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Robert Kiyosaki! Pass Obstacle

Robert Kiyosaki!

Pass Obstacle

When money realizes that it is in good hands,

it wants to stay and multiply in those hands. ― Idowu Koyenikan

I have never met a lover who has never suffered.

And I have never met a rich man who has never lost money.

So for most people,

the reason they don’t succeed financially is

because the pain of losing money is far greater

than the joy of being rich.

In Texas there is another saying:

“Everybody wants to go to heaven,

but no one wants to die.”

Most people dream of becoming rich,

but are afraid of losing money,

so they never get rich.

Rich dad used to tell Mike and me about his trips to Texas:

“If you really want to learn how to handle risk,


and failure,

go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo.

In the Alamo there are a very beautiful story about courageous

people who chose to fight against the overwhelming enemy,

knowing that there was no hope of victory.

They would rather die than give in.

It is a story very moving

and worth learning,


it was still a tragic military defeat.

Those soldiers put themselves to their deaths

A failure

They lost So the Texans accept defeat

like They still scream:

“Remember the Alamo!”

Mike and I have heard this story many times.

Rich dad always told us

when he was about to make a big deal and he felt stressed.

After working hard

and whether he succeeded or failed,

he still told this story to us.

Every time he was afraid of making a mistake

or of losing money he repeated that story.

It gives him strength

and it reminds him that in financial matters,

he can always turn defeat into victory.

Rich dad knew that failure only made him stronger and wiser.

It’s not that he wants to fail,

but he knows who he is

and how he will handle failure.

He will accept it

and turn it into victory.

That has helped him succeed,

giving him the courage to push the boundaries

where others have to step back.

“That’s why I like Texans so much.

They accept a big failure

and turn it into a tourist destination

that can bring in millions of dong.”

But today,

perhaps the quote that means most to me is:

“Texans don’t bury failure.

They took inspiration from that.

They accept defeat and turn them into war cries.

Failure inspires Texans to win.

But this is not a Texan-specific recipe.

It is the recipe of all winners.”

When I say that falling off a bike is a part of learning to ride a bike,

I remember that the more I fell,

the more determined I was to learn to ride,

not to give up.

I also said that I have never met a golfer who has never lost a ball.

To become a good golfer,

losing the ball or losing the ground only makes them play better,

practice more,

learn more.

That’s what makes them better.

For winners,

failures inspire them.

For the losers, defeat knocks them down.

John D. Rockefeller once said,

I always try to turn disasters into opportunities,”

and I love that quote.

Failure inspires winners and knocks losers down.

Winners’ biggest secret is that failure inspires victory,

so they’re not afraid to fail.

Fran Tarkenton did not say:

Victory means not being afraid of failure.

People like Fran Tarkenton aren’t afraid to fail

because they know who they are.

They hate to fail,

so they know that failure will only inspire them to become better.

There’s a big difference

between being afraid to fail.

Most people are so afraid of losing money

that they really lose it.

They go bankrupt because of a house.

Financially, they are too secure and too petty.

They buy big houses and big houses,

big car,

but don’t make big investment

The main reason more than 90% of Americans struggle

with financial problems is

because they don’t want to lose

but their play style doesn’t lead to victory.

They go to financial planners,

accountants or stockbrokers

and buy a balanced corporate portfolio.

Most have cash in their accounts,

low-yield checks,

mutual funds that can be traded in a bond family,

and some individual securities.

That’s a great investment for those who like to be safe.

But playing it safe and “balanced”,

this portfolio is not how successful investors usually play.

If you have little money

but want to get rich,

you need to “focus” not “balance”.

If you look at the starting point of a successful character,

you will see that they are not balanced at all.

Those who try to balance it get nowhere.

They stood still.

To move forward,

you must first make disproportionate.

Just look at the way you walk.

Thomas Edison was unbalanced.

He is very focused.

Bill Gates is unbalanced.

He focused. Donald Trump is also in focus.

George Soros also focused.

George Patton did not spread out his tank ranks.

He gathered them and hit the weak points in the German ranks.

