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Dream! Prepare For Dreams

I will learn and prepare myself to

dream come true

because I believe that one day,

The opportunity will come to me.” – Abraham Lincoln


When you see a person at the peak of glory, have you ever wondered: How can he be so successful? Why am I smarter, more educated, but I can’t get as far as that person? All the success that you think they achieved “overnight” is actually the result of a process of hard work over many years. That’s the length of time it takes to prepare for a sublime moment.

My brother Ron Chapman didn’t succeed overnight because of luck, but because Ron worked hard for 20 years in the radio industry before receiving the national award. Ron is always optimistic and sees life with a humorous perspective. She has a quick problem-solving ability and is ready to throw herself into work, even if it’s jobs with little rewards or even the slightest promise.

When asked about his school days, Ron often says, “My biggest dream is to be a record announcer on television, so I’m willing to let go of everything that I think won’t help. for my dream”. With this in mind, Ron focuses only on what is necessary and relevant to his future work.

The only way to get Ron to study is to allow him to read it aloud as if he were reading on the radio. She went into her room, put on some soft music, and told her imaginary audience: “Today we are going to read a chapter of Ivanhoe”; but I rarely read a whole chapter because I often have to stop in the middle to talk and discuss as if it were a real talk.

Ron doesn’t like books because in his opinion, reading takes up a lot of time, so he has come up with a way to not have to do reading reports. During the last year of high school, the teacher asked students to read a chapter of Gone With the Wind every month to write a thesis report.

Ron thought that if he had one assignment on the entire book Gone with the Wind, he could complete the entire school year with just one assignment. Ron asked a friend to write a lengthy summary and asked his mother to help type it. My mother was always willing to do anything to help Ron and as he predicted, the paper was given an A and Ron was also considered exempt for the whole year.

Everything was going well until the day my mother went to a parent meeting. She complained to the teacher that she didn’t know how to encourage Ron to read. The teacher was surprised: “Ron has just finished reading Gone with the Wind!”.

– Gone with the wind? He has never read this book.

When Mom came home and asked Ron about the book. Ron was equally surprised when he said, “Mommy typed that homework for me!”. Perhaps my mother did not pay attention to the content that she typed.

The next day the teacher dropped Ron’s A and replaced it with a zero, causing his English grade point average to drop and so at the end of the year he barely got a grade.

While my mother was worried about her poor academic performance, Ron was fiddling with the tape recorder, trying to interview famous stars on the Salisbury coast. Ron has managed by all means to get into the dressing room and make friends with famous stars. Audio recordings of these interviews were immediately used by WHAV radio. None of the WHAV reporters had access to these stars, and so Ron brought glory and prestige to the station. When Ron graduated from high school, WHAV took him in and allowed him to take on a separate program.

I thought Ron had fulfilled his life dream, but then he had to join the army and move to Korea. On the train to Korea, Ron heard the announcement that tomorrow morning the whole team would be assigned labor for two weeks. Ron immediately thought of how to avoid boring jobs to spend time doing things he loved. The next morning, Ron took a notebook and stood next to the commander.

When the commander ordered the first group to do the job of scraping paint, and the second group to clean the floor, Ron took notes while nodding and saying “Good job” as confirmation. The commander tried very hard to ask me what I was doing on the ship.

– I’m in charge of the talent show. Ron quickly replied.

Not wanting to make people think he was ignorant or not up to date, the commander also nodded and said, “Oh yes! Talent show”. During the next two weeks, everyone thought that Ron was assigned by his superiors to do a talent show, so it was not surprising that Ron kept asking the crew members about their talents and strengths. Ron had prepared a musical performance on the last night before the ship docked. With his sense of humour, Ron put on a lively, multi-act play, to the excitement and warm applause of the soldiers.

After being in Korea for a few weeks, on board was commended by the government for its actions to encourage and encourage soldiers’ morale on board. Perhaps Ron was the only one who received a reward for dodging work!

In Korea, Ron was assigned to the Voice of the United Nations Army. His “Good Morning” has become an important slogan for the entire army. Ron tried to get rid of the local Boston accent, hone his language skills and develop the essential skills of a professional broadcaster. A few Korean businessmen who liked Ron’s clear pronunciation came to ask him to teach them conversational English.

