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PR your life! PR is angel


Do you think there are gods?

Have you ever thought that you were helped by an invisible person?

Have you ever communicated with them?

What are they like?

Have you ever felt that it was your brand that made your organization grow?

Is it like a god helping you?

Who really is an angel?

Besides the qualities of STARS stars,

PR also has a god.

Right now, let’s find out the god behind business success.

No matter where you are,

what country or ethnicity,

what class or profession,

this god is still fair and helps you affirm yourself to everyone!



Humans are the subject of humanity,

the object of all activities directed and served.

People are the highest priority of all the goals that humanity thinks of.

Therefore, dealing with human relationships is extremely difficult and important.

Because each individual’s subject is diverse in their needs and wants,

their relationships are also complexly intertwined.

Therefore, it is difficult to please everyone,

even if the target relationship has been analyzed and targeted.

Therefore, all PR activities always think about people first.

People are the ones who have the ability to receive

and understand the message that PR brings through media activities, relationships,

or by chance.

Every day, the human factor always makes PR people or team leaders

Organizations have headaches and pressures such as taxes,

laws, competitors, security,

environment, suppliers,

customer complaints, etc.

Therefore, in PR activities,

this factor should always be seriously considered

and acted reasonably to avoid hurt

and causing misunderstandings or unnecessary consequences.

Therefore, we must always analyze each target public group in detail and specifically

to have an effective approach and treatment plan.

For business, the main target relationships are people.


Second, it’s potential customers,

third, it’s other customers.

They can completely receive information and react to it in many different ways.

Therefore, the more profound,


clear and compatible the message that PR gives them,

the higher the impressive effect on your brand.

Today’s information technology is developing rapidly and modernly,

everyone can learn and get information quickly such as

through modern communication channels:

websites, blogs, mail, forums, press media,

television, radio, etc.

In particular, investors,

financial and banking circles,

governments, and customers always want to learn about the development,


and operational efficiency of an organization.

Especially for joint stock companies.

For their benefit,

issues such as products and services,

financial reporting,

human resources, scientific and technical technology,


social activities or business relationships of the organization are discussed.

They monitor and understand very carefully.

Therefore, in business activities,

PR people need to know and understand thoroughly,

in order to provide accurate and correct information,

avoid raising suspicion and reducing trust in them.

From there, they can have an overview,

-make comments,

comments and more reasonable

and objective assessments of the reputation

and level of satisfaction with the organization.

This will create a basis for them to trust whether they should do business

or cooperate with the organization or not.

In fact, some organization,

someone can deceive others.

Because everyone knows, in reality,

no one tells the truth 100%.

However, for the sustainable development of the brand,

it will be tested by real quality and time,

which cannot be deceived for a long time,

and bypass the target relationships.

That’s why the world’s leading brands are very clear

and have easier access to information than small,

little-known units such as information about products and services,

warranty policies,

and customer care departments products,

customer benefits, etc.

People here are also humane.

The company’s work activities are not always focused on economic benefits,

or other material and pragmatic values.

But we do it for the joy of life, for the love of humanity.

A lawyer, litigating a family property dispute in court,

always finds a way to settle the matter in the family before going to court.

A hotel employee can help foreign guests use what means of transportation

to benefit their health, budget,

and safety in the host country.

This not only helps customers gain happiness and joy of life,

but also receives appreciation,

gratitude and impression from customers.


This is not only PR for the person helping,

but also for an organization and a country.

That is also the pride of people who do good deeds, one

True PR.

The same is true in PR activities of business organizations.

Not the time

We always make a lot of press for charitable activities.

Sometimes it will be counterproductive,

because the person involved will feel like

they are being used as an advertising tool,

have low self-esteem,

and feel guilty about being singled out for just a few small gifts.

Other people look at that this organization is ridiculous,

colorful, not sincere,

and does not respect people.

In PR activities,

sometimes being nice to everyone

you can reach will create an invisible helper for you that you don’t know about.

When something goes wrong with the organization,

that person knows and will silently help the business escape.

For example, if a business cares about the community around the factory,

when there is an incident such as a fire or theft,

the people there are often the first to detect and help.

This may seem small but the benefits are huge.

For that reason,

focusing on the human element in PR activities will help people become PR volunteers

and saviors for the organization effectively and for free.

