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PR your life! Personal PR


We can summarize the content of the book

that PR practitioners need to know:

1. What is PR?

2. Basic human needs

3. PR level

4. Basic situation of PR

5. NCNS Principle – No customers – No success labour”

6. CAR, 3S, and 3PR principles

7. 10 basic elements of PR – ANGEL STARS

First of all, each of us must understand what PR is?

and its meaning

What is its main purpose?

and how is it done?

Next we must understand what needs we ourselves,

as people, have

What happens around us, how can we achieve it?

Then we will have to determine,

what PR level are we at?,

how will we assert or position ourselves in the present and the future?

What situations do each of us often encounter in life

or basic PR situations?

While working to achieve the goal of having a joyful

and happy life in career, work,

family and ourselves,

how must each of us individually follow these principles?

So to live we have to advertise,

we have to do PR,

is that true?

At the level of businesses and organizations,

for-profit and non-profit businesses,

public groups,

or important target audiences

that need to be approached and maintain good relationships,

you may already know them as customers,

the media, government and relevant authorities,

suppliers or distributors, etc.

For each individual,

the target groups are family

and relatives
customers, neighbors,

friends, teachers or colleagues, etc.

Depending on maturity, position in society,

moral qualities and social activities,

target groups can expand or contract.

PR is really just a word

to indicate the meaning of a course of action in building,

protecting and developing the brand of a certain organization or business.

But by itself, it cannot create prestige

or a famous brand for those units,

when it is not done properly by people,

even if the name PR

or a massive PR department is attached to the diagram,

or it is called in that place.

For individuals,

it is the awareness that people live in a symbiotic society,

supporting each other and being bound

by many relationships between people and people,

people and the environment,

and even oneself in that individual’s life.

Each person has a different starting point,

place of residence,

family traditions,

homeland traditions, religion, customs,

social principles, political

and social economic conditions,

education level,

Different experiences, ideas, aspirations,

ethnicities and countries,

etc. will have different needs at different times in life.

Although some people are young,

their needs are very high,

their mental level is like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

However, if you do not have enough opportunities and necessary factors,

it will be difficult to achieve.

Therefore, each individual must know how to carefully make a long-term

and detailed PR plan,

a life plan, to achieve what they want.

This plan describes when you will do what and what you will achieve,

what the ultimate goal is,

what elements are needed,

what are the shortcomings and impacts,

what are the opportunities and capabilities

to support your achievement. okay etc.

From there, each person has a more general,

in-depth and realistic view to help themselves

and their supporters evaluate whether

what is desired is correct and reasonable.

Because if the desire or desire is wrong,

then all efforts are as useless as time, effort, money,

even human life.

When you know what you want,

it will be easier for you to evaluate what PR level you are at

or what your position is in this life.

Do you want to have a normal life with knowledge,

a light job, a happy family or do you want to be a politician,

a famous singer,

or a successful businessman contributing to your career?

Stronger development of the country

and the world with your talents and important voices?

Knowing this clearly,

you will know how to advertise

according to the target audience

and time to suit your opportunities and abilities.

During your activities,

living and working,

you will know what you are like to the people around you.

They can love, hate, be indifferent,

accept, cooperate or want to live with you.

You will be able to identify the real situation

you are in so you can respond effectively.

In life, in the same short period of time,

people sometimes encounter many situations at the same time

due to opportunities

or crises such as winning an award,

promotion, winning the lottery,


wedding or illness, etc.

accident, unemployment etc.

Therefore, to have prestige and a happier life,

to achieve what you want,

you must know how to balance relationships,

influencing factors or things happening within yourself.

To do or realize what you want in the PR sense is

Building, preserving, maintaining

and developing old and new relationships

for the purpose of ensuring their reputation,

each person must always know how to comply with social principles,

ethics, respect for people

and nature body,

and always progress with the spirit of living towards truth,

goodness and beauty.

In particular,

you must apply the principles of NCNS, CAR,

3S, and 3PR throughout life flexibly to achieve what you want.

Think about it,

people are alone with people who have many intimate relationships;

Working people are always dynamic,

creative and responsible to others,

on the contrary;

people who always want to please themselves

and everyone around them with personal selfishness;

Or the person who is always progressive in learning knowledge and experience,

expanding relationships to build prestige for themselves

and spiritual value for the community versus the passive

and conservative person,

who will be happier,

who will have better results.

Therefore, from the above principles,

as long as we flexibly change the target audience and name

to suit each individual,

it will help people survive

and develop as well as achieve their desires faster and faster.


the 10 basic ANGEL STARS elements of PR are applied for individual people?

First of all, what are your Strengths?

These are health,

talent, personality,


expertise, family status, self,

or society and relationships from within the family to outside life.

In addition, it is your position in an organization,

reputation from certain awards or special skills,

the implementation of projects,

works and your dedication

and sacrifice for family and society, etc.