Eventually, Ron became an English teacher at Seoul University. Ron’s reputation is getting bigger and bigger, he was asked to conduct a program to teach English pronunciation to Koreans on television. This program quickly became famous and was voted as the program with the most viewers.

Many of Ron’s teammates returned home after completing their military service, but Ron continued to stay in Korea to hone his knowledge and learn more skills to prepare for the career he dreamed of. Ron has learned to let go of what doesn’t work for his dreams and devote his creativity to what he thinks is necessary for his future work.

How about you? Are you in control of your life and holding on to your dreams? If the answer is no, then start now, from the very basics.

Studying Human Personality – Who am I?

Are you sure you know all about yourself? How do you rate yourself as a person? What kind of personality pattern? Oswald Chambers said: “Character is the distinctive feature of each person, which helps us to distinguish one person from another”. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates, on the other hand, suggested that if people could simplify the salient features of people and group them, classify them, and name them, people could understand each other more easily.

During the course of his research, he divided into four different personality types:

Optimistic: the lively and cheerful type;

Power: the type of person who acts and controls things;

Quiet: thoughtful type and wants everything to be perfect;

and Moderate: the type of person who knows how to balance life, loves peace, does not want to fight and is afraid of conflicts.

My marriage changed a lot after we discovered the doctrine of the philosopher Hippocrates. Before that, I always thought that my husband was the only one who thought that any problem could be properly solved with detailed planning. And you think I’m the only one who considers enjoying myself more important than anything else.

When I realized he was the calm type and there were millions of people like him in the world, I changed my view of him. As for him, when he knew that I was an optimist, he understood that for an optimist, enjoying a happy life does not mean living without purpose. For the first time in over 15 years, we are beginning to accept each other for who we really are and no longer intend to change our partners.

When we delved deeper into this theory, we also discovered that both had quite a bit of a power-type personality. This explains how over the years, the two have tried to control and change each other. True to my personality, after discovering this, I want to share it with everyone immediately. I invited 10 couples to my house and held a personality game. This reality experience is so interesting, suddenly the cloud cover is lifted and everyone sees each other for the first time. People openly expressed their opinions.

For optimists: “Now we understand why you are always cheerful and talkative!”. To powerful people: “Ah, so that’s why you want to control us all the time.” To the calm person: “If you work with this type of person, you need to be precise”; to moderate people: “I will no longer wonder if you never show emotions and always avoid all kinds of problems.”

In just one evening, even though my knowledge was limited, it became clear to me that this theory had a real effect. People become friendlier when they get to know each other well.

From then on, I became interested in studying human personality. I read books, consult documents, observe life around to find more examples to illustrate this theory. I started getting a lot of invitations to speak. This is my stepping stone to a new career, one that helps people answer question “Who am I?”.

Personality is the outward manifestation of our true nature. Each of us is born with a certain pattern of behavior before different situations of life. We are not blank pages for fate to write on. If I was born with an optimistic personality, then I will always be optimistic and can quickly get out of this negative situation.

If I was born powerful, I wouldn’t let my negative situation discourage me and would act as soon as I could. If I was born a quiet person, I would tend to consider things carefully. If I was born a peaceful person, I always know how to balance my life, rarely show affection and avoid all troubles. Therefore, the most effective way to understand a person is to look at his behavior, how he reacts to situations in life.

Is there any connection between dreams and personality? The answer is yes! When you have understood yourself, as well as the people around you, you will have appropriate behaviors and will accept obvious psychological states to prepare a good mood for your dreams. Take a look at the following breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type:

Through this personality chart, you can identify your innate personality. You will only feel comfortable and confident with yourself when you are yourself, not trying to be the type of person that others want or expect of you.



Not all of us are confident in asserting our position in front of others. Many of the women I have come in contact with do not identify with their own image. When they have to introduce themselves, they often say, “I’m Jim’s wife! Mary’s mother! Bobby’s teacher!”

What if Jim unfortunately passed away, if Mary had a family of her own, if Bobby graduated? When you lose important fulcrums, will your values ​​and purpose in life disappear? Or will you, after a period of disappointment, get up and start a new life?