Human benefit, the more PR you give,

the more you will get back.



You have just moved to a new countryside.

You are a stranger to people

You may not know clearly what the people there are like,

what the culture and customs are,

what the rules are, etc. for appropriate behavior.

However, they will probably know about almost every activity you do.

You will be noticed and observed by some of them.

How they react to your activities depends on the impact of that move.

Therefore, newcomers often travel around,

meet neighbors, get acquainted,

show respect for the people there

and find out more information about the place they live.

These are people who know reason and are socially intelligent.

It’s the same in business.

A new brand, a translated product

New products appear on the market,

no matter how quiet,

there are people who observe and detect them.

These are competitors,

economic market surveillance agencies,

customers, etc.

How they will react depends on the economic activities related to this product

or service that the manufacturer performs.

They will respond better if the product

or service is of high quality,

meets their expectations compared to other products in the same industry,

or is groundbreaking and unique.

Or they will react the opposite,

if it breaks the balance guarantee in the same industry market,

with low quality,

high price,

or this product does not have good origin,

has no value, and even affects culture,

quality of life or consumer health.

Besides, keep in mind new products

and services when entering the market

PR people also pay attention to their business.

Who is it, what is it like,

what class does it belong to,

what are its abilities?

To have the best way to deal with the market

and target relationships,

to answer the final question:

what is this business for?

Another point to note is the response of the activities themselves business activities,

internally and externally.

Because these activities will create images

and information about the organization.

It is these things that will be monitored by economic detectives,

and by the target relationships.

Don’t think that internal activities can be completely hidden from the outside,

because there are cases where the internal party itself has revealed it

to the outside in one way or another,

for this or that reason,

and usually The results were not good,

because it was not part of the PR communication plan.

Therefore, PR needs to pay attention to activities within the organization,

and have ways to control

and limit unwanted information from being released.

They say bad news spreads 11 times faster,

while good news only spreads 3 times faster.

Once the information reaches someone’s ears,

it is difficult to stop it from spreading.

So please pay attention to operational issues and internal information.

Note here also the responsibility.

PR people must always think for themselves businesses,

think for customers,

think for social benefits and think for yourself.

Therefore, all PR activities must always be viewed carefully and taken seriously,

not done halfway,

affecting the reputation of the business and yourself.

Furthermore, it wastes time,

resources and affects people’s trust.

Here note also means warning.

PR must be responsible for informing,

warning, reminding,

and supporting customers

and target relationships in matters of product use,

service, or transactional cooperation.

Issues such as counterfeit goods,

counterfeit goods, how to use, purchase,

maintenance, warranty, insurance,

copyright, franchising,

buying and selling or transaction process, etc.

and other related issues.

Always keep in mind that doing PR is building a reputable brand

for the organization position.

Therefore, all activities

and messages must be highly focused on acting with basic ethical

and professional principles as well as with the highest sense of responsibility.



Live in a way that pleases people.

In life, we often encounter people more difficulties than advantages.

Life is really complicated,

the business environment is also full of concerns.

The same goes for every human being.

Because everything is always moving and changing,

human factors and the surrounding environment always interact with each other.

In particular,

people always want to reach the top like Maslow’s ladder of needs,

wanting perfection,

which is why they encounter many troubles.

Sometimes it’s subjective,

sometimes it’s objective,

even if you know it in advance,

it’s impossible to avoid it.

Be it natural disasters, fires, accidents,

epidemics or other problems, etc.

Meanwhile, some people love this,

but hate that,

and the other person does the opposite.

It is difficult for a person to live and please everyone,

and achieve everything they want.

The same goes for the marketplace,

how can a business satisfy everyone?

customer relationship.

Each business and organization has its own SWOT,

CAR individuality,

uniqueness and distinction.

Sometimes one side’s strength is the other side’s weakness and vice versa.

Therefore, incidents can occur at any time for all types of organizations,

at any level,

for any reason.

How can a business be perfect without many incidents happening, at least once?

An ant can defeat an elephant if it hits the right weak point.

The organization’s opponent can be the ant and cause it.

Indeed, normally it is difficult to stabilize trust in target relationships.

If a crisis occurs,

it will be even more difficult for businesses to maintain their reputation

and good impression.

