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PR your life! PR is stars


Have you ever thought about how many sparkling,

colorful and beautiful Stars there are in the sky?

How long will it take for one or more of them to disappear?

Have you ever thought about how many people do the same job

or do business with your organization?

How many of them still exist and develop sustainably?

How many names have influence on the market and the public?

What will influence and make your organization’s name stand out?

close and lasting impression in the minds of customers?

How many people do you know right now?

How many people know you well, love you,

and have the most influence on your life?

Think about it and discover the Stars of PR that it has

Is it compatible and great for the path you are taking in your work or life?



Information is the great power of PR created from two factors is the inside

and outside of the organization itself,

such as the strength of human resources,

products and services, uniqueness, class, reputation,

strategy, finance, events, location,

or public favor.

PR people must turn around

and use it seriously and effectively.

Information is also spirit,

invisible but strong and powerful.

It is said that “only by having truth can one attain enlightenment”.

Nothing can be done without human hands.

If someone is hungry,

he must go eat.

They can walk on foot,

otherwise they can move by wheelchair…

and of course they can travel by car,

yacht or plane etc.

Of course, here we understand that everything is done by healthy,

conscious people.

Actually, the word “real” in this sentence means “real”,

truthfulness, not simply the word “real” in the sense of eating and drinking food.

Truthful information creates strong trust

and deep and invisible credibility in people’s minds,

once they believe it.

To achieve this,

the elements that make up it must be truly real and solid,

not fabricated or overly exaggerated.

The same goes for any organization.

It must be strong enough to do the job

The machine can run well and develop more smoothly,

depending on the organization’s capabilities

and each specific period.

From the beginning, to the end.

The organization must have people working

with enthusiasm and high professional skills.

These people know how to determine what they will plan,

how they will do it,

when and where they will start and finish.

Indeed, human resources are always the most important factor determining the success

or failure of an organization.

Next is to have an appropriate budget source sufficient

to spend on survival and development.

Next is the product or service that must be available

and ready to meet the needs or provide to customers.

No organization was born and exist without doing anything.

Finally, you must implement the strategy

that has been outlined to supply,

reproduce and perform other tasks effectively.

During operations, these elements will create information.

Information is the power of good,

valuable information that other organizations

or target customers lack and need.

You will win hearts and become valuable,

achieving your goals

if you truly possess those valuable sources of information.

Perhaps in order to effectively use

and develop information sources,

or the power of PR,

PR practitioners should review

and carefully study Maslow’s hierarchy of needs chart

to discover the highlights

and key points of children’s needs people,

thereby providing information to the target public group in a reasonable

and effective manner.

Basic human needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Based on the chart,

we see how important the role of effective communication is in human behavior.

If we are not knowledgeable enough and strong enough to treat

and work well with them,

our work may easily fail quickly.

According to the first and basic hierarchy of needs,

physical needs are urgently required for survival,

such as air,

food and drink.

It is the most essential and strongest need because without it,

people will die.

However, today,

the economy is developing,

there is more than enough food and clothing,

people are aiming for beauty

and art in selective eating and living.

The more refined they are,

the more people interested and willing to pay that much.


PR activities need to pay attention to this

when incorporating it into events

or plans to make it solemn

and show appreciation for the qualities and personalities of attendees

when they use these tools soft this bridge.

For example, 5-star hotels,

when organizing parties and trips for employees,

also show the class of their employees by allowing their employees

to use services with corresponding values the hotel

they are serving (or lower for research purposes, etc.)

The need for constant peace at the second level is also worth noting.

Because when the first need is satisfied,

people want to maintain,

survive and enjoy the first need longer,

so they do everything possible to achieve the second.

Not only is the second need expressed in the first need,

which is food safety, drinking water,

and fresh air,

but also external factors such as natural disasters,

epidemics, or unstable activities caused

by the government caused by people around

For effective PR activities,

you need to pay attention to this, a delicious meal,

sweet soup will be truly warm and happy

when they eat it in a fresh,

unpolluted atmosphere and everyone laughs

and is happy without arguing or fighting with each other.

An organization will develop

and do business effectively when its employees have enough food,

clothing, and adequate living facilities,

in a harmonious working environment,

as well as the surrounding community being safe

and clean peaceful and pure living environment.

Here we note age and level,

sometimes people who are knowledgeable,

older, and experienced will be less likely

to express themselves clearly sharper than young people,

children, or people with poor understanding.

Depending on the specific circumstances,

space and time,

they will have different or similar expressions.

When someone really feels that they are temporarily at peace

with the things around them,

he or she aims for a higher goal than social needs.

The need for affection, care,

and expression of acceptance by others.

For example, many people will think that

a great man has a woman by his side,

has a stable job,

and is a sociable person who cares about people around him, etc.

Once the initial three levels are satisfied,

people continue to move towards ego needs,

self-esteem, the fourth level of the hierarchy of needs.

Not everyone who feels loved will be respected.

People need to feel worthy

and valuable to others

in order to feel respect for their own uniqueness in a truly enjoyable way,

not just fake or indifferent respect and love.

A few people, just individuals.

They are valuable and worthy by a community,

a large enough number of people.

Without this personal pride, they feel,

they are not really confident

or good enough for anyone else

and eventually towards themselves,

eventually lacking the confidence for them to reach their higher goals.

A sales manager may not dare to assert

that he is confident enough to achieve his goal higher

when he is recognized as valuable only within his organization

or within his family.

But a general director or a famous singer is proud and confident enough

when their activities are convincing

and have a great impact on the spiritual

and material lives of a large number of people such as employees.

Or people love music, for example.