I know an elderly widow whose husband died in a car accident. Although that traumatic event has passed many years, she still lives a closed life with her own grief. Her children tried everything to help their mother overcome the deadlock, but it was almost hopeless. Many doctors have diagnosed and treated her depression, but to no avail. Until one day, she was taken to see a psychiatrist.

After a few social questions, the doctor started talking; However, she remained silent as if sinking into her own realm. Finally, the doctor asked: “If he were here right now, what would you say?” She was surprised at this unexpected question and when she met the doctor’s friendly, sincere eyes, she spoke slowly as if she were talking to her dear husband. She talked about her lonely life since the day he died when she had to do everything that the two of them had done before, about the plans she could not do for him, about the pain she found it difficult to have. surmountable, and also about the sadness he felt when he had left her alone in her old age.

Waiting for her to pass through the emotion, the doctor continued: “Does he want to see you in the present situation?”. She hesitated for a moment, then admitted, “Definitely not!” Through the conversation with the doctor, she gradually understood that it is not only the grief that is immersed in the memory to remember each other. Faced with a certain pain, loss, or separation, you have the choice to either move forward, or let the pain engulf your life.

Are you self-deprecating and unstable? Are your actions, thoughts, even dreams more or less dependent on someone? Do you always have to hide under a certain “pine tree”? Do you really need the care and attention of others all the time? Do you feel jealous if other people have friends around and feel left out if you don’t join the group? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be suffering the consequences of an unhappy childhood, a dysfunctional family, parental pressure, or failure. in forging past relationships.



With today’s busy and stressful life, people easily fall into a state of physical fatigue and mental exhaustion. So, you’ve probably heard sayings like: “I can’t go on living another day”, “My life is getting worse and worse”, “I’m a complete failure.” ”, “Why is everyone turning their backs on me”, or “How to get out of this crisis”,… These statements can be an immediate response to any difficult situation.

That sometimes helps to relieve the situation. However, the problem will become more serious if you often have these kinds of thoughts, because it is a proof that you have been influenced by bad events in the past that make you lose your balance in life. emotional side and unable to get over himself.

Having pain in the past will negatively affect how you behave in the present. Your life will not be improved until you find the deep and real cause of this condition.

Many years ago, the famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey made everyone admire when she lost nearly 30 kg. Her shows are always the biggest viewership and everyone wants to learn her weight loss secret. At the beginning and end of the program, she introduced everyone a photo of her slim figure in tight jeans. Plump women flocked to her to sign up for the weight loss exercise she started. She constantly receives encouraging words from audiences from all over the world applauding her self-improvement program.

But just two years later, Oprah gained weight again and she confessed to the public that her lack of control was because she was only concerned with the symptoms and did not pay attention to the core of the problem. As a child she was sexually abused and her weight was not really an issue for her.

It was her obsession with abuse that caused her to fall and stress, binge eating, and many others in similar situations can’t hold themselves back from temptations such as drugs, alcoholism, excessive shopping, etc. She adds: “If Behavior modification alone is not enough to cure this disease completely, you need to overcome the guilt of the past to start a new life.

Imagine that the problem of psychological instability in life is similar to the situation in which your garden is full of weeds and encroaching on your plants. To resolve this situation, you can choose one of three ways:

(a) Leave the weeds alone to dominate the garden.

(b) Trim the grass to keep the garden open.

(c) Dig the roots and throw them away.

If you choose option (a), pretend you don’t need to do anything and hope for luck. Unfortunately, a lot of us choose this option because it doesn’t require any effort or challenge. Option (b) may help you feel comfortable and uplifted, but it is temporary and will not resolve the pain in your soul. Option (c) requires the most effort, time and determination, but is the most effective way to treat the root of the problem.

I have tried many times to help people with unfortunate circumstances, but the situation is not very positive. Looking back now, I know that I had actually just put the bandage on the deep wound. Don’t waste time patching up once a patient needs surgery. Some people say, “It’s best to leave things as they are.” If “so” means just existing, then it is time to turn over the pain of the past to find a solution to the problem and start a fresh future.



