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72 Customers Psychological Secret! Part 8: Controlling Customer Psychology: Psychological Effects Salespeople Should Know

72 Customers Psychological Secret!

Part 8: Controlling Customer Psychology: Psychological Effects Salespeople Should Know

Success is not something that happens to you;

it’s something that happens

because of you and because of the actions you take. ― Grant Cardone

In the sales process,

customers buy goods not only to satisfy their physical needs,

but also to satisfy them spiritually.

Understanding the following psychological effects will help you delight customers,

make them buy from you.

Something special awaits you each day.

All you need is to recognize it and make the most of it.― Aysa Angel


66: Focus effect: Remember the customer’s identity well

Psychologists say that when hearing someone call their name,

each person’s psyche will produce a kind of happiness and satisfaction.

In sales, employees can use this tool to dissipate anxiety,

as well as calm the antagonism between two parties;

and prove to your guests that you are different from the rest.

This not only helps build social relationships,

but also has the effect of expanding sales.

To be able to remember a large number of customer names,

write down people’s names with their characteristics,

interests, strengths, birthdays on the back of their business cards.

Moreover, repeating a person’s name over

and over again has the effect of enhancing memory.

Practical experience

Remembering the customer’s name is one of the golden rules in sales.

The fact that you remember the customer’s name will make them have a good impression,

happy satisfaction and easier to accept your product.

Refer to the most useful practical experience to remember customer names.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. — Phyllis Diller


67: Using emotions to negotiate with customers

Everyone hesitates before a cold customer,

does not actively communicate.

In life, difficulties are like enemies,

the more you fear,

the more trouble you will get;

Only courage can remove difficulties

to step to success.

The relationship between the seller

and the buyer must be built on the spirit of mutual benefit,

towards long-term development.

During the negotiation process,

the salesperson needs to show understanding

and respect for the customer

to make the deal successful soon.

Joe Girard is one of the famous salesman in America.

One day, a middle-aged woman walked in

and said she wanted to buy a white Ford.

She also said, “Today is my birthday,

I hope to buy that car to give myself a present.”

“Happy birthday to you, madam!”

Girard invited a customer to visit the car showroom.

Let the customer see the model for themselves, then go out,

then come back and say to her,

“Ma’am, your favorite color is white,

so I would like to introduce our new model,

hope you will enjoy it.

At that moment,

a female employee walked in,

holding a bouquet of flowers

for the guest and said:

“Happy birthday to you!”

The guest was amazed and moved.

“You guys are so thoughtful!”

She said chokingly:

“I have never met any salespeople who care about customers like here.

Actually, I don’t necessarily have to buy Ford cars,

your Chevrolet is also very good.”

After that, the customer happily signed a contract

to buy the car at Joe Girard’s shop.

In sales, the emotional strategy is considered the starting point

for successful trading.

Their advantage is to increase two-way understanding

through interactions between customers and sellers.

Practical experience

A sincere and dedicated service attitude will make customers feel touched

and melt their coldness.

Currently on the market,

all products have similar designs and quality,

so customer service is becoming more and more important in business.

It becomes the first issue that concerns customers when comparing products.

Engaging customers,

making them appreciate the product depends greatly on

whether you give them a sincere service attitude or not.

When you are taking massive action,

you aren’t thinking in terms of how many hours you work. ― Grant Cardone


68: Attacking customers’ fear of being wrong

As a salesperson,

you need to put yourself in the shoes of the customer,

think for them, thereby stimulating shopping needs

to bring the highest efficiency.

We often say “When you have it,

you don’t know how to appreciate it,

when you lose it, you will find it precious.”

That is the feeling of lack.

The less the chance to achieve something,

the more its value becomes apparent.

A psychologist selected 5 people to participate in one of his experiments

and chatted with each one in person.

During the conversation,

the psychologist also arranged

for someone to make a phone call to the test participant.

The results showed that,

although the participants did not know who the caller was,

they still interrupted the conversation

with the psychologist to answer the phone.

Even if the phone call is not important,

the content of the conversation is not as special

as the story with the psychologist,

but if the phone comes in, they continue to receive it.

The phone call is clearly more attractive than the psychologist’s conversation,

because according to common psychology,

if they don’t pick up the phone,

they will no longer have the opportunity

to know immediately who is calling them.

This experiment shows that the ability

to lose something has a sizable effect on our behavior.

Therefore, if you want the other person

to accept an idea or follow your request,

warn him about damages if not obeyed;

This is also useful in persuasion.

When sellers use a “limited quantity” strategy,

for example,

“these products are limited in quantity and are in high demand,”

it helps to drive the customer shopping process.

When employees discover that customers are interested in the product,

don’t forget to remind them,

“This is our company’s new product,

and this set will be the last one.

If you don’t buy it this time,

you will definitely regret it.”

The less the opportunity to own the product,

the more important it is to the customer.

Practical experience

As a salesperson,

what you need to do is stimulate the shopping needs of customers

so that they can consume your products.

Never take advice from a quitter or a pretender. ― Grant Cardone


69: People are more important than products

Sales staff should not only focus on selling,

but think about the interests of customers,

help them choose products

to get the right products to gradually gain customers’ trust.

In fact, successful salespeople will rely on the data

they have gathered about their customers

to communicate effectively.

Moreover, the most important factor is attitude:

For salespeople,

high or low sales performance depends mainly on the attitude derived

from human life.

