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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Reasonable use of time

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 4: Reasonable use of time

To be successful,

you don’t necessarily need to have extensive knowledge of a certain field,

but you must know how to regularly use the knowledge you have.

Successful people know themselves,

not based on self-concept,

but on daily habits.

Therefore, you should make a list of your daily activities

to find out how you are spending your time.

Here are some important questions

that you should pay special attention to:

– How are you spending your time?

– How much time did you waste and on what?

– How to stop this waste? — Napoleon Hill


Learn how to use your time.

Time is man’s most valuable asset,

but also the most wasted.

If you do not know how to use your time properly,

you will let your life pass in vain.

Time never cares about people’s sorrows and regrets

and can’t come back or wait for anyone.

During the Battle of Waterloo,

Napoleon assigned General Marshal Grouchy

to command one of the three most important armies to split the alliance

between Marshal Blucher and the Duke of Wellington.

However, due to delay,

Grouchy created conditions for Blucher to have enough time

to send troops to Waterloo to support Wellington.

It can be said that if Grouchy had acted more decisively and quickly,

Napoleon’s illustrious career would not have ended in this battle

and European history would have been different since 1815.

Many of us excuse our tardiness for a variety of reasons.

However, for whatever reason,

delay is still unacceptable.

It leaves disastrous consequences

that you will have to spend a lot of time later to overcome.

The best use of time is to always be on time.

Punctuality always brings great benefits.

When you are on time,

you not only save your time,

but also show respect for others.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. 

How your opportunities, your work,

and your relationships turn out

to be depends on how you spend your own time.

Success never comes to those who are passive,


Life always contains a lot of miracles,

but they only come to those who know how to use time properly.

The meaning of time lies in the meaning of the work you do.

So don’t waste your time

and energy on trifles.

Reach for great things!

Always remember:

The dawn of today will never dawn a second time!

Get the job done on time

and try to be on time for every appointment.

That is the beginning of all success.

Now, think about how you spend your time

by listing the activities that occur during the day.

See how you are using your time,

how you waste every minute,

and find a way to stop that waste.

Plan your activities

and take the time to complete them.

I believe that then,

you will receive many wonderful gifts from life.

Don’t count the things you do,

do the things that count. — Zig Ziglar

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