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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Mom

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 59: Mom

There is the highest and greatest love in the world

– that does not fade with the years

– is the love of a mother for her child. – Noname


There is nothing more sacred than brotherhood.

Parents love you,

children love you

– that’s not surprising,

because even animals know how to love their parents.

But sticking together by bloodline,

only humans have that ability. – Gogol


Have you ever seen a mother eagle teaching her baby to fly?

When the baby eagles have enough feathers,

the mother eagle will push her baby out of the nest.

That is how the mother eagle teaches her children the courage

and confidence to face the storms of life. – Napoleon Hill


Mother is the sweetest and most sacred call in all languages,

a call that always rings with sacred tones, full of love.

Mother’s love is the only unconditional love we can receive in life.

Nothing compares to the sacred moment

of a woman becoming a mother

for the first time.

It is the greatest and greatest human experience.

Nothing can compare to a mother’s love for her child

as well as the great happiness

when a mother sees her children grow up and mature.

Our life becomes more beautiful

because of the mother.

You are the immortal monument in my heart,

the source of my love.

You give wings to my dreams to fly high,

fly forever,

and be a peaceful shore to which,

success or failure,

I long to return.

If one day, you stumble in life,

your career goes bankrupt,

your love is broken, or someone betrays you,

think of your mother and the expectations

He has for you.

When you find your mother

– whether in the flesh or in your thoughts

– you will feel much more comforted and happier.

Don’t hurt your mother with your rash actions or words.

Cherish every moment you spend with your mother.

Don’t let your mother worry.

Write letters and call your mother in all circumstances,

and visit her whenever you can.

Let your mother’s presence be your source of spiritual encouragement.

And if unfortunately,

your mother has returned to the nine springs,

let the memories of him continue to guide

and encourage you like

when he was alive.

A mother is your first friend,

your best friend,

your forever friend in all your life. – Aysa angel

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