In particular,

moral qualities

or ways of treating people will create prestige

and honor for each individual.

All of the above will create a brand

or reputation and create strength for people.

Each person

You must know what your strength is,

how it is, and to what extent

so that you can make good use of it in achieving your goals.

In which, linking strength will be a method

to create the best and most effective synergy.

Second, Souls or Human Souls.

It is a second entity that is invisible but inseparable from human life.

Individuals must nurture it with knowledge,

morality and noble emotions.

From there,

the soul will make the body control its strength on the right path,

reason, and achieve the goal faster and better.

The human soul is like that,

so every individual must respect everyone around them,

no matter how different their activities or behaviors are.

From there, we will create sympathy,

love or sympathy for each other in any situation in life.


Goals or Purpose is very important.

Goals will help you determine what you do and how you do it,

and how to achieve it in a certain period of time. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or more,

during that age, what will you do, what will you achieve,

what will you desire or accomplish.

What does it need, what are the opportunities,

challenges and factors that affect it,

what will happen and how to solve it.

If there are many people who share the same goal

and accompany you,

you can surely achieve what you want as quickly as possible.

Also, you know how to distinguish

and respect other people’s goals or dreams,

and can understand and help them achieve them.

In life, you move towards your dream of a happy life or what you want,

then Notices or attention to events, life,


environment and people or even the behavior and response.

Behavior and issues related to oneself, family,

economic life, social politics

and humanity are also worth thinking about.

Because those factors affect your life,

behavior and personality not only in space

and time for the goals

you want to achieve in a short period of time

but even throughout your life

and affect your family and everyone around,

even future generations.

For example, every action

and decision of a lawmaker has a great impact

on all people in that country, both materially,

spiritually, etc.

Next is Arts, which makes life more colorful,

poetic and richer.

Art is also a reasonable way of behaving,

behaving or solving situations and problems.

The real art is to win people’s hearts,

which in PR work or life is always paid attention to

and must be regularly cultivated,

learned and developed in a correct and reasonable way,

to maintain relationships with people will be well for a long time.

“The tiger dies so that people’s skin dies

so that they can gain fame”,

Reputation or reputation

It is very important for everyone’s life.

It is not only good for the individual

but also for the whole family and society,

for the whole community and even the world.

For example,

national heroes,

eminent scientists,

great cultural figures

or heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the cause of building,

protecting and developing the country.

Personal reputation should be considered the most important thing in life

that each person must have,

must have, preserve it,

and develop it.

It is expressed in actions, words,

promises, and commitments.

Words go hand in hand with actions,

which proves that you always respect yourself,

your family and everyone.

Reputation will also help you in difficult situations

such as unemployment,

bankruptcy or illness, etc.

It also helps you develop your career,

receive opportunities,

or achieve your goals faster

because you have gained the trust of many people,

and they are ready to support,

help and share to help you overcome difficulties challenge or crisis.

Next is Tactics,

a factor that greatly contributes to achieving each person’s results quickly

and effectively.

Human tactics are expressed in the way of handling situations,

in communication,

in work and in life.

By using different methods,

without harming oneself or others,

that individual quickly achieves their desired goal.

For example,

using psychological tactics to understand

and negotiate effectively with business partners,

or guerrilla tactics in distributing retail goods in places where

there are many prominent traders.

Next is Love or affection.

People in life always need affection, which is indispensable,

whether in poverty or illness, etc.

Each individual must know how to care

for their personal emotional happiness,

what they want or will do for their emotional needs.

In addition, each person must know how

to respect the feelings of others,

the people around them, share,

nurture or help each other

so that everyone has good feelings,

free from sadness and anxiety.

Love is also affection for the community,

the material and spiritual life of people around

or difficult and unfortunate situations.

Moreover, it is affection,

it is concern for the living environment, for human needs,

for the activities of the homeland and humanity.

Meanwhile, it is indispensable to have affection for the work

and profession that one is pursuing and implementing.

All of these things will help each individual have more motivation

to overcome difficulties

and believe in a good and worth-living life.

Everything in this world is moving and changing.

The Exchange or conversion, linking,

elements must of course be present,

all of the above elements must be present whether directly or indirectly.

Each individual must think and understand

that everything has its price,

there must be trade-offs or substitutions.

To achieve fame, you must study

and practice day and night.

To have a successful business,

you have to navigate the market,

worry, think and respond to many problems that arise, etc.

To understand what PR is,

how to do it,

how to expand,

maintain and develop relationships,

and what to do to be happy,

you have to spend time,

effort, dedication, money, etc.

to realize and achieve it.

It. Exchange is also a manifestation of the law of cause and effect,

which everyone living in this world must know and respect.

Finally, the Human factor (Anyone),

an extremely important factor.

