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Rich people are always learning and growing. The poor think they know it all.

Chapter 16: Always learn and grow

If you want to be rich, simply serve more people. — Robert Kiyosaki

To start my discussions, I often introduce people to

what I call the “three most dangerous words”.

Those words were: “I know it

So how do you know that you know something?

Just simple.

If you have experienced it, you know.

Otherwise, you just hear about it,

you just read it or even talk about it,

but you still don’t know anything.

To put it bluntly,

if you’re not really rich and happy,

it’s entirely possible that you still have a lot to learn about money,

success, and life.

As I said at the beginning of this book, in my troubled days,

I was fortunate enough to receive advice

from a millionaire friend of my father’s

who had compassion for my plight.

Do you remember what he told me?

“Harv, if the job isn’t as successful as you want it to be,

it means there’s something you don’t know about.

Fortunately, I took his words to heart

and went from being a “know it all” to a “learn it all.”

Since that time,

my life has completely changed.

Poor people often try to prove

to the world that they are right.

They always act like they’ve got everything figured out,

and it’s only because of some bad luck

or some temporary problem

that they have to go broke

or fall into a state of depression.

One of my mottos is:

“You can be right,

or you can be rich,

but you can’t be both”.

Being “always right” means you have to stick to your old way of thinking

and living,

the way that will bring you to the not so good position you are in right now.

This philosophy can also be applied when it comes to happiness, like,

“You can be rich or happy.”


Rule of Prosperity No. 41: You can be right or you can be rich,

but you can’t be both.

Speaker Jim Rohn’s favorite quote fits perfectly with

what we’re talking about here:

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done,

you’ll get what you’ve always done always receive”.

You already know “your” ways,

so what you need is to learn to know new ways,

“other people’s” ways.

That is why I wrote this book.

My aim is to give you some new mind profiles to add to the ones you already have.

“New profile” here is an inference

Think new, act new, and that will bring you new results.

That is why you must continuously learn and develop yourself.

Scientists discovered that there is no such thing as a static state.

All living things are constantly changing.

Look at the trees.

If it’s not growing, it’s probably dying.

The same is true for us humans and all other living things:

if you don’t grow, you’re dead.

I love the quote by author and philosopher Eric Hoffer:

Those who learn will inherit all the essence of the earth.

In other words, if you’re not constantly learning,

you’re bound to fall behind.

The poor complain that they cannot afford to study

and make excuses for lack of time or money.

In contrast, the rich always remember the famous diplomat Benjamin Franklin’s quote:

“If you think education is expensive, try ignoring it.”

And you’ve probably heard the saying:

Knowledge is power,”

and that power gives you the ability to act.

Every time I introduce the Millionaire Mind program,

I notice an interesting fact that the people

who are in the most need are the ones who say,

“I don’t need that course”, “I don’t have time”,

or “I don’t have money”.

Meanwhile, millionaires are eager to participate.

They also say,

“Just learning something new or improving something is worth going to this course.”

If you don’t have time to do the things you want to do or need to do,

then you are probably a modern slave.

And if you don’t have the money to learn

how to become rich and successful,

then you need that course more than anyone.

Sorry, but I have to say that “I don’t have money” is just an excuse

to avoid learning to improve knowledge and broaden horizons.

Will your financial situation change in a year, two years,

or five years from now?

The answer is probably not.

And until then you’ll still be repeating the same statement over and over again.

The only way I know for you to have the money you want is to learn

how to play the “money game” expertly.

You need to learn income control skills

and strategies to manage your money

and invest it in the most effective way.

The definition of the word “lunatic” is to keep doing things the same way

and expect new results.

Think about it, if the things you do are effective as you expect,

you must have become rich and happy!

That’s how I look at things, because this is my job.

I believe a good coach will always demand more from students

than they ask of themselves.

If not, what do people need a trainer for?

With shoulder As a coach, my aim is to train you,

to encourage and motivate you,

to comfort you and to open the door

so that in the light of life you can clearly see what is holding you back.

In short, do all that is necessary to “move” you higher in your life.

If necessary, I will cut you into pieces

and put them back together so that you can “work” yourself in the best way.

I will do whatever it takes to make you happier and richer.

If you’re looking for a piece of upbeat advice,

I’m not the one you need.

And if you want to progress quickly, then please read on.


Prosperity Rule No. 42:

“Every teacher has a bad time.” – T. Harv Eker

Not long ago an Olympic skier attended my course.

When I said this,

he stood up and asked to discuss something.

From his stern look,

I somehow thought he would vehemently object.

But no, he told everyone his own story.

As a child, he was the worst skier among his peers.

Sometimes they don’t even ask him to come with him

because he’s slow too much.

To keep up with his friends,

every weekend he went to the mountains early and practiced on his own.

Before long, he not only kept up with his friends,

but outstripped them.

Then he joined the ski club and was coached by a top coach.

This is what he said verbatim:

“I may be a master at skiing these days,

but I was once very bad at it.

Harv was completely right.

You can learn how to be successful in any field.

I have learned how to be successful in skiing,

and my next goal is to learn how to be successful in money!”

No one is born a financial genius.

Every rich person has to learn how to win the money game,

and you can too.

Remember the catchphrase:

If they can do it, so can I!

Learning how to get rich is not just about how to have a lot of money,

but you have to know

what kind of person you need to be in terms of personality

and mindset to become rich.

I want to share with you a secret that very few people know:

The shortest way to become rich

and keep wealth is to work on personal development,

that is to learn how to develop yourself to become a a successful person.

However, your outer world is just a mirror image of your inner world.

You are the root, your fruit is the fruit.

