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Get Rich Your Way! Learn how to get rich! Brian Tracy


“When your desires are strong enough,

you will seem to have extraordinary powers to achieve them.”- Napoleon Hill

If someone with limited capacity can become rich,

why do so few people become rich?

Although we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world,

where most people make money

and take advantage of their fortunes during their working lives,

why do most people end up subsistence?

dependent on social security funds, pensions

and relatives when they quit their jobs?

If a person earns $25,000 per year,

simply save $2,500 per year,

equal to 10% of his or her income,

and carefully invest that money

to earn 10% compound interest over his or her working life,

that person

– from age 21 to age 65 (44 years)

– That savings will gradually increase to $1,794,762 thanks

to the magic of compound interest.

If a slow minded young man with no advantage in the world could become rich

(see Introduction) and one earns $25,000 a year,

save 10% of his income and have

If you can become a millionaire

or someone with millions of dollars,

anyone with that kind of ambition can become rich.



The first question to ask is “Why don’t people become rich?”.

In a country like the United States with the opportunities we have,

why are there so few people in retirement with good money?

I finally found the answer.

Here are 5 reasons why people don’t become rich.

Place of origin?

First of all,

the top reason is that wealth has never arisen in their heads.

An ordinary person grows up in a family

where he has never met

or known a rich person,

he only knows how to go to school

and socialize with other ordinary people.

Then working with people who are not rich

and playing with people

who are as ordinary as him,

he will never have an idol of wealth.

If this happens to you during the early stages

of your life up to the age of 20,

you can grow up and become a fully grown person in a society

where the desire to get rich has never flashed.

In your mind, the possibility of becoming rich

is less likely to you as it is to anyone.

This is why people who grow up in affluent parents’ families are more likely

to become rich in adulthood than children

who grow up in non-wealthy parents’ homes.

Wealth achievement is part of the worldview of children in families

with wealthy parents.

So the first reason why people don’t become rich is

because that desire never crossed their minds.

And of course,

if they never had that thought,

they never would have taken any of the necessary steps

to make it happen.


Another reason why people don’t become rich is

that they have never decided

to fulfill their desire to become rich.

Whether a person reads a book on how to get rich,

attends a business conference,

or collaborates with financially successful people,

nothing will change until he

or she makes a decision intended to do something else.

Although the desire to get rich flashes in the thought that it is possible

to become rich if one just insists on doing something in one’s own way,

but does not decide to take the first step,

in the end one still standing still.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done,

you’ll keep getting what you’ve always had.

The main reason for not achieving the expected success

and failing is that most people don’t make the decision

to make it to success.

They never make a definitive decision

or guarantee that they will become rich.

They only intend, intend,

and hope that they will become rich.

They wish, hope and pray to God to make a lot of money,

but they never decide “I will get rich!”.

This decision is an important first step towards becoming rich.

Maybe until tomorrow

Procrastination can prevent people from becoming rich.

People always have every reason not to start doing the things

they know they need to do to get rich.

They always think that the time is not right

or the time is not yet ripe.

The business conditions in their industry are unreliable

or not very good.

The market is not as expected.

They can be at risk

or there are no guarantees.

Maybe until next year.

There always seems to be a reason to procrastinate.

So they keep on fiddling with it,

month after month,

and year after month until it’s too late.

Although it flashed in his mind that he could become rich

and decided to change, procrastination would push

all his plans into the uncertain future.

Procrastination is a thief of time and life.

The cost means is that the insatiable demand

for gratification is another reason people retire in poverty.

Most people cannot resist spending every penny they earn

and anything they can borrow or buy short.

If you can’t resist the demands of gratification

and force yourself to abstain from spending everything you earn,

you can’t become rich.

If you don’t have fundamental habits in your life,

you won’t be able to reach financial abundance.

As W. Clement Stone,

founder of the General Insurance Company of America

and one of the richest people in the world, said,

“If you don’t save money,

you don’t have the seeds of wealth. in people”.