Each employee will be motivated to work better,

more cooperatively,

more creatively,

in the prosperous career of the organization.

They will be proud of their presence

and contributions to the organization.

For that reason,

PR will create a comprehensive strength for all employees

to promote sustainable organizational development.

The power of PR is shown whether

or not it is effective through the way PR is done.

Employee PR should be carried out continuously to maintain

and improve productivity and good image among target customers

such as warm and friendly communication between old employees and newcomers.

Building good relationships between employees will increase trust

and create a better impression of the organization.

It also demonstrates the quality of the management system

and professionalism in the business field.

Normally, people easily remember the first

and last images of something;

or an event more special than what is happening in a process,

whether good or bad.

That is why the employee’s personality

or behavior is so important.

Internal PR activities should do this well,

especially when employees are on duty.

Especially the department that works directly with customers

and the public.

For example,

in the service industry,

whose work often faces people,

such as restaurants, tourism,

hotels, banking, insurance,

public administration,

healthcare, brokerage, securities,

finance and other industries and other types of services.

They are usually departments such as marketing,

reception, foreign affairs, sales, etc

If PR is done well,

PR will bring an invisible power

to help the organization strengthen its position,

increase productivity,

boost revenue and develop a sustainable brand.

Through employees,

customers and other public objects will have a better impression

of the organization,

more favorable products,

services and other activities because the employees have served

and brought trust to them.


For media

There’s nothing better than breaking news

or a strange story for the media

that you can get and provide to them.

They will contact you shortly

and try to have it as soon as possible.

Each organization has its own unique nature.

Therefore, hot information from any organization is a top priority for them.

However, like many other professions,

media also has competition.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this

to increase the organization’s power

and influence in providing them with good information.

The media often likes delicious

and relevant information with their readers.

So you will be a source of information,

a darling if you meet their requirements correctly.

At that time,

you need to skillfully direct them

to promote information about your organization,

products or services,

or brand to your target customers,

in order to achieve the set goals.

However, working with the media,

you also need to be careful,

that is an issue with two sides.

If you don’t handle it skillfully and appropriately,

you will experience the opposite effect,

when it becomes really difficult to save the situation.

The media knows that they have widespread information power

and the privilege of requesting information,

the right to know,

and freedom of speech.

They represent one or all of the public to speak up for the people

who want to know the economic,

socio-political situation,

policies, activities of the government,

programs and plans or events, laws, etc.

For a company,

they need to know business activities,

specific products and services,

even human resources,

financial budget sources

and future strategies and directions of operations.

The public is usually tax, banks, investors,

shareholders, employees, authorities or customers, etc.

Therefore, if the media says something incorrectly,

the organization will suffer huge losses.

At bad times,

like crises caused by objective or subjective reasons,

the media also plays an extremely important role.

Things will become worse or better

or not partly thanks to their efforts.

Therefore, PR here is really essential.

A crisis management plan should be prepared carefully in advance.

PR people will have to control

and solve many problems at the same time when a crisis occurs.

At that time,

if information

that is not beneficial to the company is excessively conveyed

to customers by the media,

it is truly a serious consequence that is hard to imagine.

Therefore, the power of PR here will reduce the tension of the crisis,

increase trust in the media,

stabilize customer psychology,

and help the media feel more comfortable about the organization’s brand.

From there, they have a more objective view

and more positive support.

Honestly, the role of the PR person here is extremely important,

maintaining a good relationship

with the media is the key to doing a good job of protecting,

maintaining and developing the brand.

The media can also become consultants, contribute opinions

or sponsor information, to help plans,

policies or event programs organized by the company be successful.

It is they who will help our target customers understand,

feel and experience.

Customers can also take action immediately when they hear,

read or see the message

that the organization puts out through effectively distributed communication channels.

There is an uncontrollable media channel,

the Internet,

that PR practitioners need to pay extreme attention to.

This is a communication channel with great spread,

fast, wide and deep.

Therefore, it has two sides:

if it is good,

PR will succeed beyond expectations,

but if it is the opposite,

disaster and PR crisis will also appear quickly.

To carry out online PR,

PR people need to have certain knowledge about the Internet,

psychology and online communication techniques,

so that they can have appropriate implementation and response plans.

The power of PR for the media here is cooperation

and communication the organization’s message effectively and usefully.

It is a great bridge between the public and organizations,

helping each other get closer and understand better.

Only real PR can do that.

Invisible communication

There is a group of subjects that PR must be really careful about:

invisible media.

This group originated from the internet and mobile phones.

Information originates and spreads invisible, intangible,

without beginning and without end.

It is the source for forums, blogs,

social networks, websites, links, images, video clips,

effects and languages around the world to spread information

to every corner of any territory land in the world.

Just 1 second of entering,

your message in Vietnam,

someone in the US already knows,

and no longer than 30 seconds later,

almost everyone  knows.

If the message comes from traditional channels such as television,

radio, newspapers,

you can still control or check where it comes from.

For this group,

PR is very difficult to control.

Therefore, this is a very important object in the digital age

Therefore, in every message given on this channel,

PR must be really careful,


and anticipate possible effects,

in order to minimize misunderstanding of the message,

increase positivity

and influence to good impact on customers

when they receive information from here.

It is a fact that, currently,

there are some traditional information channels

that still use information from the Internet as a source of information,

even though they do not know or verify

who is actually providing the information onto the internet.


As for the organization itself

As for the organization itself,

it is great to use great power

The greatness of PR to develop its own structure and brand.

PR is the glue that binds all efforts

from all resources of the organization into a unified whole.

PR can make all departments

and personnel in different branches

and working areas become more united

and understand each other better.

They will cooperate and raise their working spirit more.