Every individual is a human being with rights,

needs for freedom,

independence and dreams.

Everyone likes to be loved,

cared for,

appreciated and respected.

Everyone wants benefits, joy,

material or spiritual,

whether they are children,

the elderly or young men and women,

regardless of class,

class or location.

Human relationships are very complex from

within the family to outside society.

Therefore, each individual must know

how to behave flexibly and wisely,

must know how to be patient or yield to sharing,

in order to harmonize and balance life.

Because if you are too dominant or passive,

you will be oppressed too much,

that individual also suffers a loss harmful,

are also affected and affect their goals.

Personal PR is simply a word that represents a current lifestyle grand.

There, each person knows themselves

and the living environment around them

to have appropriate behavior to achieve their own goals

and the purpose of living happier.

From business to normal life, each person is always influenced

by themselves and society.

They all impact and interact with each other inseparably,

the only difference is that in different circumstances,

goals, space and time,

there are different orientations or efforts.

However, the ultimate goal of each person is still

to make their own life more comfortable,

pleasant, and happier in a more civilized

and prosperous living environment.


People have their own personalities

and it’s really difficult to change.

People come from many different backgrounds,

skin color, ethnicity, class, status,

level, understanding,

ethnicity, religion, customs, etc.

Everyone wants to be satisfied

from the lowest to the highest like Maslow’s needs chart.

However, real life is not simple,

how can they achieve everything

when they have different starting points.

It depends a lot on their abilities and opportunities.

Therefore, meeting or completely satisfying their needs is difficult and impossible.

Furthermore, the living environment

and society are always changing,

the weather, politics, economics,

and movements are always moving and transforming.

PR people should always update their knowledge,

hone their skills and be creative.

They must have CAR to control

and do well the true meaning of modern PR PR-ANGEL STARS,

with each type of relationship different from target relationships. PR,

relationships, or communication are really important.

It helps us adjust behavior,

improve relationships,

increase knowledge, prevent risks,

solve problems,

preserve reputation,

maintain life and achieve good living goals.

For example, you are a person with no money,

no car, no job,

lacking knowledge,

you want it.

What are you doing?

You should ask your parents for money,

teachers for knowledge,

employers for work, etc.

You must have a convincing way of communicating

so that they believe and help you,

support you with all their might,

so that when you achieve your goals,

you can maintain and promote it more effectively.

Because not only do you ask them once,

or do things in just a blink of an eye,

but over a long period of time.

Therefore, you need to know how to communicate

and keep this relationship better

Good communication will help you become CAR,


and maintain the relationships

you want no matter the purpose,

no matter who they are and where they come from.

In life, sometimes we are very happy,

or really sad and confused

by unexpected events or opportunities.

Sometimes you don’t know who you are,

what your position is in life, family,

work or society.

You may also have been shocked

and worried about what happened or apprehensive

and worried about what will happen.

You don’t have a reasonable answer

or figured out the best ways to solve it.

We also realize that,

in the above situations,

people often seek advice

and comfort from family members first,

then friends, and those who love them,

and finally society.

There are also people who don’t know what to do.

They fend for themselves,

find their own direction,

or they worry, fear,

pray or even worry

Just let things flow and come naturally,

no matter what the outcome is.

In business, too, an organization is like a person,

sometimes it will encounter similar situations.

However, the target audience is different,

the relationship is also different,

and the level is also different.

So how to solve it completely?

The answer is PR.

So what is PR? You actually have the answer already.

Why do you say that,

because by reading this you already know who you are

and what you have done, what you want and will do.

Whoever you are now,

you’re probably already a PR person.

Indeed, the word PR can makes you confused

and don’t understand clearly,

but the process of living, studying,

and working up to now is your PR process.

You promote yourself, your family, your group of friends,

the place where you are studying or working,

or you is actually a PR person for an event

or an organization in a professional or amateur position.

With great functions and full meaning,

you will in turn know

and clearly distinguish your current position in life, family,

organization or society.

You will clearly determine what your life purpose is,

what you want and how you will do it.

You will know how beautiful and worth living life really is.

You will also improve yourself, raise awareness,

promote your brand, and be more useful to the community.

You will know how to handle problems,

know how to plan your life

and control what you will do and want to achieve in life.

You can also promptly correct shortcomings and mistakes,

and develop what you have.

All of the above will make you feel like you have a more pleasant life.

Know how to accept the present and progress,

develop in the future,

be satisfied with what is available,

calmly face difficulties and changes in life,

and predict more accurately

and wisely what will happen. go out.

You are truly happy

when you have a purpose in living and working,

and pursuing your dreams or beliefs.

The same goes for business,

based on living conditions such as the natural environment,

nature, weather,

family traditions, society, culture,


nature of people or target customers,

and requirements belong to target relationships that PR,


will be more CAR, dynamic,

creative and responsible, more useful.