The French deployed along the Maginot line

and you know what happened to them.

If you really aspire to be rich,

you must have focus.

Put more eggs in a few baskets.

Don’t do what the poor and middle-class people do:

put as few eggs in many baskets as possible.

If you hate to lose,

play it safe.

If losses make you weak,

play it safe.

Go with a balanced investment.

If you are past 30 and are afraid to take risks,

don’t change.

Play it safe but start early.

Start accumulating your basket of eggs

as soon as possible because it will take time.

But if you’re embracing the dream of freedom,

escaping the Rat Race,

the first question you have to ask yourself is:

“How would I react to failure?”

If failures inspire you to win,

then maybe you should follow them,

but only “maybe”.

If failure makes you weak

or makes you cranky and irritable,

like spoiled kids who call in a lawyer

to arrange a lawsuit every time something happens,

then play it safe.

Keep your day job or buy bonds or checks.

But keep in mind that while they are more secure,

there is always a bit of risk in these tools.

I say all this,

referring to the Texans and Fran Tarkenton,

because I just want you to remember:

sorting the property column is a very easy task.

It really is a game that requires little talent.

It doesn’t need to learn much,

just 5 points is enough.

But investing in the asset column is a game

that requires a lot of courage,

patience, and a chivalrous attitude

when it comes to defeat.

Losers always avoid defeat.

But defeat turns the loser into the winner.

Remember to take the Alamo.


Reason #2. Get over the skepticism

“The sky is falling! Is the sky going to fall?”

Most of us know the story of the “chicken,”

running around the chicken yard announcing an impending doom.

Deep in the soul of each of us there is a “chicken”,

like that.

We are all “chickens,”

when fear and doubt cloud our thoughts.

We all have doubts,

something like,

“I’m not wise”.

“I can’t afford it.”

“There are a lot of people who are better than me.”

And these doubts paralyze us.

Or do we always wonder,

“What if the economy crashes right

after I put my money in?”

“What if I don’t master

and can’t get my money back?”

“What if things don’t go according to plan?”…

Or we have friends or loved ones

who remind us of our shortcomings

no matter what we ask them.

They often say,

“Why do you think you can do that?”

“If it’s a good idea,

why doesn’t anyone do it?”,

“It never worked.

I don’t know what I’m talking about”,…

These doubtful words are often

so enthusiastic that we can no longer take action.

There is a terrible feeling in our hearts

that we cannot move forward.

So we stay with what is safe and let the opportunity pass.

We watch life go by as we sit motionless

with a bland tumor in our bodies.

We’ve all felt this at some point in our lives,

some more often than others…

Peter Lynch of the prestigious Fidelity Magenan public fund says that

the warning of a falling sky is like a kind of “noise,”

which we all hear.

This “noise” is generated in our heads

or comes from the outside,

usually from friends, family colleagues or the media.

Lynch recalls the 1950s,

when the threat of a nuclear war was so widespread in the press

that people began to build radiation shelters

to store food and water.

If they had invested their money in the market wisely then

instead of building shelters,

they would probably be financially well off today.

Most people are poor

because whenever it comes to investing,

the world is full of “chickens” running around screaming,

“The sky is going to fall!

The sky is going to fall?”

And since these chicks are present in each of us,

it takes a lot of courage not to let rumors

of gloom overwhelm your doubts

and fears.

As another example,

I put a small portion of the asset column on the mortgage deed

instead of keeping it in the account.

With this amount,

I earn 16% a year,

certainly more than the 5% offered by the bank.

The certificate is secured by real estate

and is enforceable under state law,

better than most banks.

The way to buy them keeps them safe.

They just can’t afford to pay in cash.

That’s why I view them as 2 to 7 year accounts.

Almost every time I tell people

Other people hear,

especially if they keep their money in the bank,

that I keep it this way,

they all say it’s risky.

They gave me reasons

why I shouldn’t.

When I asked them where they got their information,

they said it was from a friend

or an investment magazine.

They never do this,

and they show the people

who are doing it why they shouldn’t.

The lowest return

I would expect is 16%,

but doubters are always willing to accept 5%.