Thus, the comprehensive quality management system will be implemented more smoothly.

No matter what process an organization follows,

if internal PR activities are not good,

that process will certainly only add more stress

and difficulty to the organization.

The power of PR mainly impacts from the leadership to the employees,

from policies and working procedures.

If the organization’s leadership always shows closeness, sympathy,

and concern for employees’ lives,

their thoughts and aspirations,

not through verbal words but through specific actions

such as remuneration and policies.

Reasonable and worthy salary

and bonus policies and entertainment programs.

If this is done well,

it will bring countless benefits.

It will encourage and always bring new vitality and breath,

making the organization always full of strength

so that the whole system runs well and stably.

Also from this, the leader

or PR person will understand the thoughts

and aspirations of the organization,

from which they will have creative ideas

or innovate production and processing activities

and serve customers better.

This is really beneficial

because the organization will also have more strength

and increased competitiveness compared to its competitors.

When the strength of the organization is stable,

it will make the brand impressive

and have a great influence on the target public markets,

such as Google, Coca-Cola,

Heineken, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

The power of PR to equip organizations is also reflected in policies

to upgrade and expand regional scale,

evoking and using potential resources effectively.

It not only makes people in the organization feel confident

and proud to be members of the organization,

but also attracts

and desires external resources to cooperate

and work for the organization.

From there it affirms its intrinsic value

and outstanding brand.

At that time,

it is a magnet that attracts objects near it.

This explains why working for the CIA, NASA, Google, Microsoft,

World Bank,

UN… has always been the dream of millions of people.

Indeed, there is the power of PR,

which is an advantage in negotiating,

communicating or calling for investment to upgrade

and expand the scale of the organization and develop the brand.

Especially reaching beyond the local area

to integrate into the international market community.

International community groups often have a more careful,

probing and rigorous view than regional groups are accustomed to.

Therefore, to achieve advantages

and achieve success in organizational development goals,

PR must be one step ahead,

with necessary and serious PR activities.

An organization with a name that has never been mentioned

or is just small,

with products and services that no one has mentioned,

how can it get into a foreign land,

where there is already a presence?

fierce competition.

Even if the quality of the products and services offered

by that organization is good and suitable for the market,

PR still needs to clear the way one step ahead,

otherwise the success rate will not be high.

When an organization has the power of PR,

it also gives the organization a shield

a magical umbrella that can defend against opponents’ attacks,

or difficulties that appear every day.

This is really necessary,

because PR has supported necessary tools such as resolving crises,

stabilizing conflicts,

resolving disputes or negotiating with relevant subjects.

It can be said that the power of PR is the living angel of an organization

that helps it survive,

defend and develop sustainably.

For customers

For customers, the power of PR is truly evident.

Whether an organization develops clearly

or not is the source of revenue through customer interest

and use of products and services.

They are the ones who help organize survival and development.

Without them, the organization would die immediately.

Without PR,

an organization will have no customers,

or very few.

The organization’s products

and services will gradually sink into oblivion

or become indifferent as in situation diagram A of PR.

The power of PR will be able to attract or motivate customers to come to the organization.

Customers will be more confident and satisfied with their choice.

They are interested,

happy and comfortable when choosing products

and services and are willing to pay,

because somewhere they have been interested by information sources,

by the power of PR activities such as word of mouth,

marketing materials often heard and felt in reality.

The power of PR is also shown in the fact

that it can solve the confusion when choosing a product or service,

how to use it, or lack of deeper information about it,

in order to use it safely and effectively.

Because they are standing among thousands of brands

and products and services,

they are helpless and have no support

and trust definitely what is the best decision.

Therefore, PR is a shining example and a beacon.

The torch lights the way and shows them what the best final decision is.

In addition, the power of PR will help customers confidently

and happily share information

through which we can identify many issues

that are truly beneficial to the business.

It’s an error in the product or service,

the service process,

information processing,

and payment method.

It is the prominence of products

and services compared to competitors,

difficulties or creative ideas to upgrade the quality

and quantity of products

and services according to the needs

and tastes that they accidentally utter and share.

This is really valuable,

but sometimes large-scale market research does not give you a close

and realistic view,

because it is often emotional and not very in-depth

or realistically updated.

For that reason,

your customers will become loyal customers and business friends.

You will easily identify and find better solutions

to promote your brand to a new level

from your customers through quality products and services.

With the Power of PR,

you will gradually become a pioneer in your business field,

the leader with a large market share,

which will help your organization gain many advantages in the development process

to develop long term in the future.

The power of PR is also the commitment to trust,

quality assurance and service,

making potential customers come and try products

and services or cooperate faster.

For them, suspicion or prejudice will be reduced

because they have loyal customers

or the organization’s PR activities committed to it

and make it known.

In addition, for special customers,

organizations also need to pay special attention

with better policies and incentives than other customers.

Because they have brought the organization a significant source of revenue

and voice

They also have weight and persuasiveness to attract new customers.

PR Make them truly feel respect,

value and gratitude yours to them.

Make them loyal partners

and a major distribution channel

to avoid being lured away by competitors.

It can be said that the more benefits customers have,

materially and spiritually,

the greater the organization’s brand value

and the more revenue it increases.

Treat your customers as well as possible,

and they will thank you with their loyalty

to your products and services.


For other customer sources

Besides awakening awareness

and directing target customers to products, services,

or the image of the organization,

the power of PR also increases influence,

laying the foundation for the organization’s image in the minds

of potential customers capabilities

and other customer sources.

These people either know through direct PR activities

or indirectly and accidentally.