There’s nothing better than real PR.

Life is in your hands, in your thoughts and actions,

If we want to have a better life,

work more smoothly, and be more successful,

then we should take PR seriously.

It depends on how effectively you handle it.



“PR is all, all is PR”.

“PR is everything, Everything is PR”

All professions, fields,


and people have unique relationships

that bind and support each other.

PR activities are not only good for the target audience

but also useful for the public and society.

It makes people or target relationships feel more understanding,

sympathetic and closer to each other.

As a result, the work of PR practitioners becomes more

and more smooth and everyone has a better life.

This is the true, profound meaning of PR.

So for an action with so many benefits,

why don’t we learn from creative research

and promote it more strongly?
PR is like a modern person,

always knowing how to adjust himself,

constantly change to improve, research

and be creative in strategies to develop,

integrate yourself in all situations,

adapt and solve all problems well,

not only in life but in professional work.

PR is truly an essential

and completely natural tendency that everyone

and every organization must aim for for a lasting and good relationship.

The development of science and technology

and inventions today is very fast, large

and the application is also very extensive and fast.

However, what is it used for?

It is also to serve people and the public,

is that true? Indeed,

today’s PR trend is for the purpose of supporting

and serving people through convenient,

quick and effective communication.

PR is not a marketing cure for a business’s ills.

It needs synchronous coordination from many sides.

PR people for businesses should come

from the leadership in important positions in the organization,

people who are dedicated

and knowledgeable about PR expertise,

and people who participate

in the main strategic decision-making process

for the company development of the organization

so that they can provide timely

and effective solutions in adjusting

or improving the organization’s processes,

policies or PR activities.

Regardless of the level of the organization,

there should still be a PR strategy aimed at level 3,

the public level.

Even if the effectiveness is level 1 or 2,

it still achieves the level of public satisfaction.

Level 3. It would be better if you were a person at level 1,

no one knows,

but the actions and meaning of PR activities reach level 3 if possible,

then it will be better for a long-term career

of organizational development after that.

PR is not just a normal event as many people think and believe it,

but it is also created to protect

and develop the brand of an individual

or an organization through many different PR activities,

the better the better,

along with the quality of that object’s nature.

Communication or word of mouth is not always good,

if the information is distorted, false,

deviates from the company’s direction,

is untrue or causes misunderstandings.

PR practitioners should pay attention

to all relevant factors such as economics,

science, art, society,

culture, technology,

communication, geography, time,

psychology or human factors,

your organization’s own finances,

potential, and inventions to create good

and accurate messages that properly

and reasonably meet the needs of target relationships.

No customers, no success

– the No Customer

– No Success principle should always be given proper attention.

No matter what PR does,

the customers, the people who pay the business,

are the prerequisite for the business’s survival.

Everything was well prepared,

PR activities went well, but unfortunately,

no matter how small an incident occurred,

customers did not come,

meaning the target audience did not receive the information,

it can also be said that PR activities have failed.

PR is especially important in preventing

and minimizing risks caused by PR crises and accidents,

and raising awareness in the community.

PR is seen as a process of producing information

and conveying it into good messages

to reconcile other different factors for effective communication.

PR people should always be thoughtful in their thoughts,

careful in their actions,

and especially serious in their communication to be on time,

in the right way,

in the right place,

with the right person,

and with the right audience.

PR is the true soul.

A healthy soul in a healthy body,

from birth to development,

is always active.

It is always trained, taught,

researched, and created,

anywhere, anytime and in any situation.

What’s better than having both a healthy mind and a healthy body?


You can easily achieve the goal you want to aim for.

Always remember that “the weather is favorable,

the land is favorable,

and the people are harmonious”.

However, don’t wait for the right time to do it,

but create your own opportunities,

that is the best way.

Always be ready,

accept risks and opportunities to achieve your goals.

There is also the saying “opportunities are always there but easily lost”,

you should always be calm,

consider the opportunity and take advantage of it.

Always remember that PR is the soul,

products and services are the body,

and the organization is a perfectly unified entity.

Without one of them,

the organization will not be able to survive for long.

PR strategy must always have CAR, creativity,

dynamism, etc, responsibility,

there must always be Angel Stars, ANGEL STARS.

The movement,

change and adaptation of smart PR strategies will satisfy your customers

and target relationships,

meaning your business is sure to survive and grow.

PR is life.

It has a past, present and future.

Learn from the good

and bad things from PR’s past to implement well in the present

with the aim of achieving the highest possible reputation results in the future.

The life cycle of PR will be continuously upgraded,

the brand of a business,

organization or individual will rise to a newer and better level.

PR people should pay attention to the principles of 3S,

NCNS, CAR and 3PR or people

PR people always know how to promote PR work

and themselves

so that people can better understand and love PR people.

PR, PR people are the peaceful bridge connecting people together for a better life.

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