Foresight The final reason people fall into poverty

when they quit their jobs is perhaps no less important

than all of the reasons just mentioned.

It is the lack of foresight.

A study that spanned the 1950s

and was published in book form in 1964

as The City Not Heaven,

Harvard University’s Dr. Edward Banfield investigated the reasons

for the transformation of the rapid socioeconomic development in the United States.

He wants to know how you can predict how an individual

or a family will advance to one

or more socioeconomic class groups

and whether they will be richer in the next generation

than the current generation,

at theirs or not.

Banfield researched and compared his findings against

the most widely documented explanations

of economic success in the United States and in other countries.

Is it because of the level of education?

No, actually,

many people with a good education are not very successful economically.

Is it intellectual ability?

Not. There are many people who are very smart

but are poor and can’t make a living.

Are they from well-to-do families?

Not. Many people are born into rich families

but become poor when they grow up,

while many people who do not study well become very successful.

Are they powerful in society?

Do they live in a highly industrialized country?

Are they lucky?

What factors can reliably predict

when a person will advance economically?

Plan for the future

Banfield’s research led him to the only factor

that he was able to conclude more accurately about predicting success

in the United States than any other factor:

foresight, namely ” The period of time you identify

for your daily activity plan and important life decisions.”

Foresight refers to the extent to which you plan for the future

when deciding what you will and will not do now.

An example of foresight

is the common practice of upper-class families in England,

of enrolling their children in Oxford

or Cambridge as soon as they are born,

even though they are very young.

These children don’t attend these schools

until they are 18 or 19 years old.

Thinking over such a long period of time leads parents

to open savings accounts for their children to ensure

that they will attend prestigious universities

after they graduate from high school.

Saving and planning for the future is realistic foresight.

A young couple starting to save $50 a month

for an education fund so their new baby can get into the college

or university they look forward to is a couple’s foresight.

They are willing to make sacrifices in a short time

to ensure better results

and outcomes in the long run.

Visionaries almost always advance economically in the course of their lives.

The price to pay up front a person

who graduated from high school

and continues to attend medical college

to earn a doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree in the US

will have to persevere through an internship and a residency,

and then after 10 or more 10 years New training

to become a licensed doctor,

must also have the ability to see far.

Would like allowed to practice as a doctor,

he had to sacrifice and endure his gratification needs

for many years

in order to gain prestige, social status,

and a happy life.

For 10 to 12 years working and studying

is a way of investing in his career

for the rest of his life.

His foresight also ensures a happier life

as well as a better education

for his children and more opportunities for them.

His child will most likely get married to a prestigious family

and will have the desire to get rich to have a beautiful life.

The time it takes to become a future doctor takes more than 10 years of education

to start a career that can last a lifetime for a generation or two,

50 to 70 years.

I intuitively feel that as a doctor,

someone has to spend so many years in school

so that he can become the person we and our families need

when it comes to health care

he and I am the one who wins everyone’s respect.

Understanding the value of such thinking might be

why family doctors often come out on top when conducting surveys

of the most respected people in American society.

Attitude is the most important thing

Foresight is a substantive measure of social class.

A rich family or well-educated will have an advantage,

but ultimately your thinking

and your planning for the future

to embark on your day-to-day business

and in your life will define his career and prestige.

If a couple immigrated to the United States with nothing,

had to work as domestic workers

and make sacrifices

so that their children could go to school and attend college,

then that couple is a class of proof.

This ability, whether they are now rich or poor,

has nothing to say.

They are almost certain of the ability

to transform social classes for themselves

and their descendants.

The opposite of foresight is short-sightedness.

The average career person can see 10, 15 or 20 years or more.

Ordinary manual workers know how

to look beyond 2 pay periods.

The abandoned,

the drug addict,

the frustrated

or the alcoholic is at the bottom of the chart;

pyramid society,

they can only see for hours or even minutes.

