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Napoleon Hill !Think and Grow Rich! The Third Step Toward Wealth: Power of subconscious mind

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!



Let the depths of awareness work for you,

and you will achieve amazing results.

Use your feelings to help your subconscious mind.

Magical combination!


If you go out looking for friends,

you’re going to find they are very scarce.

If you go out to be a friend,

you’ll find them everywhere. – Zig Ziglar



The term autosuggestion is related

to all forms of hypnosis

and cognitive self-stimulation.

It is a kind of center that controls the relationship

between conscious thought

and unconscious thought.

Through auto-suggestion,

thoughts enter the cerebral cortex

and affect it.

Nature has given man five sense organs,

and thanks to them all

that reaches the subconscious mind can be controlled.

However, that does not mean that humans exercise

that control all the time:


not in the vast majority of cases.

And it explains the hunger of many people.

Recall the image used

when interpreting the subconscious,

where thoughts sprout like seeds;

Even if there are no good seeds,

the bed will still have seeds that are already sprouting.

Auto-suggestion is the control center,

whereby each individual can sow the subconscious mind what it wants.

Accountability breeds response-ability. — Stephen R. Covey


Time can be an ally

or an enemy.

What it becomes depends entirely upon you,

your goals,

and your determination

to use every available minute. – Zig Ziglar



Remember the last of the six tips in the chapter about desire.

You have to read your statement out loud twice a day about your desire for money,

about the fact that you have really found yourself in possession of it.

Following these tips,

you connect the desired object directly to the subconscious mind.

By repeating it over and over again,

you will form reflexive thoughts,

turning desires into monetary equivalents smoothly.

Before continuing,

read the chapter on desire again.

Next, pay attention to the four guidelines

for cognitive control organization in the chapter on planning.

Comparing the two sets of advice

with the material in this chapter,

you will see that they are

based on the principle of auto-suggestion.

Remember that just reading out loud

(that’s how you form your monetary mindset)

without feeling doesn’t work either.

Because the subconscious mind accepts

only sensible thoughts to follow.

Repetition is essential in learning.

The principle of repetition is introduced to you in each chapter,

because if you do not understand it,

you will fail to put into practice the principle of autosuggestion.

Ordinary words

without feeling have no impact on perception.

You won’t get the results you want

until you learn to enter your subconscious

(in thought or in words),

have feelings, have beliefs.

Don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t control

and direct your feelings.

The price to pay for the ability

to influence the subconscious is persistence and consistency.

You can’t fool your subconscious

even if you really want to

you need to follow the principles laid out in the book consistently

and consistently.

You, and only you, can decide if the goal

(thinking in monetary terms)

is worth such efforts.

Live your life by a compass,

not a clock. — Stephen R. Covey


When you have too many top priorities,

you effectively have no top priorities. — Stephen R. Covey



To do well with the instructions in the previous chapter,

you need to learn how to focus your whole mind.

We recall the six principles.

Rule #1: Determine in your mind the exact amount of money you want to have. ->1.000.0000 ringgit

What needs to be done? -> increase incomes daily, mix cost, max deposit, invest as possible.

You have to close your eyes? ->We feel how wonderful we own it daily

and concentrate for a long time in the perception of the exact amounts

until they actually appear before your eyes.

Do this exercise at least once a day,

then move on to the instructions in the chapter on beliefs.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of

such a special phenomenon as belief.

The subconscious only accepts commands based on absolute faith.

With this in mind,

consider the possibility of performing the following legitimate trick

with your subconscious:

make it believe

that you must have the amount of money

that the awareness clearly shows;

that money is lying there waiting for us to use it;

that the subconscious has to give us the actual plan to get our money!

Make it believe,

because you believe it yourself!

Not a bad idea, right?

Get excited about it

and you’ll see what your imagination is capable of!

A goal properly set is halfway reached. – Zig Ziglar


The ability to take another perspective has become one of the keys to

both sales and non-sales selling.

And the social science research

on perspective-taking yields some important lessons for all of us. — Daniel H. Pink



In the beginning you didn’t have a plan to conquer the world,

earn with the money you see with your own eyes,

the money you are passionate about.