So what should we do when a crisis occurs and causes damage

Seriously affect the brand and reputation of the organization?

Normally, when a crisis occurs,

customers do not care much about the responsibility

or survival of the business to them.

Things that customers care about like discounts, health,

convenience, etc. that the products and services you have provided them,

they may be disappointed with or similar things.

They care about the benefits of products and services

that they spend money on to enjoy its value.

Your brand name, after all,

is just a name that will be forgotten,

if it is not associated with the benefits they need.

However, it is a huge asset that determines the survival of your business.

What about competition,

debt, prestige and fighting?

How you do when an incident occurs,

that’s your problem.

They and you are simply a buying and selling relationship,

after all.

So what should you do to manage the risks that cause crises?

business here.

Investors, shareholders, banks, insurance,

governments and related agencies, debtors, competitors,

opportunists, pressure from employees,

partners, etc. are constantly pouring in on you.

How should you handle it?

Thinking about PR right when you start work

and using it skillfully will help you have an effective method

to handle this problem.

According to Webter’s new Collegiate,

a crisis is an instability,

one bad times,

or a condition or external influences will arise

that make a profound difference either for good or for ill.

Crisis according to common sense,

it means the situation is worse than good.

The 1997 financial crisis in Asia,

the water crisis and epidemics in Africa,

or the mental crisis after September 11 in the US,

the psychological crisis after the war, etc.

These are crises of a bad nature and leave huge consequences,

not only for the victims themselves but also for the community.

Crisis can be divided into two main categories including factors usually

from humans or naturally:

– Crisis from unexpected surprises: fire, explosion,

disaster natural, epidemic, toxic, etc.

– The crisis develops according to warning phenomena such as:

policy changes,

unusual personnel,

corporate culture towards new personnel,

instability in personnel.

Crisis management is really important.

It helps protect the brand which you have paid for in time,

and the best efforts from the organization with different resources.

That is finances, intelligence, strength, even blood,

sweat and tears,

including the sacrifice of private life, family joy,

youthful love,

or personal and collective employee habits in the organization.

It also prevents and minimizes risks

and damages to businesses and customer benefits.

Brand is something that is difficult to have but easy to lose,

because it is invisible and measured by trust and time.

Crisis for leaders and PR people is a real problem


Many times the storm of crisis passes,

but that brand will no longer be built

and developed on the old foundation.

People, customers are skeptical,

prejudiced and do not accept it,

because it shocks people.

They do not dare to trade a trust with their hard-earned money

when there are so many better choices from other suppliers.

Even for junior employees,

it is difficult for people to follow you for a long time to recover

from the crisis if it really takes time,

because they also have their own lives.

They need food, clothing,

and living expenses day.

They are salaried workers,

they rely on the company’s profits

and reputation to make money.

Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to receive

and handle crises as fast as possible.

You are the leader to handle and steer the business to peace,

stability and to find development opportunities.

PR plans and detailed crisis management plans with situations

that may arise should always be considered and discussed

and evaluated carefully and seriously so that when implemented,

there will be the best results.

Therefore, throughout the business process,

you must pay attention brand in a reasonable and serious manner,

must have a clear attitude in the conditions to protect and develop it.

Don’t be indifferent or trick it into getting there.

Opponents, opportunists,

and incidents that arise will make you dizzy,

confused, and unable to handle them promptly and accurately,

leading to serious consequences.

Overnight, your brand is reduced to criticism,

public discussion, and zero value.

Here, a crisis preparedness plan is really necessary

so that you have a basis

and direction to handle it effectively.

Save yourself before calling anyone.

The media and people come to you

while you are alive and process it with them.

So consider it as survival that’s mine.

People say, turn the game around,

change the situation,

in the situation crisis,

that is its wise and successful management.

After the crisis,

it will leave a deeper and more beautiful impression on the target relationship

that you have achieved.

This will help you increase brand value

and enhance your position in the marketplace

because it proves your organization’s actual capabilities in the marketplace.

This can be called luck in misfortune,

or turning misfortune into luck.

PR will really do this well,

as long as they have CAR.

During a crisis,

be careful with good information

the message that you or your spokesperson gives to the public.

If the information is inaccurate,

the consequences are unpredictable.

Normally, when a crisis occurs,

the media is the first to pay the strongest and fastest attention.