Doubt comes with a hefty price tag.

My view is that it is these doubts and cynicisms

that make people poor

while the whole world is waiting for you to get rich.

It is only because of doubt

and clinging to security that people stay poor.

Like I said, technically,

getting out of the Rat Race is a very simple thing,

you don’t need to study very well to do it.

But it is cynicism that corrupts everyone.

Rich dad said,

“The cynics never win.

Doubt and fear are the two factors that make a cynical person.

The cynics are critical,

and the winners are analytical.”

Rich dad explained that criticism makes people blind,

but analysis opens people’s eyes.

Analysis helps winners recognize opportunities that others miss

and this is the key to all success.

In the stock market, I often hear people say,

“I don’t want to lose money.”

Well, what makes them think that I or others like to lose money?

They don’t make money

because they chose not to lose money.

Instead of analyzing things,

they reject another powerful investment vehicle…

In December 1996,

I was riding my bike with a friend

as I passed my neighbor’s gas station.

He looked at the bulletin board

and saw the price of oil going up.


my friend always holds a mass of anxiety,

or you can call him a “chicken.”

To him, the sky is often about to fall).

When he got home, he told me about the statistics

that showed how the price of oil would continue

to rise in the years to come.

I have never heard of this information,

even though

I own a significant number of shares in an oil company now.

With this information,

I immediately started searching

and discovered a brand new oil company looking for oil fields.

My broker was very interested in this new company,

and I bought 15,000 shares at a price of 65 cents a share.

In February 1997, this same friend

and I passed the same gas station,

and it was clear that the price per liter

of oil had increased by nearly 15%.

Once again, the “chicken” was worried and complained.

I just smiled because in January 19971

my little oil company was successful

and the value of the other 15,000 shares increased to $3 a share.

And the price of oil will go up even more

if what my friend says is true.

Instead of having to analyze everything,

these “chickens” refuse to think.

If most people understood

how a stop order works in stock market investing,

there would be more people who invest to win

than those who invest only to lose.

A “stop” order is simply an order in your computer

that automatically sells shares

when the price starts to fall,

helping you to minimize your losses and maximize your profits.

It is a useful tool for those who are afraid of loss.

Whenever I see people focus too much on

“I don’t want” than what they really want,

I know that the “noise” in their heads is too loud.

The “chickens” had taken over their minds and were shouting:

“The sky is about to fall”.

So they avoid what they “don’t want,”

but they pay a great price.

Maybe they will never get what they want.

Rich dad used to tell us stories about Colonel Sanders,

and he would often conclude,

“Do as Colonel Sanders did.”

At the age of 66, Sanders failed in business

and had to live on welfare checks.

Undeterred, Sanders began traveling around

the United States selling recipes for fried chicken.

People turned their backs on him 1009 times

before someone nodded “Okay”.

And Sanders became a millionaire again at an age

when most people give up.

Rich dad said of Harlan Sanders:

“He was a man of courage and tenacity.”

So, if you feel doubtful and apprehensive about an investment,

do as Colonel Sanders did with his “chicken”.

He fried it.


Reason 3. Laziness

Busy people are often the laziest.

I have heard many stories about a businessman

who had to work hard to earn money

and provide for his wife and children.

He sat in the office for hours on end

and brought work from the company home to do on weekends.

One day, he returned and was faced with an empty house.

His wife and children have left.

He knew there was trouble between the couple,

but he still preferred to work rather than strengthen the relationship,

so that he let it go and continued to work.

To his dismay,

his job slipped and he eventually lost his job.

These days,

I often encounter people who are very busy

with their possessions.

And there are people who are very busy worrying

about their health.

All for the same reason.

They are busy,

and they see being busy

as a way to avoid something they don’t want to face.

Nobody knows that.

But deep in their hearts,

they know.

In fact,

if you remind them,

they often respond

with anger or irritation.

If they’re not busy

with work or with kids,

they’re usually busy watching TV,

fishing, golfing, or shopping.

However! Deep down in their souls,

they know they’re avoiding something important.

That is the most common form of laziness.

