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Law of Attraction! Make dream come true

Chapter 1: Make dream come true

The Secret teaches you that if you want something,

you must follow the three step Creation Process of asking, believing, and receiving.

You need to ask for the universe to know what you want.

Then you need to trust that your request has been conveyed,

and the last and most important step is acceptance,

which means that you must elicit all the bright, satisfying emotions.

Pray and rejoice just like when your wish has really come true.

Of these three steps of the Creative Process,

the one that is the biggest hindrance that makes it difficult

for anyone to apply the Secret of Success, is the third step.

Most people have no trouble Asking and Believing,

but the way you Accept it right

or wrong makes the difference between success

and failure in everything:

Health, relationships, finances ,

or any area where you want to improve in your life.

The requirement is to define a clear purpose.

This is the process by which you inculcate what you want into your mind.

Once you shape your purpose,

you will no longer beg for favors from a saint or almighty being.

We made the universe, the universe did not make us.

I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Top 100 if you know before your career will grow up

If you are in deep dreamless sleep and none of your senses are active,

it is as if your universe has ceased to exist.

Everything around us that we can see or touch is real only

when they are still connected to some of our senses.

Different animals with different levels

of perception will have countless different perspectives on the world.

For example, scientists have shown that,

while we humans are fascinated by the beauty of a colorful flower garden

bees can see a broader spectrum of light,

and Thus, the very color or outline of the flowers

that we cannot see functions as a map to guide the finders to pollen and nectar.

“The more we focus on a definite purpose,

the more we can make use of the multitude

of events in space-time to achieve the results we want.” – Deepak Chopra


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The second step of the Creative Process is Trust.

Trust is what you need to have in this step.

Having faith means

that you must realize the value of what you have asked for,

truly feel that it will satisfy you,

and be certain that you will receive it.

This will help you better focus on your goals

and bring you closer to the finish line.

Belief gives you the ability to devote your

whole being to a single thing, and it becomes the power of trust.

Believe in yourself.

Confidence is the essence of Buddhism

and its power cannot be overestimated.

Few requirements and lack of trust will make it difficult for you to succeed.

Maybe you believe you got what you wanted,

but maybe you missed the feeling when you reached your goal.

For example, making more money is your goal

and you believe you have made more money than you really are,

but these feelings will be nothing compared to the overwhelming feeling you would have

if someone suddenly hands you a suitcase full of large denominations.

The ability to focus these emotions will determine the third step, acceptance.

With this final step,

you will imprint in your mind what we often call an emotional mental image of

when you achieve your goal with all the appreciation

and joy that will flow with you,

this real event.

So it’s important to realize that the Creative Process doesn’t simply involve thought,

but also requires emotions to work at different levels.

It requires the power of emotional psychological images.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Whether dreams come true in your life depends

on how clear the message you send into the universe is,

what emotional psychological image you create.

These images, the vibrations and emotions that drive them,

will determine how the Law of Attraction becomes a reality in your life.

If you can conjure up clear images in your head

and infuse your feelings of depth and intensity,

the desire to achieve your goals,

you greatly increase your chances of making your dreams come true. truth.

Anyone can imagine themselves achieving a goal or getting something that they have long wanted.

For example, when you think of a dream car,

you can immediately call to mind its specific image.

What makes the difference between a dream come true

and a dream come true,

putting you in the driver’s seat of your dream car

is your ability to infuse emotions into these psychological images.

The brighter and more emotional that image is in your head,

the clearer it will be until it’s really funny emerge in your life.

All mammals pigs, dogs, monkeys

or humans have psychological images.

What sets us apart from other species is our ability

to infuse emotions into these images.

Other mammals lack the imagination and thinking capacity to do so.

We often think that imagination is just a work on the same level of thinking as the brain,

but when we add to those imaginations emotional levels,

we take it to a higher level of awareness.

At this level, they give us energy so powerful

that we can achieve anything we desire.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Most of us distinguish between the images we hold of the past (memories)

and the stories we imagine.

We always think memories are real and other stories are just virtual.

But if we look more deeply,

we will realize that they are actually the same thing.

Neuroscientists assert that we cannot distinguish between memories

and images produced without direct contact with one of the five senses.

The only difference between these two types of images is their clarity.

If you can create a clear mental picture,

emotions will come into play and ideas will go from mere fantasy to reality.

Many experiments have proven

that simply imagining an experience has as strong an effect on our brains as when we actually perform it;

In both of these cases, the brain responds

by making neural connections in response to stimuli.

The brain does not distinguish between memories or imagination.

Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably. C.S. Lewis quotes

When we imagine something regularly, that thought strengthens

and we begin to perform a process

that is fundamentally different from what we had expected.