Therefore, carefully prepare all the necessary

and provideable things to help them work easily and reasonably.

If we take steps to hinder or cause difficulties for them,

their doubts, prejudices,

and low level of satisfaction will immediately increase.

They will immediately ask questions,

not knowing if there is something shady

or mysterious the company is hiding and not daring to make it public.

From this information, a series of problems will arise.

Through the media,

the level of unrest among target

and other public groups will increase.

This is really difficult for the brand,

and you will have to really work hard to save it.

According to common sense in human psychology over time,

people often ignore,

forgive and forget what they think is right,

the problem is clear,

or because they subjectively think so,

or due to external influences that they believe in.

Therefore, in resolving a crisis,

it is often necessary to publicize the truth,

apologize to the public,

give opinions and directions to resolve the consequences, and

reasonable recovery,

or the opinion of a third person

or speaking agency holding an important position,

or relevant functional branches,

to confirm the nature of the case.

For example, due to computer problems,

information technology experts may be invited;

Food safety incidents can be the functional department

of the Ministry of Health or the food safety inspection institute, etc.

They say preventing fire is better than fighting fire.

Therefore, be careful panic during operation.

Not just on a paper plan,

but throughout the organization’s operations.

Organizational activities of personnel control, salary policies,

bonuses, benefits, study and research,

activities with customers, production,

transportation, information provision,

copyright, after-sales, warranty,

Security activities, environmental safety,

ensuring safety and quality of products and services,

communication activities,

community activities,

etc must always be noted and seriously implemented.

For example, if you are not careful or negligent in security

and fire activities, incidents

and consequences can easily arise.

It’s so unpredictable.

Furthermore, each crisis is different

with different characteristics and  different situations.

It requires careful preparation with situational capabilities

and detailed handling.

In addition to the main instructions such as who is responsible,

the spokesperson,

the main handling department,

there must be flexible solutions

and decisions to promptly handle unexpected situations

that may arise,

which could cause worse things.

Once the crisis has been resolved and the recovery period begins,

PR must always observe and adjust operations appropriately.

PR people must always carry out the next parts

of the PR plan thoughtfully and carefully,

in order to direct the public to beauty,

brand impression and more benefits for them.

They will have the opportunity to evaluate the organization’s capabilities

and position after the crisis,

in order to regain their trust,

something truly valuable

and necessary in the minds of customers and target groups.

Often, promotional policies,

incentives and thanks for customers’ trust are the moves

that they love and like the most.

Talking about working with the media,

PR people must truly understand them,

understand their values,

advantages and disadvantages in conveying information

about their specific industry,

otherwise the effect will be reversed,

the value will not be high.

It even creates disaster for you,

PR disaster, adverse reactions from PR activities,

which you have to use PR to treat PR disaster again.

It should also be noted that,

for PR people at the public level,

all of their activities should always be monitored

and paid close and careful attention.

Because it not only affects the brand of the organization itself,

but also the lives of employees,

the surrounding community,

customs, lifestyle,

or even the image of a region

or country in the eyes of the international community.

PR people also note that for effective

and sustainable development brand,

time is an essential factor.

Therefore, one should not be hasty,

for the sake of immediate efficiency,

or for short-term benefits,

shorten or ignore small important details,

and indifferently ignore them.

This will be like a firework

that shines brightly for a moment and then fades away.

The dike breaks because of a small ant hole.

This is really not good for a PR person

with a real heart and a classy CAR.

Patience, will and responsibility to maintain

and develop a sustainable brand are the true values

and also the best way that PR should really follow.

Regardless of the situation,

PR people should:

Calm down and CAR

Cooperate with the media

Don’t say things you don’t know exactly

Speak the truth, frankly and wisely

Sustainable brand goals are at the forefront

Always be flexible with 3S, 3PR and NCNS principles



Everyone living in this world has their own purpose,

their own dream or something separate to pursue.

It is money, fame, love, ideals,

or other personal goals.

For an organization

business, which is for profit and human benefit.

Except for those who do not control themselves,

live indifferently, let go,

whatever tomorrow brings,

wherever they go,

even if they die, they accept it.

If people are uncertain,

they will live without purpose.

The same goes for PR activities.

