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PR your life!

PR your life!


From ancient times until now,

humans have known how to communicate

with each other in many ways such as symbols,

images, body movements,

sounds or words.

Besides painting, carving, engraving,

and drawing on walls;

speaking in public,

sending handwritten letters;

written on leaves,

animal skin,

or on paper;

conveying information through radio,

television and the internet,


meetings and exchanges are also examples that a person

or group often uses to exchange information and understand each other.

Different ways of communicating

to understand each other can be considered information relations,

communication or public relations.

PR stands for public relations.

PR is not only understood as a function of brand development,

it is also used as a noun to refer to a person, for example:

he is a PR. It can be used as a verb:

I will promote you.

According to some people,

PR was once simply understood as Media Relations.

Some people ignore this word and use the term Communication,

while others prefer the word Reputation management.

We sometimes refer to PR as a public relations officer,

someone who conveys information to the media

or directly to the public to convey messages to them at large,

or according to demographic segments separate within the public,

known as the target audience.

Because of the shared views shared by a group of people rather than an entire society,

research can be done to determine a variety of things such as target audience,

interests, as well as presentation strategies present the planned message.

PR can target different target audiences

with different messages to achieve the ultimate goal.

PR promote effective opinion expansion and behavior change.

“PR is a management function that shapes public attitudes,

determines policy,

implements and brings attention to an organization,

carried out according to a program of action

that seeks the understanding and acceptance of general public.”

as defined by a female PR expert.

According to two American PR experts Scott M.Cutlips and Allen H.Center,

“PR is a planned effort to influence thought

through good character

and responsible action based on the reasonable satisfaction of two-way communication.”

PR is the art and science of managing communications

between an organization and its customers

it is the selective public that builds,

controls and maintains a positive image.

PR includes assessing public attitudes and opinions,

formulating and implementing organizational policies

and procedures related to communication with key public groups,

cooperative communications programs,

and Developing beauty and prominence through two-way communication,

and fostering an objective relationship between an organization

and its target audiences.

There are some companies that use Marketing Public Relations (MPR)

to direct information about the products

they produce or serve to potential customers to support direct sales efforts.

Typically, they support sales over a long or short period of time,

establishing and promoting the organization’s brand

for a strong and continuous market.

These companies also use PR as a means of reaching out

to lawmakers and other politicians to seek tax,

legal and other incentives, and they also use PR to improve themselves as well.

bright employers, in support of recruitment programs.

Non-profit organizations include schools,

hospitals and centers.

Social and human service centers use PR to support awareness programs,

raise funds for charities,

recruit employees and increase loyalty to their work.

Besides, lawmakers also use PR

to call for elections and raise money.

When the election is successful,

the effect of PR will promote and protect activities

during the period of office.

At the same time,

it will create a good image for the next elections,

or at the end of their careers or policies,

or promulgated laws.

Today in any industry,

PR is still very important.

PR shows the importance of communication of an organization

or an individual and their audiences such as employees, partners,

and groups that need attention.

In particular,

we can see the power of PR in service fields such as banking,




restaurants, and hotels,

where human activities need good communication

to be effective high work efficiency.

When you do PR,

it means you know who you are,

what your organization is,

where you will start your work.

It also means knowledge

and understanding of objects and their very structure.

Identify target audience,


and evaluate audience segmentation,

identify reach

The public’s view of you or your organization,

or seeking and selecting valuable advice from experts in fields related to your work,

is really important when it comes to PR.

Modern PR uses modern techniques including opinion surveys, attention

to evaluating opinions of public groups,

combined with a series of high techniques in distributing outstanding information

to customers such as satellite television. , cable, fax,

telephone data banking and other supporting tools for customer service.

Examples of knowledge that require PR professionals are communication arts,

psychology, sociology,

political science, economics, and principles of management and ethics, etc.

Knowledge, skills and techniques are also required for psychological research,

public topic analysis,

media relations, mailing, non-commercial advertising, publishing,

film or video production,

special events,

speeches and presentations etc.