If one day you see or hear someone say something like this:

“what they that’s good,

take it, there’s nothing better than that,

I’ve used it,

I just read it in a magazine,

it’s good,

try it,

oh it’s really good,

I have to go and buy it right away” etc,

then That is the effectiveness of PR.

Effective PR activities are about making customers aware of

and remembering the product,

service or organizational image when they have a related need for it.

Because customer psychology will remember the images

and first impressions

or finally,

PR activities must always be careful

and consistent in message,

to help this type of customer have the best impression

when they try it for the first time.

Respecting and taking care of them like any other customer will help them gain more trust

and become loyal customers.

Because of the first-time user mentality of this type of customer,

they often have a very high level of doubt.

If they have a little concern,

they will feel uncomfortable

because their decision is not right,

is a mistake,

and they feel uncomfortable.

I feel embarrassed when someone asks

or looks at them like

I’m not a stylish person.

More prominently,

customers are competitors.

The stronger and more skillful the power of PR,

the more they will respect and cooperate with us.

Make your competitors feel less competitive pressure on revenue

and market share,

the stress of negative thoughts that they will be pushed out of the market,

or taken over.

They will gradually feel interested and cooperate,

expand their business and share market share,

if PR is done well.

Think about it,

the more opponents we have,

the more difficult it becomes.

Let’s become partners

and friendly members in the industry with them.

If in an industry,

at specialized meetings,

the leadership and representatives of the organization also feel stressed,

pressured and uncomfortable

when meeting opponents,

it is difficult to have good cooperation in the future.

What’s more is the discrimination,

perception and bad behavior between employees,

customers, and partners among each other

because of different advantages

or benefits between competing organizations.

Through cooperation with competitors,

both sides will benefit from core human resources, technology,

processes, management methods,

distribution systems, customers,

market share and many other benefits. .

Therefore, the purpose of PR power is the wide spread

of consistent messages with understanding

and customer experience that is always as expected,

even beyond their beliefs.

That is exactly what PR needs to pay attention to and do better.


For distribution channels

Each distribution channel is an arm of the organization.

The power of PR is both the blood

and the soul of each distribution channel.

Each different target customer is the organization’s distribution channel.

The power of PR will help everyone live healthy,

share and support each other,

with the ultimate goal of making the organization a unified,

strong and growing entity.

You probably won’t have great success,

if your organization doesn’t have many distribution channels

and it’s not performing well.

It is your limbs,

your fulcrum,

appearing where you want and aim.

They exist,

which means you exist.

Therefore, there is no reason why you should not take care of it carefully

to turn it into a synergy that helps you develop.

Provide information that is beneficial to them,

both useful and detailed

just updated about the organization’s products,

services or operating plans.

Besides, there are other support policies, benefits,

and incentives in developing their work.

The main distribution channel is the one

with the highest frequency of direct market access.

They have the opportunity to listen,

share and feel different changes in the market.

They have a more realistic perspective

and experience in solving problems

that arise directly than an organization operating from above looking down.

Therefore, their strategic solutions,

product and service ideas,

service upgrades,

and service operating processes are often more feasible and suitable for customers.

They are also soldiers fighting against competitors where practicality

and wisdom are needed to survive and develop.

Therefore, they are the bridge connecting customers

and the organization along with other customers.

Good or bad impressions often start from here.

So let’s make them understand and see their benefits,

their value as the organization’s distribution channel.

Otherwise, they will not stick around for long

and easily throw their clothes away and follow someone else

with better conditions.

This needs the power of PR to make them understand.

In addition,

organizations should know how to decentralize properly

to increase autonomy, creativity

and dynamism in their work,

to bring comfort between themselves and customers.

Make them proud

and become an indispensable part of the organization’s development process,

following the organization’s strategy and motto.

This not only helps them strengthen themselves

but also brings them to a higher level,

key partners.

Training activities,

picnics, or social meetings will be the best conditions for leaders

to assert their role

as well as create solidarity between distribution channels.

It is a mistake if the distribution channels are obscure

and lack information from the organization’s leadership

and policies as well as other distribution channels.

From there,

distribution channels meet and cause conflicts with each other,

in gaining market share, revenue frequency,

increasing influence on the business area they are holding.

Therefore, it is necessary to always provide updated

and complete information

as well as fully implement reasonable policies

to help the distribution channel system develop evenly and sustainably.
At the same time, pay attention

and control them closely and reasonably,

to help them take the right direction

according to the organization’s requirements.

Don’t let them be too free or lax,

this easily creates conditions for opponents to take over or give up.

Therefore, PR plans should be carefully prepared

and seriously implemented for distribution channels.

Everything should be invested carefully

to help them solve problems encountered in a timely manner

and create a foundation and trust for distribution channels

that will appear later.

Last, but perhaps not the least, are distribution channels

Information networks are useful in promoting brands

or other PR activities for new products and services that the organization offers.

It also helps the organization become stronger,

more impressive among target customers

and others, even within the organization itself.

Therefore, careful attention

and support for internal distribution channels

Understanding and sympathizing with the organization,

in developing products and services

and promoting the organization’s prestige, is the task of PR.

That is the power of PR.



In a battle,

a small army can defeat a large army,

history has proven this.

In today’s competitive market,

whoever uses tactics skillfully will win.

PR tactics, based on the marketing strategy

and long-term strategy of the organization,

can be used independently

and freely within a certain period of time.

That’s why it really needs to be creative,

flexible and effective.

In other words,

in a PR program,

the tactics used must always achieve the goal of knowing

how to win the hearts of target customers.

These tactics can come from each individual doing PR

or from PR tools supporting the program.

Usually, each person has different opinions,

some people like this,

while others hate that.