Be lazy by keeping yourself busy.

What is the treatment for laziness?

The answer is:

a little greedy.

Many of us often view greed

or covetousness as bad things.

My mother used to say,

“A greedy person is a bad person.”

However, each of us wishes to have beautiful things,

new things or funny things.

To curb this urge,

often parents try to stop it by seeing it as a sin.

Mom likes to yell at us:

“You only think about yourself.

Don’t you know you have brothers and sisters?”

And my father liked to say,

“What do you want me to buy you?

Do you think your parents minted money?

You think money grows on trees?

You know we’re not rich.”

It was not the words,

but the error in the anger that accompanies

those words that made me remember forever.

There are other false statements like:

“I sacrificed my life to buy it for you.

I bought it for you

because I never got it when I was a kid.”

I have a neighbor who is not well off,

but his garage is so full of children’s toys

that you can park his car in it.

His children had everything they asked for.

His catchphrase was:

“I don’t want them to experience the same cravings

that I did when I was a kid.”

He had nothing to save for their education

or for his old age,

but the children had all the toys that man made.

He recently got a new credit card

and took the kids to Las Vegas to play.

“I do everything for the kids,”

he said in a loud,

sacrificial voice.

Rich dad,

on the other hand,

rarely gave Mike and me anything for free.

Instead, he asked,

“How are you going to buy it?”

Even the college tuition we have to pay for ourselves.

What he wants us to learn is the process

to achieve the goal we want.

Rich dad forbade us to say,

“I can’t afford that.”

Instead, he asks his children to say,

“How can I buy it?”

The reason he gives is

that saying “I can’t afford it” stops your mind from working.

And the saying:

How can I buy that thing?

will open your mind,

force you to think and search for answers.

But most importantly,

rich dad felt that “I can’t afford it” was a lie.

“The human spirit is very strong.

It knows it can do anything,” he said.

When your lazy mind says,

“I can’t afford it,”

the spirit gets angry,

and your lazy mind tries to justify its lies.

The spirit that screams:

“Wake up, go to the gym!”

And the lazy head lamented,

“But I’m tired.

I’ve been working hard all day.”

Or the spirit will say,

“I want to get sick and tired of being poor.

Let’s go get rich.”

Then the lazy head will say,

“Rich people are greedy.

Besides, it’s troublesome.

It’s not safe.

Maybe I’ll lose money.

I’ve had enough of that.

I have enough. too much work to do.

Let’s see what I have to do tonight.

The boss wants me to finish it by tomorrow morning…”

Saying “I can’t afford it” also brings sadness.

Not being able to take care of yourself leads

to discouragement and often stagnation and apathy.

Okay?” opens up a whole range of possibilities,

excitements and dreams,

so rich dad is not so concerned

with what his children want to buy

but “how to buy it”,

he believes there

That creates a strong mind and an active spirit.

I understand that today millions

of people are feeling guilty

because of their greed.

It’s an old rule that’s formed since they were children,

when they wanted something better…

When I decided to get out of the Rat Race,

it was a simple question:

“How do I stop working in the dark?”

And my mind started to come up

with answers and solutions.

The hardest part was struggling

with my parents’ notion of

“Don’t just think about yourself like that.”

Or “Why don’t you think for others?”

and similar sentences to make me feel guilt about his greed.

So, how do you beat laziness?

The answer is a bit greedy.

Without a little greed,

you will not aspire to better things

and will not be able to progress.

The world has developed

because each of us wants to have a better life.

There are new inventions

because we want better things.

We go to school and study hard

because we want to do something better.

So whenever you find yourself avoiding something

you know you should be doing,

the only thing you have to ask yourself is,

“What’s for me?”

Be a little greedy

best to cure laziness.

However, being too greedy is not good either.

But in my opinion,

the best quote is from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Do what your heart thinks is right,

because you will be criticized anyway.

If you do, you will be cursed,

if you don’t do it,

you will be cursed.”


Reason 4. Habit

Life is more a mirror of our habits than our upbringing.

