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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Point of view

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 52: Point of view

The real act of discovery isn’t about finding a new land,

it’s about seeing life with new eyes. – Marcel Proust


The same job, the same event,

its meaning becomes noble

or insignificant depends on each person’s perspective. – Noname


Everyone has a way of looking at and judging life.

But to have a holistic view,

you need to observe life with your eyes,

mind and heart.

The same thing,

but each person will form different views

and opinions about it.

There are things that people cannot see with the naked eye,

but must use the heart to feel.

The “blind” is the person who refuses to observe.

In many cases,

blind people can see more than sighted people.

In one lecture,

Hellen Keller said

that she has the ability to see things

that many sighted people cannot see.

Meanwhile, Joseph Pulitzer

– editor of the New York World

– made important reforms

and turned his newspaper into one of the most prestigious

and prestigious newspapers in America after he went blind.

Likewise, historian Prescott has made sharp

and persuasive observations in historical research books

when living in darkness.

And Pastor P.S. Henson,

despite only having one eye,

has seen and learned more than anyone.

Our world still has a lot of hidden interesting things waiting

for people to discover.

Maybe you will see things that no one else has noticed,

but you can also become the person who obscures them.

Try to observe closely,

and at the same time constantly learn the unknown.

And especially,

practice seeing with both your mind and your heart.

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