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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Personality

You can! Nothing is impossible! Personality

Chapter 5: Personality

No one can deceive you, only you can deceive yourself. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


People show their character most clearly

by the way they receive compliments. — Lucius Annaeus Seneca


The ability to make a good impression and maintain

that impression in the eyes of the opposite

person will make your road

to success smoother

and less thorny.

That ability can also make the difference in making others want

to confront you or cooperate with you,

regardless of body or not. — Napoleon Hill


Personality is a person’s most valuable asset

and is all that remains after they have lost everything.

Above all, personality is strength.

J. Pierpoint Morgan – one of the most famous financiers in the world – said:

“Personality is the only measure to assess the value of people,

both in work and in life.

All other material possessions are secondary.”

Personality is a strong fortress

that can protect people against the negative effects of life.

Personality helps people overcome all criticism to live true to themselves.

If reputation, which is what the public bestows on someone,

can be tarnished, then character will really make them who they are,

and it will last forever.

Personality is more valuable than any talent,




Maybe you have everything but become a useless person,

your whole life in monotony

and boring if your personality not properly evaluated.

Personality helps people act in the right way and fight hard for it.

Personality is a factor that ensures all human success,

both in work and in daily life.

Indeed, your personality will determine the impression

you leave on the other person’s mind.

If you can make a good impression on people

and maintain that impression for a long time,

then they are very

maybe you will reach success more easily, faster.

Therefore, try to live a kind,




loyal and courageous life to form a great personality!

Above all, use your personality to influence those around you

and make that a principle of action every day.

From today, train yourself to have a good character

because “Personality is strength“.

Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come.

Get up and make them. ― Madame C. J. Walker

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