Not all of us have a complete childhood with the full attention and care of our parents, both mentally and physically. Many adults still remember their childhood with the mood: “I have never been truly loved by my parents”. Although there are also a few cases where parents just give birth without paying attention to the child’s growth and development;

But I firmly believe that most fathers and mothers love their children, although their expression may be different. When you understand personality differences, you will find that each personality has its own way of expressing emotions. When the child has the same personality as the father or the mother, the child will not feel lost, lonely or rejected.

On the contrary, it is the difference in personality that has caused many unfortunate misunderstandings between the fathers, mother and children. Parents feel that their children are gradually separated, do not understand their hardships and sacrifices for them; and the children feel sorry for themselves, have low self-esteem, live a closed life when they see that their parents are not as concerned as they want and wait. If you fall into this situation, calmly look back at the problem, to be confident in yourself and feel your parents’ love for you.

Types of reactions to rejection

We often think of denial as a state that plunges the victim into a lifelong emotional crisis. On the basis of personality differences, you can understand the different reactions of each person.

Moderate and quiet people with introverted tendencies are often unmotivated and often underestimate themselves. If their childhood lacks affection, they often withdraw, live more closed with independent activities such as reading, watching TV.

They become isolated from the surrounding world, do poorly at work. productive and feel useless. When they hear other people’s complaints about them, they associate them with feelings of rejection in the past, and these complaints as a confirmation of their feeling of worthlessness.

With an extroverted nature, the optimist and powerful when faced with rejection often respond by denying that the problem exists. They try to hide the pain inside to continue living. They overcome pain by conquering higher goals and challenges in their careers.

They want to devote all their time to their work to avoid any idle moments. Busyness won’t give them enough time to think about themselves. With this strong personality, some people have sought to create the life they dream of in the hope that satisfaction can mask the pain of the past.



Once when I was finishing my talk, a woman came up to me and said, “I can’t believe you can be so honest and straightforward. Up until now, I’ve been used to hiding my true feelings. Her talk evoked feelings that I had been trying to suppress in my heart for many years.”

This is a typical comment for thousands of others who have sought to share my feelings. I did not expect that my honesty and openness would surprise and move people so much. It is worth thinking about when the relationship between people and people today lacked sincerity but full of plans and schemes.

It seems that we are all actors in a big play. Every morning we wake up, we tell ourselves who we should be today. After putting on makeup, putting on the smiling face of work, we add an appearance of assertiveness and power. We practice the principles we believe to be true. We hide our inappropriate emotions, keep our masks in place, dance to the dance of daily work, and end up leaving work exhausted.

It’s very hard to act and work hard to fulfill that role every day without revealing who you really are. There are so many people around us, always trying to be a standard model of relationships and society, but never daring to reveal a single thought of themselves.



Even people with the strongest personality find it difficult to deal with unexpected situations.

When Jane Fonda’s daughter was arrested by the police for aiding drug dealers and disorganized acts, disrupting administrative offices, Jane said: “I should have been the one. arrested by me as a failed mother. I was too concerned with myself; so when Vanessa needed me, I wasn’t there for her.”

Is there any hope left when dreams are shattered? Can you reframe your dream? First, you must dare to accept your responsibility and face the truth. Jane admits: “When she could not find spiritual support in her parents, Vanessa turned to drugs. I made the mistake of not being able to maintain a family home.”

Next, you must recognize your limits in terms of reframing other people’s dreams; even if you were the cause of the initial losses. After going through this incident on her own, Vanessa will surely learn many valuable lessons about life. Vanessa said: ‘I don’t really mean to attract people’s attention, but I hope through this event, my mother and I will feel closer to each other.

All problems can turn out for the better if we really care. Don’t let it be too late. Many people are busy with work and career, so they don’t have time to teach their children.

Judy and Jim never thought their children would have serious problems. Both are entrepreneurs, so they often have to go on business trips away from home. Rare free time at home is often interrupted by urgent work. The two are used to the hustle and bustle of such a busy life and still feel reassured when they see that everything is still under their control. Until one day, Judy visited her best friend. She sadly announced that her son had been admitted to the rehab center.

Judy recalls: “There seemed to be some kind of awakening in me. I am really worried whether my beloved son is related to drugs or not. Although I did not detect any suspicious signs when cleaning the room or the closet; but now I remember that lately Jimmy – my son’s temper – has been quite erratic. Jimmy is very angry, often sad, moody. From an elite student, Jimmy started truant and grades dropped rapidly. At home, we never saw him happy again.”