Instead of experiencing these emotions through the five senses

and then translating them into input for psychological images,

we start right away with psychological images

and then project them into the world,

and turn them into reality.

The Buddha taught “dependent origination”

to explain the cause,

and effect relationship in the endless reincarnation of people in the cycle of life.

When a certain connection is made,

the outside world is perceived through the doors of the senses,

the eyes to see, the nose to smell.

Once there is this connection,

the feelings are pleasant or unpleasant or neutral,

nature will appear in us.

Aspirations will also arise in response to these emotions

The reverse sequence would be this:

Desire ⇒ Emotion ⇒ Contact ⇒ Sense perceives the outside world.

Aspirations and emotions in this cycle will create a picture in our head.

When this painting reaches a sufficiently high energy level,

it will appear, our five senses will relate

to the embodiment of this image in a way that suits our aspiration.

By creating a clear picture of the future with emotions as strong

and clear as the images of the past,

you will be able to make them come true.

When these images become part of your higher consciousness,

what some like to call spiritual self-esteem,

you can really begin to forge your future.

According to quantum theorists,

there are an infinite number of possible futures

but only one will come.

It means that the future you will experience depends entirely on the images in your head

because you are the only one

who has the power to create your own destiny.

Most people have had experiences with hallucinatory memories.

Although we know for sure

that this is the first time we meet this person,

come to this place or be in this situation,

we feel like we have met before.

If we look at illusory memories

through the lens of the Law of Attraction,

we will understand

that this reality must have been created by our own thoughts.

This often happens in dreams,

when we watch TV or read books,

when our minds are open and unconsciously accepting information,

these mental images can enter our heads,

and then maybe we’ll see each other again in the future.

Psychedelic memories are actually just representations

of these images from our unconscious mind.

If we pay attention to these mental pictures

and find ways to clarify the images in our heads,

we will bring them from the depths of the unconscious

to the surface of the everyday world.

Some people have what we call a “hunch”:

images in their heads of an event that later become reality.

But in fact, it is only a psychological image that is realized.

So don’t be surprised if a future event,

once locked in our minds

as a psychological image,

becomes reality at the right time.

If you’ve ever experienced a hallucinatory memory,

you’ve also had a mental image in your head in the form

of a premonition that you don’t know tires this month.

Next month,

I will buy wheels and next month will be shock absorbers.

In about two years,

I’ll have the whole car.”

It may sound ridiculous, but by visualizing your dream like this,

your friend increases her chances of having her dream in real life.

Whether that dream comes true

or not depends on the stability and solidity of the image in his mind.

If that picture is unshakable, he will surely have his car.

When children play with puzzles,

build models or similar activities,

children often have an emotional mental image of the final destination

and they automatically think from that goal back

to each correct action to get it.

You can also practice creating emotional images of yourself,

and the easiest way to do that is to engage in activities

where the end goal is clear in your mind from the start.

You may wonder:

what if what you asked for could not come true according to the laws of nature?

For example, you keep an image in your mind

that you are flying in the sky with the wings of a bird.

Letting go of this fantasy,

if a mental image is strong enough,

the nerves will exchange positive messages.

It will manifest in your creative thinking and a seemingly funny

or utopian concept will become a reality.

Airplanes were born precisely this way:

people imagine that they can fly like birds.



In times of war,

every soldier wants to be a winner.

However, it is important to distinguish clearly

between feeling like winning and feeling confident that one will win.

In sports, when underdogs host a team that has never been defeated,

there will be thousands of people in the stands cheering them on despite the odds,

giving the away team their first taste of defeat.

If thought has the power of attraction,

how can we explain it if the home team is defeated?

What has been missed here is the true belief of the fans that their team will win.

Many of their fans prayed and asked some supernatural force

to give their team victory,

and then thought that this victory was just a miracle of life.

They don’t really trust that their end goal will be recognized.

There are many times on the pitch

where the underdog is the winner

and the key to this difference has always been faith.

In 1980, the US Hockey Olympic Team drew lots in the same group as Russia.

Many were surprised when the United States won one half of the match,

and most analysts at the time were certain that Russia was the winner.

The US team is almost full of young amateur faces

and when Russia pounded them 10-1 in the previous friendly,

the defeat of the US team was undisputed.

Trust makes the difference.

While the Russian coach chose to let the team rest before the match,

the US coach put his players in intense practice.

They are inspired and realize every little piece of their puzzle;

they defeated the Russian team and won the gold medal.

If your beliefs are unshakable,

you won’t care what obstacles your opponent’s stature can cause you.

You may wonder whether your belief leads you to success

or the knowledge that you will win leads you to it.