The strategy of PR is to harmonize

and make them understand the message

and goals of the program.

How to position the image of a product,

service, or organization

At any time, at any level,

these are tactics that PR must pay attention to.

To make the target audience know,

feel and be impressed with it.

So how to know and plan good and effective strategies?

That depends on the PR person.

Depending on time, space, circumstances,

and specific conditions, map out strategies.

However, any organization

or PR person must remember

and try their best to achieve the set goals,

in which the CAR principle should be paid the most attention.

According to common sense,

human psychology always changes,

but trends do

Their common needs remain the same as Maslow’s needs diagram.

Therefore, to make good use of the tactics,

carefully researching them and applying them flexibly

according to the actual situation is a good thing to do.

Normally, tactics are understood as good methods,

that someone has carefully planned out and skillfully implemented

to achieve the ultimate goal within a certain period of time.

Here, PR tactics are often short-term because the long-term goal

or PR mission is to sustainably develop the organization’s brand.

Therefore, a tactic may be good at this time

and suitable for that organization,

but not suitable at another time or for another organization.

Don’t rigidly apply any tactic.

In the age of information highway,

the age of technology,

knowledge civilization,

people always update selective information and use it.

Therefore, PR must truly be a useful tool to provide quality information

to the target audience,

to achieve the highest efficiency.

The strategy is to distribute information

so that each type of target audience gets it quickly and loves it.

However, to be highly effective,

PR needs to know how to fight

Effective circulation,

reception and processing techniques are created by it,

otherwise it will create the opposite effect.

For example,

the information you provide

to the media about your product is “hot”

while the process of providing products

and services is not ready to respond

as the information given is a commitment to provide thoughtful

and thoughtful service.

That easily creates resentment and dissatisfaction

because customers think that the company is telling the truth,

or deceiving and not respecting customers.

Will they still dare to believe the PR information given next time?

It is said that tactics are truly good strategies

when winning is certain and losing is still safe.

That means, attack and defense are always two aspects

that tactics need to pay attention to when implementing.

Note this, in order to avoid failures that occur

due to objectivity or traps set by competitors

that PR cannot withstand or anticipate.

Every organization has its main strategy for growth.

At any cost, the tactics that PR implements must be minimized

so that the consequences do not cause harm to the overall strategy.

It must be compatible,

suitable and harmonious.

It must be carefully considered and chosen and taken seriously.

Especially in business,

to avoid damaging other elements in the marketing mix.

For example,

developing a distribution channel at an agent in the inner city does not affect the welfare,

commission policies of suburban agents, etc.

because in the long run,

the development of a series of distribution channels Suburbs

It will really be good satellites in the development of such an organization,

instead of relying on one

and only one inner-city distribution channel,

it is easy to be taken over by competitors or claimed, etc.

Usually, in a day,

people receive a lot of information from newspapers,

the internet, books, neighbors, friends, relatives,

family, colleagues, at home,

on the street, etc.,

so people easily forget what they have just received

without being impressed.

Therefore, PR tactics are the process of preparing steps

so that the target audience can remember

and love it as soon as they receive the information.

Therefore, the strategy of repeating a message over

and over for a certain period of time will be more useful.

In addition, enticement or promotion tactics also help customers stay fresh

and easily absorb the business’s message.

Guerrilla tactics can also be quite good,

if used skillfully.

This will always bring surprises in customers’ minds,

and make them love the organization’s brand more.

Tactics are truly diverse,

and it is difficult to describe them all in words,

because they depend on the person who thinks them up,

uses them,

and the target audience in space, time, and other factors.

However, in business,

the strategy that can be thought of is determining what is the main tactic,

what tactics will be included,

how the psychology and conditions of each influencing factor are,

what is the time and starting point broadcast.

All of these things make the entire process, strategy,

and implementation methodical and smooth.

Customer will be awakened and quickly remember the message given by the organization.

For example, listing the list of media houses,

their audience groups,

the time when information can be promoted,

etc. are also basic steps in the strategy of bringing information

to the target public group as quickly as possible and efficiency.

Pioneering is also a tactic.

Always a pioneer

Standing at the forefront, facing many difficulties,

but always given priority in the media

and influential to the larger community.

For example,

a pioneering organization creates new products and services,

new markets,

to help increase market share and affirm the organization’s name.

Pioneers are also methods,


and solutions in creating a new market with new needs,

and preserving sustainable development between businesses,


and target groups.

In building and developing a business image,

attracting talent and high-quality human resources is also a PR tactic.

Not only does it supplement

and enhance the organization’s competitiveness,

it also enhances the business’s position in creating impressive trust

among customers and other target audiences.

Planning and pointing out opportunities,



and organizational policies are basic tactics

that PR often has and creatively uses in human resources issues,

PR tactics are also methods to reduce conflict,

increase the popularity of target audiences,

attract investors,

cooperate with competitors

and strengthen your position in the market.

The combination

and use of elements from many fields such as politics,

Techniques, economics, psychology,

people, culture,

and traditional customs in a reasonable way in PR activities are also the tactics

that PR must pay attention to.

In addition,

SWOT analysis at work with issues related to budget,

human resources,

environment and other influencing factors is also a strategy

to allocate and regulate activities reasonably and effectively.

In negotiations, tactics are also needed,

which PR is one step ahead of,

and in the negotiation process,

making the other person understand us better

and know what our wishes are

in order to help them have the right solution look sympathetically

and accept our conditions.

How to combine well different types of art,


situations and working environments together

to help us achieve high efficiency in negotiations,

that is also tactics.

It is also the skillful application of general knowledge

and professional qualifications

as well as professional communication skills

that the representative businesses perform in transaction negotiations.