They don’t think about the future,

they just need the next glass of wine or injection.

The status and direction of each person’s life

from the upper class

to the lower class in society is determined

by their ability to foresight.

Thinking about the future

It is the impact of broadening your horizons

and thinking about the future that will change your attitude and personality.

You begin your process of getting rich

by thinking 10 or 20 years in advance.

As you do, you become more likely to set larger

and longer-term goals and come up with long-term plans to accomplish.

You will think more critically about your decisions

and will be more sensitive

to the long-term consequences

of how you invest your time or money.

You develop more patience and willpower.

Actually you become a better

and more positive person.

From this point forward,

expand your horizons.

Start seeing everything you’re doing today as part of the process

long-term impact for your career,

if not becoming rich,

it will definitely help you become financially prosperous.

This is the will of those

who continuously move forward

and advance throughout their lives.

Stick with your career

Many people start a job or start a career

and it never occurs to them that they can do the same thing for 20 or 25 years.

Nor do they feel they should invest time,


and effort in figuring out how to make their work so elite.

You should be willing to make any sacrifice

so that you can excel in what you do.

This makes it possible for you

to achieve the highest possible achievement in that field.

Although it takes years of hard work to reach the top,

with foresight you will have to persevere.

You will clearly see the time once gone never come back.

The most important question is how much money will you earn

from today to 5 years from now?



There are five reasons why people are still poor in retirement:

One is that they never thought they could become rich.

Second, if they had that thought,

but they never decided to get rich.

Third, if they decide to do something to improve their economic life,

they procrastinate and sometimes miss it for the rest of their lives.

Fourth, they cannot close themselves to their gratification needs

in order to avoid spending all they earn and leaving little behind.

Fifth, they do not know how to see far.

They only know how to think

and act for each immediate day

and month without setting future plans

for the next 10 years and 20 years.



If you’re really passionate about getting rich,

there are five main ways you can build a fortune.

Become an Entrepreneur

The number one road to riches,

topping the list and topping the best-selling record list

throughout American history is entrepreneurship,

starting and building a successful business.

Entrepreneurs include all types of businesses,

from farming and transportation to real estate

and computer businesses.

Going back 200 years, 74% of the self-made millionaires

in the United States came from self-employed businesses.

An individual who starts with the idea of ​​a product or service,

turns it into a business,

builds it from the ground up,

and then becomes rich.

Henry Ford,

Andrew Carnegie,

John Jacob Astor,

Cornelius Vanderbilt,

Ross Perot,

Sam Walton,

Bill Gates,

Michael Dell

and Larry Ellison are all people who have started with little or nothing,

building businesses are successful

and there are millions of others.

Advance your career

Another way to become rich is as a well-paid senior officer

in a successful company

or as an employee of a recognized company.

reward stock options that become of great value.

10% of the self-made millionaires in the US are those

who joined large companies

or larger expansion companies later

and they worked for these companies for many years.

They often work hard,

are promoted and paid well;

they acquired stock options,


and profit sharing and by holding shareholder equity

became millionaires and mega-millionaires.

Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded

and built the Microsoft company,

he sold all his assets to buy many shares of this company

when he fell ill and is now a multi-millionaire.

The Seattle area is famous

for having so many “Microsoft Millionaires”

who went to work for Microsoft in the 70s and 80s,

sometimes secretaries

and programmers who received stock options

and become rich when they exercise this option.

Many of the company’s senior executives received millions of dollars’ worth of extra

and profit sharing in just one year.

Working for a large growing company,

paying well

and sharing its profits is the main source of wealth.

Many company executives remain with their companies for many years,

they have risen to more senior positions

and are very well paid,

given stock options, profit sharing

and profit sharing more

and thanks to holding shareholders’ equity,

they became millionaires.

Not long ago,

Lee Iacocca,

president of Chrysler Corporation,

was paid $26.7 million in a year.