Judy and Jim decide to face this painful truth. They cancel an important business trip to take Jimmy to the hospital for a urine test. Test results showed that Jimmy was addicted to drugs to a fairly severe degree.

“All our expectations of Jimmy were gone; instead it was fear for the boy’s future,” continued Judy. “We had to put him in rehab and the next few days as a family were filled with panic, worry and compassion for our son.” Judy and Jim seem to have forgotten themselves to help Jimmy end the nightmare and return to a normal life. Feelings of guilt weighed heavily on her soul, making Judy feel extremely tired and discouraged. But then Judy also realized that all her and Jim’s efforts would be meaningless if Jimmy was not motivated and determined enough.

The two began to immediately stop the actions of forcing Jimmy to return to normal life, but to find a way to bring the responsibility of recovering himself to its right owner – Jimmy. It was difficult for Jimmy but really necessary.

Judy concluded: “Finally, Jimmy made it. When he realized the meaning of life and his parents’ love for him, he began to wake up, gradually avoid drugs and gradually return to a normal life. Now we know how to spend time together, listen to each other and know each other in difficult times. To fix broken family dreams, you have to have the courage to face the truth and take action.”



Some lucky people find a desired job after graduation and make it a lifelong career. Others hit obstacles halfway through and start rethinking their dreams. When I became aware of the world around me, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I cherished and prepared for that dream for four years before getting married.

But then life changed my goals: I wanted to be a fulfilling wife, a dedicated mother, a passionate social worker, and an excellent leader. When my first two sons died, I felt that there was no meaning in this life anymore. One of my goals, my dream was broken. I feel extremely hopeless.

To find the meaning of life again, I started reading books and researching about four personality types. I began to share my insights into differences in human personality. At first, I only talked to parishioners at the church. After that, I held large lectures, open to all audiences.

Then people asked me to write a book on the subject. Everything came to me as a surprise when a publisher, after listening to me, offered me a contract to write a book for them, when I had never even written a paragraph. My career as a writer begins here; The first book I wrote was when I was 50 years old, and the book you are reading is my 18th book. Obviously, it’s never too late to start a new career.

Marilyn Heavilin returned to university when she was 40 years old, and thought life was settled as an English teacher in a high school. Her son Nathan also attends the same school, so she can go to school together and share interesting moments between classes.

Once on his way home from playing basketball, Nathan had an accident and died. Although she tried to get up after this incident, she could not bear to see Nathan’s shadow anywhere in the school. What should she do now? Should she give up her studies or not? Why would she waste her years of study?

At the lowest point in Marilyn Heavilin’s life, I invited her to my seminar so that she could share her story with the world. After the talk, Marilyn dared to dream that she wanted to be a presenter like me. And she worked hard to make this dream come true. She often practices presentations alone, then records and corrects as soon as she realizes a mistake.

After more than a year of searching for opportunities to speak, Marilyn felt free to drop out of school and pursue her dream of becoming a professional speaker. Six years later, Marilyn was a nationally known speaker and had published four books. Marilyn didn’t let circumstances overwhelm her. She has built new dreams from fragments of old dreams and has enthusiastically shared her experiences with everyone.

Have you ever let circumstances control you? Is your path to your dream complete or do you have to constantly adjust? If the opportunity comes, quickly seize it. Be confident that life will show you the steps you need to begin to adjust to your dream that is already broken.

Many of us, like Marilyn, have been formally trained for certain occupations. We have worked hard, strived continuously to win the top positions in our professional field. But when we get what we want, sometimes we are not satisfied and feel like we are living in a vicious circle.

If so, please reconsider. Despite achieving the top position, it is likely that you have spent a lot of time in a job that does not give you complete satisfaction. So do you have to pursue that job for the rest of your life? Why can’t you stop to tune in to your dreams?

Years ago, Bobby wanted to change careers at the age of 39 and had a stable job for 15 years at a construction company. Since childhood, Bobby dreamed of becoming a police officer. However, when he entered university, he chose a major to meet the wishes of his parents. After graduating from school, he quickly found a job suitable for the major he studied. With his own efforts, he quickly promoted to higher positions. However, he still did not feel his true passion. So, he decided to take the risk to change everything to do the job he always dreamed of.