The strategy also shows savings in budget,

time, and resources

and other factors in effective PR activities.

The tactics that PR practitioners need to think about are

how to achieve goals,

build and develop a sustainable brand,

and be consistent with the long-term strategy

and capabilities of the organization,

no matter the situation.



People always aim for truth,

goodness and beauty.

Among them,

beauty is always something that everyone loves

and tries to achieve.

True beauty includes both the formal and internal meanings,

or the good nature that exudes beauty.

People like beauty,

that’s a real thing.

They like fashionable clothes,

like living in a spacious house,

in a place with fresh air and beautiful landscapes.

But these things must be real,

not fake like a scene in a movie.
For that reason,

PR contains art and beauty that PR practitioners need to promote

and pay due attention to.

Not only does it please the viewer’s eyes,

but a beautiful impression in their minds is indispensable,

which determines the survival of the brand, product,

service or name of the organization.

Therefore, a properly decorated office,

polite staff uniforms, documents,

and work support tools that are carefully cared for

and presented artistically will also create a deep impression in the heart customers,

people who often contact and transact directly

with the organization.

In addition, the communication,

behavior, actions,

gestures, statuses, gestures, eyes,

smiles, sounds,

voices and skills of people in the organization also create its own beauty

and culture specifically for the organization.

The beauty here goes one step further

and is the harmony between material and spiritual,

giving customers a feeling of comfort and confidence in communication.

Art is also expressed in the ability to create

and discover customers’ needs or desires.

Awaken needs and respond to them.

Effective and timely solutions in helping customers solve problems related to products

and services and finding new ideas about it are also the art of PR.

Science, art, psychology, culture, religion,

traditional customs, social life,

also contain artistic beauty that

PR practitioners need to respect and apply appropriately.

Depending on the time,

situation, space and topic

that PR activities offer,

in order to achieve high results in work

and also promote the value of the art itself, that type,

and minimize the imbalance or outsider’s view of it.

For example,

organizing the Hung King’s death anniversary in Vietnam is a PR event.

Not only does it increase the brand value

and affection of the organizers among the public,

but it also promotes humanity

and the traditional values of national heroes of Vietnam,

People in the hearts of friends from five continents.

The art of PR is also shown in how to handle and harmonize the strengths

and weaknesses of an organization

to help people in the organization

as well as the target audience have more sympathy for each other.

Think about it,

a good memory is not necessarily a professor;

A person with a talent for drawing may not necessarily be a famous artist;

A good voice is not necessarily a music superstar.

Being good at all of the above does not necessarily mean

they are a reputable businessman.

But if they have one of those things,

and know PR,

understand PR, and implement PR,

it can be sure that they will succeed,

what they want to do.

Because people who know how to do PR will know

how to make good use of the so-called favorable weather,

favorable conditions,


and the art of effective communication

to help people around them know their value

and attract people to them.

Sometimes art is also expressed in seemingly normal things,

for example giving gifts.

Especially in PR activities,

there is the activity of giving gifts to unfortunate people.

Depending on the company’s capabilities,

PR people should skillfully choose gifts

that are compatible with them

and allocate them appropriately.

For example, for victims of storms and floods,

we should increase the amount of food,

preventive medicine or ways to make clean water, hygiene,

and clothing more than household items.

That not only helps them solve the immediate need

to maintain their physical health,

but also prevents diseases that affect their lives in the future.

Because they are poor,

if you add in illness,

it will be difficult pile up,

increasing the burden on them and society.

The art is that PR people make customers feel satisfied

and excited about their choice of products, services,

or cooperation when it is right

or goes beyond the hopes and information

they receive from that organization.

That is the best way,

the best art is to turn ordinary customers into loyal customers.

Art also makes potential customers learn

and research about the organization,

product or service themselves.

Then they see that they really suit them.

Then they invite more like-minded people

with the same interests as them to join and use it,

to cooperate with them.

In addition,

time management,

the process of handling incoming

and outgoing information about the organization,

is also an art.

Besides, presenting marketing materials such as flyers, panels,

logos, brochures, etc. with colorful words

and symbols is also the art of attracting customers

to pay attention to the message.

Especially on radio, television, and the internet,





and words are also extremely important.

It shows the professionalism

and cultural beauty of that organization.

In addition, public speaking is also an impossible part lack

that the spokesperson must show bravery

and professionalism for organization,

in order to create a sensory effect

and a deep impression on the listener,

especially the target customers.

The art of PR is to win people’s hearts,

all for the satisfaction of the public

The longer the customer, the better.



A reputable organization always keeps its promises

to customers ensuring product quality and service,

convenient communication and attentive professional service.

When you are going somewhere,

or doing something,

someone calls your name,

you immediately look in the direction of the sound.

What makes you do that?

is it a relative,

is it your boss, or is it your close friend?…

No, it’s you, it’s your name.

A person’s name is given at birth,

and it exists and follows you for the rest of your life,

unless you change your name,

but the new name must still be associated with your life

until the end of your life.

However, whether a name is remembered forever or not,

known by many people or not,

depends on the level of activity, behavior

and nature of your influence

while you live and work in this world.

In history,

Vietnamese national heroes such as Hai Ba Trung,

Le Lai, Le Loi, Nguyen Trai,

Ly Thuong Kiet, Ho Chi Minh, etc. are names that will be remembered forever.

It is because of their moral qualities

and merits that they have contributed to the stability,

independence and freedom of a country,

something that many later generations will inherit.

That is prestige

and a great title that people of many generations can still remember,

and are always proud of.

The same goes for a business’s brand.

First of all it’s just a name
according to the name in the business profile when established,

is the name of the newly created product or service.