Michael Eisner at the Disney Company earned $150 million in dividends.

Becoming a self-made millionaire shouldn’t be too difficult

if you make money doing something like that every year.

Become a source of self-made millionaires consists mainly of professionals

– doctors,




engineers and others with a high degree of advertising,

who can earn high fees paid for their services.

These people are qualified, committed

to work to achieve great results,

reach the top of their profession,

get high income and hold stocks.

10% of millionaires in America fall into this category.

Step into business

An important source of self-made millionaires are entrepreneurs

and business consultants.

5% of millionaires in the United States are business professionals

and are at the top of their fields of business.

They never started their own business.

Only a few of them have gone to college

or have professional qualifications,

instead they have become very good at selling products

or services and are well paid for their work.

In addition, they manage their money well,

invest wisely and create financial resources

to grow until they become millionaires or more.

All 99% of the self-made millionaires in America come

from these four categories:

1. Self-employed businesses 74%

2. Senior executive positions 10%

3. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals 10%

4. Business people and business consultants 5%

Total 99%

All others

The final 1% of self-made millionaires include all stock market earners,

patent holders,

gig acts,

book and music authors,

lottery winners,

and all sorts of other sources.

Unfortunately, this group of people are in close contact with the people,

so many people mistakenly think that they are typical of the wealthy.

In fact, rich people in this group of people are quite rare.

In this book,

we will focus on studying how

to become a money magnet

and how to achieve rich money by starting a business,

investing wisely,

stepping on the path of growth.

Current career quickly to the top of your field

and combination with two

or more of these practices.

You will learn how to recognize opportunities and how to initiate them.

You’ll learn how to get the capital you need,

how to maximize your talents and abilities,

and how to gain the knowledge you need

to be financially successful in whatever field you choose.



Let’s start with the most appropriate definition of wealth.

Wealth is money brought in from other sources.

You can make a lot of money,

but you are only rich when your money works for you.

To become rich,

your business must earn money,

and then put it to work to earn more and more money.

The secret to getting rich is not complicated.

It’s called value added.

Successful people are those

who find a way to somehow add value

to a person

or business,

to a product or a service.

Here is an example of added value:

Domino’s pizza.

Domino’s adds value to pizza with fast delivery

and has created a multi-million dollar success story.

Faster deliveries add value product perception

and reduce price sensitivity.

You can add value by buying something in one place

for one price and making it consumable elsewhere at a higher price.

For example, buying a product

or service made in Hong Kong,

Taiwan, Japan or Germany,

importing it and selling it in the US at a higher price

is one way of adding value.

All imports and distributions are based on this principle.

You can add value to services.

You can perform a service to enhance the life

or work of another person,

or you can enable someone to achieve a goal faster,


cheaper or more convenient.

This is another way to add value.

A painless tooth extraction by a dentist adds value.

An accountant who reduces the tax levied on a client adds value.

Salespeople introducing new products or services

to customers will also add value.

The vast majority of fortune-making opportunities

in the United States begin

with a personal services business.



All financial success rests on the old adage

of finding a need and satisfying it,

especially business success.

The subjective theory of value holds that all value is

in the eye of the beholder.

Something has value only

when someone else pays for it.

People decide the price they will pay based on perceived demand

for the product or service

and the choices available.

Successful business relies on someone bringing the factors

of production together


labor, capital, raw materials,

and management,

and creating a product or service that customers will pay

for pay a price higher

than the full cost of production.

This is how the entrepreneur adds value

to the entire mix of components

that must be put into the process

of creating a product or service.

The difference between the cost

of production plus the cost of delivery

and the price the customer pays

for the product or service is called profit or added value.

Profit is the surplus that creates wealth.

Whenever you see an opportunity

to give people what they want

for more than it costs you to produce it,

you have an opportunity to make a profit.

If you can create a profitable way,

you can build a business

and start moving toward financial success.

Nearly any profitable job or career can make you rich

with money if you manage it wisely.