Don’t wait for the plan,

think about your money,

for that state of awareness will drive the subconscious.

You just have to be ready. ->We count incomes daily together

Thoughts come to mind like lightning, like inspiration.

Get excited

– and get to work right away.

When you follow the fourth of the six instructions

(Set a concrete plan for the fulfillment of your wish

and immediately get to work),

don’t trust your logic too much.

Usually it’s not just lazy,

and if we rely too much on it,

its nature is more often to disappoint us than to serve us.

As you (close your eyes) you invoke the image of money,

at the same time imagine what you intend to do with it.

that money (invest in services, in trade).

That is very important!

The key is in not spending time,

but in investing it. — Stephen R. Covey


You were born to win,

but to be a winner you must plan to win,

prepare to win, and expect to win. – Zig Ziglar



It’s finally time to summarize the six-principle implementation guidelines

in the previous chapter,

combined with the auto-suggestion method:

Seclude yourself in a quiet place (preferably in bed before bed),

close your eyes,

and read out loud your statement of purpose and intent.

If you wanted to accumulate $50,000 in 5 years and then start trading,

your statement would go something like this:

By January 1, 19 .

I have to get 50,000 dollars,

this money will be gradually earned over the above time period.

When I receive that amount,

I will start trading in the most efficient,

diverse and quality way

(describe carefully what you intend to trade or provide).

I believe I will have that money.

My beliefs are so strong that I am seeing them with my own eyes.

I hold them in my hand.

They wait for us, they want me to make up for this gift with my future work.

I need a plan to receive money,

and I will immediately follow it when it is formed.

Repeat this program in the morning and in the afternoon,

until you see firsthand how much money you want to accumulate.

Stick your statement up in plain sight,

so that every time you do an assignment,

it catches the eye.

Remember: it is autosuggestion that will help you control your subconscious.

Don’t forget that your subconscious only obeys commands

from the bottom of your heart.

Trust is the strongest and most powerful feeling.

So pay attention to the instructions in the Faith chapter.

At first glance,

these instructions may seem abstract.

Do not worry about that.

Just follow through with thoughts and actions,

and the time will come

before your eyes will open a new Universe! the Energy Universe!

If you can dream it,

you can achieve it. – Zig Ziglar


It takes humility to seek feedback.

It takes wisdom to understand it,

analyze it and appropriately act on it. — Stephen R. Covey



Skepticism of new ideas is very characteristic of humanity.

But try to follow the instructions of this book,

and your skepticism will turn into conviction,

and then crystallize into absolute faith.

Many philosophers assert that man is the master of his earthly destiny,

but most do not explain why.

Does this chapter not answer that question?

Man can become his master,

of those around him,

because he can influence his subconscious.

The process of turning the desire

for money into real money would not have been possible

without autosuggestion

a kind of relay that connects you

to your subconscious and helps influence it.

Take the instructions in the book

as a tool to influence the subconscious.

Remember! you must be fully aware of the important role

your subconscious mind plays

in your efforts to accumulate money.

When you have finished reading the book,

go back to this chapter

and read it all over again, out loud, in the afternoons,

until you are sure that thanks to auto-suggestion you will complete your intended task.

As you read, underline the sentences

that made a strong impression on you.

Thoughts need to be recorded

Everyone has a sixth sense,

but to control the subconscious,

only five senses are enough.

When you have mastered the subconscious,

efforts to reach prosperity will leave no room for poverty.

See for yourself the wealth you desire,

oh hold it in your hand

and it will come from the most unexpected direction.

Define your goal (money desire) with specific numbers.

And let the number be big.

And don’t forget to set a deadline.

Did your subconscious give you a plan?

Then get to work now!

Excitement is very precious and does not tolerate begging.

If you keep waiting for a good opportunity 

you will always fail!

Three simple exercises that will turn you into a self-suggestive boss.

Just follow the instructions

and you will become the master of your own destiny.

If you want to reach a goal,

you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind

before you actually arrive at your goal. – Zig Ziglar



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