From the smallest things like letters to big events,

PR people must seriously consider what their purpose is,

to have a clearer view and have better working moves.

If you hinder what you are doing for something worthless,

you will go down the wrong path,

and all your efforts will be destroyed because of that.

A carefully written invitation letter will make the reader feel satisfied,

and a thoughtfully prepared event plan will make it a great success.

A carefully considered after-sales policy will please customers

to the depths of their hearts.

When you have a goal,

the boat of your life will reach your desired shore,

no matter the big waves or obstacles,

the will to achieve your goal will help you overcome difficulties.

Purpose, you must determine what you will do,

for what purpose,

what you want to achieve, when,

where and how you want it,

to what extent,

what are the advantages and disadvantages

that you have to face and how to solve them.

In short, what is the SWOT you do to achieve your end goal?

With PR activities,

the final thing is how you want your brand to reach the minds of customers

and to what extent it is treated by them.

Must remember,

PR is not just a simple event as many people think

or see it as some activities,

organizing, inviting, eating,

reading reports,

writing press releases,

posting a few pages of articles,

or simply getting acquainted with the media,

with many politicians,

and do some sales promotion activities.

It is just that part of the functions

and activities of PR that is used to support

and promote the brand and increase the relationship

between the organization and the target relationships.

Therefore, no matter what form,

method, or situation,

you must follow your main purpose

or the long-term goals of the organization,

without deviating or moving away from your goals.

PR is the process of living,

existing and developing.

So, the main purpose of using PR is to satisfy needs

and the desirability of targeted relationships

for the survival

and development of the organization and community.

Each target relationship has their own goals

that the PR practitioner needs to consider carefully

and craft appropriate messages

to deliver and satisfy them appropriately.

For example, business companies are interested in information

about taxes and investment policies;

students enjoy the scholarship program;

or people like social policies and welfare.

Now, temporarily close your eyes and relax,

dream and feel the wonderful beauty of the sky

with many sparkling stars.

The sky is striking, impressive, and grand.

It contains so many wonderful things

that everyone wants to visit and explore once.

People will be closer to each other and more friendly to each other

when they have the same habits and interests.

That is like an invisible strength

that makes them overcome obstacles of geographical distance,

ethnicity, religion, etc.

to reach their common goal.

This is exactly what PR can do and do it as well as possible.

Each person has their own differences,

their own advantages,

their own personality

and their own perspective.

Each target market will have similar things,

different consumption habits, usage needs, desires,

and different experiences.

PR people need to pay attention and discover

and create their own and effective methods

to achieve better goals and have better things.



The law of cause and effect is always true.

Deception is just the worst

Over time,

you will eventually reap the rewards.

You live in this world, more or less,

you rely on your family for both material and spiritual care.

You also rely on the support of teachers,

friends, neighbors,

and the activities and policies of society,

organizations or the surrounding community.

In addition, there are people who make consumer products,

food, drinks, directly and indirectly.

These sources are farmers, workers,

salesmen, manufacturers,

doctors, teachers, government, family, friends, etc.

You can pay them with money,

time spent working for them, labor,

inventions, or love and care,

share spirit with each other.

We can say that people always exchange the invisible

and the visible with each other.

Everything is back and forth,

a mutual exchange.

Even within each person,

there is mutual movement and metabolism.

You give something to someone,

you get something back.

Life and people are like that,

so could PR activities be any different?

PR activities performed by people themselves will not stand out from that.

If you PR well, your brand will reach far,

which is an obvious result.

You provide great stories,

great information,

you satisfy,

delight and satisfy your target relationships

and meet their expectations.

They buy your products and services,

they cooperate with you,

that is the result,

a two-way exchange will obviously happen.

This exchange not only increases the value of benefits for both parties,

but also the spiritual value of harmony and good relationships

between you and your partners.

You provide products and services to customers,

they pay;

You provide good information,

it appears in the media;

You treat employees properly,

labor productivity increases;

The more effort you put into promoting your brand,

the more it grows and becomes stronger.

It is truly cause and effect, an exchange,

that no one denies.

That is the rule of life,

not only for normal human life but also in business.

The stone is thrown away,

the lead is thrown back.

Therefore, PR people must always think about long-term benefits

and results with long-term strategies.

We must think big and act big,

don’t forget about the unpredictable consequences later for immediate benefits.

