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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Opportunity

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 19: Opportunity

A wise man is one who knows

how to create his own opportunities. — Francis Bacon


Great people never complain

why opportunities don’t come their way. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


One of the secrets of luck is

that sometimes it sneaks into your house

without you knowing.

Luck has a sly habit of sneaking through the back door,

often disguised as temporary mishaps or failures. — Napoleon Hill


Today, opportunities are so numerous

that almost anyone can pursue a career

that just a few years ago no one had heard of.

If you are carefully equipped

with the right education and training,

you can work in a variety of fields and,

at the same time,

be able to change jobs almost any time you want. — Don M. Green


Opportunity is a real thing,

not the result of some luck or chance.

Opportunities are always present around us

but often lurking in the shadow of risk

or temporary failure.

That’s why so many people miss their chance.

Falling completely after the first failure

and never getting up again,

they do not realize that behind every failure

there is always a new opportunity.

Many people believe

that success is the result of lucky turns.

Although luck is undeniably lucky,

if you only rely on this factor,

you will almost always be disappointed.

The only turning point that anyone can rely on

is the one that they create

or seize the opportunity

that life gives them.

To do this, first try to recognize your opportunity,

and analyze the advantages

and challenges that it brings.

Turning opportunities into reality means

that you are willing to do the tasks,

from the simplest,

and try to complete them thoroughly.

This also means that you must know

how to make the most of your precious moments

and do the assigned work better than your area of responsibility.

Great things are often hidden

and begin with small opportunities

that only courageous,

patient people can see.

If you miss or fail to recognize opportunities in the past,

it will be difficult for you to capture future opportunities,

when they disguise themselves in different forms.

When you know how to take advantage of the smallest opportunities,

the big opportunities will come naturally to you,

and you can fully seize them.

Modern life gives people many opportunities to rise up

and assert themselves.

What will you do with those opportunities,

seize them and make the most of them,

or just let them pass in vain?

Opportunity is always within reach of the brave and patient,

So, find your opportunities by thinking hard,

listening and observing the life around you.

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