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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Loyalty

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 11: Loyalty

Loyalty is the best thing you can give someone.

Truth,  friendship and love all depend on this. — Elvis Presley


This is an important point that many people often overlook:

When a person starts working more than his area of responsibility,

he is already starting to be paid well.

It is a sad fact that 98% of people

who receive a daily wage usually have no greater purpose

than to get that salary.

Therefore, no matter how much and how well they do,

the fairy’s carriage of opportunity still passes them,

and the fairy just gives them the salary they expect,

nothing more,

nothing less.

– because they never expected

or asked for anything more. — Naopleon Hill


Writer Elbert Hubbard says

that if an employee is not loyal to their employer,

it is better to quit and find another job

– it will be better for both the employer and himself.

Loyalty is an important factor

because if you do not feel secure to work,

you cannot do well and develop.

People pay you not based on the hours you work

but on the quality of your work. — Don M. Green,


Loyalty is one of the most important factors contributing

to the success of the organization in general

and of each individual in particular.

If there is no loyalty,

the employee will not focus on his work

or contribute fully to the organization.

When you are aware of the value of trust in leaders,

colleagues or partners

and are always determined to complete all tasks thoroughly,

you will definitely succeed.

When he applied for a job

as an assistant to writer Elbert Hubbard,

Felix Shay had to pass a very odd test.

Hubbard asked Shay to walk a horse around the barn 100 times

and write a 1,000-word essay on the life of honey bees.

This is Elbert Hubbard’s way of testing Felix Shay’s loyalty.

Shay quietly followed Hubbard’s request without question.

As a result,

Shay became Hubbard’s most trusted assistant;

The two were together for a long time

until Hubbard died in the Titanic disaster.

Today, companies pay employees based on ability

and quality of work,

not on the number of hours they work.

So when you dedicate yourself to your work,

you will be rewarded.

But sadly not all of us are aware of this.

Most salaried people carry the mentality of “work all day”

without paying much attention to the quality

and efficiency of the day’s work.

People often justify their failures with many reasons.

But arguably, the most basic reason is

that they have not been in control of their own lives.

In the face of material temptations and their own weakness,

many people have lost themselves.

Making themselves disloyal,

they lose the trust of relatives,

friends and colleagues.

Nothing can replace loyalty and trust.

It is the basis of trust

as well as the relationship

between leaders and associates,

between service staff and customers,

and between partners.

Loyalty is the surest and fairest path to success,

both at work and in everyday life.

Loyalty will help you keep your faith to overcome all difficulties

and challenges of life.

More importantly,

it helps you stay on top of whatever situation you’re in.

Be faithful to your work,

your relationships,

and yourself.

When you help others feel important,

you help yourself feel important too. — David J. Schwartz

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