Surprisingly, businesses run by self-made millionaires are often nothing too special.

People get rich from the construction industry

and trading in building materials.

They became rich by conducting dry cleaning facilities

and eateries and refreshments.

Some of them are truck drivers

and auctioneers,

ranchers and crane operators,

computer software designers

and machine tool manufacturers.

In fact, any field that offers an opportunity to get ahead

and make a profit can be seen as a boon to get rich.

The key for you to make work better

and more efficient

than others is to stay profitable

and the money you earn as a result.

People often ask me which field they should be in

if they want to make a lot of money.

The answer to this question will often vary,

as consumer wants,

requirements, needs and desires are always changing.

During the 1990s the boom in technology companies

and the boom in Internet commerce companies gave rise

to more and more millionaires, as many as 10,000 a week!

When these stock options companies collapsed,

much of the newfound wealth disappeared, giving rise

to a skyrocketing housing

and real estate market across the country.

No one knows for sure where tomorrow’s fast-growing opportunities will occur,

but they will continue to arise and die

as long as customers want to keep changing,

creating opportunities for those with Ambitious business owner.



Tom Fatjo, founder of Browning Ferris Industries,

is a famous success story.

He started out as an accountant.

Since no one else would take the weekly trash

to his family and neighbors,

he bought a truck and started hauling his own trash after work.

Before long, the neighboring neighborhood had no one to serve this

and the city government also asked him to see

if he would carry the garbage for them?

He became rich by standardizing the local garbage trucking industry

and later spreading it across the country,

which had never been done before.

By initiating mass production methods

and creating new capacities,

he made garbage hauling a hugely profitable business

and became one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world,

most in the country.

Colonel Harland Sanders became rich

at age 65 by selling recipes for fried chicken.

Debbie Fields has four children at home,

starting a small shop and becoming rich selling milkshakes,

as well as Famous Amos.

In each case, the entrepreneur captures an existing need or taste,

and then seeks to provide a high-quality product or service,

combined with an efficient way of operating

to make the company possible,

generate high profits.



The logical question then arises:

“What do rich people do

or what makes them superior to the average person?”

I think people get rich

by developing what’s called leverage.

Leveraging is the key to maximizing

and doubling your potential

for success and financial performance.

Leverage enables you

to achieve results far beyond your capabilities

if you trust your own brain

and energy efforts as most people do.

Strike effect trap is the secret to getting rich.

Here are 10 examples of leverage you can develop

and use to achieve financial well-being.



The first leverage effect is knowledge.

Expertise gives you leverage as it makes you more valuable

and makes your contribution more valuable.

Experienced doctors,



business people all have practical knowledge that benefits others.

Higher level knowledge enables them

to achieve satisfactory results more quickly.

Therefore, people prefer

to use their services and pay them more.

There are three ways

to leverage knowledge:

become an expert,

specialize in high-value activities,

and know your product well.


Become an expert

Be determined to become an expert in your chosen field.

Make a decision today to be in the top 10%.

Make it your goal,

make a plan,

and work to make progress every day.

Read good books about your field and attend every course

or seminar you can find that will benefit you,

even if it takes the effort to attend.

Listen to the programs broadcast the field in your car

and spawn a future DIY project.


Specializes in high value activities

Specialize in the areas of greatest importance

and benefit to your company or client.

Apply the 80/20 rule,

which means that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activity.

Focus on the 20% of your work activities

that contribute the most value to yourself and others.

Specializing in excellence in areas must have expertise

that clients care about most.


Know your product well

Know the inside of your product or service.

Aim for people to recognize you as an expert in your field.

Remember that the knowledgeable person

can make their contribution much more valuable than the average person.

As a result, professionals are paid more

than twice as much for what they do.


Mastering Your Workmanship

Skills are a type of leverage.

The more proficient you are at the job,

the better you will be paid.