Bobby applied to the local police department. Like every other candidate, he also has to go through the medical and family background checks, tests, and fingerprints. Nearly a year later, Bobby’s application was approved on the condition that he had to pass the sheriff’s exam. Anyone who heard him tell about his dream strongly objected, only his wife and daughter supported him wholeheartedly.

Both of them encouraged Bobby in physical exercises such as jogging, long jump, and throwing to help him compete with young candidates. His daughter spends hours at the library looking for documents related to police work for him to review.

The whole family often thought of criminal situations for him to participate in solving according to the law. During those summer months, Bobby couldn’t help but feel frustrated, tired, worried, and thought he might give up. But the goal ahead has kept his motivation and determination.

In the end, he passed the exam and graduated from the police academy the week he turned 40! This event is very meaningful to his life because it is a testament to the realization of a modified dream.

If one of your dreams has not been achieved, or is only partially achieved, or you are still not satisfied when achieved, try another dream. There’s still so much left to do, and once you’ve chosen something to do, jump right into the action.



A lot of positive change can happen when we are ready to face the truth, but what if you don’t get the point? What if you tried your best and still can’t solve the problem? Maybe it’s time to review your spiritual life for balance? Outside of work, how is your spiritual life?

Although spiritual life cannot be shown in detail such as position, degree, property, wealth,… but it has the ability to have a strong impact on all areas of each person’s life. It is beliefs, beliefs, cohesion of relationships, recreational activities, hobbies, habits.

I first met Daryl Lloyd when he was serving as a service manager for the Australian food company Advanced Life, and I was a speaker at the company’s annual conference. I was attracted by his witty talk, optimistic personality, confidence and professional way of working. After the lecture, Daryl invited me to have lunch with him and his wife. Trish, his wife, is currently the owner of a high-end beauty salon. She is a quiet personality type with all of her typical strengths. Both Daryl and Trish understand each other’s personalities well, accept each other and do not want to change each other.

After many visits to Australia to give lectures, we became close. Only now did Daryl have the opportunity to share his life story with me. Daryl is the result of a love affair between an Australian teenager and an American officer during World War II.

But after his birth, Daryl was abandoned and adopted by an Australian family. Although the life of his adoptive parents was very difficult, they really loved him and tried to give him the best conditions. When the biological mother discovered that she was no longer able to have children, she tried to win him back to her.

Every year, on Daryl’s birthday, she constantly sends gifts and congratulatory letters with sweet words in the hope that he will be touched and come back to her. But his adoptive mother kept all those gifts and letters away because she didn’t want his childhood life to be disturbed.

On his 18th birthday, when he was officially an adult, his new adoptive mother told Daryl all about his identity and handed him back all the gifts and letters that his biological mother had given him. sent all the time. After a moment of surprise, Daryl chose not to read any letters and confirmed that he had only one mother, who had raised and cared for him all this time.

After finishing high school, Daryl wanted to find a job in the television industry to fulfill his dream and to help his family out of poverty. With great determination and personal aptitude, he entered the entertainment world and was in charge of record production at GTV 9 in Melbourne. He worked 18 hours a day. Just a year later, he was promoted to head of the department with more than 20 employees under him.

He became famous and had the opportunity to get acquainted with many important figures in the field of television, including Bruce Gyngell – who owns 9 TV channels in Australia. Daryl greatly admires Bruce for his success, power, and influence.

At the age of 21, Daryl was stressed both physically and mentally due to overwork. After recovering, he received a phone call from Bruce Gyngell. He asked him to sign a three-year contract with his company as program director, and Daryl, at the age of 21, began to tailor his dream. During the implementation of the program, Daryl often approached Bruce and learned about his planning, professional style and creative thinking. These are valuable experiences for Daryl’s success later.

At the age of 25, he and a friend founded their own company, specializing in advertising technology. The business is growing. Profits helped him realize his former dream buy a luxury house for adoptive parents. His popularity allows him to own two of the latest cars and be warmly welcomed wherever he goes.