Communication and understanding

between people may not be perfect

because not only of differences in land,

geography, culture, age, ethnicity,

social position,

but also in personality, beliefs,

class or level, etc.

So PR came along and solved this.

While part of the public thinks of it as a few things like propaganda,

public relations, investor relations,

press conferences,

media events, internal communications,

crisis communications,

it also includes a wide range of activities behind-the-scenes activities

such as writing press releases,

contacting the media for an event or conference,

addressing safety issues,

lobbying corridor for a prime location etc.

The meaning of the term PR is very broad.

The PR industry wants to describe it as the means

and industry of influencing public opinion towards an organization

and its products and services.

As for the PR industry,

it is also the means and profession used

by companies to motivate the public

and to direct them towards economic goals and political advantage.

PR is different from advertising

because it is not aimed at selling a product,

a unique product of a particular industry,

and it is also different from propaganda,

which is often used for political purposes by governments.

Many techniques

PR can be done in many areas.

Imagine a company providing a product or service;

Temporarily put aside concern about the company’s professionalism in terms of products,

fish prices,

finances and management system;

What makes people buy those products and services?

What motivates customers to invest their hard-earned money in that company’s shares?

What motivates other companies to do business with your company or projects? etc.

Yes, all of this happens,

simply because the image of this company in the market

or in the minds of target customers,

which is no doubt, is thoroughly understood from past

and present plans carried out from the PR activities of the organization or PR person.

PR is a strategic management tool that helps gain interest

and shape public opinion effectively.

Today, the PR profession has developed as a key tool in the formation of public opinion

to meet the needs of group power for common purposes.

Sometimes people say PR can wave its angel wings

and solve any media crisis.

It is believed that the work of the PR world for this new millennium is

that “PR is a free person,

an indispensable tool and a soulmate.”

Whether anyone cares or not,

PR will always exist by default.

There’s nothing better than investing and using PR to build,

maintain, or develop a brand in the public’s view.

Defining what is PR and what is not PR is not very certain,

but PR is always important to any organization and to anyone.



The 21st century,

the century of PR

You live

You’re the one

You were born

You are a child

You are a young man

You are an adult

You are an old person

You move on into a world

New or not, depends on you!

How lucky are those who live in this world,

and truly happiness for those who are reading, hearing,

seeing and feeling these words.

Why? Since you have all your senses,

think for yourself…

You really understand and have your own answer!

Living means moving.

Everything that is active and changing in this world can be called living.

It can come from the animal,

physical or human world.

Life and movement always have countless complex

and intertwined relationships.

From there, it creates a vivid picture without end.

In the theme of this book,

we refer to PR as an object of the human world because PR is called,

understood and used by humans.

Everyone knows that living is not a simple thing in this life

Achieving this goal is difficult.

Life is very diverse and complex.

Life is made up of many different things and objects.

People live all over the world with different skin colors,

classes, regions, ethnicities, cultures,

politics, lifestyles or ideologies.

The interaction between humans themselves

and the physical world is also huge.

Natural disasters, weather, climate, illness,

or physical needs (food, water, natural materials, etc.)

for daily living, for example.

Furthermore, each person is influenced

by different sources of relationships created by human society such as family,

friends or community.

Therefore, PR is not only seen as a material object but also as a person.

It must be equipped with the basic means or key elements to defend,

face and solve any problem that occurs in its life.

In other words, we need to understand the properties of PR,

the elements necessary for survival,

maintenance and development.

These are the main factors or strategies when doing PR

First, PR must have Strengths or a person must be an entity,

truly existing in this world.

It must be strong enough to do the job.

A person cannot do anything if he is not healthy,

has no strength.

If someone has power that is not used,

it is useless and seemingly non-existent.

A PR plan without human goals is worthless.

Information power or spiritual power is the necessary power that

PR must have to start the best life.

It must always be guaranteed to be stable and continuously healthy.

Second, Souls, a very important element,

the impossible lacking in every person or PR to appear in this life.

The soul is the invisible ability that can manage,

control or handle any problem affecting the subject at any time.