Salespeople should actively serve with the most dedication

and enthusiasm regardless of customers,

and at the same time enhance proper communication

between the two parties

to quickly achieve success.

Salespeople should create an elite “personal brand”.

Personal branding is the best way to bring in loyal customers.

Before the sale, sell your brand.

Because in fact,

only when you are recognized by customers,

you will have a purchase decision from customers.

In addition, you should expand your network of relationships.

Not only will this help you build long-term relationships,

but it will also help you leverage word-of-mouth referrals

from past customers to attract more potential customers.

Practical experience

Sales is a very meticulous job.

It is not simply a transaction between a seller and a buyer;

but also need you to invest time in customer service;

Use your sincerity and personality to appeal to them.

There are customers who choose your products not

because they are better than others,

but because you know how to organize their work better than others,

making them more comfortable and comfortable.

Remove negativity from your environment. ― Grant Cardone


70: Changing mindset to attract customers

We often split apples often have a habit of vertical chopping.

So what if we cut sideways?

It can be a fresh experiment with unusual thinking.

Things that go against common sense can be considered the foundation of creativity,

and at the same time create the premise of development.

When you review your working time,

the ways you handle your work,

the things you’ve completed,

you’ll find that it is influenced by a lot of ruts.

Therefore, when facing customers,

sales staff should improvise,


create regularly,

constantly exploit potential customers,

through the market to seize business opportunities endlessly,

thereby catching up with market opportunities.

Today, many markets have been “occupied”,

so traditional ways of doing things are no longer suitable for current needs,

especially with today’s complex and diverse market supply.

The previous form of seller-centric buying

and selling has led to a lack of understanding of the customer,

hindering success.

As a salesperson,

you need an innovative mindset.

No matter in work or life,

if you encounter difficulties,

try to change the perspective of the problem in a positive way.

To become a successful salesperson,

you must always believe in your own choices, be creative,

because only constant learning

and creativity can break bad habits;

Break the way of thinking

and apply positive strategies that bring glorious victory.

Practical experience

Selling is an art. We are often attracted to thinking that goes against the rules.

If you know how to apply those new thoughts to the sales process,

attracting customers is not difficult.

Remember, to create wealth,

you can’t just score once,

you must be able to repeat it. ― Grant Cardone


71: Standing from the customer’s perspective to see the problem

Sometimes customers themselves don’t know

what problems they face and how to solve them.

Therefore, sales staff must stand on the customer’s stand to consider

and help them come up with optimal solutions.

When selling, many employees have the principle of “taking benefits as a goal”.

They either introduce customers

to buy low-quality products at high prices,

or after the sale,

immediately wash their hands.

If the customer has a problem

while using the product,

they don’t care either.

Such actions only bring immediate benefits.

Therefore, if the salesperson can solve the customer’s problem like his own,

the trust between the two parties will be significantly improved,

the business will be longer.

The most pragmatic way is to come up with a plan

that can increase the value of the product

and reduce the cost payment amount.

Once you trust you,

your customers are more likely to become loyal customers.

The relationship between the seller

and the buyer is a win-win relationship,

so the seller needs to treat the buyer properly,

don’t calculate too much,

but think further

to make the relationship between the two parties.

As a result, customers are comfortable

and willing to cooperate with you for a long time.

When communicating with customers,

avoid lecturing, raising your voice or teaching them,

what you need to do is serve

and help them solve difficult problems.

Only when customers pay attention

to your sincere service attitude,

they will gladly receive you.

Practical experience

Salespeople should stand on the customer’s side to think,

and come up with useful solutions.

Only then will new customers trust you,

thereby accepting your products.

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. – Aysa Angel


72: Using affection to retain old customers

In fact, attracting new customers is difficult,

but retaining old customers is even harder.

Customer satisfaction is built on their expectations.

The level of high or low expectations determines the level of satisfaction more or less.

The lower the level of expectation,

the easier the customer is to be satisfied.

Therefore, lowering customer expectations

is also a way to improve their satisfaction.

To achieve this, don’t over-promise.

For example, if an employee can deliver in two hours,

say the customer will receive it in three hours.

With this trick,

guest expectations will be lowered to your level of service;

and in case your service exceeds your customer’s expectations,

they will be very satisfied.

From feedback from past customers,

the company can see how much they love the product,

then change the action strategy to help the company figure out

how to improve the product.

Moreover, sales staff also need to spend a certain amount

of time interacting with customers,

in order to understand more about their needs.

In addition, you need to promptly deal with customer complaints.

There are those who think that customers

who do not complain are considered

to be perfect products and services.

But in fact, many times customers do not complain

because they want to reduce the back and forth

between the two parties,

do not want to cause more trouble.

If they voice their concerns,

they want the problem to be completely resolved;

Therefore, loyal customers often complain more than others.

If you are not able to solve the problem,

actively seek other sources

to help them solve the problem.

React quickly to the opinions given by customers,

at least quickly express the will to solve the problem.

The longer you go on,

the more you will only make them feel unworthy,

increasing their level of dissatisfaction.

Practical experience

Keeping an existing customer is much easier than finding a new one.

Therefore, you should build

and strengthen customer loyalty with your honesty,

positive attitude,

sincerity to help them solve their dilemmas.

The greatest self is a peaceful smile,

that always sees the world smiling back. – Bryant H. McGill

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