The answer remains the same, in a football match,

the team that scored first but still worked hard for the victory will still have the belief

that they will win.

If that’s not the case, maybe it’s

because they’ve given up on their goal because anyway,

losing is still losing regardless of the score.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

All the best actors in the world know the Secret,

at least in their field of activity.

They close their eyes and imagine the character they will play in the movie.

Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day Lewis is an example.

He has a deep understanding of The Secret and uses it in his films.

In 1989, while acting in the film My Left Foot,

which earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor,

he played a paralyzed man so deeply

that he refused to play the middle shots,

had people carry him from shot to shot and in the end,

he broke two ribs while hunched over in a wheelchair for post-production.

It’s not just actors who understand The Secret.

All talented people in different fields understand but often,

they see their success as a gift from their superiors and as such,

they can never explain their success by themselves to others.

Talented screenwriters think in pictures.

They create perfect images then script is based on that.

The true creative genius will see the film as a

whole and then begin to make it a reality.

With this in mind,

they can surprise and captivate audiences.

Apply this method to your life.

You are writing the script of your life.

You can create an amazing life as screenwriters link imaginative details

to a script by first understanding your definite goals

and then completely trusting your execution,

its perfection.

Equip it with unshakably coherent images,

and then outline the main ideas of how to achieve your goals,

success will manifest itself as it is made in the scripts.

People around will be amazed at your success.

It all comes down to creating images of the future in your mind

and using them as the stage for the stages of your life.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Usually when we read a book

or watch a movie,

we don’t dare to see the ending first that’s absolutely taboo.

This instinct is buried in our unconscious,

and so we don’t think clearly about the ending chapters compared

to other parts of our lives.

But the truth is that the end of a life is not the same

as the end of a movie or a story.

The authors have predestined their endings

and we are writing and starring in our life stories.

So the scenes in your life can end however you want.

You can pre-choose an ending for it and then go back from

there and make it come true like the great writers did.

Give yourself a happy ending and then write each part of the script

that leads to that reality.

“Just looking and not seeing is horrible.”-Helen Keller

When a director edits, they shoot scenes in different processes

within the same texture layer of the script.

Sometimes, the last scenes are shot first

because the director can see the

whole scene more clearly through his mind’s eye.

Each single shot then contained the power of vision actors fail

to convey the director’s vision in a certain scene,

the director will shout “cut” and turn around

until the emotional symbol in his head becomes a reality.

Each scene in the director’s head is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle

that is slowly put together

to bring to life what he envisioned.

Before the Microsoft Windows operating system,

operating a computer was a tedious job.

You only need to know the single statements

to go from the first step to the last step.

Bill Gates saw this weakness

and imagined a more user-friendly interface.

Led by an emotional psychological image,

Gates set out to create.

He went from the end to the beginning of his work

and revolutionized the personal computer users.

When Gates was developing Windows,

there were many more talented software developers than him,

but he broke away from them

and ended up becoming one of the richest people on the planet

by turning the pyramid upside down:

thinking from the end to the beginning.

Starting with the last solution in mind

and not worrying about how will make things easier.

Imagine the following scenario.

A ship, because it was too tall,

got stuck under a bridge.

The captain telegraphed the local staff

and a team of engineers with all the latest equipment was dispatched.

Engineers are very confused by this problem.

Hours passed and still there was no solution

to get the ship across the bridge.

When they were about to give up,

a boy who had seen the whole scene

from the beginning commented:

“Why don’t we put more weight on the ship

so it sinks deeper into the water?”

The boy had an emotional image in his mind

of the train passing easily over the bridge,

and the solution to the problem naturally appearing in a very simple way.

A lot of inventions have come about

because of the ability to see the results first:

cars with automatic transmissions,

automatic weapons,

video games, and all the machines that changed

from steam engines to engines jet engine.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Marketing and advertising professionals understand

very well the power of emotional imagery

and mental images.

This has been confirmed by many strong brands.

Leaders of business companies know

that their success is tied to their ability to build

and brand their products and products in the minds of their customers.

Coke is a prime example,

a short name

that even with billions of dollars you can’t buy Coca-Cola.

Coke is a word associated with the image

that has been deeply imprinted in the unconscious of customers around the world.

Companies with strong brands

that strictly protect their image.

For example, a professional car manufacturer would have

to recall tens of thousands of cars

if a small defect was discovered in a new model.

The company’s image is in jeopardy,

so they are willing to pay hundreds of millions

to fix this seemingly small problem.

Companies also build relationships with customers through their slogans.

A bank with the slogan “one customer at a time”

will give a small customer a feeling

that they are important and when they succeed later,

they will feel that this bank also plays a part

for their success and continue to be a loyal customer.