There is a saying that I like very much:

No matter where you go, wherever you are, you’ll always be just you.

When you have developed yourself into a successful person,

strong both in character and in mind,

then, very naturally,

you will be successful in whatever field

and in everything you do.

You have full choice.

You will have the inner strength and ability to choose any job,

business or investment field,

and you will always be successful.

That is the core value of this book.

When you are at level 5,

you only get the results for level 5.

But if you can develop yourself to level 10,

you will get the results of level 10.

However, here is an important caveat.

If you don’t influence yourself from the inside,

while you still make a lot of money,

then you are lucky.

But it is quite possible that you will lose that fortune.

If you practice to be a successful person both internally and externally,

you will not only make money,

you will keep your money,

increase the money you have, and most importantly,

you will be truly happy.

Rich people understand that the order to success must be: IS, DO, YES.

The poor and the middle class believe that the order to success is: YES, DO, IS.

The poor and the majority of the middle class believe:

“If I HAVE a lot of money, I can

DO whatever I want and then I will BE a successful person.”

Rich people understand: “If I am a successful person,

I will be able to DO what it takes to get what I want,

including money.

There is another point that only the rich know:

The purpose of getting rich is not to have a lot of money,

but to help you develop yourself into the best person you can be.

In fact, that is also the purpose of all other purposes, i.e. developing your personality.

When asked why she constantly changes her image,

music and performance style,

the pop queen and film actress Madonna answered that music is where she expresses her ego,

and that reinventing herself inspired her to grow

and become the person she wanted to be.

In short, success is not a “something”, but a “person”.

Interestingly, you can absolutely practice

and learn to become that “human”.

I know that well.

I’m far from perfect,

but when I look back at the me I am today against the me I was 20 years ago,

I can see a direct correlation between “me and my wealth.” “before and today.

I have found my way to success, and you can too.

I was trained to be successful,

so now I want to train hundreds

and thousands of other people and help them succeed.

That’s the reason why I chose training.

I also discovered another big difference

between the rich and the poor and middle class.

It is the rich who are often experts in their field.

People in the middle class have a rather vague understanding of their field,

while the poor have little seems to have no concept of the field in which they are operating.

And you, how well do you know what you’re doing?

How proficient are you at your job?

Do you want to know how to find that objectively?

Look at your earnings, it will tell you all.

Even though it’s only numbers,

your income says very clearly: to have the highest income,

you have to be the best.


Prosperity Rule number 43:

To have the highest income,

you have to be the best.

This principle is most evident in the world of professional athletes,

because the best athletes in every sport always make the most money,

not to mention they make a lot of money.

Through advertising contracts.

This principle can also apply in the worlds of finance and business.

Whether you are a business owner, a professional,

a networked distributor,

you are selling on commission or working a monthly salaried job,

whether you are a real estate investor,

Stocks or any other field, this principle holds true:

the better you are in your field,

the more money you will make.

This is another reason to keep learning

and improving your skills in whatever field you’re in.

It is noteworthy that the rich are not only constantly learning,

but they are always looking for and learning from the very best people

in the fields they want to be in.

I’ve always made it a rule to learn from the true masters of their field,

not those who claim to be experts,

but those who can use the results to back up their word.

Rich people listen to advice from people who are richer than them.

Poor people take advice from people

who are just as needy as they are.

Recently, I had a meeting with an investor bank.

He asked me to spend a few hundred thousand dollars

to start a business with him that he thought was very feasible.

He also asked me to send him a financial statement for him to see

and advise me on how to manage my money.

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Sorry, but you didn’t do the opposite, did you?

If you want me to hire you to manage my money,

will you send me your financial statements?

And if you’re not very rich, that’s okay too!”

The man was startled and was speechless.

I guess no one has asked him to show his financial statements

as a condition of investing with him.

Funny, if you wanted to climb Everest,

would you hire a guide who had never been to the top,

or would you find someone

who had climbed a few times and knew exactly how to go?

I suggest that you take it seriously

and put all of your energy into constant learning,

and be careful when choosing people to “learn” or ask for advice.

If you learn from people who are being driven into poverty,

whether they are consultants,

coaches or financial planners,

they have only one thing to teach you.

That’s the way to bankruptcy!

By the way, I recommend that you consider hiring a personal success coach.

A good coach will keep you on track in doing

what you said you wanted to do.

Some coaches are referred to as “lifestyle” coaches,

meaning they have the ability

to handle a wide range of issues related to your life,

while some coaches

Other training only delves into a particular discipline,

such as personal or professional achievement,

finance, business, social relationships, health, or even spirituality.

However, first get to know the profile of the coach

you want to hire to make sure they’ve been successful in the area

you’re interested in.

Just as there are always paths that will surely lead you to the summit of Everest,

there are always effective ways and strategies

to help you earn a high income,

achieve financial freedom,

and create wealth in a cost-effective way in the fastest.

The remaining problem is that you have to be determined to learn

and use those methods.

Now you understand why I strongly recommend

that you spend 10% of your earnings on a Training Account.

Use this money only for courses, books, tapes or other training programs,

be it through formal education systems, private training centers,

or hiring a coach. personal training…

No matter which method you choose,

this Training Account will always have enough money for you to learn and grow.

You will no longer repeat the poor man’s chorus “I know it”.

The more you learn, the more you will earn,

and the more money you will have to put in your bank account!

The closer you can get to cash flow,

the better off you are. – Grant Cardone


Place your hand on your chest and say…

“I am committed to constantly learning and developing myself!”

Then you put your hand on your forehead and say…

“I have a Millionaire Mindset!” We are self made millionaire.

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