For PR, the soul is also the idea,

belief, interest, vision,

effort between leaders and employees

or the result of PR activities for the public.

The value of public trust in an individual

or organization is the soul of PR.
Next is Goals,

which are very essential things

that will guide people on the right path

and achieve their aspirations soon.

People know what and how they will do it

when they have a clear purpose.

Imagine, a person rowing a boat in the middle of the ocean

without a clear direction,

what will happen to him as time passes

and the weather is not good.

However, the goal will be the best goal

when you have both strength and soul.

Developing sustainable brand value is the highest goal of PR


to achieve your goals sooner,

you need another important factor,

Tactics demonstrate your knowledge,

intelligence and talent.

It’s not just about how to implement high-tech tools,

but also about creative management,

coordination, and solving ethical problems both inside and outside the organization.

Handling all situations quickly

and effectively is a PR strategy

that is always a pioneer in implementing and completing.

During the process of moving towards the goal of survival,

Notices are really necessary.

Attention is marked by many target audiences such as field,

age, need, event, time etc.

It is also the state of activities in each stage of the mentioned object

such as psychology,

condition, personality, quality, feeling,

or action and behavior.

All direct or indirect PR activities must always be kept in mind

for sustainable brand building and development.

Therefore, Arts appears,

blends in and plays a pivotal role during the development of life.

No matter what purpose PR or people work for,

everyone wants a pleasant,

peaceful and lovely life.

Art is present in many fields such as literature,

painting, music, sculpture, cultural customs,

society or cinema.

Besides, the art of PR is also the spirit

and management skills of professional PR people in terms of communication,


and solving different target groups.

The art of winning people’s hearts is the highest art

that PR always strives for and tries to achieve as best as possible.

Achieving the above things,

PR will have Reputation or honor.

Reputation negatively affects the organization’s own activities or PR activities.

It also helps organizations build, protect,

and develop brands quickly.

Prestige will receive admiration,

respect and trust from key relationships or the surrounding community.

As a result, beautiful images will always be upgraded and reach wider.

The highest honor is to have people’s trust.

As soon as humanity was formed and life began,

Love appeared.

No matter what, love is the truth.

Love always exists and lives with us.

Love is not only a feeling between men and women,

but also a state or personality of people with each other.

The love of PR is expressed by the organization’s true concern

and contribution to customers, society,

the community and the organization itself.

Human love comes first.

To do or achieve anything, we need Exchange.

That is a natural law.

You buy something you pay for.

You give someone something and you will receive a feeling of happiness.

People exchange not only material things

but also spiritual things.

For example,

people share difficulties,

teach each other knowledge and experiences,

or sympathize and confide secret thoughts.

Lucky people do charity,

sponsor events or provide material help to unfortunate people, etc.

Fair exchange is always the motto of PR.

Finally, People (Anyone)

or any object should always be given serious attention

throughout the process of achieving the goal of existence.

Determining what, what,

and who is the subject of influence

and influence will help people have better vision

to choose the right path to do the job.

Anyone can become a potential and real person with whom you will work

or cooperate in your life or your organization’s life.

PR always guides people towards progress and towards truth,

goodness and beauty.

To live and have a better life,

each person needs many different supporting elements.

To be a strong and impressive brand,

ANGEL STARS, the 10 key factors mentioned above should be given proper attention.

Besides, PR must always adhere to the principles of CAR for action,

NCNS and 3S for motivation,

and 3PR for its path.

Those principles will support PR to have good action methods for business

or life goals in a meaningful way.

The main idea is:

PR is people.

PR is the intersection between human relationships

and environmental influences.

If someone becomes a real PR,

life will change and feel happier.

If good PR is practiced in this society, war, crisis,

or conflict will no longer exist.

The human world will be peaceful and prosperous.

Everyone will have good relationships.

People will always be concerned with their own actions

for their long-term social interests and their honor.

PR is life.

PR people will make PR come alive

and last longer for the organization’s goals and for themselves.

So, humans have goals, strength, soul,

love and prestige must pay attention to art and exchange

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