The top 20% of business people make 15 times more money

than the average salary

of the bottom 80% of entrepreneurs.

Good doctors, mechanics,



and leaders will earn much more than the average person with the same specialty.

The secret to skill leverage:

be excellent,

never stop learning,

and exceed expectations.


Must be excellent

First, decide exactly what you do.

Pay any price even if it means making sacrifices.

Cross any distance to become the best in your field.

Even if it takes you years to master your craft,

time once gone never comes back.


Never stop learning

Always strive to improve yourself and your expertise.

Never allow yourself to become complacent

or complacent about your current skills.

As Pat Riley, the basketball coach,

once said, “If you’re not improving, you’re falling behind!”

It’s a race and you’re the one competing.

Be determined to win

by learning and applying knowledge better

and faster than your opponents.


Exceeded what was expected

Always strive to exceed the expectations of your customers,

your boss, and the people you serve.

Make it a habit that you always do more than you are paid for and do it better.

If you voluntarily do better than you are paid for,

you will always end up being paid more than you are getting today.


Money is power

The third type of leverage you can exert is money.

Money is the source of the power of leverage

and nature often comes from developing knowledge

and skills in your field.

You’ve heard,

“It takes money to make money”.

The main reason to use money

to make money is that your ability

to save and accumulate funds is an important step

towards developing the talents

and personal qualities that you must possess

if you are to truly achieve success and financial affluence.

In other words,

you become a rich person by forcing yourself

to save the money needed for you to achieve wealth.

There are three things you can do

to maximize the leverage of your money:

regularly save,

get out of debt,

and save cash.


Regularly save

Start a systematic savings plan that puts out

at least 10% of your gross income each month.

This is the starting point to get rich.

Ideally, you should have a certain automatic deduction

and investment separate from your salary

before you take it.


Get rid of debt

Pay off all of your debt,

starting with the ones that carry the highest interest rates,

like credit cards and finance companies.

Make it a goal to live a life that doesn’t have

to carry large debts beyond home

and car installment payments.


Save cash

Determine to save cash so you’ll be ready when the opportunity comes.

Most people stay in poverty for the rest

of their lives no matter how great the idea

of ​​making money comes to them

and they don’t have the money to invest.

As Earl Nightingale,

a famous radio personality on consumer psychosocial dynamics,

once said,

“If a person is unprepared when his

or her opportunity comes,

it will only make people see his foolishness.”


People you know

The fourth form of leverage is exposure.

Getting to know reputable people

and people they know can open doors

for you to not have to go through years of hard work.

The nature and number of your contacts

and your relationship will make it more likely

to be successful than any other factor.

Getting to know the right person at the right time

and in the right place can change the course of your life.

Here are three things you can do to expand your contacts:

make a list of these people,

your regular connections,

and your connection to your community.


Make a list

First, make a list of the 25 best people locally

or nationally that you feel would be helpful.

Develop a strategy to meet one-on-one over the next 12 months.

Then make a list of 25 more people.

Listing the heads of major companies you need to know will help.

List people in government positions.

It will be helpful to list important people you need to know,

and then make a plan to meet with them.


Regular relationship

Create relationships at every opportunity.

Join your business and trade association.

Attend meetings.

Contact communication.

Volunteer to serve an important committee.

Just with this activity has saved many years

of rolling down the career path of many people,

including myself.

Once I was giving a presentation to the chamber of commerce,

when an official on one of the important committees caught my eye.

Later he came to me and hired me to work

for three times the salary at the company

I was working for.

Thanks to that, I jumped in my career by 5 years.

It’s very important that you build rapport at every opportunity.


Contact your community

Another way to expand contacts is to contact community service organizations.

The most influential people are usually in every community,

the person you need to know and the person who needs to know you,

is often involved in public services in some way.

Start in your own city

or reach out to any charity you want to help

or are interested in.

Contact your church or political party.

You will be amazed at the competence of the people

you will meet doing volunteer work.