However, it will be a truly meaningful name,

a famous brand when it affects a certain limit in the minds of customers,

in the target audience.

It must benefit them in both breadth and depth.

In Vietnamese history,

there are heroes who always appear in people’s minds such as:

An Duong Vuong, Le Loi, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hai Ba Trung,

Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Vo Van Kiet, etc.

Why Do people remember them?

Because of the great value of their contribution to the country,

from the present life to the future,

the people have received it for many generations.

So how can your brand always appear in the minds of your target customers?

This really depends on you,

the PR person,

the head of the organization.

In addition to the actual value itself,

the reputation of products and services,

it is also the reputation of the leader,

the human resources team

and the company’s operating processes.

Besides that, there is the PR person’s attitude toward people, the surrounding community,

partners, customers, authorities, media, etc.

If you really do the above,

you are sure to be on the path of a reputable brand,

and its development will certainly have more advantages.

Reality shows that a business’s reputation starts from the board of directors,

these people must necessarily carry out PR for themselves.

They will inspire and guide all employees

and the organization’s machinery in the right direction.

Next is the employees,

they must have good welfare regimes

and policies to improve professional qualifications.

Besides the working environment,

arrangement, layout, working equipment,

working location of the organization,

infrastructure also creates more trust

and prestige for the company.

Especially prestige will be enhanced on MICE occasions

(Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) such as events,

meetings, visits, conferences, exhibitions, crowded places.

The more prestigious the company representative is,

the more responsibility and professionalism of the organization there shows,

the more trust and love will increase

and the better impression of that company will be.

Reputation is also an effective tool

to help organizations assert themselves in the marketplace

as well as at the negotiating table.

It will create a strong influence

to help the organization confidently decide the path to take,

the organization’s policy in its development process,

before customers,


authorities or competitors. etc.

Once the brand reputation has created a symbol of life in them.

They will protect you.

There is no reason for people who are using a BMW to always praise other cars,

while talking about the merits of the car you are using and loving.

Because it not only shows their passion,

their knowledge, but also their status,

their style.

They also feel proud that they are one of the people who build the reputation of that brand.

Indeed, brand, reputation, and trust are very important.

It is indispensable in business and human life.

It orients people towards truth, goodness and beauty,

achieving their goals. It determines direction,

will and destiny for people to follow.

People can sacrifice for that belief.

Soldiers can sacrifice for their country,

for independence and freedom for future generations.

Customers can sacrifice hard-earned money to use products

and services because they think they deserve it.

That’s why belief, or reputation,

has power, a very strong invisible energy,

it can make many people to follow it and sacrifice for it.

When you have credibility,

the power to create trust in people,

it’s easy for you to develop a plan

or realize the goals your organization wants to achieve.

It takes the organization far beyond the world,

beyond the reach of a small area.

It is said that for prestige

and honor one can sacrifice everything.

That’s right,

An organization’s brand is very important,

it is exchanged for enthusiasm,

intelligence and many resources from intangible to tangible,

inventions, improvements, financial,

material, human resources,

even life to get,

something that takes time to verify and confirm.

For that reason,

PR practitioners need to pay attention

and take measures to protect,

maintain and develop it sustainably.

The organization’s reputation in the long term will be tested

by its level of development,

turnover rate, and impact on the community.

However, how can we have a truly strong reputation?

Life is very complicated.

The market is very fierce.

Rely on the factors of time, space,


and different capabilities of each organization

to come up with flexible solutions and effective strategies.

In business,

we should always pay attention to the life cycle of products and services,

in order to improve and keep them new and attractive to customers.

Policies, tactics, environment,

culture, organizational capacity

and other conditions are factors that need attention to make appropriate changes.

There are many times when you wonder

why when a family member is sick,

everyone is so worried and helps each other so wholeheartedly.

But for a business,

customers break up and scatter so quickly.

Family, no matter what,

is where they rely on,

share joys and sorrows,

and have each other day and night.

Customers and businesses are just buyers and sellers.

Customers are the ones who have to spend money to buy trust.

Therefore, they easily change their intentions

and beliefs when something harms their interests,

values or beliefs.

Indeed, customers easily switch to using other suppliers’ products

and services when their trust is shaken,

when they perceive that there is a risk

that affects the quality of products and services,

or brand they are related to,

for some reason, crisis,

fake news, or incident.

Customers at this time often show indifference,

prejudice, and even opposition,

to protect their interests.

At this time,

the effect of PR is at its fullest,

to strengthen trust,

affirm the value of products and services,

and the reputation of the brand,

dispelling doubts among them.

Your organization’s brand

and reputation must always be reinforced

by unifying the message

with the committed quality of products and services.

Otherwise, in addition to competition from competitors,

time itself will blur the first impression that customers perceive of you.

It can be said that the product is the body,

the service is the soul,

the organization is a unified entity of the above elements,

and PR is the voice.

The voice of PR will be truly powerful

when the reputation of PR itself is real

and when all of the above parts must be strong,

healthy, dynamic,

creative and responsible to customers and customers.

The goal is to help them always trust

and do business with the organization.

If you divide or discriminate in their use,

your work will quickly end.

Credibility can be viewed as the strength of trust, reputation,

or relationship.

It can only be acquired by real effort,

time and intelligence.

It cannot be bought with money or lies,

tricks, or copying.

It will be discovered and boycotted as soon as it is discovered.

Because customers’ eyes are always everywhere and all the time.

The brand’s reputation is also the first choice for customers.

Because often they do not have enough time

and experience to check all the information about what they will use.

Therefore, PR activities are an effective way

to help them gain confidence in their choices.

