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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Planning

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 34: Planning

Nothing can help stabilize your mind like a fixed goal,

because it directs your mind in one direction. — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


The best discipline and

perhaps the only discipline that works is self-discipline. — Walter Kiechel III


Nothing in this world is free.

Everything has its price.

To get what you want you have to be willing to pay the price,

and often upfront.

You can also do it “in installments” easier,

but you have to pay it off

to get full ownership of what you want.

Regularly set plans and goals in your clear mind.

Always think about them,

even when you eat,

when you sleep,

wherever you are.

Remember that if you do,

your subconscious mind can also be affected,

and thus continue to function while you are asleep.

Get rid of the things you don’t want

and focus only on the things that matter to you,

until your goal turns into a burning desire.

Again, you can do anything you believe you can do,

as long as your mind is fixed on it. — Napoleon Hill


To achieve a certain goal,

you have two things to do:

the first is to make a complete plan,

the second is to start working on it.

Along the way,

you may discover mistakes

or omissions in your plan,

but don’t be discouraged.

Instead of giving up halfway,

patiently add, edit it and if necessary,

make a new plan

or call for help from those around you.

Victor Hugo once said,

If you know how to plan the things

to do during the day

and follow that plan,

you will find a light to guide you forward.

Indeed, successful people

is someone who knows how to plan his work and life

and constantly strive to accomplish them.

If they fail,

they understand that failure is temporary,

not complete.

It tells them that their plan isn’t perfect

and needs tweaking.

Only when you give up

and don’t want to try anymore will you really fail.

Millions of people in this world have lived in misery

and poverty

because they lack a proper plan

to be able to create success

and accumulate money for themselves.

James. J. Hill, the man

who built the greatest railroads in history,

had his first setback

when he tried to find funding

for his East-West railroad project.

But then he turned defeat into victory thanks to his new plans.

Hugh Chalmers,

originally an office worker,

became the general manager

of a national American cash register company

thanks to the same secret.

He always clearly plans for each of his goals

and constantly strives to achieve them.

The time you spend thinking

and planning your to-dos,

and putting them in a logical order,

is time that pays off.

A good leader must be one

who knows how to plan his work

and must execute those plans.

A leader who works only on feelings

without a realistic plan,

is like a ship without a rudder – sooner

or later it will hit a cliff.

That is why in order to build a solid building,

you must first have a detailed drawing

of the structure of the house.

Plan your life and work tirelessly to make it happen.

How great your success depends on the correctness

and meticulousness of your plan.

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