You are a genius

Creativity is a form of leverage.

Remember, you just need a new idea to start a business.

Everyone is capable of pursuing creative ideas

and solutions if they seek them out.

This aspect of getting rich is so important

that we have to dedicate an entire chapter (chapter 8)

to show you how to unleash your innate creativity.


Completed work

Good work habits are a form of leverage that can help.

Good work habits make you sharper than others in your field.

They help you stand out

and make people able to help you notice you.

In every study,

it seems that good work habits will open doors

for you faster than almost any other quality you can develop.

In the end you will always be paid in proportion

to the results you do for the business owner.

If you have a reputation for getting things done quickly,

someone who is always supposed to get the results you want,

then only that can put you on the fast track

to your career advancement.


Positive mental attitude

Another form of leverage you can exert is a positive personality.

Every study of successful people shows that the more people like you,

the better your chances of getting promoted.

If they like you, people will do everything they can to help you succeed.

Your ability to get along with others,

to communicate impressively,

to be cheerful and upbeat, will make people want

to help you wherever you go.

Writer and researcher Daniel Goleman became famous

for his “emotional prowess”.

He concludes that your ability to get along well with others is more important

to your success than your intelligence quotient (IQ)

or graduation from a prestigious university.

He concluded that most people reach the pinnacle

of success by developing the ability to influence,



and make people believe in their ideas.

Peter Drucker says that the three main tools

of a manager are meetings,


and writing.

Expertise in each of these areas can be learned

through practice and application.

Resolve today to be an excellent performer.

Seize public speaking opportunities.

Study and practice the art of negotiation.

Up to 85% of your success will be determined

by your ability to communicate well with others,

so today,

resolve to become a human relations expert.


Luck factor

Another element of success mentioned many times in stories

about the rich is the element of luck.

Luck is a form of leverage and it is part of all great success.

Fortunately, luck is largely predictable

and it happens to people for different reasons.

In many ways, you actually make your own fortune

through the things you do or don’t do.

Luck is largely a matter of probability.

There are probabilities that almost anything can happen,

and the following probabilities can be calculated with considerable precision.

In nearly every case, you can increase

or decrease the likelihood that something may or may not happen.

This is the central theme of the book Making Your Fortune

(by John Wiley & Sons, 2003).

For example, there is a certain probability that you will die in a traffic accident.

But you can reduce this probability by staying sober,

not drinking,

driving carefully,

and wearing a seat belt.

Some people spend their whole life driving

and never get into an accident or get fined for speeding.


Earn a million?

There is a 5% probability that you will become a millionaire

in the course of your working life.

This also means there’s a 95% chance you won’t save a million dollars.

You may even work all your life and retire in poverty

or have to live off someone else.

One of the main purposes of this book is

to help you increase your chances

of achieving financial well-being by presenting you with the knowledge

and practical tools to achieve that 5% probability.

For example, one thing we know is that luck comes from being active.

The many things you try to do,

and the quicker you try to do it,

the more likely you are

to try to do the right thing in time

that will lead you to the success you desire.

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world,

but the Microsoft company has about 1,600 different projects in various stages

of development at any given time.

He must constantly work to increase the probability

that his company will keep up with the novelties and be highly profitable.

Many things Bill Gates tried did not lead to success.

In fact, most things don’t work the first time

and usually don’t work the first 10 times.

However, if you continue to try new things

and learn from every failure,

you will certainly develop the skills

and experience you need to succeed.

Learn continuously and be ready

There is a proverb that says,

“Luck only comes to those

who are prepared to take the opportunity”.

The more time you spend learning

and preparing for your chosen field,

the more luck you seem to have.

The better prepared you are,

the more you will both recognize the opportunity

and be more likely to take advantage of it when it comes.

Most importantly, good fortune seems

to come to those who have a clear purpose

and a detailed plan of action;

When you know exactly what you want

and you work hard every day to get it,

every miracle that happens to you will bring you

and your purpose together faster.