Be balanced, take advantage of all the current resources of your business,

human resources, material resources, spirit,


etc. and your organization’s capabilities to do your work better

and with better quality.

The business market is increasingly complex and fiercely competitive.

Competing with each other

and fighting each other

with cheap quality reduction tactics will bring negative consequences

that are not good for the brand itself,

the survival of the organization,

but also affect customer benefits

and general development of society,

which each business alsoinherit,

more or less directly or indirectly.

If due to scientific,

technical and technological level or conditions objectively,

but the value of the product

or service is not as good as expected

and the price is high,

then PR people should use certain methods

to help them understand and sympathize,

you get what you pay for.

That’s the exchange.

This will make customers and target relationships feel more comfortable

and accepting than deceiving them and disrespecting them.

Certainly, the relationship between customers

and target relationships

with businesses will not be as close as close family relationships,

because the values of pragmatic profit

and spiritual benefits of both parties are different very clear.

One side is profit, the other side is emotional spirit.

However, for the brand value of the business,

for profits and long-term development,

PR people must know how to harmonize and satisfy customers

to the best extent possible with their own products and services.

High quality service meets their expectations as much as possible.

This requires clearly determining

what the main purpose of the business is,

what the mission of the organization is,

from which to learn about the nature, character,

and behavior of target relationships

that have reasonable exchange as reasonable as possible.

More and more people receive the true value of individuals

and organizations

The more the brand and reputation value increases.

That is fairest and most realistic exchange rules.



Love is truth.

People love and want to be loved.

Love each other and

Sharing feelings with each other is a natural

and indispensable need in every human being.

However, how to understand love depends on each person.

Love can come from individuals,

families, nations, or people.

True love is also morality.

Ethics in everyday life and ethics in business.

So where is the love of PR?

PR activities are performed by people,

so it comes from the love of people,

of PR people who love it and serve people.

Meaningful humanitarian activities that an individual

or an organization wants to benefit target relationships in particular

and people in general are the love of PR.

In every way and form,

PR conveys the best message to them,

the sympathy between an organization and everyone,

that is true love,

the sincere affection of PR.

Love for PR first comes from love for work.

PR people do not want their job to be lost for a while,

it must live a long time,

must survive and develop more.

It must meet many challenges,

receive greater opportunities and be stronger in a better coaching

and training environment.

Therefore, PR needs to know how to love their work

and strive for it to promote more developed.

Love for PR also comes from the PR people themselves.

They must love themselves

I love the job I choose,

to put my soul into it,

and from it to express myself.

PRs often have a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure.

If they don’t love themselves,

they will be too passionate,

causing chaos in family life,

other relationships,

and their own health and  their habits, their goals,

will cause them to go astray.

Therefore, PR workers who truly love each other must know

how to love themselves,

to balance and harmonize their personal life and work life.

That is the true meaning that PR people know

and apply PR well for themselves and their career.


while PR does the job of maintaining good relationships

for the team position yourself with target relationships that you do not.

For example, health decline, mental fatigue,

family is not close, spouse,

children do not care properly and understand them well;

Then friends, relatives,

and casual acquaintances who don’t have any contact

or keep in touch with them understand them.

So that they don’t understand and sympathize with you,

what problems do you encounter,

are there any difficulties?

They are indifferent,

don’t care,

they even think that you are disrespectful and unkind to them.

So are you really a good PR person?

This is something PR people need to pay attention to.

Love for PR also comes from organizations and businesses doing PR.

Organization wants

To survive and develop,

we must show love to the community,

to target relationships,

so that the community understands the organization better,

loves it more and supports it more.

Business organizations must love their employees and the community,

then they will love them back.

It is also an expression of love,


or corporate ethics towards the community

and the responsibility of economic workers.

Love for PR also comes from love for people.

PR people will create a motivation,

a predestined opportunity,

a bridge that helps people get closer together

and understand each other better.

They also increase their knowledge,

understanding or life skills,

through other coordinated programs such as charity work,

establishing support funds,


skills or training,

internships, etc.

In addition to increasing the reputation of the organization,

it also creates opportunities for people to use as inspiration

to work and have a better life.

PR love is expressed by friendly behavior

and gentle behavior polite,

warm communication,

cozy environment that target relationships can feel

from the PR person or from the organization.