After watching the movie “Conan”

played by movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger,

one of my friends wished:

“If only I had a beautiful body like Schwarzenegger…”

Most of the other boys nodded.

Another friend said:

“I heard he was very small and skinny before.”

“Yes, I heard that too… added another:

“I heard he forces himself to work out at the gym almost every day.”

“Of course, I bet he will.”

One skeptic in the group said:

“It’s still late,

I bet he was born like that.

Let’s stop talking about Arnold,

let’s go have a beer…”

The above is an example of how habits dictate human behavior.

I remember once

I asked rich dad about the habits of rich people.

As always, instead of a straight answer,

he wanted me to learn through examples.

He asked,

“When does your father usually pay the bill?”

I said, “First day of the month!”

Again he asked,

“Does he have anything left?”

I said, “Very little.”

Rich dad said,

That’s the main reason he works so hard.

He has bad habits.

He and me usually pay others first.

He pays himself final,

then he is empty in hands

I said, “Usually my father doesn’t have anything.

But he has to pay the bills.

Are you saying he shouldn’t pay the bills?”

Rich dad said,

Of course not.

It’s good to pay your bills on time,

but I always pay my salary first,

even before I pay the government.

I asked,

“But what if you don’t have enough money?

Then what will you do?”

The rich father said:

It is the same.

Father will pay himself first.

Even when my father is in need of money.

Father’s fortune column is much more important

than the government.

“But… don’t they follow to collect the debt from their father?”

“Yes, if you don’t pay.

Let’s see,

Dad didn’t say don’t pay.

Dad just said he’d pay himself first,

even if he’s in a pinch…”

“But why did you do that?”

“Motivation, son.

Who do you think will complain more if you don’t pay,

you or the creditors?”

“The creditors will definitely scream louder than you.

I won’t say anything if I can’t pay myself.”

“You see,

after paying my salary,

the pressure to pay taxes

and pay creditors was so great

that it forced me to look for other forms of income.

I have to do other jobs,

start other companies,

trade in the stock market,

do whatever it takes

as long as people don’t yell at me.

That pressure forced me to work harder,

forced me to think and above all,

it forced me to be wiser

and more proactive

when it came to money.

If he paid me later,

he wouldn’t be pressured at all,

but he’d be broke.”

“You mean it was the fear of the government

and the people you owed you that motivated you?”

“That’s right, son.

Do you know the story of a weak man

who let others kick sand in his face?”

I nodded.

“I saw ads for weightlifting

and bodybuilding lessons in the comics.”

“Ah, most people let bullies kick sand in the face.

Father decided to take advantage of this fear

to make himself stronger,

while others became weaker.

Forcing yourself to think about how to make extra money

is like going to the gym and working with dumbbells.

The more he exercises his mental muscles,

the stronger he becomes.

Now I have no qualms with tax collectors or bill collectors.”

“So if you pay me first,

you will be stronger,

both mentally and financially, right?”

Rich dad nodded,

and I continued,

“And if he pays me last,

or doesn’t pay at all,

he’ll be weak.

Then people like company owners,

managers, tax collectors,

bill collectors

and landowners will jostle lifelong father.

Just because I don’t have good money habits.”

Rich dad nodded again,

“Like the weak guy who got sand kicked in the face.”


Reason 5. Arrogance

Arrogance is an oversized ego plus ignorance.

Rich dad used to tell me,

What you know makes you money,

what you don’t know makes you lose money.

Every time I’m arrogant

I lose money because when I’m arrogant,

I really believe that what I don’t know doesn’t matter.

I see many people using arrogance as a screen

to try to hide their ignorance.

This often happens

when I discuss financial matters with accountants

or even other investors.

They try to inflate themselves through discussion.

It was clear to me that they didn’t know

what they were talking about.

I don’t want to say that they lie,

but they are not telling the truth.

Many people in the world of finance

and investing have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

Most people in this money industry

just spew out pitches like used car salesmen.

When you know you don’t know anything about an area,

start educating yourself by finding an expert

or reading a book on that subject.

“The bigger the solution, the bigger the paycheck,” ― Steve Siebold

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