However, Daryl did not expect that while he was looking for customers to make more profits, his partner made many irreparable mistakes in financial management, forcing his company to bankruptcy declaration. In an instant, Daryl lost everything he had worked so hard to build. At that time, he was 32 years old. “I cannot explain why. My dream ended unexpectedly, when I was not prepared and did not make a mistake,” Daryl told me.

Although he is in a desperate situation, it seems that life still wants to test his endurance. Friends who have been with him for so long have turned their backs on him. The people who had been helped by him in the past, were promoted today and deliberately forgot about his presence. At the same time, Daryl has to face many reproaches from the family. He was really disoriented and didn’t know where to go.

“Of all the people I know, there is only one person who called me to express sympathy,” Daryl continued, “It was the mother of one of my subordinates. She sincerely expressed her concern for me and she said that instead of waiting for the sympathy of others, I should believe in myself and find another spiritual support.”

Daryl didn’t quite understand the words at the time, but at least this woman gave him some relief. He began to read documents and books to study psychology. Thanks to that, he learned that almost everyone has to face unexpected events in life. It is important for each person to get over this mental state and move forward. This is not the end, but just a stop on the journey forward.

However, Daryl still feels extremely embarrassed when he lets his girlfriend Trish know that he is needy and desperate. He feared another disappointment, because up until now, Trish had always admired his success. In Trish’s eyes, he is the perfect and successful man. However, Trish really surprised Daryl by saying: “I’m so happy to know that you will spend more time with me now”. This is indeed the strongest motivation to help Daryl stand again.

With her previous work experience, Daryl quickly found a new job: a kitchen appliance salesman. Success gradually returned to Daryl as the number of orders he brought to the company increased. The profits he earns help him rebuild his life. His business connections helped him get to know the chief executive of the Australian food group Advanced Life.

One day, he received a phone call from his grandfather, inviting him to serve as a service manager for the food company Advanced Life. Daryl quickly married Trish because according to him: “A woman who can love me even when I have nothing left will definitely stick with me for the rest of my life.” Now, Daryl has settled into a career at the food company Advanced Life; and Trish has her own salon. Both are very satisfied with their current lives.



When I talk to people who have lost faith because of a painful past, they often ask me, “Do I have to forgive the people who have hurt me?”. After all, forgiveness isn’t the first step in repairing a relationship, but it is the final necessity for healing. We should not force ourselves to say forgiveness when we are not really ready, because then, it is just a lie.

One Sunday morning, as I was sitting on the delegate bench in a meeting waiting for my turn to speak, Craig Holiday, the director of a company, stepped onto the podium to speak. Accompanying his 7-year-old son, Craig spoke words that I will always remember:

“When I was the same age as my son now, my father ran away from home”, his voice suddenly became difficult: “I hated my father so much and always wondered why he abandoned me. When other children were proud to be taken to school by their father or to attend and cheer on football matches, I was left alone. Sometimes I console myself with a reason I come up with; But deep inside, I feel so lonely and pitiful.”

Craig touched everyone present that day with his life story. As an adult, Craig entered the real estate business and achieved certain successes. However, his dream of getting rich quickly ended when the real estate market crashed. In the middle of a dead end, a friend brought Craig to a marketing seminar; and in a desperate and desperate mood, Craig signed up to be a marketer. He dared to dream again.

His business grew rapidly, and before long, Craig was on top. He hopes good things will come to him, with his son Taylor whom he loves so much. However, every time he looked at Taylor, he thought of his father and hatred rose in him. Anger gnawed at Craig’s soul, making it impossible for him to escape.

He understood very well that in order to regain the feeling of peace in his heart, he must definitely forgive his father even though his father did not deserve to be forgiven. Although this is extremely difficult because there is no hope of healing the wound in the memory of the hurt, in the end Craig has come through and is ready to forgive.

When feelings of enmity have been vented, he decides to meet his father after so many years of separation. Just as the audience breathed a sigh of relief at the happy ending of the emotional story, Craig stunned everyone in the hall when he added: “My father is here now.

Father, come up here and share with us, if you want.” A man with a face full of traces of hardship and fatigue of time but could not hide his happiness, was slowly walking onto the stage. Baby Taylor rushes to Grandpa with outstretched arms. The two grandchildren hugged each other and cried. And Craig stood silently looking at the two with red eyes.