When you are convinced of your goals,

you will promote the law of attraction

and begin to attract people, ideas,

circumstances, and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Coincidental lucky coincidence

and unexpected luck help you

to find a way that you cannot understand.

I will talk more about creating money attraction

and attracting luck in next chapter.


Develop personal strength

Vitality is a form of leverage that you can use to get rich on your own.

Most successful people have a higher level

of vitality than the average person.

So they can work longer,

work harder,

be very enthusiastic and persistent.

They are not discouraged

and can bounce back from the inevitable problems

and difficulties that inevitably arise on the way to success.


for great success,

it is necessary to know how to organize your lifestyle

along with a healthy diet,

proper exercise and proper rest.

For example, a common habit among most successful people

is watching TV very little and going to bed early.

“Early to bed, early to rise” seems

to make people “healthy,


and wise.”

Successful people organize their time and lifestyle

so that they can wake up early

and plan their activities each day,

while the average person is still asleep.

This one habit alone can make you sharper than your competition.


Choose the right job

Another form of leverage that you can exert in your search

for wealth is to choose the right job.

Choosing the right job is perhaps the most important form of leverage.

A common pattern of successful and rich people,

in addition to the ability to control their passion,

is that they must love their job.

The most important decision you will ever have to make on your career path

is choosing the right career for you.

It is only possible to work hard,

overcome obstacles,

persevere to succeed

when you do work that interests you,

work that interests you

and completely attracts you.

In fact, if you don’t love your job enough

to want to be great,

you should find another job

where you can become passionate about it.

If you stick with a job that doesn’t excite you,

you risk wasting your time and your life.


1 million dollar question

Here’s the question for you:

If you won a million dollars tomorrow,

would you still continue to work at your current job?

If the answer is “No” then your first responsibility is

to admit that you are on the wrong track.

Your aim must start looking for the most suitable job

or ideal position.

You have to make a commitment to yourself to find a career you love,

a profession in which you have the potential to excel,

no matter how much it requires changes or sacrifices.

Once you find the right job,

one that perfectly matches your unique combination of talents,

interests, abilities, and temperament,

that’s when you’re ready to start moving into your life to riches.



If you really want to be rich,

then nothing outside can stop you.

Everyone has conceivable disadvantages,

limitations and obstacles,

but must find a way to overcome difficulties

and to great success.

It doesn’t matter how many obstacles you have to face,

other people have to work 10 times as hard,

despite all that they still succeed.

If you really want to get rich,

it’s not a miracle.

Becoming rich requires purpose,


limiting desires and working hard over a long period of time.

All of these are qualities you can learn and develop.

If you are willing to pay the price for success first

and keep paying

for it again and again,

until you achieve your goals,

then you will surely succeed.

The most realistic question you have to answer is

How much do you want the price to pay?



1. Make a decision today and you will achieve financial well-being in a few years.

Define a specific financial goal,

set a deadline,

make a plan,

and get it done today.

2. Go to the bank and open a “financial accumulation” account

where you will start building your “financial fortress”

in a few months and years.

3. Project your future 10 to 20 years and start visualizing your ideal life.

What does it look like?

What steps can you take right away to start making it happen?

4. Stick with your forte in your chosen field.

Identify a skill that, if you consistently excel at it,

will help you the most to make your contribution more valuable.

5. Go step by step.

Determined to do more than you get paid for every day,

do it quickly and reliably.

Become active with direction.

6. Do not falter.

Don’t worry about temporary failure.

Focus on increasing the probability of success

by trying more things and persisting.

7. Be determined to stay positive

and optimistic no matter what.

Look for the advantage in each situation

and the good in each person.

Have fun walking your way to getting rich

“The road to wealth,

if you desire it,

is as simple as the road to the market.

That depends mainly on two words,

diligence and thrift.

Not wasting time nor spending money,

but will get the most out of both.”

Benjamin Franklin

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