In the same way, a politician will come up with his campaign slogan:

“A name you can trust”

because they know how powerful a word is once it’s attached,

closely tied to the public mind.

Psychologists have proven the power of words

to create dramatic images

that extend far beyond business and politics;

even the psychological images attached

to a person’s name can cause intense resonance.

Someone with a common name,

like John Smith,

will have a very different life from someone named River Storm,

for example: the power to create psychological images

of names is especially strong

when it evokes memories of people we love or admire.



I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Everything created in this world comes from the vivid imagination

of man’s childhood.

Architects build houses exactly as they see in their minds.

Car manufacturers design cars to suit the needs of customers

based on their imagination and creativity.

The designer will first create samples

that are comparable in size to the actual product

so that colleagues get a clear view

of the image that comes to their mind.

We can change anything in our lives to be the way we want it to be.

From now on, create a picture of the house you want to live in 10 years from now

and the car you want to own.

Trust those images and imagine them over

and over again with conviction in their power.

These images will get sharper and sharper

until they penetrate your unconscious.

The rest will happen automatically.

In 10 years, you will have the house

and car of your dreams, real ownership.

“If you don’t have a bit of an imagination of what you want,

you’ll never get it.”- John lennon

We often think of money as God.

We believe that money has the extraordinary power

to make all dreams come true.

The truth is that “God” is our mind,

the power of our own mind is much greater than money.

Your thoughts are the real creative force in your life.

It can give you what money can never buy like love,



Money can buy you the house and car of your dreams,

but thinking can do more.

Thinking not only helps you get both of those things,

but also infuses them with love and warmth.

Someone once asked Henry Ford if there was an afterlife,

would he want to be rich.

He replied that if there was an afterlife,

he didn’t care if he was born in silk or not.

He said he just wanted a wife like his wife.

Henry Ford’s wife played a very important role in his success.

Whenever he became depressed,

his wife would help him focus on the image of success in his mind.

He understood that if she was with him again,

success would come naturally to him.

Moreover, he loved her so sincerely

and deeply that he realized that without her,

he might still be rich,

but what value would his life be

without this great love in his life!

Everyone who has had a successful life realizes this.

If you ask them whether they will choose

between the power of thought or money or wealth in the next life,

they will all choose the power of thought.

They understand

that with this power they can achieve anything they want.

On the other hand,

if they are rich and affluent

but one does not have these understandings,

the money will soon disappear

and they will not be able to earn it again.

Children are taught the “value of money”

from an early age of two or three,

but the power of thought,

a power that works much more strongly

to make dreams come true is forgotten again.

In fact, even most adults don’t quite understand the Secret.

The reason why people like money is

because they think that what can’t be bought

with money can be bought with a lot of money.

Only a few people realize that thinking loudness

and inspiration can bring more to their lives than anything money can buy.

These people understood the Secret

and they became wealthy.

This is not by luck or fate,

they are rich by their thoughts.


Chapter 1: Top Secrets


I am wife of self-made millionaire. – Cherry Nguyen

Understand the Creative Process properly

and clearly and your potential for success will increase dramatically:

Request by stating a clear intention,

without requiring any external resources.

Trust means having unwavering faith in the process and in yourself.

Embracing means conjuring up emotional mental images,

energizing your mental images

by seeing your purpose with a sense of triumph.

Winners are those who believe they will win.

If you completely believe in something

and want it to happen in your life, it will.

Setting a clear goal is like writing a script for your life.

Focus your mind on the goals and the end result,

and then slowly analyze

and find a way back to the essential points

that will lead to the end.

See the whole path and believe in yourself.

Everything that man creates in this material world

is thanks to his imagination.

As a picture becomes more and more clear,

it automatically turns into reality.

When you can create mental images of your future

that are as clear as the memories you have experienced in the past,

you will be able to bring those images into your real future.

Creating emotional psychological images

is the process of “receiving” as in the book The Secret said.

If you can fully anticipate happiness,



and peace or any other emotion

that will come when you achieve your dreams,

then your intentions you have no choice

but to be a reality in your life.

Names and slogans create special effects on the people who choose,


and hear them.

Why? Because emotional images are automatically associated

with the words that appear in their minds.

Insert emotional psychological images into your thoughts.

The clearer they are,

the more you believe,

the easier it will be for you to realize your dreams.

You can practice creating emotional images.

You can play with them freely

but you have to connect

with your emotions and accept to see them come and go.

We will discuss this in more depth in later chapters.

It seems that some people’s prayers are answered more often than others.

Not because they are blessed by a certain superior,

but because they are talented creators of emotional images.

That is the Law of Attraction that works.

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