We were all silent for a moment to share the Craig family’s sacred moment. Many people shed tears when thinking about the breakup in their own blood relationship. Some people started clapping their hands to break the silence; and in an instant, the whole hall stood up, cheering, cheering for the miraculous power of forgiveness and the beautiful proof of the healing of a seemingly indestructible love affair.



What makes the difference between someone who falls down when they fail and someone who stands up to get stronger afterward? I myself have faced countless seemingly insurmountable difficulties in my life and have consulted thousands of people with unique circumstances, so I understand the issue quite well. To answer the question: “Why are some people overcome by difficult circumstances while others have the courage to overcome them?”, let’s analyze some of the following factors:

1. Difference in personality

In difficult situations, the optimist is the most responsive. They see difficulties from a more open and open perspective; they quickly accept reality and immediately adjust their dreams to fit the situation. Optimists are always motivating and give people hope. Powerful people emphasize the element of control in their lives. This is the type of person who is most likely to fall into a crisis situation most quickly if they feel that their peaceful life has suddenly spiraled out of control.

However, they will also quickly overcome all to continue moving forward. Particularly the quiet type with the desire to seek perfection and order, will prolong his despair. The moderate type will try to avoid all troubles. Since this type of person rarely shows affection, you rarely see them in a desperate situation. They are the people who use willpower to balance the mind until the situation improves.

Understanding the difference in personality, you will no longer be surprised when you consider how people react to difficult situations. Those reactions are not personal choices but rather pre-formed personality traits of each individual.

2. Effects of past problems

Past trauma often leaves a negative and indelible mark. Those who have had a rough and painful childhood often find it difficult to stand firm in the face of life’s challenges. This obsession combined with personality traits will make them losers, even in their own minds.

Obviously, the ability to overcome difficulties and courageously face failure of individuals who have a healthy spiritual life or live in the love and protection of their family will be much higher than those of those who are not. lack the luck of family happiness.

3. Family Tradition

Family traditions strongly influence a person’s personality. If you come from a family where members are always discouraged, self-deprecating and give up when they fail or see failure as an obvious thing that fate forces you to suffer and then crawl into your own shell. yourself, then you will also be inclined to think and act similarly when faced with an event.

And vice versa, if you were born and raised in a family with an optimistic spirit, love of life, and know how to see difficulties as a challenge of life, then you will surely always be confident and consistent with your actions. me. But nothing is absolute; even if you grew up in a family with have a lot of negative thoughts, you can still make an effort to change your life attitude, making all your behaviors change as well. Don’t let your sad past ruin your future.

Paul Lewis was born without a left arm. However, his parents still treat him fairly like other children. His parents trained him to do things like a normal person with the hope that when he grows up, he will not feel like a disabled person and easily integrate into society.

As an adult, Paul was never really bothered or upset by the negative or pitiful comments of others, which he decided to demonstrate with his actions. He said: “I have never thought of myself as a disabled person, because my soul, my energy, my beliefs are still normal like others. This is possible thanks to my parents, they have never seen me as a disabled person, but always put their expectations and dreams on me, a normal human being.

Is there a flaw that prevents you from being confident enough to fulfill your dreams in life? Are there any negative comments from people that discourage you? See it all as a “push” for you to build your resolve and climb the ladder of success step by step.

4. Develop a sense of humor

When I look back at my own family life, I realize that without humor our life would be very boring. In the most difficult moments, we still see the optimistic side of things. If I have never experienced grief, how can I empathize with others? If I hadn’t seen difficulties as opportunities, I would have given up because of disappointment. If I hadn’t been funny during stressful times, I probably wouldn’t have written a book. I am very fond of the saying: “Every bad experience is a valuable lesson”.

5. Express words of encouragement to others

Words have boundless power. With just one word, you can send a person into the abyss of despair or lift a person to the height of hope. You should give people carefully selected words, not only when giving suggestions in good faith, but also when you praise and encourage others,

Once your heart is broken, you will feel extremely grateful to those who lift you up with words of encouragement. When you say kind words to another person, not only will that person be happy, but you will also feel better about yourself. Giving and receiving always have positive interactions that complement each other.

“Dreams are not

is what is available,

it’s not

what is impossible.

Dreams are like

a road

latent to

man explores

and pass.”

– Hole tons

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