such results.

That amazed me.

I really liked their attitude when they won:

“This is a great team effort.

We played well, but we still have to keep trying.

We want you to see that hard work pays off.”

I am also very pleased with their attitude

when they lose:

“This is just a game.

We will be back.

We will forget this game and focus on the next one.

We’ll be back to tell you what we can do better,

and then do whatever it takes to win.”

During the 2004 Olympic Games, Perdita Felicien,

the defending Canadian world champion in the 100 meter hurdles had many advantages

to winning the gold medal.

During the final round,

she suddenly tripped over the first barrier and fell painfully.

She could not finish the race.

Tears rolled down her cheeks

and she just lay there crying in surprise

and regret.

She has been preparing for this moment for 4 years with 7 days a week training

for 6 hours without a break.

The next morning,

I turned on the television to watch her press conference.

Too bad I didn’t tape the show.

I was amazed to hear this girl’s point of view.

“I don’t understand why it happened,

but it did happen,

and I’m going to take advantage of it,” she said.

I will focus more,

practice more actively in the next 4 years.

Who knows what my road ahead would be if I had won yesterday?

Maybe that will make my desire sag?

I don’t know either.

But now I know for sure that I am hungry for victory more than ever.

I will return to the track with an even stronger attitude.”

When I heard her speak,

I could only say one sentence: “Awesome!”

Like me, you can learn a lot from listening to champions.

Rich people make friends with winners.

Poor people associate with losers.

Why? The problem lies in comfort.

Rich people are comfortable around other successful people.

They feel they deserve it.

The poor feel uncomfortable with those

who are “excessively successful”.

Often they fear being ostracized

or they feel like they don’t belong in that group.

To defend themselves,

their ego turns to judgment and criticism.


If you want to become rich,

you have to change your thinking

from the inside to fully believe that you are as good

and talented as those millionaires or billionaires.

During seminars, many people startled me

by asking if they could touch me.

They say, “I’ve never touched a millionaire.”

I’m usually polite and smile,

but I always say to myself,

“I’m no better and no different than you.

As long as you start to understand that,

you will never be needy again!”.

Friends, this is not about “touching” a millionaire,

it’s about deciding that you are a good,

valuable person like them,

and then acting like it.

My best advice is:

if you really want to touch a millionaire,

become a millionaire!

I hope you realize the problem.

Instead of mocking the rich, imitate them.

Instead of shyly avoiding the rich,

get to know them.

Instead of saying, “Oh, they’re special,” say,

“If they can do it, so can I.”

Finally, if you want to touch a millionaire,

you can touch yourself!

If you really want to do something,

you’ll find a way.

If you don’t,

you’ll find an excuse. – Jim Rohn

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Rich people associate with successful and positive people. The poor associate with unsuccessful and negative people.


Put your hand on your chest and say…

“I follow the rich and successful!”

“I associate with rich and successful people!”

“If they can do it, I can too!”

Then put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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