Every PR or organizational activity also demonstrates a serious level of concern

and good feeling for target relationships.

They will feel and evaluate

whether this activity has genuine meaning or not.

The result is often that they will support

and cooperate better on the company’s products,

services and other policies.

The business’s brand will be positioned in locations relevant

and impressive in their minds.

However, PR practitioners need

to wisely determine what is the true love of the organization

and what the love of target relationships is like in the opposite role.

To what extent do they love it,

what benefits do they receive,

what are they dissatisfied with,

how much is the organization’s brand loved,

is there anything wrong with their products or services? .v.v.

From there, PR can make appropriate decisions

that bring true love in them for the organization’s brand,

products and services.

Knowing how to listen to customers,

respect their feelings,

share and understand their requests

and desires appropriately will help PR achieve love in them.

However, because they love benefits so much,

they sometimes love books a lot;

Because PR loves them too much,

but PR exceeds the organization’s capacity;

Because it’s too difficult,

customers also make things difficult, etc.

This also has no long-term results.

But PR needs longevity,

true meaningful love.

Therefore, be calm,


and wise,

ready to face the advantages and difficulties that love brings,

and then find appropriate solutions to achieve good goals.

People say, love is blind. Work for emotions rather than reason.

If people doing PR for too much emotion will overwhelm

and overshadow and deviate from the stated goals.

You and a press channel have been working for too long,

and it’s easy to go astray

because of the unreasonable demands they make that you ignore.

If you and a distribution channel have been in business for too long,

you are also susceptible to deciding on unfair

and unreasonable policies,

which you think are reasonable,

but in fact have a long-term impact on the entire organization,

and other distribution channels.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to clearly identify who,

where, when, why, how, what and what influences your purpose.

Don’t follow the public too much,

maintain your stance,


and business goals.

Please maintain your principles

and have a reasonable way to deal with them.

This is also how you make them understand you better,

affirm your position among them,

and the value of benefits when they use or cooperate with you.

Sometimes for great love,

for long-term benefits,

we have to sacrifice our love ourselves,

we accept losses and work for free,

to win the love in the minds of customers and target relationships.

However, it must be carefully calculated, considered,

and seriously implemented

according to a roadmap outlined in each stage with clear short-term goals.

Depending on the budget and capabilities of the organization,

PR people pay attention to that.

Customers are often greedy,

and target relationships are often not related to you.

So do it carefully and achieve your goals.

Don’t be so eager to gain their trust

that you become exhausted

and die before recovering and getting results.

Because time always passes,

life always changes,

people’s hearts do not stop moving

and your competitors of course will not sit still

and let you do whatever you want.

Therefore, be careful with the PR trap,

the emotional net of customers,

with the movement,

with the so-called PR,

or the PR disaster.

You will be defeated

or abandoned as soon as you become exhausted or injured.

So love for PR is the true value of work that benefits both parties,

throughout the process of learning,

researching and meeting the desired needs of target relationships

and organizations.

That is what people often call business ethics.

Love is always a sacred message for everyone.

PR should always be mindful and pay attention

to using it intelligently and responsibly to get satisfactory results

both at work and in personal and everyday life.

According to the diagram,

PR will interact with themselves,

then continue to PR with the people who do PR with them

– the PR department.

These PR groups will interact with each other

to create a movement or PR in a community

with goals or target relationships.

Next, it will create interactions that create a PR society

or a PR space in the human community and society.

From that true meaning,

people will be influenced

and gradually become modern PR citizens.

PR interacting with each other will create a PR situation in the public

and have a certain impact.

Besides, it also affects the surrounding physical environment.

As a result,

the living environment will be affected by PR activities,

strongly or weakly,

depending on the level of PR.

Target relationships will reflect back on the results of PR activities,

what they experience and receive from PR messages.

Finally, PR people will have an overview of what has been happening,

they will evaluate and come up with new,

better solutions to communicate

and maintain better relationships

with their relationships target system as possible.

Therefore, no matter what level of PR,

PR practitioners should pay attention to what doing and wanting.

What will be the impact on yourself, your team,

your organization,

your community,

and your environment?

It can be said that if this PR model is achieved,

society will become better,

happier and more livable

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