PR reaffirmed to them that he was right and completely suitable

and worthy to use it.

For example, businesses listed on the stock exchange.

Investors often trust

and make investment decisions based on the reputation of the company’s brand, leadership,

personnel, and development potential rather than reported revenue numbers.

Some people say that they also do PR, they hire journalists,

they write articles, they paint

Good story points about their products, services and brands.

However, their work was also unsuccessful.

Indeed, reputation will create two sides,

one is good and the other is negative.

One, if they say too much,

supply is not enough to meet demand,

customers will be disappointed and lose confidence for the next time.

Second, if you tell the truth, customers will be indignant

and think they have been deceived or disrespected.

They will boycott, sue or sabotage.

As a result,

their PR activities did not have the desired results.

Therefore, always remember that the reputation that

PR creates is always accompanied by the organization’s capacity,

to help the brand develop sustainably,

not strongly or bloom quickly like soap bubbles

or mushrooms after the rain,

then quickly fade away.

As a reputable brand,

there is always respect

and protection of rights customers,

take that as important.

Words go hand in hand with actions,

don’t say one thing and do another.

After-sales service,

service or warranty must be as committed

and implemented with a sense of responsibility,

not just a formality.

Customers are smarter than you think,

because they have thousands of intellectual heads!

Prestige is life,

a lifesaver for the survival of a business

Many times in objective cases such as crises or events

When adverse events occur,

reputation will quickly build trust among target customers.

They will help you recover and grow again.



PR is the true living soul of an organization.

It has a strong head,

always calm to face

and solve problems and a good sense of knowledge,

expertise, profession, psychology,

technique to do the job well, etc.

PR can be called the soul of a business.

It must always be creative, strong,

responsible and dynamic to be the driving force

to move the business in the right direction

and reach its pre-planned goals.

The soul here is the collective spirit,

the spirit of teamwork organization’s culture.

The soul will exude from the text, words,

sounds, behavior, communication,

or presentation of internal

and organizational activities to the public.

It goes throughout the process of planning,

reviewing and implementing activities to maintain,

protect and develop the organization’s brand.

The soul of PR is integration,

ease of change and adaptation

every condition and situation in any space and time,

helping to bring the business’s products

and services to the target customers,

and make them satisfied.

The soul of PR is also sensitive to the market

and the situation surrounding the business,

being able to predict situations accurately

and make timely decisions.

To avoid or minimize risks and increase the business’s position

and brand trust among target customers.

Brands are special intangible assets.

It is extremely important to keep this soul alive,

and always in the minds of target customers.

It is the main task,

the prerequisite that PR must accomplish by all means.

Therefore, the PR soul must always be innovative

and strong in each element of PR to do that.

With today’s information society,

target customers are always surrounded

and make their minds easily agitated.

Therefore, the PR soul is the leader,

must know how to make them not forget,

must know how to make them enjoy,

love and sympathize with the message

and brand of the organization.

The PR soul must always be a pioneer,

proactive in activities and always clean, fresh,

responsible and strong to control all activities proposed and carried out.

The soul is very important to our lives,

and the soul PR to

The same goes for businesses.

Leaders, or PR people,

are the main soul of the business.

So protect your soul,

avoid being exposed to bad things and being attacked by viruses,

factors that harm the common interests of the business.

That is a wrong decision, an unreasonable behavior.

There is also piracy, copyright theft,

patents, inventions,

or other intangible assets.

Preventing these viruses well will

not only maintain the organization’s working spirit

and relationships with target customers,

but will also be the driving force

and strength of belief to bring the organization

to sustainable development.

Note that the soul of an organization truly lives on the quality

of its products and services

and its commitment to customers.

Therefore, there must always be consistent messages

and actions to protect customer interests.

The soul also creates a difference,

uniqueness, and is a prominent focus for everyone

People see it as a good goal for them to follow to learn and develop.

It is said that even though someone passes away,

their soul remains somewhere.

Outside completing the customer service process,

other additional activities,

after-sales and voluntary services,

customer support and assistance,

will partly compensate

or share the shortfalls and losses,

that customers encounter.

This, if done well,

will always be a good impression

and customers will remember it forever.

They always have a feeling of friendliness

and gratitude for the organization’s brand in their subconscious.

It seemed like it was somewhere, close,

but they couldn’t see it clearly.

For example,

when a customer makes a transaction using an ATM card

to withdraw money,

the bank staff explains more existing and existing utilities,

in addition to advising on financial solutions on

how to enjoy these convenient services.

This is the best way when they go shopping,

such as enjoying a discount at store A,

or receiving a gift at store B,

something they are not interested in or do not know about.

This customer will love this bank employee,

and will also love this bank’s ATM card brand.

Perhaps, then customers will use more products of this bank.

They feel secure because they are well cared for, etc

Everyone knows that the soul will be good and strong,

in a body healthy and conscious.

That’s why it must always be nurtured

and trained a lot with knowledge,

skills and qualities.

Otherwise it will become outdated

and take the body down the wrong path.

Therefore, PR people should always update their knowledge,

improve their skills and always strive for the spirit of progress,

and maintain the human values

and brand values that the business has outlined.

It is also said that the customer is always right.

Therefore, the soul of PR must always listen,

have a stance and have empathy,

to share, sympathize and make customers understand the true value

of the products and services that this organization provides.

From there,

they will see that what they think

and do when dealing with the organization is truly appropriate.

Furthermore, it also avoids being swayed by customer demands,

traps by competitors or disruptors

while implementing the 3S principle.

Always protect, invest and enhance the soul of PR

and the soul of love brand of the business appropriately.

It will help the organization develop sustainably

and live forever with customers in a good environment.

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